“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New City Already The Jerk Offs Have Shown Themselves

The blacks in this new city (who are obnoxious or into gang stalking) already think its party time and I haven't even gone downtown yet. I'm going to ignore blacks as much as possible here and find where the metal shows are. Hopefully there are like minded people here concerning oppression from other ethnic groups as unacceptable. In this state you'd think so. And less Christians this time please.

The System Is Closing In

Sleeping in the airport last night a guy and his son sat down for a moment and I felt it was a period of being toyed with by perps to see how I reacted becuz alot happened then stopped after a time. Later some idiotic tried to keep shaking the seat and some black lady had her music on from her radio. It was s nightmare but then again I was naive about San Antonio being known as 'military city'.  Its better than New England or NYC any day for GS.

This guy turned to his son as they got up to leave and said "We're very close now".

Close to perhaps a total breakdown of my physical health or perhaps of me losing control or going insane etc?
The tech does feel stronger than it ever has in this past year.

I can't get a lawyer in this condition can I?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Texas Or MA? Which Strain Of Misery Do You Prefer?

i just got easily talked into giving my travel plans away to one of two homeless guys who happened to be at this truck stop but stay at the shadiest shelter in San Antonio.

That is how f*cked up living in that house has made me. Its ridiculous.

Since I became a resident here I.am Targeted with different content. its more about confomring and that i am not important compared to the herd and i have to look at how others see me. I feel Ive lost my inner strength from being MA resident. Yet life seems a bit easier.

Also now my maps are jammed more regualrly something that never happened before. Its like they have carte blanche to do whatever they have to to block or stifle me.

I.am also getting a lot of beat down or the feelings i am JUST a female and not capable of doing things i usually would find natural in my nature to do.

this entire time Ive been blocked and targeted and my maps jammed with the constant ideation to give up and return to that house. WITH repeated vision of the house as well.

It genuinely feels like being cattle herded. A stray steer must be made to go the direction they want it to.

I think this little MA born fishy needs to swim out of here as soon and fast as possible and change my residency back to someplace that though crushingly difficult and holds back its underclass, at least firmly believes in individuality and always kept me going to write my book.

TX is depressing. I don't know why but it is. A depressing sunny easy going place with a fairly easy to achieve good quality of life.

I would prefer being back home in the snow, naturally taking to writing due to the cold weather. Thinking, coming up with ideas and writings. Its the cold that does it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Unable To Function With Tech And Environmental Conditions At This Location

Last few days were horrible. The bedroom I am in creates this state of insanity in me. Its Truman Show Syndrome really badly. However upon leaving the room it gore away. Upon entering it returns. Its been this way for a few weeks and was not this was when I moved in. Last night I has redness on my skin and was tripping a bit like. I have no idea what that was from but I felt like I was going. crazy. Felt like a fungus might be responsible as i had a rash that was itchy. from being on the road and outdoors i know what poinson oaks and ivys feel like this felt similar.

it might be something behind the house. perhaps i stepped in it or the dogs got it on them.

my body has become very sensitive due to being indoors with some mold in this house and of course all the cleaning chemicals people use nowadays, always too strong.

If I slept outside still my body would have fought this off with taking some extra Benedryl.

Also my roommate was away for a day and two nights. I felt like I couldn't control feeling crazy in this room. Now she has returned that has gone away. Last night was very bad. This bedroom is hit with something that gets turned up if u will when I am alone in here.

For the last week this room has driven me so nuts, along with that tenant who's going to be supervisor messing with me that I started to self talk in the room. It may have been feeling harassed by certain people but it definitely was this effect the bedroom has created.

This woman i speak of is going to new supervisor and she just got a new cell phone and a new lap top from where we don't know. shes also been doing what perps typically do when they either finish messing with a Target for the system or turn on the Target for the system: she changed her appearance, specifically her hairstyle and has taken on a more sinister look.

All males who r in on handling a TI, mostly all kiddie molesters or pedophiles, all seem to change their facial hair or hair style. Its akin to a tribal right of passage or some nonsense. Ive seen it repeatedly and its always with people who either know too much about the Target's situation or display obvious overt behaviors of being child molesters or rapists.

I called the owner and told him hes making a mistake and about her using her own urine to cover for her friend (now fully relapsed) when drug tested and thats not a good sign if shes going to supervise a sober house.

He didn't address what i said just told me he didn't want me to leave.

This all comes with him suddenly being able to go non profit when he was having trouble doing so.

The tech in this city is ridiculously accurate and constant. The place is fully kept in a false environment. Perhaps the heavy mold helps create that in the human mind. The food stores all smell of mold. Fruits spoil faster than anywhere Ive ever seen before. I have noted I feel better after I eat canned food than food thats exposed to the environment.

The city has a constant darkness over it. Its a very depressing place but locals don't seem to notice. This dark energy. Its not outright evil, it just sort of hangs there. Like if evil were depressed and couldn't get out of bed to cause havoc. Its really lame actually.

And the women here don't repsect their own health anyway. they don't walk anywhere, they sprayed Raid all over the house just to kill some baby snakes that got in but of course didnt have the sense to warn everybody first. Thats what caused me to be so nutty and sick last week I found out. They disintegrate even open the doors and windows. They aren't very conscientious. Its not the place for me. And the Christianity is way to much for me to deal with. I refuse to pay rent somewhere that I have to not go through the dining room two days a week becuz they have some Christian group thing going on. I can be tolerant but not that tolerant. No 12 step meetings yet Christianity? Obviously thst isn't keeping people sober is it? Nor healthy.

Back home its considered very rude to push forth your religious beliefs in a way that interferes with others beliefs or definitely any productivity or business of living.

It may be why I get alot done in this place or feel free to write my book but it still doesn't feel right for me. Its better than Boston or Cali though.

However the stalking and harassment outside is too much mostly from men in vehicles and the being targeted inside by tech is beyond my control. I thought I could beat it but I can't.

I have to learn that I cannot overcome these technologies. I may want to think I can with my Will and the power or my mind but if its a constant during the typical hours (approximately 6 am to 12 midnite, excluding Sundays and Holidays) thats 6 days a week, week after week. I can't beat that. Especially if my sleeping area is specifically targeted as it seems is the case now. In this building I feel myself again only between 2 am and 5 am. Its miserable.

Two days ago I went to wash windows with a squigy outside house. I had been inside house for a day.or so, had no break from constant tech within this house.

As I stepped out of the gate to get other windows near neighbors property the interface I was experiencing simply just dropped. Just like that. I experienced it immediately. Upon entering again it resumed.

THE COMBINATION OF A CYSCO WI FI ROUTER AND SATELLITE TELEVISION IS THE WORST I HAVE EXPERIENCED. This satellite network is different from the apartment in Dorchester where I had similar reactions to this combination so its not been exactly the same. But with this combination I ALWAYS EXPERIENCE TRUMAN SHOW SYNDROME.

Cysco is a heavy military contractor. MIT uses their routers all around the college. It seems most people use Cysco Systems. Mass College of Art had them and I got hit there hard.

Which is an absolute disaster for a nation becuz obviously they have a monopoly on WI-FI routers.

The only solution is to begin to claim I am simply electromag sensitive along with other health issues and work from there. I bet you that in wifi free zones like around that telescope in VA, they have perps there constantly to harass TIs who try to flee to that.location for relief.

I know this system far too well. Thats the rule of thumb: less tech means more perps and the opposite is always true.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

This World Is A Joke Isnt It

Whitey Bulger's booky's adopted grandaughter is trying to get me back into adult entertainment.
Its hard to tell if she's a rat or just strung out and desperate.

I hate this system and I loathe Boston. Ruining lives generation after generation while Harvard and MIT commit war crimes.

As Usual Plans To Move On Brings Relief

Its common knkwledge i am leaving. I am laying here resting up. Gues what? For once all I can hear is silence. Beautiful silence. No ideations, no insanity or emotional disturbances. Just the slight high pitched constant in my right ear. silence.

and lying here i am truly still. i am not jerking occassionaly or as i get relaxed i am hit with something and my body jerks, always accompanied by a thoughtform when this happens...just lying still. In silence.

I can actually hear myself think. This is the way it should be.
Silly me. The woman whos taking over here has two strikes against her as far as being perp material: parolee and son in military here in this state. Why did I not see this?

Its Easier Than We Think To Keep A Target Isolated For Life

For all I know the woman in charge isnt leaving at all and this is just all bs. Even if she is being replaced shes not leaving anytime soon.

I am seeing its entirely possible for an entire community to isolate snd gang stalk a Target becuz no one who matters is going to know about it!

I posted something about whats going on here onto a former tenant's social site page and she has hudreds of friends. I feel as if now many people will know at least something messed up is going on here. Yet it occurs to me the people the TI lives with can be isolating them and tormenring them as well as when they walk outside and get stalked and harassed then in stores etc etc. If the TI is alone alot or out in public space this makes for heavy harassment that they can get away with becuz the TI doesnt have any witnesses or support. Then when they leave or react only they know what happened and all the people motivated to be in on targeting the person might just have a story ready for the public.

It makes me realize my life has been so horrible and Ive been traumatized for years simply becuz the people around me in Boston all agreed out of greed or necessity to be in on turning me out to this system. Then the gs system itself only had to take charge of me and keep me isolated and from true friends, support or from anyone not in on it or motivated to be, from knowing what's really going on.

You are kept surrounded for years by people who basically keep you prisoner from the rest of society. Professionals and whoever else will take part.

Keeping a Target around poor powerless people makes it so the system always has people to recruit for the campaign.

