“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, August 27, 2012

Globalization Is Just A Part Of The NWO


I was looking up gentrification of Harvard Sq Cambridge and this came up. Reading it I realized that this is a way for people to describe a part of the NWO. One that is believable, accepted as fact-globalization as a process of change. What they arent telling you is that in order to bring about these changes as well as others that are part of the NWO the system is outright lying to the public by witholding information, by leaving out important facts. Such as utilizing mass mind control through technology, chemicals and psychological operations/propaganda and other coercion.

These changes wouldnt be able to be brought about without the use of these methods to make people uncaring, selfish, dumbed down consumers who are mind controlled into thinking and feeling in ways supportive of this NWO.

Globalism is just a part of the NWO. Even though many people in power have used that exact phrase in media including three presidents, its still marketed to the public as conspiracy theory.

Becuz only those who know about whats being hidden from the public know it is indeed a NWO being formed. Anyone who has that missing information understands whats really going on. However though the documentation is available mind control is so unpleasant that the public would rather disbelieve or even silently accept this situation than to take control of their own lives.

Many probably see the NWO as the utopia promised by Bush in his speech about how a NWO will be a world ruled by law, not the law of the jungle.

This of course is a deception. Its also coming from a man whos seen far to much in his life and I believe many of the people supporting the NWO fall into the deception becuz of world weariness. Then again when havent the elite wanted to rule the masses completely?

Progress in sciences now give them that opportunity.

Globalism may tell you how its being done but what isn't included is the power over the city dwellers given to authorities by those cell towers and repeaters on buildings in every part of the US and internationally.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fell For It Again

Very bad in Harvard lately as well as in the general city area.

Working off of sleep deprivation what seems like brainwashing has been very effective lately in convincing me that I should stay here and try to create a homeless shelter in the Harvard area, just outside of it.

If Cambridge especially Harvard has changed so much that they no longer care about the homeless and the homeless out here dont care about themselves why would I bother?

I got some day  sleep today and woke up and realized what had been going on. I realized how extremely dangerous Cambridge is. Harvard and MIT are involved in continued human experimentation and black classified projects or just the interests of the elite and they know they can never be caught for their crimes.

Boston will always be evil. I keep having this bravado  about staying where i want. Wnd its foolish

Thursday, August 23, 2012

On The Rise Finally Reveals Its Racist Classist Views Of EuroAmericans

An older woman who does activism and is also a squatter in Harvard Sq claimed that On The Rise told her she was white and comes from money so shes white and privileged!

This woman has been very active in OCCUPY Boston so she's living off the grid and has been poor for years and is articulate and intelligent.

Which means shes poor, white and has a brain in Boston/Cambridge which means shes going to be targeted, shunned, kept down, ignored, passively denied services. Blacks and compliant white trash will be favored instead of her.

She actually got barred for being a racist. Can anyone actually be barred from a women's homeless drop in when she lives outside not in a shelter for her comments or personal beliefs? Also she claims this was the result of a fight where staff wasnt paying attention and she had to use self defense. THEY DIDN'T BAR HER FOR FIGHTING BUT FOR BEING A RACIST.

I have personally experienced  blacks making comments about whites and it gets ignored and the PC Yuppie white staff even react to such comments with slight amusement.

This is the place where the staff constantly talks about their vacations, dinners at expensive restaurants and paychecks IN FRONT OF CLIENTS AND GUESTS WHO ARE HOMELESS, POOR OR MENTALLY ILL. Either urban camper homeless or staying at the Catholic Charities shithole known as St Patrick's in Somervile. Which is also a nightmare.

OTR is basically a day shelter for the shelter rats who stay nightly at St Patrick's. As well as a support system for newly housed women. Great but they dont deal well with urban camping homeless especially anyone whos spirited, independent and is even slightly political.

Their commitment to that demographic is to put women who are outside on priority for the laundry list.

OTR has a history of going way to far in correcting or censoring free speech of guests, preventing free association or discussion of ideas by dominating or defining/leading conversational content.

It can be a very controlled environment with alot of seemingly purposeful insensitivity to homeless people's feelings or situations.

Once again, we need a place for US. Harvard urban camping houseless people are a unique sort of crowd. Yes they tend to drink some or the younger males fight. But the place is being invaded by junkies, ghetto trash who only want to sell drugs (which I have to say the cops do keep that bs at a minumum) and squatters who dont seem to care about preserving a sense of community or their environment, nor a friendly relationship with their host city.

