“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, April 30, 2012

Snooty Mex's Up North

Why do Mexican service women SUCK and are SNOBS and BITCHES in the Boston area compared to the rest of the United States?

Say what.you THINK you know about 'border towns' I'd rather be in Yuma, AZ or the barrio in El Paso or San Antonio TX or Chila Vista CA and deal with people who, though many are in on GS many aren't and they are usually decent and often happy people.

They aren't depressed and SHITTY becuz of their economic situation or hard times.

Yet when in Boston I always experience them to be horribly snooty and judgemental. Either they're being paid to be rude via gang stalking to make Targets feel uncomfortable or I've always thought they are.picking up the white's extremely bad habits up here.

Actually they are shitty and snooty in Harvard Square too. More snooty.

Its totally obnoxious compared to how they are in other parts of the country. Sure they are rough in places like San Antonio but they are also earthy friendly community minded and easy to get along with. Other than the ones involved in gang stalking or like in San Antonio being perverts their culture can be much more tolerable than others.

Perhaps becuz its based in poverty and I understand.that from growing up in it. By nature I don't LIKE it but its been my fate in this life.

Other cultures take themselves waaaayyyyyy to seriously when in poverty and that depends on the city and state as to exactly what demographic that is.

The more I.go away from Boston the more I travel through here realizing that this culture is not about freedom-its about slavery. And being uptight. And being a Liberal Nazi.

Its.about being ignorant and closed minded.to.the world.outside of the north East. Its about walking and.driving fast in.order.to get.nowhere fast or to.wait for a stop.light. Being competitive over EVERYTHING all the time.

This place teaches you to push yourself, against some.imagined enemy or each and every encounter with other human beings- you must win. You must compete. You must make up.for not going.to.Harvard and.not having a house in Wellsley. For not being at the pinnacle of success. For.not being born with the ultimate advantages, for.not being in the ultimate status crowd.

If you cannot compete.you are supposed to be miserable....as a penance I.suppose.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Storage Space Locked Securely

I locked.it.and pulled the lock

Battery too low to film.it from now on and.tape everything Mr wise ass says.

Religious Right Support For Romney


Its interesting that Targeted Individuals in.the US are.also treated like second class.citizens, despised and viewed as an constant internal threat. That is how we are treated exactly.

Benny Jinn is a con. I saw that decades ago when he started getting cred during the crazy 80s, doing faith healings....with lots of helpers around him on.stage of course.

FOX has Joel Osteen on. Hes always seemed ingenuine.also. Hes good though. The host asked.him.what he thought of "...Mormons, like Mitt Romney".

How.obvious is.it.that hes.from Texas (Bush) and this move was probably to try to encourage votes from the Christian Right?

I didn't mind America when you were allowed to have.the.freedom to criticize how crazy these other cultures were. But its become a police state where u aren't allowed to.criticize anything or you are seen as mentally ill or a.terrorist.

Its only going.to.get worse. I hate to say it but with all I have seen America is gone. Off the.feel end and they don't quite know how or why. Those of us who do know are slowly being wiped.out (dissidents, whistleblowers, Truthers etc) or written off as disbelieved or mentally.ill or lone cranks.

Sadly the.country we knew is gone, forever. Never to return.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Innocence Of The Uninitiated/Betrayers Cowardice

I have a friend that..I am sure doesnt know everything or disbelieves it. She says internal bleeding is easily fixed.

I have to laugh a bit at this, her not knowing that this is the system's golden opportunity to kill me on the table when I am under. Just like every other sucker who's died that way.

It really is a genuine security concern. And I am more isolated now than I ever have been.

Lately, there's this urgency to go away from the cities. To stop staying in city environments. Leaving the USA seems to be something to consider.

But you always wonder if these are just red herrings. False leads to get you to go so astray that you will ultimately screw yourself. Or end up dead conveniently.

This doom that hangs over this area, perhaps the whole country. I dont know if its real, a false hood or deception, if its just for people like me who are persecuted heavily or if its for the general population. Its sooo according to the 2012 storyline. Its really annoying in this respect.

I wish these technologies would just shut off and this story line constant nightmare would go, and life would return to wonderful normalcy- circa 2002. Better yet, 1989.
That was such a damn good year. One of the best I can recall.

Its so strange to be able to compare life now to back then. Its incredible that so many people have not been captured by this system and so dont feel the same effects.

I know damn well what my family and other who knew me are doing and going to do til the end. Just claim I am nuts and that I am 'getting sicker' with every passing year until the end comes so they can finally cover thier asses permanently.

Yeah, I am starting to show all the damage from years of being targeted. And its downhill from here, sure. But to hide behind mental illness- when many of them know what they did, know what part they played in this. Such cowardice.

I want revenge before I get any sicker, before I die.

My Uncle Thomas- Still Getting Visions Of His Being A Major Gang Stalking Perp

Why do I often get this vision of this particular relative being in on my gang stalking largely due to his associations in business. Also I get this impression concerning his extreme misogyny towards women- specifically the women in his family. My mother was dealing with him trying to destroy her and keep her down and I keep getting this impression that he's a large part of my situation as well.

I know that he was in on this becuz of things he said on the phone during the Bush era when I lived at 335 Washington St. Brighton MA.

It bothers me to think that someone so...common to me is a power behind this campaign. My family members of either side being in on this bugs me to no end. They were always arrogant to me and always disregarding my needs and disrespecting me. And to think they are responsible for my never being able to have a future is maddening.

Its one of the reasons I have to leave the country. I doubt if those idiots, those selfish lessers and thier brat kids have any power overseas. And lately I have been getting desperate- like picking one of my betrayers to kill. Its just better if I leave. I do not want to give any family members any more satisfaction. Why people would be so mean to me is simple: my family and the community locally were used to me being enslaved. When I broke programming, it makes them nervous to think that I was highly intelligent, attractive, multi talented and athletic. THEIR children are supposed to be better than me, not the other way around. Plus I have all this dirt on them from the 70's that would have threatened thier kid's futures if people knew the truth about their parents. And grand parents, so my family had motives to help this system destroy me.

And the community also knows I have dirt on them. Boston and my family will be forever responsible for my life being destroyed as well as my early death. And they dont care. Becuz they are selfish, stupid people who resent me. And leaving the country is the only way to ensure that I dont blow thier heads off soon.

Jake, always the only one, save maybe Julie, to tell me the truth or give me clues, basically told me that everyone in on this knew I was some sort of original talent or genuis and that they were taking avantage of the public just thinking I was crazy and a bad person to get me targeted so I could never do anything with my life and destroy my talents.
HE ALWAYS EXPLAINED HOW THE WORLD WORKS WHEN I DIDNT UNDERSTAND. Which is the only reason that guy is still walking around. Jake, Julie and some others at least tried (while being self serving) to give me some clues as to what was going on.

As usual, friends and lovers no matter how low life always treated me better than my own family.

If I leave MA and never return I will never have to deal with the baggage here. The system just uses it against me all the time anyway to worsen my situation. And leaving the US, telling everything then I can just forget about everything here. That the US every existed. And spend my remaining years in the countries where I orignated from, not this lie, America.

Black Metal Isnt Sold Out Fully Just Yet


With all the anti-Christian, child molesting, woman HATING (closet cases most of them anyway), Satanic ritual and brutally violent content of most Black Metal bands, especially the ones from the north, Germany and Belgium- only offending MUSLIMS gets any attention?

They are against religions of Abraham as well as some say get rid of Masons as well as they are rooted in Judaic traditions.

And when one considers that radical Muslims have basically come to live in thier countries and paid back their hosts by raping under age little blonde girls to ensure they wont be virgins as well as destroyed their culture and from what Varg has said, downtown Oslo looks like Bangladesh.

In fact from my experiences and from my understanding and limited knowledge of these bands and this culture for one- at least they are honest about who and what they are. If anyone suffers due to thier nature it is becuz they are naive about believing such forces actually exist. At least the deception is up front. They arent going to church and then acting like Satanists the rest of the week and supporting a basically Satanic system- LIKE MOST AMERICANS DO.

Secondly, this is actually the first time I have seen direct self defense of something just in this manner. Self defense against Christianity is understood but they could easily be simply go back to thier old Pagan religious other than validating Christianity by being Satanists.

Out of anything else I have heard from this scene, this is one of the more understandable expressions of hate towards a very real threat. FEEL FORTUNATE THAT THEY ARE NOT FOCUSING ON IT MORE and more often as I am surprised they dont.

In fact this is one of the most pleasing things I have seen lately. Most bands are selling out to the agenda by putting out bs to actually take power from the people and go with the elite.
I dont hear any of the energy in any of the music coming out anymore. I believe its all by design. When you are with the elite in thier quest to enslave mankind, you are going to do all you can to numb people out and dumb people down.

So in fact, with all thats going on right now, this is one of the more admirable actions from one of these bands from this genre and community. If Muslims tried pulling what they are doing over there in the USA, they'd be taken out in many ways overtly and covertly. By the criminals AND law enforcement.