I Am Leaving...Still Going To Try To Leave US

This disgusting white trash jailhouse piece of shit Sheila whos taking over for the woman being fired has been doing things to be a jealous insecure competitive bitch anyways and get me to leave. Her and her little core.of pathetic older ladies. three.of them are taking power here and they are going to keep this house sick. She has no recovery at all and still acts out on her addict behaviors. Why is she running a sober house?
The owner is a Christian whos a.total sex addict. Thats why. Of course his disease and addiction is going.to sabotage any real recovery in a place like this. I mean a real sex addict not just has some affairs on the side.

And I csnt stand their pro Christianity anymore either when all they do is act dysfunctional all the time. Theres only a few women in here who live according to their belief systems they claim. Everyone else is full of sh*t.
They hide behind Christianity like most American shits and I can only be toletant for so long. I can tolerate genuine peaceful Christians in small doses. The ones who are fake piss me off to no end. Something in me wants to punish and torment them for thier lying, for being false.

This bitch keeps letting the obnoxious puppy out so it will go in my room. The puppy has been a great tool to cause chaos they can't cause themselves. Doesnt sound Christian does it..causing chaos and being selfish. I can forgive Satanists for this as at least they are honest..well about thier natures. Your average American piece of white trash who is religious makes me want to see them all die. Total and complete obliteration of every one. Every wimp who can't be overtly evil but must hide behind Christianity. They all deservr to die. En masse.

Ive had enough and I am leaving. I slipped and fell on puppy urine in a dark dining room and injured my knee. Im pretty limber from being a traveler but it was just too much disregard for the tenants of this house in favor of some old German bitch's ill behaved puppy. Sheila's reaction eas total self centeredness and disregard for being in authority.

This is the main problem I have seen repeatedly with shelters of various kinds in the USA. They are not regulated at all. Its disgusting.

I wanted to stay here and work so I can leave the US asap especially if Romney gets in. I dont care about my health i will just be a squatter elsewhere. I'd rather die over there anyway. The only places left here I actually like are Native strong like New Mexico and thats out becuz its military which of course is hell for me.

So there is no place in the US to live anymore without being targeted or harassed. Its come.to this and we have to accept that Americans are so rotten, so focused on surviving and pleasing the military that people like me have no home.

They try to make it like we are hated becuz of personal character decects but notice that we as individuals are focused on and targeted so we can be nothing but miserable and annoying and whining.
The REALITY is that Targeted Indiciduals are persecuted for political reasons and the public is fully under mass mind control whicb since Bush got in has been implemented and is now firmly in place in the USA. I know there are places that hate Americans...the kind of Americans who hate TIs. London is one of those places. Europe and other locations are full of places like this. Where our 'whining' will be recieved as yet more testimony of what America has become. And validate those who saw this coming.

America is horrible and its better to die overseas. If Americans actually believe people like me deserve their situation or we are merely annoying then theres no point in staying.

I think many Americans simply do not know about what really goes on in their country. And for those of us who do and are hated/targeted by the elite and their house slaves, its pointless to try to get the good people of this country to understand whats happening. It doesnt concern them and they dont need to care becuz it doesnt effect them to the point where they are as oppressed as Targets are.

So reaching the good people in America is pointless.

(I know London is not a good place for TIs to go I just was referring to places in Europe where they know whats going on here during the Iraq war. Unfortunately they hate Americans generally.)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ive been ill treated for the last time here. Im leaving. the woman taking over the place is a jailhouse piece of shit who is out of her mind. the owner must be out.of his.to allow someone this unstable to take over a supervisor in his place.

Its a joke as a sober house anyways.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lords Of Chaos Author


So one of the shits that wrote that coffee table, cover up book Lords Of Chaos is from Boston, specifically spending time messing around in Harvard Sq.

He has ties to COS and seems to hate anyone "hypocritical": those using violent images who live more like "hippies".

What I hate is outsiders who write books about scenes they had nothing to do with, especially when its obvious they are doing so FOR THE MAN and the mainstream system as well as to COVER UP WHAT REALLY GOES ON in that scene.

Ahh the Bush era. Releasing biographies or similar as a way to cover your ass was the thing to do. Steven Tyler covered his ass with one (second time, first being a band effort all due to his ex wife's expose it seems by looking at the timing.), my former associate made sure her BU professor French whore friend Jeanette Angell wrote a nice book to cover her ass and illegal activities as well, all during the time my old friend was assisting in my having my life destroyed and when that sh*t Peter Beste put out that coffee table book and those bands did very well during Bush's/Hayden's administration. Some of them going to jail for rape or mutilple instances of torturing people-when too much real info was beginning to surface as their popularity increased, viola! This book appears to guide gullible people's opinions about the scene.
Church Of Satan equates at some point with army psy ops officer and former Temple Of Set high priest Michael Aquino, which then leads to some of the most brutal and effective psy ops campaigns by the US military and of course his paper Mind War which outlines and conceptualizes the plan for world enslavement via mass mind control as well as targeting of specific individuals.

I'm glad Varg Vikernes panned the book.

That whole scene is suspect to me. Everyone is just about MK Ultra age, Gen Xers. Connected to oil wealth and a favorite of Nazi occultists due to being most Aryan in appearance and culture. What was Varg's father doing working for Saddam Houssein if thats true?

I admire the understanding that materialism and finance tries to undermine their intensity but its already happened it seems. I dont know if black metal singers should be designing clothes or if bands should be opening wineries or worse: touring with members of Slipknot.
But in a world wide enslavement of anyone who ISNT elite, wouldn't the elite decieve and sell out the public? Like say stop making genuinely raw, energy producing music and sell out the now interested general public to sounds manufactured to purposely NOT produce energy or illuminate? Thats exactly what they've done.

Varg is just doing his own thing. He even writes that he would go to techno clubs to hide in the corner, observe and escape the horrible herd mentality of the scene.
Theres always going to be the loner and the crowd and those who prefer to sympathize with one or the other.

As far as how violent they are, theyve done a hell of a job containing it publicly. Its as if the things that do make media are to serve as diversions away from the rest of the scene.
I still cannot believe no one entertains any questions about exactly how someone can slice their own throat and wrists, walk around their house and then shoot themselves in the head. Then their body is miraculously discovered by somone who rearranges the crime scene and takes totally tasteless photographs. And its not questionable if that incident is directly related to that person's murder later on??

Its been written that Mossad was very interested at one point in what these Odinist Satanist Nazis were up to. On one hand I cant say I blame them yet with what they themselves pull on a world wide scale to manipulate things to their best interests one can't say its not inevitable people react against their culture.

There is no doubt that there is a Satanic conspiracy to enslave mankind very much desired by the elite and fueled by the military and the private sector. Much of what came from the Nazis is being used as in Project Paperclip. Michael Aquino its been written has ties to Nazi occultists and holds Nazi occultism in high regard.

However I have experienced the use of many blacks in gang stalking as well as Israelis and Jews. Israeli media psy ops and Hollywood are extremely nasty as well. Aquino admits to not wanting to piss off Jewish members of TOS and the COS has always welcomed Jews as well as LaVey having been a Jew himself.

I think the Jewish elite will go along with whatever gets Israel what it wants. Israel got much of what it wanted under Bush yet the Norwegian black metal scene had its height of popularity and success during the Bush years.
The elite want mass mind control to work and that seems like the bottom line. When it comes to issues like this I think they all stick together.

For instance I may have had White supremacists helping me in MI becuz they disapproved of "niggers chasing you around the country" yet they themselves still stalked and harassed me and saw to it I was decieved and enslaved, kept down and silenced.

The Norwegian black metal scene is connected to the Satanic and military forces that seek to utilize technologies to enslave the masses.
Just becuz the Chrstian god is "dead. DEAD!" doesnt mean that the only alternatives are European paganism strictly tied into dark forces. (How can a deity be dead that only exists as long as humans have faith in it...??)
I notice no one is mentioning or marketing other parts of our ancient past considering that European countries and cultures are varied. The old gods of the Slavs or the Romans are not those of the Nordic peoples. Many of us Americans have multiple European ancestries thus many alternatives to Abrahamic religions that would be genuine due to being rooted in our genetics.

To deny Abrahamic religions from the Middle East might be in order once and for all. However to cleverly make it appear as if Satan is the only alternative is a deception. And very opportunistic.

More than Satan, the Jews fear ancient Egypt and Zoroastrianism. Any ancient system that shows they aren't at the root of humanity. This is what they seek to stamp out..not suprisingly these are very Aryan places especially Afghanistan and Iraq etc.

This trying to make this kind of scene socially acceptable is totally insanely but that is what the world has become. One black metal musician of note once said that the world must now be a very different place than before for his music and this scene to be of interest at all or accepted by the public.

But then again he already knew that was going to be the case didn't he?

To tell the truth what Ive experienced is this scene has people who know alot about magick and whats going on in the world. They may be wise and they may be elite but it doesn't mean they are the way.
We live in a world where increasingly we are told what we should believe in and its a very cult like experience. The only way to make the 'Satanic Age' come to pass is to utilize mass mind control. Every single day in a large part of the world human beings are kept under control with technologies and chemical managements such as chemtrails, definitely psych meds.

In a strange twist if you are smart enough...or privvy to information this scene carries with it information which gives you an opportunity to not be enslaved. Which is ironic, becuz Satanists are very much into anti human, anti life and the enslavement of mankind. Gorgoroth has lyrics that clearly state "2003/enslave mankind". The beauty of all this is that its supposed to be all make believe. Harmless songs.