This has been the case for a year or two. I think its very suspect that when local kids do try to rouse the junky population the cops come down on everyone else with drug busts for bs like marijuana. Oh but you can't arrest someone who is plainly nodding out?? I dont discriminate against herion users as I was once one myself. Alot of the squatters hold that old standard stigma against drug shooters when in fact crack and meth smokers are much more damgerous to the health of those around them.

However, when needles are being left in playgrounds for kids to step on I know from experience youve either got sabotage going on or youve got some really stupid junkies present who need to go. Even junkies themselves know there are people in the H addict community u simply stay away from becuz they are either stupid, careless, greedy or very sleazy all of which will get you killed. And dying is the heroin addict's number one occupational hazard.

Its a daily risk. And anyone too stoned or careless to hide their works or dispose of them properly is an idiot and should be shunned. (U bend the tip and put the cap back on and wrap it in something or throw it in a garbage can, a big one or a dumpster. Duh.) Again people arent being schooled or the community self policed.

The system has taken over people's lives in this area and the old set up has fallen. Instead of taking care of your own you rat on each other to gain favor from authorities who used to work with us and mediate but now tend more to act as the YUPpies guard dogs and clean up crews. YUPpies as they are today are not just defined as Young Urban Professionals. The term represents much more. These people define an intregal part of the NWO. They believe only in the system. If they understand or accept subcultures at all its  after some form of sterilization or a version thats been co opted. Something pretentious or for posers.

Basically Ward and June Cleaver are a young hip couple who live in gentrified city areas and they are Liberal in the sense of its ok to be gay or a minority...as long as you are of their social class. They are totally oblivious to classism and people like those at OTR demand that class and economic struggles include race and gender. Which of course gives them the ability to escape their own part in said class war.

They are just as uptight, ignorant and cowardice as June and Ward and just as bigoted-the things and people they want to keep out of their communities however have changed. And they are very good at hiding their very uncharitable bigoted views against the homeless in places like Cambridge.

Dont ask me to explain anything further about them becuz I never understood them beyond what I just stated and I never will.

I more sympathize with the elite kids. YUPpies just seem petty and upper middle to me.  They loathe subcultures unless they are somehow in some way socially acceptable.

They are unbelievable self righteous snobs. They will dismiss someone standing right in front of them (especially at OTR) who might be a great artist or responsible for a novel that twenty years from now people like them will embrace-from that safe distance of course and as posers.

Their greatest flaw is that they love artists and subcultures historically but they cannot abide by such chaos and chaotic personalities in their presence in the here and now. They arent even capable of recognizing such potential, yet they appear to embrace such things. And if they do accept such people or a scene guaranteed behind it somewhere is something that makes it or they safe or socially acceptable like connections to legit money or connections.

And their stranglehold on vibrant city areas guarantees the oppression of underclass peoples as well as the preventing of any truly creative scene or people.

The YUPpie and its culture supports the status quo in a way that makes it appear they are not doing so or that they arent the old model of what used to be described as'straight' or straight laced people.

To be quite honest Ive found more understandng of the human condition from people from the 40s and 50s eras where certain things were NOT overtly accepted yet Ive discovered they were tolerated.

YUPpies are ignorant of any other system other than what gets defined as acceptable for most modern gentrified city areas in the US presently.

The problem is that they are so organized, great in number and hold sway with authorities that they dont leave on inch of room for anyone else. Which makes them righteous, correct and functional by default becuz theres no one left to argue with them or counter them.

The YUPpie culture has taken over American urban environments becuz it is totalitarian in nature. Its militant. And it will not admit this at any cost.

Look at many of us out here with very good ideas about alternatives to shelters, drop ins etc even how to redefine homelessness.

We get ignored and dismissed at the stage of just talking about such innovations or changes.

OTR is ok again if u r stupid, signed up for housing and willing to take your daily dose of Liberal PC pabulum in return for services and support. Its just as bad as having to listen to a sermon to get fed. Actually worse becuz if u reject religion its optional and u r not viewed as a person who borders on social terrorism thats a threat to decent civilized society if u dont believe what u r being told about a belief system.

But like religious people or moreso the cult minded, the PC Liberals reject any and all information about reality that goes against their belief system.

And its not just in this area. In every major American city the same corporations or systems run the homeless industry. Some places tolerate independent mimded people who urban camp and some have zero tolerance for such a presence.

It leaves little option for those who need the vitality of urban areas but,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Its  all very dificult right now. I am using this lazy hippie for companionship and hes sucked me dry of funds and energy by now which is typical of the lazy weaklings women find out here to keep us company.

Most likely hes working for the system becuz he got caught with some shit last year but claims the police never found the evidence they needed...which of course i dont believe.  Hes a pain in the ass and is lazy and stressjng me out but hes an ok travel companion for now. U always end up just paying for people to provide companionship which is fine. Hes got a fiance anyway so thats convenient.

