“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Megabus Plays For The GS System So They Can Get Big And Evil Like Greyhound

Tell the perps @ Megabus to cut the sh*t on the phone line customer service or theres gonna be problems.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Something In Water In Cambridge/Rethinking Allies In The NWO/21 Century Survival

Ive posted about this weeks ago that there's something wrong with the environment in Cambridge MA. The problem seems to stem from the water supply. Spring water and products like Disani water arent helpful.

DISTILLED WATER seems to be the only safe alternative. And the strange effects of the water seem to stem out to Brighton, MA as well.

The effects include jerking of limbs when laying down to rest during day or sleeping at night. The head or leg or even whole body will jerk quickly as if its a neurological or motor dysfunction.
Theres also the effect I call 'celestial winds' which might not make alot of sense. While resting in addition to jerks of limbs and head one feels as if an invisible wind is blowing the body around but this includes thoughts in the mind also. It seems as if the person now exists in a dimension where a wind is blowing around body and mind.

This really does resemble a state induced by drugging but I was thinking that it may be caused by the person being hit with low level electromagnetic or microwave energies. A way to slowly destroy a Target's health and sanity.
Yet, Ive found that drinking distilled water makes this condition disappear. Usually I get water for my Nalgene container from local restaurants in Cambridge and Brighton.

Twice Ive switched to distilled water and both times that strange jerking and blowing around effect have gone.

Stands to reason its something in the water supply.
I have experienced other people jerking their limbs and body just like me when drifting off to sleep so its not just a personal experience.

Perhaps I should film it.

Yesterday it was very bad as I've been on antibiotics for an infected tooth extraction site and the medicine was making me ill due to my liver not being able to process the medicine as well as a totally healthy liver and my prior damage to tissues from mold exposure. I was starting to just sleep all the time which isnt easy now that this area doesn't allow public sleeping during day and the Womens Center is limited.

I refuse to go to other day drop ins for women or even night shelters-years of harassment both gang stalking and just ignorant bad behavior from most homeless people in stay in not outside (shelter rats) has left me with memories so damaging that I cannot subject myself to any more abuse which always occurs in those places.

The powers that be and many in the authorities know that a good portion of The Homeless are Targeted Individuals. Either experimentees, Ritual Abuse victims or whistle blowers-inconvenient people. The public doesnt know and it seems they just dont think that way. This isnt the USSR or East Germany-its America.
Covert ops dont get conducted in secret here. No, not in the freedom loving USA.

What better place than the homeless culture which is corrupt, lacks oversight or transparency where human and civil rights abuses are commonly committed-where the population being treated like prisoners doesnt even have representation from within its own. A population riddled with the scurge of humanity and low functioning mentally ill, drunks and addicts.

This is a world where highly intelligent, talented people are driven into in order to isolate us from society and to continue further actions against us like MK Ultra or behavior modification.

Silencing and discrediting Targets is what this population is used for. One special person with good intentions cant stand up against an ocean of lowly, ignorant, destructive low lifes.
In shelters the kinds of people you encounter are different from outside sleepers or Travelers.
They are too lazy or scared to stay outside or seek better conditions by travel. They lack initiative, high intelligence, inventiveness or resourcefulness.
They also are usually trying to get housing or something else from being in there. Gang stalking offers them opportunities to get money, expedient housing or just a reduced sentence or not caught doing some sort of criminal activity.

Only the HSHS in Cambridge is a decent one and ive stayed in them nationwide. Its becuz the Harvard atteacts people with something to give-writers, artists, personalities, musicians and theres usually an agreement that a peaceful environment in order to exist and create is what we want to maintain. It used to be self policing but its suffered in past years due to the inability to get rid of people who dont have the same kind of homeless lifestyle.
Basically ghetto f*cks or total messy drunks or people who dont care about Harvard and just use it to squat for a while and move on.
YUPpies and gentrification have made it less attractive to be here but Harvard itself still puts out enough magic to make people want to be houseless here.
People dont seem.to understand that Harvard University actually guides people. Its a magickal place-the land its on, the structure of the Square itself. Why do you think the founders built a yard around Harvard?