Considering Ive always been a Humanist which they seem to not like anyway I am writing this becuz I understand that offering this path as an only way out of various kinds of enslavement including Judeo-Christianity is a deception.

The only thing that makes the old gods live again is if people believe in them. If you get a strong core of people like this you are going to create energy.

When you realize whats really going on with mass mind control you understand there's no movement out there big enough to combat it or support those fighting it. Certainly not Christianity for those of us who have read too much history to know better. But this shouldn't be the only other alternative. Often it is, becuz they seem to speak of whats going on out there and they aren't taking a victim mentality. They are speaking from the place of the oppressor actually. They look alot more attractive to us than Bush or Cheney or Rockefeller though don't they? This is largely the con.
Its more than just an odd curious scene. And its more dangerous than any book could ever illustrate-or would be allowed to for that matter.

Just remember ONE thing: "Lords Of Chaos/Everyone Against Everyone". Thats all the wisdom you need in whats going on right now.

A Puppy Causes A House To Breakdown

Alot of this upheaval and change for the worst bas been caused by one thing: a puppy.
Yes an unruly, stupid obnoxious puppy that was brought home by...gues who? The woman who's now going to be taking over. Hmph.

This older woman whos here, a co supervisor I always noted how she wanted everyone to take care of this obnoxious animal yet it was supposed to be HER dog.
This animal has gotten the supervisor's well behaved guard dog to act as stupid as she does lately. They constantly harass tenants while eating, mess up the furniture and the house. When I first arrived the co supervisor and the woman taking over soon as supervisor couldnt even establish which one of them owned the dog. They kept switching stories about whos animal it was and whos responsibility. After I made a stink to the owner about the puppy having fleas, worms and not paying rent but I do things improved. However the puppu continues to go to the bathroom in the house and often tenants have to take care of this. The dog is getting bigger and still isnt being trained. It tries to bite when you pick it up and its not in the mood to be picked up. Not a problem now but will be later.

What we have here are two irresponsible conniving women who have basically conspired to take over this house and if their behaviors and attitudes towards the tenants concerning this animal are any indication of the total disregard they will have for them on other issues then the house is going downhill fast next month.
The current supervisor and her well trained, loving dog provide comfort and stability to this house. We are now trading that in for two women who obviously see themselves as superior to the rest of the house and DO NOT have the house's best interests at heart but their own.

These women who live here have been so beaten by life and society that they are afraid to stand up to any authority at least in their living situation.

I imagine what the house might have been like had we demanded that puppy be given away. I think the house would have been more peaceful and peoplr wouldnt have been so stressed out. I know that dog and its irresponsible owner(s) are a major factor in me becoming such a control freak living here. A tenant isnt supposed to have a dog only supervisors and this shows their disregard for rules that should apply to themselves as well as everyone else.

We've traded stability and peace of mind for two dishonest manipulative skiddish women who are going to take advantage of these power positions instead of doing whats best for the house.

When this tenant's friend was being drug tested a few weeks ago during the time that core group of crack heads was being discovered here, the tenant who is going to be taking over pissed in her friend's cup for her becuz I was told later she had been smoking pot with someone she met in AA! A meeting I had taken her to. (A guy from L.A. I knew was either a perp out to screw things up or just a dishonest jerk in the program). I dont blame this vulnerable addict but right there I saw our future supervisor wasnt trustworthy.

This place is only appearing to be improved. Its as if the owner is impervious to the concept of a sober house being simply run correctly. Its very simple. Drug test randomly and if a anyone drinks or is suspect its to be dealt with. Pets should NOT be a focus or diversion for tenants and if chores arent done you get fined. End of story.
And mandatory 12 step meetings. Other than that the tenants are on their own.

Theres a woman whos moving on in a few weeks. Shes smelled of alcohol recently as last night. She keeps complaining of fearing relapse. Its too late already isnt it? And this place isnt going to help her with that are they?

This house would be better off being a dry rooming house which wouldnt require strict adherence to sobriety just a general rule of not being high or drunk on the property. Thats kind of what it was before.
I suppose that being into recovery as seriously as I was years ago has made me a bit of an NA Nazi when I do involve myself in the subject. Many of the addicts who come here have never been to a meeting! So how did they make it to a sober house? It just didn't make any sense so I thought my experience would help. I didnt want the stabilizing factor to get pushed out however.

Why can't people just do things properly? Is it an American trait? This inability to be honest? Being unable to live truly communally? It seems Americans cannot get away from the idea of a hierarchy similar to the old fuedal system. It is so absolutely annoying to me that people in this country who are folk cannot manage their own lives without being extremely stupid about it and falling into the most obvious traps of power and politics known to man. No wonder psychiatry and the justice system run their damned lives here.

I can't stand this. I really need to leave America. There has got to be someplace in this world where I find like minded people.

Becoming Impossible To Function In This Location

I dont know if I can last here. The woman whos taking over is shady. Ive been being hit real hard over past week or so and this room sucks now anyway. I cant get any peace in here during the day. I no longer really want to go outside becuz the vehicle harassment is so bad and this city is so managed by tech.

This woman just got a new phone and now a laptop. I just walked into kitchen unexepectedly to see laptop and she immediately got up and walked away then it wasnt there as she conversed with another woman at table. Its like she wqs trying to hide it from me. And shes been looking guilty as hell lately.
I dont truat all this. The owner of this place is making a big mistake putting her in charge. yeah she'll do more than the woman does now who's supervisor but the woman taking over is dishonest. Theres something going on and its probably the typical scenerio.

Supposesdly hes been trying to go non profit for a long time but he couldnt and the supervisor now told me she thought he had given up.
Now suddenly hes gone non profit? He may not be up to something but I know this other tenant taking over IS. Shes managing this entire situation and i suspect it could be for you know who. The place is moldy anyway and theres too much Christianity and not enough grit. Im not really happy here as much as afraid for my health to go back on the road. But its moldy here anyway and thats been effecting my memory. The vehicle harassment and men in vehicles harassing women all the time for prostitution has made me not want to leave the house anymore and its depressing to think that I can't walk outside in an entire city after dark.
Nobody walks here its totally unhealthy. I really just wanna leave the country but I need a job to get money up to do that and with conditions the way they are I dont think I can function here either in a job or in this house.

Its depressing to realize no matter where you go you'll be held back via gang stalking but I can think of way more interesting places to be kept down. I am losing motivation here due to being targeted especially now this room seems hit so hard. It wasnt like this when I switched rooms. I havent been able to focus on anything I want to get done and I am hit hard daily to leave with lots of ideations to go back to Boston...and of course attend UMass. Lately its been an unbearable amount of focus on sex and of course then you eat instead.

Other places might be more aggressive in their gang stalking and tech but its better than being turned into the typical fat older woman.

I was going to start calling lawyers and the perps know that probably. I feel totally kept down here now mostly becuz the tech in here is absolutely unbearable and unbeatable. It was manageable before these changes in the house but now with someone so sketchy taking over I dont feel strong enough here to fight the rest of it.

That woman who was the Supervisor here til next month, she shares alot of the same political views and her presence provides a solid feel to the house. This tenant taking over simply makes me nervous and feel unstable.

I see now that I was basically conned into being a part of making these changes occur. Everytime I talked about meetings another tenant would mention that this Suoervisor was supposed to take us and I would agree but then Id realize it was near her door and she heard.

Its true that people like this do indeed survive by deception. They may be nicer here but they are still shelter types. They arent productive many of them so they act out in f*cked up ways. Their viscousness is veiled thats all. I thought I could use that to my advantage but I got fooled into being a part of screwing up my own peaceful environment.
And my actions were induced by tech and manipulation. Very clever down here they are, and deceptive.

The only other option is to get out of being a part of these house changes altogether and forge ahead into my business outside of here. I don't quite know how to fight all the constant gang stalking in the city and the consistent tech but something says I should at least take this opportunty to get something substantial done. With how poor I am and I dont have anyone solid to travel with trying to accomplish this traveling was impossible especially with just a phone and not a laptop anymore.

Hopefully this nonsense here will go its course and I dont want to be involved when it does.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just had this preminition that one of the former occupants of this room was around here and going.to try something. Dont think about it. (The staff here didnt make them give up their keys before they were allowed to get their stuff. all keys should be NO COPY kind and people dont get their possessions until they give keys back. Ill make that suggestion believe me.)

Im totally freaked out. And after tonights bs I am NOT in the mood.

It could just be a psyche out. Get lots of those in this location I notice. False readings concerning my environment. Which are usually accurate.

Maybe my sense is trying to illustrate that anyone could get in to this room anytime due to the key issue.

Whew. It was very strong.

Hit Hard This Evening

I made this horrible mistake. I used my card to buy my roommates's iPhone for her becuz she was short a few dollars and she paid me back that day. But I didn't even think about the fact it was an iPhone or the carrier is SPRINT. That company bought Nextel and they were the ones who owned those cell phone repeaters that were on top of my old apartment 335 Washington St in Brighton MA. The conspiracy was such an overt COVERT affair that a worker at a local social services agency snuck in paperwork mapping out the towers and the companies behind it into my paperwork folder she gave me. It was either to try to warn me or as part of the experimentation perhaps to find out how much a deprogramming Survivor can focus on outside task or dramas whilst going through such a process internally. To this day I wouldnt put it past them to have this kind of stress test as part of the experimentation.

