“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where is the poor women's 'collective'? Oh, most Smart Poor Women arent poor for very long. The rest must be Targeted.

Thought I would improve on that pic I used in my recent other blog post.

It occured to me that poor women of all kinds dont seem to have any organized group. And it shows in the way we are treated, exploited and hunted as easy prey. I would love to see something for Poor Women.

-Not black men, but perhaps Black Women if they stuck to it with other WOMEN and not bring any race activism into the fold. We are trying to break free of the mistakes of the 70's like supporting black males only to wake up to the 90's with "Bitch" this and "Ho" that.
And even with how many black men have lots of babies but leave the women with no support, they have the audacity in media to often set standards for thier women like in rap songs or on BET, talking about sistas who 'have thier own jobs, thier own money'- who have thier sh*t together. WTF? Who the f*ck do they think they are? I could kill Steinem.
They also have a tendency to hunt Poor Women as easy prey. This must stop in every major city in the USA.
Becoming too Liberal means being so open minded that your brain falls out. We need to fix this.

-Not just Lesbians, who would be welcome but would not take over the group or set the tone. Poor Lesbians would be welcome.. I know a few and they are usually in agreement with me in most of our bitching about shelters etc. They just happen to have girlfriends instead of boyfriends.

-Not rich white women- which seem to make up a large number of 'feminists'. Anyone who disses ANY female in adult entertainment or the 'sex industry' is a friend to the oppressor not fellow females. Unless they were the types of Rich White women that have decided to slum it or hit the road and leave that lifestyle. Ex-Rich White women or Reformed Rich White Women would be welcome.

-I dont need Jewish women to speak for me. They are perphaps Poor White Women but I have never met one that was really truly poor-perhaps that is just the northeast where the tribe is very..uh, ethnically tight and proud. I dont need a Naomi Wolf and I wonder often why she is the shining example of rebellious political thought. As if only Jewish people are capable of social commentary of this kind that is intelligent. Maybe she is an invention of the Dirty Tricks dept-a co opt of a Poor Woman somewhere, capable of points of view just as intelligent but not allowed to be heard- to continue to keep us down.
Women like Tina Fey suck. When the cast of SNL seriously gets into influencing politics it may just be time to vote for Palin. Just to be contrary.

-We will not be talking about or doing comedy skits in relation to our 'periods'. Stupidest stunt pulled by Women who are feminist comedians etc. Boring as hell and totally weak as its obviously reactionary. Unless its painting with menstrual blood which is so ritualistic it should scare the sh*t out of anyone. Goooood.

-No infighting, no bullshit, not cliques (if that is even possible to acomplish with women anywhere, ever), no giving our detractors any kind of advantage. EVER.

-No Feminazi's. What the hell is that anyway? I have men like 30 telling me I am a f'eminazi'. I dont get it. I simply have been around for 39 years and now have standards I need to survive as well as I know the bullsh*t you are going to pull. How is that fascist? If you want to see fascist I can certainly muster that...I have not yet begun to be an *sshole..er I mean fight. Feminazi- stupid phrase. Should be 86'd ASAP. Though one of the only acceptable forms of viewing any human being IN Nazi garb is probably hot chicks- and I think that is something all of us from any race or religion can agree with unless yer really extreme.

-Veils are optional. Hmmm. I like that. I dont want to co opt or disrespect Muslim culture but I do like that and I have posted repeatedly that in this country I wish I possessed a veil on certain days, for privacy against the peering eyes of males. Anybody really. I should pull something like that, and see what its like to be mistaken for a Muslim.

Poor Women. I dont see alot of solidarity within this demographic. I see alot of this class taking up with ghetto men, spending time treating drag queens or trannies as gurus, and wasting time hating on each other or fighting amongst themselves by forming factions based on such bullsh*t differences. Men are diversions and so is race.

-Did I mention that you should be intelligent enough to function within such a group without the afore mentioned survival tactics or hang ups?

It might be that Poor Women are very limited or have been raised much more limited or stifled than any other group.
It would be interesting to get them away from race issues, thier men and thier babies long enough to see if anything can come of organizing this demographic.

-BABIES are the ultimate diversions- and I guess we would have to be stern on the mom issue. There are enough, MORE than enough services in the USA for mom's. In fact I have a bit of a resentment, becuz in the USA someone like me is hated but all a typical female has to do is drop one and she gets a level of respect perhaps she does not deserve as an individual. My own mother took on the MOM identity, in order to hide her personal failings and I suspect to keep men away from hurting her the way her father had. Which means moms can be total psychos but society will forgive this more easily- which is disgusting.
Some women with kids are very cool becuz they have an identity that is strong outside being a daughter, a wife and a mother. But the women who depend too much on any other kinds of identities or identify with outside things to define themselves may not be of help to organized Poor White Women. You'd have to leave alot of Mom at the door. I dont quite know what to do with that one.

-Not a female art collective that "fights descrimination" becuz there are enough of those, as well as we would not be trying to fight discrimination for all people discriminated against- just Us.

Its time that Poor Women get greedy and selfish for real- not just buy into society putting that on us a a guilt trip to control us or make us behave.

Yes, I am so angry with how much racism I have encountered in all this I do keep slipping to name it Poor White Women. But its not right becuz there are black women who do support us, who have been of help to us and who are not always ranting about "My MAN" and fighting with other women over something so petty as 'a man'. Yes they do exist. And there are black women who are on our side devoid of race- but its been very hard, admit it. We need to meet these women on equal ground and let them know we appreciate them as fellow Poor Women without them getting the idea we want to take part in acting like we are part of thier culture necessarily or that we want to take up with a Brother. In some areas of the country its difficult in some its very easy to seperate this. Unfortunately, I tend to get along a whole lot better with Rich Black females or ones that are doing ok for themselves..I will have to look at this as well. Perhaps it is the Poor Black female obsession with her man that is suspect as well as a turn off.
In SoCal black women NEVER go without a man..most women there on the street do not. I have heard a Poor Black Woman actually say "Its hard out here without a man". And that is SoCal for you-its incredibly sexist and they have no idea that this is the reality.

I dont know if a female from the Northeast can hang with women from other areas of the country, we are so used to women being independent here. Its expected for you to make it on your own if the men around you either betray you, victimize you or in general are not trustworthy or of value. That may not go for very ethnic areas where 'family' means everything- which again is disgusting to me.

Yes, I would like to form a Poor Women army. But the thing is that smart Poor Women shouldnt still be poor-which means I am probably going to be dealing with a group of Targeted Smart Poor Women. Which is the only explaination for this predicament, outside of some personal problem like drugs, alchohol or the person being 'crazy' to explain away thier being Targeted.

-No politically correct bullshit. In order to help or assist other Poor Women we have to get real about what the problems really are. No Oprah or her pimping you out to Dr Phil or Dr Oz, who looks too much like Hugh Hefner for my comfort anyway. Not that Hefner isnt allright but you'd have to know what you were getting into so you could use him as he is using you or his organization. The idea of a Hefner is ok a long as a woman is shrewd. And there should be support when a girl wants to grow up and leave such an industry- sadly I dont see enough of this- and Oprah isnt gonna help you there either.
Though she has done shows on women's issues that needed to be dealt with, the way she has positioned herself is a threat to males everywhere. I met young Dutch man who believed that Oprah might grow into something akin to Hitler. I explained to him that she doesnt have actual political powers here just media influence to sell a candidater perhaps. (What is this obsession with a female Hitler? I told this male fear to an old New Englander from one of the Brahmin families and he said "Its about time we had a female Hitler"which was funny but I know its not supposed to be.)

I see women handing thier power over to men in different ways they seem oblivious to. Like being sucked in by Oprah who is a female only to be pimped out to the likes of Dr Phil as a guru. Get a damned female expert on psychology. Its disgusting, him sitting there like he's in a harem or something. Look at the guy. Is THIS a guy you think is attractive? Hes got this yuckiness to him as a male, I cant put my finger on it. Shivvver. Ugh.
And people like Nancy Grace you need to be broken from that brainwashing as well. I dont trust any woman who is chasing after other women's children constantly in order to destroy the mothers. Get yer own babies bitch. She is so desperate for approval...again any woman who engages in divide and conquer among women needs to be held in suspicion. She is such a character assasinator. Look at her very closely for once, and think about RA. Tell me what assessment you come back with.

