“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hit Hard This Evening

I made this horrible mistake. I used my card to buy my roommates's iPhone for her becuz she was short a few dollars and she paid me back that day. But I didn't even think about the fact it was an iPhone or the carrier is SPRINT. That company bought Nextel and they were the ones who owned those cell phone repeaters that were on top of my old apartment 335 Washington St in Brighton MA. The conspiracy was such an overt COVERT affair that a worker at a local social services agency snuck in paperwork mapping out the towers and the companies behind it into my paperwork folder she gave me. It was either to try to warn me or as part of the experimentation perhaps to find out how much a deprogramming Survivor can focus on outside task or dramas whilst going through such a process internally. To this day I wouldnt put it past them to have this kind of stress test as part of the experimentation.

Anyway I had Sprint as a wireless internet provider for a year or so and felt it wasnt safe with that company. Also I had Virgin Mobile as a pay as you go cheap phone and they were very unsafe. I recall when I got rid of their service the guy in customer service was pissed. You coud tell. They thoight they were going to have me fooled forever. After a while you clearly define who is genuinely innocent in this and who knows about it. The people in on it usually have extreme and severe control issues with Targets and human beings in general. Once you fully realize they are peppered among the general population you can then recognize behaviors that arent normal for this society in a social situation or conducting business. In fact that is how many TIs become mentally insane is becuz they dont understand its abnormal for bus drivers to harass you daily or for your family to be sincerely cruel to you. Eventually the person just commits suicide (on cue with internal programming that is) or they act out or simply lose their minds. It depends on how the perps have the intensity levels set. THIS IS WHAT DEFINES THE KIND OR PHASE OF CAMPAIGN. For instance when a Survivor of mind control say, programming which often includes RA, is in the phase of simply being controlled by the system in place then they usually serve to keep you down only and miserable. You dont know any different becuz youve nevet been treated any different. When they want to trigger suicide programming there is a complex process but that does include intensifying the stalking and harassment. Years of a lifetime of misery take effect as fuel to compell the person to follow the suicide sequences that are being triggered (they may appear as what our society now knows as a 'thumbnail' and triggering these sequences is like 'clicking' on the thumbnail. Interestingly if Survivors of programming were to be believed-some parties somewhere have had computer capacity to program humans like the computers we know today many years back. This js why many programmed people have a love hate or sympatico/rejection relationship with computers. We can understand them intuitively yet asking us to use one is like asking us to slow down and use a much slower system outside of our own internal system which makes absolutely no sense at all. They do so much brain damage over the years to Targeted Survivors of programming that eventually you become a simpleton anyway. Its inevitable.Brain damage and keeping the Survivor from stimuli and growth intellectually. Its extremely sad what they destroy.)

Ever since she got that damn phone I have felt the effects of it and she herself has changed a bit. Its pointless to explain to someone but it sucks to watch. I wasnt in Target mode and wasnt considering how that totally risked my security. I do my best.

So its very possibly that phone and its carrier driving me nuts. It coukd be also the info I gave got my targeted by those parties at this address but via a different delivery system.

The wifi router in this house is Cisco Systems http://mil-embedded.com/articles/case-ethernet-switches-the-military/
so there's another possibility.

Its been awful. Ever since that those last posts today Ive been bombarded by a non stop interface if thats what best describes it. Truman Show consistently. Its been terrible.
And its ONLY IN THE BEDROOM sleep in. When I left that room it went away and would return upon re-entery. It was so bad tonight that I reacted, or coped dont know which by doing what seemed like reacting to the intense feeling (created by the illusion) of being watched by multiple persons. Its interesting to consider that these instances can be used against the person. The system targets people to make them nuts, then when the person naturally reacts to stress levels this could be used against that person to put their mental state in question.
(Of course this ended approx. 12 midnight).

I feel as if I was sufficiently under control today and I broke this control thats been building over past weeks by creating those posts.

It just never ends. Being a traveler is the only safe situation for being targeted that is and yet its very unsafe in a number of conventional ways.

I guess they want me in a vehicle wreck, to die on the street or if that wont do, go nuts or at least waste my life being held back by whatever stalking/harassment and remote influence can provide.

It seems Im to be held back until this election is settled. Either Romney or Obama again. Possibly Paul (not a chance). Gingrich is obviously only there to make Romney not look so severe and insane. Whoever wins per usual it doesn't matter.

I dont know why they are so against this book. Its not going to be professionally done and only a minority will read it. Most citizens will remain their slaves and their plans for the NWO will keep on going. My book is supposed to give the worthy a fighting chance becuz whoever is behind this isnt playing fair. At least throw the info out there..sheesh. Many people won't believe anyway or will choose enslavement. Only those interested in a fate otherwise will read what I have experienced. So why are they sooooo threatened? Its ridiculous.