We get along just enough for him to pull me though the next few months. Desperate circumstances require a person to be resourceful. All that matters is my identifying my health issues then leaving the US and then finally my book.

Its been bad lately, the brainwashing. I am in a phase where constantky in the city its being pushed that i accept my fate and the situatikn the way it is. And somehow that this has to do witJulia and that somehow she wins or defines my fate.

If anyone thinks Julia Richmond Blackburn defines my fate i could easily have killed that bitch by now qnd her stupid drunk husband. Or her drunk sister in law. Fuck that fat bitch qnd her husbands gold digging family of drunks. And fuck that conivving mother in law of hers as well. Hopefully the old bitch is long dead by now. Another scumbag off the earth.

And allnof that family ARE scumbags. And all her stupid sleazy associates as well. To hell with all of them.

MK Ultra was around long before i ever met that sleazebag. The only reason shes still walking around is becuz i know this system just used her to get to me the way it did alot of people around me.

And without what ive learned from her I wouldn't have survived thus far. Also the way this is being done to force me to testify is total bullshit and if no subpeona is issued then the authorities are playing games and DONT DESERVE ANY RESPONSE AT ALL.

We all know Boston cops work with and for organized crime, bottom line.

Why would anyone respond to bullshit like that? Becuz it is bullshit. And so is the entire city of Boston-all the nkrtheast is corrupt to the core anyway. I just ignore their childish bullshit becuz itz all their ignorant backwards asses are capable of.

Yankees are the greediest scumbags alive and always busy livng in denial while pointing the finger somewhwre else.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

America Doesnt Understand What True Freedom Is

America has wasted 41 years of my time and I refuse to allow it to waste anymore.

This is why TIs are constantly controlled the way they are. And controlled moreso now that Romney's coming in. Those of us who have had enough finally want to leave and everything is being done in their power to prevent this.

Now that Targets like me see how useless protesting and activism is against the system in place and realize that it might be better to be a Target elsewhere, much is being done to prevent TIs from leaving the USA.

Its Sunday and I notice that the reality of the situation hits me clearly today. During the week from 6am to approx 12 midnight I keep getting brainwashed and sidetracked to stay. Its very bad right now. Either that or i am targeted with pain or what appears to be health issues so i am afraid to flee the USA while ill. They probably knew i would leave if there was a chance of Romney getting in as president.

So the timing of these health issues doest surprise me.

I notice the conditions are worse when inam in areas with very heavy elctromagnetic pollution.

No surprise there.

But I am still going to try to get out. There is no place i can go where i am not harassed or stalked or interfaced. The entire US is hopeless. There is no safe area though conditions change predictably as one travels.

America is hopeless. Staying is only giving in to abusove authority controlling one's life...for the worst.

Just becuz some people naively believe that behavior modification improves someone and their quality of life doesnt mean its the truth of the matter. Even if the GS system improves  a human beings life and their decision making its still not TRUE FREEDOM. This isnt freedom. And I dont think the  USA  will ever privide for me whatbI consider freedom. I dont think they undsrstand what it is yet. So i need to leave.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mandating Diversity Within The Intelligence Community


I theorize they got this going by  serving so well during Bush in covert operations...its a reward. Its the payoff.

Its in return for their proving their loyalty.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Being Interfered With Greatly Cannot Work On Blogs, Book Or Contact Friends

Its almost impossible to function now. Ive been constantly foegetful of the most simple things. I am recieving information in the form of ideations that is bad. Misguidance and deception, all the while my health continues to deteriorate.

I cannot produce any meaningful work on this blog unless I use a strangers cell pnone.
All the places I can use public computer systems also seem to give that same effect like workimg from my cell phone.

Its Verizon contract and an older Samsung smartphone.

What makes me the most upset is when I see all the need in the world, all around I see people I and others could be busy helping but have to waste time living on the road and fighting this system daily instead.

I am now managed with constant ideations to travel, diverted with extreme forgetfulness and prevented from producing anymore meaningful work through brainwashing that is strong unbeatable and very subtle consisting of the kideas that no one is going to believe.me, it doesnt matter and I dont matter in the grand scheme of things anyway...just constant bombardment to prevent my producing anh work related to telling my stoey or writing my book.

Constant idea to get legal council always fo lowed by shooting down of that idea that they only want to get me into court to finally discredit and destroy me.

That powers who did this to me are above the law. That in big world with so many people I matter little. That I am old and all around me the only ones that matter are the young...