But hey, we have the lowest form of African American culture here being pushed for dumb whites to worship and their own people as well, in order to enslave Americans and EU probably too. Theres plenty of crime here in the USA to keep people divided, scared and unable to flourish. The difference here is that alot of us will challenge the bastard who tries to pistol whip us in the middle of a dark street at night for our wallets, unlike stories Ive heard about Norway with the African immigrants doing robberies.

Time to get Viking on thier asses people. Maybe Taake can wake you up to what you once were before Christianity put you to sleep. Besides, who else has pics of their lead singer letting his cock hang out of his pants ever so casually on stage?
And he takes nice pics out in the snowy cold with no shirt on. I dont care how thin he is.
Its nice to see a white male defining himself by what our ancestors would look like- not having his pants hang down on his ass and grabbing his crouch walking around trying to walk and talk against his own culture.

These bands might be dangerous, criminals, 'evil' and half insane (if not fully in some cases) but at least they are OUT THERE and not PC as well as whats going on that no one IS talking about is much much more dangerous. And that is the destruction of cultures around the world by immigrants that have no respect for thier host countries or other cultures, unless that culture scares them with physical violence on a daily basis. For instance, ever notice how in Latin ghettos, you dont get alot of African American presence or violence? Native American areas the same? Asian areas?
Thats becuz its all they respect.

What I want to know is who exactly are allowing these things to occur? Who are the designers that are just letting such people come into these countries across EU and even in the USA and instead of assimilate, the basically turn into domestic terrorists.

How much longer do you think you can divert attention to the most Caucasian cultures in an effort to deny these issues?

There is an ongoing war against The Folk of Caucasian cultures.
Until we completely give up our women, our land, our cultures and our resources to endless numbers of reproducing 'minorities' they will never be satisfied. Seeking refuge is one thing. Destroying cultures is unacceptable.

And they never point out the farmers in South Africa who are poor whites who are being squeezed out while they PRESERVE THEIR CULTURE.

Alot of these black metal boys come from wealthy families. Thier jobs however are not to be socially responsible. Why dont you go out and make every rapper who writes songs against women be socially responsible or against whites?

Out of all the disappointing music thats come out lately, which seems on purpose, its nice to hear that hate is being placed against something worthy again. Not just to be self serving.

Now all the country has to do is make laws so that if someone commits a crime they have to go back to their forsaken hole of a land and starve/die there becuz they dont deserve a decent host country. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET SOME BALLS AGAIN, VIKINGS??

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Lies To Get Me To Stay In The US/The Mob Serves The Elite

Something keeps telling me that if I change my plans of what I am doing now I am blowing chances of a lifetime or miss the chance of a lifetime. As well as this feeling or idea that I should just wait for the next administration, and everything will change. It will be different.

I am sick of waiting. Sick of trying to get things done that obviously powers beyond my control dont want completed. I want nothing more to do with anyone in this country.

A country thats gladly betrayed me and thousands of others. By now people so actively are involved in gang stalking Targets as well as marginalizing anyone who knows too much that its obvious they have thier own little country going here and they are all very happy and they like it the way it is.

Its become a horrible awful place. All the social services have been infiltrated by Yes men and women to this agenda. Anyone even speaking of anything subversive are shut out and shut down. The younger people involved in social services are akin to Hitler Youth- Bush's dream kids- they finally got a generation of compliant, totally brainwashed plugged in idiots. I cant take it anymore. They are impossible. And they are everywhere especially in the north east. They are the most disgusting, vile young people I have ever encountered in my life. I refuse to grace thier presence anymore. They are materialistic, stupid, assholes who will support the agenda above anything. I dont understand why they are so stupid or so brainwashed and I dont think I want to know. They reject anything and everything from the original movements years ago. Take the Women's Center for instance. Its 'volunteers' consist mostly of horrid college students not truly inspired women. Many are psychology majors. These people are looking at this place as an institution full of mentally ill women or merely a day shelter. These arent real feminists or women who are into alternative living.

In fact anything truly 'alternative' is non existent. Its ALL BEEN INFILTRATED. The shelters as well.

There is no place as of now that isnt totally controlled by those damn towers.

I looked at the roof of Pine Street Inn women's shelter today passing by it. No wonder years ago when I was being targeted was I so effected in there so very horribly. And for many instances thereafter when I would stay there.

There's multiple cell tower repeaters wrapped all around the roof of the building and some kind of satelite dish (bigger than satelite tv carriers have on buildings. No name just a white dish).

The women sleep on the second and third floors which is why when one goes upstairs to shower and sleep the effect is stronger. I experienced this in my apartment at 335 Washington where I was first targeted so heavily. Nextel cell repeaters on top of the building- I lived on the third floor out of four floors. It was terrible.

Dont think that its just Electromagnetic Sensitivity. I have also documented on this blog many instances of overt harassment and psychological warfare in that shelter. However, the effects from tech there were horrible and I have documented those too on this blog.

How is any of this the chance of a lifetime? Whoever is in power with this system simply keeps TIs marginalized, controlled and plays games and toys with us. There is no success or victory per se.

And that post I did on that psychiatrist who was behind the Stanford Prison Experiment believing that heroes should be socially engineered into society is far too close to what is being done to many TIs. Thier lives being used like actors in a play for whoever is behind this.

There is no success or victory when everything you do you sense is monitored through surveillance cameras by basically the same entity nationwide. Sometimes it differs but you sense the information is going to a similar destination as an end result. Feeling that you are watched and monitored through surveillance cameras of all kinds-then there is the ability of this system to control people via technologies, chemicals and human forces stalking/harassment or psychological manipulation, coercion whatever you want to describe it as.

You feel watched, then you feel controlled and manipulated by whoever is watching. NOTHING YOU DO COMES AS A SURPRISE. MUCH OF WHAT YOU DO SEEMS ENGINEERED OR PLANNED BY WHOEVER IS DOING THE MONITORING OR WATCHING.

So how is there any victory? There is none. Its all big FAIL. Theres nothing to be done about any of this. The cameras are everywhere, the public are asleep or brainwashed or willingly compliant in thier own enslavement and that of the rest of humanity.
The cameras and the towers, the chemtrails. Then you look at the food you eat, the endless 'choices' of media available in which every person is consuming some part of that daily. MOST of their day.

There is no way out of this. There is no way to be able to live within the prison as a free person. The inmates happen to like thier prison. Thats the problem, they dont see it as a prison and if they do they prefer it to any alternatives. A person who's aware of what this world now consists of cannot exist in it being aware and function normally and live a satifying life, among people who are either asleep or compliant. Its not a world built for people like me. Its for everyone else.

The only places to go are truly alternative ones, and places without any wi fi reception at least you can just claim you are Electromagnetically Sensitive. In Spain they have already claimed its a disability, thereby cleverly giving TIs a way out of having to share in this awful reality with the rest of the citizenry WITHOUT having to admit what else might be involved in the definition of 'electromagetically sensitive'.

I never really thought I could live among the rest of humanity after my experiences but I never thought I would be so excluded, so totally and completely and so conivved against by fellow citizens.

I dont care about the next adminstration or chances of a lifetime. The gang stalking system has ensured that all my life any and all chances of a lifetime and opportunities have always been taken from me, shut away from me or my being kept down. In this country at least. Why would I want to wait any longer.

America is the worst place on the planet and needs to be destroyed utterly and completely especially the east coast. I dont care about what happens to America, I dont care about its citizens and I never ever want to see this place again after I leave. Its the absolute center of the worst empire in history.

I am going to make sure that I never have to be a part of this country again. And no one is going to care if I leave, they all want me to leave. As the perps keep saying no one cares about me. Its that no one wants me to have anything here, to succeed. Good let them have thier country.

I now understand that the main focus of Gang Stalking a Target is conformity to the group. IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT GROUP AS LONG AS YOU CONFORM. Even though GS is about human experimentation etc, the motives are much more sophisticated than what mobs of people perceive, its the instinct of the mob that is used as a main motivator against a lone Targeted Individual.

Its interesting how the perps have motives that are laid in science, tech and progress involving black projects and yet the most base animal instincts are used to gain thier ends. EVEN IF THAT LONE PERSON IS TOTALLY IN THE RIGHT THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE AGAINST THEM BECUZ OF HUMAN MOB INSTINCTS. The designers know this.

Targets Get Conditioned To Not Be Able To Defend Themselves

I just went to the bathroom and realized she she injured me by the way she tried to do that bullshit exam. Now I really feel mindf*cked.

This is what this system has been doing to me, especially here in MA, life long. Alot of torture involved in exams etc and always under the pretext of care. Things like trying to get needles into you for a procedure and purposely missing over and over again. Poking me with needles has been a focus all my life. My mother told me when I was only months old that I would cry when a white coat came near me in this hospital I was in becuz I had fevers that would go so high they'd almost kill me.
She looked at my legs and arms and they were black and blue. She flipped out on the staff and they used the excuse of simply trying to find out what was wrong with me. But in my experience even during Bush that was a tactic of torture used. They did it to me in Michigan when I had my finger fixed after a dog bit it off. I could tell by then the nurses who are in on it. In fact the attitude is one just as uncaring, and obnoxious as Dr Gupta. The same disregard for the patient and the same use of physical torture.

The exam she gave me was totally unacceptable and it was not usually whats done. I was not presenting with internal bleeding so why do an exam at this time? A botched one at that?

