“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boston City Hospital/South Ends Day Will Come

Walked into boston city hospital worried scared u know my situation I just posted it.

This piece of garbage was staring me down, tattoos on his face all over either gang or jail. He wouldn't cut the crap. I asked nurse to close door she refused. Due to these circumstances and my situation right now it's perfectly understandable I feel this way. The triage nurse was a blonde who is typical to this kind of GHETTO hospital and will love up these types before anyone white. I couldn't stand the continued disrespect so I told her to wait a minute while I asked him if he could stop the intimidation. I am sick of forward arrogant blacks in this area. They only respect the rich out of knowing that's where they get what they need from and they honestly believe they own these communities.

Instead of doing her job she immediately asked me to leave. She was a total c*nt and should have sympathized and took me inside asked me what was wrong instead of protecting black trash like that.

I love my few black friends and my fellow TIs but Boston is so full of traitor white Bitches and bleeding heart liberals who don't take race stressors or any other stressors into consideration- I am going to have to resort to reading CHIMPOUT.COM and STORMFRONT for a while which is better than getting violent and going to jail and not being able to expose this system. One black guard was sympathetic but the other one was not. That's becuz he's a decent black dude who is in a law enforcement capacity and knows the piece of shit I was dealing with and what he was about.
But he had to do his job I understand that and he did it with some compassion.
He told me not to snap any more pics and chased me away, but he did it no sly.

This is the kind of behavior and coping skills that gang stalking has forced me into taking on to survive. And I will do whatever is necessary to get this book written. WHATEVER IT TAKES.

This book will be written. No selfish spoiled northeast black males are going to stop me, no Liberal traitor blonde bitches who think they represent the medical community in this area with her parochial bullshit is going to stop me. No cops, no shelter Bitches, no YUPpies-not my family, not my enemies, nor bad health nor circumstance. NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME OR GET IN MY WAY AND ANY PRICE IS WORTH THE END RESULT.

I am dealing with a city that got sued by white kids who claimed the public school system was racist against them..and from what I know about this WASP/house slave armpit of a city, they probably won.

I shud have stayed in Harvard where you can be any color you just need to know how to act or you get your ass kicked.

I am most angry at the scum bag nurse. If ever I get any power, she will be the one who can leave, you can be sure of that. I hope one day this city no longer cm rely on their money and power to protect them..and I hope that monster they have created rapes, robs and destroys everything that is theirs.From BC to to BU to Berkeley College out to Beacon Hill. I want em all to get a good lesson in reality like the nightmare I have had to live all my life being held down by this system all my life.

I want them to see the scum they coddle and protect up close in their natural environment the way life really is outside their liberalist delusions and short sightedness.

The cop who wasn't so sympathetic claimed I came in there with an attitude anyway. Typical lack of logic replaced with focus on emotions and male intimidation.

Once and for all you are not my mammy's nor my nanny. You have no.jurisdiction over me on a personal level. Though its only natural for someone minding the masters house every day. And how does any of that have anything to do with medical care? Lots of people walk into ERs stressed or scared. That old school piece of shit Boston City Hospital or whatever they have renamed it to make it NOT seem like an old school oppressive piece of garbage needs to be knocked down and gutted. Replace it with something decent not the stench of old Boston.
If I had the time I would go after BPHC and expose it for what it really is. Perhaps that ER could become a homeless shelter,and that blonde hitch would have to get a job elsewhere. In fact that traitor needs to come down here and live in reality. MA has consistently the most pious, uplift nurses of any state 8I have ever been in. I was told that yer only a nurse becuz you weren't smart enough to be a doctor. Oh the irony of the fact that I was smart enough. But here we are: you kissing white establishment and black underprivileged criminal ass for a living and I having to sacrifice my whole life to write one book to warn humanity about these technologies and this oppression...while idiots like you get in my way.

I hope her doctor rides her ass tonight and makes her miserable, which suits her personality just fine.

That moron with the jail house tattooed face was to interested in his piece of ass in the waiting room next to him to be truly traumatized by any emergency. So what's new?

F*ck that whole area of that slimy sell out city. If I don't stay out of there the perps will get the lone shooter they always desired. Of course the book is much more damaging so I must do what I can to ensure that baby gets born.

Its a high price to pay to have to wade through this much trash both black and white to get there however.

Walking Pneumonia Again

I caught some kind of lung cold with nose and very tired chills if I.don't sleep enuf.
I don't want to go emergency room. Can't take antibiotics due to anaphylaxis to many things now. Especially antibiotics.

Have become so battle hardened and immune to fear didn't realize I was this sick til chest hurt and can't breath..and now Im struggling with myself trying to stay in denial that I am actually this sick.

I am so conditioned now to just soldier on under all circumstances. I no longer have any sense of fear enough to have common sense to know Im sick. Its snowing out and I didn't prepare at all. I just kept sleeping the illness off and eating healthy vitamin water.

This is what happens when I stay in this unhealthy polluted area in winter and especially living inside.

There's a reason my mother is obese now with asthma and poor health- its the environment here. If yer not young or wealthy enough to have clean central air in your building Boston and Cambridge are environmental nightmares.

My mother's health is a gauge as to what is in store for me if I stay here during winters. Also her and I surely suffer from life long effects of her radiation exposure. And I have to be very careful after what that mold did to my lungs over three years time.

What is Caucasian and African-American and Black and Red All Over?

Its the Nazi sympathizing fascist Neo Cons..or these guys. Take yer pick America as it seems there are just a few choices of cult mind control groups turning politics into a cheap gang war affair nowadays. Enjoy! I am gonna get my phone and my passport ready for when Romney gets in and leave out of here by 2012! Screw the pole shift!

Why Targets Should Never Sell Out Or Give In/ Recent Harrassment BPHC

there is still a gang stalking group at woods mullen. it involves a few of.the trannies and an older woman named Linda..all these women into pills.and johns etc.

I.preteneded to.still be.asleep and Linda was talking very loud. I coughed and someone said something about "Open up a window her, that'll same her up then and it was really mean. such Bitches.

then I heard them discussing "but don't let her know its tonight" which Im pretty sure had something to do.with it.

when I woke up quickly that's when Linda started to magically be.done.being a loud mouth and finally go into the bathroom.

last week I am sure I heard.while eyes closed again in morning Jessica a loud obnoxious tranny, pointing me out to someone and that person saying 'what this one here?".

Jessica always looks guilty if I get near her or make eye contact.

I shud find nightmare to.bring in here and make.these women just...

ok phone died. just talked to one of the cool women and asked her about this group of women. she said they were just f*cked up in the head that's all.
its intereting how these professionals can engineer things so that people on this level basically end up just mobbing or Cause stalking a person when in reality its politically motivated. my mother being a documented radiation experimented is.no light matter. but I realize now that no one on these levels believes this and they genuinely believe rumours or whatever has been handed down to them.

what is most striking about that is they actually accept that much lawlessness would be normal or acceptable in this society. No one would get away with filming someone in their home like that or exposing them especially if law.enforcement was involved somehow. the police can't just do as they please like that and if they did the idea was put into their heads by someone higher up.

alot of times I was being outright tortured and people wud say I needed to learn to grow up was the motive.

I am shocked that the american public is so trained to believe that our society wud be allowed such lawlessness based on morality or rumour. a gang stalking campaign of this magnitude might include alot of duped civilians who are used to mob the person by being psychologically manipulated but the rest of.what I have experienced is purely professionals and those people have alot of money access and resources. but when I start talking about those experiences that is probably when people on these merely social levels start disbeleiving.

while my phone was out I taunted a blonde who was in on that group discussion about messing with me. she was alone at her bunk and after I did so this older black woman Sylvia called me a.cunt but said it.from her bunk area behind a divider..coward like the rest. she said that I treat people badly and that's what she heard. she then said " I like fucking with that woman...". These people all act like this is some priveledge or luxury.

it doesn't matter if I am nasty in my blog occassionally or if I lose my patience with people..this situation for years is very stressful.

I told the old selfish hitch Linda while she was in the bathroom that she's putts here in a few days which means shell probably be alone so if she values her safety don't Fuck with me. and I can search and destroy each of these cunts one by one if necessary. that tranny Im sure can be beat down by some guy who hates that shit.