And Baba Walters. I want to like her but hating on comedians who do drugs to deal with thier depression by exalting people like Tina Fey and her female counterparts was inexcusable. And with a journalism degree (she does have one doesnt she?) should she be asking questions like 'How is it you got around THE drugs?'. Well darling, true talent is often not a pretty site and 'the drugs' tend to take away THE PAIN as well as THE DEPRESSION. In our happy world of bs we have totally forsaken real raw talent- in favor of the safer version of mediocre talent on Star Search...I mean American Hates its True Talent..I mean American Idol. That show is a testament to the mob being handed power in this country and is reeks of a nation that no longer tolerates real talent. Truly talented people are potential maniacs that make handlers...and insurance companies very uneasy. They are not a solid, reliable investment. Perhaps they are not good business, and we all know that corporate boards of know-it-alls who know little in many cases are calling all the shots nowadays, along with any govt faction that has a relationshit of convenience with them.
You let gay men who loathe and laugh at women dress you. You keep letting media hand you off to some MALE as a guru, and advisor or some other authority figure. Do you not trust other women so? Stop being conned into accepting male power over you, even in forms that look harmless becuz they are not. We need men and often we like men or love them but the USA has a definate problem with women having full control over defining themselves and NOT being just reactionary. Media 'life' is often what we believe about ourselves and our culture, even though in daily REAL life, dont women have a totally different reality? Men will not take over if we demystify ourselves slightly. Start being clever in putting true womanhood forward without giving up info to the enemy that can be used to totally enslave us.

Would it work? Could such a thing be manifested in the USA to exist in reality? Large groups of women are not easy to handle really. But it could be done.
I forgot to add: yes I realize that men suffer, they get taken in by women, abused etc. Thier moms sucked etc. I realize this and just becuz I speak of trying to support vulnerable women does not mean that I am one of these 'men are the enemy' in everything type. In fact when fighting off other men, men who support us or assist us are invaluable. Men show us how to strengthen ourselves. Men teach us to stop and think in ways that we would not otherwise be able to. What I am stating is that there is not much focus on women without it being sexualized, mom related or wife related. Men have thier world of sports for instance. I do not see such things for women, unless its a volleyball team that has far too much mascara on with shorts that are way to revealing. If you put men into that costume I would definately start watching more sports. There is a West Point where I was disgusted with the story of a female trying to survive among men. WHY the hell should she have to do that? Why is there not a private training facility for just women?
In ancient times in places like Greece and other cultures, women were afforded a time of privacy to bond, to strengthen themselves with group identity as well as even learn to battle effectively. Women in this culture, if they are independant, its expected that at some point they will give in to wife and motherhood,usually taking on even more than June Cleaver ever did to 'have it all' thus enslaved again, or to gain man-like influence and power in some respect like business etc.
This culture is clueless about women being a force or entity unto themselves without it being percieved as a threat to society in general or manhood. Its total bullshit.

I am NOT a PC type who expects world peace and equality for all in some pipe dream is a total reality. What men fear and rightly so is a view of feminism like we have seen come out of the 70's. Women can often be fooled into nurturing anyONE or anyTHING that comes to nestle under thier hen like warmth as if its thier own eggs. This is exactly what many women do and its deadly to the reality of the world we live in being dealt with; problems being faced and dealt with. In fact men are needed by us in many ways but this should NOT come at the price of suppression of females. And stop this covert campaign to get women under control by blaming them for the collapse of society. Blame the social engineers for that, women are jsut the scape goats.

My type of female thinking I notice is totally blocked in American society. Its no wonder I am ready to leave the country. Men should not be destroyed or oppressed or harmed nor should they be totally exalted at the expense of females- they should be co operated with and negotiated with. With females having a defined sense of self and firm position to operate from. Not mom, daughter, wife or predator in business. These are very narrow prescribed identities for women. Perhaps due to my life being so controlled and I have been so oppressed that I dont see that there is anything else. What is interesting is that America still lets this happen to someone like me. And many other intelligent females who could have done great things with thier lives. That is not wanting to rule over men..its wanting to get freedom from a dangerous enemy such as that a-hole who is on the board of the Recovered Memory Syndrome organization, that was found to support f*cking little boys and girls and BLAMES WOMEN FOR WANTING TO STOP THIS KIND OF ACTIVITY OR INTERFERE thus destroying thier underground culture. THAT is who oppresses TI's like myself- survivors of RA and programming.
There are countless brave women who spend thier lives much like I do fighting cults and things similar to this- various kinds of mind control connected to exploiting children and women, and usually they are unsung, dirt poor and harassed for life.

We arent trying to take away your football games or your pick up trucks. We just want you to stop denying that you take part in male brutalizing of boys and females, which is notorious in every history book in existence. And there needs to be help for victims not labels after covert campaigns to silence them. Women like me are up against some of the most ancient behaviors of males and thier female counterparts. And no one is asking for it to stop becuz that will never happen as long as certain men are allowed to keep thier balls. But to deal with it and be allowed to heal from it is most certainly necessary- and to stop having society stop trying to deny the existence of such primitive brutalities by making the victims out to be crazy or just writing people off.

Do you HONESTLY believe that I am going to be controlled or let society write me off?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Somerville MA / Tell the middle east to seek attention elsewhere-OR- Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat

Well I basically learned last night that Winter Hill in Somerville is a strong mafia hold so it explains alot. Couldn't understand why I would always get harassed in Somerville. It seemed so random and the place wasn't overtly powerful like having a college or some other obvious asset.

And the comments I received were very overt with people knowing exactly my situation. Its a good probability anyway.

And with it listing its territory as also Florida it would explain perhaps why I got met with perps the second I got off the bus years ago.

But I still don't get it. Why would the mob have some problem with me...it makes no sense. What the cover story thing? You would think that they would have the intel connections to know what is really going on. Or perhaps its a way to terrorize everyone by utilizing me to prove how indeed badass they are. Or are they the ones who are fully involved in programming? Do they work with agencies like the CIA or DOD to accomplish such things?

Its so confusing. In my case I don't know who is on my side. It could even be the military or the CIA protecting me from these bozos and their stupid families which I assume are all the spoiled brats who have been messing with me off and on. But that would also mean that they are the ones somehow getting people targeted with weapons and technologies.

So...the mafia contract such things out to military who can accomplish that? Or are we actually looking at the mob having hands on access to psy ops weapons?

I am sure that I am supposed to be afraid of all this at some point. Like if someone told me the whole story I would suddenly realize how very close I came to death blah blah.
Do these clowns have three layers of suicide programming? Becuz that is closer to death than any attempt on one's life from some mob of crooks.

Heard Whitey was a pedo. I just wonder who far these people go into the nastier bits of running prostitution. It seems the old fake front of not messing with kids or families is bullsh*t. My mother was always sucked into that shit. 'The gangsters are nice to children becuz they are innocent', all this sappy drama. She should have written plays for a living cuz hard reality just doesn't register with that woman.

Knew this guy once, old school used to collect debts for some Italian outfit. Tried to tell him that unfortunately there are pervert pedos everywhere. He got a bit flustered and claimed it was only in NY or LA that such things occurred. When I started to furnish an example of a first hand experience with a creep who had indicated such things did indeed exist and could be furnished in Boston- he got really angry and screamed in that booming voice carried over from the old country "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT".

So much for badass.

In order to kill or be violent yet controlled one needs to be compartmentalized, which is the whole joke behind the Sopranos character going to therapy. Its useless.

And in the book the Manchurian Candidate I read a quote that said something about the genetics from Italy being very convenient for programming as they found the Italian character or mind to possess this disposition to begin with.

The system of programming lies very heavily on genetics. There have been crimes solved using genetics and culture to assess who the perpetrators are.

While you live in a politically correct Diznyland fabricated by the powers that be, those same powers or thier covert factions utilize that very information and gain an advantage. To believe that genetics don't matter socially when its being proven that they do matter medically is totally ridiculous and in line with being believed by a society that allows psychiatry to tell them they have disorders while never giving a medical explanation for such things. And psychiatry takes old outdated disorders and uses modern science to try to prove they are legit, which is the most cockeyed approach to science I have ever seen and I am just a layman.

Common sense and shrewdness is the enemy of this system and all of its players and oppressors.

It seems that whoever is behind this runs the country now. So yer letting the mob run the USA. Niiiice job. Worse an overlapping of military, covert agencies, organized crime and corporation. Who cares at this point?

I know that when I called the FBI years ago just to see what they would say, they were arrogant, full of sh*t and basically in on it. But deep down knew they weren't doing thier jobs..so let me get this straight. Even the feds are totally full of shit now and untrustworthy? That is what it seems like to me.

Well lets think about this: J. Edgar Hoover. Pissed off becuz some targets look better in heels than he does. And probably not much has changed. So there is no chance at justice in the USA with this nonsense and its gone to far. Someone like myself is just supposed to walk away and forget then live silently for the rest of my life being ever grateful that my life was left to me or as the jerk at Imperial Pizza in Brighton said "It could have been worse". I hope that place burns down along with my old apartment so I can finally get what is mine that remains in that building.

