“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Deaths Of People Associated With The Bush Family


So is THIS following link why that trip a few months back on my way home to Boston hitching a ride in Pennsylvania was so horrible?
I'd posted I'd been hit with tech so torturous it felt like St. lous in 2008.


No more messy plane crashes or accidents or self hangings or gun wounds. Now just microwave em! Fabulous ! Gee hangings seemed popular huh? Must've been a fad at the time.

Love the mesage sent with artfully having the 9-11 conected lady's car blow up and incinerate her yet experts say that that explosion and fire must've been caused by something else becuz the car crash itself was minor.

Just throwing it right in people's faces. It must be all the designers of these things do is create meaningful deaths that get the job done and send a message.

So I assume taking a plane to Europe is not recommended then? Yeah...would they sink an entire cruise ship? No but a TI could drown or suicide or be murdered on such a ship.

If I take a barge of some kind with my health conditions it would be easy enough I suppose. Hmph...I'll figure something.

I'll never forget this bitch Rebecca from St Louis living off Cochran next to his hostel on one of his properties telling me "You should dye your hair and start dressing differently". I was told by people in AZ that I looked guilty during the federal investigation becuz i left the state-which of.course all these jerks in Boston were telling me to do-even leave the country. The gang stalking is what made me leave MA. I thought thatz what everyone wanted and Scott advised Phoenix anyway.

It would've looked way worse had I been spineless and stupid enough to take her advice-and now I know thats what rats and informants do also so it would've fed into that slanderous cover story bullshit.

And its a frickin joke anyway. This system can find you no matter where you go.

One little bitch part of a perp group in a shelter in a small CT town said the perps mock me becuz they know i don't have the energy to wear disguises.

I dont change becuz I only do what i am supposed to do by design.

Im supposwd to write a book. That is all i am supposed to do. I know nothing else nor have any other prime directive

Is The Advice TIs Get Our True And Good Intuition Or Meant To Mislead Us?

Know what? Strangely, during Bush often times I got helpful information or insights whereas nowadays I'm just getting taken into a deep downward spiral.

When I was in Austin, TX last time traveling alone (before it got blown up by too many homeless) I was hit with the thought that GW Bush somehow had something to do with my case becuz he did not want anything to happen to another woman, something to do with it being due to his little sister passing away.

It's always hard to figure out if this sort of thing is pure bs to get Targets to become sympathetic to people in power who are actually the ones behind the destruction and torment in their lives and the country or if this is genuinely true info to allow TIs insight.

I have been being guided to leave the US and its very urgent now. Like asap.
And not through the usual routes to Europe but through very rough countries or even to go extreme far north.

Whats going on soon?

This could be very good life saving advice or it could get me killed. Interference with a Target's judgement and intuition make it impossible to tell anymore.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Possible Druggings Causing Nodding And Sleepiness During Daytime Heat FROM FAST FOOD CHAINS

For the past three cities I and my companion to lesser extent have  experienced passing out after eating in fast food restaurants.   This is not the case with food eaten from convenience stores.

Partially its the heat which in Phoenix and SoCal by midday is now too much for us now.

The sleepiness is the same effect as I was getting on the bus public transit system in Phoenix/Mesa area. (That effect also included my body jerking as if hit by something electrical, like a shock. This went with the sleepiness and nodding in a timed cycle as I posted. )

It looks really bad. People could slander that I'm taking drugs as well as it cuts into my activities by requiring a nap.

Interestingly there's never yawning with this sleepines only nodding, feeling overheated and incredibly drowsy/dead tired.

McDonalds, Jack In The Box, Wendy's, Taco Bell.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Left AZ

We made ir out.  Probably just  to a different style of harassment.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Young JUGGALOS Specifically In Phoenix AZ Area: Who Told You You Were Legit Players Or Mattered At All? Don't Bother Those Of Us Actually Engaged In Important Affairs

Why are younger Juggalos specifically those from Phoenix AZ and surrounding area such scumbag rat fink retards? They desire so much to be badass but they are always such white trash failures.