If you notice this is a pattern here. Last night at Christopher's restaurant it was evident that the meat in that burger was so raw that it was inedible. However, I pondered if perhaps there was some test present to see if I would put up with the abuse in some way. I was going to eat it but then I thought about how I can no longer take the herbal course I used to to kill anything and everything intestinal. The fact that I even considered it shows that I might have been enslaved enough to put up with it.

I want to contact patient advocacy but after years of being treated this way, a Target just ends up not taking action on thier own behalf. I used to during Bush in the beginning and patient advocacy would lose the paperwork and I have posted about people simply refusing to do thier jobs. I figure thats what will happen this time once again.
In fact I am so conditioned, beat down and targeted here that I CANT defend myself anymore. I do not have the steadiness or focus to contact patient advocacy.

This is how they keep targets isolated from the normal real world. They make sure that you simply react badly as a way of letting off a little bit of steam, whereas by all rights you deserve to have the rage you have built up. You become so unable to focus or do things through proper channels that you are thier slave. Its a way of re enslaving programmed people who break free. After so many years it works. Its to ensure you do things thier way. To ensure that you cant advocate for yourself. You cant reach out for help.

I think she treated me that way becuz Boston is convinced by this stage they have won. That there is nothing I can do to defend myself here and to get justice from this state or the cities that fucked me over. As far as they are concerned I am labeled a street person and am totally discredited. And they are going to ensure it stays that way.

The way I am targeted here in this geographical location, the tech is now totally controlling and unbeatable unlike years ago.

Everywhere I go in the USA the demand on me is to do things THIER way. Behavior modification wins over the true nature of the person.

Though nowhere else in the USA can I urban camp and have such resources as here, this place contains far too many memories that effect me so I cannot function. As long as I do not get justice for myself and am kept down here, I will always be easily manipulated in this location.
And just as going down to that horrible neighborhood today for an appointment at that ghetto hospital, the saying is the same for that as for coming back to MA in general: if you go among savages, you will end up acting savage yourself.
The amount of nasty, uppity, arrogant ghetto blacks here who dont respect whites unless they are the upper classes or have a strong ethnic base is far to much for me to keep my temper. The amount of them in on gang stalking is far too high . Coming back here just makes me more and more racist every time I return. And it gives the gang stalking system continued opportunities to get 'evidence' that I am unstable, racist, etc etc and record it on whatever is available. Its going to be a never ending problem.

I Had Some Pride And Tore Up.The Appointment.Paperwork

I ripped up the appointment papers for a scope. I am sure I would have been treated like a n*gger at that appointment as well.
Unless I was indeed.actually black then.I would.have.had my ass kissed.

FUCK Boston. Its the same ever time I come home.

Getting Incompetent Care From Dr Gupta At Boston Medical Center Right Now

Seeing a Dr Gupta at Boston Medical Center.
Shes not listening to me about the internal bleeding that's happened in August last year and in February this year. She did not look at the ER record.for.August.

She was not responsible with an attempted examination.

Her only major concern was coming in a half hour late. I arrived 15 MIN late.

This hospital is for'local' residents in this neighborhood and local homeless/shelter rats. They might have treated me well last year but they aren't now. As far as.I am concerned.this is passive gang stalking (where a professional just doesn't do their job and uses excuses to cover for it).

This is also how they frame up a Target. Say a few days ago when that incident occurred in Central Sq where those well known crooked Cambridge cops responded to the call. The one who smokes crack (everyone knows down there) said to me "I bet you used the N bomb". So they antagonize a Target to react and behave a certain way. Then, when things happen the people in on it can claim the Target is a person of low character who reacts badly and behaves badly anyways, therefore its expected they get treated badly.
Like right now people reading this could say that I am well known to be difficult and pushy with physicians and so its MY FAULT this doctor reacted this way.

South Station Boston And Cambridge North/Christophers Restaurant

Two places that are gang stalking hot spots:
SOUTH STATION MBTA train station and the area of North Cambridge, both in MA, USA.
Just awful. You are made to feel like the biggest jerk in South Station.
Its saturated with perps especially inside the station itself. Just awful.

North Cambridge always has constant GS activity. Unlike other areas it doesnt depend on other factors as to how often, how much GS or what tactics. Its always on in north Cambridge MA.

Went to a restaurant called Christophers on Mass Ave in Cambridge last night, my friend offered to get me something.

Our salads got mixed up by waitress and I am allergic to blue cheese dressing (food allergy). She had to replace those.

Then my burger was completely rare inside, she had to replace that.

Then the new burger at the end of eating it had what looked like Spanish or perhaps African American hair in it. A big piece. Got the hostess.
Hostess and waitress kept apologizing. When I was going to take a picture of it the hostess quickly took the plate away with a planned quickness "Let me get that for you".
Our meals and take out for our third party was free.

I predicted to my friend that my food would be messed with. She was fascinated at the accuracy of my prediction.
I just knew. When we were seated-the looks from across the room from our waitress and the knowing, mocking smile from the hostess early on let me know this was a heavily infiltrated place.

The food also took way too long another clue usually as to being gang stalked in a restaurant. Its not the lateness of the food itself-its all these things combined.

Relief comes with doctors

I.am going to.the doctor today. Have.felt especially healthy and NOT targeted since I awoke. This.is another thing that happens regularly.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

MIT Not A Good Place For Me

Yeah I.gotta stay out.of MIT.and only.come.here.when.neceassary. Its that Viscount Systems router system.driving.me.nuts.here probably. I totally can't be around.those.

Yeah I can see.now.how MIT and.Harvard create Unibombers. The medical people probably.won't.help.me.so.I can just split America sooner.than.later.

MIT is totally into the Antichrist cult anyways. One.can tell.

I came.here tonight.to look.up MK Ultra lawyers and other.stuff. Lost focus within ten minutes.of.sitting.at.computer.

Yeah I.gotta stay outta here.

Oh yes by the way. I am going.to get revenge on every fucking one.of.you that caused me to have.to.go through this alone without a therapist, guide.or.friends to talk.to or other Survivors.

I am going.to make sure u get yours.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

'Ugly American' Day At MIT

MIT had all.these grownups there. many.of them I.doubt were highly educated. If they ever were its gone to worldly worries getting.the best of them.

As usual the older white guy behind the counter at convenience store was a horses ass saying "We have.to be nice.to everybody" which was a dig at me of course. He claimed "If.u realized u had to pay.that.much.money to send your kid to this school you'd be miserable too". I said there was.no excuse.

After the comment about being nice.to everyone I told him to be extra nice to them becuz they are suffering.

I.hate.the regular guy working.people in gang stalking who believe they are entiltled to mistreat or.cheat anyway they want becuz the upper classes have.more than.they. Its very prevelant here.in the Tri State area especially with Massholes.

It was like a new money nightmare at MIT today. Real horrrible types. If u can't afford to.give your kid an.education at an elite school then don't. And.certainly don't take.it out on others.

I had to get out of there.


So I don't.really care.what Mr.shopkeeper thinks usually.

Needless to say I got out of there right away.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Could Be Instinctual Intimidation Or Could Be GS

Black males insisting on standing when there are sseats and right next o me with their bodies sort.of.facing.me.shoes or.feet pointed aat.me

What.makes.it suspect is I.FEEL intimidated, drained, accessed and even being dominated by sexual energies.


I just got.done talkkng.to a male trucker who firstly has his home base a.house in SoCal and also he is.the.one.who hates.his beautiful buxom white ex.wife.with a psychotic streak. Hes the one who.said.some people's bloodlines or family lines should be destroyed. Meaning.her.but all bitches or people that.seem difficult.or detective. Hes.part.Native.or Philipono bit born in Holland part Dutch.


Another pattern repeats itself exactly when given a trigger.via a predictable pathway for the information.

I never.get.that.kind of intimidation here from black males.

It.may have been like I said yet another African American who's unaware of how psychically effective they are on the environment..

I.highly doubt if they don't know what they are doing but.there's that chance it could be happenstance.

Also SoCal is where.I experienced just like in this area in the northeast being hit with strong brainwashing that's content basically was that poor whites.or expendable whites must give.up their lives.to further the cause.of African Americans.

Here however only in Catholic Charities Somerville MA did.I.experience such a strong message.of brainwashing to get with a black male that was being pushed with extremely strong sexual arousal.

Everything.Boston area has ever done has been by using.this extremely powerful sexual arousal sometimes.to the point.of torture.

From SoCal though the sexualization of.the suggestions is always accompanied.by an intrusiveness or a feeling.of being raped or taken by a balck males energy and intimidation who.is PHYSICALLY PRESENT and in close proximity to me and.its always done on public transportation whereas the Boston style pattern of tactic hits me with such content and extreme arousal in private spaces.

Obvious or what?

(If u consider what is being done to someone like me its exactly like selling.off slaves for use. Someone is attempting.to use white poor female either Targets or targeted for.this express purpose to sell off.if u will to the African American community.

If I am a delusional racist and that's all then explain.the pattern and the timing.

This is really happening.