This bitch named Rebecca in St Louis kept saying "You are going to have to start all over again". No the f*ck I am not. I started over again at the time they came after me and that was my last chance, the people in this system knew that and they ruined it on purpose. All there is left now is to destroy.
The repeated attempts to get me to play Mother Teresa here are way to stressful as well as I know its to give me something to care take so that I dont feel my life is valueless. A life long diversion so that no one knows what happened.....the f*cking happy ending that this country needs to survival all the sick corruption it tolerates in order to have a ridiculous standard of living. Which of course I don't get to be part of. I have to sleep outside and never know where the next meal is coming from. And no one cares- that is how bad America is and other western nations as well where gang stalking is occupying.

Its not just factions of the govt. I have seen organized crime involved, black groups and also gangs, its hopeless. There has been meetings about these weapons and psychological operations and its documented. Still it goes on and everyone just goes about thier daily lives while TI's suffer in silence as well as have to watch the world go by them as if they have died and are ghosts watching the living move about the earth. Its ridiculous.

I can tell my story but the greedy, irresponsible public is going to receive it as a sad life story that is totally separate from thier reality. Now do you understand why there are terrorist attacks? I hate to break this too you but I understand now all too well what was happening before 9-11. I believe the people involved are so desperate, so cut down, so demoralized and humiliated and keep trying to get the word out into a reality with a public so insulated behind extremely thick glass walls that those actions may have been the only way to get your attention.

Look at the reasoning behind the attacks, of course which are also then distorted, lied about and held from the public. US support of Isreal. Its documented simply. "Ignoring what ..Mohammed has actually said"

Its funny I am so beat down now that I often lose perspective and have to take in my own activism to remember what is really going on. I carry the MK Ultra testimony vid with me on my mp3 and its amazing how the damage is so great now and trauma based mind control has been used over the years that I will actually be sitting there and trying on different reasons for why this is happening, and then that vid will come up and it will register again. The system has manipulated my compartmentalized mind from programming as well as a system that creates or destroys alters to survive to keep me very controlled and confused. I actually forget now what is really going on. I now see why it was so important to do FURTHER damage to my systems and my mind than to allow me to heal, get my shit straightened out and gain optimum health.

The thing I cannot accept is that this is connected to Israel. Its very hard for me to be angry with Jews or Israel. I have no idea why this is. And its very sad that my tolerance of Jews, even my fondness of thier culture and even my looking the other way in relation to the middle east conflicts as its none of my business is being used against me to destroy me. What can I do, come out against Israel publicly or name them as a main source of enemy within my gang stalking campaign? There certainly are enough instances just from the Jewish community here in the USA to think that way. I dont want to die hating Israel.

I do NOT appreciate being forced to choose a side. THAT in itself is going to get everyone an enemy from me- but who cares? I dont have any power right? I am just such a nobody. Gee then why am I so targeted. The more I put this together the more totally pissed off I am getting. And that ridiculous comment from that bastard in that New York homeless hotel basically saying this system was afraid of me becoming the next Hitler. Well you really are working on a self fulfilling prophecy aren't you? Can you imagine someone who wanted only to be a therapist and use her life experience to assist other women becoming the next Hitler? But then again Hitler was an artist that for some reason was very blocked..and all that power has to go somewhere. Maybe his bloodline ass was gang stalked and tortured into being so destructive.

Ahh but I am a woman. Hahahahaha. Like I will ever let that happen. I think when it comes this far we are dealing with factions like extreme Satanism or Satanic factions related to the Jewish community not 'the Jews'. I'll just stick my damn nose in the air and move to an independent rich country that doesnt let them run the place.

You know what? The middle east can murder each other. Lets give them all enough ammo to do that- then we can rid ourselves of thier stupid sibling rivalry getting in the way of OUR damn affairs and lives once and for all. I dont care about yer battles or yer war. Its not my problem. F*ck Isreal, f*ck Palenstine and anyone else who takes up my godamn time in order to involve me in things that are none of my business. Do you think I care about yer damn dramas? I dont live in Palenstine or Isreal, I am not a Jew in this incarnation nor a Muslim and I am done being polite. Get the f*ck out of my hair and every other European who is not of the above persuasion. Everyone is bored with your drama queen acts and taking the life out of every party. Either settle up yer sh*t soon once and for all or everyone with Theta programming should get together and start focusing on EVERYONE in that area dropping dead en masse or due to a nuclear bomb dropped by some other insane nation full of whack jobs who want war and violence for attnetion and profit. Cut the bs or drop dead. How does that sound?

I refuse to be stupid and start turning on Isreal. again FUCK ISREAL and PALESTINE as well. You will NOT make me choose sides in yer ongoing tantrums and I am not a stupid fuck like other Europeans you so depend on to succumb to your manipulations. Go to hell. I dont have children and this is why...go fight over a cookie someplace else. I hope its poisoned and you both choke to death. How does that sound? I will not start being a typical stupid conspiracy nut raving over Zionists. Nor will I seek the lamb's way out and be at peace siding with 'God's chosen people' becuz its like O'Brien said: "There is no peace under MIND CONTROL" and I aint gonna join a cult or a cult mentality now after years of trying to break free of that bs.

ISREAL, ZIONISTS AND THIER ENEMIES DONT DESERVE THAT MUCH POWER from Me. And I dont care what I am shut out of nor do I care if I am still gang stalked. I chose to retain my own Free Will not side with two dummies who cant straighten thier shit out. I hope if you dont fix it soon someone or something fixes it for you becuz some of us are a bit tired of this.

Oh and what is this?

Yeh, whatever dude. All she has to do is track the number or hand it over to be investigated and when they catch em, pay to not have em arrested, pretend it didnt bother you and go after em much later and perhaps in generations. Who can you take seriously that is stupid enough to leave thier voice print on a phone. Its a very good idea to ensure that I dont have any money or power becuz perhaps I am a bit like my uncle or my dad's family. Who leaves a message? WTF is that? Its terror is what it is and when the fuckers show up at the door or actually try that shit then you take em out first. Maybe hire a massive amount of brothers and the most vicious African or black gang you can think of- then we'll see where that training goes. And its a joke that any of this could even be considering that there is a gang stalking system that seems all knowing about whatever shit is going down anywhere at any time. Or is that just for TI's?

Its interesting that with a campaign like mine its always about forcing a choice: dont pursue Gnosticism or Rosicrucianism or even ancient belief systems- you must choose Satanism or Christianity. Chose between Israel and Muslims. As long as there is a control group and we have no Free Will of our own that is all that matters.

I will not make choices under duress. I signed out of court so those jerks Olnick got away with ruining my health for life- I will never sign or sell out under fear or pressure ever again.

Lets make a new movement: the I Dont Give A Fuck About the Middle East Movement. Or "I'd rather be painting" on a bumper sticker with a pic of the middle east.
And I dont know how it connects to human experimentation, programming and the other parts and factions of this situation but I know that anyone who is against me can all join together and go f*ck themselves and if that is the mob then so be it or some paranoid, arrogant faction out of Israel.

I think I have perfected something that will just kill the Jews more effective than Hitler: Ignore them. Hollywood is a statement to thier level of dramaqueendom. Itll make them fade off the planet faster than any act of violence ever would. Then they only have themselves to entertain each other without anyone valdating thier existence or answering to "look look at me look at how smart I am look look what I did, look at my most recent piece of crap movie from the fantasy factory, look how smart I am in the professions!"

I DOONT FUUCCKKKINN CAAARRRRRE. GET A CLUE. I AM THE QUEEN OF MY OWN LIFE. I WAS MULTI TALENTED, HIGHLY INTELLIGENT AND BEAUTIFUL I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU !!!!!! AND NO LAW SAYS I HAVE TO..which is why manipulations are needed. If I wanted that I would just go home and live with those two bitches or the rest of my drama queen dysfunctional family.

Stop wasting our time: Isreal and Palestine are a dysfunctional family we need to abandon with Italian strength- the strenght needed to keep the exile enforced for life even if we feel bad about it-kind of like is being done to me. Of course I dont give a shit and just recreate a new reality someplace else.

Israel and the Muslims are off my list as far as conspiracy theory of who is responsible for gang stalking. And I still refuse to engage in choosing which brat to side with in a family argument- I'll just motherf*ckin leave home like I always do and drop yo ass like you never existed. I can do that- I am by nature an artist, though its being denied to me my birthright.

I sometimes entertain certain people's theories that an Isreali faction is in on gang stalking targets or that they are the ones spoke of that were somehow jealous of me in some way. But its just ridiculous. Why would anyone who has so much be so petty- besides arent they supposed to be busy fighting with thier brother over who gets a bigger piece of cookie? (and if you dont stop telling on them to mom the Israeli army guys in the vid above will come in and give everyone wet willies and wedgies- so there. Nay!)
If I EVER found out that I warranted that much attention when I am just a poor person who made under 8000 a year I will laugh my ass off.