The older ones from northern Cali can be very cool but some areas just produce more gangsta wannabes.

How's it feel to have your cult's founders revert to Christianity when old age and too much pressure sets in?

Only the USA could produce something so ridiculous. Another gang or cult coming to you from America.

The ones in Phoenix reek of working with crooked cops especially in Tempe where Travelers get jailed in sweeps and they get left alone.

Its amusing becuz the South west is so incredibly slow when it comes to this shit compared to back east.

A little white trash Juggalo rat just got us kicked off a truck stop as if thats gonna stop ME.

Juggalos wanna fuck with me nationwide AND THE PEOPLE WHO PROTECT ME its no problem starting a fuckin war on you little jerk offs.

Yer a fuckin mind controlled cult akin to a very stupid religious movement.

Yer not badass...I've simply never considered taking any of them seriously as part of this game.

Go suck a cop's dick...you know you do it anyway to get by.

I'm 42. Yer children. The criminals i grew up seeing in Boston were GANGSTERS not blacks not Wiggers not jerk offs.

They didn't fuck around. Most people nowadays in this country DO NOTHING BUT.

Go deal with someone who actually believes u exist becuz I dont.


You'll never get any respect from me.


Real People and Random acts of kindness counter psych warfare

Of course a gay African American restaurant worker just fed us and helped us out without asking. So all the norms I've experienced are now melted away. It really counters alot of harassment if people who are for real do something genuinely nice.

It also helps to go places that arent big corporations.

Its no surprise they are all in on gs.

AZ Was Ridiculous Outta There

Phoenix AZ area was too hot, made us sick and just absolutely ridiculous when it comes to police being a pain in the ass to travelers around the college.

For some reason their fairly new lightrail system has more perps on it and bratty young people nitwits in higher concentration than anywhere else like buses or public spaces.

The big fat tall armed wanna be gestapo lightrail security always show up when i am riding and usually stand near wherever I am sitting.

Maybe its a going away present from local authorities becuz we r outta here. As usual the African American guys involved seem puffed full of their typical power trip of course its AZ so they have a white chaperone.

When a place this racist takes on diversity i can bet that poor EuroAmerican volk are gonna lose as usual. Its mostly classist here. Protecting the money areas as usual.

Cant wait to never come back here again. Cant wait for next few months to save up and leave.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Coach Ginzola Embarrassment Threatens Reporter In Teen Athlete Rape Case


Its always someone with vowels at the end of their names saying shit like this. Its so embarrassing really.

Yet it should answer the question as to why many athletes get away with so much and why our culture is athlete hero worshipping .

Its big business. And organized crime's been involved for years. I know this is just high school or college level but its the same culture.

And much of the problem are women not standing up to the cultures that warlike selfish males create for themselves, totally insulated from the rest of society and its social norms and justice system.

Many women are simply weak minded male dependent or daddy's girls types who couldnt stand on their own two feet to begin with. They are so afraid of going up against the male power structure that they would rather sacrifice other females for the sake of their males and the malecentric culture.

America's too brainwashed nowadays to even look at organized crimes and their rogue government agency counterparts being involved in their daily lives.

Nobody would care if the victim wasn't underage and the perpetrators kids also.

Lol actually if they were pro level this would be covered up, paid off and the victim would probably be threatened with what that Ginny embarassment to us a said to the reporter on this case.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Freak Out Free In AZ!!


Ok. I'm in Phoenix and surrounding. I make activist videos explaining mind control, I listen to "music like Hendrix" and foreign black metal (also real jazz, classical, Irish folk, ancient Roman -the list goes on).

I'm a loner-usually when I'm alone..(ya know kinda like when George Thorogood drinks alone he prefers to be by himself?) and except when I have been with friends-like the lone AZ shooter was in a band with someone who said he was a 'loner' so I am assuming she meant times other than when she was with him, or someone else .

