“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Is McD Downtown The Worst Assh*les Ever?

Mcdonals across from the Boston Commons has the biggest pieces of shit working there AND they are doing harassment tactics too. Theirs either a language barrier or THEY PRETEND NOT TO UNDERSTAND AND THEY FUCK UP YOUR ORDER ON PURPOSE.

Mostly self righteous foriegn perps who are destroying Libtard cities around thr country systematically.

Actually in this situation Mexicans and Natives are the best in place defense. I notice this isnt such a problem in Cali or TX etc. Only northeast cities are being torn down and made miserable. The Mexicans deport South Americans from their country and they wont put up with it on the border either.

And Mexicans arent big pathetic viscous house slaves the way South Americans seem to be. They make judgement calls on people or situations with their own discretion.

So the northern cities are done as well.

Theres that old Irish lady as well whos there but shes nothing but an embarrassment to us anyway. Maybe shes not Irish at all.

Downtown Boston always was difficult but now its just totally full of garbage. And they hide it from the YUPoies. But you should have seen it on Xmas night when they knew no decent peoole would be around.

Yup. Scary...

The business people in this area are working off of my having been expertly framed up as and driven to having to take up the position of a racist.

NOW the entire place is working off THAT cover story. The self righteousness is heavily in use of course becuz they know they are full of shit.

One uppity business owner having lunch made sure to kiss a black girls ass in front of me.

I made sure I stated out loud quietly but firmly that the only stance he has on anything including race is what the mafia and police tell him to do.
Thats who runs downtown. Always has. Thats the power in the northeast. Downtown it might be Chinese. In Providence it may be the Italians.
Irish. Russians.

Its still org crime.

(Now they are having a ridiculous conversation about how shes not Chinese shes American. The owner guy of Lamberts says to her hes Egyptian. This seems directed. Maybe they are just trying to convince themselves PC Diversity etc is real and they arent just two money grubbing business people who would go along with whatever social engineering or whatever the authoeities mandated to suceed.

The merchant class of sheep!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Harvard Street Musician Likes Messing With Targeted Females

This street musician named Roche was very overt and rude about doing gang stalking.

When I told him off quietly and other tactics out of desperstion he actually was arrogant enough to sit there and laugh at me while he played.
 I tried everything and the only thing that made him become sensible is mentioning his getting a feature on this blog.

So it seems alot.of these perps lately dont realize I have a means of exposing them.

Other performers have claimed hes not very nice.

NONE.of the performers are overt with the harassment with me. No one is that rude or stupid.

Well here you go. Heres your feature piece. The gs in Harvard is so out of control and unexposed pedos and scum are getting favored and exalted now I wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt get rewarded.
Anyone dissident or decent is being hunted and framed up like a terrorist.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mail Your Underwear To The Undersecretary-How Washington Destroyed Your Washing Machine

Nanny state appliance laws.


As a Traveler whos below poverty level and houseless I loathe HE washers or efficiency washers.

Especially since I cant use detergents due to allergies (not allergic reactions) so use shampoo or body soap.

If I could I'd challenge businesses to at least create the availability for those who want alternatives for:

-HE commercial washers
-Self flushing toilets
-Sensor faucets
-Auto paper towel dispencers
-Even the dreaded auto self checkouts at drug store chains like CVS. (The supermarket ones are not only more likely to work without difficulty or break downs you don't usually have hovering employees like in drug stores who piss you off becuz if they can be OVER YOUR SHOULDER why cant they be waiting on you BEHIND A COUNTER?) and there are enough manned registers to make it seem an ALTERNATIVE CHOICE not mandatory. (I hate you CVS).

Self flushing toilets are the most ridiculous. They flush if you move on the toilet. Multiple times thus wasting water and energy. How is that efficient?
Also they could be sighted as a health hazard due to questionable toilet water attacking the backsides of unsuspecting toilet goers and this may be especially dangerous for females. Just having to make evasive moves to escape the backsplash attacks can be dangerous, stressful and tiring.

Id say alot of these gadgets are psychological warfare on the public.

-Feelings of loss of or losing control
-Being hovered over and nannied
-Not being able to provide your own water or flushing your own body waste or pull your own towel. Worse than being treated like a child.
-In fear of safety of health
-Anxiety caused by machinisms having control not the human machine

Most of all being punished for being American.

First we are encouraged to over consume then have restrictions and controls set on us that are not efficient, cause anxiety, trauma and harm and make us feel limited and powerless as if we the people are not being listened to or respected.
Is this why you pay your taxes?

So toilets can attack you and your washer barely provides water, clothes dont get really clean and the washer stinks but the Pentagon can 'misplace' billions and not have explainations for congress?

If you look it up on Google Maps-theres a CVS in the Pentagon.


I bet their toilets are badass and built by Boeing or some sh#t. With like super need uber secret capacities.

We shall never know.

The peasants shall obey the evil toilet gods.

Im at the laundry and washed my clothes twice. I notice everyone uses washers too big for their loads just to get more water.
Efficient for scamming money from the public I guess.

How about a little common sense, frugality and balance?

Instead of the constant American norm of from sublime to ridiculous.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Huh? Gang Stalked By Girl Scouts? I Will Never Buy Those Evil Cookies Again

Gang stalked by GIRL SCOUTS! Set up in Davis Square mbta station to sell cookies.

I should horror show them like asking if they give free cookies for charity-like a struggling middle aged female houseless blacklisted activist.

Im now SO GLAD my mother didn't let me ne involved with Girl Scouts as a kid becuz I was always pissed about it.

Not no more.

My god...it HAS become just like East German Stasi.

And they are so cultish. And prissy and self righteous.
I guess defending your country nowadays means standing with US war crimes and horrible corruption.

Or maybe they are clones or aliens or deoids from Boston Dynamics! Wtf kNOWS nowadays! Its sooooo incredibly disturbing. Girl Scouts working for the local organized crime, private sector, corrupt authorities..or worse-COINTRLPRO type programs.

So..whoever is doing whats right is the bad guy now? Its so awful how evil hides behind the best fronts. Of course so you loook like an ass for claiming otherwise.

You can't trust ANYONE anymore!

I can see how these people are defending their country....becuz its BEEN time to leave this place if you don't agree with it's policies.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tone It Down At MIT Dunkin Donuts...or I Get A Memory Flashback Of MITs Naughtiness

Listen very carefully. Get those foriegn, sexist POC young goons and that tall arrogant houseN who work at this location to tone it down and stop acting like its a day at the circus or I start recalling interesting things about MIT that the public really doenst know about that I was first hand witness to some decades ago.

I understnad the students and employees having ongoing harassment campaigns becuz its part of the game and also they are naturally protecting thier territory, thier futures and thier jobs in industries in which my work could totally destroy or discredit.
And they usually do it very intelligently or professionally.

However, I wont have two twenty something little shits who arent smart enough to attend MIT (or write this blog and get through what I have) messing with  me and making a mockery of everything I have worked for. HOW DARE YOU HAVE the lowest elements of society that are trying to social climb into being merely MIDDLE CLASS f*ck with me.  Let them go f#ck with some other TI to get where they want to go. Its MIT not some stupid part of town where the cops who run the area set this crap up. CUT THE SHIT AT MIT.

Even the workers at the convenience store dont pull that crap. Years ago the old Italian family that owned LaVerdes or whoever the mob connected looking guy was would mess with me but thats all part of this too. I expect mob connected people to be a pain in the ass. Its part of who my family was involved with and it seems org crime has a very big stake in the military industrial complex and connected industries as well as mind control being useful for them to have money making operations.

