“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dunkin Donuts Downtown Providence GS Hot Spot-Typical Characters For A Downtown Major US City

The Dunkin Donuts at 78 Dorrance St in Providence RI is a GS and psych harassment hot spot. Its local People Of Color along with construction 'regular guys' and the business types from downtown.

A big Person Of Color named Sky who works behind the counter did everything to annoy me including mishearing my order and making lame excuses for it. I said in between 'thanks' and 'can I have a receipt?' "Gang Stalking is for losers" quickly. And guess what no reaction like a totally normal person would have had.

This is my latest discovery of a tactic to demonstrate that a perp is indeed doing harassment.

Another construction guy who is close enough to my race and class I just stared at him like 'REALLY brother?'after he did repeated gesturing in line while in front of me. He couldn't look me in the eyes.

People know when they are up to no good and if you can categorize them quickly you can see THEIR motives clearly as we as assess their being actual perps or not if u arent sure. It even provides proof in some instances if theres cameras or if u r filming.

Sky is never going to be ashamed or break becuz she connects gs to racial social justice-her people-'getting theirs' in society finally through cooperation in the NWO.

The frame up of me as racist also assists in motivating these types of perps and I really just consciously realized that.

It was smart of the system to frame me up at that juncture becuz of all the racial injustice going on with cops etc. We dont know if thats on purpose or not either.

Its definetly an age and racial motive eith a person like Sky and perhaps other factors like shes in trouble with the law, part of a gang or in it for financial gain or opportunity she wouldn't normally have access to.

When i thanked the kid behind the counter by referring to him with an old Italian word used decades ago between us in the northeast, "paisan" she lost a little control and you could see a bit of anger which I knew would occur due to her using a race mob mentality against me do I countered with my own racial identification one that connects to not only old power in this area but a the way bavk to the Roman empire.

she then did directed conversation where she basically referred to me and my racial reference as "old".

Ive talked to people who are into supposed gang life and they claim that a areas of the US like major cities etc have pushed out the old organized crime syndicates in order to make room for whst they believe is younger and more vibrant brutal and stronger gangs.

They first of all are total jerk offs who have no true understanding of what constitutes true power that rules and crushes.
Anyone can be in a cult or a mob. Peasants did it all the time through history and this is no different.

These people honestly do not understand that the intelligence agencies along with the elite shifted things this way and put them in what miniscule power they have (as a cultish mob) in order to create the New World Order as we are seeing it unfold.

Everyone thinks the old organized crime groups were taken down by the feds.
Its a joke.
Lots of people went legit and they busted who they had to in order to put on a show for the public. People like Gotti got alot of attention becuz he attracted it and they used that against him.

No one should be whinig about police and authorities simply managing crime becuz its you the American public who require vices they have to provide to you while still maintaining a safe civilized society that denies the existenxe of such things.

You are all hypocrites and part of the self righteousness of gang stalkers as well as society generally now is the denial you have to live in to survive.

You actually push 'social justice' down peoples throats when this goes against all kinds of human and civil rights yet the president can order horrific war crimes overseas and recently automated warfare like drone strikes is the best example.

The American public are a brainwashed fangerous mob of spoilt brats and Sky is a prime example of kids today who are big,healthy and privileged even in 'underprivileged' areas and racial demographics unlike when WE had to live in ghettos as kids.

America resents having to tighten its belt due to globalization so this is their major temper tantrum-taking it ouy on anyone they can to feel justified.

You are also a bunch of punks becuz you cannot stand against the powers that be that have caused these problems.

The entire country has turned into one huge bullying mob of self righteous punk asses who will kill anyone that gets in the way of their tantrum that it cant be as rich as post war America anymore as well as to protect the ABUSIVE and EVIL authority figures that provide them with what little they do have nowadays.

I will do a vid on counter tactics and a better one on perp motives as the last one was not up to quality.

Btw Ive gotten some decent people down here so dont knock RI just yet. Unlike MA they seem to have retained some integrity.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Gang Stalking May Be Part Of Experimentation Connected To Discoveries Of Ancient Humanoid Genes In Modern Populations

I think that much of the gs isnt just to hide war crimes and make Survivors lose memories.

I now believe much of it is experimentation based on genetics.

They may be experimenting on people based on having huminoid DNA that isnt bmodern human like Neanderthal or Denisovans.

If novelty and risk behavior connected to being a natural Traveler is in 20% of the population (DRD4-7R gene) as well as other huminoid DNA making humans different from one another this may be very valuble to their search for the Superman from MK Ultra and the Nazi rxperiments Project Paperclip etc.

The likelihood I have this gene is very high. An article among many about this new discovery said that it comes from Neanderthal interbreeding and that they were more focused in sight and movement than socializing.

It would make sense for the perps to take advantage of those of us say with these kinds of genes by doing gesturing tactics becuz its soley based on seeing and movement something they know Im more susceptible to than other people in the population. It also explains why I would prefer to dance or paint than do anything else in life. Which of course Im not allowed to do.

I also think that these new discoveries are being skewed so that science can preserve its outdated info.