It makes no sense, especially when I have evidence of a very opposite faction being involved in messing with me all this time...unless of course it comes down to Satanic factions or factions that act in a similar interest working together to destroy anything that isnt like them that exists in our world. It doesnt make sense that foreigners with Nazi sympathies who are Satanic in nature would assist the CIA or Mossad- unless you were duped or unless you will stick yer ass in the air for success at any cost.
We are dealing with the extension of what has been documented as originating with the Nazis and being continued in the USA. Why would Jews or even thier intelligence agencies related to our own be in on such a thing? Unless the unifying factor was Satanic interests.

The tech that is being used as well as the behavioral conditioning via psychological warfare is so effective and attains such power for whoever controls it that its most likely coveted or utilized by many factions.

I think I had it figured right already:

Yep- opposing factions.

War is for suckers and so are blind sympathies especially based on irrational sh*t like religion or any religion perceived as close to one of the warring factions belief system.

I think humans like war. I think they get off on it, especially when it is happening in someone else's backyard and you get to fart with a beer in your living room with a big screen not having to worry about being effected. Then when you DO get affected by being in the mix when you didnt know you were, you freak out and thoughtlessly give the bastards what they want. A fucking soap opera is what people want.

Is there another planet I can go to? Are those Mars flights ready yet? This place sucks and I have been bored for years.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bansky: Wall and Piece/ Fairy digs

Just a cool book I found. Made me personally feel a bit better about my gang stalking situation.
Wall and Piece by Bansky. Cant show you photos of artwork as he has taken ownership of his work even though its kind of counter to what he's 'supposed' to be about. But I cant blame any creator, if its good enough, to not take credit for thier work.
Graffiti art, political in nature. I really enjoyed it.

But did he sell out? http://ideas.veer.com/post/1341

"He didn't sell out, he bought in.
He isn't as bad as Sheperd Fairey

... but that is another conversation in itself."

This is that kid that made that annoying poster that covered a whole wall near Pine St Inn homeless shelter when I was staying down there last year or the year before. It had some elements in it that just went a bit too far. MYOB boy! We shall see just who is capable of 'any means necessary'..the rich kids who gain those means easily or the poor girl who is just as talented as your sorry ass but not as..'lucky'. (Hmph- whatever). When its about survival I would say that the hunted are executing any means necessary- not some fat kid who survived in his mother's attic for years barely escaping permanent sleep via obesity, pills and Tequila. Until a person arrived that when he got bored and also when the shit hit the fan, was a convenient scape goat.
MK Ultra is 'any means necessary', not some rich kid drug dealer who makes a nice move on a chess board.
A month ago I had been sleeping in Harvard Sq and bleary eyed from my health predicament as well as burnt out from traveling I barely was conshus of a remnants of one of his posters above where the kids and a homebum sleeps, which when there was no room was right above my head then. Someone pointed out that it had been painted over..I didnt notice really. I wonder who did that..someone with some sense of taste and decency or a still egotistical spoiled connected kid who believes that keeping other talented people down is going to make his career bloom. Stand in line with Jake kid, cuz there are plenty of marginally talented one trick ponies with rich parents or quiet connections who need to step on (especially female) talent to keep the status quo running. And that is all someone like this is doing. The days of Andre the Giant having a posse stuck onto gas pumps around RISD are over. That era of freedom and true surrealistic type reconscruction of reality to destroy the illusions of a consumer culture are gone gone gone. You'd probably be labeled a terrorist now. Bush killed what was left of Gen X. Fairy ensures that anything legit as far as rebellion is now part of the system that is the problem to begin with.

"Change"...how about "brainwash?" or "Cult of personality". It no longer matters who is in office- the outcome is GOING to be the same.

I cant blame Bansky for wanting to stick it to those types for as much money as possible- I know what he is doing, but you have to understand that a poor talented person is angry to begin with due to the fact that he doesnt see success like is available to rich kids in his future. EVERY artist wants to be noticed, respected, appreciated and yes, horribly famous. I can just appreciate what he left us in prior years and hope he doesnt get any more commercial. The selling of t-shirts with his stuff on it is probably the worst part of it and the Paris Hilton dig was cheap. But could any of us after so much poverty and sneaking around having to remain anonymous handle the glow of the spotlight or being able to finally make bank off of our work. Its very tempting especially when one gets older its naturaly to start hearing the ticking of the clock a bit louder than in one's 20's.
Do what you do with the dead- remember him as he was..if it bothers you so how he IS.

Here is something else annoying if yer interested:
The original artist is also "looking for attention" or he wouldnt have become famous.
And what is a reactionary artist if he isnt feeding off the host known as legitimate or mainstream culture? Also, I lived in SD for like 6 mths outside mostly. You have no idea of the gang activity there, drug running out of Mexico and the jail mentality. They prob destroyed it to make thier own statement- dont come into our city with your bullsh*t. Hillcrest is a very gay friendly community so its like the only place in SD that has any resemblance to the south end or SoHo but its still kept very in stride with a city that claims to be broke but has vast concentrations of corporate and private wealth. The rest of SD is full of white people who are totally segregated from anyone poor and have a culture rating of zero when it comes to intellectualism from an old money mentality like anything Brahmin here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Brahmin.

The statement is exactly what I would expect from SD: we dont respect you for sh*t kid, or you aint from So Cal, OR I want to be more famous than you- like in jail going after the latest celebrity inmate. It aint Cambridge out there that is for sure.
What is this author an FBI agent? You're profiling artists psychologically now? 'No statement was made and it looks like it was for attention' oohhhhh noooooo. And the pic of the sneaker print completes the CSI-esque scene that it was a crime that went down here today!!!! A CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how certain factions believe that they get to claim what is truly legit and what is not.

People are sick of fake leftist YUPpie scum covering for a faction that seeks to destroy any real revolutionary fight left in this country.
And by the way SoCal is very conservative in its way. No one there has the patience for his drama queen, luxuriate in fantasies of revolution nonsense. There are too many problems at the border, too much overflow violence, extreme classism, earth quake aftershocks and its too damn hot during the day to do anything but stay stoned with your med marijuana card. His work forces them to think which everyone in SoCal finds offensive anyway. Politics could be very dangerous to a place like SD which withOUT the beach and lots of pot and good weather is a classist, racist, gangland disaster area waiting to happen.

Thank you SD for this public service. I think I will frame the sneaker print as my new favorite piece of street art.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Sugarcubes Vids I posted/protecting the power structures

The next day after posting those vids from the Sugarcubes that I liked so much I got this weird vibe and impression that someone out there really thought it was...inappropriate in some way like someone had looked at it and found it too look like pedophilia related.
I admit the singer in her younger days looked a bit childlike but that was just her style.
I looked up the lyrics to Birthday and now I realize why I got this strong impression.

Life's Too Good (1988)
She lives in this house over there
Has her world outside it
Scrapples in the earth with her fingers and her mouth
She's five years old
Thread worms on a string
Keeps spiders in her pocket
Collects fly wings in a jar
Scrubs horse flies
And pinches them on a line
She has one friend, he lives next door
They're listening to the weather
He knows how many freckles she's got
She scratches his beard
She's painting huge books
And glues them together
They saw a big raven
It glided down the sky
She touched it
Today is a birthday
They're smoking cigars
He's got a chain of flowers
And sows a bird in her knickers
They're smoking cigars
They lie in the bathtub
A chain of ... flowers"


Just goes to show that alot of other people just loved the song without really listening to the lyrics. And after seeing the lyrics they too seem to feel that it is about the artist's point of view, a memory from her own life.

I am not going to apologize for liking the way a song sounds or makes me happy. This is part of the problem with vigilantism.
This may be an experience from the artist's own life or something a fried told her. The absolute paranoia involved in what is going on with people watching out for every single little indication of something going on or being a signal for something going on is really in the way of alot of good things happening.

Its true that pedophiles often dont realize thier attitudes and actions associated with children are wrong- becuz they are sick or they have a very different outlook on children that isnt realistic.

Not everyone who is a victim of this or has a family where this was a problem is going to end up like that.

If I am right what is going on is there are vigilantes out there who play right into the hands of a smear campaign or gang stalking campaign.

For me to want to become a therapist for women who cant decondition themselves or understand how to get out of the adult entertainment industry is more a act of healing others with one's life experience not me making excuses so I can secretly be a child molester. Someone out there has got too much time on thier hands or moreso I suspect gets off alot on the power involved with monitoring someone and making judgements. Its addictive probably.

Besides if anyone should have a damn right to like that song its me. Or any other person for that matter who has had to deal with so much bullshit.

Sometimes going through a memory or some similar story is helpful. With the way I was totally railroaded and screwed over and set up you should be more watchful of crooked cops and rich kids doing payoffs not VILYFYING VICTIMS.

