“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013-Clear From All Influence And Harassment Per Usual On Federal Holidays: For 1 Day I Can Reveal What's Been Happening To Me

I feel so normal today-like before this nightmare began in 2002 or so. The world around me is so peaceful, so lacking in any kind of 'noise' from anything technological.

A friend back home texted about the noise from a Memorial Day parade. One of those Massachusetts traditions that I remember from my childhood. It reminded me of the times before MA sold out to the NWO and the various complexes. Back when the country was still somewhat decent. Before torture was normalized. Before Americans were forced to live in the horrible reality we find ourselves in today.

On days like these, when the environment seems completely free of remote influence, its like I awaken from a nightmare and am in awe of how much time has passed. Last I remember I was young, I was going to go to UMass and I finally broke up with Jake. I was in a low income apartment in Brighton, Massachusetts. For the fist time in my life I was in a place of my own, getting to know myself and ready to start the rest of my life.

Then the nightmare began. None of it even seems real.

When I go over all the years of it in my head on a 'clear' day like this none of it seems real or even possible. This must be what its like to be a non Target, taking in the claims of Targeted Individuals. Its hard to imagine. It all sounds more like a delusion or fantasy more than anything else.

I say to myself 'how am I forty two years old, where did the time pass and how did I get HERE?'
Like why am I in this strange state? Why am I not home in Mass, with everyone I used to know?

Everything I've experienced over the last ten years seems like a dream-something from an alternate reality, on days that are totally clear of electromag and microwave, chemtrails and psy ops.

Its always federal holidays or the important ones like Xmas.
Note also that these are days that prevent the Target from getting anything done against the system like contacting lawyers etc.

Strangely on days that are clear I feel as if much of the damage from these horrors is already in the process of healing.

People are being made physically ill, cancer, mental illness, aging and to commit suicide by the use of these technologies along with chemical influences and human forces.
And on a clear day its obvious that it doesnt have to be this way!

Im looking in a reflective window now-oh, how my face has aged!

The main difference I notice is that one of the most damaging parts of the mental torture isnt present-the constant running over of memories in one's mind. There's also a process of an almost surgical removal and display of selected memories out of the mind. They'll remove from your mental files a memory of when you stole cake from a church as a kid and add text which comes as speech: "Youve come a long way from stealing cake from churches".
The forced removal of a selected memory causes mental and psychological pain. And notice its some slight against a religious insritution, so its an.easy guilt trip they think.

This selective removal and display of memory has been a staple in their tactics. Your life no longer belongs to you nor does it have a normal linear timeline.
They use your past to guilt you with even though other people in your life are much worse, people who have been rewarded for compliance with these people and their agendas. (I saw a graphic on the side of a small tradesman's van a few days ago. It had a sillouette of a boy kneeling in the shadow of a cross and the text read "One day everyone will kneel and confess". Something like that. That is exactly what this system is trying to pull off. Yet, its not everyone and its usually the people of better character who are being imprisoned into this system.
It doesnt matter anyway becuz no one has a right to do anything creepy and religious like this to any citizen.
And theres plenty of sick people Ive met who hate me for whatever reason that make themselves believe I deserve this or that I am a mental defective who needed reform. [Whats up with biker club involvement?]
Sexist pigs probably, looking for some validation-while they secretly run drugs or kids or something).


Daily I have to deal with the recalling and reliving of memories of being tortured, 'gang stalked', even psy ops in media. The loss of loved ones, betrayals and all that was familiar to me.

I note that the content of much of what supposedly controls me now is Satanic and that in order to get away from feeling owned by that, the only choice is Christianity. This is one reason I don't trust the churches in this. When has any church once come forward about these warcrimes? Now they are also guilty of preventing freedom of religious choice.

The world around me is normal today. No interface, no ideations, induced feelings, forced memory recall-none of it.

Lately Ive been becoming very disconnected. From other activists, from my own blogs and from humanity outside being homeless. I cant stop it, whatever they are using now is different than during Bush and.way too strong.