They knew that anything good people try to change or ruin. If it wasnt for the Yard the corporate bastards would have put a Starbucks in there by now and turned half of it into condos or some other horror.

They even took one of Hasty Pudding's buildings and turned it into student housing. Really? Is the economy that bad?
Equality and globalism is destroying the concept of elite or exclusivity. People now actually believe if you can afford Harvard and get in then thats elite. The old money ways are gone from cities. New money and foriegners actually believe that cost equates the experience.

We live in an era where people are obsessed with decoding the Mona Lisa so that everyone can understand the magic even if uninitiated or not born natural to them.

Anything genuine or artful by nature pisses off the sheep who believe money should equal access.

Harvard knows this. Im a homeless women whos reputation has been tarnished beyond repair yet this institution has kept me, guided me, protected me and continues to urge me to be at my best by trying to improve social conditions I've experienced need to change. In fact Harvard does not want me to leave even though in disgust I desire to abandon it time and time again.

I haven't paid a dime. I have no accreditation. I am hated and disliked, held in suspicion.
Harvard is about rising above such adversity and accomplishing goals especially to improve conditions. No amount of Curious George stores or other nightmarish tourist crap can prevent that.

Thats the thing about the elite that people don't understand. At a certain level of existence people run into the magickal world. Elites didn't get so wealthy sitting around letting the likes of Hollywood or common opinion dictate to them. They did something to gain. Something that common people wouldnt be capable of.

You are supposed to enjoy the Mona Lisa not cut her apart and if you dont get it then find something you do. Not everyone is supposed to see the math or geometry or way such a thing was made.

This younger generation thinks destroying thousands of years of evolution is creating a New World Order. Sick people with very ugly minds and petty hatreds. People who say sick things like "its rebuilding humanity from the ground up". Oh yes, thats so artful.

The NWO is at war with every genuine artist, genius and beautiful soul in existence. Caling them Satanic is senseless becuz as I recall Satanic artists etc were never so boring or far removed from the animal in human nature.

These people more resemble insects. They are weak and can only exist in groups and group think. The concept of beauty of any kind eludes them.

And they hate and fear any sort of true magick or anyONE of any class or demographic possessing true magickal ability or talent.

Harvard will always exist by the design of its creators to guide the worthy and those it chooses as its protectors. Harvard chooses you by the way not the other way round. Harvard is selfish and it will try to keep and posess people its insistent on guiding but humans are effected by whatever environment they are in or land we are on more than we like to admit.
It's here or someplace else thats going to effect your life. Why do you think people keep coming back here?

So this very special many Harvard homeless are themselves not aware of is what makes being homeless in other places undesirable. The rest of this area is all ghetto homeless culture and its destructive and counter productive.
Other areas of the country are full of people just as negative who happen to be from other races and cultures and their shelters are just as awful. They are just as negative, ignorant and destructive as Boston and in some areas more dangerous.

Ive been urged lately to start a homeless place just for our people here in Harvard area. The bad guys however must have seen an eventual activist in me and thus made sure I was discredited over the past two years.
Again Harvard brings out a purity of heart that simply piles this into the obstacle section as one more thing to overcome (or use to one's advantage even) in accomplishing set goal or project.

Don't doubt for a minute that Harvard doesn't want you to work and toil for its further glory or continued prosperity. This is part of its posession of you but like the physical structure it takes energy and then nourishes everything in its environment. You will gain something of permanence but no its not fun. And theres alot of suffering and humility required which I hate the most.

Theres been experimentation in Harvard but theres also been positive effects from the structure in place. Remember the use of technology to psycho-manage areas is new. Its like a net put over the natural structure of what man has built.
So say for instance someplace was structured to produce a certain flow of energy-like Harvard or other places I've been where construction is magickally based. If you put technology into the environment, the way the people who are behind the NWO are doing it, you disrupt the results produced by the original structure(s).

These structures were meant to protect and nourish human life and to save people from the effects the energies the natural landscape may have on them. Look around in any city and try to imagine what was there before humans built. That is what you would have to live in and be subjected to without false environments constructed by humans.
However it seems that moreso now construction is being done to enslave and imprison humans not to provide and protect.