The employees at that DD fool around with it too much and make it a mockery. Its supposed to be BUSINESS not PERSONAL. This isnt about YOUR personal male ego or power trip, losers. This is a very serious busienss that is supposed to destroy enemies of the state as well as industry. Stop making it personal as if you are just so ghetto and no better. I can make it real personal too.

If they want to do tactics thats one thing but making such a big production out of it, discussing it openly and smirking and treating  me like I am a total idiot will not come WITHOUT A PRICE.

Do you absolutely understand me?

And dont even try to pull any crap like in the last few years like telling  me to go to a different shop or trying to get me trespassed. Im hip to all the tricks of the new administrations in the area.

I am absolutely sick of arrogant foreigners not taking these games seriously and acting as if they get a personal power trip out of this. This isnt a playground in kindergarten. Its black budgets and war crimes. Whats so fucking funny, motherf*ckers?

Tell these clowns to get with the program and act like professional real org crime used to and give your Target some respect becuz if I wasnt to fear for what Im doing I WOULDNT BE TARGETED. Duh.

The same goes for one of the little bitches in the DD in Porter who also has racist hiring practices and is run by an Arab f*ck sexist pig. Most of the women in there do tactics but its done politely or without emotion attavhed to it. ONE woman in there is just like the people who work in the DD at MIT.
Kausha. Something like that on her name tag.
 Shes just as disgusting with it except shes a woman which is a  hunddred times more shameful.

I expect young males to act like idiots becuz they overestimate thier power and underestimate that of older women if not all ememies. They are learning and sometimes they need a lesson. All young males who do this are a pain in  my ass at this point becuz of their boundless arrogance. I deal with stuipid arrogant youing males all the time. So why do they believe themselves little princes at the MIT DD?

It must feel good to not have to work in the hood where you live, dont it? To take the bus every day out of the pit of hell and be around people you only wish you could be as smart and priveledged as. Right?

The difference is that I work on those levels from OUTSIDE of legit society. Dont ever think I wasnt smart enough to have gone to school here or anywhere for that matter.

One librarian once tried to mind fuck me here by intimating that I enjoy being 'associated' with MIT by using the library here and just being here.

Uh, yeah its nice to be around PEOPLE ON MY OWN LEVEL IN WHICH I TRULY BELONG HAD I NOT BEEN KEPT DOWN MY WHOLE LIFE and targeted. Its my natural place in society its just that very powerful, evil people will not let it be so.

Also I used to be here alot simply becuz of geographical convenience also. Its in Cambridge, Harvard Sq was my home base.  So much for upper middle class snobbery. Didnt my ancestors come to America to work in the homes of OLD MONEY in Weston and New Orleans?

Why on earth would I fall for such fodder? Its like some horrible upper middle obsession with the neighbors. Just like thier lower class counter parts but....they try to make it sound sooo involved and important.

Now youve got your new blood of house slaves after me.

Tone it down or it will be beyond embarrassing. I dont even come here that much anymore.

But I have noticed on parents day the kinds of people who now send thier kids to go to school here. Very much upper middle struggling to climb to the next level. Very much the merchant class. Not many of them look like they went to MIT. How sweet. Just like the horrid help at the coffee shop, they to are social climbing.

Keep me out of it. If you must pull this crap to have a job at the mob connected company DD out of Quincy (not Canton) then at least do it right like the old mob guys did. Have some finesse. This isnt a reality show...but that WOULD be just about thier level, wouldnt it?


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jamaica Plain Boston GS By Old Mob Types etc-Cops Always Shadowing

Wtf is their problem with JP? Theres always a Boston police vehicle present or following me. Employees in stores constant (but polite) gesturing harassment.

Old mob types from old bars and pubs. Younger People Of Color gang types (of course. Boston's favorite foot soldiers).

However the Goodwill down here magically materialized a sleeping bag that supposedly didnt exist before earlier.

Earlier the store had mostly obnoxious teeth sucking dirtiest look giving blacks working there or nicer seeming ones shopping there (all still doing tactics like space invasiveness a favorite  lately  becuz  they are stilll trying for jail. CONSTANTLY.

Evsr since the new admins in Cambridge and Boston and beyond. Thier mode of operation is set ups, frame up attempts and being extremely sneaky and making the TI look crazy. Its really bad here now.)

JP must be really corrupt. People are nicee but the cops act like no one is watching. Kind of like Somerville but there they stalk fast and few becuz there is  more oversight. I can tell its logical there would be its closer to Cambridge and Boston.

Street people keep trying to get me to tall to them. Some old white ponytailed drunk guy came out of JP Licks and tried to mess with me and I ignored him but he was annoyed. Tried to do tactical gesturing by grabbing his crotch but was such an idiot it had little effect.

However, the f#cker seemed so in a state of consistent innebriation that he genuinely believed he ran me off...when I was walking out to leave anyway.

So many tough cowboys here...in the spoilt rotten gilded golden cage known as Massachusetts. The problem with viewing the world from a fishbowl is that you see.things warped and skewed.

Like thinking this place is as lawless and tough as it was 40 years ago and you can still just do whatever you want.

If the same people were running things as years ago I wouldnt be being messed with all the time.

People now are petty fools who think they're gangsta or this military cultishness thats taken over. These aren't real tough guys who make sane decisions about whats important and what isnt.

These are jerk offs, pussies and punks who have reverted to being sneaky and hiding in a self righteous angry mob becuz they are truly powerless over terrorism and their own govt..and the powers that be.

These people are the best beaten down slaves to.come along since East Germany or Russia.

They are so fucked up they probably get together and chant "USA! USA!" in some bar when dealing with the issue of harassing anyone dissident or whos not kissing the military industrial complexes ass.

The country is from what Ive seen clinically insane.  Either that or those f us left are dealing with things that ARENT HUMAN as we know.it but appear human among us.

Theres genuinely something wrong with the general population as of a few years ago.

When this first started it was select people doing this crap. It wasnt like 8 or 9 out of 10 people everywhere  aTarget  went.

Monday, December 7, 2015

This Is Why Christians Are Not Succeeding At Fighting The NWO (Or It Could Be A Disinfo SIte)


"I find much of this blog useful for the purposes of the NWO and gang stalking etc but I suppose I should realize it is a Christian based blog.
Firstly, she was GOING TO DIE SOON ANYWAY. Secondly: WHAT A WAY TO GO!!
Third..(ly?): You needed to provide a MAP for this news story? Complete with pointing out where these cities or towns are? OMG! Its not like there arent 50000000000 people doing something sexual RIGHT NOW on that map anyway...or anywhere else on the world map. Some living and some dying. You could have relations and then get killed by a bus outside..or a falling safe like in the old cartoons. You never know when yer time will come.

Well...you DO but its best not to focus on it. And IF you DO...then what better time to say 'goodbye' to humanity in such a personable way?

This lady probably was into this when younger and she just was too elderly to handle it now or her neighbor likes mature women and got her to try something new.

People could only WISH to go out with this kind of bang. Getting hit by a car or a plane crash or various other unpleasant ways of dying sounds much worse. At least her next past life regression will be interesting.

Also in this Latin culture its probably more tolerated for men to go outside the home or if its small enough everyone knew each other anyway.
Its a crappy thing to have to go before a judge for anyway. Beats a DUI I guess.

More assist with the NWO please....less judgement of Nature's ways.

BTW the miss piggy caption thing is ridiculous. Shes not even fat. And if youve ever been to an art school (Im assuming no) then you would realize that artists LIKE overweight models becuz its more to draw and covers broader ranges of human anatomy.

Fail on both posts.