I think certain politicians are awful, stupid and generally icky and of course incompetent and crooked-but I usually hold the opinion that I am too good to meet any of them or their kind in person...or stalk them for that matter

OK!! Where's my freak out??! Seriously where's my episode of psychotic break? What no snapping? No going postal? (I do have to go to the post office tomorrow on an errand actually, but it will most likely be uneventful).


I've yelled at a few idiots last night to be exact. If anyone wants to hold me in suspicion becuz AZ has really stupid overt perps (only one house slave though who was easily made to keep it movin. AZ has its perks I guess.)

But they gotta keep gettin that video evidence of a person looking dangerous to cover their asses.

The reality is that many of these cases are people who are harassed and 'gang stalked' who dont understand whats happening to them and become totally isolated and are unable to defend themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

All humor aside its the actions of people within the community that get innocent people killed within that community where someone takes such actions. Covert psychological warfare campaigns force people over the brink.

If you wanna survive and stop such events from occurring you'd better start believing that evil and deception are real-and are perpetrated by actual living persons in your community.

As well as start seeing the domestic terrorists for who they really are. If people refuse to do so then they bring such a fate on themselves .

Not everyone can be a formerly very attractive, multi talented, intelligent female of the species who is not so much enraged but only slightly amused with the antics of nursery school level, petty human beasts.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Israel's Anti African Immigration Racism-Africa Needs To Finally Get Its Sh*t Together And Quit Running


Zionists amuse me with how deceptive and full of it they are. As a person with both Mediterranean and Eastern European DNA I often know and see what they are up to, usually with little surprise.

I resent their transparent hatreds of Goyim like myself and do everything in my power to not be conned or put up with any bullshit.

However in some ways I can sympathize with being nomadic, in exile, without a home-always trying to live in someone else's home or culture.

When such people finally get their own safe territory, a place they can defend and grow roots usually they are going to be very protective of it.

African culture is probably one of the things they've been trying to escape. ITS NOT JEWISH.

So why the f*ck should they put up with it?

If I could secure an entire town for just Travelers finally-my people if you will there's no way i'd let anyone else start moving in and invading my newfound sense of safety, ownership, permanence and rootedness.

At least the Israeli's are not putting up with the kinds of dangerous immigrants from totally dysfunctional areas who are immigrating to places like Scandinavia and totally destroying the culture, robbing and beating citizens. Europe also has to suffer Muslim extremists in these countries raping little girla and causing general ruin by creating ghettos on purpose-all becuz their hosts dont believe in their god or religion.

The only problem with Jews, Israel or outright Zionism is that the sheep dont want to call up on their shit and be honest about their influence on society.

They've been around a long damn time and probably arent going anywhere.

Most people are raised to be naive about the negative side to Jews or at least the nastiness of Zionism. Then when they get burned or see the truth they become-are actually pushed into anti-Semitism or outright hatred of Jews.

This is total nonsense. Becuz its totally Politically Incorrect to be honest about Jewish culture, history or Israel's actions or policies anyone not kissing ass and being sympathetic or protective of Jews is flung to the far side of extremism.

This is childish. Being honest about Jewishness and Israel means taking into consideration the negative and positive in their history and actions. People should just accept the realities od how they are or conduct themselves, accepting that negative stereotypes may be valid at times and realistic but also that generalizations are unfair and not in order.

I also believe in being fair concerning Africa.
First of all Africa is a continent not one country. A few of those countries actually count as the top wealthiest in the entire world.

Ive encountered Africans who, to my amusement would warn me about someone else from a neighboring African country, concerning the laziness and lack of moral character which their particular country is notorious for-and these warnings are usually accurate.

These immigrants that are destroying Europe and invading any nation they can are predominantly from war torn nations that are corrupt to the core and can never seem to get their shit together.

Unlike staunch outright racists I dont believe people of African descent are stupid or incapable by nature. Its complicated but it may have alot to do with being in an isolated area without the same history as other areas where heavy trade and war and interaction with other cultures created a very different environment.