Anyway I had Sprint as a wireless internet provider for a year or so and felt it wasnt safe with that company. Also I had Virgin Mobile as a pay as you go cheap phone and they were very unsafe. I recall when I got rid of their service the guy in customer service was pissed. You coud tell. They thoight they were going to have me fooled forever. After a while you clearly define who is genuinely innocent in this and who knows about it. The people in on it usually have extreme and severe control issues with Targets and human beings in general. Once you fully realize they are peppered among the general population you can then recognize behaviors that arent normal for this society in a social situation or conducting business. In fact that is how many TIs become mentally insane is becuz they dont understand its abnormal for bus drivers to harass you daily or for your family to be sincerely cruel to you. Eventually the person just commits suicide (on cue with internal programming that is) or they act out or simply lose their minds. It depends on how the perps have the intensity levels set. THIS IS WHAT DEFINES THE KIND OR PHASE OF CAMPAIGN. For instance when a Survivor of mind control say, programming which often includes RA, is in the phase of simply being controlled by the system in place then they usually serve to keep you down only and miserable. You dont know any different becuz youve nevet been treated any different. When they want to trigger suicide programming there is a complex process but that does include intensifying the stalking and harassment. Years of a lifetime of misery take effect as fuel to compell the person to follow the suicide sequences that are being triggered (they may appear as what our society now knows as a 'thumbnail' and triggering these sequences is like 'clicking' on the thumbnail. Interestingly if Survivors of programming were to be believed-some parties somewhere have had computer capacity to program humans like the computers we know today many years back. This js why many programmed people have a love hate or sympatico/rejection relationship with computers. We can understand them intuitively yet asking us to use one is like asking us to slow down and use a much slower system outside of our own internal system which makes absolutely no sense at all. They do so much brain damage over the years to Targeted Survivors of programming that eventually you become a simpleton anyway. Its inevitable.Brain damage and keeping the Survivor from stimuli and growth intellectually. Its extremely sad what they destroy.)

Ever since she got that damn phone I have felt the effects of it and she herself has changed a bit. Its pointless to explain to someone but it sucks to watch. I wasnt in Target mode and wasnt considering how that totally risked my security. I do my best.

So its very possibly that phone and its carrier driving me nuts. It coukd be also the info I gave got my targeted by those parties at this address but via a different delivery system.

The wifi router in this house is Cisco Systems http://mil-embedded.com/articles/case-ethernet-switches-the-military/
so there's another possibility.

Its been awful. Ever since that those last posts today Ive been bombarded by a non stop interface if thats what best describes it. Truman Show consistently. Its been terrible.
And its ONLY IN THE BEDROOM sleep in. When I left that room it went away and would return upon re-entery. It was so bad tonight that I reacted, or coped dont know which by doing what seemed like reacting to the intense feeling (created by the illusion) of being watched by multiple persons. Its interesting to consider that these instances can be used against the person. The system targets people to make them nuts, then when the person naturally reacts to stress levels this could be used against that person to put their mental state in question.
(Of course this ended approx. 12 midnight).

I feel as if I was sufficiently under control today and I broke this control thats been building over past weeks by creating those posts.

It just never ends. Being a traveler is the only safe situation for being targeted that is and yet its very unsafe in a number of conventional ways.

I guess they want me in a vehicle wreck, to die on the street or if that wont do, go nuts or at least waste my life being held back by whatever stalking/harassment and remote influence can provide.

It seems Im to be held back until this election is settled. Either Romney or Obama again. Possibly Paul (not a chance). Gingrich is obviously only there to make Romney not look so severe and insane. Whoever wins per usual it doesn't matter.

I dont know why they are so against this book. Its not going to be professionally done and only a minority will read it. Most citizens will remain their slaves and their plans for the NWO will keep on going. My book is supposed to give the worthy a fighting chance becuz whoever is behind this isnt playing fair. At least throw the info out there..sheesh. Many people won't believe anyway or will choose enslavement. Only those interested in a fate otherwise will read what I have experienced. So why are they sooooo threatened? Its ridiculous.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The House Changes..And Per Usual I Play Along

The house has been through some changes. The total f*ck ups moved out and the heirchy now consists of people being only slightly dishonest. LOL. That older lady who was my old roomate the one who wears red.frequently and hangs with a shady gross black guy in a green pick up truck, shes satisfied somehow that I have become sufficiently controlled and dominated by the new female hierchy of the house. Shes such an idiot. She always relapses and its becuz she.goes off with that creep and comes home with a totally different mood and energy level. A bit.of crack anyone? The reason anyone would be threatened by someone like me is becuz they arent completely honest with themselves. I am not honest about my situation but thats for safety reasons. These women just want to keep engaging in addict behaviors. That woman's friend drove aaay from the house today and looked in the kitchen window only the way an unsavory black man can. One glance and one feels their house and person has been totally violated. THAT is an example of a bad black person. Not a nice good upstanding person whos trying to do his best in life. Anothet wannabe gangsta/pimp or whatever who assumes his blackness makes his.male dominance complete. Some sort kf second rate Voodoo left over from the rather recent primitive ancestry of African desendants. Some use it well and some fumble with it like school boys- he's one of those.
As an Italian this attempted male dominance by black males is always an affront- to my female machismo as well as coming from a culture thats perfected crime as part of the system thousands of years ago. Black men dont take care. They simply see White. They dont differentiate between Whites ethnically or culturally.

With her ridiculous behavior the way it is and her pathetic attempts at mind games he's probably a perp or at least in on it.

That younger woman who first came here weeks ago and pulled the 'tap your back pocket like a wallet check' tactic to make sure I saw it, her sick head has calmed.down and she's functioning rather normally, going about her business. She always wears red as well. Needless to say theres a little too much flavor in the house right now but its younger women so race isnt so much of a hurdle nor do they have the need for dominance like the older women which is a total pain in the ass becuz they are wrong about stuff much of the time but have to be coddled.

We still have that idiot puppy. Ive come to dislike the dog. On the road travelers with terrier type stupid dogs who cant behave and act stupid are not very respected. Guard dog breeds are best for travelers and Pits tend to be the most popular. Many are very well behaved. They live with humans where survival is a daily concern not guarding some house with lazy asses inside. The pit/rottty we have who is very sweet to us but mean to strangers approaching the house may leave soon with our supervisor.

Yes the owner is putting one of the tenants in charge. I can already forsee a bloodbath in a female fight for dominance. Perhaps the other tenants will take to it. But she isnt completely honest nor is she capable of being even tempered. However everyone deserves a chance at responsibility.
Its been hysterical to watch the change over though. Her roomate gave me this.look as if the Don himself was.going to take power a new or some sh*t. Its all do damn petty compared to who and what Im used to dealing with. Its cute really.
Especially amusing is the way this little female cabal here has controlled information to the owner so that they control where people stand in the house hierarchy. I see that theyve accomplished keeping me happy and busy with throwing me a bone while getting me under control.

I am not sure if this is their own insecurities at work or if they and the owner sense someone like me would make waves so they cant fuck up anymore so its best to keep me controlled by giving me some position of responsibility...OR if its part of handling me for the gang stalking system.

I feel potential chaos has come over the house and I also feel more controlled. The other women generally have a disregarding attitude. This is what happems when bitches get y themselves and start discussing other women. Theres the obvious hierchy, the one they want the out of loop group members to see and then there is the real hierchy, based on typical human animal greed, imstinct and dishonesty.

Most humans cant be trusted becuz they dont admit their animal nature to themselves so they are victim to it.

All I do is what I always end up doing. Cause a transformation in whatever place I find myself, improve conditions and probably move on or at least resign myself after constructing whats needed for order to be retained then focus on my personal works.

I think I simply build fortresses wherever I go. Then I can go and remain deep within to continue my own works.

If I had money I would build a real damn fortress.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why I Used A Class Definition In Last Night's Post

The purpose of that title being so bold was firstly I was in a hurry to get it posted and get my point across. Mainly though it was to illustrate that if you crawl out of your hole they keep you in, they kick you back down with more force than they use to simply manage a Target and keep a TI down.

A Target can never bee allowed to have any victories. This may seem straight forward as keeping someone down but it is an intregal part of a system of brainwashing of a human being. The Target begins to break through the psychological hold that prolonged GS creates and even heal when a TI percieves victory in something they've done. Accomplishment.

Lastly I wrote "rich people" into the title becuz the.neighborhood this meeting is in is not the kind of place guys yell at women from cars in. His actions were not random and they were not sexual in nature either. This was psychological warfare via harassment and intimidation. The timing and intensity show the intent is to discourage the Target from trying to better themselves or improve social conditions of any kind or create something from the ground up.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Legal Action Could Be A Trap

The problem I have with legal action is they may want to me tk take legsl action so they can end this once and for all by destroying me in court and discrediting me for good.

What if the lawyer is on their side? Its happened before.

Harassed More Overtly After Contact With Successful Sober Rich People And Recovery Work

I just went to a meeting and was around normal people with lives and did something positive with networking.

After i lef and went to the bus stop a red car came.from the street opposite and a guy screamed at me hey hey twice. He was either at the meeting or he was dispatched.

The way he said this was like someone yelling at a dog whos doing something wrong.

Do you see now how this is all about intimidation designed to keep the Target down? And discredited?

I believe alot of the women in my house are TIs whether they are aware of it or not. And this system wants to keep Targets marginalized.

What just happens makes everything thats happened very very real for me.

I was told by someone reading my cards that once I start fighting this in earnest like getting lawyers etc thst it will intensify alot. I am prepared for that.