An article yesterday I read said that the suicide rates among middle aged people has skyrocketed. I believe this also has to do with this system.

One last thing that Ive noticed thats very strong influence over me but I don't recall this until recently is the use of false emotional reactions FROM SOMEWHERE OR SOMEONE ELSE to influence the TI.

Example-if I publish a blogpost and it involves me bringing up a point about someone else that shows them as guilty or wrong, often its someone or a powerful entity I don't know personally-I will receive an emotional signature as if I am getting a psychic impression of the party I wrote about. An emotional response as if they were present. This is used I believe to curb the Target from being concerned any further with the matter. Becuz supposedly the offending party has seen my post and responded, usually with some form of remorse or apologetic sentiment.
This also seems to be being used to get the Target to stop being angry about injustices, especially against the themselves.

This is a deception. I know this often times but due to how heavily targeted I am, often cant catch it among all the other content or cant stop its influencing me.

If this is used on the general public its effects are devastating. You could cause misunderstandings. Fights, wars, create terrorist groups etc. You could get the public to believe that everyone now has true psychic ability. You could cause people to become communal or hive mentality as they believe they are in contact with one another-even subconsciously.

They are imitating what a person with some psychic ability can do for real and its especially effective for blocking and scrambling TIs with psychic ability.

I also notice today that I don't have severe nasal drip or a cough and trouble breathing in this area. It could just be pollution from the local factory but what if its part of the chemical influence part of the program? This is where the Homeless population is concentrated and I dont have these health issues in other parts of the city.

So today I am a sane, reasonable person who's worth something, with a future to grow..just becuz its a holiday.
Tomorrow, at 6am, I will again become hopeless, without a future and of course hopelessly fat and old.

There's an Viking death metal song where they write of a raid of a village. "Those who choose to stand and fight, will die with dignity/For the unfortunate few, who survive, will live in slavery".

Thats pretty much what we're dealing with. Its not so much the Silent Holocaust because that's self pitying. The Jews didnt have access to the internet etc.
Its true that access to freedom of speech and resources means nothing if you are being held back from utilizing them by psychological means of restraint, but you've got to try.

My one question is where should I go? Is there a place to get away from the remote influence? It just seems like over the past few years its gotten so bad you can't function anymore.

Ive slowed down on activism becuz whatever is out here now totally undermines me and demotivates me.

The focus on my being old and hated by all of America and incapable of doing anything more has become constant and extremely destructive. No matter what city I go to its this way. Should I investigate small towns?

And universities across the country have stopped allowing public access to computers. The computers that are available 'manage' a Target mentally so that no meaningful work can be produced anyway. And I know thats the case becuz Ive gotten into places that arent supposed to be for public use and could function fine on their computers-only with a minimal feeling of being monitored somehow either online or from surveillance within the computer room, both of which I can ignore.

And ive already demonstrated that there is a such thing as an 'Eye In The Sky' effect where a person can be made to percieve there is constant surveillance but there is not. Its just another brainwash probably using technology. Its cheaper than actually having real cameras everywhere I'm sure.

Its so obvious on clear days like this that all of this is bullshit, created by tech and chemical influences.

Another thing is I notice on clear days that my cell phone works just the same. They are either using a different signal piggybacked onto the towers or using a different tech system altogether.

Its amazing to know that all one would have to do to make the world normal and peaceful again would be to turn off or destroy the tech that produces the effect and prevent the distribution of the chemical agents also. Its that simple.

I notice that one goal of the system now is to block off my memories of whats happened to me over the years, that I would use to write a book and instead keep me prisoner in an internal world they create consisting of ideations to brainwash me as well as the selecting of memories process I mentioned.

Its more mental and emotional control now through tech and chem as opposed to the harassment by human forces during Bush.

It's as if they are desperate to keep TIs from writing books and mapping out how this works.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Noise Campaign In Sleep Spot/Complacency In Homeless

There might be noise campaigns present now that i sleep in a predictable place.