I am also getting more aggressive gang stalkers present in crowds since.I.contacted.that trucker.to.have a.nice.chat.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Harassment Man Elevator

Guy at a local DARPA and govt funded college was with a covered Muslim short woman in elevator<br />I ask for.my floor.to be pressed. They get to their floor, he looks at her and gives a little laugh. He then looks at her and nods head like she should go out first.<br /> <br /> Then she asks "oh ladies first?" he replies "ladies first."<br /> <br />Then walk out and he says something about wanting her.to get out first so she wouldn't be hurt. I looked at his eyes when he walked out becuz I didn't understand what he was.ddoing yet as he.only said that when they were out.<br /> <br /> As.I did he had a cold dismissive look in.his eye.even though they were set.front away from me. Decidedly shutting me out.<br />Give.it.up.<br /><br />MIT WORKS.FOR THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX WHICH MAKES.ITS.MONEY.OFF OF KILLING PEOPLE. <br />YOU KNOW WHOS DANGEROUS? THE ELITE WHO.GO.TO.THESE COLLEGES AND.THE ELITE WHO IN POLITICS AND THE MILITARY CREATE THESE WARS ON PURPOSE. <br /> <br /> Then multitutes of poor foreign and underclass American and allied men and women and.children die for them.<br /><br />He.was white, typical unattractive very average kinda slim WASPy type but not high WASP.like Harvard. Older like post grad age.<br />

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Now See How They Had Me Fooled, Manipulated And Controlled

I understand now how this works. They had me so brainwashed and fooled.

The system convinces me I am being watched...the Truman Show ideations. But working off that they somehow had me convinced that a lot of people read my blog.

Therefore, when say like today they get me on film or surveillance cameras acting out in public like that, I am deceived into believing that everyone who sees me in public also will be reading my blogs.
This leads me to not care about how I behave in public due to my thinking people are going to see the blogs also which would explain what really happened.

The GS system makes this possible. It forces a Target to perceive things in such a way that they end up screwing themselves such as I did today.

I now realize that the perps would only need either a video of my behavior publicly today or just to have had passersby citizens experience it in real time.
They don't know its a set up. That I was baited. That I only slept three hours last night etc. They only see me acting out.

That's why the perps don't care about the TIs activism. My blog or anything else.
They have me set up most likely to look like a schizophrenic or just a horrible person (cover story, slander etc) and people are convinced of that now.
I don't really know how many people read this blog who actually know who I am out in public.
Their system is so effective that they do a damned good job mostly at convincing the TI to perceive things in such a warped way that we don't see what the public is perceiving.

Warped not mentally ill warped but a version of reality that they keep perpetuated around us and keep us trapped in, they support this version of skewed reality everyday. Through constant gang stalker contact with the Target and via chemicals and technologies to keep Targets brainwashed.

So I act out in being a proud warrior who fights this so hard. I am proud when I argue like I did today, tell people exactly what I think of them and don't back down and stand my ground.

But to the public I may be being manipulated to look completely different to them.
The perps KNOW the Targets. They know damned well I, like my mother, am extremely territorial. They know how I will react. They worked off that today I believe. And I actually tried to be reasonable and discuss how to split up that spange spot.

That was part of manipulating me also.
A TI may see these things but all we know how to do is fight. Keep fighting them at every turn every day. What else can we do? They make sure Targets feel there is no way out but suicide and even then one is afraid they will just monitor you somehow through the death process as well. THERE IS NO PEACE. Once they decide you are a threat they come after you and this, my friends, is what life is like until its over.

Unless you find a way out and I don't see one.

Despite all the evidence people don't WANT to believe. So its hopeless. All you can do is try to build some alternative life for yourself like I have being a Traveler.

Its certainly not what I wanted but it serves multi purposes. And there's freedom and stimulation.

Many Targets end up the severely mentally ill you see as homebums. If you can do better than that you truly are very talented.

THIS IS THE MESSAGE TARGETS ARE TRYING TO BRING TO YOU THE PUBLIC. There is NO PEACE under mind control. Just like Cathy Obrien stated in an early video and it stuck with me. Its true.
If you think the world is still what it was in the last century you are wrong.
People who percieve this as the end of the world are being negative. Its only new conditions in the human world you must learn to negotiate with. To tell your leaders how much you are willing to tolerate and live under such conditions.

How is it the end of the world when you know what the system consists of and how it works? The information is all there.

Your only fear is not wanting to be alone with this realization-which of course leaves you all alone and seperated from most of the rest of humanity.
Understandable. That's why TIs work on awareness. So the public can at large accept whats going on and decide for themselves collectively.

Revenge From Today's Baiting Being Used To Silence New Blog Idea On Racial And Class Issues?

Why am I getting this idea this feeling that those two a-holes are getting (gullible) people riled up so that they can somehow have people come after me? Making it a race issue.

Becuz I can simply just stay out of Central Sq for a while becuz I actually am a Traveler not a local prisoner of this horrid narrow minded place. And when I get back the whole thing will have died down.

And theres other things I can do to. Remember, if I leave I have time to have a look at the vid and have others look at it on the internet so I can identify THEM but they still cant really ID me, or if they can that proves this was a set up all along.

It may be becuz I am starting a blog on race issues that is going to encompass white empowerment and not white power, seperatism or supremicy. Why? Becuz I am tired of being angry, tired of losing my temper with people who simply do NOT know any better and if they do they are dumping on poor whites becuz the system says its ok to, in the northeast anyway.
I am tired of using the N word, I am tired of being on edge, angry, pissed off and always having to switch from friend to foe depending on what kind of African American I meet- the kind who wants to dominate and own becuz thats all they can do due to not being able to get to the REAL oppressor or becuz they are working as house slaves for the Oppressor.

Or African Americans who act like human beings and are friendly or civil with no weird racial issues.

Being TI as well as having to play the racial (and class) up and down dynamics of this area and the entire US is extremely tiring and wearing on my nerves.

I can sense it. The fact that I actually went through with starting a blog like I said I would.

Ive been being abused and baited for years, why now is it a major issue??

Did I not predict that the system would absolutely lose thier minds and come after whoever is NOT a disinformation agent or total crazy who starts any sort of blog or touches on race in a way that empowers poor whites but also teaches everyone to understand and get along? DID I NOT POST ABOUT THAT ALREADY?

And the day I just create the blog on wordpress and dont even post yet, the system is freaking out, desperately trying to create a situation.

No on is going to silence me. And no one is going to force me to create a blog that is full of hate. Though with what I have been through I should be now be nothing BUT hateful. But I am not.

That blog is going to document my travels and interactions with other classes and races and promote UNDERSTANDING not Divide and Conquer. Who is it I wonder, within the black communities as well as the upper classes that wishes to destroy such a beautiful thing even before it is born to exist?


It doesnt matter what I say, have said or how many times Ive used the N bomb under stress or whatever. I you are honest with people, if you explain yourself, if you let the world see your perspective on things, then people can have a better understanding of what is going on, from my demographics's perspective. Why is this such a threat?

I agree that my situation is extreme but thats going to be taken into consideration. African Americans will not be portrayed as just the Gang Stalkers I have encountered. That would be unfair. And everyone KNOWS damn well that I am actually a very fair, just woman who tries to be fair and promote peace and understanding even in the midst of my own situation being nearly impossible to live through.


I find it very amusing and actually exciting that the system is so threatened by the existence of this blog. That a poor, Caucasian 40 year old female Traveler cannot create and build such a thing without it causing a flood of activity from the covert systems that create chaos and terrorism domestically in the USA.

I feel I am onto something very dangerous, that they have lost control they percieve...and whenever that happens, they take grave and swift actions to ensure I am once again controlled. And beaten down.

Not this time.

This blog is a very good idea. For those of us who actually want peace and not some controlled NWO horrible place where constant hatred divides everyone. And I am not forcing peace down anyone's throat either. Its all about the individual Will. If you want to hate thats your business.

I am just tired of this issue and, like always, I will do something about it.

My book is alot easier for them to keep from getting written becuz the work is so laborious and time consuming. But this is something I can work on daily.

I cant really do anything else with the GS blog, unless I sue then there would be new developments- other than new bitching and going through harassment play by play on THIS blog, and posting the occasional new informative post on ONGANGSTALKING, theres really nothing else I can do with this subject.

The system has been keeping me in this loop of no one is going to believe the truth so why tell the truth, and it just goes nowhere. You want to solve the problem but its put to you like its unsolvable- interestingly as far as programming goes, that is what they do to computers to destroy them so they can reprogram them. Give them unsolvable problems.

However, I am human and will just create something else. I wonder if another part of their experimentation is to use programmed Survivors to actually backtrack us and use this to form or even teach AI programs. Dont forget the system considers all experimentees and Survivors just sources of profit and information. We have no rights, no human value and arent allowed to excersise our Wills outside of the maze they keep us in.

So anyway, I am going to do this blog. And the public are GOING to be exposed to a whole new way of looking at things from a perspective such as my demographic. And there will be no Christian craziness or sexism usually associated with White Seperatism nor will there be a philosophy of Seperatism at all. Its simply not practical. Unless you can afford to live that way and I cant.
Supremacy, I just dont believe in. It seems that every culture and group has thier good and bad qualities and talents.