I think all these assholes need to remember what kind of family I come from what kind of people. I can be just like my uncle Tom if necessary I am sure.

i'm not gonna be chased around the country with people trying to harm me during Bush and work so hard on these blots just to have lowlifes disrespect me.

also a few weeks ago this black broad did a little monologue in response to me demanding some respect in the morning with some bs about me having troubles and running to the cops.

my family may have police connections as well as my former friends but I personally know nothing about it. Why wud I run to cops? I WAS STALKED AND HARRASSED BY COPS DURING THE FEDERAL INVESTIGATION AND that lawsuit for mold in my apartment. I thought all cops were in on this for years. If there is police involvement on my behalf its due to someone's guilty conscious not me.Someone out there wants me silenced and modified but not killed. Don't look at me you ignorant cheap Bitches.

By the way if I were to be nasty on purpose to anyone you'd know it becuz you'd be crying in the corner. Id manipulate it so you screwed yourself basically.

however since people on this level aren't worth this effort, only the people higher up, they think I am not capable or they want attention and wont stop until I give them drama.

I stopped being logical becuz gs IS thought stopping ritual like in cults.
I have to remember that the African American areas always have gang member types that wear red t-shirts or black and red. St Louis, San Diego, Cambridge Boston to a lesser extent. At On The Rise day drop in there have been many women wearing black and red and new women who wear just red
d as a statement. Its not just the colors but the behaviors that go with it that I have seen define this faction for years. Also that nutcase from Pine St and WLP has started coming to OTR and she's fucking with me the way she did.before as if its still 2006. Like every other perp from the Bush years locally as of late,she came at me in the exact same manner as she did to begin with and then obviously someone tells the person to lay off as the game plan has changed.

This also happened with that laundrymat in Cambridge on Pearl st. I suppose they are being told since I have been so altered that they have altered their approach.

Even some advocates at OTR act like what has and is still occuring is nothing, like I deserved it. Also I know that some of them don't believe the MK Ultra connection as I made sure I gave them my blog just to see where they were at.

There are a few advocates at OTR that do the right thing professionally and ethically one of which claims its known to them there are trouble makers here so are working on changing that. Its a great cover for doing intimidation as part of gang business isn't it? Harassing a Target who exists in the homeless scene and having yer dirty work written off by social workers as simply bad behavior.

It does not matter who may know of this situation and get off on it, perhaps as erotic literature even, which one perp let on is what my situation is to some people or entertainment. I didn't create or desire to inherit my mother's legacy nor did I invent a Project Paperclip or the radiation experiments. These issues are very very serious and for many of us gang stalking is life threatening either directly or years later from ill health.
There is no shame in being homeless or persecuted due to being a whistle blower or a freedom fighter. Eroticising this is just another form of using sexuality as a wepon against the TI as well as I imagine, trying to brainwash the TI into a role as a slave by connecting it to the pleasurable feelings of sex.

None of.this matters. What matters is my mother being a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra.

Also I wish the locals would stop being fascinated with the idea this is due.to Jake or Julie herself is controlled by handlers and has been harassed for years to keep her in line. She claimed her.father did.work for the CIA and with how her life has gone, from what I have seen, she is also targeted to keep her down. She has all the indications of someone who is programmed.

I could have ratted out her stupid bussiness by now for revenge. I don't however becuz if.the fed wanted her that bad they would have taken her down by now. Also they would have given me a subpeona during the investigation instead of playing mind games across the country.

If I give up any information against my Will or better judgement I am validating this system and allowing them to prove that MK Ultra methods indeed work to gain any and all info from programmed compartmentalized persons.

If I do this, EVERYTHING I have worked for will be for nothing. Besides no one is going to get their way by disrespecting me. Never.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Obama Libya Actions So Surprising


Why is this so surprising? This guy is determined...or the creators of the first 'black' president legacy are, to make this guy go down in history and really make it stick. The factions supporting this must have really helped Bush's people as many of us can attest to.

Now if only they would elect a president from true American 'black' roots the effort would at least be a true and honest one.

I don't mind them going after Muslims..probably in part for Israels interests.

Now if only Jews would stop advocating a very destructive muliculturalism in Europe, which of course heavily utilizes Muslim immigrants, then we'd be all set.

However due to those two circumstances one can't help but be very suspect of this entire mess in war and peace.

When you've got Jews like Byron Wein saying Europe is goin to be nothing but an open air museum in 10 years back in the 90s, one has to wonder about the true motives for all these actions.

Who knows it's probably many different factions of 'elite'.

All I know is that they've certainly wasted my time and ruined my life as well as multiple others lives for all this.

Of course Cambridge is full of people who think this is all in the in the interest of final world peace.

Monday, March 28, 2011

been with someone who might be trying to be a handler not sure. she has some of the tactics but it could just be her personality takes up alot of the other persons energy. she's nice enuf anyway.but still....

nah, she's just like that..

I love seeing these women who I know act badly at night shelters kissing staffs ass and being social butterflies in the better quality day shelters in better areas.

well duh: http://www.bostonherald.com/news/regional/view/2011_0327sex_fiends_sheltered_by_loophole_affected_neighbors_join_forces_with_authorities_to_seek_solution/srvc=home&position=0

we've known about this for years. I once said this to a man about the shelters and he didn't believe it. he casually denied it, not forcefully but he did deny it.
well now its in print you'll all believe I suppose.

this is one of the reasons that its a miserable scene in places like Pine St or Woods Mullen or even St Francis during the day.
its also one of the reasons these places are so heavy with gang stalking and smart targets know that.
I've met women who are part of a perp group say in MI at a shelter who are married to child molesters. There was a father and his daughter at shelter in Burlington VT and there was definately a relationship there.

This is why its part of a campaign to drive a targeted individual into homelessness. One reason is if the person is a survivor of abuse, programming, mind control of any level or ritual abuse these types of people will not only serve to keep the targeted survivor down and under control but cold and other parts of the system know they have an army of informants and an intimidation crew at the ready. since they are predators to begin with they naturally know how to manipulate survivors of these things.

The other main reason is that it adds to the feasibility of the smear campaig that theTarget is a perl or pervert who belongs in that environment.

This population as well as the small time gang girls, the working girls who always have pimps, and the general shitty behavior of shitty people in shelters.

people who are temporarily homeless looking and waiting for housing is not the problem, I feel bad they have to deal with this.

its why I want to see homeless hostels or the like. for high to medium functioning houseless individuals who are single with no family or good support system, that are more independent minded, self sufficient and are working on something like art or a book, school or a job etc. People who for whatever reason cannot be housed alone or with roomates. They could pay into the system and work on the place. A cross between an intentional communitie and a hostel and a homeless shelter.

One of the upsides of a shelter is if you are targeted staff is always present. I've actually encountered gs in hostels as much as in shelters its just a different style.

it doesn't occur anymore in hostels and rarely in shelters in Woods Mullen...I wont go near Pine St they were always too tied in with the cops.

I am suspect of the system bringing this to public attention. They have always known this. Its actually better now than it was years ago. They are up to something with this story.
Why has and is Park St station one of the worst gang stalking areas in Boston? And its not just down in the station its around that whole area known as downtown crossing. Its improved since Bush but they still insist on maximum in person psy ops as well as very nasty remote influence. Just getting to the next station out of the city is like a vacation from Hell. Downtown has always been bad for this but Park St station is just unbelievable. alot of young males tonite.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

There is one possibility that I just thought of and havent considered...what if Helms and even Bush on some level are trying to protect Survivors?

Society doesnt seem to fond of us to begin with. People are jealous or threatened.

And its not like average citizens are running to assist us or even believe or care about this subject.

Some of the perps who do know treat us like some sort of prize horses of the master that they are herding for him..which may account for some of them frequently appearing to be impressed with us in the face of avoiding traps by perps who are present etc. The ones doing the attempted trapping often seem controlling in the extreme and really venomous towards us..as if to admit we are smarter than that would destroy thier worlds at that moment of realization.

I just wonder..after seeing the animalistic, primitive human behavior of mobbing triggered so easily I now wonder if what is being done to hide all this isnt perhaps the best idea. I am no advocate of overpopulation myself I am just of the thinking that if you want to avoid such a problem, one should ensure it doenst happen in the first place. Wouldnt it be easier to just demand the public lower thier birth rates?

Its almost as if not letting the masses know what is really going on is the most important part of all of this as opposed to any practical solutions to the problems at hand.

The public themselves are making it exceedingly difficult to champion the cause of humanity. The more I suffer, the more I can see the point of the elite especially while having seen exactly what large groups of human beings are capable of. Perhaps its just in the USA that things have become so ridiculously locked down that it seems like no one is even human anymore. Europe seems to still have some life left for now. Muslims and immigrants are being used to stop that soon enough.

