“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Miserable in New Location But Its Practical

This new city is practical for me to get things done before trying to leave USA.

It is miserable though. It rains too much and there's no major chains downtown so becuz of my allergic reactions I gotta go across downtown for coffee every morning.
All the services are spread out downtown so its one of those places where u go here to sleep, there to shower or nap, over there for locker and computer use and then some other place to eat then...etc.
Its great if u are housed here but I havent gotten that far yet.

The local colleges don't let the public get access to their computers so i am a bit cut off.

There's no hip street people and alot of them are drunks or mentally ill.

The locals don't seem particular easy to meet or become friendly with.

There's a huge massive microwave tower downtown, the size of the one in Portland, ME and bigger than the one in Hillcrest, CA.
And I am certainly feeling and experiencing being influenced by that damn tower.

However-the city has poor cell reception which as a TI, is a plus. The police are not allowed to unionize, so the harassment from cops has been very minimal. One or two bratty detective cars doing stupid shit like speeding up and revving their engines when they drive by. Actually, my interactions as a traveler and urban camper in the area with cops has been pretty positive. Even the Homeland guys at a federal building were very down to earth and reasonable.

The police here seem glad to not be dealing with a homeless person who is belligerent, drunk or rude. Unfortunately the city doesnt manage the most out of control homeless like sleeping in doorways in daytime so no sit no lie law is up for vote.
These cities need to manage the population better and perhaps a no lie until 9 pm ordinance is in order but not a no sit. Also ive seen cops be too lenient here. They need to make people think twice before doing things they aren't supposed to do. Stupid, drunken shit like laying around or loitering when businesses are trying to open up.

I feel like I can make a contribution here and even get housed, the locals are cool and many alternative types live here who are not well off but they aren't ghetto or big city sleazy either. GHETTO BS IS NON EXISTENT, the blacks that are here are mello and they arent in the majority. As well as there are alot of cute guys here, so theres always pleasant distraction. I looked up the local Native population that was here and much of the 'whites' look as if they have this DNA. Its a northern American tribe, close to the coast so this means closer to Russia. Ive found I have more affinity to Natives from far up north on this continent, many looking almost Russian or Eastern European. This population is mixed in with what seems primarily Scandinavians and Germans. The people here are tall and thick on average so my anxiety levels will be lower, dealing with people who look more like me as well as males that register as 'real men' in my primitive female brain. Places with too many WASPY, thin YUPpies eventually gives me constant anxiety.

This is definateley a place with a EuroAmerican folk population. The earthy class of people- not white trash but folk. Though theres alot of that here, the lack of WIGGERS is also going to save my sanity.

So theres positive things for me here. I was guided to come here anyway. Yet, i am experiencing alot of remote influence during the daytime, weekdays. Along with the depression the extended rain brings, that influence is really hindering me and getting in my way.

The content is the typical consistent interface as long as i am near that tower. There also seems to be something seperate downtown where the homeless most congregate.

Once i leave that area and walk up this steep hill towards the uptown of the downtown area, i walk past this massive microwave tower. I experience its effect on me but once this area has been past and im into uptown near this very large wooded area, it gets alot better. This is the richer area of downtown and it lifts the depression as its much more pleasant to look at.

Of course the cure for the tower and the homeless trap in lowest downtown is to take public transport and leave the area frequently. Im broke now so its been difficult, plus the remote influence has a way of holding you downtown so u just keep circling in this one area, like being trapped in a fishbowl.

When i first arrived i liked this town alot but the long days of rain have soured me.
Also i have become a resident. That didnt seem to cause a change except for harassment beginning at the local Walgreens of which was so bad yesterday i have to contact corporate on tues.

I had a locker at the local women's shelter. A large corporate charity entity around the USA. So big that they have themselves on the NASDAQ. Nothing happened after I signed up for that either..
THE SHELTER MOVED TO A NEW REMODELED LOCATION WHERE 1-THEY HAD NO LOCKERS FOR OUTSIDE SLEEPERS ANYMORE 2-THE NEW BUILDING HAS REMOTE INFLUENCE PRESENT. It sucks becuz the old building was so full of soul and it felt safe. I get fried in this new place-harassment, behavior mod, even a few little burn sensations. Its so sad. there are two wifi sources that come up in this building. One listed as internal one as external-STAFF CLAIM THEY DONT EVEN HAVE THE PASS CODES AND SINCE THEIR COMPUTERS ARE HOOKED UP TO A NETWORK THAT'S NOT WIRELESS THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THE WIFI IS FOR. Also when i asked about this in depth, one of the office workers was behaving very suspiciously in her answering me.