Last night was very loud with even cop cars making noise. Then again I usually dont stay downtown on a Saturday night.

It could have been a noise campaign against the entire tent city encampment which I am sure is full of other Targets and also some citizens don't want here.
People stopped in front last night and sang loudly in groups etc.

Then this morning Im sure I heard the lids to the recycle bins being slammed repeatedly in my sleep. The lady next to me coughed and I awoke, said "eh!" Like cover your mouth.
After my voice was heard the slamming of the lids stopped so.that makes me suspect about other noise present.

Ive become so depressed that I haven't been able to go to another area of the city. Im also experiencing becoming physically weakened which definitely means I need to get away from downtown, obviously its unhealthy.

I know it is becuz when i had this ongoing cold it was very hard to get rid of here. My cough was terrible and I couldn't breathe. Upon my getting away from downtown my cough would improve greatly with no breathing issues.

There are some factories down here that are an issue everyone knows about but doesnt want to deal with the reality of them effecting their health.

The point of a noise campaign is to make every new place the TI goes just like the last place.

I was ok with fighting off everything mentally just a few days ago and now its become impossible. It may have alot to do with the new women's shelter being depressing (and producing a mysterious wifi signal that no.staff utilizes) compared to the old place.

They dont have their kitchen running yet and the women are without food. Yet the newspaper ran a story about how great the new building is. The women can no longer go into the kitchen and.keep their own food. Women have a deep association with the hearth and fire that has provided food for families and tribes for millennia. Keeping women from a kitchen is a way of controlling them. I suspect they want to ensure the place isnt too great for them in the beginning as a means of control.

Things like this is why the homeless shelter system in America needs to change drastically. The system ensures anyone like myself who could change things and sees problems and injustices becomes incapable of doing so.

This location makes me obsessed with the idea that I can't change anything with my book or activism. It makes me focus on how small and insignificant my life and work is compared to the population INSTEAD OF MY USUAL DRIVES WHICH ARE TO ONLY PLEASE MYSELF AND TO PRODUCE WORK ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED.

Of course this isnt happening today becuz its Sunday.
I wasn't over eating before either but of course now with the harassment campaign in place now and strong remote influence in downtown my nerves need soothing.

I also notice that the second I ran out of money and had to fly a sign it got intensified. Around the country the system wants to condition people that having money equals more comfortable conditions-as opposed to spiritual happiness from doing something you enjoy doing and going broke being part of that process.

I dnt know why I was willed here becuz rhis location is doing damage.

I keep getting harassing ideations while downtown that I SHOULD GO BACK ON THE ROAD TRAVELING AND HITCHING TRUCK RIDES as being on the highway in big rigs is where I am happiest and its the only place the e-harassment doesnt effect me.

Also I keep getting INDUCED VISIONS OF BERKELEY, CA. THAT I SHOULD GO BACK THERE AND I WAS HAPPIER THERE. Also that the weather was better there.

Days before this i was getting constant harassment to go to Boston. Go 'home'.

Boston has become completely insane. They got their Homeland funding cut and then bombs go off at the Marathon. Ive dealt with harassment there long enough to know that the covert ops presence there is ridiculous. That city and Cambridge is completely controlled by tech and covert ops. The idea that they wpuldnt have known about a bomb plot is a joke.

Berkeley, CA is nightmare becuz of COINTELPRO coming from Oakland involving African Americans as well as the state college-which is only 16% public now. Its also way too hot during the day compared to being from Boston.

Being on the road hitching trucks is tiring, dangerous and something one does to get around not live. Also if a trucker has satellite radio or a company satellite tracking sysyem then a Target WILL have to deal with e-harassment.
And I've calculated that your chances of a crash increase the more time you spend on the highway in a moving big rig truck with differing drivers. When a big rig crashes, its pretty much a disaster compared to a car having a crash.

No fuckin way Ive worked this hard to either die that way or return to places I know the conditions are fucked.