But I appreciate your actual real contributions to fighting the true bad guys in thier take over of the world and enslavement of humanity. Which has little to do with things humans have been doing for thousands of years and everything to do with technological and scientific advances the elite have the corner market on.

Come back to the fold of the fighting core. There are too many fake Xians, infiltrated churches and intel operatives and agents doing disinfo on the internet."

Its like PETA cant stop animal cruelty becuz they arent moderate enough and bug everyone to become vegetarians instead of focusing on stopping just the worst abuse of animals in captivity and the environment.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Man In SUV Seen Knocking Fists With Possible Undercovers Near Macys Downtown Boston Reveals GS System Is Real-Tells Me I Am "Dying Slowly"

This fat squat little man driving a silver SUV with a woman in passenger seat (both looked kind of Asian or Latino) was talking with what could have been an undercover at Macy's as they just had an arrest there for shop lifting.

The scumbag was smirking and baiting me and pushing the window up and down.

So I told him off.

I believe I said something about i hope he dies in his SUV.

He stated with the utmost confidence "And you're dying slowly".

This douche can be viewed on the Macy's security camera the side that faces CVS.

So let me get this straight. This is the sort of person who works to support pedophile networks internationally and organized crime as well as the military industrial complex and US-allied war crimes. And Im on the side of what's right and good and trying to expose the truth and IM THE ONE whos slowly dying?

So this is what is actually in power in Boston. Complete corrupt scum connected to law enforcement (or organized crime or business owners-all the same in this city.)

Now do you understand why the Boston Bombing was probably a set up? Whenever I meet someone that arrogant rich and full of shit it makes me realize that everything thats meant to decieve this country's people and the world is exactly what we think it is.

Its people like that that totally validate my work completely. I KNOW Im right and not imagining things when a little prick like that has superior knowledge of a plot of evil design.

Im SUPPOSED to be working on what Im writing right now. Just becuz Boston is resistant becuz its got alot to hide doesnt mean that is what every place is going to be like.

For peons like this to have knowledge of MK Ultra classified project acivity really bothers me. And thats whats wrong with the NWO and the way things are done now.

Common scum like him get to be in on something that years ago was classified. Who is this little piece of shit anyway?

Hes bluffing. I sensed it.

Also to be precise EVERYONE is "slowly dying" you retard. Aging is just that moron.

Secondly Im in better health than I would be living actively as I do. Not fat like your ass. (Die of heart disease, assh#le.)

Third, I get to go anywhere in the country. I work the shit out of my white privilege and being female. YOU and your bitch have to stay in Libtard corrupt organized crime ridden cities like this that put up with people like you. And prefer your low standards and skewed moral compass becuz you fit in well in a cess pool for oblivious rich Liberals and corrupt elites.

You're one of their preferred house pets and dont forget it. Theres a reason areas like this hate older poor white women with brains. Becuz we will want to improve things and dig up corruption. Which you and your elite/bankster/mob masters cant afford.

You have to stay here counting your money and fucking your shiney (tacky) SUV every day.
Next he'll purchase a Cadillac or Porsche SUV. You know the kind new money people buy becuz they dont know how to have true class and taste enough like real wealth to have an truck AND a sports car.

Theres a reason the word tacky isnt used that much anymore-street gang type scum becoming middle class like him-and YUPpies.

Pure psychological warfare. Just becuz someone says something doesnt mean its true. Hes in the sewer known as todays downtown Boston. Hes in his element and has power AT THAT MOMENT only.

Never do I realize the skinners we are dealing with than at moments like that. Hes got all the selfish leanings of a child molester and killer. Which is one of the base types of people involved in organized harasment.

I was designed to do exactly what I am doing right now at this time in history. The comment is null and void.

But someone in his organization might want to..take care of his carelessness in that comment. Especially on Macys security cams.

Or has Boston been taken over by such scum so lacking the finesse Menino had that they feel they can afford not to care?

It does seem so these days.

Im not your human sacrifice. Im your worst fucking nightmare.

You will be punished for your direct insolence. You fucking peasant.

Watch it pieces of shit. You wouldnt want the black helicopters and white vans to come back again like they did during early Bush and hand you and your elite bosses your asses again now would you?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

More Perps On MBTA Train. Within City Limits Is Total Prison/Racial Issues Have Served As Diversion From War Crimes Focus Of This Blog and Serve As New COVER STORY

Three annoying little perps on train RIGHT NOW Red Line.

Once again Diversity is being used as psych warfare. African American woman was most aggressive with gesturing and her Asian friends laughing as she did it.

Its now being marketed as me being agaisnt Diversity and civil and equal rights and being racist.



The other cover story had worn thin and nobody believed it or saw it as legit anymore.

Theyve essentially FRAMED ME UP ALL OVER AGAIN. And it ties in well with the recent racially charged shootings and campus censorship and protests.

Now the original reason I began fighting and writing has been eclipsed by yet another cover story.

I've even got college girls standing near me doing directed conversation refering to my blog being HATE SPEECH.

People like Donald Trump and other celebs are confusing the issue on purpose by doing the same but making it a schtick. Making legit activists look ridiculous.

Even Joan Rivers before she died...or faked her own death. Whichever.

(Its Sunday also and perps come out more on weekends to get their opportunities in big cities).

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Irony Of My New Thrift Store Liner Pullover

The label on my new thrift store pullover.


Blogging The Blonde-Planet Fitness Downtown Boston On Saturdays

Ya know. I never bother to blog about PF gang stalking harassment becuz Ive mentioned it before and in most locations its mild. The people doing it are friendly and its easy to make nice to smooth it over.

Most employees who do this are friendly and not all take part. Some locations have more mobbing than others.

Its done very business like. As if its par the course of running a national chain business that wants to keep expanding. Its standard in the US for all major chains to partake in harassment of TIs.

PF keeps it mild compared to the viscous pieces of shit at other businesses. And downtown if it does occur its always kept business like and staff are friendly which is why I dont bother to blog on it.

Which tells me something: most people who work there are smart about  it.

The only Caucasian female to work at this location is sadly the most offensive perp.

Shes rude and has this attitude on sight of 'WE won!'. Shes always been nasty and dismissive.

When she called about my account being behind once I knew she had (becuz that's part of the covert wars. We get warned about things) as I was down in the locker room.

I also got this impression that someone had told her that I "could put alot of people away". So its either to keep me silent to protect such people or all these idiots are working for feds or some nonsense WORKING OFF THE COVER STORY and have no idea what MK Ultra is.

And that would be typical for this area becuz thats how the attempted frame up started here.

And the constant baiting me to take legal action. The abuse is getting so overt and outrageous that like my mother used to they are just dying for me to 'fight back' or 'defend myself'.

Firstly, most of the people they want busted could be busted anytime without my help. Secondly many untouchable criminals Ive noticed, are victims of gang stalking and mind control.

This is about MK Ultra and war crimes. I won't have it degraded to anything else.

Besides activism on these issues in this country has now degenerated into nothing more than most of the population of the United States working as one big self righteous mob against anyone trying to tell the truth, under whatever bullshit pretext or cover story they can feed the brain washed masses.

During Bush there was hope but now its become pointless. People either don't know whats really going on or they are defending the United States war crimes to the point where only they and their 'cult' matter-not expendable lives like Targeted Individuals.

When I asked about her checking on my account from my home gym she had this smug look and squinted her eyes in an evil manner. But something about it just seems like shes run by others and isnt that smart to be significantly evil. Which of course is what pisses me off about her.

The blacks know from centuries of oppression that whats going on is wrong thats why they are sympathetic. Those that arent are young males who are traditionally aggressive to get what they want and war like towards anyone getting in the way specifically older females. Always a threat in a city based on youth. I ignore them.