Yet I would like to take a look at these subjects to investigate them. I cant quite rap my head around Supremacy. Its too severe. Seperatism is too impractical and to be honest it creates a sad world to live in.

Its challenging to try to see if truly getting along is possible as opposed to insane concepts like at once promoting Equality and then Diversity, total mind f*cks like that which of course just cover up corruption and humans behaving badly towards each other anyway.

I know 'Hate Your Brother' and 'Destroy Your Fellow Man' is IN right now but I am bored shitless really. I get it, your evil and cause chaos. Yay.
I am bored. I want something else to do. And this is it.

I am making myself insane and sick by stifling myself about these things.
And I have already thought about people getting pissed off or trying to shoot me or something like that or getting offended. What could be worse that being Gang Stalked to death? I already am waiting for the doctor to look at my internal bleeding, what the hell is there to lose? If anything DOES happen to me at least I leave this work behind as well as my other blogs.
Its something I have wanted to do for a while. And no one or nothing is going to stop me.

And since I have been targeted for years I know exactly what crap they are going to pull to try to make the blog into some insane hate fest pointing at Neo Nazism or something crazy and extreme. Hasnt anyone noticed that there are NO sites or blogs that are balanced and really trying to look at the issues? Its all extreme views or worse. Or people saying thier blog is about "white empowerment" but then they just post bitching about things like Affirmitive Action. If its going to be political then make it something that matters not day to day policies that we cant really change. Why bitch about that, and those blogs always get personal.

I want something intelligent on the subject. I think right now that is such a damn threat. Fine, if I have to leave the country anyway, its not like I cant write the thing from abroad.

I know I can be racist. Duh, its not like I am not honest about it. And I have my reasons as do other races and classes. And I understand myself as well as try to be tolerant and heal every time the PERPS frickin work off old wounds for the millionth time. Its a joke that they keep trying to use something against me that I am honest about and even want to use as a subject to be investigated.

I assume these are the same boring same old same old tactics used to destroy countless other Target's careers and lives. The Dog, that bounty hunter goes after the trust fund kid rapist who who inherited Max Factor fortunes, going into Mexico which he wasnt supposed to do. Magically hes caught on tape using racist speach about who or whatever. The guy's an old school hard ass, been to prison and in a militant profession. If that isnt typical behavior I dont know what is. Its standard for where he's been. For people to be surprised by that is childish, naive and just what this country is doing now- diversion after diversion. And intimidating people who go against the system in any independent way.

Even Whitney Houston. Ever notice that her getting exposure on tabloids for drug use never really was an issue until she pissed off a diplomat by being haughty and telling him she couldnt have some table at a restaurant? THEN her troubles began and they didnt stop until she was dead.
Mel; Gibson. Goes up against the military industrial complex of MASSACHUSETTS (oh dont I know how dangerous this damn place is) and suddenly he's exhibiting all the signs of someone targeted in a way to brainwash and traumatize him into the typical 'Its the Blacks and Jews!!!'.

The human mind is only so strong. And anyone without military or psych training like cops, agents, and soldiers are GOING to stress and break down. Actors especially (duh).

Wake up to the fact that covert activity runs this nation now and its special interests as well as its interests abroad. Targeting someone can make the most gentle person with good intentions look like the biggest asshole whos in danger of becoming a lone shooter- like soon.
Remember this system thats taking over considers any sort of humanity to be A SIGN OF WEAKNESS. They will use this against the Target and even convince them that they are better off becoming 'strong' in the long run by losing thier sensitivity and thier humanity.

Typical military mind set wouldnt you say?

So do what you will and I will do what I am going to do becuz no one is going to foil that idea.

Go ahead, shoot my ass. MARTYRDOM never sold so many books or created the most famous religions before...I have planned for that actually. And it would only add to my work being important, even if that book has not been published.
Me dying of whatever this is in my intestines is a good one as well but not so dramatic. And if its cancer I plan to play it up to seal my work as solid for centuries. Or at least among loyalists in the TI movement.

I have such fantasies about totally refusing the Nobel Prize. Kudos to Axl Rose for not being involved in that induction ceremony. At this point can any of us even take the culture seriously anymore anyway? Its so....f*cked up. And not in the old fashioned fun or interesting way either.

So I sense the system is very nervous. The people involved seem to dislike my creating a change to my own environment. They are much more content with thier controlling it.

Harassment In Staged Set Up, Central Sq Cambridge Got Video, Known Crooked Cops Responded

Two little bastards harassed me today in a very organized fashion like a total planned set up. Central Sq of course.
Got.it.all in video. So who responds to.the call? Lol that black cop.who's been harassing mme for years that everyone knows smokes crack. The real dark one. And another very uptight light skinned insecure uppity tucker.

And a Latin who played 'good cop'.

They messed with me and antagonized me so I did it right back to them. A young black guy with a harmonica and a white kid. Both punks. They were very nasty to me and purposely showed up at my spot just as I sat down and started playing harmonica and started playing harmonica and asking for money.
Outside McDonald Central Sq Cambridge.

I only filmed.them becuz the skinny kid pulled out his shit phone and threatened to film me so I pulled out my smart phone. Riled them up and attempted some separation tactics and yes I used race I will use whatever it takes. I believe I told the dark haired one he was a "traitor" becuz hes siding with the other guy. This got them out of control and all they could do is become more aggressive which at least made the situation speed up to being over with.

The black guy stayed with the argument while his fried wanted to leave so I proceeded to inform him he was a terrible human being...and a bad black man and I made sure not to use the N word. It simply was not the appropriate weapon in this scenario. If you gang up on a vulnerable older lone female that when threatened (and broke) she is going to do whatever it takes to win, do to the fact she is out -manned and out testosteroned.

The short cop immediately played bad copper by interjecting aggressively that "what is this two males and one lone female? Like you can't handle yourself out here. I don't want to hear that" and it was said as a baiting to get me to react it was aggressive, demanding and intimidation. Dont tell me what to think about an incident. Don't tell me what to think at all, that isnt the job description. Arrogant as hell.

This is the way TIs are treated constantly by everyone they encounter. Since the function of such people is to control the TI daily, they rarely fear consequences for being overly controlling and going against civil and human rights or common decency in obvious ways they would have to abide by with any other regular citizen. Its absolutely disgusting.

Its also mean to foster a constant state of Stockholm Syndrome with the gang stalking system. With me they've been working for years on getting me to be comfortable with men controlling my life and surroundings. I resist. And I will continue to succeed in resisting.
They desperately need me to fall for trusting men controlling my situation nearly constantly. Its been male overload with this since 2003.

Plus when the inner city in this location is hot and sunny the feeling aggressive and too heated is really bad.
Now that I think about it, the purpose of this males protecting males bs that always goes on is to get the female Target to accept constant defeat at the hands of males so she accepts male authority and imprisonment more readily.
This isnt merely a war on women or an aggressive independent woman. There must be something specific to my programming that requires I be held down as an independent female and beaten down to accept males keeping me controlled and imprisoned. I think I know what it is.

Boston is getting to me. I just cut off two dummies that were kind of comforting but they were getting me into trouble.

I realize.now the system wants me to hang out with people who have records and.get into trouble becuz it.helps.it appear I am unstable etc.

So they keep me down.to the point where I can only be around those types of people.

They had mites...the ones you get here. Luckily they.die in a day.and.with a wash but I JUST washed everything and I don't have any money to wash. I had my clothes all set for.the week. They are too new to know how who and where to avoid getting into fights with locals or things like mites.

They're just too young. And the girl who was a friend of mine has gone through a few bad men and now shes changed. Shes only 23. And shes soured already.

Shes also.somehow been brainwashed into being a total sexist and insulting other women probably she.got this from the man she was.with.

You are gone. There's no way I can tolerate female.bashing when.its.not warranted.

She was actually calling.this shapely girl in a dress.and heels the other day a stripper or whore on the train.

That is NOT the girl I.made friends with two years ago.

Also.the kid.shes.with now though nice lets her hit him and.order him around. He also.has qualities I can't.have around.me....like thinking Joan of Arc was schizo but Jesus was all good with his prophecies.

And.entire generation of sexist pigs who don't even realize.it.  The Neocon/Military's version of Hitler's brain washed youth.  Its totally fucked. And I need out of here ASAP.

Its only gotten more ridiculous in Boston.

Tonight we found a huge mess left by Marathon runners in the corner of.the stone church's yard. It was disgusting.

They threw magazines and bags of food in a pile. At least some.of the carb bags had sealed food.

I left those.two idiots cuz they were arguing with homebums and got.a. cop car involved. Done. Cops? I am.totally done with them. Thy aren't squatters.is the problem and they aren't willing.to learn. They are lazy.

I walked.back to Cambridge. On my way I.noticed all the trash and crap this city produces. Shopping bags.from nice stores etc.

They try.to act all Green and that their lives are better than ours but they aren't Green nor are.they smart. They are this really horrid breed of YUPpie found in the northeast that turns health.food stores into Wholefoods and.destroys the Cambridge CoOperative food store in Central Square to turn them into gourmet stores so.they can continue.to consume sugar.and their bad eating habits while pretending to be healthy and get to be trendy.