Like Out Of Africa is focused on heavilu in PC articles about this new gene discovery and some skew the truth by trying to claim a percentagw of AFRIXANS had this gene which is why we left Africa while others didn't. Yet this cant be true becuz the gene comes from Neanderthals and no one in Africa has Neanderthal DNA. Thata something acquired from traveling outside Africa if you even believe the OoA theory.

Thats the thing. Understand something about science.
Theory is different from principal or laws.

The LAW of gravity is consistent and we a agree that when something falls its goin down to the ground. Our feet are on the ground. In fact we have to leave earth to have this law not apply to us any longer or enter into a false environment like a machine that creates anti gravity.

Out Of Africa is just a THEORY. Just as psychiatry is just THEORY.

Its agendas and manipulation and deception that creates the illusion of these things being any more than that. Its bullying and intimidation and monopolizing.

It's bullsh*t. And these theories have ruined countless lives as well as made life miserable for humans for decades.

I can even counter some psychiatric THEORY with the new gene discovery.
This gene makes Travelers risk takers and people who are creative out of necessity for survival. Articles even say the gene makes peoples bodies more adapted to long distance travel which explains why we seem to resemble one another etc.

The gene also makes people live longer than others.

Its also a gene linked to ADHD. Do u know how many Traveler kids Ive met who were medicated then figured it out, got off that psych med garbage then hit the road and realized their true nature?

Its also why the system was designed to jave us earlier generations taking illegal drugs as kids. ITS THE SAME THING. The people in power must have known some people have this nature and so the system was designed to trap us and keep us trapped so we could be kept like the people with just the DRD4 gene who dont even feel the need to leave the damn house.



Probably to drown it out, get it under control by surrounding people that pissess these ancient genes with people who dont who will intimidate and overpower and lower the natural quality of life or make sure people who dont naturally have it receive ancient genes from other humanoids from race mixing.

By the time the truth comes out it will be too late.

Its also written that Neanderthals were natural socialists.

They want to ensure that their slave system humans live in isnt disturbed by anything divergent.

This has always been the purpose of oppression nowadays. They are also trying to hijack human evolution and guide control even dictate it to suit their purposes.

This is why PC and all the brainwash are so important so people will not live and gather by FREE ASSOCIATION but by their social engineering.

Race is NOT a social construct thats a kie too and genetics prove it. 'Race' is an outdated word representing only part of what we now know....and always knew intuitively is genetics, ethnicity and culture.

A century from now the way we live is going to be looked back on in horror as unnatural, cruel and a crime against humanity.

Also I dont see PC or Diversity fixing any environmental issues and to be frank, People Of Color do not exactly have environmental concerns as the pinnacle of their societal culture.

Rap music was infiltrated and redesigned to create behaviors in people that depress, suppress, hypnotize and keep corporate prisons filled to 90% capacity.

Jazz music is evolution. Rap is devolution unless of course you are soley focusing on upward mobility by any means necessary and then making all poor people by brainwashing and force be part of your agenda is slavery. Psychological slavery.

The cons and scams that are involved in this huge effort to enslave mankind are many. The ultimate goal is to preserve 20th century indutrialism as long as possible until it and its oppressive structure as well as its slaves can be morphed into some other form thats similar but suited for the 21st century.

Math and science that prove the truth have already been discovered by the enemy and they will supress and skew this data and info as well as make evasive moves based on what they know those truths would change about society and humanity.

Anyone interested in not being a slave in future or any longer will keep up with the truth, pass the info on to others and live in accordance with those truths based on legit scientific discover EVEN IN THE FACE OF A WORLD BASED ON THE LIES AND DECEPTIONS of the enemies.

Being human means getting along with people unlike yourself and being peacable and civilized.

However having others who arent like you destroy who and what you are by nature and demand you allow them to rule over you, dominate and supress your true nature and destroy your people leaves only an animalistic instinct for survival which is also perfectly normal and healthy.

When people supress this instinct to survive destruction then you are truly the walking dead and enslaved.

Now its official. You are bored with their world and its NORMAL.

Its what Kurt (Cobain) said that we all understood: "I'm not like them/ But I can pretend".

Go with what you used to know about yourselves but now are being beaten down to deny.

Btw a bullshit Scientific America cover had a pic of an African coming out of Africa and it said "How we conquered the planet: cooperation".

This reflects the cult building theyve worked so hard on in the past decades. Obsessions with community and the hive mind.
More brainwash by focusing on one factor and not many.

It seems that according to actual new discoveries of DNA and archeology DIVERGENCE is what spread humans across the globe.

Risk taking restless novelty seeking drug taking travelers. Oh but we are just one piece of ancient DNA thats shown to exist.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Have Military Personnel Returning Home Invaded USA/ The Perfect Society Agenda of the NWO

Am I correct in my impression from traveling nowadays that most of the USA has been infiltrated by US military personnel who are now out of service or just home?

They are scary becuz they look like alternative people or YUPpies. These arent the jarheads or the past.