There are a few that arent in on it. What is more unacceptable than anything else is when people make gang stalking personal. Dont ever forget that I am smarter, faster, more athletic, greater stamina and more creative than your average human being on the class level of society Im on..

The only reason Im on this level of society in America is becuz Im kept down and have been neutralized as an  enemy of the state simply for being a victim witness and defending myself.


So dont live off of the gang stalking mob's power AS IF IT WERE YOUR OWN. You only have dominion or power over me as much as years of this and thousands of people have afforded you.

On their own, perps are insignificant powerless lone nothings as predators.

Ive seen them having no problem messing with me in public spaces where THEY EXPECT TO SEE ME then they will hurry by trying to not get recognized in areas of the metro Boston area they did not expect to see me.

Whats the difference? I can only assume during the first interactions THEY HAD BACKUP PLANTED IN THE CROWD TO WATCH OUT FOR THEIR SAFETY.

And in the second instance- they are genuinely alone.

Whoever you think you are working for. Whatever legit authority you believe you are assisting- THEY ARE CORRUPT AND FULL OF SHIT.

You are nothing without the corrupt powers that cover up war crimes and pedo networks in this country and beyond.

She also seems like a classist types. One of those blondes that looks down on darker whites seemingly of lower classes. Yet has no problem with 'Diversity'.

Which is why I get on with the blacks in this particular situation. Becuz they know how traitorous and racist-if-they-can-get-away-with-it the whites can be in the northeast.

Friday, November 27, 2015

History Channel's HUNTING HITLER Is völliger Bockmist

Hunting Hitler. Does anyone take this show seriously?

Im sure the areas they are researching have been mulled over already and anything actually important has been removed and classified or has been denied existence and disappeared.

Another diversion using an old bogeyman.

As if the public would be privy to any genuine intel on anything.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The New People In Power In MA Suck/False Time Line Breaking Up

The GS and black and red wearing especially by blacks (whereas in Providence RI its AAmercns and many South or Central Americans).

The general public are more arrogant than I have ever experienced them to be in years prior. They act as if they have won. As if I have no chance at all.

What are they afraid of? This place sucks and its completely abandoned any sense of real justice it ever had.

Its totally arrogant and self righteous even though its corrupt and evil to its core.

They have convinced themselves that I am a bad person and deserve my situation when in fact everything thats ever happened is due to abuse of power originating from Massachusetts.

The union people are absolutely insufferable now probably due to Walsh being mayor of a major power city like Boston.

People were afraid of me before and for a while they acted cautiously. For many years.

Now whatever the changes are they just don't give a fuck.

The city refuses to admit any wrong doing during Bush.

If im so discredited then why must they work so hard at supressing me and trying to make me act out daily?

I'm getting nothing done except some medical appts and still trying to manage whatever the thing is that causes urethral and uterine discomfort that seems to stick to objects in an environment. You can catch it from just leaning up against a wall.

Also my womb still hurts daily from that abortion in OR a few years ago. Whatever the condition is that I keep geting reinfected with it makes that worse.

There was a major changing of the guard in govt in RI and MA but also the private sector.

Its harder to fight people who owe you nothing and have no connection to the crimes that were perpetrated against you. The metaphysics of it no longer work in the victim's favor. You've got nothing to hold them responsible for.

Which is why they have done it this way. Just as I wrote they pulled out their agents a few years ago from the local homeless industry.
Then they changed the people in power. Even Raytheon changed everyone in charge to new faces.

No karma. No debts. Nothing to be held accountable for.

And that might just be why the local citizenry are so damn arrogant.

They act as if they dont deserve to have a book written about them. As if its Boston who has been victimized.

IsntAs if anyone whos angry about all the war years of their crimes against humanity is nothing but a delusional crank and needs to be watched becuz pity poor Boston got attacked and there are scary lone shooters now etc etc etc on and on.

This is all to cover their asses. If you think a false flag or creating problems like lone shooters is horrible and unthinkable thats nothing compared to what this place was doing to people during Bush and early Obama.

It was just hidden. I always found it odd that the Sox and Patriots won so conveniently. Like rewards. The mob has been fixing games forever.
Imagine what they are capable of with new technologies and advances in science.

Whatever was here before that was decent, that warned me, that protected me and kept horrible things secret from me I didnt need to know, that responded to my blog posts when I exposed some covert activity is now absent.

Its almost as if they just want me to leave and never return. As if that is something they deserve. That kind of closure and dissolving of responsibility.

Every day I revisit the fact I can never get my 30s back. And how are they absolved from that?

This city destroyed my life and took the best years of my life I deserved for myself just so they could build Meninos Nero like vision of a new Athens.

Please. This place is far from that.

Its a bunch of yuppies, hipsters and rich people with their house slaves. Locals are being phased out.

Athens was never under mass mind control. Yet I do see the similarity by arrogantly insisting dissidents poison themselves to death.

Every time I look at certain things built during Menino I know it doenst belong here. I know its false.

The YUPpie infestation-they dont belong here either. Its all totally false.

The false timeline that was created using technology and high black magick is faultering. Its falling or breaking apart-to anyone who knows whats really going on.

Daily psy warfare like stalking and harassment even psy warriors, the use of technologies and chemical influence is basically daily maintenance to keep the false time line in place.

But I can see it sometimes, break. Things dont belong in certain spaces...they don't uh, 'deserve' to be there.

Just as I dont deserve to be where I am today.

Boston Using 'Super Blacks' For Psy Ops And The Idea That Ive Already Lost

Gang stalkers becoming arrogant and pretending to be innocent when called on doing tactics.


Like taking my picture. Usually they just ignore me or look sheepish when they get made.

So im assuming the recent false domestic terrorism tip to FBI about Harcard campus has perhaps made me listed as potentially dangerous and maybw on watch list (or they make.it appear as such) so now they treat me as kf i am at a disadvantage.
Like they can do whatever they want becuz im discredited and now in trouble so my acting out in any way is going to je used agajnst me.

Perp was arrogant young attractive black female. They've been using a lot of that demographic lately.

Alot of'super blacks'. People who are.very attractive and young but also act as if they are superior personallh and socially. One even was going crAzy with a Rubix Cube listening to rap. Like 'WE are the new geniuses'.

Psych warfare includes the enemy making the other side believe they lost when its not true.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gotta Bring Back.Bush Era Safety Rule-Accept No Open Food From Strangers

Im getting food given to me while panhandling thats druggrd. Its subtle but obvious. Very mild but noticable LSD or hallicingen properties like just enough to trip out a bit inside ones own head and causes a depression.

This mental state seeems to end up pushing the 'give up just conform' theme they are going for so hard lately.

Nausea also.

However if u ear.something different that was acquired safely then the effects of rhe possibly dosed food subside.

Im also unusually cold lately and its been very strange.

I dnt trust my morning coffee anymore. So many DD makes.it hard to watch them but even when i do and its done right with no weird stuff added or slight of hand.the coffee still tastes odd here.

Maybe they are doing it to everyone. McDonalds.tastes odd even gross sometimes too.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

So Many Stalkers On Weekends Around Boston Area

There are sooooo many perps out here in metro Boston area on the weekends. I hate having to do errands on the weekends.

It feels and mentally seems like the technology used is just not in use or as heavy as in previous administrations. Its one of the reasons theres so much more in person harassment.

However it also seems like people have some sort of tech capability that's mobile even on their person. Either that or you've got a hell of a core of 'Cheney Spoon Benders' out here now. (Psychic warriors-able to torment and or brainwash Target hypnotically. It has been written that one of the projects worked on has been to give humans synthetic psychic ability for the purposes of defense of national security I assume. And if they could chip people who are MK Ultra around my age decades ago imagine what they can do now.)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Covering Earthen Ground With Pavement and Concrete Contribute To Global Warming and Floodinng



Was in AZ years ago first started venturing out and traveling. More attuned then hadnt been tortured as long as now.

