“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, August 11, 2014

Machias ME Another Small Town With Great People And Annoying Perps

Some homeless VETERAN with two cute pit bulls living in his car, formerly from Alaska, awaiting housing here told me that police bother him a lot..that they've outright said to him they are going to 'get him'. He is annoying due to wanting sympathy and who knows if he is telling the truth anyway.

The gang stalking I've encountered here isn't from cops in any marked cars or uniforms. Its from townspeople..at least those who appear as such.

The atypical asshole male.with the huge, beefed pick up trucks, people in cars and some kids last nite who look like student age as there's the Univ of Maine.

And surprisingly a lot of the employees and customers in Hannaford's are doing harassment and it's the one grocery store in this small town aside from a health food store in the downtown village area. Though i encountered a employee from CA who thought me telling off a pick IP truck aggressive male earlier who revved his truck after I didn't cross the street fast enough was amusing.
He said they werent going to win and I told him that without those people in these areas, all the things that make every other state suck now would ruin Maine. Only people genuinely desperate to get away from typical American bullshit in the rest of the country move here, and it needs to stay that way.

It certainly feels like Hannafords is going for agitating me into reacting. This isn't usually the norm as other Hannafords in other towns people have been perfectly nice. This one has those annoying screens where customers are psychologically intimidated by being shown on screen what the security cameras are filming...namely the customer.

As is the norm there are plenty of very nice people in Maine towns I've met regularly which is the only thing that makes the situation here tolerable.
That and the way they gentrify they're small towns and even cities without Starbucks and other obnoxious chains being part of the process.

The townspeople here might just be doing harassment campaigns not based on understanding it's about gangstalking but thinking its about keeping travelers and homeless people out of their town.

However there is a small Liberal alternative element here even an intentional community with activists known as The Bees.

The best indication that this is indeed gang stalking and not mere ignorant townsfolk involved in simple anti transient community mobbing is that a major tactic here from locals is them laughing at me as they drive by or in a restaurant/store making sure I see this and understand the focus is me.

This indicates they have some prior knowledge of me or my history or situation.

Its one of the most arrogant fuckin little towns I've encountered in Maine when it comes to the character of the perps.
I've read that there's concern from police in nearby towns about gangs connected to NYC Crips nowadays and every TI knows by now the gangs rooted in ghetto street gang culture do dirty work for the system...probably connected to the fact the CIA/military created these gangs originally to deal drugs for them and put crack on the streets (research Iran Contra), also as a way to fill corporate prisons and of course as a result of COINTELPRO making sure blacks were effectively beaten down into useful house slaves again.

I'm on anti biotics for a potentially serious skin infection that didn't go away with last treatment (which I didn't take correctly) and the medicine makes me tired often nodding out during the day tired and that may be due to the benedryl I have to take with it to suppress a mild allergic reaction.

Im gonna tough it out as I'm so close to my goal.
I will just have to stay frosty and focus on the nice people that I meet instead of the douchebags.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

They Really Are Trying To Finish Us All Off Arent They..Still Determined To Leave

The harassment campaign has turned deadly serious over the past year to two years, in case you haven't noticed by the changes in my blog

They are really going for bust recently. Its really bad. And making homelessness/travelinghitching more and more difficult (which the public doesn't see its overallneffext) just makes life worse for any one targeted.

The public are pretty much compliant now thoroughly. There doesntnseem to be much dissidence left.

Terrorism, first foriegn then domestic and then a bad economy has made Americans willing to forget everythong that occurred during Bush, 9-11 etc and fully accept and comply with the NWO.

Most likely anyone in the way has been removed just as I am being driven out of the country.

The generations of kids who don't know any different or understqnd what happened have arrived into adulthood. Its completely over it seems and it's very very sad.

Hope is gone and there is no changing thing now or fixing wrong to right, no justice will ever be.

It's done.

I am presently trying to find a way out of the US..so I can be targeted lifelong in a culture I actually LIKE, most likely to die in my ancestral homelands.

I want nothing more to do with the mistake my ancestors made known as America.