They also seem much more cynical and embittered. They arent the kind that came out of service with a wholesome solid sense of how to act.

They seem to be extremely corrupt and sneaky and have a moral compass that's totally fucked.

Which would explain also the increase in gang stalking as well as the hatred and resentment of anyone going against their cult.

They have the 'with us or against us' terrorist mentality firmly implanted.

Also they seem to be so sheltered dispite service and travel that they have an obnoxious sense of superiority due to their military service.

As if theres no other kind of fighting going on on other levels that might not be obvious in the world or American society.

They seem like the most petty closed minded i dare say stupid people to come from military service in any generation prior.

How much bullshit video game type virtual tech do they have these kids use nowadays. They dont even appear war torn.

I highly suspect that any vets who have problems and can't assimilate back into society ARE BEING TARGETED AND EITHER FORCED INTO RURAL HOMELESSNESS OR SUICIDE OR INSTITUTIONALIZATION which would also explain the presence of such a heavy gang stalking net over the US right now.

It makes sense. To continue the sick bs agenda of a perfect NWO society as well as get rid of anyone who would be a risk as a victim witness to US warcrimes or even show that war destroys minds especially this one so long running they want to get rid of anyone not fitting into the required mold of The Perfect Society.

I cannot believe this is happening.

But i predicted this years ago. Recall ive posted the powers that be that shape and build society seemed to be experimenting with FALSE ENVIRONMENTS. Creating them in public spaces perhaps to see if humans can exist in them or what they will do and how they will behave or react.

By logic the cameras would collect that data and observe. If you think this is far fetched firstly you havent seen what TIs have seen and secondly why is someone like me whos an apparent nobody targeted and why do they need to stop my book so badly.

My being just crazy is an excuse that never worked and if it did only among the ignorant many years ago.

How many suspect false flag ops does the public have to live through to see know something isn't right?

Thats part of it to. Perception and dictated reality have become false environments in themselves so, anyone willing to diverge and go outside that isnt suited to the falsified environment and might be targeted shunned etc.

Anyone willing to believe the shovel loads of bullsh*t is not a problem and stays as part of the deception.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Someone Please Tell The Latinos In Allston, MA That They Are Pawns On The Chess Board-Not Really In The Game

Will someone  PLEASE tell the gang stalking Latinos from like South America or wherever in Allston especially the laundromat that they are not the kings of rhe world becuz I live out of a backpack and am targeted.

They act like its some sort of easy luxury or like they are living the dream becuz Im targeted.

How stupid are these fuckin jerk offs?

MK Ultra isnt a normal regular situation. Its extremely complicated and dont even try to claim these people understand  MK Ultra at all. If they do its at thw retarded level of the Austin lot dealers and other scum-some  vague idea about sex slaves . Fuckin morons.

Take your bullshit machismo and go f*ck yourselves. Im Italian and Im older and have no children. Traditionally I would  be doing just what i am doing now in Italy-living as a man to provide for the family.

Dont challenge MY machismo becuz it pisses me off. Im in a woman's  body so what. That's YOUR FUCKIN PROBLEM not mine. Keep it to yourselves.

Black males have learned their lessons over rhe years about trying to challenge me and dominate. Being Latin you should actually know better.

Always remember u will forever be the errand boys and go-fers for the bigger organized crime rings.

Its so sad when they use their kids to do harassment. I cannot imagine what is going on at home.

Friday, July 3, 2015

All Jewish Perp Group On Commuter Rail Providence RI to Boston MA..Wtf

I was being gang stalked on the commuter rail as per usual if i go between Providence and Boston.

I started to notice something. One perp looked like the typical Jewish nerdy guy. I then looked closer at a foreign little group and at a blonde male who had white looks.

It hit me that they were ALL Jews. Even the three fat sisters that got off in Attleboro.

The self titled Black Sabbath song came on and i play my earphones loud.
They didn't like it much and seemed uncomfortable facing that much evil. But i scanned over the five different areas where there were stalkers of course all doing gesturing and being confrontational by giving dumb or devious looks.

I noticed the evil in them matched the music exactly.

Then Hypnotized by Biggie Smalls came on. They all loosened up and became comfortable.

They emjoyed rap music. It made them feel good.

Then I switched to Motörhead's Overkill and they became uncomfortable again. They looked oppressed, backs to the wall til the song ended.

I also noted the difference in the frequency of the foreign perp group doing gesturing (meant to look like random hair fixing especially hair ovee ears or toughing one side of long haor .

They stopped doing that stuff and so appeared less fidgety. Thus one can assume they were doing psych warfare.

Many times the hand over hair had no purpose as hair wasnt pulled back or fixed but simply a hand swiped over it quickly. More like very insane cult members repeating  ritual symbolism instead of it being random.

Got sleepy again on train.

I notice that these Jewish perps dislike music or aggressive sound from European males. (Metal).

I also now believe the harassment set ups as well as the chemical influence in the northeast is designed to make whites fight amongst each other and even prefer blacks if having trouble with other EuroAmerican peoples.

I actually cannot believe what I saw today. I dont want that to be true but it is.