Newly paved desert in Phoenix seemed to cry out it did not want something like that over it. Covering it. It was unnatural. The sun could not reach the land.

It was with that I realized the analogy of puttting plaster on your face to paving and concreting the land as we have in such large quantities all over earth.

You think about global warming and flooding. It would seem that if you cut down trees, floods would be worse and less protection from sun. As an urban camper and Traveler I now understand the value of trees against rain and heat and pollution in the air.

Covering the earth would not only effect flooding but also the sun being unable to be absorbed into the earth. You realize this from being in place like TX or AZ. As a northerner Ive never been past May becuz I would pass out from heat. As an older person, I can tell the sun is getting hotter in cities. The radiation is more pronounced. People are becoming agitated and aggressive in summer in old cities.

If these things are to be made better then there needs to be alternatives.

This is probably why union and construction types are so into organized harassment. Thier industries are outdated and they seem to built with the work they do breaking down so more work can be done. In old cities here in MA, the old colonial brick roads show through pavement sometimes. THAT brick is still there, intact. The brick they lay just a decade or so ago already is breaking down? Its got to be on purpose.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Ideations To Move To NY Are Really Bad Lately

Here we go again. Strong ideations to again go on a wild.goose chase in search of a new home base that I know by now will end up in disaster and I will come right back to Boston.

Vegas keeps coming up.  Now its NYC that wont stop being marketed in my head. Its so clear that Im not just getting flashing visions I am having longer running moments of seeing areas in NY and even tastes and smells. Wtf?

Im not GOING to NyC . I understand that NY according to my genetics, personality and even astrocartography is much more harmonious and better for me than Boston. I get it.  I knew that 20 years ago when I visited and it was just easier and there were more cool Italians not the uptight kind like here and more people with dark eyes and hair who just generally looked like me and the energy suited my high spiritedness better.

In order to be in Boston Ive basically had to resort to playing dead its so incredibly bad here now since the old guard isnt in power and its these horrid YUPpies and the other usual people who take care of the area for the elite.

Its become nothing but miserable since 2006.

However NYC is not an option. Its very dangerous. I know nothing about NY and have no experience there. I hear its just as miserable there now if u don't have money. Its not what it used to be just like Boston.

Why would I go there? Its also Hipster overload. What am I going to do with that?

And Ive experienced entire blocks that have such negative evil energy that it literally blew me off the sidewalk.
I tend to start acting crazy in NYC also prob becuz of all the electromagnetic pollution.

I get gang stalked just walking to the store from the bus station as if I was Osama Bin Ladin himself.

I dont need that sh#t. Blacks there kill bus drivers who hit their cars after they are the ones who cut them off in traffic. Its in the news. I dont have the connections nor the ability to meet people anymore. I used to but now its just gang stalkers every inch of this country.

Its like someone decided Im old now so there's no point in letting me be cool anymore and be involved in scenes.

My being rejected only since the stresses of the past two years have made me look 'old' is very suspicious.

Im not going to be controlled by this system or by this society. The point of activism of this kind and traveling has been to become free of control not be recontrolled again simply becuz I now can no longer live off my looks.

I keep getting the impressions theres more sympathetic people in NYC or that theres activists like me and communities I can exist in and have a more satisfying life.

Even that I would be given better healthcare becuz I dont trust the hospitals here but am hoping the one I have continues to do the right thing. Even though Ive had some practitioners that dont.

Why NY? I shud have gone to another country in my 20s but its too late now. I could try it but it would be probably just as miserable due to the NWO destroying any place decent anyone can go who doesn't want to be a mindless walking corpse living under mind control buying into NWO politics and buying things endlessly as a meaning of life.

I know Bostons purpose for me is simplu to keep destroying me and destroy what's left of my life energy.  Thats all they probably ever had in mind for and others like me-their sick human sacrifices to make the area and the US keep flourishing.

Boston is evil and the good it balanced out with has been taken away-buried-destroyed. They call that old school nowadays.

Total oppression of everyone except the money those serving the .money or following the money.

Its a total slave state.

Buy why would I not fight my original enslavement in the place where it started?

There's only one place to slay the dragon- in its own lair.

All I meet now are decievers anyway. I am kept surrounded constantly and am unable to reach decent or sane people at this point.

Like NY is going to be any better.

They are hoping that I feel that my situation really sank when Menino died and left office. I know I felt a change when Cuomo died.

Boston feels like a foriegn land sometimes with all these strangers walking around in it. It seems like its soul has been cut out.

Why should I leave? Pretty much as of 2012 or 13 Im being treated like a dead woman walking anyway. Like im totally discredited, like I dont matter and Im hated and dispised by everyone.

I dont have anyone left and I get harassed every minute everywhere I go.

Why go to NYC?  Its going to be no better there and its more dangerous and miserable.

The only thing I sensed there last time I took a truck ride through was that someone was there in power who was amused by how much gall I had and nerve to keep doing what I am doing.  That just means that whoever is in power wants me tjere to play ganes with me becuz I would be a fun and sporting subject.

Ive been doing this too long and I am fully aware that we are often treated as toys by the elite or their cronies.

We are treated just as black slaves were. Torture or games for sport fun or to gain metaohysical energies from us.

I have a book to write. I dont have time for this country's bullshit..

Most people are done wth me anyway becuz Ive lost my looks so Im essentially alone and on my own anyway.

Im not going to NYC. That wpuld be very ill advised. Anything on the west coast is asking for more radiation exposure whi h is what helped age me in the first place.

Its been time to lewve the US but without money where can you go that hasnt been fucked by the NWO?
I doubt if Switzerland wants me and that seems like one of the only sane places left.

Im also being pushed to live in Austin TX permanently due to my recent shift to racial awareness, self defense and more conservative views (brought on by endless years of abuse from largely black and Latino gang stalking groups mostly African and African American). So I finalky get hip to the reality of COINTELPRO having turned what remained of truly free blacks or anyone really dissident into compliant house slaves and spies as one can study blacks have always served the purpose of in this country and I HAVE TO BE BANISHED FROM MY HOMETOWN AND HOME BASE becuz I realized it was nothing short of a massive racial conspiracy??  Not only nationally but internationally? (Mass immigration into EU).
There are targeted African Americans and there are decent people. Its just a large part of that demographic around the country but specifically in key cities like Boston are totally dedicated to the NWO war and occupation on humanity so they can gain ultimate power in the new world order.
(Laughs) Im not going to ignore this just becuz its unpleasant or inconvenient to people. My activism has turned this way and this is the route of  discovery.

The truth is not my problem. Obviously once again it is society's problem. Oh well.

Im not going ro Austin TX to live with pollution, deadly firey heat and snakes and a complete lack of intelletualism or an ocean just becuz I am now a threat to the NWO..not just the United States.

I get harassed there too its just that I seem to get less mind control there and actually get things done.

Im resolving the issues with my home state and then I may move abroad. Thats final.  Im sick of these new fucks in power and a million idiotic brainwashed 20 somethings trying to pry me from whats mine.

Why dont YOU go back where you came from?

Nyc is out.  Im being pushed which means that area is desperate for someone with an energy output like mine to be in that location. They want to take something i have from me.

I think NYC has taken from us all here in the US lomg enough since 9-11 and beyond.
Cuomos son last I read has been pushing the insurance people to pay off the claim from the 1% er Zionist who owned the buildings from 9-11.