So, i had to get a locker at this local city homeless project downtown. After signing up with that agency IS WHEN I STARTED GETTING GS ACTIVITY IN THE STREETS.

As of yesterday I am also getting alot of citizens doing the break-your-neck-to-look-at-Target tatic out of vehicles whereas this was not present before. A few rude people tried to get me pissed off yesterday walking downtown and uptown- one wearing black and red the other a light skinned black male. Also, there are alot of blacks all of a sudden in this area whereas there were not as many when I arrived to check the place out. Ive seen alot of Boston Red Sox 'B's on people's clothes last two days, one was on the baseball cap of a particularly ghetto looking black male who was with a blonde white woman at McDonald's today.

That all could be random. Yet the GS system knows how much I now loathe and mistrust black males due to how prevalent they are in GS activity and how offensive I find them and thier modern culture and thier attempts to dominate EuroAmericans, especially females, and the poor.

So magically, now there is not this peaceful, laid back environment like when I arrived but an influx of people that I did not see as part of the population when I arrived- largely African Americans.
Hey, its not my fault that blacks are unfortunate enough to STILL be so enslaved by the elite that they cant break away from thier positions as house slaves. Thats on them. But they are NOT going to take me down with them. Its not like it was years ago- nowadays blacks are a red flag in the NWO activity going on. There are blacks you can trust to a point who are not in on this- and then there are the house slaves who work for the man, believing that they are benefiting themselves and thier people doing so. F*ck them and thier motives and whatever they believe. Blacks are dangerous in covert ops, have been every since slaves were used for spying and have been ever since- COINTELPRO being a prime example of this. I can tell too nowdays- who are the decent African Americans and who are the for-sale-house-n*ggers. And I wont tolerate the latter- for a minute. Blacks are also very psychically powerful, due to not being removed from Nature and paganism for as long as European peoples who have had thier spirits destroyed by multiple forces for centuries. Now you know why Whites have no rythm- its becuz they are afraid some guys in red robes will come out with torture devices and put them on a rack for heathenism and heresy.
Blacks have alot more access to thier psychic powers than we do, unless, like me, you come from alot of whats known as 'wild blooded peoples' in Europe. Ireland, Eastern Europe, Scandinavians (who are mixed with Saami so the connection to thier land makes them strong) and others I cant think of right now. Places that did not give in easily to the church nor oppression from invaders. These people held onto thier paganism longer than other European countries.(One of the only ways to survive the NWO as far as I am concerned at this point, is to return to that.)
Ive experienced blacks as being able to do psychic warfare and damage in major cities around the USA and this needs to be considered as part of this war for our minds, spirits and identities. Its not racism- its factual information about the enemy in a war. Which, if you ignore, you are a fool.

So they must have dispatched a perp group out. Knowing damn well that this area is free of urban rot and ghetto influence. Its got the innocence of a small mountain town and I love it already. Yet, I wonder how long are they going to bother sending sh*thead perp groups here. I wonder how long the other local groups, if you will, will tolerate that- many located in the eastern part of the state.

If blacks choose to sell out to have an easy life, that is not my problem. If they are easily cobntrolled and brainwashed by authority, becuz the powers that be wont allow them DNA testing and work on giving them back thier identities from thier roots in Africa, and still want them to define themselves by how well they serve the massa- this is not my problem. Its thiers, and America's. I am more interested getting to Europe to find tribes to live with who still practice pre-Christian beliefs. If America wants nothing but shitty ghetto scenes for anyone who wont become a YUPpies, then the USA can go f*ck themselves and all the poor, unfortunate blacks who believe they are serving thier country and gaining class, position and wealth by controlling and destroying human beings can lose thier souls to this system. THATS ON THEM.

This place might just work out as an area I can function in while trying to see whats available legally or leaving the USA. If not I will just keep going north. I wanna see what Canada is like this summer- its probably on board with the NWO like every other country but it refuses to be as destructive with electromag polllution as the US.