They are taking advantage of my weakening health. Which got this bad after being in Boston during both the Japanese nuclear spill and some local ones in New England that weren't as publicized. THATS when I lost my youthful energy.

The system knows that people living outside are going to be exposed to these things moreso.

Everything thats happened is part of a huge plan to wipe out certain kinds of people and create a NWO.

The only thing I hate about this place is how the system insists on making me severely depressed as well as the complacency of the homeless population. Its got things I need here and I am not leaving-just to return to a different kind of prison in another location.

It doesn't matter where a Target goes. Its going to be a prison. There is nothing one can do about it except try to stick to prime directive.

Notice how the harassment has been based on things i write in this blog about my likes, dislikes and preferences. Not enough people read it to make a major difference in society but the psy ops system sure does read it dont they.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Content Of E-Harassment In New Location

Oh you know, the typical. That I am old, its over. I am fat and out of shape. That nothing I aam doing is of value. That its done, it wont matter, no one is going to hear me, believe me. That I am just one person in this big world so it doesnt matter, people are happy with the way things are so no one is going to bother with my book.

I keep getting memories of harssment running over in my head to the point of it grinding down my mind and causing depression- this is very common in the last few years, especially this year.

A feeling of false contentment. A semi death like depression where I am kept sadly 'happy' with my present postion and situation.

I am constantly feeling watched and surveilled. Some Truman Show effect is present, a few ccelebrities are supposedly watching, constantly...which is utter bullshit. Strangely this location combienes the idea that security people or cops are watching as well as celebs and psychically interacting.


Miserable in New Location But Its Practical

This new city is practical for me to get things done before trying to leave USA.

It is miserable though. It rains too much and there's no major chains downtown so becuz of my allergic reactions I gotta go across downtown for coffee every morning.
All the services are spread out downtown so its one of those places where u go here to sleep, there to shower or nap, over there for locker and computer use and then some other place to eat then...etc.
Its great if u are housed here but I havent gotten that far yet.

The local colleges don't let the public get access to their computers so i am a bit cut off.

There's no hip street people and alot of them are drunks or mentally ill.

The locals don't seem particular easy to meet or become friendly with.

There's a huge massive microwave tower downtown, the size of the one in Portland, ME and bigger than the one in Hillcrest, CA.
And I am certainly feeling and experiencing being influenced by that damn tower.

However-the city has poor cell reception which as a TI, is a plus. The police are not allowed to unionize, so the harassment from cops has been very minimal. One or two bratty detective cars doing stupid shit like speeding up and revving their engines when they drive by. Actually, my interactions as a traveler and urban camper in the area with cops has been pretty positive. Even the Homeland guys at a federal building were very down to earth and reasonable.

The police here seem glad to not be dealing with a homeless person who is belligerent, drunk or rude. Unfortunately the city doesnt manage the most out of control homeless like sleeping in doorways in daytime so no sit no lie law is up for vote.
These cities need to manage the population better and perhaps a no lie until 9 pm ordinance is in order but not a no sit. Also ive seen cops be too lenient here. They need to make people think twice before doing things they aren't supposed to do. Stupid, drunken shit like laying around or loitering when businesses are trying to open up.

I feel like I can make a contribution here and even get housed, the locals are cool and many alternative types live here who are not well off but they aren't ghetto or big city sleazy either. GHETTO BS IS NON EXISTENT, the blacks that are here are mello and they arent in the majority. As well as there are alot of cute guys here, so theres always pleasant distraction. I looked up the local Native population that was here and much of the 'whites' look as if they have this DNA. Its a northern American tribe, close to the coast so this means closer to Russia. Ive found I have more affinity to Natives from far up north on this continent, many looking almost Russian or Eastern European. This population is mixed in with what seems primarily Scandinavians and Germans. The people here are tall and thick on average so my anxiety levels will be lower, dealing with people who look more like me as well as males that register as 'real men' in my primitive female brain. Places with too many WASPY, thin YUPpies eventually gives me constant anxiety.

