“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mexican Areas Should Remain Off Limits

Getting alot of gangstalking in San Antonio, all whites and Mexican. Using vehicles exclusively. Seems like they are trying to get me pissed off and get me to react in public.

Alot of military and Mexicans. Always a  bad comvibation in my situation.

One of the worst cities around for gs.

I now realize that sadly I can no longer frequent Mexican ares due to my situation.

Theres GS everywhere but its always worse in a Mexican area. Its sad becuz I like the people and culture...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

SanAntonio's Positive People/Targeted Survivors Always In The Dark About Exactly How Many People Actually Know Who They Are

Surprisingly the consistently coolest people we've met here in San Antonio are African Americans.

Alot of other nice types of people too but consistently San Antonio has always had Mexicans I have more difficulty with just like Albuquerque or Phoenix. Snobby ones who seem to dislike Travelers but also gang stalking perps, sadly. Dont know if these are drug gang related or military. All I do know is there are more Mexicans who seem to know my situation than I would ever imagine. Perhaps they are just more overt than whites about letting on about it. Maybe thats some unconscious favor they do for me...to remind me this is real so I am not subdued into being brainwashed as others would treat me.

Whites often see me and just get embarassed and uncomfortable, changing their body language as such which might be a mind game and a tactic in itself not just a reaction when a random interaction occurs. In other words-was the interaction random and is their reaction genuine or were they planted there knowing this was my probable destonation? Also was the reaction a planned one, though perhaps the interaction timing was random? Perhaps agreed upon by their group if an interaction with a Target occurs?

Circumstances like this make it hard for the TI to know just how much of the public are aware of what's going on.

It seems like its not everyone but damn it does seem like its a majority of America. Disturbing really.

At least there are positive experiences from San Antonio.

I often wonder if society was always this evil and deceitful or if this is the NWO?

Shell Gas Station In San Antonio TX-Perps or Ignorant Bitches (pics)

Timewise Food Store

Asian older guy getting trained on register. Typical fat blonde Texan female with ice blue eyes and a middle aged, short, scrawny, light Mexican female whos the typical Mex house slave whos internalized White middle class society's discrinmation against poor or Traveling people. Either that or they were gang stalkers being arrogant.

Harassed us and were paranoid about us stealing. (We stood at the coffee counter and around it the entire time where they could see us.

Then after we walked out after they were properly told off, the Mex bitch says something to a black pickup with two people in it that pulled up outside (gee what perfect timing). I was taking these photos when the Mexicans in the truck pulled away and as they did they yelled something so they were also told off as they deserved in my best Boston form and accent. A few nice Italian gestures as well.  As in f*ck off.

Nobody treats me that way. Two territorial, petty, nobody bitches who are on a power trip in their little gas station.

We got treated well in a wealthy neighborhood recently. Of course this bullshit comes from an area that isnt old money wealth and isnt ghetto but from some pathetic ignorant middle to lower middle class attitudes and perceptions.

Needless  to say the Asian guy was not involving himself in any of their crap.

When are corporations going to stop creating moated castles in communities instead of like in the old days having people who can handle certain demographics? And learn the difference between a homeless vagrant and a Traveler.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Israel In The Hood-More Attention Seeking From The Middle East

I dont care about the Middle East!!! I am not interested in Israel or Palestine.

The news wants to focus on this. One rocket fired in an area that's been full of violence and terrorism for decades? Give me a break.

I guess its time for the public to be frightened into being concerned about more bible prophecy-war in the holy land and all that.

I was surprised at how small Israel is on the map. All that power and worldly influence from a tiny area.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Silent Refugees

Strange isnt it, this silent refugee situation coming out of western first world countries?

I will barely escape this country with what's left of my life to the shores of where my ancestors came from circa 1890s to come to THIS COUNTRY to seek opportunity and a better life!

Part of the flaw of American character is that they believe America is some promised land-a heaven of sorts where life is finally perfect and all problems are solved by the actions of simply being an an American.

The refuge can become the prison over generations.

Its most sad that the oppression is of such a covert nature that no one sees it for what it is. All that matters is that those with the instinct to survive continue to seek better conditions no matter where they may exist.