I seriously did NOT need the crap that has gone on since 2002 or so and its grossly unfair. It has destroyed my life, my health and made healing impossible. The emotional pain daily threatens to kill me via suicide. The mold exposure as well as the extreme stress from being harassed and stalked by people who know where I am all the damn time and knew things they had no right to know about me as well as telling me that I was "only allowed to grow very conditionally" has ruined my talents as they were just as I was ready to take them out into the world and do something productive with them. If anything the gang stalking makes me bitter and hateful of humanity and has a created a person who doesnt want to help anyone considering the way I have been treated by people.

I know the game. I notice that when I do assist someone that I feel much better about everything. THIS IS MANIPULATIVE and its all due to the gang stalking behavior modification program. If I was ready and willing to assist humanity by being a therapist when I was pulled into this bs then its useless to try to make me into someone who has suffered so much that helping others is what would make me feel bettter.

YOUR GAME IS TO EXTINGUISH THE HUMAN WILL IN PEOPLE SO THAT THEY SERVE FROM SUFFERING AND BEING MARTYRED NOT OF THIER OWN WILL TO HELP OTHERS. This ultimately creates a person who is doing good or is 'good' that can be controlled and not interfere with the corruption inherent in the system.

It may also be that someone is trying to market this system as a reform program and in order to make it look like it works they have to market the person as a criminal then show that they have been 'reformed'. Of course they pick someone they know is a good person at heart anyway so it looks like thier system works when really what they are doing is the run of the mill harassment and destruction of survivors of mind control projects and the adult entertainment industry, two seperate subjects- both they have to fear the survivor's memories of.

Whoever is stupid enough to go along with this as some kind of reform program needs to shake off thier own brainwashing becuz you got it bad whoever you are.

Wake up and realize that if someone was coming out of a lifetime of abuse and was going to use that to help others that THIS is the natural and right growing process not whatever the hell has been done to me. And for anyone to judge me after
-what I have been through and
- how much restraint I have continued to show in the face of constant aggression is outrageous.

This isnt about helping anyone. This is about treating the person like they are a nothing just like the system always has. YOU WORK FOR THE SYSTEM TO SILENCE SURVIVORS- THIS IS YOUR ONLY PURPOSE. And everyone thinks they can get away with it as the survivor has been beaten down so badly- that is why society goes along with this and has the attitude that the person is used to it or that they can take it well.

I do not appreciate having my life taken from me and expected then to smile about it.
Everyone who DOES know what the hell is going on knows that is part of this activity as well. That someone like me is expected to just take this crap and survive instead of stand up for themselves. These bastards want it that way.

You have to realize that for all the vigilantes out there no one is doing anything about the sex industry being totally corrupt and still abusive and exploitative towards the workers. People are so naive they think that just becuz its legal in NV that the conditions are better for the workers. That aint what the people I have talked to tell me who have worked there.

You are not going to catch every pervert out there. And then its a game of judging waht is acceptable and what isnt as far as perversions go. If someone has a strong sex drive then they get a damn intervention. Did you know that orgasms as well as laughter keep the immune system stronger than anything else ever will? Americans are uncomfortable with sex in general and the state of thier health reflects that. You tolerate all kinds of pollution of your environment as well as overmedicating of the body and a violent culture that embraces violence in the media but an active labido that may make one strong and healthy is looked down upon, especially in a female- in a John Wayne culture I can see why thats a threat as well.

Are you monitoring that perv from the Recovered Memory Syndrome jerks, the one who they found has association with a group who feels its 'God's Will' that adults have sex with children? And he blames women for the current state of the world by the way..so now when you meet a gang stalker who creeps you out you can pretty much know why- its a whole network of these f*ckers.

They seek to handle a survivors recovery process so there is no weakening of the country's power structure. For anyone to approve of the use of a gang stalking program or behavior modification program for someone who has already suffered is the most selfish thing I have ever heard of as well as destructive to the survivor. Whoever is that clueless about what is going on needs to read up on my blogs and do thier own research.

Its like that drug they are working on to 'soften' soldiers memories of war so that their PTSD is not that bad. Its ridiculous, unless they really want to get rid of those memories.

A targeted person comes under scrutiny for everything they do. You have to understand that there are actually people out there who know about what is going on, not just the cover story, and they truly believe that people from messed up families deserve to be enslaved and handled- that they are trash. Of course this is just either to not admit that they too have problems or its a rationale to mob someone. It is certainly not a sensible attitude towards a victimized person, its further harassment and victimization. Judging someone all the while. That is part of what perps do.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

People who are approve of slavery/ perps who help us

I have experienced another creepy comment that is just as offensive as "What yer doing isnt working".

A trucker friend of mine who I believe knows much about the harassment and my situation. He seems to want to believe its simply to do with the military not understanding my lifestyle, which right there tells me...its the military, or they have some involvment or at least its a deception and he wants me to believe that. Either way some of the things he says pertaining to my situation are manipulative.

A trucker friend of mine who I believe knows much about the harassment and my situation. He seems to want to believe its simply to do with the military not understanding my lifestyle, which right there tells me...its the military, or they have some involvment or at least its a deception and he wants me to believe that. Either way some of the things he says pertaining to my situation are manipulative.

If I dont mention anything to you about my situation and you volunteer that the point of view that the military simply do not understand my lifestyle then you are covering for something becuz no one gets this involved in people's lives without a hell of a lot better idealogy behind it than this..unless of course you are dying to control someone under such a guise truly becuz you wish to silence them or to ensure they do not grow in power.

He then made some comments later woven into the conversation concerning how women basically win every battle or case in society- something along the lines of 'these things usually work out that way', it was the first and last time I heard him give even a slight indication that there was the usual bitter sexism and male sense of helplessness in relation to women's power in society. Another tip off as most male perps seem to feel this way and justify what is done to the target with such rationalizations.
He also made comment about an erotic book where the women is forced to get into some subservient position through domination or something very complex with that idea in erotic writing.

Those comments as well as knowing a TI's situation are absolutely small red flags but still they are red flags. this may not be the kind of perp or person who knows about it who's in on it that will outright hurt you. But this may be one of those people who is an approving bystander or on the fence about what he thinks of such a thing going on. Perps who seem to care about a target and assist them but still dont want to see them freed from thier situation as they enjoy the control that the system has over them.
The worst comment was in reply to my inquiring wether or not the community minded thier own business in some location he said was nice to live in I forget where. Out of nowhere his reply was "oh no, there you wont get away with anything there" or something like that and I recall he somehow tied it into 'getting away with something' in relation to children or that was intimated.
That is not why I asked that question- obviously I asked becuz I am targeted, which he seems to know about when its convenient for him to know. Never was anything mentioned by me about being able to get away with messing with kids. Asking if a community 'minds thier own business' is not asking wether or not they turn a blind eye to child molesters.
I believe that this is done so the TI feels like a criminal ultimately and I also believe that the men involved in this do all these things really becuz of the other comments they make concerning feeling powerless over women.
The idea that child molestation or the urge to do so is genetic is ridiculous. And even if that were true not everyone will express every gene as well as much of that behavior is also from seeing it in the environment around you or having that happen to you to begin with. I believe that this excuse might be used against TI's to help gain control over them and there are plenty of people in our society nowadays that want to feel not only self righteous but feel so helpless about what is happening to the world as well as they cant control thier govt any longer- they need to feel in control of crime or 'evil' somehow. They are the ultimate brainwashed citizens- they probably wouldnt even be able to admit or realize they have control issues of such a nature to begin with.
Women get involved I believe moreso for motivations of false morality such as that. Either that or they are very into protecting the pedohile networks that exist that if exposed would probably put world wide economies on thier ear.
Also the idea may be sold to people that since your family is that way, that you are as well or are a risk for such behavior. Also being in the adult entertainment industry may be seen as being a sex offender to many people and if this is factored in along with coming from such a family then its easy to convince people the target is dangerous. Along with this, focusing on someone's sexual habits or tastes may be another selling point for the con that they are obssessed with sex, dangerous and at risk to take it further to becoming a child molester.
Mind control programming is most likely never explained to any of these people or its used to make the person look more unstable by not really explaining it to the people or mob that you want to to convince to assist in targeting the person.
ALL of these things are excuses used by the higher ups in the system to ensure that no one understands the target or maybe even believes them when they claim to be programmed. And explaining away that only harm was done to them not they would harm someone else is probably useless. So much is done to push the target over many years to act unstable anyway.
I firmly believe in what the Manchurian Candidate has to say which is that there is a faction that knows what goes on and they truly believe that mind controlled slaves if killed bring peace to the whole world when they die- most likely from being tortured for years.
Michael Jackson was one example. It was obvuious he was tortured his whole life as a slave and when such people grow up, get serious and there is no longer this good child inside them to take advantage of- this system just executes them over time. A mind controlled slave is never free from being tortured. Ever. And the people around them or who get into these campaigns seem to not really care about that. They somehow justify villifying the victim.
I for one cannot understand how you can take someone who only wants to heal themselves and after keeping them from that then making them worse, you blame that person for thier predicament.
It is very likely that they make the public believe that the person is going to be or is dangerous due to coming from a family with such a backround, this of course is an excuse to silence someone who is waking up, is very strong and knows too much or wants to heal then grow in power.