With that kind of power opposing me....what could I POSSIBLY gain?

Freedom? Better health care? Actual real friends who share my outlook on life in America (who arent do nothing idiots?

Resources to write my book uninterrupted by a thousand gang stalkers a day making it impossible to utilize them?

I highly doubt if NY is going to have those things for me. I might check it out next spring....but im not running down there before winter. No...way.

Anti Terrorism, Law Enforcement Supression and National Security



Frustrated with American polcies? They cant even admit to the list of war crimes. Its gone way to far.

So the entire anti terror apparatus is designed to protect American interests regardless of whether the US is right or not.

Well they could start by not pissing people off on purpose to create potential new problems to begin with.

Creating racists,pushing people into lone being shooters or framing people up as terrorists to begin with when they are actuallly victim witnesses is othing but create-a- problem,solve-a-problem.

Monday, October 19, 2015


O..M..F..G I have so many other places I travel that I deal with. Give it a break.

Its not like you are in AZ and are housing military bases in the desert with secret black projects or area 51 in the desert (NV? NM?) or any other of the MAJOR horrors Ive experienced as a Targeted Survivor turned Traveler.

Wtf its not like Raytheon is even like right here! Theres a dept in Cambridge and the main pain in the asses are in Waltham and dreaded Burlington MA. Sheesh.

Ok so heres a news article as we go measure for measure.

This is not only amusing but I realized demonstrates the lows they will go to over what they perceive as power struggle.

My god. Its a global world out there. This tiny piece of land matters so much?

Is it becuz my uncle gets a great life and his kid becomes a genetic engineer while I LIVE IN THE STREET becuz he buried bodies for Whitey and drove a getaway car? Did he turn informant or something? Or he DIDNT which is why you hate on his horrible (and much smarter and more creative than that whole family) niece?

Are you pissed off becuz some wise ass cop from Cambridge wanted me to screw myself so knowing they way my mind works and that Im under stress plays like hes randomly telling my friend and myself that theres an old fraud rich girl gone bad activist with her adult sex offender boyfriend running drugs from Somerville into Cambridge?

First of all no one cares what I have to say usually. Second of all you can thank the wise ass cop who set me up by doing that so someone would want to get rid of me.

How is this bullshit always MY fault when i dont even know what the fuck is going on.

This state is selfish as they come. Dont consider the fact I was in my apartment minding my own business trying to discover who I was, simply wanting to recall memories then discard them so I could get on with my life and become a councilor and part time artist WHEN THIS SYSTEM CAME AFTER ME.

Are you hearing me? THIS WAS STARTED WITH ME FIRST. All Ive ever done is defend myself accordingly.

If you didnt want war then you shouldn't have messed with an MK Kid. You shouldn't have had little 20 somethings on roller skates smiling like arrogant little assholes during Bush gleefully telling me that "It (the harassment, stalking and torture) wont
stop until you move to a dustbowl town somewhere in TX".

Well Ive traveled to such a town and it just didnt seem like my kind of scene. In fact it was just trailers, snakes and grass. No buildings. No businesses. It was free of electromagnetic pollution. Not very practical however. So here I am. In my hometown and surrounding areas where I should have just been left alone years ago.

Punishing people when they defend themselves and literally fight for their lives is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever come across in my years.

Oh nooo. Why DIDN'T that bitch just kill herself like planned.

You are so fucking irresponsible. Do u realize how many innocent people could have been harmed if the circumstances werent as they are with my having control and alot of that being my gender.

I bet it was some retaliation from Somerville and their cronies that fake terrorist tip supposedly to the FBI about me having a gun and being paid to shoot up Harvard campus. All that just to get me tresspassed.

And whoever thinks they will win becuz the FBI and ACLU Boston are totally infiltrated, crooked and part of the system here.

Lets look at the kind of crap they pull thats very similar in nature to what happened to me.

Theres a vendetta. Its to cover something big. So to use the element of surprise on the targeted person and to make whoever pulls this off appear all powerful for being able to get someone fired for some small infraction (when you actually want to get rid of them becuz its probable the dirt they have on YOU the instigator and executioner of the frame up is for serious infractions and crimes) you bust the person on some seemingly petty thing and it comes from and when they least expect it. Its very..improbable.

Hmmm...sounds like the MO of whoever set me up actually.


After some heavy exchanges on the comment thread about observant investigations into posters grammar we get something more substantial:

"January 26, 2011 at 9:15 pm

How dear you speak about these 2 cops when if you know anything about the Somerville Police Department you would know that there are a lot worse cops on the job than that. Speaking about Mayor Curtatone, his own cousin was caught selling drugs to school kids but somehow got his job back. As far a fraudent court slips are concerned, it is a well known fact that several other officers did and still do the same things. Did it ever occur to you, you heartless bastard, that this is a witchhunt and a personal vendetta. Well, I hope that you are nexted"

People with vowels at the ends of their names having vendettas and setting each other up! No WAY. I never wudda thunk it.
Ahem..moving on:

"Strong says:
January 27, 2011 at 7:25 am
If “Good Cop” is who I think he is, I have a really nice picture of you cozying up with your lady friend while on a detail at Market Basket!!! Maybe someone should have taught you that people in glass houses should not throw stones…… BTW – aren’t you a happily married man???? oh, maybe you are following in the footsteps of your new idle Mayor Curtatone……."

Yes, well soap opera romance in the bread isle aside it just goes on like that. Even some bad poetry...which is OTT would seem.

But thats one of the traits of our community that is being destroyed by YUPpies and corporate culture-the northeast quirky creativity and fondness for teasing or jabs. With all this money, power, crime, snow cold and expectations of us why wouldnt we want a little time to be silly or play.

Making light of horrible circumstances is very northeast I think with a tinge of sick humor. To make it better I guess.

Monday, October 12, 2015

It Has Become Impossible To Continue Unless I Adapt To The New Post ObamaNation

The past year or two has been extremely difficult to stay focused and write coherently or even to stay on subject.

Ive had my support system destroyed, my home as it were and unable to use the same resources all in a very short amount of time. I stopped napping and resting. Even places to sleep got disturbed with the new admin in Cambridge. Sitting down for very long became something I didnt get to do.

I was used to resting-alot. And having a certain routine in which to get things done.

This combined with the effects of staying on the west coast too long being exposed to Fukushima radiation fallout made me age rapidly. As well as loose my grip on what I had built up over many years time since first being targeted.

Its seemed like a purposeful plan by the aggressors in the psy ops game of gang stalking and after OCCUPY to totally destroy any and all threats to the system present in the homeless scenes or traveling culture.

Places that had been called home got disturbed beyond repair as waves of suspect destructive homeless people descended on once peaceful scenes in key cities like Austin TX, Harvard Sq Cambridge MA, Berkeley, CA, Albuquerque NM, Tempe, AZ even Boston which wasn't political or bohemian became a target zone as well as small cities.

Of course never expecting the home I had reinvented after I was rippped from my old life to be taken from me, I handled this operation worst out of all the situations Id been through.
The closing of the Womens Center and the cutting of MIT library hours to two a day at the same time added to the sense of my home base being destroyed.

Then the gang stalking increased to  a much higher frequency. Then after the new admin took over Cambridge and they seemed to unleash on the area tech and psy ops never before used, I finally reacted and acted out getting arrested for something totally out of character...before Obamas second term anyway.

After that the stalkinng and harassment increased in frequency and the sheer numbers of people who seemed to know who I was increased to a level I had never seen before in any term of any prior administration.