Austin Becoming Difficult For Houseless People Is Just Another Indication Its Time To Leave An Inhospitable Environment

Staying on here becuz I feel responsible for my travel companion. He sort of doesnt get whats going on becuz he doesnt want to believe it to begin with.

Austin sucks now and the city has become less welcoming of Travelers. The people are alot more snooty than i remember and the university kids kinda suck. Its like kids from U of Cal Berkeley without the coastal influence.

This is what America has become now. These types of people are what defines the United States-they always have but there was always alternative scenes.

Ive never fit into any culture in America. Never been comfortable anywhere.

Its not this guy's fault that my situation has gotten so bad in the last year.

The harassment via remote influence has become very viscous and constant. Unlike the Bush era I am not being driven to suicide but something worse-a true state of submission to society and to the police state.

I am being constantly bombarded with input that consists of my accepting that I am not important in the big picture of things. That my time has passed with my past activism and its tine to give up and basically be put out to pasture.

Obama and other people in power now are just as dangerous as Bush and they are also into using torture to make people and things the way they want them to be.

America will never recover from what occured during Bush. Every place I havr been the public are either completely brainwashed or if not, then the place is infiltrated by covert forces that ensure control over prior problem areas like Cambridge MA, Berkeley  and Oakland CA, etc.

The USA is completely controlled now by these means.  There is absolutely no hope left.

Anyone who knows whats really going on like myself and others has either been prompted to leave  the US and has done so already or is being urged strongly to do so before its  too late.

The US is a sick culture with evil, violent roots in genocide and slavery. The public do not want to accept this as reality so its like living in a nightmare with all these idiots in denial or worse-the kinds of people who know exactly what goes on so fully  supports such things as gang stalking.

I am sure other countries are just as corrupt but America is particularly torturous to exist in due to its citizens being so puritanical and self deluded about America's true nature as well as insisting on living in denial.

I have to accept once and for all that if the USA will not see Bush and Co as war criminals and if they will not accept MK Ultra was real, was continued after a pathetic advisory comnittee investigation instead of those involved being tried under international law-then I and any other TI can never exist as citizens here.

They are only going to continue to try and force us to go the same way as the Native Americans they destroyed and crushed through genocide and behavior modification as well as the way this country still treats its former slaves-still utilizing them as house slaves, guards, handlers for other enslaved peoples and exploiting them to deal their drugs and fill their corporate prison system.

Any and all true rebellion against the NWO in the USA has been squelched-crushed by systematic oppression both overt and covert.

I want to go somewhere that I can use my talents to express myself not be kept down and disrespected for life.

As long as I stay in the United States I will always be ill treated by people who believe I am somehow less than theu are. This seems to be from both people who know about my campaign and those who dont they are just brainwashed to look down on people without realizing that certain homeless persons might be freedom fighters or folk heroes-or real life heroes.

The concept in American culture has been brainwashed out of people now. First Responders are heroes now. All the people who are contributing to oppression and corruption are hailed-via brainwashing and fear mongering-as heroes or as respectable.

I have only experienced jealousy, scorn, mocking and ignorance concerning my situation, activism and ordeal suffered thus far.

I now understand why the world hates America. Whats mind blowing is how oblovious the American public themselves are to this reality.

I am going to get through the next two weeks then decide how to get  out of the USA.

If I get harassed abroad thats fine. Its better than being destroyed by my own country I was born in.

After years of fighting with the gang stalking system I now can no longer tolerate the insensitivity and hatred and disregard for my well being that comes from Americans.

They are so greedy, so full of themselves and so focused on goals in a country this big that they genuinely do not percieve that destroying someone and pushing them aside as they've done to me is wrong!

Their attitude is that business goes on and people dont have time for someonw like me...but they've got time for starving foriegners, aid to Israel or Haitian earthquake disasters.

Ive come to understand that Americans are extremely dangerous, greedy filthy pigs who have no concept of human life outside of the childish lower senses.

They only understand injury exists if there is physical manifestation or if say, they percieve the person as having human value to begin with (not poor etc.)

Americans are a people who have lost knowledge of their genetic roots so therefore their beliefs, value systems and perceptions can be manipulated any way authority wishes it to be.