And I have decided that I am through with this little game concerning playing the Muslims and the Jews or Zionists off against each other in this. Its too confusing as both of them seem to have policies and religions that simply choke the life out of European sensibilities in the long term. And each one has one thing in common: govt and social life is far too entangled with thier religious beliefs, both of which are sexist, patriarchial and monotheistic. At least Jews dont have Female Genital Mutilation as part of their religious culture. The veil is the least of the problems for women. Though some Muslim leaders denounce the practice in what seems a fair and sensible manner, the fact that all of them do not ensures it still goes on.
Looking at them more and more, studying them I often see similiarities in facial features etc. Pretty much I am sick of thier plight and want nothing more to do with the whining of either one. They are both Middle Eastern in origin it seems even if Jews did pick up DNA through European countries.

And both of them share a fanatical outlook often enough concerning stealing European's territory. I have seen a video of a Hollywood Jew talking about how thier god is the true one which is why they will eventually prevail etc. This is an echoe to the fanaticism of thier cousins from the same area of the world. Even the way Jews often push for diversity, often being leaders or champions of this but conversely set very different standards for thier own people or communities- again the exclusivity reminds me of a Muslim closed society.

One of the mind games of these campaigns is to keep us bouncing back and forth between suspecting Zionists of playing Divide and Conquer but then the obvious problems world wide are from Muslim factions. I am sick of dealing with both.

How about take America if you want it as its anybody's since genociding the Natives, but leave Europe to its native inhabitants and stop trying to burn sh*t down or take over.

And what the HELL is wrong with the Swedes? Here I am living off of Viking metal to stay alive half the time and you're being a piss poor example of any trace back of ancient DNA. WTF is wrong with you? Now I see the problem with Christianity in those countries. It may have worked once but with a threat like that at your door destroying your country as well as your own officials refusing to put out right numbers on crime rates- youve got a problem there.

Then again I cant say that those crimes arent being perpetrated by factions that want Muslims blamed. Id have to be there I guess. Either way someone is playing games and its getting very boring at this rate.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bioethics Committee May Be Obama's First Proud Moment

So I am going to co opt the words of the wife: this may just be the first time in his presidency that I can say I am 'proud' of my president. Alas, I am not proud, I just think he is showing some basic decency here and there. Like going after bullying which I saw in the papers recently.

Still I cant forget how Chicago was one of the worst cities in the USA for gang stalking. And I was only there for 24 hours!!

I am not sure what to think. And what I think now is different from what I feel. I know that during Bush I was being tortured, driven to suicide and beaten down within an inch of my life. Obama got in and someone signed that order, either Bush on the way our or he in office, to make such tortures no longer available as part of interrigation and we all know that covert activity seems to parellel overt affairs of the same nature.

However, there is a very creepy campaign going on, which may have nothing to do with Obama directly but have to do with the system that got him elected. I was being tortured by large groups of African Americans during Bush not Obama. However, one wonders if he isnt just part of thier agenda. And there is an active campaign to coerce and brainwash white females, probably of a certian class specifically, into becoming intimate with black males as partners. I see it in ads constantly and in places like Boston and San Diego, blue states with sympathies towards African Americans as well as a concentration of such populations, there seems to be not only lines of remote influence as part of the coercion- not only towards race mixing but as in San Diego- towards whites giving up thier Will and thier lives to assist African American interests.

In such locations there is also an active covert presence that aids in this coercion, which may just be my personal experience as its been said to me directly that some African American faction- one that acts covertly, has been "chasing" me around the US during much of my gang stalking campaign. I know this to be true as far as being treated like a target by such groups but there also seems to be some connection to voodoo and the existence of constant coercion in certain locations, towards breaking me down to become intimate with a black male. In MA sadly, my home state, a campaign of this nature has recently been very obvious to me and its goal indeed seems to be to create in me sexual desires for African American males as opposed to my own race. This campaign relies heavily on my experience with white males in my life abandoning me as in during the worst parts of my experiences during Bush and the federal investigation of associates of an old friend during the height of the war. I believe that this is another behavior modification program and it also seems to continue from prior actions.

If I am rejected by white males in positions of authority and my former lover etc, then this paves the way to make me more inclined to accept black males as intimates due to feeling rejected by males of my own race, black males having more sympathy for my oppression etc.

In the past month there has been alot of posturing and covert intimidation from black males and I am left with a feeling of being coerced sexually. I experienced this in San Diego but it was less to cause me to go over to thier side as a romantic interest and it was more like sexual contact without consent in a psychic manner. In both instances, the body of the African American male is used in a manner to suggest and imitate sexual prowess, intimidation and black male power. These harassments also contain the presence of very heavy psychic or emotive human energy. They are very intrusive and are used in unison with the fact I am a Targeted Individual for political reasons as well as a victim witness.

I am well aware that even posting this is going to add to discreditation but as a Target I feel its necessary to not only get clear of the influence but also to along the way in the many years of blogging, to show exactly what covert warfare consists of.

It probably sounds like the ravings of a mentally ill or hysterical female who is paranoid about race. It would be if it were not for all of the years of documentation I have put down here that shows that behavior modification is not about who what where or why- about hte methods or what or who is used to get the results. Its about THE RESULTS.

And having an African American president in a position of authority after having a fascist, sexist white male majority wipe the floor with you prior, makes these moves sensible ones if you are trying to once and for all get a woman who is stubborn and uncontrollable, with an innate sense of pride- under control.

I am in perfect agreement and always have been with persons who choose mates outside thier race- its none of my business. But when a society- one with an obvious agenda, is a very dangerous place for control and deception as the one we live in today is- one has to be very suspect at race mixing being 'marketed' heavily to the public.

Put it this way- if this society was marketing heavily AGAINST race mixing, I would be as equally suspect of such psychological manipulations.

Whatever the system does for this agenda cannot be good for the freedoms of all human beings everywhere, now and in the future. If you have to use systematic intimidation to get a white woman to be with a black male- and a black male specifically, there is something very wrong with that. ONCE AGAIN ITS NOT ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAT SUBVERTING THE FREE WILL OF ANY TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.

I bet you there is an African American female out there who is targeted and being coerced into being with a white male against her Will. Becuz its about taking away THE WILL POWER of the individual.

I also wanted to mention my confusion over Obamas pastor who,actually makes alot of sense about governments lying. Obama himself should think more along these lines- the only thing I disagree with is that govts screw over people based on thier hue. To be truthful, govts screw over anyone they can, Pastor. Its not always all about YOU. What about poor whites right now? Especially in places like Boston. Forget it if yer not from Southie.

Why is one supposedly racist pastor (Jerimiah Wright) considered non threatening but another(Rev. James David Manning) is dubbed an Uncle Tom? Or Uncle Ruckus as I have read.

Really I am sick to death of African American issues. It seems to take up much too much of our lives nowadays to the point of diversion. Partially its my own fault for staying in an area like Boston/Cambridge for the winter when usually I leave to gain sanity and some breathing room from the racial cold war/ racial tensions here in Boston area.

The whole problem is that we never got back at the rich white fascist overlords who robbed us to begin with- I know I personally am still waiting to get back what was taken from me during Bush- and I am going to motherf*ckin get it too. And no one is going to pawn me off on some other culture to keep me down or keep me in line or keep me quiet. It feels like the powers that be are trying to seal my fate or put a seal on my tomb for eternity with these actions. And that I cannot allow to happen.

Its not just about me its about the public also who are victims of mass mind control. Its not only about Targeted Individuals.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

uugghh. In the ER American Idol is on. I try to avoid that show at all costs. I can't stand the thought of.looking at someone who is so close to a crowd that helped Jake my ex who helped destroy my life. I have never watched it except for like 5 minutes once, which was quite enuf.

This episode is mostly over. Interestingly I just saw the host, a youngish white guy very Hollywood looking flash the horns to the audience and stick his tongue out doing it.

when that gesture was associated with metal or certaIn rock concerts it was kind of camp and pretty much just kept to that level, overtly anyway. to see it so mainstream nowadays is disturbing mostly becuz the places I see it being displayed are just so awful. these are not things that are fun or rebellious in nature.

and I thought Hollywood was full of God's chosen so now I am really confused. im not being sarcastic it just doesn't make any sense..nothing makes sense in the USA anymore. Perhaps that is some form of creating a chotic Hellish environment and that is what is considered Satanic now. It just seems really boring.