Being Access And Interfaced, Gang Stalked Subtley Now

Theres a little game local perps are playimg with me. Nothing has changed they are still on the buses alot. Very frequently. Their game now is to stare at me at bus stops until I react. I realized this becuz i was tying my shoe and i sneaked a peek and this kod looked like he was worried I would miss the bus. They all stared at me then when i gave them some clever monologue they all collectively ignorrd me.

It could be some sort of conditioning. They want to train me to speak out perhaps.

I know lately that I have had trouble with my own privwte fantisizing trying to masturbate. Its important to speak about sexuality becuz its one of the keys to behavior modification. As a TI I have been sexually tortured for years. Without accessing the sexuality and manipulating this they could never PEACEFULLY alter the person.
Again they are going for trying to make me forget about who i was what i had going for me and to start anew.

This place does seem like a place i can actually get things done and gain material wealth but that doesnt mean i give up what power i once had.

Someone today told me during 9-11 thier relatives were near some area of one of the planes where the feds claim they couldnt shoot the plane down. This person claimed it wasnt true and feds showed up telling certain locals in a.specific area "you didnt see anything".

They still believe they can silence witnesses and those of us with inside info into the mechanics of this by murder, intimidation, discreditation and torture/behaviir modification.

I dont care what people think of me. They destroyed MY life oit of pure arrogance, jealousy and a power trip.

If there are real black magicians involved in this they need to learn alchemy.

I get something for whats been taken. and all the greed and oppression in the world wont change that.

Truthers get gang stalked no matter what city in the world they go to.

They took my power and my life force when they destroyed my home and my family and friends betrayed me.

Its time to pay up. Money dont mean shit. I cant go back in time and regain my.looks, sexual power and youth with money.

Screw the ignorant public. They deserve what they get.
Whatever they are doing down here it consists of tryikg to constantly interface with me so i will care about what people think.

Don't waste your time.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heart Palpitations Continue

I may have to leave this location for health reasons.

For the past many days Ive experienced heart palpitations, my muscles in my neck feeling tightened along with this and dizziness now has become part of this experience. The palpitation episodes are random but usually late at night or early morning. My chest area also feels like a burning sensation right over my heart.

This is either done with tech or its air pollution of some kind and my body csnt handle it.

I just moved into this new room and its so nice. I was enjoying it so much.

I firmly believe this has been induced on purpose. Through what means I am unsure but I cant exist safely this way.

I dont know whats causing it but I know that I never had this problem on the road.
Living inside in poverty is extremely unhealthy.
This is the kind of place where you get depressed and start to want to stay in your room all the time. Basically becuz its the only place its safe.

We all know what moldy conditions are going to do to many people like myself: weight gain, memory loss and depression.

I was in denial about just how moldy it is here. Everyone's clothes in their closets they brought from their last residence smells musty and they dont notice it! I left a cut apple in a bag full of other apples for just a few days and mold had grown on it and made the other apples inedible. Thats way too quick and severe. Traveling I can leave such an item in my bag for a day or two. I also notice time is passing me by here without my keeping up with it. Days pass like its nothing. I would never allow such a thing to happen back home and on the road thats an impossibility.

My Nalgene is actually musty now no matter how many times I wash it out. I feel much better and improved when I eat canned food. CANNED FOOD! Thats how moldy food is naturally here. Most supermarkets smell musty especially the little convenience stores.

Its terrible. I must love the people in this house and the house itself to stay here for any length of time.

You never know the perps may get their way. I might just leave out of necessity or only spend winters here.

Again the question is where else is there to stay in one place long enough to get anything done? Occasional internal bleeding is not something I can just ignore. I cannot live on the road or as a squatter like that.

This is probably just what they planned too. That eventually my health would go and I would then have nowhere to turn to get healthcare. Ive actually heard this from old timers years ago as a way of getting rid of activists the system doesnt like.

An old story that went around from our parents was this is how they got rid of Bob Marley. They used to say the powers that be ensured he was oppressed so.didnt seek healthcare when he had a cut on his foot and eventually he died from it.

Now anyone can look this up and clarify the story but remember part of the Babyboomer 60's parents' wisdom was to 'train' us for battle with the powers that be by not always telling the truth but telling tales that would give us example of how the system works on human beings. Maybe that was just for people like me-other Survivors who were going to get targeted anyway. Our parents were always doing things like this. Showing us where the deceptions lay.
It was so very sad when AIDS, Reagan and their 40s woke them up to the ultimate hangover and forced them to become people who were totally unrecognizable to who we grew up with as young children.
Been listening to old James Brown again. Whats that he says in Make It Funky Pts 1-4? "You know he was slick when he was on the corner, cuz he sure got alotta slide" and then something about 'thats why he came down here with us "cuz the man gonna get to him now". Exactly.

And thats the way it goes. (How unfortunate that so many black musicians cannot be trusted nowadays....becuz they ARE the fuckin' man.

Sounds alot like what they plan out for Targets now. Your health becomes an issue but no place is safe to settle to get care.

I often wonder lately why so many people in this country seem to know who I am and my situation but ignore me as if resigned to my fate and are allowing me to be slowly murdered.

This is the main problem with living here. Whatever it is about this place it does not allow me to at least have the fantasy provided by internal programming that my death is a noble one for a cause and nothing Ive suffered matters becuz my job is to tell a story about what ai know to at least leave one more testimony for humanity to see these issues are very real.

This location is sexist in the extreme and thug Mexicans and other men drive around stalling women in cars constantly all over the city. Its one of the most ridiculous out of control issues I have ever experienced in my lifetime. I have never seen a city with so much harassment of women by males WITH NO RETALIATION FROM THE WOMEN. It might also be a ploy by the oil companies to convince people their city is so unsafe they must drive everywhere. Hmph, probably. It definitely seems more like social control than normal humam behavior like its planned and organized.

I Like My Little House

I like the house I live in. I really dont know what to do other than defend it.
Theyve made it so I only feel safe when I am here or in the neighborhood. I can't go outside this little area like this block without the harassment becoming heavy.

Even though its like this in Boston and Cambridge at least there I feel my cause, MY fight has some merit. Ever since I changed my address to this city just one day ago the darkness that hangs over this city constantly like a cloud has taken effect on me.
This place wants me to feel what I wear isnt good enough..that I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The constant gs in vehicles here is something close to terrorism. I dont know what makes this location so dark. So black. Its not evil, like St Louis or Los Angeles or Boston. Its an emotional state that takes over, becomes all pervasive. Forget about thinking here or being intellectual. It almost feels like its due to pollution of some kind. The whole city stinks sometimes like Phoenix AZ does. Chemical pollution.

I think its really mean for Yankees and New Yorkers and even people from L.A. to make fun of Southerners especially west here. They arent stupid its just very hot very humid extremely moldy and in some parts like here the pollution is a worsened condition due to those aforementioned factors.

I myself am starting to feel the effects of this. Other than the gang stalkers the regular people down here are nice. I liked it down here until I changed my address that is. I can feel there is something to this place
producing a dumbed down state. This city also isnt the most intellectually stimulating or artsy either.
If only I could take my little house and the people in it and drop it in the middle of, say, somewhat rural New Hampshire life would be perfect.

I'm learning to cook pots of beans and cornbread- domesticated stuff I was never taught and certainly cant accomplish on the road. But learning to cook may not be the best idea in a depressing city where its encouraged to not leave the house.

I know what they are doing. They want me to be grossly overweight like my mother. They've done this to various women I know from pedophile families all with some tie to mob, CIA or the like. They seem to 'break' the women after a certain age. They want these women to basically become caretakers and slaves for the family. Women who crave power or dont comply and have a militant streak like my mother are treated especially badly and made to have horrible lives always portrayed as bitches, only becuz they wont be frightened into submission by this system.

They did it to my aunt Debrah, they did it to my ex's Scott's sister and they are trying to do it to me.

Theyve already destroyed any chances I had for a successful future. The problem with this place is the targeting and handling seems to consist of not being able to get the trade off of my youth beauty and talent being destroyed in exchange for a cause and warriorhood. I suddenly feel like I simply dont matter, that I am old now with my face starting to give and its pretty much over and I am human garbage. I was wondering what being managed and targeted here as a citizen would be like and its completely miserable.
Theres also a sense of my being forced to realize that I am up against an immense power structure and that its impossible to win or even fight any longer.

I must remember that MA being a Commonwealth may afford them certain independence from the rest of the country. It certainly feels that way. Globalization has destroyed my little New England so I wont go looking for that lost quality there again.

Now I see why this state screws things up so much nationally if not internationally.

Yet how do I explain the ease of me being able to focus and get tasks done here, where as settling down in any other location has been impossible thus far?

Places like Nebraska are also this comforting and pleasant yet when I am there I can sense its some sort of false management by tech or other that creates that feeling. Becuz once you leave that location in a big truck that feeling fades upon the state line.

Its amazing that such perceptions change on state lines. Some states you can feel youve crossed its border without even seeing the sign like if I am busy with my computer or in the back. What causes this then? Its more than just the energies the land itself creates. Places like CA and Wyoming are very obvious. The southwest, each state has this distinction.

This place is dead. I am becoming very forgetful here. Yet its going to be the same no matter where else I go.

When you're traveling by big trucks, covering alot of the US, in vehicles that are made for traveling long distances- observing these changes and differences between locations one can plainly see much of these are man made.

To be honest, as a Targeted Individual right now being on the road-on highways and outside of cities and towns in a moving vehicle is the safest place to be. There is something about being in a truck or on a bus with wheels taking you fast long distances that 'outruns' the system if you will.