Their incomes and their connections.to old and wealthy institutions, neighborhoods and names validate everything.they do in.this insular little world no.matter.how fucked up they are.

After years of traveling its one if the most ridiculous things I've ever seen.

It's disgusting.

I.gotta.say though they do keep me fed and washed with spanging here. Money does flow in the northeast. And.I suppose everywhere in America is.disgustingly wasteful.

Its.just the proper in this area are SO goddamn catty and insecure and can't mind.their own business.

It.makes them look more fucked.up...

Then.they demand respect based on sheer status and income.  It.just ain't happenin.

It.doesn't.matter whether they are doing.it to TIs or just people they think are homeless. Boston.is EXTREMELY arrogant.to people they think are easily dominated.

That Asian Fuck is lucky he disaster get shot.right in the head or chest.or face for the way he antagonizes people.

And his purpose was.to be.an antagonizing dickless.Fuck.

And hes.going.to get punished.for.it.

Whether by me driving him nuts.or messing with him.or my covert helpers.who seem.to.....dispose of people.for me. Or at least see.they get the bad luck they deserve.

He was really arrogant. Hes.the type you just want.to torment and teach a serious lesson.

He can.go back to China town and choke on dog.dick on his chow mein as far as.I am concerned.

I would love.to get taken in for giving that Fuck a hard time. He just chuckled at.making.me angry.and went right for his radio.

Coward. Wimp. Not a real man picking.on a.woman.like me.

He needs a serious lesson in respect.

And if my system runs.the way.it usually does that savage will have a nice slip and fall or something.more..Direct.

I kind.of miss them crashing their cars into people who were disrespecting.me and.I didn't realize.it.


But since the secret service got busted with 47 dollar whores (which they refused to pay) life might be looking.up.

One By One. Even without my direct action.it happens.

They get theirs.

Whats With All The Jealous B*tches

Please tell all the.skinny flat asses flat chested little rich MIT girls.that the only reason.they aren't average.is.becuz Capitalism makes average people better than superior people like me. She was probably a perp. But the little bitch with the attitude on the bus...

I.get.this a lot in Boston. The trains are the worst.

The old birches are the worst...white and average.of course. Southie townies are ok but the women in Someeville around Davis Sq are brutal. They were.so MEAN to me and my young female friend the other day. They seriously need tto stop being sexist to other women.

The ignorance.of.the public just makes.life worse.for TIs already being treated badly on purpose.

Its funny when normal people talk to you it breaks the control that the gs system has you under.

So I assume all the evil nasty people I encounter at MIT are perps or actors then. And on buses and trains and in public around Bosron and Cambridge.

This area has always been heavily saturated by many many gang stalkers. Its amazing the sheer numbwrs that exist here in public spaces as well as occupying various professions.

Why is Boston so immersed in evil?

And that evil has become.definitive and all encompassing.as.of 2003 in this area. I just don't understand it.

The place has become totally taken over by whatever this is in the.past decade or.so. its been so...total and complete. Its like an evil empire now.

I.recall my experiences in early 2000s up until early Obama. Especially circa 2008- it was like the movie End of Days. One could feel.some seriously evil darkness and cold energy present in Boston. Other places too like on the border of Mexico near Juarez the El Paso barrio I stayed in.

Whatever that was dispersed as of, say, 2010.

I cannot believe the sheer amount of people in on destroying someone like me.

I am assuming then that a good portion of society is part of this human sacrifice religion and there seems.to be a portion of the public that doesn't know.it exists.

Even if they make it out to be experimentation its definately not.just that. Its a collective ritual. And every single gang stalking.perp or anyone in on it is directly responsible for deaths like mine.

There are idiots out there who believe my family bloodline should be stopped becuz they believe.the.cover story that my family is awful.

The real reason is the system doesn't want to produce anymore effects of intergenerational radiation mutations-whether these be negative like my and my.mothers endometriosis or powerful like whatever super human or psychic..

Whatever they got out.of trying to build the superman.

Either that or Boston has a serious problem with the women being jealous.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hillary Hijinks

Hillary continues streak of internet fame:

Hillary continues her Most Interesting Man In The World impression:
20 Secret Service Agents Could Be Involved In Columbian (Prostitute Scandal)http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/serviced_men_scandal_grows_2T1mCesDYYJAKVhkhNDObJ I refuse to use the phrase "Hooker Woe", wft is wrong with the NY Post? Eww.
Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton with awardee Aneesa Ahmed at the 2012 International Women of Courage Awards ceremony:

Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton & More Riveting Moments – Women in the World 2012

Hillary Poses With Prostitution King
(The other allegations have no documentation to back them up. I am sure they are asked to pose with lots of people. Its the money going to the campaign I am curious about.)

Insider Dick Morris has very different view of the Clintons especially Hillary:

Lets not forget whats hidden, whats really out there.
yeah some of these are taken out of context but some are obvious placements. And intentional. Its never the overt people- the out Satanists, the rockers or porn stars that scare me. They are actually kind..comforting. Its the people who act nice, normal and society sees them as non threatening- its they who send fear down into my heart when I see them display thier real faces. Why this is I dont know. It's as if they are far more dangerous than any serial killer or overtly Satanic person pictured. Much more dangerous.

Also be doing more in person gang stalking because they know if there is less technology on a holiday.

Insulted By Male Exiting Elevator

Guy at a local DARPA and govt funded college was with a covered Muslim short woman in elevator
I ask for.my floor.to be pressed. They get to their floor, he looks at her and gives a little laugh. He then looks at her and nods head like she should go out first.

Then she asks "oh ladies first?" he replies "ladies first."

Then walk out and he says something about wanting her.to get out first so she wouldn't be hurt. I looked at his eyes when he walked out becuz I didn't understand what he was.ddoing yet as he.only said that when they were out.

As.I did he had a cold dismissive look in.his eye.even though they were set.front away from me. Decidedly shutting me out.


Then multitutes of poor foreign and underclass American and allied men and women and.children die for them.

He.was white, typical unattractive very average kinda slim WASPy type but not high WASP.like Harvard. Older like post grad age.

Feels Like A Lobotomy Lately

During my time in MA I wall around feeling like I've been lobotomized.

Everything they do makes me feel small, weak and unattractive and like I've got no power. This effects me physically mentally and emotionally. Physically small. Powerless mentally. Etc.

I can't feel anything. Itsike the can.create a mood stabalizer or anti depressant effect with tech instead.of.pills.

I can't feel anything. I have no anger no emotional sadness or anything that would be normal considering what I've been though.

I had access.to my anger up until a year.or two ago. This is when I started to get internal bleeding and become ill.

I.think all they are doing.is slowly murdering people like me and preparing us for death to make it easier, at the same time ensuring me are silenced throughout.

The lobotomy effect.is much more pronounced in this Cambridge/Boston area.

Well...lets rethink this. That whole don't blame the public part.

Yeah, if you manipulate them correctly they are mindless haters. I guess the point is to always remember they are being manipulated to begin with.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Muslims Knock Over Graves...And SO WHAT??


This is just a personal thing, having nothing to do with GS.

Get rid of all Abrahamic religions NOW. Let the Middle Eastern originated religions go back there and stay there. The entire world has been influenced by the SAME nonsense and the majority of people have to live under these religions yet they all fight with one another.

It doesnt make any sense. Why are we, Europeans, Native Americans and people of African descent living under the influence of MIDDLE EASTERN RELIGIONS that have a monopoly on our society socially and on our spirits as human beings then, at the same time they cause constant disharmony among us?

Middle Eastern people like to haggle, fight and argue. Their region breeds radicals and extremists like no tomorrow. Why is this??? Is this thier nature? Or the nature of this set up which always plays out into Divide and Conquer?

People of European descent are asleep. They-we, have been so traumatized by a thousand plus years of oppression, torture, behavior modification and brain washing by the church in the Middle Ages that many people still fear arguing with this particular authority figure and power structure.

African Americans differ from people of European descent in that the church is a place of unification for them against oppression and slavery as well as inspirational and healing. They may have been forced to emigrate through slavery and even forced to take on Christianity but thier experiences with slavery might as well be comparable to Europeans experiences with the church for approx 1,500 years.

Guess what? I am not offended, becuz I dont care. Awwww isnt that too bad. They should be punished for knocking over soldiers graves. As well as disrespecting any other religious beliefs. And above all things for disrespecting the dead.

Isnt this the kind of behavior that Satanists involve themselves in? What are they going to do next, go into a cave or abandoned basement, have sex drink beers and listen to Slayer after they sacrifice a poodle?

CHILDISH. Are these people even real Muslims or are they covert agents posing as radicals doing dumb, immature sh*t to perpetuate war between Abrahamic religions (BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG).

Has anyone else had enough of this boredom and foolishness, meant to divert our attention from whats really going on that so dangerous right now?

Dead people, newflash..ARE FRICKIN D-E-A-D, dumbasses. They are rotting flesh, mere vessels no longer used. Mammalian bodies buried in the ground. They could care less. Its thier actions in LIFE that matter so, not after they leave the body.

And knocking down graves doesnt exactly put you genuises in a time machine so you can change their actions and its effects during thier life times, so why dont you give it up?