Without the interference of electromagnetic pollution in Harvard Square the energy would be different. Anyone sensitive to these changes can experience this on electromag 'clear' days like Saturday (daytime only) is reduced, Sunday and federal holidays. In other locations Saturdays are completely clear or not clear at all. Saturday night in the metro Boston area is extremely negative, dark and very dangerous for me as a Target. It can cause everything from violence towards others to self injury. Why this is I dont know. Its been my experience that these technologies are used to create or increase consumption (food etc) or consumerism in humans specifically in cities. Perhaps the taking of drugs drink and going to clubs/bars is increased by this.

So these old structures are what the NWO insects want to destroy. Until they can get rid of every old building or sacred place they simply drape over areas with an electromagnetic web via cell towers, microwave recievers and other means. Even florescent lights can effect humans adversely.

Theres too much electromagnetic pollution and too many electrical fields being created. Add to this radiation let into the environment by sources like Fukushima and other nuclear leaks or accidents.

Basically sensitives like me have to exist in what feels like a radiation soup in the environment.

No amount of positive energy producing structures left by the elders through construction and symbol is going to be able to counter that.

It's become so bad here in Boston that I only feel functional and clear enough to be at safe levels when Im at my storage space, in an old steal and concrete building, covered inside with metal walls and ceiling. Thats where it feels like a normal environment to me like when I was younger.
This is another reason I travel. To get free of the radiation soup in cities but also to experience different effects from natural land structures and other cities-with different levels of the soup if you will.

Most healing is being on highways between inhabited areas where there's nothing for miles.
I find it strange that Fukushima and the Carlsbad, NM WHIPP facility accident in a very short amount of time has guaranteed those areas poisoned by radiation, when in fact the SW and the west coast provided the most healing from damage done to the human body by these man made conditions.

It seems feasible its a new form of terrorism on populations. Earthquakes, floods and 'accidents' like I just mentioned.

In order to enslave mankind, like the insect people who love the NWO so much want to achieve, you have to make sure that humans have no place to run to. That they must eventually depend on technology and invention of more falsified and totally insular environments in order to protect them from...the radiation produced by humans to begin with.
(Who builds a nuclear plant on an island like Japan in an earthquake zone like The Ring Of Fire? This is why activists like myself must be considered insane-becuz the decisions being made by greedy, careless, malicious people in power are COMPLETELY insane.)

It concerns me that it appears that drinking water in Cambridge and Brighton MA areas are causing strange effects.
This summer Harvard gave Bush and Bloomberg a commencement. And a governor is taking over whos father worked for Nixon and Reagan.

The only thing I can think of is to appeal to the Republican style and claim we want to cut the crap with people controlling our lives through free hand outs and create something in the area where we don't have to put up with outsiders who dont share our aesthetic or lifestyle and demand people contribute to such a place to make it work.

Many people have said that they don't see Obama doing things like this, all the anti homeless laws and sentiment created in the past few years. Yes hes perfect for this second phase after Bush. People put their guard down due to his being as he is.

HUD is now injecting African Americans into any area without enough 'diversity' under Obama. This is not only an invasion of people's right to live as they wish amongst whom they prefer but its also to those of us who know what's going on, who've been shown through the horrible and near deadly Bush years- a way to ensure that spies and NWO advocates are present in every community across the United States. Many 'people of color' support the NWO due to its 'equality' ideal. Which means they are guaranteed to inherent a world built from thousands of years of evolution from other races and cultures yet modified for them. These peoples have been kept down and groomed for this purpose for centuries by those in power desiring world wide enslavement of humanity. Anyone from the enslaved people of color cultures who might actually serve to set free their people and build their own worlds and lives have been targeted and eradicated by programs such as COINTELPRO.

Jay Z or Farrakhan are considered somehow suitable examples of black freedom fighters when in fact they only serve the system and the powers. Anyone who truly advocates freedom from the system is targeted and silenced, isolated or left broken. Unless they have a strong backing of some kind.

So anyone not going along with these policies is racist of course to gain compliance.

