“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Is McD Downtown The Worst Assh*les Ever?

Mcdonals across from the Boston Commons has the biggest pieces of shit working there AND they are doing harassment tactics too. Theirs either a language barrier or THEY PRETEND NOT TO UNDERSTAND AND THEY FUCK UP YOUR ORDER ON PURPOSE.

Mostly self righteous foriegn perps who are destroying Libtard cities around thr country systematically.

Actually in this situation Mexicans and Natives are the best in place defense. I notice this isnt such a problem in Cali or TX etc. Only northeast cities are being torn down and made miserable. The Mexicans deport South Americans from their country and they wont put up with it on the border either.

And Mexicans arent big pathetic viscous house slaves the way South Americans seem to be. They make judgement calls on people or situations with their own discretion.

So the northern cities are done as well.

Theres that old Irish lady as well whos there but shes nothing but an embarrassment to us anyway. Maybe shes not Irish at all.

Downtown Boston always was difficult but now its just totally full of garbage. And they hide it from the YUPoies. But you should have seen it on Xmas night when they knew no decent peoole would be around.

Yup. Scary...

The business people in this area are working off of my having been expertly framed up as and driven to having to take up the position of a racist.

NOW the entire place is working off THAT cover story. The self righteousness is heavily in use of course becuz they know they are full of shit.

One uppity business owner having lunch made sure to kiss a black girls ass in front of me.

I made sure I stated out loud quietly but firmly that the only stance he has on anything including race is what the mafia and police tell him to do.
Thats who runs downtown. Always has. Thats the power in the northeast. Downtown it might be Chinese. In Providence it may be the Italians.
Irish. Russians.

Its still org crime.

(Now they are having a ridiculous conversation about how shes not Chinese shes American. The owner guy of Lamberts says to her hes Egyptian. This seems directed. Maybe they are just trying to convince themselves PC Diversity etc is real and they arent just two money grubbing business people who would go along with whatever social engineering or whatever the authoeities mandated to suceed.

The merchant class of sheep!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Harvard Street Musician Likes Messing With Targeted Females

This street musician named Roche was very overt and rude about doing gang stalking.

When I told him off quietly and other tactics out of desperstion he actually was arrogant enough to sit there and laugh at me while he played.
 I tried everything and the only thing that made him become sensible is mentioning his getting a feature on this blog.

So it seems alot.of these perps lately dont realize I have a means of exposing them.

Other performers have claimed hes not very nice.

NONE.of the performers are overt with the harassment with me. No one is that rude or stupid.

Well here you go. Heres your feature piece. The gs in Harvard is so out of control and unexposed pedos and scum are getting favored and exalted now I wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt get rewarded.
Anyone dissident or decent is being hunted and framed up like a terrorist.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mail Your Underwear To The Undersecretary-How Washington Destroyed Your Washing Machine

Nanny state appliance laws.


As a Traveler whos below poverty level and houseless I loathe HE washers or efficiency washers.

Especially since I cant use detergents due to allergies (not allergic reactions) so use shampoo or body soap.

If I could I'd challenge businesses to at least create the availability for those who want alternatives for:

-HE commercial washers
-Self flushing toilets
-Sensor faucets
-Auto paper towel dispencers
-Even the dreaded auto self checkouts at drug store chains like CVS. (The supermarket ones are not only more likely to work without difficulty or break downs you don't usually have hovering employees like in drug stores who piss you off becuz if they can be OVER YOUR SHOULDER why cant they be waiting on you BEHIND A COUNTER?) and there are enough manned registers to make it seem an ALTERNATIVE CHOICE not mandatory. (I hate you CVS).

Self flushing toilets are the most ridiculous. They flush if you move on the toilet. Multiple times thus wasting water and energy. How is that efficient?
Also they could be sighted as a health hazard due to questionable toilet water attacking the backsides of unsuspecting toilet goers and this may be especially dangerous for females. Just having to make evasive moves to escape the backsplash attacks can be dangerous, stressful and tiring.