I think it might be a case of when the revolutionary leader becomes the head of state after a take over, he and his become exactly like the people they were revolting against to begin with.

what are we to do with this.much bullshit from one part of society and christian right neocons from another? The military full of gang factions or Christians trying to convert Islam while fighting them in war. What happened to knowing who the enemy is- knowing friend from foe?

I no longer understand what im supposed to do. die? write that book? Go quiet? get a lawyer and go after everyone I can for anything I can?

People still keep thinking my situation is due to my old associates like Julia and whatever powerful people she is asso jared with. yea, they prob all got blackmailed by the true heavies to give me up and assist in destroying me or else. that is the extent of their true power in this.

black older male security just walked by and hung his head. tactic..seen it alot in central sq. and the people that do that tactic I've ignored them then looked back to see them looking ba k to see if it had any affect.
so its definately a tactic.

in er now. size.it was most likely nerve pain perhaps within brain. ?? As long as it doesn't kill me or dibilitate me right now.

got a moments peace and clarity of course due to internet and cell signals blocked in ER.
if u r targeted then don't sync yer facebook to yer phone even if its a bs account. once u sync with contacts it shows evdryones mobile number and it showed my number as linked to my fake social network name. I don't know if its related.but when that happened I suddenly got these seeding pains through the right side of my head. which I haven't had for a while. years in fact.

I turned.off gps in case it was related and unzynced social network asap.

I am now going to a hospital to check it out.

Liz Taylor Passes and Provides Some Peace


I somehow felt relieved today. Early this morning. The same thing happened when Michael Jackson passed to a lesser extent. Perhaps the event has provided the collective conshusness with something else to think about. moreso perhaps it has provided a sort of psychic unity, whereas I notice that the building of the NWO and since Bush, the trend has been to create seperations between people, with hatred and fear and shitty media content- part of the process of breaking down society in order to build their new world.

this momentary lapse in torture and isolation shud illustrate just how severe the human spiritual and psychic cost of.the insane dream of.madmen known as the NWO.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ive never seen a city so guilt ridden in all my travels. Fuck Boston and Cambridge just the whole area. It seems they feel more upset about what happened than I do.

I've known from childhood hood how nasty this system is. It seems only the ever naive impressionable and guilt ridden
public are the ones who are shocked shamed or surprised by what these bastards can deal out.
Speaking of African Americans Boston seems to have a population of the most upright judgemental rude most and old.fashioned black women in the USA. No wonder thy are so ill tempered in the shelters. They don't seem very happy nor do they seem to have that much fun. In fa t not only are they for the most part miserable but they somehow automatically hold the belief that everyone else shud be as well.

First of all yer gonna get nowhwere in life fighting corrupt authority by being embarassed. Yer men might shame you and yer culture be bound to a Christian church in its roots but that ain't me. Try living through the inquisition for two thousand years, the plague and multiple revolutions in Europe and then you'll know instinctively what it takes to truly
fight authority. Which is why we have to be subverted at any cost. Notice how Europe.has been rioting for.years now and USA wont do so unless its super obvious and directly oppressive like during Bush era. which makes it imperative that the elite compromise and corrupt our culture and our people by any and all means available...which is exactly what I am on about here.

This always happens if I don't get out of here for the winter. Everyone in this area walks too fast and stresses themselves out over not being rich or trying to make it to that level.

they are too brainwashed to realize its social control. Duh.
and for those of us who have broken through this perochial upright nightmare, keep yer status conshus prison system to youselves. People like me don't want it anymore.

all it is is control and enslavement. who needs this bullshit? I can travel through way nicer rich areas like in CO or Cali and get treated much more humanely than in this prison. Boston has always been a prison and in the 21st century it still is.

Ad For Supermarket On MBTA Reveals Possible Subliminal: The Pretty Face Case

Just thought this was interesting.
Was on train in Boston. Noticed the hand positioning in this ad:

Also the red coat and possibly the red and white or even red, white and black (hair) combo. This is very common now and you see it everywhere in media. Its simply just very manipulative. Some like to think its the Bloods, others believe it connects them to the Masonic activity mixed with gang activity in hip hop recently where people like JayZ walk around flashing Masonic looking hand gestures, then add to the drama by denying they mean anything. Its all bs but it is working. Masonry in itself is a complex subject like its connection to Templars and its too much to cover in a blog anyway. It seems that its simply being used as cult mind control in the context its presented in media lately and it certainly messes with the minds of anyone whos a Survivor of certain kinds of mind control or programming. Its almost a veiled threat but I wont get into it. This is due to the fact that Templar knights wore white and red and thier seargents wore black and red. However, black and red is also the color combo of Luciferian connections.

I highly resent the public wearing black and red especially so many people who seem into gang stalking Targets. I believe that this is yet another attempt at using the public against survivors of Ritual Abuse- also the message is clear: you are not special, you hold no power any longer. It also gives one the feeling they have no privacy. Its like taking black and red away from the few and handing it over to the public, which of course is what the powers that be have been doing with everything such as reality shows etc. Its the use of cult indoctrination on the public to cancel out anyone who is a threat to what they are trying to pull off right now.

I became curious about this photo. It has something to it but its not obvious. I messed with some effects on my new cam. Here is what I found:
First I put effect called 'Solarize' on it:

Then I put that into 'Negative':

Frightening, yes? I thought perhaps this is what the admen really think of the public- this is the part of you being appealed to in this ad. But hey, its Boston. The place always was a bit on the witchy and Masonic side but as I have posted before, it had become one of the most evil feeling places during Bush. But like anything truly Masonic it has as much good to it as it does greed and selfishness.

The ad however is deceptive. And such a pretty face is now seen as very ugly.

Here is the photo in just negative:

Movie About Cult: Mountain Rock Church

It seems like its not just one man, his wife seems pretty much the boss as well if not moreso.

And why do they sound like they are from NYC area not down south, he also sounds very Jewish, NY area. I would love to see the FBI file on this guy.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just had weird and horrible preminition concerning people dying from some biowarfare experience.
Vision of people slumped over in chairs like in their seats they just all fell asleep and never woke up. Peaceful way to die I guess but for those left alive it was pretty distrurbing experience.

Probaby just trying to psyche me out. More terror..
Way to lower population it seems.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The 'Bad Decisions' Excuse

The whole idea of targeting people like myself due to us being non conformist or weird. I wouldnt look or live the way I do had I not been targeted into this lifestyle to begin with! I know I cud have had a career by now as a councilor orfound my niche elsewhere. I had no want for talent or intelligence surely. In a society such as this is.supposed to be I should have by all rights been upwardly mobile and made it due to my own efforts.

There has been a constant pushing of the idea that a person like myself and perhaps me specifically ends up in this situation due simply to making bad decisions. In fact that ideation is pushed of occasionally but always at a choice moment as to cause the suggestion to be taken in much more easily.

The decisions I made have been the right ones in relation to the circumstances and my resources monetary, intellectual or otherwise. The public may view things differently based on being also brainwashed by deceptions concerning the circumstances.

Its spring break and that may explain a relief as of today in the torture and influence.

These behavior mod and social training programs are based on nothing more than greed, corruption and the elite believing they know what's best for everyone.

In the end its merely heavy handed deadly social control that destroys everything good,gentle,fair and brilliant about an individual and a society.

It seems that corporate sameness is now to be.desired in human beings and human societies.

They really only lay.heavy on the whistle blowers who know enough to break the brainwashing in some way either of individuals or society as a whole.

Its obvious that universities are in on this just as they were taking part in mk ultra and various other documented human experiments over decades.

What I had going for me, the remnance or that, seems to be the greatest threat to whoever is behind this. You can't take the original potential, that energy, the look the root of talent and intelligence from one's DNA. You can't destroy that. You have to continue to block it out, torture harass intimidate and smear the person. If the true state of the target's spirit was seen or understood, not just one of their lies would fall but all of them. The whole system wud unravel if but one target they work daily to keep down and oppress were to be let live freely and in peace. This is the reason for life long monitoring and behavior modification.

The covert factions behind this know that our great nation even our great world in general is only.made possible through covert ops, actions and influence.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

GOP, Bush Era, Black Magick and Nazi's

Its interesting to come out of this from my perspective which has always been from the inside out, whereas most people were involved from the outside in or observing from such a viewpoint. Which is why I am still walking around mostly intact and everyone is confused about this or when its thier time to get 'the treatment' they fail miserably.