All I know is the country has robbed me of years of my life, my beauty, my talents and no one cares.

America is a horrible country where people feel guilty and try to fix hurts and injuries from things that shouldnt/arent supposed to happen by law to begin with. Their only redemption is their guilt and trying to make it better yet their system doesn't work and there is no prevention.

Americans are the most dangerous, evil terrorists in the entire world-what makes this so is the fact they believe they are the world's greatest do gooders.

They push Christianity but then refuse to believe in Satanic activity or that they live under a system thats satanic in nature. If that kind of deception, sneakiness and denial isnt dangerous I dont know what is.

This country is abusive, evil, arrogant, spoiled, artless, violent and malecentric as well as basically cult minded with its religious beliefs.  Worst of all isnt these qualities-its their refusal to grow up and genuinely grow up and change.

The powers that be keep America from evolving as a culture and a country just as they came after me viscoisly when I began to wake up, grow, ask questions and seek to evolve.

America's economy and everything connected to it would fall and cease to be if covert activities and manipulations didnt keep its people down.

I obviously hate the American way of life and so of course my living here is nothing but misery. I disagree completely with what its become. Its time to let go of something thats been dead for years to me anyway.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Social Engineering And A Racial Agenda In The New ELECTRIC CO TV Show

Dont let your kids near the new Electric Co. tv show.

Its reverse racist, with Afro Centrist red shirts (also black and red color combos featured). It features mostly African American adults and children, specifically cast as the highest caste of human being with whites being cast as foolish, costumed, secondary or only represented by talking animals, monsters etc.

This isnt Diversity-its payback for past stereotypes along with marketing part of the NWO agenda for future generations where mixed race AfroEuropeans are the ruling race of our future.

Breeding outside your race is whatever and up to the individual-creating and selectively breeding through brainwashing a master race while excluding other races is madness.

Just watch the show-it isnt true Diversity like the old Electric Co and CTW has been playing race favorites since the 90s (Elmo being one example).

It isnt diverse at all. Its a con job reminiscent of the time years ago when they tried to change the name of The United Negro College Fund to simply 'The Fund' and created ads misrepresenting it as NOT specifically serving African Americans in need.

African Americans are still in need-and the ever more corrupt house slave class arent going to help their own people. They are going to trample over everyone else to 'get theirs' and take over the world-destroying other cultures for their elite overlords.

All I see on tv nowadays is content that pays off anyone who works in the interest of the elite's agenda, serves to  keep certain classes of EuroAmericans in their insular realities, keeps down, mutes and destroys other classes of EuroAmericans and causes war like reactions of healthy self defense in anyone smart enough to see whats going on.

Believe me-the last thing the powers that be want is peace, harmony and true Diversity or equal opportunity.

I am realizing that all that was marketed to the public in the 60s and 70s to soften them up for the social engineering thats going on now.

Austin Now Sucks As Well

Austin TX officially sucks now. Fuck TX altogether. Its fallen prey to the rest of the country's bigoted ignorant opinions against houseless people. Its better than some places but its no longer home to what feels like a great vibe for artists, activists and peaceful people.

Austin is garbage like the rest of the US thats become sucked into the NWO.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hafta Change The Way I Travel Now With Inexperience Companion

Important lesson today learned about being a leader. Its not always about leading people travelling as hard and fast as possible as I usually do when on my own, its about watching for the safety of people in your care and perhaps slowing down or doing things differently.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America's Hidden Diseases And How 'Passive GS' Can Help The System Destroy A Target's Health


Well, I have what feels  like pinworm once again. My resistance to that parasitic infection is very low. I caught it as a child after I was put in with the blacks during desegregation in the 1970's and I caught it again on my late 20s from a white male roomate who was an Boston inner city school teacher for young children and could not shake the infection with multiple doses of meds until I left metro Boston and went to Las Vegas.

Problem is now due to my allergic reactions induced by anaphylaxis from Bactrim I haven't had an herbal regimine in years, which accounts for my failing health, aging and my loss of looks. This is what prevented or cured this kind of thing for years.

I caught this at the shelter here in Asheville which unfortunately isnt segregated physically though it was socially. I also didn't stick with the routine of using my own spoon,.knife and fork which is always a mistake.