I was reading that book left at the campsite. He writes that the character believes that 'good' people like to give themselves up for sacrifice. Its a riduculous book really but its insightful into much of the way the perps think.
If you train someone long enough especially from birth to be that way then you are going to be able to keep that person under control thier whole lives and you are going to be able to break them down back to that level even if they wake up and decide they want freedom. They do not like abuse nor are they naturally self sacrificing- they are trained, programmed , mind controlled and tortured into such behavior.
Do I like living out of a backpack? Do I enjoy the mold exposure slowly taking my sanity and my memory away over the years? Do I enjoy not having sexual relations with anyone? Do I enjoy not having physical affection or love from another human being? Or not working or accomplishing anything? Never again producing artwork? Seeing my potential destroyed over time? I do not enjoy these things- if I have become lax in being able to defend myself its becuz I have been beaten down by torture over the years and can no longer function normally nor keep my head above water. And since I am not going to just accept my circumstances or put out to just anyone in the travel scene or homeless scene, I dont get any relief or reward as I refuse to comply with brainwashing.

Mind control slavery is the only way to have slaves in a society that claims to be free of such problems or human rights abuses and the 'gang stalking' system is not only the method for managing programmed enslaved human beings when they dont know what is going on but simply live as slaves with no other understanding of life- its also the system used to push a slave back into such a lifestyle should they decide the want their freedom or to live thier lives according to thier own free Will.
The amount of people who either approve of such slavery in society is astonishing to me. This is an example of what humans will do when there are absolutely no consequences for thier actions and especially when authority supports such actions. Then its not 'really' illegal in thier minds and the only worry they have is if the public find out---that is why its so important to not give any cred to any mind control survivors at any time becuz it would lead to the existence of an entire system being revealed.

Slaves must be made to get the impression, especially when they try to break out- that no one cares (like my mother said to me) or that the public generally agrees with such systems, networks or programs of slavery. This is untrue- when Reagan presented the idea of using much of the tech and chemical mind control programs in mental institutions and prisons he had to retract such plans as there was such outcry that he wouldnt have been elected. This proves that the general public would not agree with such a system, or such abuses, which is the very reason why mind control slavery's status must remain non existent and the victims labeled as mentally ill or some other excuse like attention seeking or trying to explain away some part of thier life that was exposed conveniently when they were trying to fight for thier freedom. If you notice, when a slave is deeply involved ( controlled by inner programming) in illegal activity, thier lifestyle is not a problem, but when thier programming starts to break down and they want out, they are then smeared, exposed, shamed and slammed with guilt trips or the public's distaste for such things is used against them, which again shows that if the public knew the entire story they would probably disapprove of such treatment of human beings, especially thier fellow Americans.

The public perception concerning such things is constantly managed so that no one outside the circle of in the know finds out such things actually DO exist. Those who do know dont say anything out of fear.

Slaves are at a disadvantage due to there being many people who do know that quietly approve of mind control slavery. And those that dont approve dont seem to do much about it, unless they are people who help us covertly behind the scenes which I have experienced. Unfortunately we experience many more people who just smile at us as if this is normal, helping the oppressor to keep us down by making beating us down and torturing us look like its OK.

I dont believe that people will ever give up thier need for slaves. Its ridiculous to try to stop this- the victims are never allowed full access to getting the word out anyway, which is another purpose of gang stalking a target. What I dont undestand is why bother to have laws anyway? If they dont apply to mind controlled slaves, and the public seem to find it charming, intriguing and acceptable anyway.
Do you know how many people seem to think that none of this hurts me or that I will be alright or that this is acceptable? I believe they actually are so ignorant as to what lies behind the beautiful face of every programmed person that they cant get past that to see the damage. This is why the perps make sure that genetically the person is strong and very attractive as well as other qualities. Its to hide the severe damage done to them either in early programming or later when they are beaten down in hopes of getting them back under control.

The person isnt even seen as normal or human in the same sense as other people in society. Its ridiculous the way that the person is victimized by societies ignorance and romanticizing things like sex, spying or hypnosis with this sense of adventure , the exotic or the erotic.

Its amazing to me that society would just allow such things to occur. I now believe that there is little hope for people who survive programming and especailly those who served in some capacity that was sexual. America and other western countries are so repressed that this sort of thing serves to entertain as well as satsify thier cravings and imaginations- which I now understand is the reason that sex is so controlled in such societies. So that perversions like sex slavery or just plain slavery can go either disbelieved or looked at as a peep show into a seed y , exotic underworld that is none of your affair so you cant interfere but you enjoy knowing about it, like a peep show or a porno mag.

So the slave's entire predicament is sold to the public much the same way that they were programmed to be sold off to whoever for whatever. Once again a sex and imagination starved public treats it like cultural fantasy and the victim is left once again to be forced to serve in that capacity to please people instead of get justice for themselves or life thier own lives.

And decent people would be so shocked that they would just move away from such a thing or they would feel helpless so avoid it also. This leaves the slave at a disadvantage so that they have no one to help them and then their only constant companions are the very people who want to keep them enslaved.

I really believe that society wants sex slavery to exist and doesnt see a problem with it. From the way I was treated to the way I am treated now that its obvious that damage has been done to me from years of harassment to destroy me it seems that my mother was right- nobody cares. Our world is so foreign, evil or exotic to them they can only stay out of it or approve of it from afar. No one seems to want to help us and in many instances no one will believe us or go up against cops and other people with power who turn on us or keep us down with psychological warfare.

I dont know of any mind controlled slave or programmed person who got justice for themselves. Other than the ones who can outright prove the actions taken against them like Bonacci. And that situation is not even considered part of programming or mind control slavery. There is a line that exists where people see outright perversions such as that as seperate from the world of programming and mind control slavery and its not seperate- what Bonnacci described is the basis of what goes on- trauma based mind control and much of the time sex is the greatest key to getting results as well as much of the system is to create sexual services for important people who want it to remain hush hush.

How are we supposed to get justice when the public seem to approve of powerful or wealthy people having thier way even if its supposed to be illegal?

American Jews Angry at Obama- what were you expecting?


Every single person who voted for this nightmare and his wife with thier special interest in race and continuing the NWO, probably until Africa or China rules the damn world as new empires- you all got what you deserved. Anyone THIS obviously racist was the stupidest choice. What, you thought he'd be better due to NOT coming from American slave stock? For all my bitching about how obnoxious black males are or how many blacks have been involved in such heavy gang stalking, I truly believe that the country would be different if a true American black male got into office..and VERY different if a black female got in, which I would like to see...ANY FEMALE I would like to see in office.
And his backround: an African father who was raised a Catholic but became Muslim and then Obama was a Protestant with questionable ties to a radical church? What was everyone thinking?...oh thats right, after Bush nobody could think straight.

The problem here is not Obama or Bush or even whoever comes next in line. The country if not the world seems to be permanently changed by what occured when Bush got in which many of us felt, and saw around us in changes being made, during the waning years of Clinton.

There is something else running things now, and I am not educated, plugged in nor knowledgable enough to put my finger on it exactly but its not normal, its not good and its nothing we have ever experienced before.

Until everyone finally sits the f*ck down and admits that the military is way out of control and that its not just the 'dirty tricks' people anymore- everyone has toys now and that is technology that can interfere with what humans think, feel and do. This creates a false reality. Its no longer black ops or the dirty tricks dept up to its old ways of covertly influencing events its gone way beyond that.

Its seems that the world is being re arranged and the order of things shuffled and put into a new order.
It doesnt feel good or right becuz its not. Its unatural, impossible to do without the use of torture and secrecy utilizing fully trauma based mind control and cult mind control methods.

The introduction of computers and tech gadgets into our society is one of the things that has made this possible. Only with the kind of exposure to information that these technologies provide could the public be reached to 'brainwash' to begin with. The public could not be accessed so fully without thier gadgets that they love so much.
Alot of the changes socially and otherwise along with other factors have made this current environment possible.

I leave the Middle East issue the hell alone becuz its none of my business. It would be interesting to see what would happen if no one paid attention to thier conflict and they were left alone to fight it out on thier own without the whole world watching all the time and coddling thier dramas.
Every time humans fight over land but claim to be civilized people they have to dress up the base nature of thier conflict.
There is a statue in Harvard Sq Commons that is quite offensive to me. Its got two badly sculpted figures, of course this is done under the guise of modern art style, a one holding a baby, a female and male reaching out to one another. Its concerning the famine in Ireland many of us know this just as 'the potato famine' but its got the proper Gaelic name engraved on it.
They had the audacity to engrave on the other side this: "NEVER AGAIN WILL PEOPLE WANT IN A WORLD OF PLENTY" or something much like that.
It is absoulutely riduculous and very manipulative to infer that the famine was due to not having plenty. Why dont they be honest, and write on it: "There will always be famine in a world of Imperialism or fascism, where people come to take part of your land, you resist and so they starve you out." ? Becuz that is what the famine was caused by, not a lack of plenty. And make sure you add at the end "But STILL we must fight". How's that sound? Oh, I see then it would be nationalist and that is unacceptable. And the true beauty of Ireland should be reflected in the figures, not starving pathetic creatures. Starving even, the people would retain thier true character.