Id say alot of these gadgets are psychological warfare on the public.

-Feelings of loss of or losing control
-Being hovered over and nannied
-Not being able to provide your own water or flushing your own body waste or pull your own towel. Worse than being treated like a child.
-In fear of safety of health
-Anxiety caused by machinisms having control not the human machine

Most of all being punished for being American.

First we are encouraged to over consume then have restrictions and controls set on us that are not efficient, cause anxiety, trauma and harm and make us feel limited and powerless as if we the people are not being listened to or respected.
Is this why you pay your taxes?

So toilets can attack you and your washer barely provides water, clothes dont get really clean and the washer stinks but the Pentagon can 'misplace' billions and not have explainations for congress?

If you look it up on Google Maps-theres a CVS in the Pentagon.


I bet their toilets are badass and built by Boeing or some sh#t. With like super need uber secret capacities.

We shall never know.

The peasants shall obey the evil toilet gods.

Im at the laundry and washed my clothes twice. I notice everyone uses washers too big for their loads just to get more water.
Efficient for scamming money from the public I guess.

How about a little common sense, frugality and balance?

Instead of the constant American norm of from sublime to ridiculous.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Huh? Gang Stalked By Girl Scouts? I Will Never Buy Those Evil Cookies Again

Gang stalked by GIRL SCOUTS! Set up in Davis Square mbta station to sell cookies.

I should horror show them like asking if they give free cookies for charity-like a struggling middle aged female houseless blacklisted activist.

Im now SO GLAD my mother didn't let me ne involved with Girl Scouts as a kid becuz I was always pissed about it.

Not no more.

My god...it HAS become just like East German Stasi.

And they are so cultish. And prissy and self righteous.
I guess defending your country nowadays means standing with US war crimes and horrible corruption.

Or maybe they are clones or aliens or deoids from Boston Dynamics! Wtf kNOWS nowadays! Its sooooo incredibly disturbing. Girl Scouts working for the local organized crime, private sector, corrupt authorities..or worse-COINTRLPRO type programs.

So..whoever is doing whats right is the bad guy now? Its so awful how evil hides behind the best fronts. Of course so you loook like an ass for claiming otherwise.

You can't trust ANYONE anymore!

I can see how these people are defending their country....becuz its BEEN time to leave this place if you don't agree with it's policies.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tone It Down At MIT Dunkin Donuts...or I Get A Memory Flashback Of MITs Naughtiness

Listen very carefully. Get those foriegn, sexist POC young goons and that tall arrogant houseN who work at this location to tone it down and stop acting like its a day at the circus or I start recalling interesting things about MIT that the public really doenst know about that I was first hand witness to some decades ago.

I understnad the students and employees having ongoing harassment campaigns becuz its part of the game and also they are naturally protecting thier territory, thier futures and thier jobs in industries in which my work could totally destroy or discredit.
And they usually do it very intelligently or professionally.

However, I wont have two twenty something little shits who arent smart enough to attend MIT (or write this blog and get through what I have) messing with  me and making a mockery of everything I have worked for. HOW DARE YOU HAVE the lowest elements of society that are trying to social climb into being merely MIDDLE CLASS f*ck with me.  Let them go f#ck with some other TI to get where they want to go. Its MIT not some stupid part of town where the cops who run the area set this crap up. CUT THE SHIT AT MIT.

Even the workers at the convenience store dont pull that crap. Years ago the old Italian family that owned LaVerdes or whoever the mob connected looking guy was would mess with me but thats all part of this too. I expect mob connected people to be a pain in the ass. Its part of who my family was involved with and it seems org crime has a very big stake in the military industrial complex and connected industries as well as mind control being useful for them to have money making operations.

The employees at that DD fool around with it too much and make it a mockery. Its supposed to be BUSINESS not PERSONAL. This isnt about YOUR personal male ego or power trip, losers. This is a very serious busienss that is supposed to destroy enemies of the state as well as industry. Stop making it personal as if you are just so ghetto and no better. I can make it real personal too.

