“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, November 22, 2012

SanAntonio's Positive People/Targeted Survivors Always In The Dark About Exactly How Many People Actually Know Who They Are

Surprisingly the consistently coolest people we've met here in San Antonio are African Americans.

Alot of other nice types of people too but consistently San Antonio has always had Mexicans I have more difficulty with just like Albuquerque or Phoenix. Snobby ones who seem to dislike Travelers but also gang stalking perps, sadly. Dont know if these are drug gang related or military. All I do know is there are more Mexicans who seem to know my situation than I would ever imagine. Perhaps they are just more overt than whites about letting on about it. Maybe thats some unconscious favor they do for me...to remind me this is real so I am not subdued into being brainwashed as others would treat me.

Whites often see me and just get embarassed and uncomfortable, changing their body language as such which might be a mind game and a tactic in itself not just a reaction when a random interaction occurs. In other words-was the interaction random and is their reaction genuine or were they planted there knowing this was my probable destonation? Also was the reaction a planned one, though perhaps the interaction timing was random? Perhaps agreed upon by their group if an interaction with a Target occurs?

Circumstances like this make it hard for the TI to know just how much of the public are aware of what's going on.

It seems like its not everyone but damn it does seem like its a majority of America. Disturbing really.

At least there are positive experiences from San Antonio.

I often wonder if society was always this evil and deceitful or if this is the NWO?