“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, March 28, 2011

been with someone who might be trying to be a handler not sure. she has some of the tactics but it could just be her personality takes up alot of the other persons energy. she's nice enuf anyway.but still....

nah, she's just like that..

I love seeing these women who I know act badly at night shelters kissing staffs ass and being social butterflies in the better quality day shelters in better areas.

well duh: http://www.bostonherald.com/news/regional/view/2011_0327sex_fiends_sheltered_by_loophole_affected_neighbors_join_forces_with_authorities_to_seek_solution/srvc=home&position=0

we've known about this for years. I once said this to a man about the shelters and he didn't believe it. he casually denied it, not forcefully but he did deny it.
well now its in print you'll all believe I suppose.

this is one of the reasons that its a miserable scene in places like Pine St or Woods Mullen or even St Francis during the day.
its also one of the reasons these places are so heavy with gang stalking and smart targets know that.
I've met women who are part of a perp group say in MI at a shelter who are married to child molesters. There was a father and his daughter at shelter in Burlington VT and there was definately a relationship there.

This is why its part of a campaign to drive a targeted individual into homelessness. One reason is if the person is a survivor of abuse, programming, mind control of any level or ritual abuse these types of people will not only serve to keep the targeted survivor down and under control but cold and other parts of the system know they have an army of informants and an intimidation crew at the ready. since they are predators to begin with they naturally know how to manipulate survivors of these things.

The other main reason is that it adds to the feasibility of the smear campaig that theTarget is a perl or pervert who belongs in that environment.

This population as well as the small time gang girls, the working girls who always have pimps, and the general shitty behavior of shitty people in shelters.

people who are temporarily homeless looking and waiting for housing is not the problem, I feel bad they have to deal with this.

its why I want to see homeless hostels or the like. for high to medium functioning houseless individuals who are single with no family or good support system, that are more independent minded, self sufficient and are working on something like art or a book, school or a job etc. People who for whatever reason cannot be housed alone or with roomates. They could pay into the system and work on the place. A cross between an intentional communitie and a hostel and a homeless shelter.

One of the upsides of a shelter is if you are targeted staff is always present. I've actually encountered gs in hostels as much as in shelters its just a different style.

it doesn't occur anymore in hostels and rarely in shelters in Woods Mullen...I wont go near Pine St they were always too tied in with the cops.

I am suspect of the system bringing this to public attention. They have always known this. Its actually better now than it was years ago. They are up to something with this story.