If they want to do tactics thats one thing but making such a big production out of it, discussing it openly and smirking and treating  me like I am a total idiot will not come WITHOUT A PRICE.

Do you absolutely understand me?

And dont even try to pull any crap like in the last few years like telling  me to go to a different shop or trying to get me trespassed. Im hip to all the tricks of the new administrations in the area.

I am absolutely sick of arrogant foreigners not taking these games seriously and acting as if they get a personal power trip out of this. This isnt a playground in kindergarten. Its black budgets and war crimes. Whats so fucking funny, motherf*ckers?

Tell these clowns to get with the program and act like professional real org crime used to and give your Target some respect becuz if I wasnt to fear for what Im doing I WOULDNT BE TARGETED. Duh.

The same goes for one of the little bitches in the DD in Porter who also has racist hiring practices and is run by an Arab f*ck sexist pig. Most of the women in there do tactics but its done politely or without emotion attavhed to it. ONE woman in there is just like the people who work in the DD at MIT.
Kausha. Something like that on her name tag.
 Shes just as disgusting with it except shes a woman which is a  hunddred times more shameful.

I expect young males to act like idiots becuz they overestimate thier power and underestimate that of older women if not all ememies. They are learning and sometimes they need a lesson. All young males who do this are a pain in  my ass at this point becuz of their boundless arrogance. I deal with stuipid arrogant youing males all the time. So why do they believe themselves little princes at the MIT DD?

It must feel good to not have to work in the hood where you live, dont it? To take the bus every day out of the pit of hell and be around people you only wish you could be as smart and priveledged as. Right?

The difference is that I work on those levels from OUTSIDE of legit society. Dont ever think I wasnt smart enough to have gone to school here or anywhere for that matter.

One librarian once tried to mind fuck me here by intimating that I enjoy being 'associated' with MIT by using the library here and just being here.

Uh, yeah its nice to be around PEOPLE ON MY OWN LEVEL IN WHICH I TRULY BELONG HAD I NOT BEEN KEPT DOWN MY WHOLE LIFE and targeted. Its my natural place in society its just that very powerful, evil people will not let it be so.

Also I used to be here alot simply becuz of geographical convenience also. Its in Cambridge, Harvard Sq was my home base.  So much for upper middle class snobbery. Didnt my ancestors come to America to work in the homes of OLD MONEY in Weston and New Orleans?

Why on earth would I fall for such fodder? Its like some horrible upper middle obsession with the neighbors. Just like thier lower class counter parts but....they try to make it sound sooo involved and important.

Now youve got your new blood of house slaves after me.

Tone it down or it will be beyond embarrassing. I dont even come here that much anymore.

But I have noticed on parents day the kinds of people who now send thier kids to go to school here. Very much upper middle struggling to climb to the next level. Very much the merchant class. Not many of them look like they went to MIT. How sweet. Just like the horrid help at the coffee shop, they to are social climbing.

Keep me out of it. If you must pull this crap to have a job at the mob connected company DD out of Quincy (not Canton) then at least do it right like the old mob guys did. Have some finesse. This isnt a reality show...but that WOULD be just about thier level, wouldnt it?


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jamaica Plain Boston GS By Old Mob Types etc-Cops Always Shadowing

Wtf is their problem with JP? Theres always a Boston police vehicle present or following me. Employees in stores constant (but polite) gesturing harassment.

Old mob types from old bars and pubs. Younger People Of Color gang types (of course. Boston's favorite foot soldiers).

However the Goodwill down here magically materialized a sleeping bag that supposedly didnt exist before earlier.

Earlier the store had mostly obnoxious teeth sucking dirtiest look giving blacks working there or nicer seeming ones shopping there (all still doing tactics like space invasiveness a favorite  lately  becuz  they are stilll trying for jail. CONSTANTLY.

Evsr since the new admins in Cambridge and Boston and beyond. Thier mode of operation is set ups, frame up attempts and being extremely sneaky and making the TI look crazy. Its really bad here now.)