I usually dont catch such things among the Boston homeless if I am among them for any length of time. I do have other weird intestinal complaints though that seem to come and go with my arriving and leavjng Boston.

It seems like staying away from alot of bread, sugary crap helps as well as daily eating raw onions, garlic, and pumpkin helps.

Docs won't even listen to u when u try to get help for parasitic diseases.

(This went away after my fasting and colonoscopy in January of 2013. Its highly suggested that TI's take care of their health. Usually a cross section between western medicine and herbalism etc more alterative things. Always watch out for both sides feeding you bullshit as Ive experienced both. Advocate for yourself and find people who will actually help not try to hurt you.

Parasitic disease is very dangerous as its something American doctors deny readily unless you can prove you've been in a tropical country and its easy to get being near Mexico, homeless shelters or people or persons who have been incarcerated/institutionalized. Its a health issue that can be ignored by medical people and they can do Passive GS which is people purposely not doing thier jobs as part of a GS campaign-then the Target's health degenerates over time and this can include your mental state.)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Any Wireless Hardware

Feels like using any hardware thats wireless can b hacked..or used as gateway.  Even a scanner..

Pre Recorded Light and Sound-Media And Mind Power. The Right To Ones Own Imagination

On a personal level I would be more interested in getting rid of PRLSI. My little word meaning Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images. Dead time. Live only in real time as an experiment.

Experience ONLY time that is happening now. The internet or other communication tech for visuals might be ok if only live stream or broadcast were viewed. The same with experiencing audio-only live, real time broadcasts.

Real time experiences could replace much dead time experience, like going to plays, comedy shows, concerts, readings etc.

Written communication might be ok via tech if it were only read. If the internet were treated as an archive for information and communications.

Live communications like chat or other interactions would be under real time.

There is something not as damaging or creepy about experiencing the written word from the past or even examples of other non animated human communication like paintings, drawings etc. These things are windows into time. They let the recipient experience another time frame from their own perception.

PRLSI make us think we are experiencing time as it really was, as it happened. Yet these experiences often simply take a moment in time out of context.  Just like any history they can be manipulated by the creators or archivists. With the passage of time itself, a captured moment in time can be re created or imaged to suit an agenda instead of portraying real events.

People who 'werent there' for such a moment also can be manipulated by information about that event being repressed.

Kennedy's assassination is a prime example. Lincoln's or other president's deaths in such a manner do not keep people prisoner the way that Kennedy's does. It seems largely due to firstly how recent it was in history and secondly: that damned video recording.

People who were witnesses to the event- people who were there to experience it in real time, had alot of information that threatened to change, and challenged the official perception or story. Its often unknown that these witnesses seemed to either meet untimely deaths or disappear, retracting their testimony about the event.

Many other oddities in the circumstances surrounding the event that make the official story suspect are known of and considered by fewer people than by how many are going to simply view the video: if manipulated correctly PRLSI can give great power and credibility to an official historical story of an event perpetuated of course by authorities and the powers that be. It will reach many more impressionable human animals than will archived news of the event and other pertinent information.

Such images also keep humans prisoners of dead time. The big contraversy still is who killed Kennedy. Its the recorded images of the event of his death that keep humans obsessed with this event-this moment in time.

Either solve the damn case properly or just realize that there are covert forces that shape our world  who remain in the shadows, and we must always be aware and on guard.  Obsessing over a past event is not going to change anything. Its almost as if we allow the images to haunt us. As if going on and on with questioning and viewing, we can somehow go into that moment in time and rescue Kennedy.

The images are so disturbing. Thats becuz when something is animated like that it is akin to human nightmares.

Think about it. The only experiences humans have naturally that resemble pre recorded moving, animated pictures with sounds are nightmares and dreams or even our 'daydreaming' when not sleeping.

This kind of activity is only possible in humans via our internal worlds in our minds'-our imaginations.

Time is a very delicate sujbect in respect to humans. We are subject to it as the ultimate master over our lives and finally our desths yet we want to have the power to alter it even travel through it (a concept that doesnt even make sense). Humans do 'travel' or have the ability to experience other time points without physically being there without PRLSI-memories are a good example though not always accurate they might just be what comforts us til our death when nothing else can or perhaps even at the moment of demise. I believe that is their purpose.