I also may have contracted a tropical disease from a Chinese young woman at the Womens Center before it closed and this condition could make a person mentally ill through medical illness from the disease. I seem to have become much like her and also have similar symptoms.
Ive always been suspect that she was allowed to be there to either have people contract the disease as part of an experiment or that once people did contract it due to legal issues like liability health codes etc thats when they closed the place down by creating circumstances in which they knew chaos would ensue and they could then use this to change the Center and its functions and the demographics it served.

Activists like myself seemingly after the OCCUPY experiment or perhaps it was just a smoke out op to see who and what was in the homeless scene-have been targeted basically for total eradication and that includes the sub cultures we lived in that were part of homelessness that were political, outsider arts, alternative and included travelers.

Its astonishing to me that street scenes have been altered  by authorities in outrageous ways that now support formerly colorful cities now supporting only the most pathetic and useless homeless people imaginable. AND many of these are in full knowledge of whats going on becuz they may be drinking themselves to death or messed up on drugs and/or seem incoherent by eay of mental illness but they can STILL perform tactical gesturing! How is that happening?!

I can understand drug dealers getting busted or other offenses and having to become informants...but the drunks and nutcases?

But Ive seen this before and Ive posted about it.  In homeless shelters like Pine Street Inn years ago when this first started and the poor lost souls they use in their ops that clearly have been beaten down with their most viscous dangerous tactics and now suffer brain damage and even physical damage-methods of terror through which they control their victims.

It just never was a part of  the special protected places. It was part of places where humanity no longer lived. Where the horrors of black ghetto culture festered and stayed. Streets where no one cared and where no art or bohemia or political thought other than an institutionalized existence existed.

But it seems logical to assume that someone observed mostly through OCCUPY or that OCCUPY was an answer to the  unrest growing in this country that these scenes seemed to host a population of mid to high functioning bright people who were capable of contributing to a political movement or one that might cause change in the lowest classes if there were camps set up, food and a common sense of purpose as well as the same feeling that exists in the Traveler culture of tribal acceptance.

From this vantage point its seemed to me that there had been some sort of terrorism assessment concerning the homeless populations of the US and just how much potential and energy exists in Americas forgotten places.

The events and policies of the last few years seem to have been the powers that be solution to their terrorist threat assessment of our underworld.

That anyone smart, politically minded or not able to be busted must be wiped out. That all the politically alligned scenes must be infiltrated (Anarchists, punk houses)  or controlled by involvement in drugs.

And that any and all resources being utilized by anyone as such be destroyed, limited and the only homeless allowed or favored be the most useless, controllable, unsavory or intellectually deficient possible.

Focus on getting people housed knowing that targeted dissidents cannot live inside safely in the United States or abroad (potentially).

Make the homelesss culture so chaotic and unsavory that communities become overloaded and disgusted with 'homeless people' en masse.

And it shouldnt surprise me that this was done with very little notice from the public due to this being a subculture they know very little about other than the disinformation and perception management provided by authorities, the non profits and homeless industry.

Its been very difficult to go on. Ive been left basically alone with very few allies. The ones I have are questionable...probably making things worse actually.

But the public seem to do what is typical and abandon or turn against someone when it gets very rough-even impossible.

Thats the difference between us and them. They still live in denial about the nature of the reality they live in. They dont see clearly the compromises they make to survive or get something done at any cost.

Myself and others like me dont rationalize nor try to make ourselves seem acceptable nor legitimized. We accept the steps to be taken arent always what we would prefer in order to get the desired end result.

People stating they cant stand me now but years ago felt bad about my situation illustrates the out of touch denial citizens of this country still exist in. Unless of course this was simply another psychological tactic to demotivate.

Its not my job to care what people think of me personally. It never has been. And if you are ignorant enough to believe this is a part of the world Im forced to live in then you arent part of my target audience anyway.

And how did common average stupid people get in on sensitive intelligence operations anyway?

It may be the returning military personnel who've served just long enough to be brainwashed and loyal but not long enough to understand the realities of life are being put to work in society in such capacity.

It could also be this is the nightmare of Obama's 'civilian security force' that he mentioned briefly and no one took seriously.

Perhaps black ops companies have expanded or these contractors via military personel who are in gangs are working some system together.

Whatever the case its almost impossible to function now as an activist out here.  The country is no longer free and if you dont have money bohemian lifestyles cannot exist as they did and anyone political doing work against the system is in grave danger.

Mobs and gangs now rule the United States. So how is the real threat from foreign terrorism?

From what Ive seen over these years they are all tied in together. Its one big scam-with intelligence operatives and gang members/authorities at the center of it all surrounded by ignorant oblivious citizens- YUPpies and Hipsters...or compliant ones.

Monday, October 5, 2015

China Cracks Down On Lawyers As Well As Activists-Why Has Harvard Sold Land To A Chinese Real Estate Company?

For years once a week we've seen the Free Tibet peaceful protest in Harvard Square complete with wonderful chanting.

I personally have found the energy trailing behind the older monks to leave a trail of peace and cleansing of the area. I've chased after it savoring it as it dissipates.

China has horrible human rights abuses focumented and undocumented (but with a plentitude of victim witnesses) against Tibet and its people.

Chinas human rights policies and censorship have long been in question by US citizens and the international community.


Perhaps what I have experienced as an activist as well as the changes in Harvard and around the USA relfects the workings of the country that owes much money to China as well as key pieces of land owned theoufg wealthy businessmen and private real estate.

Its the same action taken just dressed up for American consumption and done sneakily so as to go undetected in what still claims to be a democracy- for now.

(I mistyped and it came up as "democrazy". It fits.)

Oppression is being hidden under 'quality of life issues' and other corporate phrase type marketing so common nowadays.

This is what we Gen X back in the 90s were warey of. When you create a way of life based on corporations and their culture, you can market to people everything from morality to social ettiquette to politics.

It becomes a way of thinking and realitt is only reemerged by critical thinking which of course has been discouraged.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Health Issue May Be Serious....ugh. Another Obstacle. Crap...

Last night after screaming at some people concerning a kid flipping out who needed to be taken away from the area we were in i noticed that vein or whatever in the side of my head was pulsating.

I guess i cant play superhero anymore. Time to get out the Clark Kent glasses.

No more cape and tights.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Still Ridiculous Levels of Harassment Around Mass Ave Near Berklee College Of Music (And Its Very Sexist This Time) And Reverse Racist Of Course

Lots of harassment activity across from Berklee College Of Music as usual. However theres some changes since last time I was here.

(Whos the idiotic white scrawny kid whos in Wendys with me thats a possible perp keeps peeking over here who has a band t-shirt that says "Water Torture". Nothing like a little revisit to Gitmo Bay methods of interrogation for a TI being tormented domestically huh?)

Security is very lax now. Berkelee public safety used to  make people stand loiter or beg on only certain blocks to keep the place decent.


A black lady with only half her head braided  whos probably a rat working with cops as most people seem to be nowadays actually tried to tell me to leave ON A PUBLIC BLOCK just becuz she claims shes never seen me in the area before. A Mexican and old white guy tried to join in but I knew this Rasta guy with a shopping carage who sits in a foldable chair and used to post up on sidestreets in Harvard Sq.

The fact he can actually set up on this block now is amazing becuz years ago u couldn't even stand or sit. Which I agree with becuz the homeless who have always come down here have been kind of rough.

Public safety did nothing as this woman acted crazy and walked around talking half sense.

They finally left to go to the liquor store. Of course.

So Im trying to get just a few bucks to eat at a fast food joint and Im a tireless selfless hard working activist WITH AN INCREDIBLE WORKLOAD for years now and I can't get any money (with the interruption it took rwo hours which is insane for this area to.get either food or a few bucks for fast food. I did however get annoying gs gesturing alot and alot of annoying people who seem very pleased with themselves to ignore me.