Only just moments ago did I look at Wiki and finally know what 'GOP' meant.
This is why people end up paying for thier crimes and will continue as such. Who goes after someone likie me who was so innocent about worldly affairs, under the guise of politics? America's arrogance, naivety and stupidity needs to be rewarded- with exactly what they put into all this they will get out of it.

Republican Rock Stars!

TIME: For Those About to Rock: We Cut Your Taxes

Controversial Republicans from Gene Simmons to ZZ Top
Americans are totally immersed in a falsely created reality and horribly removed from thier European roots, which would have at least given them some folk knowledge, some slight understanding of what was going on in this country over the past decades. Instead of cultural folk and myth, its Dizneyworld. The Native knowledge or the land has been shut out and interstingly, any remnance of Native culture along with colonial roots in the northeast that was present through decoration, such as when in was a kid in the 70's was slowly taken out of our daily view by corporate sameness culture and that cleaned up YUPpie look that is supposed to improve everything by pretending dirt and social problems dont exist. Another insular answer to reality.

I obviously was NOT part of this reality. I could have become a part of society if only the process I was going through, as I was supposed to go about it properly, had been observed. My using my life experience to assist others as a guide is more than perfectly natural for me and would have been the best healing mechanism for me and for others who touched my life.

But to come after me in the manner that was done so, is unforgivable. And if the American public want to f*ck around with such energies, support such factions and are to naive to understand exactly what is out there beyond Disneyworld and thier insulated reality- once you have committed yoursevles their is no forgiveness. You must pay. The difference between the designers and the useful idiots who supported them is that THEY KNEW THE TOLL when they took action. The public did not or if they did they felt no payment would be extracted. If you didnt know that such actions were beyond human decency, if you could not see the human and civil rights violations then you have poor judgement. You want to go after people who are fairly innocent of worldly affairs, now I realize, simply based on stupid things like politcal parties etc, then you are foolish. Which is obvious I suppose.

Either that or this country has entered a phase of lawlessness coupled with differing methods of mass mind control that has created a horrible reality and even worse human beings in existence that no one, myself included should have to deal with unprotected and uniformed.

I looked up Republican rock stars out of following a hunch. Much of the time its impossible to do research that I have mentally ready as the interference in this area is almost impossible to break through in my weakened state health wise. Its St Patricks day and around hear that might as well be a high holy day anyway and today has been a very clear and peaceful day mentally and emotionally even physicallly. This area is notorius for using burning sensations as part of behavior modification and classical conditioning. It can become very uncomfortable and I do not buy into the idea of fibro mayalgia becuz it only occurs and always has in Boston/Cambridge area and it only happens on cue in what is definately a program of conditioning. That is not a disease that is tech used as social control or control of a specific Target. Its bullshit and should be handled that way. All you older women who are being kept down by this system are doing us all a diservice by going whining to docs and living on painkillers, which is what they want. They wanted us stoned and under control as young pretty things and now they want us medicated and out of the way now we have the power to change society, especially as full grown, more masculine, older sexy things. They are f*ckin terrified and dont you forget it, dont give in. Dont let me do it to ya.

So now I know that GOP means Grand Old Party which of course it may be literally if one thinks of the various Repubs over time that have supported the Nazi party, or we could say that it is not of the same character as the old Repubs as its been hijacked by people very different than those that simply want less big government and individual rights with respect to those that work for what they earn. That may not be so bad. What went down during G.W. Bush is not good and there is no way around that.

The reason that rock stars or other entertainment people are of interest is that firstly many Targets have already had experiences that validate the names on these lists. There was and is a very genuine attempt at doing me like Diana Napolis which is going to come to fruition on a cold day in Hell.
Secondly, people in entertainment are notoriously egotistical, power seeking, very accustomed to a business where power is abused and things get done - as Italians say, not the 'official way' but 'the other way'. Through criminal modes of operation and might makes right. They are also naive in some ways naturally as artists in an insular reality as well as its well known just how easy it is to manipulate narcissists to one's advantage. (I am not talking about personal knowledge but there are many psychologists that seem to hate narcisistic people and write lengthly pieces on how easy it is to dupe them. Me being one myself, I cant help but resent such obviously jealous a-holes who cannot see thier own aggression and ape-like human behavior so they must focus on someone else's.)

I also believe as many other people do in this that many talented people in entertainment are programmed so it would be very easy to trigger who knows who into doing who knows what during anyone's administration according to need. The other factor that is obvious is that many such people if they are not possessing high level programming at least are compartmentalized with DID or MPD. At least DID as perhaps functioning in an alter ego state when peforming. Such people are suited to entertainment but are very dangerous in politics- both politician and performer share traits but they seem to be different creatures.

Also this is the era of that Neo Con cabal in multiple offices nationwide. McCain in AZ, Romney in MA, Guiliani in NY, Bush in the White House. It was a horror show and I think that people who were politically savvy and had the means left for Europe or other at just the right time. Many of the people surrounding Bush in his administration were with his father during Ford- MK Ultra, pardoning of Nixon etc.
The support for the military industrial complex as well as oil based interests was heavy but also one must consider Romney's involvement in the LDS church or the Mormons. It doenst surprise me that Utah now is the home of the new NSA base, the largest of its kind I believe. The Mormons own a lot of land in AZ, people think its just Utah but its not. Even parts of SoCal had large temples visible.
The TI scene is loaded with LDS survivors of ritual abuse and mind control. Those of us who can 'see' into situations due to possessing superior knowledge from being Survivors our selves knew there was something very susepect about Elizabeth Smart, her father, her family and that entire situation. There were alot of things going on that were suspect and no one seemed to be picking up on it. Now the public are so severely beaten down that they see, hear and speak no evil.
The Nazi sympathizers, the Neo Cons have achieved thier goals.

10 Similarities Between Ultra-Conservative Republicans and Nazis

These are not people who support the Nazis of zombie movies or the History channels constantly romanticing Hitler. They support a certain part of the ideology and much of it is tied into just how much power and edge over the competition can be gotten through supporting the research that was brought over through Paperclip. How in the world such people can also be part of a system that seems to support Isreal at the same time is beyond me- perhaps the theories of Zionists being very different from 'Jews' as we think of them are correct, its not one of my areas of interst however. As well as how Neo Cons can support right wing Christian beliefs when so obviously involved in a deeply black magickal system of ritual. Again I just think that 'get er done' applies here. I dont even think people are sane enough anymore to be civil in their actions. In fact the problem is simply that the oppression from the power structure, the really nasty assholes at the 'top' if you will, is made easier by technology- that is pretty much the entire problem right now. They saw a chance to engineer their way into enslaving mankind and having even more power over the people so they took it. Tech is the ultimate Trojan Horse of 'the people', and they still do not realize this. I dont even think they care.

Privacy provides individuals with personal power and spiritual power so they have to ensure that is removed first..and foremost. Its absolutely necessary to enslaving mankind that people feel they have no personal power or value.
Interconnecting everyone in the damn world and never giving them a break under the guise of world peace is a very good plan to get people to do just that- and they are doing it to themselves by lacking common sense and Willpower. Such is the power of coercion or 'mind control' in a long concerted effort on a mass scale.

As far as I am concerned every single person I can recall from this list having something to do with either overtly supporting Bush and all that crap that was so horrific during that era or at least being involved covertly (like Alice Cooper who has an modus operandi of saying the opposite of what he really believes) for fun or otherwise is responsible for thier actions of being a total unadulterated asshole throughout this ordeal.
Others do pretty much the old school Boston way like supporting my ex after this system almost getting me killed literally would be an obvious partaking of assholedom, especially if yer the guy giving him his foot in the door to the bigtime in entertainment, and also yer on camera in interviews with yer sunglasses on, spouting of bs like a programmed shill about how yer parents drilled it into you (!!??) about being self sufficient and hardworking from a young age and some bizarre connection from rockstardom to hard working Republican neocon. What you really are is a rampant sexist f*ck who is in this with other such males and all thier jealous, pathetic female counterparts, who also has been reeled in and used by people in power who know what makes you tick, probably from the day you were concieved, who know more about you and yer whole family than you will ever know about yer self. Welcome to covert ops.
Also no one is that big for that long without being of service to some really heavy people in high places- either that or they all have wonderful memories of good times and dirty secrets they must keep from the public at any cost so compliance in these things is a good idea all around.

I think it was Kathleen Sullivan, a semi high profile Survivor of mind control, who does NOT get coddled and fawned over the way Cathy Obrien does for whatever reason- who stated that she was no longer afraid or injured by any of the powerful men who used or abused her due to the fact that from personal experience she knew that they all lived in fear for the rest of thier lives and thier secrets bound them to one another- that was thier hell and they were welcome to it.