This is definateley a place with a EuroAmerican folk population. The earthy class of people- not white trash but folk. Though theres alot of that here, the lack of WIGGERS is also going to save my sanity.

So theres positive things for me here. I was guided to come here anyway. Yet, i am experiencing alot of remote influence during the daytime, weekdays. Along with the depression the extended rain brings, that influence is really hindering me and getting in my way.

The content is the typical consistent interface as long as i am near that tower. There also seems to be something seperate downtown where the homeless most congregate.

Once i leave that area and walk up this steep hill towards the uptown of the downtown area, i walk past this massive microwave tower. I experience its effect on me but once this area has been past and im into uptown near this very large wooded area, it gets alot better. This is the richer area of downtown and it lifts the depression as its much more pleasant to look at.

Of course the cure for the tower and the homeless trap in lowest downtown is to take public transport and leave the area frequently. Im broke now so its been difficult, plus the remote influence has a way of holding you downtown so u just keep circling in this one area, like being trapped in a fishbowl.

When i first arrived i liked this town alot but the long days of rain have soured me.
Also i have become a resident. That didnt seem to cause a change except for harassment beginning at the local Walgreens of which was so bad yesterday i have to contact corporate on tues.

I had a locker at the local women's shelter. A large corporate charity entity around the USA. So big that they have themselves on the NASDAQ. Nothing happened after I signed up for that either..
THE SHELTER MOVED TO A NEW REMODELED LOCATION WHERE 1-THEY HAD NO LOCKERS FOR OUTSIDE SLEEPERS ANYMORE 2-THE NEW BUILDING HAS REMOTE INFLUENCE PRESENT. It sucks becuz the old building was so full of soul and it felt safe. I get fried in this new place-harassment, behavior mod, even a few little burn sensations. Its so sad. there are two wifi sources that come up in this building. One listed as internal one as external-STAFF CLAIM THEY DONT EVEN HAVE THE PASS CODES AND SINCE THEIR COMPUTERS ARE HOOKED UP TO A NETWORK THAT'S NOT WIRELESS THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THE WIFI IS FOR. Also when i asked about this in depth, one of the office workers was behaving very suspiciously in her answering me.

So, i had to get a locker at this local city homeless project downtown. After signing up with that agency IS WHEN I STARTED GETTING GS ACTIVITY IN THE STREETS.

As of yesterday I am also getting alot of citizens doing the break-your-neck-to-look-at-Target tatic out of vehicles whereas this was not present before. A few rude people tried to get me pissed off yesterday walking downtown and uptown- one wearing black and red the other a light skinned black male. Also, there are alot of blacks all of a sudden in this area whereas there were not as many when I arrived to check the place out. Ive seen alot of Boston Red Sox 'B's on people's clothes last two days, one was on the baseball cap of a particularly ghetto looking black male who was with a blonde white woman at McDonald's today.

That all could be random. Yet the GS system knows how much I now loathe and mistrust black males due to how prevalent they are in GS activity and how offensive I find them and thier modern culture and thier attempts to dominate EuroAmericans, especially females, and the poor.

So magically, now there is not this peaceful, laid back environment like when I arrived but an influx of people that I did not see as part of the population when I arrived- largely African Americans.
Hey, its not my fault that blacks are unfortunate enough to STILL be so enslaved by the elite that they cant break away from thier positions as house slaves. Thats on them. But they are NOT going to take me down with them. Its not like it was years ago- nowadays blacks are a red flag in the NWO activity going on. There are blacks you can trust to a point who are not in on this- and then there are the house slaves who work for the man, believing that they are benefiting themselves and thier people doing so. F*ck them and thier motives and whatever they believe. Blacks are dangerous in covert ops, have been every since slaves were used for spying and have been ever since- COINTELPRO being a prime example of this. I can tell too nowdays- who are the decent African Americans and who are the for-sale-house-n*ggers. And I wont tolerate the latter- for a minute. Blacks are also very psychically powerful, due to not being removed from Nature and paganism for as long as European peoples who have had thier spirits destroyed by multiple forces for centuries. Now you know why Whites have no rythm- its becuz they are afraid some guys in red robes will come out with torture devices and put them on a rack for heathenism and heresy.
Blacks have alot more access to thier psychic powers than we do, unless, like me, you come from alot of whats known as 'wild blooded peoples' in Europe. Ireland, Eastern Europe, Scandinavians (who are mixed with Saami so the connection to thier land makes them strong) and others I cant think of right now. Places that did not give in easily to the church nor oppression from invaders. These people held onto thier paganism longer than other European countries.(One of the only ways to survive the NWO as far as I am concerned at this point, is to return to that.)
Ive experienced blacks as being able to do psychic warfare and damage in major cities around the USA and this needs to be considered as part of this war for our minds, spirits and identities. Its not racism- its factual information about the enemy in a war. Which, if you ignore, you are a fool.