What is most offensive about it is its obvious tip off towards a NWO, where there will be "plenty" for everyone.

Are you actually infering that if we go along with what is obviously the enslavement of mankind that there will never be another war, never be another dispute over land by an oppressor? That is an awfully big promise. And this is the trick of cult mind control- lots of things are promised in the future or after death if only you are loyal in the now- and often those rewards are themselves illusions. Perhaps after you die you do imagine you go off to Heaven or as in the Hashashins go to a paradise with lots of virgins...but its not real and the mess you leave back on earth is something that must be accounted for.

All of us feel that Bush and Obama are part of the same game plan and its one of arrogance and causing chaos. The very fact that both presidents useed cult tactics to get in is a danger sign and that is what we should be looking at not them or the insanity that I suspect its thier job to create in office. Traumatizing the public is all part of gaining control over time: TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL get it? Bush used the insanity of Christian Right wing Neo Cons and some concept of a Holy War with Muslims, and then we had the race card or the cult of Obama's personality whichever suited your tastes more.

Neither one is based on sanity, logic or a country or world that is in control anymore. Those of us left with any balls to see what is really going on begs the question: then who IS in charge?

I am sure thats a complicated answer but this is what occurs to me: the earth's enviromental condition is not going to stay habitable forever considering all the damage humans have done. Something has to be done to prepare for that, I believe that is a huge part of what is going on. Also, the public knows this on some level but cant stop being stuck in living in the system that has been created for daily living. Its a great great stress on human beings to live with that information.
The descruction of the reacreational drug culture in the interest of a war on drugs has created two very damaging industries:
Big pharma and medical marijuana. Big Pharma is part of the psychiatric inquisition that is not helping by medicating anyone who is either suffering from being poor, being a future threat as a dissident, being artistic, or suffering from the effects of modern pollutions wether it be air, chemical or electromagnetic. This only adds to putting the ecosystem, and humans place in it, out of whack even further.

Medical marijuana may be a helpful concept for anyone who is terminally ill or has severe health issues. I have seen this scene in California. Anyone who would have smoked as a recreational user is not able to go get med cards by claiming it helps their anxiety etc. This is usually the reason that people smoked in the old days anyway. There is nothing wrong with using a plant such as that medicinally. But no one is asking, just like as in Big Pharma psychiatry, WHY humans need to be medicated in the first place in such high numbers. Its due to city life being totally not healthy or normal for humans to begin with and the ever worsening environment makes cities especially miserable nowadays no matter how you gentrify them and do clean up.

There is something very dangerous about a govt notorious for human experimentation with mind control as well as for its corruption, and recent implementation of a police state, wanting to handle your mind altering drug supply for you.
I have been around that scene in Cali where one might say it appears just like the 70's with people smoking in the street and its no big deal- but there is something very unwholesome about it, very different from that past era. It's not only controlled but the drugs themselves seem to cause a dumbing down effect of the mind, and other things happen that do NOT recall the free and easy 70's which was miserable in alot of ways but people had thier privacy and things were affordable- like an apartment and some pot. You could exist having a job- you own little existence.
Was it such a threat for citizens to be independent?

Yes it was and is. When you are trying to enslave mankind now stone can be left unturned. The govt must tell you if you can smoke marijuana and they must supply it for you. They tell you how to rear your children and take them away for minor issues.

I notice that the very wealthy are being exempt from much govt control but now that Obama is in its the insanity of blaming 'fat cats' for everything.
I just dont trust any man who claims that America's best years are behind..as well as insisting on refering to the country in the female- 'her'.
He is insisting on implementing MORE govt control over things which is the same thing the Neo Cons were doing but one is based on criminalizing everyone who is not wealthy enough to get away with things and the other is vilifying the wealthy for thier independence from the govt itself.

If you notice BOTH insist on more govt control, more inferferece, less privacy, more rule over our lives in intrusive ways.

Years of Jerry Springer, Sally Jesse and Heraldo (though he actually took on some real issues occasionally) have trained the public to not only be into a mob like existince of judging people's affairs but being very into useless drama instead of productivity. Having judges on television has cheapened the true justice system, and so has cops with thier obvious pro police stance and its partaking in war on the poor.

As I mentioned things are grossly overpriced and people cant afford to live simply anymore which not only creates stress but forces them to comply with lots of injustice just to stay off the street. Its also intimated now, very veiled but its there, that if you are NOT rich you do not deserve privacy to begin with.

All this along with evidence that points to the use of documented existing technology to create a psycho civilized society has created a strange false reality.

Much of it is based on good old fashoined deception and refusal to face facts. The public are politely in survival mode which might be the reason for the death of civility, decency and morality.

Which means in the event the environment gets worse I cannot imagine what humans could be capable of. If you havent read an honest account of how humans existed in mor primitive states in ancient times, especially during times of famine then you arent prepared for just what people are capable of. The human potential for brutality matches or rivals any other beasts in nature.

There is also the existence of what seems to be arrogant as hell scientific researchers and companies many of whome know full well what is going on with 'mind control' via technolgies and chemical delivery systems. The smugness of some of thier ads scream this sentiment loud and clear. And they genuinely believe they are better than the public, smarter than the public and more entitled to rule the public. This is partially do to a 'revenge of the nerds' factor but its also due to perhaps not gaining a great understanding of other human beings on a warm and personable level when busy with studies all day and night and then jsut graduating into a profession.
I have experienced this arrogance first hand and it really seems that this is a reflection of many attitudes in society right now.
How god like would you feel if you were given large funding, carte blache, access as well as via tech that is deemed non intrusive, you could control or influence the minds, emotions and actions of human beings without ever touching them? To percieve the population as a large experimental body or certain individuals as experimentees without remorse due to being raised or trained with a sense of superiority- those people can now influence society via technologies and the public wouldnt even know or be educated in the ability to even conceive of such a thing.

Brainwashing can be done on large populations of human beings. It has been done and it IS being done.

The main reason the people voted for Obama and he won is simply that Bush traumatized everyone so badly that Obama looked like relief. And the public was being traumatized as well as remote influence (covert influences) were used to gain a desired result.
And we will continue to have to deal with the dark circus where nothing makes any sense or things seem 'nuts' until the public is educated and accepts the facts that remote influence of the human mammalian mind is totally possible with the use of technologies that are documented to exist or there is documentation of a patent or a plan to create a specific technology- which means that on a classified level it may already exist or be in use.

The panel on the vids of the Pres Advisory Committee plainly show that people seem to think this is still America- that there is justice and that factions always play by the rules, such as documenting everything they do. Do such factions usually document Black Ops? Do crimininals always document thier criminal activity, BECUZ THAT IS WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH. The successful career criminals I used to know had incredible recall, ablility to store information mentally, did not leave behind any paper evidence, had others handle thier money for them so no paper trail existed and if any info did exist such as a phone book etc the person would be sure thier apartment was a chaotic mess all the time so that no one would be able to find anything easily nor would one want to go digging for it.
I notice that most criminal minds utilize chaos in some way to camaflouge what they are really up to or evidence.

Stop thinking that people who will do anything to gain control or get thier objectives met are playing by rules or laws or documenting things professionally.

There is a reason that people like the Bush family or the rouge parts of the CIA have close ties to criminals or utilize thier services to get a job done: they dont document. Get a clue.

Until the original affront of Sept 11 is dealt with and everything that has gone on around that and since that event- until the truth is accepted about Bush and anyone else for that matter involved in what is going on, the insanity will continue. Once you allow something like this to get ahold its hard to stop it. Do you have any idea what kind of human experimentation or covert activities I have experienced just myself during the Bush era? You have no f*cking idea of the extent of what yer dealing with.

There have always been psy ops, black ops and the use of psychic warriors if not the use of 'magick' if you will in the interest of getting things done. But something is very off right now. Something isnt right. And it starts with living in denial about past events and allowing the insanity to continue.

Also, let me present another possible way of looking at this: its more domestic terrorism. Like Bush, Obama is a domestic terrorist or at least the agenda includes that..if people would stop letting these people and events psych them out and stick to thier convictions, getting brainwashed or beat down would be harder for the perpatrators no matter who they were or what they pulled.

It is true I believe that one cannot be hypnotized to go against one's convictions but one must realize that is what is occuring to defend one's self.

