“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Man Got Involved With (Handler) Seems Tied Into MC System Locally

Now i know why people wanted me away from this guy. Once again a male i get involved with seems to take a piece of my soul or self and ruin my reputation in the community.

I keep having this problem repeatedly. Each person i get involved with just ruins my confidence. How the f*ck does this keep happening.

Most likely these are men who know im targeted and it gains them opportunity and cred to go out with me and drive me to despair.

I will have to make sure that anyone else i get involved with is genuine and understands or at least accepts this situation instead of exploiting me for it.

The northeast sucks. People around the US know who I am and they are all opportunists or treat me like my being targeted is a joke.

At least before this guy i had my dignity and my project now i feel like he's just been part of discrediting me and finally getting me to leave my hometown for good.

I need to find someplace where i am truly safe from people like this.

Whats genuinely creepy nowadays is how much the local mc system seems to be using this guy as a point of control over me.

The mc seena to force all focus to be on him and what he wants or needs.

The system locally is turning me into just a compliant girlfriend of someone who is neglectful, abusive and a gold digger.

Since Menino died and the administration changes in both Boston and Cambridge this area has changed foe the absolute worst. All the magic of the area is completely gone.

My goals once my only concern are being taken from me and Im being discouraged and reduced to nothing.

This guy is totally wrong for me yet im being controlled and manipulated so that i become broken and completed focused on him.

It goes right along with being arrested and having a small offense be treated likke such a big deal.

Whoever these new people are in charge they are noy allies. They are total enemies-of me, my freedom and years of hard work on this project.

Boston or NY are not acceptable places for me to live at this point.

Boston has become extremely anti homeless and NY is dangerous and full of bad elements.

The very fact i am being controlled to stay here and become broken like a horse or a slave or..go to NY and suffer other unimaginable woes shows me I have no allies left protecting me at this time. At least not like i did before.