So they must have dispatched a perp group out. Knowing damn well that this area is free of urban rot and ghetto influence. Its got the innocence of a small mountain town and I love it already. Yet, I wonder how long are they going to bother sending sh*thead perp groups here. I wonder how long the other local groups, if you will, will tolerate that- many located in the eastern part of the state.

If blacks choose to sell out to have an easy life, that is not my problem. If they are easily cobntrolled and brainwashed by authority, becuz the powers that be wont allow them DNA testing and work on giving them back thier identities from thier roots in Africa, and still want them to define themselves by how well they serve the massa- this is not my problem. Its thiers, and America's. I am more interested getting to Europe to find tribes to live with who still practice pre-Christian beliefs. If America wants nothing but shitty ghetto scenes for anyone who wont become a YUPpies, then the USA can go f*ck themselves and all the poor, unfortunate blacks who believe they are serving thier country and gaining class, position and wealth by controlling and destroying human beings can lose thier souls to this system. THATS ON THEM.

This place might just work out as an area I can function in while trying to see whats available legally or leaving the USA. If not I will just keep going north. I wanna see what Canada is like this summer- its probably on board with the NWO like every other country but it refuses to be as destructive with electromag polllution as the US.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tried To Join Google + Becuz Its The Only Way To Get Photos To Blog From Phone- Now Its Endangered Me By Putting My Real Name On Blog

Google needs to stop f*cking around with stuff. Ive had my name as ongangstalking for years and now I try to open a stupid google + becuz this new shitty interface dashboard will no longer allow me to download or upload whatever, pics I need for blog posts from my smartphone. and by the way it now \takes more time than someone like me is allowed on a computer to upload photos from a pc. 

The new interface or dashboard whatever this is, sucks. It doesnt work on smartphones that arent brand spanking fuckin new. Its so obviously a move to make it harder for people who arent part of mainstream consumerist society- marginalized people, to be able to produce works and activism.

There was nothing wrong with the old blogger interface. The one with the bold colors orange and blue. It loaded easily and didnt keep moving up and down when you tried to write on it from the phone. It uploaded pics.  It was simple and streamlined.

google + is total bullshit. I am sick of the burden of multiple things in our lives being set up like stupid social networks. NOTICE HOW IT HAS TO ALWAYS PROMOTE SOCIALIZING???? AND 'COMMUNITY'?  BLOGGER is supposed to be about writing, not fucking socializing and that is what many of us are trying to do. And dont tell me to use Wordpress becuz that is the prima donna brat of blogs. Its time consuming, difficult to use and like the new blogger, requires that I write my post on a note app then cut and paste it onto the blog becuz it doesnt work on my phone. Now Blogger does the same thing. And both blog sites depend on which browser you are using as to how it will behave when writing on it. Blogger now jumps up and down and wont stay put, the cursor jumps around and is impossible to put back into the space you are writing in. I DONT KNOW WHY THEY JUST DONT OFFER A PREMIUM BLOGGER FOR A FEE BECUZ I WOULD PAY IT JUST TO HAVE AN EASY, SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL BLOGSPOT. But dont be greedy like Wordpress- 100 dollars a year is a bit ridiculous. Maybe 50 bucks.