Its the fact that blacks are house slaves nowadays. Gangs like Crips etc were funded by the CIA, crack, Iran Contra etc and conveniently the Mafia had just been busted down during Reagan. COINTELPRO seems to have cleaned house so no true threats or disobedient house slaves remained and the rest was just slow engineering over decades. Besides, blacks have been minding the big house for the Man since slavery. The Man has made sure this continues in his favor but without many blacks knowing thats the purpose they serve.
Im sure they see the powers destroying the middle class and white working class people becoming angry and disenfranchised. They will go along with this as long as they benefit and it's their usual position as 'house slave' that is served.
Their loyalties in this country always have been and always will be with The Big House. Any true uprisings to set right the original enslavement of their people from Africa will be shot down and destroyed. I sight history as my proof. And its not racist-I just don't trust them anymore.

Not after what Ive seen since the 90s. Maybe they were aligned with us after the 60s in poverty but after a thorough reworking and slow engineering of African Americans and their environment things are not as they were.
Even the corporate prison system is proof they are being harvested and used once again for profit.

I feel for this population and their plight but in the battle for humanity that's going on now African Americans are on very shaky ground as freedom fighters.
All they see is the fight for their own causes, freedoms and they've been brainwashed with the misinformation campaign of racism called 'People Of Color' who they see as aligned with them in their struggle.

(An 'Asian' from China is closer in race to me as Im Slavic and Russian as opposed to an African American who posesses African DNA and most likely some European DNA most commonly in US-Scottish, Irish, Jewish, English, Scandinavian or French as these were the most common slave owning European ethnicities, in some areas Spanish but thats from Spanish occupation of entire area at some point.
Native American would be the only Asiatic genetic similarity, unless getting into detail, one includes Arctic indigenous Saami DNA in Scandinavians.

Grossly inaccurate groupings and rearranging of races and entire geographical areas of the earth are due to the insane concept of 'political correctness'. 'People of Color' is racist and purely for manipulation of humans for the purposes of the elite's agenda.)

They are going to put people into areas across the nation who are going to disrupt that areas natural and self determined social structure with violence and an arrogant sense of privilege destroying whats left of cultures other than their own.

Theyve become the destroyers that run in their veins, inherited from their enslavers. (Sadistic tendencies are genetic and passed down).


This is why I dont trust many African Americans. It's not the African so much as the oppressive white man I recognize in their faces.

Slavery of humans is actually an age old science. You can read old slave manuals online and the psychology is pretty sick.

This is what's been polished and sophisticated into the NWO plan to enslave humanity.
Every city and town across the.USA is under mass mind control via
1-psy ops
2-chemical influence

If people don't know that then ideas and agendas like the NWO become revealed as extremely dangerous and the biggest threat to true freedom, liberty and advancement of humanity in existence.

It seems the 21st century is going to be survival through carving out areas away from the system or radiated areas even.

It's no wonder this disconnection equates danger in the minds of anti terrorism experts now.

The point is to ensure everyone is in sight for either kill off or control.

Civilized areas like this one that contain any sort of resistance by their construction are places to survive while maintaining a relationship to a legit community.

Which is probably why our scene has been destroyed and anyone with any genuine leadership qualities who could accomplish such a feat has been set up to be discredited.

Which doesn't mean we shouldn't try it anyway.

It's amazing to me watching the public so calm and content and living life as if nothing is wrong.
Oblivious to the reality.

Eve Ensler-A Thief And A Fraud?

Vagina monologues-stolen? Both the writing and the monologue style delivery?

Who knows how many creative people are Targeted and monitored who get ripped off constantly by the gang stalking system.

Her new stupid production features a mother daughter theme. The daughter becomes a dumpster diver (something Travelers do to get foodstuffs other useful things to survive.) So we have a mother daughter fighting. Ok part of my story.

Then shes got dumpster diving and the daughter living in an alt subculture to keep her ideals. Another part of my story.
(Of many TIs actually.)

Most annoying is the graphic used in the ad which is seen on the side of buses etc here in Boston.
Its a stick person female figure as seen in signs for restrooms etc reaching into a trashcan. But the way it's stylized is exactly like a picture i used on my social networking site.