Its the only safe place in America left unless youve got money and connections to get by with. Or you can somehow pin point and exist in the safe zones which means no cell reception at all.

Ive looked and found no maps which map out where there definitely ISNT cell coverage-just different companies mapping out where there is.

They just dont get it yet. The public are concerned about their gadgets still.

I wonder if thats wny all this land is being tunneled underground. Not for a disaster or genocide but for the increasing damage from electromagnetic pollution and other radiation damage.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To My New Southern Hosts

Guess watsa gonna happen? You neocon scum down here including the shit who was in power when many TIs lives were destroyed by this system- you are going to pay my medical bills. And my food too. And all the jerk corporate scum involved in activities like these and we musn't forget our lovely military. (Do any of actually pay taxes? Or when your shill lawyers are done you pay like $1 a year?).

Considering the military base just south of here was directly involved with the radiation experiments my mother was victim of (though not administered at that specific facility), and your SYSTEM INTIMIDATED HER OUT OF GOING TO TESIFY AT THE PRESIDENT'S ADVISORY COMMITTEE IN 1995 and we both have auto immune issues as I was an egg in her womb...I figure theres some.sort of justice in this.

And guess what else. Yer gonna kiss my ass and make it all better motherf*ckers.

And if one little hair on my head is injured in any mysterious mishap (like dying during a simple procedure for instance) I and my protectors I am sure, will ensure a fate worse than death.

Yeah, you are gonna help ME for once to realize my vision as I exert my Will.

And your little Mexican friends are going to comply eventually as well. (The mafia doesnt pay taxes though does it).

Just thought Id let you know...your my bitches now. And I am going to have a field day seeing how much I can get while I am here.

And Im not leaving.

Understand? Good enough then.
great there's smoke amd fire engines comimg from where I just was. Dont even try to frame me for sa fire..morons.

Jake The Snake Claimed In Interviews That He Wasnt Into KInky Sex

Did I add that Jake made sure he gave interviews to local music and art mags claiming things like "I'm not into that kind of sex at all".
Yeah I read those. Years later but I read them. Anothet one was where they referred to him as "Jake the Snake" becuz of some road slut he fucked around with using a snake. He never was that bad ass. He lived at home with his mothet in her attic. His entire career is contrived or at least his public persona.

I am sure "Jake The Snake" is also supposed to make him appeal to his little 'hardcore' crowd someone in New Mexico mentioned he joined when he fucked me over. Its all a deception.

These are all part of psychological operations for the US military and anyone else whos interested in protecting Julia, her clients and covering for how extensive MK Ultra was...and STILL IS. Especially how this relates to mass mind control and MindWar by Michael Aquino.

Not so hardcore after all. A fat pot smoking spoiled rich kid with an extremely co dependent mother who simply helped local corrupt cops frame up his girlfriend who was 'inconvenient' to Julia as well as MK Ultra generally.

This is how these campaigns work. How can I be both mentally ill and delusional yet deserve this for actions I am supposedly responsible for?

How can Mr. Jake Hamilton NOT be into kinky sex like his girlfriend yet be glorified for screwing around with bestiality with road sluts?

Becuz the public have been so dumbed down, so mind controlled thst all they care about is whatever shiny keys are being dangled in front of them. In a country thats become so oppressed and monitored, destroying lives has become seen as a sort of luxury.

They are all weak. They should never be forgiven nor even excused. I am not religious and I dont pray. I dont understand TIs that do.
Some will hear the message about what is going on in America and most will go along with being enslaved. None of these peope are any consequence to people like TIs. But they want to be-thats why gang stalking also serves to make the Target less of an individual, an independent force. The mob desperately want to absorb you into them, want you to be worn down until you arw equal to them.

Do whatever it takes to not let this happen.

The Pedophile Frame Up May Still Be Working For Them

I wonder if the alleged pedophile frame up is still in use.

Its very simple what they did. My ex Jake Hamilton and I had this mutually kinky sex life Musicians and artists are highly intelligent people and very creative. Jake got busted for drugs twice in one month and I think he needed the leneancy in court. My friend Julia and her friends and associates were all under pressure due to that federal investigation in Boston. But instead of focus on the real crimimals like madames and people who own services and some of whom are suspected and rumoured to actually have real connections to pedophile rings, they would rather preserve these people's crinimal careers' (as it serves many wealthy people in Boston) by setting and framing ME up.

They basically told my ex to ask for sex acts that would make me look bad and then filmed them. I thought it was out of character for him to want me to role play The Mommy like that. In fact he had only asked for The Naughty Babysitter many times and of course we played the standard Schoolgirl or whatever.

By the time he was doing this our relatiinship was pretty much done and we felt angry and cold towards one another anyway. I am sure that came out on video as well.

Ive had too many guys who seem random in trying to have sex with me end up in bed awkwardly trying kinky content like my ex used to.
You can tell they arent kinky by nature and they are just working off of something they've seen...like on video. Its usually really lame and thats how I can tell.

Its also really creepy the way its done. That kid Omar tried it and he was supposedly under investigation by the FBI and facing jail. I was a fool to think that he WASNT involved in trying to have sex with me in order to gain more video or audio. He, like Jake, was merely trying to once again make me look like a creepy pervert or something.

Then what the perps do is keep up that cover story to the public while many of them are actually involved in child molestation, hiring prostitutes, rape or just hatred of women and desiring to see them kept down. Remember the ultimate goal of all of this is to force me back into adult entertainment even though via complex psychological internal structuring (alter system) there is no way I could possibly be capable of such a thing.

This final attempt is to ensure the targeted female is completely broken this time. No compartmentalizatiom allowing the person to retain any dignity. They desire that the targeted female become the most depraved sort of sex slave. Everything they've done is actually a sort of training for that.
The people Ive seen involved in trying to act as.if they are part of some sort of rehabilitating or behavior modification of a sex worker are actually themselves exhibiting evidence of being Johns, child molesters etc. One very suspect trucker from Phoenix was one such person.
After I asked if a certain neighborhood was safe and if people "mind their own business" ( becuz I am targeted-duh, which he actually admitted to being aware of by out of nowhere saying the harassment was all due to "the military doesnt approve of the way you live"), he replied " Oh no...they protect children there". Where the hell did THAT come from?
Later when he was cleaning his truck he randomly found a pair of women's panties stuffed up top. He also made comments about getting off on the eroticism of Ann Rice's story of a man keeping a woman captive and the like. MANY PEOPLE IN ON THIS ARE LIKE THIS. They themselves are sick and up to no good yet they make sure they are part of framing up a Targeted Individual.

To most people like this human beings especially women of a.certain type have no value anyway so they feel like they can treat the person anyway they want.

And if authorities are giving out rewards then why not? I dont think they care its really about MK Ultra or Project Paperclip. And if they do know that then they feel they are helping to protect the country.

America is exactly what the terrorists have been trying to claim it is for years. Creating a system for mass mind control to police the whole world and also doing to someone like me what they've done is what foriegners were and are trying to warn the world about.

This is one of the main reasons they attempt to turn someone who knows what they are up to and like me for instance is living proof of the connected experimentation- into a terrorist.

There is no hope for the US. I see that now. Everywhere I go its the same. If like me you are screwed over by the US government or any of its agencies or contractors you'll never get fair treatment. Its best to just give up on citizenship in the USA. The situation is absolutely hopeless, I know that now too.

Many Americans are going along with these frame ups becuz they know their f*cked up sick evil country is what gives them their individual good quality of life. Being animals they don't care about anyone else.

They are wrapped up in basically what is a very Satanic system that runs our country, which wouldn't be so annoying or sickening IF THE PUBLIC DIDNT HIDE BEHIND JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY.
Many Americans are not good people. They are Americans.

And I think people like myself begin to realize we just don't fit into the American way of life anywhere in this country. There's no place for us in this New America.

And perhaps its best that way, that we leave the cesspool to creatures like the gang stalking perpetraters. They excel in dishonesty violence, ugly artwork, stupid sit cons and everything appealing to the lowest common denominator. People like me simply suffer having to be part of such a culture.

America is disgusting generally and its not even tolerable as it was decades ago. The powers that be protect the scumbags who in turn work for them to destroy good people like me, people with potential.

After you get set up by this system you'll get no peace anywhere you go. You'll never be allowed to express yourself or have any sort of life. Leaving is best I think.
Somewhere like Switzerland or countries where Bush can't go due to being guilty of war crimes. I think they probably know whats going on here.
Something in this building at night last couple of days. Another woman and I (in a different room) having palpitations. Both of us having heart flutter and palpitations starting the same time? Very strange.
I wouldve guessed its tech or too much electrical activity but I know better. Its most likely a chemical we are both sensitive to, either something on he dogs thats getting on the furniture like a flea treatment or sicha chemical sprayed outside. Could also be something outside the property in the neighborhood.

I know companies in MA were notorious for increasing their waste output late at night. Like 2 am into the early morning. I used to get up and notice this-smokestacks, drainpipes or the air quality even. I am convinced that my snooping around and showing concern on many instances is what helped get me targeted, along with everything else.

I wish I knew exactly who the man was involved in business of this kind who threatened my grandmother's life once if she didnt sign a gag order concerning some big containment structures in her neighborhood, where she noticed something was bubbling up from the ground around the containers a disgusting green color.

