“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shell Gas Station In San Antonio TX-Perps or Ignorant Bitches (pics)

Timewise Food Store

Asian older guy getting trained on register. Typical fat blonde Texan female with ice blue eyes and a middle aged, short, scrawny, light Mexican female whos the typical Mex house slave whos internalized White middle class society's discrinmation against poor or Traveling people. Either that or they were gang stalkers being arrogant.

Harassed us and were paranoid about us stealing. (We stood at the coffee counter and around it the entire time where they could see us.

Then after we walked out after they were properly told off, the Mex bitch says something to a black pickup with two people in it that pulled up outside (gee what perfect timing). I was taking these photos when the Mexicans in the truck pulled away and as they did they yelled something so they were also told off as they deserved in my best Boston form and accent. A few nice Italian gestures as well.  As in f*ck off.

Nobody treats me that way. Two territorial, petty, nobody bitches who are on a power trip in their little gas station.

We got treated well in a wealthy neighborhood recently. Of course this bullshit comes from an area that isnt old money wealth and isnt ghetto but from some pathetic ignorant middle to lower middle class attitudes and perceptions.

Needless  to say the Asian guy was not involving himself in any of their crap.

When are corporations going to stop creating moated castles in communities instead of like in the old days having people who can handle certain demographics? And learn the difference between a homeless vagrant and a Traveler.