If this blog keeps on saying my name instead of OnGangStalking much longer I will simply take exports of my blogs and then reupload them on a new blogger blogsite. Thier being picky about bloggers giving real sounding names is absolutely ridiculous. This is  a site for creative people who are creating a theme or character  based identity. A place where you shouldnt have to focus on socializing. Thats what FB and multiple other sites are for.

I was especially offended when google + kept asking me about people I may know or want to get into contact with. What are you guys, a fuckin' dating service or some shit? The way I do things, if someone wants to get into contact with me, they will email me or comment on  my blog. Its not like I am doing something terribly popular with the mainstream American public. Actually me putting my name in things like this too often or overtly is ENDANGERS  MY LIFE AND VIOLATES MY PRIVACY considering the nature of my activism. It might also assist all the people in govt now looking for crazies that might become lone shooters. (Which of course they create by gang stalking people to begin with). 
I also, being a person with MPD dont want to put my real name on something that I dont equate with that side of my personality. This blog belongs to On  Gang Stalking. To Fighter@Activist.Com. I am not that person all the time and dont want to be associated with this in my life as a private American citizen and shouldnt have to be.

Then google + has the audacity to ask me once I refuse to get into contact with people, again, this time on the screen it says 'you might be lonely'.  WTF is that?? I am writing  a blog. Its supposed to be alone time. If it wasnt there would be mutiple authors.

I dont even want google +. I only wanted it so I could have a place to put photos as it now says thats the only way to upload them from my smartphone.

Leave bloggers alone to create, on one of the original free blogging sites on the internet and stop tweeking stuff that was fine just the way it was before.

And stop trying to force people to socialize and to become involved in 'community'. If you arent involved heavily in 'community' nowadays you might just be the next lone shooter terrorist I assume? Fuck you and this entire ridiculous society thats been build around control and oppression.

BTW Wordpress, during Bush did its damndest to try to keep me out with thier main sign in kicking me off or not allowing me to sign in. I got around that by using thier original sigh in where it just asks for name and email which I guess they dont have the same control over.

These little games of fucking with activsts have been going on for years and its not going to stop anytime soon.

Another City, Another Attempt At Settling To Write And Take Care

Lets hope this place works. It seems to be amicable. I still am thinking of leaving the USA but I need time to save up. The GS and mass mind control problem is international anyway.

I hope to be able to at least write some sort of testimony and send it into an official agency that recieves such things from people like me. Even if it does nothing right now, someday it will have to come out, whats happened.

I see the Obama admin is showing thier true colors.

People getting it yet that this guy is playing for the agenda and not some harmless, caring, black Liberal?  Morgan Freeman may be a racist who bitches that Obama isnt a real black president becuz his "mama was white" but the issue is moreso that his father was a foriegn black man- not from African American slave stock. Not someone who carries the damage from such a lineage. Not someone who might be determined to make things right or play for the people.

Becuz the powers would never allow such  a person to take office anyway. Especially now when they are working so hard to enslave humanity with this New World Order.

No matter how hard I get messed with for what I am doing, I know it matters and I am doing whats right, what needs to be done. Perhaps people will understand later.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Left Berkeley, MC Hard To Beat/Docs Suck

Forced to buy pair of boots can't wear now. Berkeley is a place that gets one obsessed with vanity, appearance and aesthetics.
I somehow got sucked into making this bad purchase. The tech in Berkeley is awful. Its the university and also COINTELPRO in Oakland. Its a terrible.place and its so politically active its a shame becuz it cud be wonderful.

Theres no way to beat the tech and system of mind control there.

Don't dare go.back to fight to return them. Got.them stretched before bought anyway. Feel like a total poser tool having doc martens turns out made in Vietnam.

Ive.found that going online and talking to people traveling there are far more newer trends that come rooted in what makes alternative cultures. I'd be better off with Grinders made in England than docs or red wings.

Going towards still trying to leave country.