The other way we experience another time point is through preminition. The phenomna known as deja vu seems to be nothing more than reaching a time point previously experienced in a preminition.  Therr is a kind of sync in these moments, sometimes they can be frightening depending on the strength of the person's premonition or visions experienced. 

As a kid we had cassette tapes back then. I was fascinated by taking two copies of the same song and playing them simultaneously so they could play in exact perfect time. There was a moment when the songs seemed to sync up and at that moment it sounded like what an airplane sounds like overhead. Like coming up one side of a hill and reaching a peak then going down the other side.

This is a good description of what experiencing living through a preminition is like. Humans seem to sense the moment of sync as 'deja vu'. It seems what most people dont recall is the orignal preminition.

If this is how powerful experiencing events through time is for humans, then why are we playing with or allowing the powers that be to manipulate our experiences? Through dead time-PRLSI, humans can be manipulated, captured, terrorized and controlled. We do it to ourselves by subjecting our minds to animated dead time.

Its akin to necromancy. Reanimating a dead body. When you play a pre recorded piece of music its being re animated complete with all that happened in that time frame-including the energies put out by the musicians. Yet is it fair or even healthy to the sender or reciever, to keep reliving that singluar moment repeatedly?

We become addicted to dead time. Reliving or re experiencing something repeatedly that pleases us, torments us or holds our morbid curiosity.

The problem is that humans cant readily admit their weaknesses-as animals or as machines. Many humans dont know themselves or understand themselves as animal or machine.

Science nowadays seems more akin to the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages than to really trying to establish truth-believe what we dictate for the agenda or burn as a heritic.

There is much they hide, leave out and lie about.

PRLSI benefits humans by allowing us to see a moment in past time as it occured which is beneficial for law enforcement etc. But the danger of surveillance is that it can easily turn into spying and even used to create false record of events, say by manipulating what and who's being recorded by means NOT SEEN BY THE CAMERAS, which is exactly what gang stalking is about.

When we take in PRLSI such as movies, videos etc we are abusing ourselves. Our imaginations are being stifled and our five senses as animals are being utilized to keep.us passively watching something that isnt really happening in the moment. Our bodies are doing nothing-just sitting there. Our minds held captive by whats presented to us.

Such a situation really doesn't allow a human being alot of control over themselves or their realities-specifically becuz a group of special interest, the artists and all who made the piece being watched, produced its content independent of the viewer.

You werent there to experience it in that moment.

So how real is it?

We've lost control over our imaginations. Nowadays its especially disturbing to consider just who it is and what their agenda is, who has control of us through these means.

Anti Tech Neo Luddites

http://www.kurzweilai.net/forums/topic/im-a-neo-luddite-and-anti-technology http://reason.com/archives/2001/02/28/rebels-against-the-future

Finally Getting Rid Of My Travel Companion

Yeah, the guy I was traveling with just got more lazy, selfish and excuse making once he got to his dad's house for a week. His dad got him so stoned day after day that he simply became like an idiot. Was like talking to a brick wall.

The kid has no loyalty. Once he got to his dad's place he didnt need his squat mate/travel companion anymore.

I kept getting this bad preminition about taking him with me. I also am having a bad feeling about going to the southwest this year.  Too many bases, if martial law is declared its not the kind of place u want to b, especially homeless.

If he's capable of becoming this retarded in one week by being stoned everyday then he's capable of doing it again some other time.

He's totally untrustworthy. I just wanted someone with me this time.  He's nothing but trouble. This is why I dont like people who have families who spoil them.

I also learned that his maternal grandfather went to MIT and was a scientist who worked for Big Pharma for years.

His mother is a pathological liar also, according to her ex. So he's just another rich kid.

I dont trust his dad or him. I think the family might be perps but I am not sure.

Another bad choice made in desperation.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The guy i am travelling with is such a selfish, childish ass. Its so fuckin draining.

I just want to get to the dry environment and get healthy. Then send this brat back to his fat fiancé's house next year, then get out of this corrupt scumhole America.