I cant say that I let go of vendetta as such or that I forgive people. A debt is a debt incurred and no amount of working me over by this system is going to change that.

So we are dealing with a group of very f*cked up people to begin with that live and are kept in insular realities by the people who make money off of them and most of them seem to come from rich families anyway so from the get go they are controllable. There is no creature sadder than the real rich kids as all thier parents ever have to do is pull the purse strings a bit and they come right into line with what thier parents designs are for them- which is why they need an army of people within a system and a network to destroy one brilliant poor person with true grit. Only thier class wide agreement that they rule and world and they are hot shit is what makes is so- and thier backing it up with supierior access to power structures. In reality these people would fail tests of their character if put into many a situation such as mine or other TI's. They are sort of like the weaker more f*cked up kid in a family that the mom keeps letting get away with anything to the detriment of the stronger, more solid 'good' kid simply becuz its easier. They also suffer from a very bad case of priveledge where they actually believe that people who are poor are their servants somehow. The Bush era only made this a true and frightening reality and the nature of this class of people came into good use for the Neo Cons.

Many of the people on this list can be traced to very abusive and sexist behaviors mostly based on backing up thier Alpha male ego. Unfortunately for the women involved, they did not seem to have Alpha female drives, if they did, these idiots would have been snubbed in thier attempts to destroy- but alas, any women with true ego drives and in possession of any Alpha traits never would have went near these guys to begin with. lol. Lone wolf females especially.

What went on during Bush was ritual and literally black magick and it was more overt and powerful than anything I can recall being brought into existence in my lifetime. I get the feeling Bush would think that was cool. Hey, when yer dad is Sir Evil Genius you gotta beat him somehow right? Almost ending the world should take care of any doubts...also Bush is a great plant as he is not nearly as menacing as his father. I could never believe that people would percieve elder Bush as a wimp. It was the biggest mistake of thier lives. The most dangerous people are such becuz not only do they hide but they possess something that is not obvious- in thier eyes and in thier minds, thier intelligence. Which is more than I can say for the people on this list who think their actions are ultimately bad ass when in fact the forces that are behind this are much more damaging and dark. I guess since its not the 70's anymore one has to find some new way to connect to the darkness in one's soul...if it was ever there to begin with. And if it is, it has no business assisting the people behind MK Ultra and programming in dragging me out of my apartment, destroying my life, assisting all my enemies, turning my family against me and destroying any future I might have had, true happiness as well as taking all my power and energy from me in the process- all utilizing torture and psy ops that are supposed to be illegal.

I dont mind so much idiots like Sheen or the jerk who wrote Two and a Half Men, its impersonal. But to support my enemies and rip apart my family- to make is so personal when its just supposed to be politics. You were used and its not gonna last.

Alice Cooper was born a Mormon and he is a Republican. He has a style about him where he will say things like entertainment people dont belong messing in politics but he has been seen to be involved in covert ways to help both the Mormons and the Neo Cons to achieve their goals. This same tactic can be viewed when he claims that Norsk black metallers are just wimpy kids compared to his sort of rock and roll type here in the USA, due to him taking note of meeting them in malls hanging out with thier mothers living normal lives off stage. This either means he is scared to death of how much more ass EU metal bands kick compared to the USA thus making him and his boring, old, tired acts seem cool still when they should have been done by right by the late 70's OR he is very aware of such people's connections to some of the most brutal and capable Satanic sects world wide-with the capacity to make the effects of rituals very, very real, very damaging and very powerful.

America is a place where most people of EU desent are kept from any exposure to true Vril raising or Celtic or other energy raising music, visuals or other media content, except for maybe the British Invasion era of rock. This is perpetuated as social control of 'whites' especially the folk class of whites, by various parties in the USA who wish to perpetuate the original controls put forth by the churchs over thousands of years of torture, oppression and coercion or 'mind control'/brain washing. This means that since they have no knowledge of it, it can be used by certain parties for thier own gain and advantage.

Alice Coopers very name was based on mind f*cking the audiences of the early 70's into believing that they were going to see a long haired folk musician, thus the name, and got some semi talented freak with dead baby dolls hanging from everwhere and he singing lyrics as dark as an an American born Mormon could muster I suppose. Not being a Christian I am desperately apathetic towards Alice Cooper's existence or his shanannigans as an entertainer; but I am interested in his antics as a covert op for the scum bags that are the sadistic, greedy, power tripping sexist NeoCon faction. That is very intersting indeed. His radio show is his vehicle for much of it just as song lyrics or other forms of communication are others vehicles for covert warfare even Bob Seger. Being from MI one wonders about Seger's alligiance to the Romney's two very influencial families.
Alice Cooper was in a few boring, pathetic Satanic type horror movies in the 80's. Actually in the one I recall, his role was quite sinister. Simply more evidence that these people like to play games and hide and seek with thier personas.

Thats great but this isnt a f*cking game. These weapons are very serious and they break international laws. However, when yer dealing with a group of men who are used to doing as they please to vulnerable people via being in a criminal minded business, and then useing thier legit star personas to make a nice public image (nowadays rock stars and others like them are socially acceptable and always have been to an extent as far as being successful businessmen). However, they need to learn that this is not South America where groupies can just disappear and no one will notice or care. And its not the old days where you can just do as you like due to hiding out with money and power. That may be the only good thing about the NWO and tech- both sides have to suffer exposure. This is in fact the very reason for all the beat down of the American public and people world wide. With the internet and the ability to easily expose corruption in power, the powerful had to do something to guarentee that thier business affairs are not touched and that the public are, like the good old days, firmly under control and never questioning thier actions.

This is going to be what our future is like permanently, for everyone forget peons like me in very poor circumstances with no power or friends and forget rock stars. These weapons and technologies as well as the real power behind the obvious people is what needs to be dealt with. If we dont do something now, and its already happening, this facsist bullshit, this constant beat down, lack of privacy or personal power is going to define the future. Do not let them define the NWO. Make it so we have at least some provisions for things we want as well.

This is why its so important to keep this all quiet until its all done, now would be the time to at least be aware and perhaps demand laws concerning the technologies and the psy ops used in public spaces not just on TI's but the public in general. To keep this from the general public is the only way they can continue to create a world wide prison.

Also as many TI's and other people sucked into the battle for man's mind and spirit within the NWO dramas, there is also much compliance among people within the left and the liberal as well as the Democrats. Both parties have been redefined and are barely recognizable compared to what they once were. Both seem to have people as members that hold a stake in seeing the NWO and social controls be a permanent part of man's existence.

Its no use trying to understand why people go along with these things as their is no understanding the brainwashed who have not woken up. The scary thing to most of us I think is that social controls and the kinds of annoying people who like this sort of order in thier lives and believe in this way of life, that sort of culture used to be mainstream and it used to be something that one could walk away from into various subcultures or privacy of one's mind or private space. THAT is really what the entire arguement is nowadays- its not that we expect to change mainstream, common people or 'the straights' as they were called in the 70's. They always prefered to bow to conformity etc- the problem is that people of all kinds who do NOT obey literally are being dragged into this realm of reality, and its being done by means and methods that are so abusive, so depraved and so outrageous (and supposedly technically illegal) that it is the one of the worst affronts to liberty or humanity in history. Its able to be done now where people dont see clearly what is going on. Also its being pulled off very much like East Germany years ago where only certain people who do not go along with the heavy social control are targeted so as to make said social control seem normal when in fact it is not.

These methods are being ripped from Nazi research brought over during Project Paperclip and no one knows that better than those of us who have some legit, documented connection to the situation such as I have through my mother being a documented human radiation experimentee. Obviously my being programmed is part of that somehow- thus Helms destroying the records so such things cannot be verified.

I and other Survivors of programming such as Cathy Obrien, Mark Phillips, Susan Ford (Brice Taylor)and others are telling you pretty much the same thing: that the social control methods and program that is out there now is derived from some of the worst atrocities in history and the Nuremberg trials can attest to that. You are being decieved and duped.

Mankind in situations like this where he simply should take heed and see what is going on but time and time again he walks right into the slaughter house- its like watching a re run on tv over and over and over and over again. It wouldnt bother me so much except that most of society has accepted this darker Luciferian system as their reality to create a better world. Out of being manipulated into believing that nothing else is working.

The main problem is that America has become a place where autrocities are taking place and we are told that its not supposed to happen here. Also the population of people who are heavily targeted is so small that no one really cares. The public have become jaded from years of access to the interet and seeing how much strife goes on in the world on a daily basis.

