“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, December 31, 2012

Book: ELIMINATION NIGHT Parodies American Idol

http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/books/false_cLO6xwA2tLHArJ21jFasGJ Nice. Why J-Lo has been around this long to begin with is beyond me. Probably due to being in psy ops mind f*cking movies like THE CELL. As usual I loathe anyone who is even remotely connected to that scumbag Boston music scene and Narcotics Anonymous scene who gave my ex Jake a foot in the door of Hollywood while my life was being destroyed. To bad nothing public and embarrassing ever becomes of the guitarist (of 'Honeyload' lol) who had a large part in that. He looks like a male version of Ayn Rand anyway with all the same Republican Right wing insanity as well. He stood by Bush then McCain and then Ron Paul who I didn't realize is just another of the same. Mafia backed scumbags in the music industry or scumbag investors from who knows where setting up typical industry crap like this to deceive the public, waste their time and sell ad space what does it matter? The public are just meat to them...all of them. Especially the mind gaming creeps who design the set ups and games behind shows like this. If u like American Idol 100% of the time I cant stand YOU. Its an actual test of one's intelligence and character and its the simplest thing-can you stand more than 5 minutes of that show? (Without heavy sedation). T I hope all of its true...and i hope whoever wrote it is genuinely doing so to seek revenge and money.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Interview With Author Of THE COMPLEX Gives TIs Some Validation And Comfort


This explains ALOT of the harassment being specific to certain stores, companies-even possibly Pepsi delivery trucks...(no other company was ever obnoxious enuf to overtly do psy ops other than they...l, except Fed Ex, UPS, US Mail trucks...those were the main ones.

Makes me feel better thats for sure.

There are so many companies that are major GS offenders:

Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Greyhound, Target, Starbucks, Fed Ex, UPS, Walgreens, CVS, and multiple supermarkets nation wide.
(Recently in Oceanside, CA I went into a family owned Whole Foods type grocery store-no crazy making surveillance system no overbearing, mind gaming security guards, no perps posing as merely snooty customers nor any gang stalking from employees. Whole Foods Market is one of the worst offenders for GS activity btw.

I commented to a friend how NORMAL the environment was in that store and how that was how it was to go into a store up until about the late 80s. Back when life and the world were normal.

TIs will claim that its becuz we r targeted we get these effects but it could also be electromagnetic pollution involved that many people are sensitive to.  Its definitely something in the surveillance and anti theft systems in the places I mentioned even without human organized stalking activity.)

Seems the way to gain nationwide dominance for your corporation is to be a major player in gang stalking operations and help to support the agenda.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Many All Black Harassment Groups

There seems to be many all black harassment groups in the US. i believe they are a threat to National Security as well as human and civil rights...if in fact they do not work for the govt itself to begin with. If they r led under false pretenses then they r just more stupid easily led Cause Stalkers..much like Christian perps.

Gang Stalking Harassment Group Mostly Blacks On Bus Coming Out Of UCSD After Harassment At College Food Court

MTS bus route 41, bus #326 coming out of UCSD. 8:46 pm 12-20-12. Black driver allowed a black male passenger to eat peanut butter cups and said nothing while i said to my companion we might have to get off the bus due to this. Another black male with an attitude got on the bus causibg trouble. It was like an all black conspiracy crew. I believe that there are such black or Afrocentric stalking groups that harass Targets basef on false information like all other gang stalking groups. Becuz I deal with black perps or trouble making blacks using overt racism as self defense, this might b being used as a motivation or excuse to harass me. I told my companion outright that it was gang stalking so i could b heard and that the blacks involved deserved to be dealt with in such a way becuz they are just house slaves workibg for the bad guys. This seemed to stop whatever activity was going on around us..as if the participants did not realize they were the ones who were wrong or that Thats what was going on.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Getting Steady If Infrequent Harassment in Hillcrest, San Diego, CA

Getting messed with in Hillcrest, San Diego CA. Its a cute gay neighborhood with lots of hip shops. The perps are few but its definitely there. I can always depend on Whole Foods for in person gang stalking perps and this one is no different. Security guard maybe but definitely a male Asian employee. Strangely the Asian manager of whole foods in Cambridge was also an overt perp during Bush. This is important due to my former associate's having Chinese mafia connections. Its hard to tell if these people are cops, criminals or dirty/rogue law enforcement of varying levels. One perp is this creepy, older skinny viscous pedo lookin guy with glasses. He made eye contact sitting at restaurant down street as I walked by and then was outside bathroom in whole foods waiting to give me very dirty looks and attitude when I came out. Very sick last night with virus, companion made me go hospital. UC San Diego medical center. Fever 101.2- all that. I get loopy when have fevers and if higher hallucinate internally. My mother told me dept of Energy told her that these high fevers since infancy are due to effects of radiation exposure from her to me. I dont know maybe genetic from dad. got script for motrin and separate one for codeine cough syrup. the codeine script got taken by the last person to attend me along with my discharge papers....then she told my companion the doctor had to write them out. I was out of it so didnt catch this. She told the next shift she gave us my discharge papers as we fell asleep and security nicely asked us why we were still there. The older Mex looking lady at front desk was a trouble maker as was the young Mex female who last attended us and took my codeine script. I called this morning and told ER to tell doc to cancel the script. I also had to change or enter correct information into my record as they had neglected to write some of what they wasted my time asking me and had my address as Waltham when its now a different city-where did they get Waltham my former address? The attendants and doc were nice and did their jobs. but u can't avoid a few arrogant perps in every location u go to unfortunately. , People who know who the TI is disregard the person totally, having the sense of security that the gs system has the TI controlled-for life.