Polluters have destroyed MA. Its done very sneaky. My maternal great grandparents built that house around 1910 or so, my Nana was born in it and will die in it. What right does Poloroid or any of these other companies have to come in, take over a city basically, exploit it by destroying the environment then ripping off hundreds of workers on their retirement funds before they leave the city decades later? Waltham will never be wholesome or truly livable again becuz of Poloroid, Raytheon and rt. 128. All people care about is their jobs-such is the fate of many a little mill town that needed something to replace the watch factories to survive.

I just pondered how closely aligned whoever made those threats was with the local military contractors and military industrial complex connected companies.

Something tells me to really consider that lead.

Why I would suffer most beyond my cousins or my rest of my family is beyond me. Perhaps after one family member becomes a whistle blower there is a some survaillence of other family perhaps to see if this trait is expressed in them...and if other members might be more intelligent and rebellious or determined.

I think I certainly qualify. Becoming a genetic engineer nowadays is going along with the agenda...and being involved in organized religion certainly helps my cousin register as a non threat.

If Something tells me to include the scumbag who threatened my grandmother's life in the equation pertaining to the 'gang stalking' system.

Being Italian and Eastern European on my paternal side has its advantages...I wouldn't have signed jack sh*t.

But I WOULD have found where he lives and started being seen around the neighborhood. My grandmother serves tea and is diplomatic..
I can do that also. But there cokesa time when Molotov cocktails and retaliation must replace tea and diplomacy.

Whether it be done with a pen and words or legal action or...what have you.

There comes a time to give up the American dream and batton down what is your and prepare to lose it...posessions mean nothing if outside what is yours is being destroyed and the very concepts that make a country are being ruined.

Too many people sign off to such intimidations.
They want everyone around them and to comvince themselves as well they aee only protecting whats theirs. But they are selling out plain and simple. They would rather take a payoff than really fight.

Everyone of the people Ive seen and dealt with in this believes themselves to be clever and Im some sort of fool.

They're weak, thats all I see. And they are usually disgusting in some othet way-greedy pig types. Jake is a greedy pig and so was Julie. My mother is a pig and my grandmother and grandfather frighteningly so. Most perps are greedy selfish disgusting people in some way, many of them exhibit their lacking in some physical way even. Something about them is always lacking. If not physically manifesting itself then they exhibit this through behaviors or lack of intelligence.

One YouTuber commented that gang stalkers watch over Targets.
As I recall that guy locally last week, a Mexican in his yard, displayed his insecurity by telling me "You can be controlled". This indicates that the gs exist only to keep a Target down not simply be guardian angels of some kind.

And to fathom how many people in this country I have experiemced being in on this camapign tells me what many Americans already k know: the country is gone. Its been taken over by wanna be thugs, ethnic groups who think they are in a gang but that gang works for the Man ultimately. YUPpies who live and work cut off from reality as a way of trying to preserve an illusion of the USA still existing and civility still being part of American culture. Rich kids with no worries or fears of consequences.

I have seen mostly bad from this country since 2003. Starting really during late Clinton.

And now just as Cathy Obrien predicted, evn I am losing faith in Democrats and consider Republican Conservative placea to be much better to live in right now.

Its amazing how theyve pulles this off. Consider howevee thwt it never puls have been possible wothout The People's help.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Police Showing Up At My Destinations Last Few Days, Alot Of Harassmemt From Civilian Perps While Walking

The police here tend to always be congregated where I am arriving by bus or on foot. Lots of rude males in this city Mexicans who either cruise looking for prostitutes or when walking Mex men will walk by and try to lean into you and stare u down. It never works with me becuz northeastern people look obliviously into nothing when walking through the city. Either this city is packed with Mexican Texas hicks who seriously dont understand the big city etiquette of MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS or its gang stalking and leaning into a Target and focusing on the person is akin to passing by them in vehicles breaking your neck to male sure the pedestrian Target notices a perp focusing on them from a vehicle. I know that is gs, in vehicles becuz walking yesterday far north of downtown I get harassed non stop for hours. No one walking warrants that much attention especially when a few of them are saying hello to you and waving seeming very familiar. I also got some looks from older wealthier looking people who in vehicles, couples even but its always the driver who is overt about focusing on me when I walk by. The look was exactly the same as what I got at Tufts Medical Center last time I was home in Boston. It communicates perp power with arrogance and also a look of hatred with 'why are you still at this' and 'who do you think you are?'.

Interestingly a woman from a women's day shelter in Cambridge who knew way too much about my situation once said to another guest of me "Shes very observant". It was the second time this woman had seen me there. After she revealed too much one instance another woman took her into another room and spoke to her and she never spoke to me again with such familiarity.

So they already know who's visually talented and extremely observant or detail oriented. They know alot about the TIs psychological profile. I have experienced the perps testing things like peripheral vision. Much of the beginnings of this campaign during the Bush era/Iraq war were tests to find out information and discover the Targeted Survivor's abilities, which tells us something: THEY DID NOT PROGRAM THE SURVIVORS THEY ARE TARGETING in this manner. Ive posted repeatedly that it seems as if its the military or some private contractor testing a person who's been 'created', trained or programmed elsewhere which could mean its foriegn governments involved trying to track their secret projects or private contractors are now in charge of unraveling all the mysteries of Survivors who were programmed in these classified black projects.
There's always been a sense of being poked and probed in an attempt by the gang stalking perps to experiment on and test Survivors of mind control programming/projects. Which raises the question IF this is some part of our own governing system or private contractors WHO THEN DID THE ORIGNAL PROGRAMMING?

Its no surprise that this all came about at the same time as the US was bragging about and implementing behavior modification for suicide bombers and terrorists from the Middle Easy. They treated many Survivors the exact same way.

Except they aren't worried about us doing that kind of harm- they are worried we will expose or stand in the way of their NWO or at least the system itself as its become so controlling of citizens in many countries. That war was a major cover for alot of things related to MK Kids (MK Ultra) and the NWO.

People are hip to it and realizing but they just can't accept it fully. Its hard to accept that such control over human lives is now possible but it is. They keep the public in this 20th century mentality while they exist fully in the 21st century and utilize progress to operas what is now becoming humanity..not just America or certain westernized countries.

I note also that when I am walking if my imagination begins to run free, exercise releasing 'feel good' chemicals to the brain, and I begin to produce alot of energy the gs becomes very intense and overt. This totally destroys my mood and prevents me from illuminating with that energy field.

Some psychiatrist somewhere is going to.claim the physical activity releases chemicals that make me start tripping out or chemical imbalances blah blah blah. If you look at Teslas work and the subject of Orgone as well as the use of electromagnetic man made fields for mass mind control you'll plainly see that this system has always been desperate to suppression the existence of he energy grids around the world as well as suppress humans realizing they themselves harbour much energy (and our own energy fields).

One fellow TI told me once as if trying to clue me in that they have the ability to use tech that can measure how much energy or psychic or 'energy' a Targeted person is pumping out even being able to measure the energy trail left behind them.

This is why electromagnetic fields are used to create this prison they have now. Its all about suppressing our energy production. Why else would they be so threatened by the imagination being active? Many Survivors are reduced to empty vegatables almost and the system replaces true human spirit and consciousness with constant interface from the technologies outlined in MINDWAR by Michael Aquino.
Thats my theory anyway and it makes the most sense and matches up with all thats found in research relating to MK Ultra as well as that MindWar paper.

My mother really helped this system by being intimidated out of testifying at the Committee in 1995 for MK Ultra smd radiation experiments. She probably now denies it being true and I certainly don't have any way of getting her documentation.

But look at it as she and others like her have assisted in allowing some of the most sinister, evil people slowly destroy our world. People like my mother helped the country become the dark place it is today, the mess we are in. Its cowards like her that, collectively, make up one big mob of total idiots who are useful to the oppressors. My mother assisted the military and whoever else in making MindWar a reality.

No matter how much TIs suffer at least we are trying to hold up some remaining light while darkness takes over. We are so many times more noble than these types. It doesn't matter what they do. They do WHAT they do becuz the system fears disclosure. Exposure is their biggest fear.

All the intimidation is both to ensure silence longer, to prevent any exposure being as convincing as it might otherwise be and to make us as victim witnesses pay for our exposing them and their system. As well as not being compliant with their brainwashing as citizens. In my case going to the feds without a subpeona was supposed to cover my being murdered (typical trap to dispose of Survivors) yet now my doing anything similar still without anything official would still be damaging to me becuz it will complete behavior modification via cult mind control. Confessing is a huge step for cult members. Its an important phase of cult brainwashing.

I will continue to do as I am doing here. There's definitely an ongoing attempt to get me to act out publicly and to put me off balance. To keep me inside this house or on this side of town which is totally ghetto, unhealthy physically and totally keep down.

Thier tourist downtown is totally targeted and i have to turn off my internet and phone down there, even then its still uncomfortable.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

...and my own mother. All that bitch could do is brag about being issued a military credit card.
Humphrey, perps would even break character occasionally and look me straight in the eye commenting on how my mother "really wants (money)".

I think I am gonna be sick.


Monday, February 6, 2012

TIs Often Get Picked On By Bullies Not Just Perps Becuz They Can Smell Fear pt 2

My point was that when the scar was new a sleazebag was at the apartment and got the idea I was being beaten so thought he could try to intimidate me in the manner of an abuser to get something sexual he wanted. Of course not used to being beaten I wasnt one to react as he thought I would.

But it was my first insight into a world of abuse and male dominated domestic violence. It seems that one abuser takes the cue from the last one. Its like handing you over to the next abuser.

The gs system is exactly like this. Except its not animals instict or human cues its purposefully set up that way.