Go chase little boys or something...or plan your daughters Female Genital Mutilation ceremony. Becuz, as you say, 'Boys are for sex- women are for babies'.

Again I cant fear anyone who fears a clit. I know the powers that be use covert action to cause terrorism and war in your region. But dont blame nobodies and The People.
Blame the leaders.

And the best you could do was throw a shoe at that f*cker...two shoes. Not very impressive.

Why dont you drop that insane religion and go back to Zoroastroism and having female generals? Ancient Middle Eastern culture seems so respectable, artful...and romantic.

Muslim religion cheapens ancient peoples in these regions the way that Christianity cheats peoples of European descent out of thier heritage as well....and spiritual power.

The Jews? Well, the only thing wrong there is everyone looking Russian, Eastern European and German and....other European ethnicities and thier refusal to admit they have been picking up our DNA for centuries-by still teaching Creationism. Yes, that also cheapens an ancient people.

The modern world sucks, badly. People claim to live in this age of reason via having all these answers from science yet they continue to believe things-different things that make them fight with one another in groups and as individuals. Things that would be considered delusion under psychiatry's qualifications. Psychiatry doesnt dare go there becuz the church- a still effective form of social control, has alot of power and has been around alot longer.

Yet if they were correct in thier theories, religion should not exist.

Science discovers this or that and man creates amazing things yet he cant settle as far as belief systems go. There's never any peace.

None of this makes sense. And your actions are stupid and most of all, meaningless. You remind me of blocked artists. Your cousins the Jews dont have this problem and look how successful they are as a people. But yes, I understand without all that foreign, non Middle Eastern DNA they wouldnt be as successful as they are.

Knocking over graves that some land developer in 100 years is going to build something over anyways..if we can still exist here, is meaningless.

Just like a bunch of Europeans following some Middle Eastern/Italian guy or a lost tribe following a religion that can be clearly traced back to have been pieced together from earlier religions, also polytheistic at thier beginnings. Who was Allah?

The public is manipulated into being marketed three different spiritual figures from the same source and the same region like brands of coffee- no matter which one you choose you are still taking from the same company. Only CHOICE and purchasing power creates the illusion you used your own Will and made an independent decision, when in fact, one was already made for you before the product hit the shelves.

If anyone is offended by the Muslim radical's actions, you are wasting your time watching the wrong hand of the Illusionist. Take a closer look as to whats really going on right now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MA does love its house slaves don't.they? All those evil corrupt WASP garbage piles of.shit everywhere.

They do love.their houseslaves. Especially the governor. Ha!

I am also being told I have to give up sleeping outside and being independent.of the system and.go.inside.to filthy Woods Mullen Boston Public Health Commission with all those awful Boston ghetto black women.

And that I have.to give.up being tough and finally break down and cry and be weak and ask for help like a lamb. Be genuinely weak and needy with a layer.or some shit..

I don't understand any of this. Everyone can go Fuck.off. just solve.my health issue.and.I am going.to.leave MA again. I will leave your stupid city..

By leaving your stupid country. For good. Just get me well enough to make.it overseas bastards.

attempted brainwash again/suicide not favored by system nowadays

The content.of what.I.get now is that I am weak. That the people around me that did.this too me want.me out of the way. That I.am percieved as.a lesser person q slave or.servant basically. That I.need.to.go on with my life as.a nice girl.would. And be.quiet about what was.done.to me over the last many years.

That no lawyer is going.to help me. That I am a joke. That no one.is going.to take me seriously.

That this is the real world. That this is what life is abut you lose and you acceptance.it

That my only chance to make.it with this.ill health.is.to contact my mother and beg my family to take me back.which would include taking a label of mental illness.

That I can't.keep running like this I must stop and.face my.problems (but that consists of.being.silent.about past years of abuse and torture and injustice.)

That I can't.keep acting like I am young.

This.is ALL accompanied.by low level sexual stimulation connected to my being abused, controlled and humiliated over the past many years.especially the part.of this program where sex is used in this abusive.manner.to condition the Target's body and mind.to infiltrate and.break the Willpower center.of the person or supersede their Will.

Its.more of like a mechanism used to break their Will. Its conditioned into the person over time.

They just mke sure you keep meeting handlers who abuse you and exploit you. Being surrounded by nothing but abuse and negwtivity you eventually accept.that.

I felt suicidal tontight and last night. As usual the system wants.to keep me alive at all costs but wants.me.silenced at all costs as well. They r desperate to get me to move on in life as.if none.of.this happened.or.was real.

I just want to.suicide. I don't want.to try for freedom.anymore. And I don't.want.to go overseas just to die inadequate strange country without getting my book written. I just want to die. Soon. I don't want to go through this. I don't.want.to be tortured anymore or brainwashed.or interfaced. Ultimately I don't.want to be forced into.what.they want and be silenced as.if nothing ever.happened.

But nowadays, unlike the Bush era they won't.let me die. They seem.to really want.to get people to.live with PTSD as.if nothing happened.

But only in places with strong electromagnetic tech do.I run memories over and over again like this UNTIL I want.to.l suicide. On the off schedule- Sundays, after 12 midnight etc, or in a.location with no cell reception do I not run the memories over and over again.

So they are driving.TIs to.this but then somehow they want.to ensure the person is broken and reformattd like a labotomy.

Why would they want this instead.of suicide? They wanted me dead so badly during Bush.

In a way Bush was much more tolerable than a lot of other presidents. Perhaps if.I.had died then I wouldn't be going.through this now. Just rotting away physically and mentally.

Perhaps the Bush era or the people in power during.that time were.trying.to do me a.favor.

Becuz death is much more preferable.to this.

Why not suicide? My life is only going.to get harder as.age comes.and.health.falls apart more.

Why.do they want me.to.live.so badly?

Stressed Being Back Home

Eating way too much due to the stress of general gs situation but also to be back in my hometown is always such an awful feeling. <br> <br/> And its a bit cold and that thing on my side, the reason I am back here, is hurting off and on. Its the cause of my occassional internal bleeding. </p> <br/> <p>Yes, VERY stressful. </p> <br/> <p>Perps continue their bs. But its based now on just keeping me silent. <br> <br/> The Asians involved are probably the most annoying. Ok the Chinese.Mafia is up into everything and you have your people at.MIT and going to med school. WE GET IT. U R STEALTH.</p> <br/> <p>WHATEVER.</p> <br/> <p>GOD..they think they are the only people to ever be sneaky. To an Italian its just amusing. But my Eastern European DNA pretty much sees right into these neighbors to the East. Its a joke. And after years of people like this telling me outright that even though they r in med school they are indebted to this syndicate and will have to be on hand for life if they need anything.

Yeah stealth. Yeah u sure got the best of me....whatever.

I have serious work to.do in this body as long as.it lasts. Get the fuck OUT of my way with your age old childish bullshit (everyone involved not just Asians.) and let me do my job. Which will get done no matter what shitheads think they are clever getting in my way.

If I think the punk asses here in Boston are going to damage me on the table if.I need surgery.or more limey will try to handle me into believing nothing is wrong then I will just get.it looked at overseas.


I don't trust the feds.or the criminals. Nor the intelligence people or the military.

I am going.to.sue.the FBI for harassing.me or they need.to look into SOME GROUPS stalking and harassing Targets that are made out to be the FBI by other involved.

My.health.issues are all due.to the actions of everyone involved.

They are.either going.to.pay.here or the book gets written.overseas.  Where other countries will believe America id THIS fucked up.

Then you've got those clowns in Southie are ANY of those people even smart enough to even understand MK Ultra? I think the cover story is all they are capable of grasping. They still think this.is a fuckin joke. They probably are demented ( Catholic and drunk) enough to treat war crimes like a joke.

Why not?

I am.sick of people thinking they got over on me. Mere kids in Cambridge telling.me I am dumb when obviously the little scum know nothing of whats really going on.

The public are silly stupid and I can't blame the elite for rucking them over and enslaving.them.

All the info on my blog is just for us....the elite who are NOT necessarily in line with the Satanic agenda.

If u r smart.enough to know whats really going on.

Not arrogant low-class punks, rotten rich kids and racist sexist assholes. And mere children. All fools.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why Boston And Cambridge Want Me OUT OF TOWN

The reason I am so hated here, aside from the obvious issue of me being a whistleblower is that I dont fit in anywhere.

In Boston you must fall into a group, neighborhood or under someone else's power umbrella. You are Irish and have Irish contacts and friends. Same with Italians.

The African American population is strong here but they predominantly do what powerful, wealthy
'whites' say and much of the time serve as house slaves if you will. Believe me, when you get persecuted by the elite here, you will see a very nasty side of blacks. Besides I went through bussing in the 70's and can attest to the fact that Boston's blacks were raised like animals to fight and be self destructive UNLIKE animals however.

Blacks in Boston are put in charge of stray poor whites in the community. They attempt to co-op, keep down, contain, handle and do everything HOUSE SLAVES do for those in power. You will meet independent minded blacks who will admit whats up with the system- out in St Louis, Cali, NYC or other locations NOT in Boston or Cambridge. Thats been my experience anyway. Its really really sick. But, thats they way they operate here and they believe its in the best interest of local black communities and the cause for black advancement everywhere.