I become more and mlre negative, anti African Ameeican and weak of mind.

I fear I will jave a deadly mishap at my procedure for my intestinal condition. This condition seems to worsen and I am given fears it will incapacitate me so I cant travel or its degenerative and is going to kill me.

This seems to serve the purpose of getting me to fear death as I did not before. Probably to gain further control over me and guarentee my continued silence..or to force me to go to lawyers or aithorities against my Will.

American Pilgrims More Than Meets The Eye


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blacks Supposedly Hate Snitches....So Why R So Many Gang Stalkers Then?? lol


First of all stop using OUR word 'Capisce' which is its proper spelling. Its bad enough black gangstas wear our clothes, shoes and have tried to co opt the swagger and attitude, like everything else becuz they dont really have a realistic view of their identity as its heavily influeced by Europeans and other cultural influences. If they were truly African Americanized gangsters they would be dressed like in Africa. Until they get out fantasyland via being kept slaves culturally and psychologically (and now obviously using ever negative modern rap music to perpetuate keep down culture), they will never be able to face the reality of where they come from, what they are made of and then own it. Living in myth and ignorance is safer I assume. And the Elite they serve as house slaves to this day couldn't be happier with this arrangement and do everything as their ancestors did-to ensure the slaves, all kinds- continue to serve.  Whether or not the gullible, spoilt public acknowledge covert slavery or any form for that matter is irrelevant. It exists just the same.

Now, as for blacks hating snitches..how can this be? Ive seen more gang members for hire doing GS as well as blacks outright being agents for the man than any other culture. Its a main part of their survival in America. 

COINTELPRO had to be African Americans or the groups they were infiltrating wouldnt trust them.

Its gone so very far. Blacks have an international lucrative crime syndicate as well as other honest businsses and positions in society, and in order for them to aquire and keep certain things they have to sell out to the biggest powers that be in order TO BE ALLOWED TO EXIST. Just like EVERYBODY else.

Blacks utilize myth and a mystique better than the Jews or any other culture could hope to in order to hide what they really have and are capable of. And the Elite use them to perpetuate their interests just as they always have.  Everyone is happy.

Except the REAL freedom fighters and rebels and victims of abuse of power by oppressive authority.

Blacks are a myth. Voodoon-shadow dancers. And anyone who believes they are what they put out to see is a fool. Its myth that sells very well in the arts and has high political value to those in power.

At the top levels the criminals are snitches or worse-in league with the oppressors.

Stop applying PC to murdering drug dealing pimping criminals.  Its the height of folly, one this society AND OUR CULTURE cant afford anymore.

Portland Maine Sucks

Scumbag young nazi cops harassed my road dog flying a sign but didnt harass homebums nearby.

They had a typical smug look on their faces when he said we got stuck in the rain last night (fuck u btw). One little boy had his hand on his taser the whole time while they ran his name.

Typical of this young generation of cop (total.paranoid ignorant nazi fascist scumbags working AGAINST the true America for the NWO, money and their careers. Jerks.)

Or they were in the war and learned nothing about life other than what Bush wanted them to about how to be a dishonest murdering scumbag and get total public approval and adoration doing so (Bush family speciality it seems).

I have been being hit hard the entire time Ive been here including an Interstitial Cystitis attack which i havent experienced in years, feeling 'hit' with pains on the body (Bush era type torment.) Hurt something carrying heavy backpack cant carry pack now.

This wud not have happened in NH or MA. Maine is totally fucked. Its very nasty.

Fuck Maine.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cant Handle Being Targeted In NEw England Area While Traveling With Companion

I am traveling with a companion. As u know i am visiting places that i had visited before where i documented being horribly tormented.

I am finding that when I get outside Cambridge MA and go on the road traveling i become very aggressive due to how I'd been terrorized while traveling over the years by normal American intolerant bullshit towards female Travelers and also by Gang Stalking.

The way I had to travel also required bravety and aggression, boldness and self preservation.

I find these are not good qualities to travel with someone inexperienced, someone who doesnt know what they are doing. That frustrates me and then whats happened to me just keeps repeating itself constantly in the back of my mind, ESPECIALLY IN PLACES WHERE I HAVE DOCUMENTATION OF IT BEING A HEAVILY TARGETED AREA, SEEMINGLY MANAGED BY TECH OR AT LEAST WITH ALOT OF ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION.

Portland ME, the downtown area, was awful last time I was here and its just as bad this time. U can feel it subside when u leave the downtown area especially over the bridge to S Portland. It's a constant feeling of being afraid of violence from locals as well as feeling uncomfortable in the area generally. 