However becuz of this being kept in victimhood, the same process is ensured with other bullies who arent even in on gs.
This is another example of the designers knowing that the ignorant human animals will behave this way.

Psychological operations knows full well all about predicting human behavior. They manipulate it quietly and skillfully.

TIs Often Get Picked On By Bullies Not Just Perps Becuz They Can Smell Fear

The crack heads all finally acted out where they screwed up and got kicked out. The one older black lady however has until the end of the week and it doesnt look like she wil be moving but thats yet to be seen. The obnoxious fat black woman Fay with her room off the kitchen is still a problem. The supervisor saya they have always had complaints about her. I notice however that she actually explained herself tonight about why she doesnt want anyone in the dining room at night sitting in there even if they r quiet. Shes says she can't sleep knowing theres someone outside her room. Personally i just think shes as territorial as an animal. Shes definitely a pain in the ass to others here.

I dont trust any of this nor anyone here. Now theres rumours being put out about this other woman becoming house manager. Either these people are as stupid as they seem or these are really pathetic attempts at mind games. I like one of the girls here who has a hard time staying clean. Even started a meeting and getting her involved in recovery but shes the sort of person who has to get her own way and she does it passively. But one cqn feel the force of Will. Shes very clever about setting up dynamics to make things go her way.
I sense that some people in the house want me to go next. U can simply feel it coming off them. Many of these total morons have been trying to hammer away at me like constantly being a bit bitchy or passively aggressively making fun of me. Funny how those are the people who got busted smoking crack.
I dont trust one of the supervisors either but really I shouldnt trust any of them. After that guy made that arrogant comment the other day (yet ran away when the police came) " You can BE controlled" it just makes a person more paranoid. I bet the women pretending to befriend me are quietly discussing either how mental I am or how paranoid.

I dont understand what the system wants from me. I dont have the money to leave the country which seems like ultimately what they want. My health wont allow it either.

But I will say this: after dealing with harassment nationwide as I have from citizens across this country my feelings as a teenager of hatred towards common people have fully returned. I agree with the elite in large part that humans are just dumb animals who behave like beasts and can not govern themselves at all and need or want to be ruled.

I was never writing my book, delivering my message for everyone. Only to those worthy enough to deserve a chance. And that would be those who want a chance to understand whats really going on in the 21st century. Its all about free Will. Its up to each individual.
If you know about black projects and the horror of what our world has become and you choose to take part then you've chosen your path. Someone like that doesnt need to read my book. But they dont deserve freedom either becuz they choose to decieve thier fellow man. Some may find this strange but the most brutal and destructive involved in this are the least hated by me. They are in the way of delivering a message but I understand that is their function in the chess game. Other chess pieces dont bother me. Even the most Satanic brutal ones that try so hard to work to destroy the Luciferian system by making what is impersonal very personal and what is cold math and logic into beastly hatred. Its their function to destroy structures such as this and bring hate into human lives to so that the person destroys themselves.

Who I loathe most are the people who arent overt about what they are. And are weak-nothings without the mob mentality or the mobs that literally form within gs campaigns. So many common people are aware of my situation. Yet they are Christian or have to hide behind seemingly normal lives to be able to pull of f*cking someone like me over. They are the most vile of all. The mulitides of average and common people in on gs. Who knows how much they truly know about the case. I have seen these dolts handle info like MPD and ritual abuse families. They are the typical careless animals and handling a Targeted Survivor they break what is delicate machinery. The perps know the public are simply horrid animals, i mean the kinds of people who are in on gs campaigns. Staff at banks, office types, homeless people, city workers, small business types especially contractors like electrical, plumbing etc. Frickin nobodies. And their are so damn many of these people in the USA. They are so ignorant and so incapable of appreciating what is beautiful and rare and valuable, so unrefined that they have no conscience about destroying Targeted Survivors of programming and RA.

The elite know this and at this point I absolutely cannot blame them for wanting to use mass mind control via tech, chemicals and psychological warfare on the public of various nations. I truly see their point.
If the people have the power of mobs then that right there shows their lack of intelligence. It must be scary being in a position of power and seeing everything in overview, realizing that entire populations of humans are just apes, monkeys with similar behavior.

Then again I am convinced that gang stalking creates Hitlers and tyrants purposely anyway.

The only answer is to just put the info out there and let whoever wants it use it to not be enslaved. The beauty of this is that in order to do so they will have to live up to the challenge of being truly Willful and self governing
The information itself will work this way I personally dont have to do anything but deliver it.

After my task is fulfilled I can get on with getting the homeless industry revised and improved. I can move on to living and making something my responsiblity that will truly be mine. This damn book is something I am programmed to do, like a task in a computer. Its nothing more than a final courier job. Thats all.

Its laughable how everyone around me for this duration has made it so personal.
The ongoing, infinite chess game with the Luciferian system is not personal. Its the most impersonal thing in existence. The sun shining in day and the moon coming out at night feels more personal than the simplicity of the game.
Thats why they mess you up so hard and bring hate into your life. So you cant play chess properly. So you are reduced to just an ape, a monkey. Living off fear and hatred. Its proven that fear makes it hard for us to reason. To think logically. I can stay logical now under duress but the fact is is that I live daily under duress. There has been no time in years when I was truly able to make moves in say, the game they have been playing with me
concerning all the things I could actually sue for that are accepted as believable. Theres no way I could have focused or can focus on those things.
It matters little if kinds of people I am forced to live among know my story or not or understand whats going on in part or not. The system knows that these types will destroy me and get in my way constantly anyway.
I have little choice but to live amongst, low intelligence, losers, the ignorant and dysfunctional people. The gs system doesnt allow you to live in any other environment.

The problem is that the animals that live down here can sense weakness and take advantage of it. A TI is someone who has been tortured. Literally. Often in order to avoid snapping we will become very conscientious people and try to help people or make things more just around us. This morality if u will along with the ' break' in the person, that weakness caused by being beat down by gang stalking is what attracts predators and bullies.

When I was younger this moron accidently smashed a plastic chair leg on my head and left a cut thats now a scar. Some very big men came to the house and forced him to apoligize but to this day I still want him to have a permanent scar where I have one as revenge. Without that I cant process the scar. I look at it every day in the mirror but Ive never really acknkwledged that its real. I simply keep myself in a state of suspended time on he the issue-as if its not there.
Same thing with my pinky that got bit off by that dog at Mary Holiday's house when she tried to make me her free slave labor. I simply dont deal with it.
There are way more Survivors of mind control projects than just the ones you hear about. Very few people are capable of fighting the gs system and also few are willing to sacrifice their lives for the cause of exposing the cult(s). Especially when connected to spying, drug running etc.

Friday, February 3, 2012

GS Can Be Managed In Immediate Neighborhood

Before I decide to Rambo up on this place I figured I would try to make some simple rules instead. Today the consistent drive by and learing happened and they saw I was.with someone so it stopped after only a few cars. They are also smart enough to not act out when people are watching. Last night I experienced this as well where two guys in a small independent contractor pick up truck (common across the country for being gs perps) were doing the learing thing and focusing way too much on me for it to be normal, then a bicyclist drove by and they ceased their actions. Its amazing how nomal, peaceful and disengaged they appeared, all on the drop of a dime.
And in my immediate neighbkrhood marked cop cars are part of it.
However the cops near the supwrmarket actually busted a guy for cruising who drove up right in front of me on a sidewalk at the bustop. :)

Me bekng a white woman is used as the excuse or cover story for the frequency of harassment but thats bs becuz a Mexican asked me if I was Native. My hair and eyes are dark enough that excuse shouldnt work.

Ive established over the years that if u r with someone in on it the perps dont care they go ahead and act out anyway.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

No One Gets In My Way

I guess the neighborhood I am in wants me to go o war with them and have it cleanes up by force. Ill call the fuckin feds if the cops dont do their job (u can't have it both ways u corrupt greedy bastards).

I cant even walk through the neighborhood after dark without massive corner to corner gang stalkng and stray dogs or Johns. (I know its gs becuz its tactical). There must be so many scumbag pedophiles down here.
Armed to the teeth is whst u need here. Pepper spray, firecrackers, bb gun, knife, flame thrower for the dogs who walk oit of thier yards and get aggresive. And a taser for both human dogs and four legged ones. He men are so arrogant down here. They seriously need to learn who u cwn fuck with and who u cant. They need to learn what kind of white people live in the north becuz obviously they never left this hole and went to NY or Boston. They need a serious beat down. And with no cops in sight becuz they CHOOSE to not patrol the area properly I could get away with alot. Go ahead try and stop me. I aint leaving and I am not moving. In fact this is where I am going to start my lawsuit and write my expose. And this neigjborhood is going to host me and behave and mind their business as I do so.

If not there will be consequences. I am a Cedrone. And I am my uncle's blood. Do u honestly think that I cant pull it off or I dont have ths heart or rhe balls.

For some reason this neighborhood pisses me off more than other places in the country. Its the arrogance. Mostly male, only once some little hood rat Mexican girl said some overtly personal shit to me in a supermarket then of course one of the staff accused me of stealing and security may or may not have been in on it. I will call corporate. Ill get people fired on being racist.

Its an election year here right?

Do not fuck with me. And if I show up at town or district meetings constantly causing trouble demanding change in the neighborhod be thankful I didnt choose to form a vigilante gang and go the route kf my family.

I will force every asshole out of this neighborhood and down on his knees.

Keep fucking with me.

And dogs who leave thier yards are going to start disappearing.

I dont like ignorant aggression IN MY WAY. NOBODY GETS IN MY WAY

No one gets in my way.