Also many of these countries and their peoples have been exploited for so long by outsiders and their own compliant, greedy, house slave type leaders that they are in deep disrepair.

I often try to imagine if Africans had not been such a large source of slave labour and if their countries were exposed to foreign cultures in a positive way such as trade or even warfare would they and their peoples evolved differently.

The most desperate countries in Africa cant get their act together becuz of outside interference and their own incompetence.

Soon a few hundred years of slavery is not going to work as an excuse any longer. By the way, most peoples on earth have been enslaved by some other culture and its people at some point in history. Its simply what human animals do to each other unfortunately.

Its not Israel's problem nor Europe's. Israel is the homeless family member who, though having a good hustle, after leaving home always ended up crashing at other's pads and now has his own place. He's in an endless land dispute
with his long lost cousin and doesn't want anything screwing this up for him. No fucked up roomates.
Can you blame them? I think its perfectly natural considering.

You can have all the money and power in the world but without a spiritual home you're lacking. Especially when.your particular and quirky ways might offend your host countries at any given time.

Africa, its peoples and even people's of African descent world wide need to get their act together. Wearing black and red, listening to CIA backed drug dealing gangsta music and culture is.just more house slavery. Obama might look good in history books but realistically he's just another puppet-one who like all the rest would be assassinated if h didnt do the bidding of the powers that be.

There is no one people who are 100% bad and to blame for the world's ills but Political Correctness forces us to view things through lenses that create such an unfair, skewed, warped reality that the underlying unrealized resentment leaves people looking for someone to blame.

Things need to be looked at more realistically and people need to be honest albeit fair before trying to.solve problems like what's gone on in Africa's worst nations.

Moving the people around constantly and forcing other nations to take on the hardships and dysfunction of such a culture isn't the answer. Such peoples have a habit of perpetuating what makes their cultures fail by recreating such environments in the places they seek refuge.

Stop supporting the policies that effect African countries negatively. Stop buying from the corporations that continue to exploit such places and their peoples. Stop sending money to Christian organizations who feed starving people without mandating birth control only to make more starving children. Stop allowing money to go.to dictators or end up in their hands when meant for their people. Stop tolerating any abusive aspect of their culture especially in the new host nation like FGM.

Tough love is in order not more house slave positons. Dont tolerate any bs from immigrant populations and no longer deal with their countries of origins. Sanction, boycott and cut em.off from humanity until they realize that human rights abuses wont be tolerated nor will the rest of the world take in their victims.

And the next asshole you see ghettoing it up wearing black and red tell them if they are so in love with Barry Obama Sotero and so AfroCentric then go the hell over their and start using their knowledge of Western civilization to start really changing things.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Outside Vegas trying to get to a nearby town. Their hitching laws arent great for rainy weather (hitching on interstate is legal as long as not near on/off ramps.) Probably stuck for one more day.   Vegas outside Strip is full of the nastiest most obnoxious ghetto assholes Ive ever dealt with in a lifetime...and Im FROM Boston and Ive BEEN to St.Louis for six months as well as traveled through or ended up in accidentally really fucked up places.   North Las Vegas and pretty much anything outside the Strip is the worst.  It seems to be populated by people from shitholes around the country who were escaping that environment.  If I have to hear "I'm fitting to..." one more time or see women walking two lengths behind their men....or deal with total obnoxious backwards shit...lets say my racial intolerance is fully functional again. And they deserve it.   Its one of the only placrs Ive ever lived where I can honestly say they ars just blatant assholes here. And the Whiggers and wannabe LA gangster types run rampant asnwell.  They are totally racist.    Why would the Strip be surrounded by this???   Needless to say we r no longer in thst area.  Very very depressing outside Strip wnd Vegas proper. Seems heavy chemtrails used here and alot of pollution. Much from dumping wnd old chemical plants.  My road dog and i r  actually getting sick from staying here.