Traveling within New England has been difficult. Its an area with GS connected to MA closely it seems and there r few truck stops. Lots of Yankee rednecks like in NH outside Portsmouth who hate Travelers as well as just people who dont sem associated with the lifestyle.

Ive desperatey wanted to get a ride and just go West where after NY trucker culture and the REAL working class America are, people who are alot more familiar and tolerant of the traveler...or of me I cant always tell which.

This trip dealing with the New England branches of the GS network as well as ignorant, insulated Yankees, as well as what seems very effective and constant tech management Ive become so effected Ive turned on my companion as an abusive jerk. And it is so connected to continued GS and tech harassment in these areas as well as the history of it in the back of my mind that I cant seem to prevent it.

Im used to truck stops, wide open spaces and getting more assitance from people traveling than Ive experienced on this trip.

Its very hard being from a place and being attached to that place due to identifying it as home when as a PERSON, the character of that place totally doesnt suit u. Perhaps New England twenty or thirty years ago-the true and real New England I was somewhat comfortable with but this corporate, YUPpie, sold out, paranoid, stuck up, post 9-11 piece of shit is unrecognizable to me. Its become so unfriendly and uptight its unbelievable. The last thing uptight worry wart New England Yankees needed was any reasons to become totally paranoid, stuck up and anymore isolated, ignorant or obsessed with status (now consumerism) than they already were.

My home is a warzone and I have to act normal. This is ridiculous.

I dont know if my companion is in on whats going on or neutral. I seem to just b taking out on him the nerves I probably wud have expressed looking crazy like the perps want by acting out when they harass me.

Its unbelievwble what this country has turned into.

Cops r being retards and cruising me in Portland, only one yesterday and one today.

Got strong ideation and vision to go to UMass Boston once again. Ignored this as usual, as its purpose is to assist the oppressor and war criminals as well as their numerous accomplices to cover thier asses.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maine And Other 'Quiet' States More Vulnerable To Corruption


I am traveling through Portland ME. I am going to enjoy my visit.

Dont even THINK about it this time...or unlike weak ethics laws-with me there WILL be consequences.

Dont think too hard, geniuses. And dont get cute.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Kittery ME Most Likely Covert Security Presence-The 9-11 Hijackers Had Come Through The Area

Yeah someone metioned it this morning. Would explain all the overt aggressive harassment in the area. Abuse of Homeland or intelligence agancies power etc.

Terrorists stopped at Kittery Trading Post in thier travels supposedly-havent had time to fact.check this yet.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Letter To On The Run Gas Station Chain-An Example Of How To Counter GS Without Mentioning It

"Traveling through Kittery ME. OTR on RT 1/kittery, next to Subway (290/rt.1/ Kittery ME, near all the outlets).

Foriegn man working behind counter refused to put toilet paper in the bathroom due to "people use it too much".  While I was in the bathroom he posted a sign on

the restroom door that said "Out Of Order".

An older woman used the bathroom anuway once i got out and left a papertowel she had brought in with her on the floor. When i asked him for some paper

product to pick it up with he responded by locking the door to all public use and  then complaining overtly on his cell phone that "people are complaining about this" (the bathroom).

He spent most of his time talking on the cell phone behind the counter.

In the bathroom there is a sticker on the mirror that says if the bathroom isnt in order report it to the manager.

What if this arrogant slob WAS the manager? Of not how doni find out who is? This location is the only gas station on this strip so they may think they can do whatever they want and people will put up with it.

He isnt doing his job and is ignoring obvious health hazards. How do i report him?"

Note how I complain about LEGIT BELIEVABLE events and actions. Only myself and other TIs understand this guy is a perp and so was the old woman who left the paper towel.

The foriegn male gave me a sympathetic look upon first contact and an initial purchase before using the rest room.  Also a passenger wgo left in a truck front seat licensed as Livery did the smirk/smile thing upon my exiting the store and leaving the parking lot.

PSY OPS is what this was. Plain and simple. But since people refuse to admit or believe such things exist, one must counter with the same covert action.

Friday, August 3, 2012

More Possible GS Activity Portsmouth NH

Further into Portsmouth. Experienced the run of the mill GS conditioning tactics like a visit from the Fire Dept in whatever store or building i am in. Afterwards a fat slob walked out of the store with a dumb sort of smile on his face. Happens frequently in location where the GS is overt and somewhat aggressive but not as overt as to be totally registering as GS to the TI.

For instance this kind of location wouldn't use the same tactics as Chula Vista CA did where information very personal to the Target is used for taunting them in a drive by from a vehicle.

But the repeated use of authority figures specifically male, used in the same way repeatedly is to condition the Target.