And of course it wouldve offended her and hers becuz it was a stick figure man throwing the three symbols for the big three Abrahamic religions into the trash (Judaism, Islam, Cjriatianity) and it said "Keep Europe Pagan". I restyled it to make the male stick figure female and it looked just like the figure used in the ad for her recent production OPC

Even though shes supposedly anti Zionist and anti Israel shes still a person from a demographic that has shown to have a larger than usual population advocating for a New World Order. (Even though Jews in France are getting rioted and harassed by Muslim immigrants. Gee why is there no outcry about THAT as anti Semitic?)

She's succeaaful in the entertainment business now a firmly rooted part of the military/entertainment/corporate prison/medical/academic industrial complex.

It's simple-it puts me right back under my biological mother's control which the gs system has been trying to do always. They always try to keep recreating the original environment that the Survivor was in with the mind controlled family of origin.

This also has the effect of potentially making me feel like no matter how hard I try to escape my mother's control (the trash picking stick figure-the Traveler subculture where I reinvented myself) i will never be free of the mothers control or the mother-daughter conflict.

It also creeps me out by having someone once again steal my creativity and use it for their own success.

Its also a privacy invasion and a 'haha, we see you' to have something from my Traveler life and social network site crossed with my life as a Targeted Individual and mc Survivor.
It could also be part of the f*cking NEVER ENDING attempts to psychological push and cause integration of alters by force which is one of the most offensive, destructive and immoral things this system does to targeted survivors of programming.

Its also a bait or bribe. Temptation. 'Oh see. Your creative ideas work. If u would give up your activism and come to the arts or theatre you could be very successful. Why let people steal your ideas?'
Yeah okay.

Lastly the fact shes a Jew may be to fees into the Mel Gibson effect. Which is targeting people with certain content and using only certain demographics so they are made paranoid that every single person of that demographic is responsible which is never the case.

How can you be Politically Correct domestically but a war criminal abroad? Yet again just another scam.

Just ignore it.

There are many artists who steal TIs ideas and this used to be viewed as paranoia. Now with so much gang stalking activism it's obviously totally feasible.

If there were blogs like these decades ago, maybe the obviously targeted Solanis wouldnt have shot Warhol.
(Which they try to push you to the point of doing anyway but it's easier to fight if you aren't isolated and you're informed.)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wahlberg Cares SO MUCH For American Special Forces Soldiers He Sideways Insulted Tom Cruise For 'Em!! (Lawyers Included)/Movie LONE SURVIVOR


Hes so protective of military huh? He's worked hard for the military-industrial-entertainment-(which could also include academic, medical and corporate prisons)-complex.

Hes been involved in very nasty media psy ops in various movies in his career,making sure to serve the interests of the corrupt organized crime connected Boston area, which made him famous, with other pawns such as Ben Affleck.

Wahlberg is most infuriating however as when he does such things for the Dirty Tricks Dept he does so with such an obvious hatred put forward towards the intended victims.

And he is certainly Satanic in nature with a hatred to match.

I highly suspect that little Marky Mark made it in the business sadly how many young males gain fame-by being victimized by the perverts who hide in the business. Its written all over him, has for years. Whitey Bulger being a pedophile was somehow more accepted becuz he was not Italian organized crime. I have yet to ever see such an accusation and probably never will.

The guy who recently explained to me that a 'dirty faggot' runs things in Boston is now in jail for rape. Its questionable if he's in there becuz of his actions...or becuz he had a big mouth. Ive learned that in cities like this and in businesses like Hollywood-the worst people get protected as long as they are quiet, compliant and make people money or serve their purpose.

Wahlberg has always appeared to me to be a somewhat damaged and very underlyingly angry man.

Hes done well with the cards he got at the table.

Yet movies like The Lovely Bones
from the ever creepy and evil Speilberg (who hides really well) are revealing in how much hatred he is truly capable of and how offensive he is to those he victimizes...on behalf of the military in any and all of it's goals making movies for psy ops as well as straight Hollywood well timed propaganda.