Not that the Irish havent been mean to be as well, but they often have a bit of guilt, as a Catholic should. The elite types look like they know its all wrong, but are steeling themselves to allow my destruction for this cause of thiers they hold so dear. I admit if I were up to the sick, sadistic, illegal, unethical crap they were into and privvy to, I'd play code of silence also.

So I am hated becuz I basically have no people here who want anything to do with me, minus a few friends. Boston is a city of groups or gangs/clusters of certain kinds of people. They take pride in this, of course becuz the city is one of the single most sick and demented places on earth. If you begin to grow up and dont want to be as sick as Boston, Cambridge and MA in general, then you will be ostracized. Of course my situation is political and them trying to get away with murder, which they've done for years anyway. Yet along with thier 'legit' reasons for wanting me out of town and silenced, it is in thier nature and upbringing to subconsciously live in this sickness and in cohesive groups defined by location, class and ethnicity.

Boston not only hates me becuz I represent truth, and them having to face thier misdeeds but that I am alone. I dont have a powergroup to exist in. I am no longer 'connected' to anybody. I am, by thier definition, 'OUT'. And when you are out, you have to leave town. Which is thier typical childish, spoilt brat, sick, twisted, criminal minded way of doing things as its always been.

However, if I leave town I only find the same situations in any other state I go to. AND other parts of the country dont allow access to education, technology etc to poor whites or poor people in general the way this area does.

Thats why they want to keep me out of here. Becuz I can actually accomplish my goals in this location.

(why did I just experience two beefy construction 'regular' guy types walking through the MIT library and the hold on me lifted? Are the elite somehow afraid of such people? Is it why they hate me? I dont get any of this)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Big Holidays Big Relief Sadness It Will Not Last

Its funny how as.of tonight the 'Satanic' or stressful angry hate.ridden content in.all of.this- in.me, in the environment and in the people, has vanished.

Life seems.normal feeling again. Like.its 2002 or before. And I can plainly see my entire situation.for what.it is, realistically. Its as.if tonight I've woken up and wonder.what am I doing in these clothes?

The folly of my living as a Traveler when this persona isn't really who I.am, its not.what I wanted for life or wouldn't have.been the natural choice at.this age.

The confusion is gone, the pretending.

I can write.clearly and.think.

The torment is I know this will not last past their Passovers and Easters.

I.will continue.to be marked for deletion.

My.last hope being leaving the country after possible surgery and shots.I need.to go abroad.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trying To Evade The Home Stretch

In library. All puzzle pieces still fit together the same. Whats changed is my perceptions.

That this isn't so important  world wide.  That justice and MK Ultra dont mix.

Harassed and Hit All Day Boston and Southie

Stopped.when I stayed in laundehmat for 3 hours to.do laundry and dye stuff.

Noticed how quiet and uneventful it.is now. But on the way here and also while arriving was one weird glaring jerk after aanother. ALL MEN.

Attempted Beat Down Via Behavior Modification Over Last Two Posts

Getting this vibe that I shouldn't have been so harsh in my titling of post. That stating he.can.go f*ck himself is going to put me in danger or it was disrespectful.

I.am.so sick of this constant behavior modification.  What consideration have I been given during the last ten years? Look at me. Look at my life.

I and other TIs have.been given no consideration at all.

First having visions of cops being annoyed at being disrespectful over last posts title and content. Then seeing flashing visions of my uncle Thomas Willems, the guy who used to work for the mob who's daughter is now a genetic engineer....while I am banished to die in the streets.

Again go f*ck yourselves.

Do you honestly think I trust any part of this system to give me anything but mock justice? No one in this piece of shit country is ever going to give me any real justice. Or the time of day either.

Fuck Boston. And every arrogant piece of shit who lives here that works for the corrupt system. Scumbags.

You live to see a woman finally beaten down into behaving instead of killing her.

You'll be waiting all your lives then.

Kiss my ass.

Isn't D-4 the cops who used to intimidate.and terrorize me years ago when J was truly suffering in agony over this by only harassing ME at 7-11 in Kenmore while panhandling but no other beggars? Especially your little black house slave informants lie Joe the old drunk and that crack head bitch during the day. The blacks that run that school next to.it for handicapped kids were very supportive too I recall.

Smart. Who is going to argue with handicapped kids? Nice investment on the part of whatever house slave black gangs.

Yeah I won't soon forget those memories.

You think I am fully discredited. There is world out there.

Old Hardass Cop Behind The Glass At D-4 Can Go Fuck Himself..Its Not.The 70s Anymore

Giving my friend a hard time when she tried to file police report for fraud. Conflicting information with officer from D-4 on phone. Grills her about where she stays and.if shes in a shelter etc. Nothing to do with fraud report. He claimed he did this to establish location to send her to correct district. Where she sleeps outside or shelter has nothing to do with where crime was committed. (7-11 Copley has scam going hacking credit cards with Stores down south. But my friend's was social security money).

Also, this has nothing to do with making the report as the D-4 officer told me that a report could be made anywhere.

He told.me to go.sit down like a child when I was speaking along with my friend at the window (per her request). Then I called back the officer and established the truth and with speaker phone on he lost control from intimidating.us of course so banished me to go sit down again. He then had me removed..I of course kept my composure.

I left reminding them that "Its not the 70s anymore".

I am going to take control away from you bastards whenever I can. I am going to film you, record you and Fuck up your continued old school ways of intimidating the folk -the poor, the homeless the underclass of Boston as you have for centuries.

Its so easy now. Since I've traveled and been fighting these monsters nationwide for years.

Boston cops heavy handed masculine overbearing bs is nothing to me now.


I go right through you.

Still getting payoffs in those Xmas cards are we? F-U.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My mother was this much of a control freak and whoever or as a system is behind this is exactly the same way. Except whoever is behind this is not doing it out of emotional impulse. Whoever or the system made up of multiple persons doing this is extrmeley methodical about their actions and the entire set up. Its very...systematic. Almost professional.

Oh...military psy ops. Yeah that would be professionals wouldn't.it?

GS System's Main Purpose Is Control Of TI

In full force at Park Street just now. It was all perps and I didn't get the tech. Then again I made sure that I wasnt there all that long.

Why is Park St so bad with GS? That train station always.has been.

There's many gang stalking  hot spots. One is Park Street another is Central Square in Cambridge. Certain small areas here are guaranteed to produce perps and psych warfare tactics.

When it comes to Boston and their obsession with sticking together to protect criminals it wouldn't surprise me if a large percentage of the city just hates me outright and wouldn't give a second thought to being in on gang stalking me or mobbing.

This area of the country may have sold out to globalization but they are still extremely viscous to outsiders. They are so tight that they make huge distinctions between being from BOSTON proper and being from an outlaying area.

Also, they are most likely moving in at this point. Anyone who reads my blogs can tell I am not as strong as I was years ago and I am not censoring myself so I appear more crazy to anyone who hasn't followed along or doesn't know about gang stalking.

Contacting the FBI in Boston sounds a bit stupid considering they were in on the corruption with that federal investigation during Bush.

Maybe they are getting me to be this weak and sickly so I will print everything that occurs as I have.been expressly so that anything I try to do legally that IS believable won't work becuz I will appear mentally ill.

Maybe. But all that content is kept in the blogs. I dont discuss this publicly.

I don't want to go to the FBI becuz it might be that the FBI is behind the harassment in part as part of the cover story- like convincing people I need to confess or account for myself as others did during the investigation. The problem is that John Panderos told me.that everyone was being harassed. That he got a high priced lawyer as councel while he stepped up to account for what he did and didn't know. But why would the FBI harass people like this? Why wouldnt they just give out subpoenas?

Tonight was a lot.of the same I get in the Boston area. People inferring I am a snitch, people making fun of me etc.

It seems the system dislikes me accomplishing.things and keeping my schedule. This area is notorious for disrupting discipline and Will put forth to stick to a.schedule and accomplish things.

Its been rough. I use my years of knowledge to stay on track.


This has shown itself to be their sole purpose through years of my experiencing the GS system overt and 24-7 since 2003.

Note the Mexican in San Antonio who stated bluntly: "You can be controlled". The guy who ran away like a pansy when the cops were coming due to a stray dog.

Today I saw a truck with a sleeper cab parked at a business behind Central Sq. Cambridge.

I waved at the driver just becuz hitchers do this a lot and most truckers out of this area as.part.of the true trucking culture in most.of America recognize Travelers as part of the scenery or part of their culture.

The driver didn't respond but it was very dark in cab and he was sitting way back. No one else could've seen his response except close up.

As I waved and walked by I distinctly sensed that someone watching my movements felt that they had lost control over me due to my being able to be part of a culture outside the realm of this area's control. Like the trucking culture not only provided me with physical escape but allowed me to have a psychological escape.route as well. Bondng with people who are outside of what this area is about.

I distinclty felt.this from whoever was observing. That they felt they were faced with a moment where I bonded with someone or.something that was beyond their control.

That is how much like a serial killer the people behind this are. To need.to control someone until you crush them to death.

The statement from that Mexican in San Antonio lets me know I am right about what I felt today being correct.