Total mind control of human beings is not the answer. I dont care what scientific rationale anyone comes up with. I also sense from experience that whoever is behind this also believes that these technologies can improve a person's life and rais intelligence. This is done by destroying the person thus in thier estimation, destroying what internally or psychologically holds the subject back from success.

These systems do not consider the natural spiritual condition of human beings. They have no respect for the human Will. They do not allow individuals to run thier own lives nor to consort with the god within but instead 'the system' that constantly interfaces with them represents a god like entity. In this, I am in agreement with the true Christians or Jews or other religions that believe that there should be only a private and sacred relationship with a higher power or entity of thier choosing- not the State nor the egghead scientists, psychologists nor the military all who now feel that technolgies as used by them are superior to humanity itself.

The statement from Chaka Khan that now she is sorry she engaged in supporting the NeoCons, that it wasnt good for her "soul". You have no idea how true that is literally. You have supported a group of monsters that have done more damage than is being let on to and when it comes out your part in this will be even more bad for your soul. Dont think that history will hold any lessons for humans in this as obviosly by thier track record they do the same stupid shit over and over and never learn anyway from thier mistakes-which is why this is happening now as it is.

Most of these people are never going to be sorry- dont be naive. They have been going through human beings for most of thier lives like tissues anyway as is thier right due thier station in life. Its easier for them, all thier little rich kid buddies and thier adoring stupid public to just write the person off (like me for instance) and move on to the next bit of fun provided them by this world, as long as like always they never get caught and do endless favors for thier friends of influence.

Which is pretty inconvenient for the rest of us. Make it yer life's work to let them know how inconvenient they are in all this, just as they did to me for instance in what must have seemed like a good idea and a bit of fun at the time. That heady era of Bush and the Neo Cons where it seemed assholedom could rule forever and no consequences would come of full scale psy ops camapaigns pulled off under the guise of bullying people..who probably deserved it anyway.

oh and say hi to Julie for me and every other person of that ilk that knows way to much about you and you them. I can imagine that thier relationships with thier dealers in flesh and chemicals are among thier most important to protect.

Great for me that higher orders protect me than ever will care about Julia, her drunk husband, her white trash friends and all thier rich friends and the cops. Fuck em all and anyone who was stupid enough to believe this was about that petty local bitch or Jake's ego. MK Ultra is much more important and if either of these two bit rich kids got in the way they would have been ruined immediately or killed.

For people with nothing left in life but thier money, thier dealers, thier madams or thier old connections to care about, playing the asshole every time in power wars of great importance to humanity is easy every time. Keep in mind they are shills and each one of them has publicly somehow shit on himself or herself concerning exposing there track record in how they treat the people around them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GE inspires us to create a line dance spanning the globe for vague reasons. Probably more indoctrination into group think and a global one world-think mentality. It also has a country western star that I do not trust just by looking at him. It makes me think back the old school country musicians that probably would have told this company to go to hell as being backwoods hillbillies, theyd be smart enough to know enough not to trust them.
Its sad that southern or 'country' culture is now defined as being devilish and two faced, right wing Christian wackos that will co sign anything Bush and the worst Repubs might be up for supporting.

Here is the reality of GE:

Everything that used to be potentially a threat to corporate control is now infiltrated. From hip hop to country to now it seems the Catholic Church, with thier ever manipulative Catholics Come Home campaign. The pope is now a creepy German who got in after Bush and seems to be a natural result of that administrations presence and power on this planet. In fact lets look at thier ads:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Psychiatry Discovers Through Expensive Machines That Artists Are Akin to Schizophrenics- Science Once Again Tries to Explain Away The Gods


When are non artists going to stop trying to crack the case? Seriously, the scientists need to stop trying to figure out all of nature's secrets. If extremely creative people were not a necessary part of our earth then they would not exist. Its that simple.

Man thinks that becuz he can figure out what makes Nature work, break the codes etc that he has some sort of control. That tsunami and multiple quakes pretty much screwed that up didnt it?

Man has no right to make this sort of judgment certainly. Humans cant even take care of a self sufficient earth system ( 'Nature') that has been set up for us to live in to begin with, we always historically poison ourselves to death with pollution through disease connected to pollution, 0verpopulation etc. When man can create a completely self sufficient ecosystem with life that is balanced and none of his greed and other ape like behavior gets in the way of this, he then can claim the power of a god.

Then he may be able to make comparisons like this. Of course at that point in his evolution, mental illness will not exist. It will be viewed as simply a problem of genetics or disease. At that point a grown up man kind would be able to admit the truth about organic diseases and brain damage or allergies to pollution creating mental conditions that are detrimental to society.

This western culture is f*cking arrogant as hell. They still coddle the lunatics in psychiatry who, in order to keep up thier scams to make money and sell Big Pharma's drugs, make disclaimers like saying that mental illness is relevant, according to what is normal in your society. Not only does that show the flaws in THIER system to begin with its very dangerous to man in whatever society he may live.

Also this proves that we are dealing with man's ideaologies and his society he has created- which is NOT Nature or pure science. It sounds like more a task for anthropologists and sociologists.
Opposed to people who claim to be medical doctors and go on to work with mysterious disorders many of which are old, outdated terms they now keep alive by fitting human behavior patterns and other hoodoo to explain these disorders away. If it were a real science it would do away with all the old theories with new discoveries about the nature of the human mind. Also it would not be afraid to present such things as theories instead of tried and true, rigid rules of judging sanity. Thus the disclaimer.
In order to sell drugs they dont even tell people that there is a trauma based model AND a disorder model.

Its a scam. Even responsible psychiatrists are fed up with biological based psychiatry. This sect only really rules through intimidation. The US justice system needs easy guidelines to conduct thier business so they use this sect now as a guide. Also I am sure both sides of that are very happy with the social control it provides. Justice likes psychiatry becuz it appears to provide order when in fact its another temporary solution to a flawed system.

Even the medical field. They create so much waste that in fact thier very existence, the medical industrial complex as well as hospitals, are ultimately going to contribute to the overall ILL HEALTH of mankind over the centuries via pollution. LOL.

ANYTHING that is a business and is about money is not morally bad or corrupt in of itself but one must be suspect of thier intentions to 'help people' or exist for purely altruistic reasons. Science, medicine even religion. Religion is suspect as a spiritual entity when it becomes involved in worldly affairs which every major religion has a hand in. Institutions of whatever must be always watched for thier motives and modes of operation.

If they want to mess with the poor and the middle class or do cashectomies on wealth's wallets that's thier business but leave artists alone. Don't mess with the Artist. Often psychiatry has been used against creative people in many societies for social control. Always another artist is born to counter this at some point in thier existence.

We are society's mirrors, conscience and commentators. We still etch on the cave walls to future occupants and passers by what we saw and who we were, what our society was like at the moment of that painting. We create comfort for man as well as often show him things he needs to see but does not want to look at about the world he lives in. Yer fucking with some of nature's favorite children- I wouldnt if I were you.

Also there stands the point of the paranoid diagnoses of schizophrenia having none of the same markers of other forms of this disorder. Often paranoid schizophrenics who have been diagnosed as such do not present with word salad, their thinking is not disordered and dont suffer from any of the strange body affects like being stuck in one spot for four hours etc. They simply claim there is a plot against them or thier families have turned on them or that they are experiencing everything that a human experimentee or TI might experience within a democratic society in recent and modern civilization. They often sound like they need a detective more than a physician.

Artists dont need scientists and psychiatrists telling them what or who they are. These are just more pathetic attempts from non artistic people at controlling what they cannot be or dont understand. And the first people any good dictatorship gets rid of are the artists and the intellectuals anyway.

According to stats people with mental illness are moreso victims of crimes as opposed to criminal and dangerous. Kind of like artists- unless of course you are an oppressive authority figure that is full of sh*t and trying to con everyone then yes, artists may just be a threat, the ones who you cant buy off or wont work for you to push your agenda.

Sunday, March 13, 2011



Media Keeps Society In State of Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

Why must the news always sensationalize and dramatize one single event at the same time minimizing an even bigger concern for everyone watching?