JP must be really corrupt. People are nicee but the cops act like no one is watching. Kind of like Somerville but there they stalk fast and few becuz there is  more oversight. I can tell its logical there would be its closer to Cambridge and Boston.

Street people keep trying to get me to tall to them. Some old white ponytailed drunk guy came out of JP Licks and tried to mess with me and I ignored him but he was annoyed. Tried to do tactical gesturing by grabbing his crotch but was such an idiot it had little effect.

However, the f#cker seemed so in a state of consistent innebriation that he genuinely believed he ran me off...when I was walking out to leave anyway.

So many tough cowboys here...in the spoilt rotten gilded golden cage known as Massachusetts. The problem with viewing the world from a fishbowl is that you see.things warped and skewed.

Like thinking this place is as lawless and tough as it was 40 years ago and you can still just do whatever you want.

If the same people were running things as years ago I wouldnt be being messed with all the time.

People now are petty fools who think they're gangsta or this military cultishness thats taken over. These aren't real tough guys who make sane decisions about whats important and what isnt.

These are jerk offs, pussies and punks who have reverted to being sneaky and hiding in a self righteous angry mob becuz they are truly powerless over terrorism and their own govt..and the powers that be.

These people are the best beaten down slaves to.come along since East Germany or Russia.

They are so fucked up they probably get together and chant "USA! USA!" in some bar when dealing with the issue of harassing anyone dissident or whos not kissing the military industrial complexes ass.

The country is from what Ive seen clinically insane.  Either that or those f us left are dealing with things that ARENT HUMAN as we know.it but appear human among us.

Theres genuinely something wrong with the general population as of a few years ago.

When this first started it was select people doing this crap. It wasnt like 8 or 9 out of 10 people everywhere  aTarget  went.

Monday, December 7, 2015

This Is Why Christians Are Not Succeeding At Fighting The NWO (Or It Could Be A Disinfo SIte)


"I find much of this blog useful for the purposes of the NWO and gang stalking etc but I suppose I should realize it is a Christian based blog.
Firstly, she was GOING TO DIE SOON ANYWAY. Secondly: WHAT A WAY TO GO!!
Third..(ly?): You needed to provide a MAP for this news story? Complete with pointing out where these cities or towns are? OMG! Its not like there arent 50000000000 people doing something sexual RIGHT NOW on that map anyway...or anywhere else on the world map. Some living and some dying. You could have relations and then get killed by a bus outside..or a falling safe like in the old cartoons. You never know when yer time will come.

Well...you DO but its best not to focus on it. And IF you DO...then what better time to say 'goodbye' to humanity in such a personable way?

This lady probably was into this when younger and she just was too elderly to handle it now or her neighbor likes mature women and got her to try something new.

People could only WISH to go out with this kind of bang. Getting hit by a car or a plane crash or various other unpleasant ways of dying sounds much worse. At least her next past life regression will be interesting.

Also in this Latin culture its probably more tolerated for men to go outside the home or if its small enough everyone knew each other anyway.
Its a crappy thing to have to go before a judge for anyway. Beats a DUI I guess.

More assist with the NWO please....less judgement of Nature's ways.

BTW the miss piggy caption thing is ridiculous. Shes not even fat. And if youve ever been to an art school (Im assuming no) then you would realize that artists LIKE overweight models becuz its more to draw and covers broader ranges of human anatomy.

Fail on both posts.

But I appreciate your actual real contributions to fighting the true bad guys in thier take over of the world and enslavement of humanity. Which has little to do with things humans have been doing for thousands of years and everything to do with technological and scientific advances the elite have the corner market on.

Come back to the fold of the fighting core. There are too many fake Xians, infiltrated churches and intel operatives and agents doing disinfo on the internet."

Its like PETA cant stop animal cruelty becuz they arent moderate enough and bug everyone to become vegetarians instead of focusing on stopping just the worst abuse of animals in captivity and the environment.