Electing a man who had any association that was public with that church as he does would have guarenteed he never got in under normal, sane circumstances. The falsey created reality we now exist in is NOT normal or sane. And it will continue on that way until the powers that be get thier way or do whatever it is they are so damned and determined to accomplish. It may involved a NWO but it does not seem to include anyone having any dignity or Will for self determination.

Its not worth a fake, peaceful perfect world when humans cant be free beings any longer. The price is not worth it.

So you think hard and be forwarned the next clown you vote for soon enough, and be wary of the 'cause a problem, solve a problem' cycle that may influence your decision as you vote.

By the way dont be annoyed that Hillary is "just an employee" now- you are the ones that refused to put her into office as president so again it was yer choice. And I saw video of her in those last days before quitting- she looked exhausted and traumatized. Its like they broke her down.

Put anyone in office you like but stop making decisions based on reactionary fears. The purpose of all this may be to ensure that America's last days are behind her by continuing to screw things up.
Anything is better than this bullshit we have been handed over the last many years.

I can accept that under Bush much action occured connected to Nazi factions that still exist or have those old sympathies. However, insanity like that is supposed to go away and something else is supposed to happen, not a dragging out of this nonsense like it has been. Its like a living hell and most places I travel in the USA are the same in this way.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who is PI John? LIke everyone else in my life just a ghost from the past who serves as a character in my book. Just a ghost..

Just got the distinct impression that someone did not like what I had to say about PI John and his whining trust fund girlfriend. No? Well then that means it deserves much more attention then.
PI John is a guy from NA who was a private detective who also ran a side biz that had some..er, issues that were questionable. He claims he is a low level Mason (obviously by his actions) and if its intergenerational its a shame what the society has become then. Perhaps the problem is just that-he's a Mason and not a Rosicrucian. Local Watertownie type. He's the one who said "You're strong, you can take it" about the harassment which I didnt understand was a system then. He also made a revealing comment once about mycharacter inquiring since when are you so Pollyanna or innocent or something like that, which of course inimates that he has a sense of entitlement in putting me on the chess board in this little game. He also ran girls which tells you he's a misogynist f*ck who doesnt respect women as well as believes that he deserves to make something off thier sacrifices- such is what he viewed me as I assume.

His girlfriend I refer to so bitterly due to the fact that her face is disfigured due to a dog ravaging it in childhood. I would normally as you know not be so unkind towards one's personal suffering but if you want war there is no politeness left in me.
All she did was whine like every other f*cked up trust fund kid in those Watertown/Newton meetings about how her parents have millions but wont give her anything.

So of course there is HER rationale for setting me up. Sorry darling, expensive surgeons cant buy bone structure- not like mine and not just yet. Also you cant buy talent which is why destroying me and keeping me down is the next best solution to your jealous b*tch problem.

She also had a tendency to dress like a lost 14 year old ho which explains his attraction.

Stilll with me on this? Still pissed off I wrote this? Those two morons walked off into the Florida sunset with every other scumbag who escaped persecution in the bulllshit fed clean up of Boston which looks like it was all trade offs, pay offs, sacrificial lambs, scapegoats and alot of favoritism towards anyone with a phone in thier hands that can testify to the perversions of local and international wealthy men.
They probably have homes right next to the guys that made Malone clam up and take one for the stupid team concerning the lottery ticket scams. Its big talk in that crowd..what a good boy Malone was for taking the heat. People talk about it with such a disgusting sense of priveledge, you can tell they know he's a patsy and that they have a sense of superiority over thier victim.

I recall Scott telling me that they moved to Florida and he said it like they were scared off for something they tried to pull off.

John told me during the harassment that everyone was being harassed and it was in connection to the federal investigation in Boston around money laundering. He claims that someone named Howie arranged a meeting with a "high priced lawyer" and he went to the feds and "ratted on myself". Scott laughed at that when I told him and I can just imagine what really went on.

If you dont like the way things went, if you dont like how much info was squeezed out of me by Scotts abuse as well as mold making me sick in my apartment, constant gang stalking, whatever Jake was trying to pull on top of the harassment by the Pettiti's and what I was going through internally at the same time TOO BAD.

If these idiots were so worried about me or what I might have to say then they should have warned me alot sooner and alot better than they did. I notice NO ONE DID THAT. WHY? Its either becuz they thought they were going to be smart and use me for a fall guy/useful idiot role which didnt quite work out did it?

That or key people knew about progamming and my mother being a documented human radiation experimentee and when the feds came acallin someone offered deals in order to cover for the connection to the military human experimentation my mother was victim to at that Naval Hospital in Maryland.

There were many comments about me not remembering things I had done or being able to do things and forget. Too many of these people are protected and involved in the sex industry which tells me what Mark Phillips has also said- much of mind control programming and sex slavery is connected to and present in prostitution rings. There are people who know full damn well what is going on so when it comes time to make deals at the table, they play to help the ultimate covert powers get rid of someone a hell of a lot more damning in evidence than just some pimp or drug running cop. Recalling diplomats or programming methods before the age of 6 is something the system hoped to discredit and get rid of with the ending of the MK Ultra/radiation testimonies and law suits as well as the Recovered Memory Foundation born soon after those testimonies.

I cannot believe that everyone is so stupid that they dont see the timing and that RA is connected to mind control and radiation experimentation. The Nazi's were notorious for thier interest in the occult as a practical part of thier work as well as not f*cking around to get results.

That is the bitch about my situation- everyone who was truly up for getting in trouble was under pressure...interesting that only one of my old associates had any respect for any friendship we ever had by faintly trying to warn me a few times.


I am basically wrapped up in a cacoon trying to make transition. What a perfect time for a predator to attempt to get rid of me.

I had to take alot of heat over the years as if I did something wrong or like I was a rat or knew what the fuck was going on.

You totally fucked up my rebuilding internally, allowed my enemies access to me to destroy my internal structures or start that process and then you stood by while enemies had my thrown out of my external temple (home) where I never had the time to really (ritualistically) 'pack up' what was mine, my possessions as well as my psychic energy that makes a home a home.

Everyone involved better think about what loss I have suffered, while you whine in Florida becuz your mama didnt let the damn burst and your money flow to you just yet. The especially cruel treatment was totally unecessary and the ONLY thing I can think of it being that nasty is to ensure that the programmed person does not realize thier true power upon 'waking up' or there is some reason to affect thier growth so that they never reach thier full artistic, intellectual or physical potential.

Perhaps you fear a survivors psychic potential?

The warnings I recieved from people who I thought were just regular people around NA lets me know that there is indeed a faction of people that KNOW damn well who and what mind control slaves are and how this system works. And again pedophilia is largely present in these groups or the acceptance of it anyway.

WTF is wrong with people?

No matter what the excuse, putting people like my mother above me is totally unaccaptable. ALso being so cruel was unecessary as well as now trying to manage the outcome.

Its obvious they are terrified of a slaves natural growth. That idiot on the train tracks in Tempe AZ stating "As you know Rachel when your only allowed to grow only very conditionally"...which means that most people involved know damn well that this is a cruel, violent abusive deprogramming and behavior modification program..or just something to ensure that the person doesnt grow into thier own full scope of power.

I also got whiny taunting from some women in other states in my travels saying things like "dont you know women are not allowed to be artists?"..strangely something under thier guilt was sympathetic to me but they couldnt get past being part of the mob to put it forth. Which means they are the typical weak American involved in this either directly stalking/harassing or being one of those asshole smiling onlookers who view it as amusement from the comfy of their safe situations...which they believe will never change.

You have to go back to the documentary I have on my channel I featured here a few weeks ago from ABC in the 70's as well as documentation that shows that "people who couldnt fight back" or get revenge were used in these experiments and the LSD experiments as well. People who fit my description perfectly...
But, as with everything these people do much of it is inverse or a self fullfulling prophecy as in created by foreshadowing and influencing circumstances. I just wonder how many of the sex workers they used werent already programmed mind control slaves that were expendable.

THAT subject matter seems to be the most sensitive and they dont want the public to know. Note how that subject is never touched on in connection to MK Ultra. Its left to the vague idea that its to be used on 'agents' to get confession or to create a 'Manchurian Candidate'. They never reveal that they already have a full operating system of programming people and its related to RA.

What you have to understand about ritual abuse is its not so much belief in a deity its the energy and communication between the humans involved and its the effects of the ritual. Its probably explained in scientific terms, if only it were to be tackled seriously on that level which the powers will make sure it never is.

I bet some kid at MIT could math it away, explain or demonstrate the true existing power of a ritual especially as mind control or producing energy through mathematics of some kind. But you'll never see that due to the people in charge believing that is only information for the man behind the curtain running Oz. And I wholeheartedly agree with that in my elitist way...

So then what is up with letting jerk agencies and scum deal with an ancient respected system of programming then? You asked for it when you started letting morons in the door and got sloppy and greedy.