Forget that 8.9 earthquake and Tsunami, look at the map of all earthquake activity in the Pacific Ocean area over last week! http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/

If you point the mouse just outside of the colored squares it says zoom in and upon doing so we see East Asia specifically there has been much activity: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Maps/region/Asia.php

Zoom in on Japan specifically and use the side arrows to look around the area. I think that a frequency of 5.5's and 6.1's is alot more important to consider than one singular 8.9 with a tidal wave. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Maps/10/145_35.php

Yes it made great press and videos but there is a much larger problem here.
There have been frequent earthquakes world wide in past few years. That one in this area, New England made the news but there are many of us that felt very small tremors throughout that period and still do occasionally. Some people are very sensitive to the shift of ground under thier feet and ever since experiencing a quake in San Diego last winter I now am fully sensitized to what this feels like.
I guess being a New Englander the idea of living with earthquakes as part of the nature of the area is completely foreign to us. We do death by winters or violent crime not the earth being unstable under our feet. So I am being rather alarmist I suppose but one cant deny the pattern thats emerging.

Perhaps these things happened when we were younger too but we did not have a fast news service as we do now or internet. One thing is for sure, if anything was and is going on (which it IS) where we needed the media to focus on the long term and emerging patterns of a problem for our very survival, we can forget it.

This style of sticking to what sells or whats hot in the moment is going to get us all killed someday..and if you look at the track record so far of even slower emerging patterns affecting human life on earth I suppose that has been the case all along.

I wonder if its about speed: Often those of us who can tell what the long term plans are, we often do so not by seeing the big picture as its put that way but by seeing a 'big picture' or interconnected world events or a large world pattern or event, in very slow speed. The kind you would need to really relate to earthquakes to what is happening in Nature. Its the same ability as being able to 'read' a building or structure.

I believe one of the tricks of the keepers on this planet is to constantly raise the speed of existence and conshusness of westerners or modern civilized people to a faster speed and have them focus en mass on smaller things or NOT the 'big picture'. This is why most Americans may be interested in that tsunami, the damage it did and the magnitude of the earthquake that caused it being a higher 8.9 than the other quakes recently, but this is where thier interest ends. And its becuz the media only gives them that much information to process. Keeps them focused on that speed of percieving thier world- their physical world.

I believe this also helps to keep people plugged into tech, into the virtual world- or perhaps its the other way round or its a complimentary process.

Whatever the case its very suspect to create a society where there is a constant effort to ensure that humans dont connect..or should I say REconnect to thier earth. As being part of it, really part of the whole process itself of living, dying, peace violence, quakes destroying and volcanoes creating those sort of cycles and patterns. To take in the 'stars' above us and what is transpiring within the earth below us as one dance, one pattern, one happening- and to realize our place within it.

(dont steal this or Ill kick yer asses. lol)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Many years ago during Bush when many people realized they were targeted due to the psych warfare and tech going 24/7, my friend of many years warned me that she no longer went into the city. She knew about the tech and gang stalking. How can u know about something that severe and not be freaked out by it? There'd be cars outside of her apartment in places like brookline. Shed say 'They' wanted her out of Brookline. Strangely I always got.the same thing but not as overt until 1995. They, from that point on wud do the same tactic to.me from that point on except I got the message that They wanted me out of everywhere I lived. After 2003 it became obvious They wanted me dead not just out of some neighborhood.
Doesn't really make much sense does it. My old friend the connected career. Criminal left Brookline and lived in Dorchester and the hood with no problems..when in fact she shud have been robbed silly.

The tech used to manage Boston and Cambridge is so overpowering that it has literally aged me faster being in those locations and I am never able to mentally fight off their influence.

Today I left the area and went outside city limits. Right at JFK train stop per usual I gained back access to my faculties my Will and was relieved of much anxiety fear intrusive thots and any constant interface.

The problem with the tech and possibly chemical influence used in Boston Cambridge is that it creates a prison that is near impossible to get out of. Even though the gs causes one to flee the area the tech attempts to keep u there. This is true of many major urban areas.

Friday, March 11, 2011

More Mind Control Tactics Of The Liberal Dems


That place I go everyday and much of the shelter system is extremely anti intellectual an insulated from the world. An example is today I heard no major conversations that were long running about the historic event above. However upon the morning Obama came to Boston the staff and some clients couldn't stop cooing over how he was coming here just to talk to school children. A staff member even claimed that he was coming here specifically becuz the children weren't doing well in that school.

Once one finds out from the news that he really came to an overpriced find raising dinner for the museum of fine arts who just got done building a huge expensive wing recently, one realizes that the school visit was to divert from his true purpose for being here. Since when wud Obama show up at a school just for that reason?

Guess its time to show thanks to the people who got him elected.

The museum of fine arts school and Mass Art were two of the nastiest places for some gang stalking and lots of mocking, mind games and mistreatment by students teachers and employees there such as model coordinators.

Its no wonder Obama will help them get even more money. He wudnt be in office if it were not for the action taken against American citizens during Bush.

And it seems that one hand certainly washes the other.

However the blood never does wash off..but that doesn't matter we live in an era of such cult mind control that the entire nation has been able to convince themselves there is no blood. Through denial, systematic ignoring and intimidation this nation has chosen to forget all the actions of the Bush era.


We want club houses and hostel type establishments where mid to high functioning intelligent houseless people can be around positive sane and real people and we want to pay into these establishments and take care of them like our own to gain some control over our situations...AND WE WANT IT NOW.

The homeless shelter industry has no right to use govt money to be a monopoly. We need alternatives.

Always Confused About How Much Info is Where, From What Source and Possessed by Whom

Went to a Cambridge govt building to take care of some business. When I went up to window its the only time that security got up to stand behind everyone sitting at windows. I even asked him when I left if he usually did.that randomly. Of course he answered that it was his job. I asked about any special lists or profiling. He gave a standard answer..a bit to standard. U cud tell he was covering for something underlying. He was a short stout man with droopy eyes not very intimidating.

This one not only goes into the maybe file but raises questions.
stly it cud have been simply profiling due to my having two sleeping bags in shoulder bags and a hippy looking hat. That and the fact I am still somewhat attractive wuz give this bored pathetic male type something to mess with and feel like he did.something for the status quo and his male ego.
It cud still be gangstalking as some people still think its hip to harass me when most people have moved on at this point probably to other more naive TIs.

It raises serious questions as to how much is based on the smear campaign cover story and how much is genuinely vs where someone is told u r a target.

The only harrassment I have gotten lately before this is a real needy kid with a beard very ameri jewish looking who was coming out of harvard homeless shelter when I was coming in a few days ago. He did the coughing thing which knew was a tactic becuz he looked very pleased with himself after he passed behind me like only a perp can. Its the same exact look that guy from wendys had days before when he finished eating and on his way out looked at me and said "busted" and something else I didn't hear.

Its a mystery as to exnactly what people work off of. For the perps who let u know by using words like target u can cues they are getting paid.

But for instance last night the black dude that is the boyfriend of that nutjob who harrassed me in there a few nights ago but has left that particular shelter, wudnt get off the computer. He started using that ghetto bs so I got staff who pulled him off.
Afterwards he walked by me as he passed muttered that there were prostitutes in here and something else unintelligible. He then passed the other way and muttered that if I got my own place I wudnt be homeless (who is letting this ghetto garbage into that shelter? If they luv boston so much and can only cause trouble then let them stay in a boston shelter then where there r no.computers and if he acted like that he'd get knocked out. Weak people from the hood come to areas like cambridge becuz they think the liberal white guilters will tolerate their nonsense and all the locals are intimidated by them.

When he got in my face and I looked him in the eyes and saw his weakness he lost attitude real fast and started in with 'have a blessed day". Hiding behind religion is another weak ass move. Once they gave his hitch a warning that night a few days ago she left. Y? Becuz this isn't some paradise where u can b an asshole freely and get coddled? Guess what peoples? If I can't get coddled then ill be dammed if anyone else does now either.

Everything else is pretty much the same. A few of the young women at On The Rise on staff have been exceptionally rude to me. Its typical to disrepect brains and grit but to coddle the weakest and most defective of the herd. Its also a.very modern Liberalist attitude to back up their status quo with militant denial of facts that wud make Rush Limbaugh proud..well if they were Repubs using those tactics.

I can't figure that place out. They r so nice outwardly but they harbor this venom for me. Is it the cover story material or r they genuinely perps that know the whole story? Why wud real feminists support the system against someone like me? I think alot of these places since Bush only hire shills or people that support the agenda. The employees in shelters and social services nowadays are very different from the people in these fields in the 1990s.

But that is what u wud do if u wanted a covert campaign to create a strong country in a global world as well as equality for everyone and peace on earth (fake thru oppression).

It seems the liberals the Dens the Repubs have a plan they all agree on now.