“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Have Military Personnel Returning Home Invaded USA/ The Perfect Society Agenda of the NWO

Am I correct in my impression from traveling nowadays that most of the USA has been infiltrated by US military personnel who are now out of service or just home?

They are scary becuz they look like alternative people or YUPpies. These arent the jarheads or the past.

They also seem much more cynical and embittered. They arent the kind that came out of service with a wholesome solid sense of how to act.

They seem to be extremely corrupt and sneaky and have a moral compass that's totally fucked.

Which would explain also the increase in gang stalking as well as the hatred and resentment of anyone going against their cult.

They have the 'with us or against us' terrorist mentality firmly implanted.

Also they seem to be so sheltered dispite service and travel that they have an obnoxious sense of superiority due to their military service.

As if theres no other kind of fighting going on on other levels that might not be obvious in the world or American society.

They seem like the most petty closed minded i dare say stupid people to come from military service in any generation prior.

How much bullshit video game type virtual tech do they have these kids use nowadays. They dont even appear war torn.

I highly suspect that any vets who have problems and can't assimilate back into society ARE BEING TARGETED AND EITHER FORCED INTO RURAL HOMELESSNESS OR SUICIDE OR INSTITUTIONALIZATION which would also explain the presence of such a heavy gang stalking net over the US right now.

It makes sense. To continue the sick bs agenda of a perfect NWO society as well as get rid of anyone who would be a risk as a victim witness to US warcrimes or even show that war destroys minds especially this one so long running they want to get rid of anyone not fitting into the required mold of The Perfect Society.

I cannot believe this is happening.

But i predicted this years ago. Recall ive posted the powers that be that shape and build society seemed to be experimenting with FALSE ENVIRONMENTS. Creating them in public spaces perhaps to see if humans can exist in them or what they will do and how they will behave or react.

By logic the cameras would collect that data and observe. If you think this is far fetched firstly you havent seen what TIs have seen and secondly why is someone like me whos an apparent nobody targeted and why do they need to stop my book so badly.

My being just crazy is an excuse that never worked and if it did only among the ignorant many years ago.

How many suspect false flag ops does the public have to live through to see know something isn't right?

Thats part of it to. Perception and dictated reality have become false environments in themselves so, anyone willing to diverge and go outside that isnt suited to the falsified environment and might be targeted shunned etc.

Anyone willing to believe the shovel loads of bullsh*t is not a problem and stays as part of the deception.