As he takes part in media for the purpose of ritual abuse and psy ops for MK Ultra type black projects he doesnt seem to have any compassion for the victims of such classified projects, who live through years of torture as has been perpetrated at Guantanamo Bay and Nazi camps (MK Ultra being rooted in Project Paperclip).

People like me- Survivors of high level programming, inter-generational MK Ultra experimentees who now live as Targeted Individuals with no voice, no credibility and even smeared by slander campaigns to constantly cover up the truth with diversions more easily believed by a naive public - we will never see our families again either.

Worse we will never get a heroes welcome or any acknowledgement of our suffering, our triumphs or our fight to assist humanity.
We are shunned by the communities we knew as hometowns.

The title being Lone Survivor is so blatant. The term survivor has been readily abused by media psy op perps and in person gang stalkers alike for years ever since I started using it with a capitalized 'S' to represent peoples who are deprogrammed from mind control which commonly includes Ritual Abuse of an occult nature when utilized by MK Ultra type projects.

I can see clearly that he works for people who are passionate about protecting and acknowledging the military as they not only make them incredible amounts of money through projects like this but through investments...and of course to a special place in Hollywood-aiding and protecting the interests of Israel.

He is their servant and of the connected 'organizations' that made him famous-who's involvement in the business of killing, (which was a natural progression for them as war profiteering. Hey, go with what you know, right?) remains as hidden powers behind the 'industrial' complexes.

We need movies like this-to feel righteous again. As a country America much prefers evil and deception to truth.

Maybe his next 'film' (ahem) will be about innocents killed in drone strikes or the total immorality and insanity of a society that can now kill during war using machines so there is no human consequence to killing in wartime thus ensuring more wars.

Perhaps a sci fi film about how when a civilization reaches such technological and scientific superiority there shouldnt be anymore wars to begin with.

But lets take the public away from the elite's profiteering and insane transhumanism for a minute and appeal to the old reliable all too human, vulnerable mere man as soldier. And the families.
And think of the CHILDREN!!!

It all works so well doesnt it?
And he just appears so damn humble here with his little outburst doesnt he?
Of course then we have to be impressed by the involvement of entertainment lawyers getting involved, which the military only wishes they had.

Imagine being tethered to paying a system for your fame and to protect whatever wrongs or secrets you have-for the rest of your life?

Its what many Americans call work it appears.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Man Got Involved With (Handler) Seems Tied Into MC System Locally

Now i know why people wanted me away from this guy. Once again a male i get involved with seems to take a piece of my soul or self and ruin my reputation in the community.

I keep having this problem repeatedly. Each person i get involved with just ruins my confidence. How the f*ck does this keep happening.

Most likely these are men who know im targeted and it gains them opportunity and cred to go out with me and drive me to despair.

I will have to make sure that anyone else i get involved with is genuine and understands or at least accepts this situation instead of exploiting me for it.

The northeast sucks. People around the US know who I am and they are all opportunists or treat me like my being targeted is a joke.

At least before this guy i had my dignity and my project now i feel like he's just been part of discrediting me and finally getting me to leave my hometown for good.

I need to find someplace where i am truly safe from people like this.

Whats genuinely creepy nowadays is how much the local mc system seems to be using this guy as a point of control over me.

The mc seena to force all focus to be on him and what he wants or needs.

The system locally is turning me into just a compliant girlfriend of someone who is neglectful, abusive and a gold digger.

Since Menino died and the administration changes in both Boston and Cambridge this area has changed foe the absolute worst. All the magic of the area is completely gone.

My goals once my only concern are being taken from me and Im being discouraged and reduced to nothing.

This guy is totally wrong for me yet im being controlled and manipulated so that i become broken and completed focused on him.

It goes right along with being arrested and having a small offense be treated likke such a big deal.

Whoever these new people are in charge they are noy allies. They are total enemies-of me, my freedom and years of hard work on this project.

Boston or NY are not acceptable places for me to live at this point.

Boston has become extremely anti homeless and NY is dangerous and full of bad elements.

The very fact i am being controlled to stay here and become broken like a horse or a slave or..go to NY and suffer other unimaginable woes shows me I have no allies left protecting me at this time. At least not like i did before.