Afterwards in Wendy's this light skinned black guy and a white dude sat behind me to my left. I could see their reflection in the window i sat in front of.

He did HEAVY intimidation and was talking about me and actuallly saying I was showboating and trying to "start some shit".

Uh I have NEVER been in this area where.a person couldn't feel safe like this incident in all my years in Boston or Cambridge. It was usually like ONE person who wanted to mess with me and that was only occassionally.

This area has always been some sort of weird stronghold for a gang thing. This is the place where a homeless man in his craziness warned me that homeless women were being drugged by way of food kick downs and brought into some local apartments and they would make sex movies with them.

To THIS DAY if I see this street person when I get money I buy him whatever he wants. He usually only wants something simple. He seems African but is light and has Native features like from here or a Latin country. Hes an old school beulautiful person and there are still a few old school street people left from the days when people were peaceful on the street.
Something was working through him that day. Its the thing to do to reward that spirit by helping his earthly needs.

A black lady whos outfit I complimented bought me a sandwhich. Someone always renews your faith in humanity or a race or a gender etc.

Its getting worse out here than it ever was becuz theres all this gentrification and pretty people but on the street level things are awful.

Its slowly separated the street life from mainstream here. California-ication is what it seems like becuz the homeless are very segregated in Cali. But the street scenes are different. Theres a mello and peace to Cali even in the worst areas.

To slowly rip the street away from the mainstream life here is very dangerous. Its the only thing that made it peaceful.

Years ago I could sit in Kenmore Sq on a Saturday night and a drunken Dutch professor teaching at BU would sit down and tell me about his work and I about mine. Its how I used to learn about what was going on in the world.  Its the main reason that pan handling is legal in MA. To start a dialogue.

Anyway this area is out of control and something must be done.

For mostly black Public Safety to be possibly working with beligerent violent homeless who actually break the codes of the street and try to mob someone off a block like its the downright ghetto areas is outRAGEOUS.

The fact they can exist here in what used to be an area that required SOME civility while hanging out with authorities who do nothing to control their behavior (and makes u a rat btw) insane.

The drunk woman actually claimed the way I was pan handling "wadnt right"  stood there kissing up to Public Safety saying that these kids pay alot of money to go to school here and dont need to  be blocked from going into doorways. As if I didnt know that.
It was THE MOST bizarre street incident Ive ever seen in all my years being houseless, living here both housed and not, as a Traveler or activist.

Talk about creating insufferable HOUSE SLAVES. O-M-G!

The problem is that now theyve baited,harassed and manipulated me once into acting out which is percieved as causing trouble and being 'racist' for  no reason every time an incident occurs not only is the community getting high off being drama queens about my causing trouble the guilty parties whove been CAUSING TROUBLE for so long are dying to cover their asses once and for all by finishing me off and finally destroying me.

No such luck. Actually they seem to be desperate and nervous becuz the world is beginning to see whats been going on for nearly 20 years now.

The only way they can cover it up and thats only parts of it is by framing up people to basicslly act in a way that makes people afraid to have similar opinions.

Its obvious they are trying real hard to make me out to be the next lone shooter or other dangers.

The only danger the idiots and the public are in is of me writing and publishing and getting lawyers. Ones that arent comprimised.

Boehner just resigned instead of a govt shut down. When people see how far these people are willing to go playing with their lives and can't hide it under an act of war or defense etc the public finally understand just how depraved they are and just what theyve been up to.

By the time people find out and come out of denial they will have gotten away with it but history books tell us that's always the way this goes.

The point is to fight them every step of the way.

How To Get Correct Embed Code For DISCLOSE TV Videos

It offers an option for embed code for blogs etc.

It doesnt work. It ends up copying text that identifies the page. Thats what comes out when pasted.

You have to copy the embed code then enter it into a seperate page of google search box.

When the search doesnt come out of course, the actual embed text that you wanted to copy originally is now in the google search box (NOT the top box with the http address).

I guess you can copy this by hand if you are so inclined. Becuz its not going to copy as its supposed to.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Two Prominent Harvard Professors Both Obama Mentors Exposed For Plagiarism-Then Given Honorary Degrees


I can promise you dear readers that MY book will be nothing but original. So much so it's going to be hard to believe but isnt the truth always.

Its interesting after all these years to realize that places like Harvard...are just castles made of sand.

To look at all the studies and books written and economics and figuring and in none of this do people take into account black ops or covert activity-the  secrets of intelligence agencies.

This is why anyone exposing this missing factor has to be discredited.

In 2009 these two were given honorary degrees. I didnt bother to read for what.

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Little Old Lady Of Harvard Sq (An Informative Poem For Those Who Need To Know)

Im the little olde lady of Harvard Sq.

Im in bad health and disabled.  I dont speak to anyone like I used to. I ignore everyone. Im not 'cool' anymore.

I call the police frequently on kids harassing me. I complain that there seems to be a bunch of meth addict kids running around causing trouble in Harvard. Dealing drugs. Staying up all night. Stealing from people. Whatever it takes.

My lawyer works with me to get lots of restraining orders.
My lawyer works with me as I complain to the police so I dont get disregarded as a crank.

Im in the area to get medical appts at Harvard affiliated hospitals. Which has legal implications if interferred with.

I inform on anyone dealing or using drugs who is stupid enough to mess with me or harass me as ALL of the people in Harvard Sq now are fuck ups anyway.

If u have kids I will call DSS and reflect your behavior as a bad parent. Especially if you drink.

If you have a job I will let everyone at your job including and especially your employer know about your off work behaviors and activities.

I will film you if necessary. If I feel harassed or fear for my safety.

I will find something to nail you.

I mind my own business. I talk to no one.

Becuz if Harvard wants to become a sewer
Then I can stir up some shit.

I was born here my parents met here and I come here whenever the fuck I want or need to.

I am the little grey haired old lady of Harvard Sq.

Stay out of my way.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Prov And Newport: RI Too Corrupt, Gangs, Mafia, Military in Newport. Unlivable

Its really bad here in RI. Due to different circumstances I probably cant stay here and remain a resident.
I cant get anything done. I cant even be left alone long enuf to remember to make a dentist appointment.

Its ridiculous here. And evry single small thing i want to do like purchase a sweatshirt for instance is governed by this system.

I also now am suspect that the laws on defining sanity and whos dangerous here are different than MA. It seems i am being framed up rather steadily here as insane or even dangerous.

It was manipulation that got me to move here. Now i have to get out.

Its actually the last place i shud be trying to live.

Unlike other places they seem to take doing harassment very seriously and they are waayy too power tripping with it and one of the most disrespectful cities with GS Ive ever lived in. Very sexist too in the way they do the harassment.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Interruption Yesterday In Blogs Due To Hard Hitt By System

Yesterday real bad. Hit the shit out of with tech reminiscent of Kenmore Sq ans Boston during late Bush early Obama. Kept smelling that scent from the neurotoxin or inhibitors whatever that stuff was years ago they would spray out of spray bottles or put in clothing. (The other substance sprayed more often seemed like'LSD Lite'. Like a lite psychedelic which seemed to improve the effects of the technologies. It makes you unable to have a mind. Forget about a clear mind. I will NEVER forget that smell.
The delivery system now must be some 007 James Bond type sh*t....real stealth.

Later at night I walked over land bridge to look at other beaches. Realized different city not Newport. Could feel difference. Breathe better, crap comes up from lungs. Pack lighter (unusually heavy in Newport this happens sometimes different locations-[NV] dont know why).

Realized Newport is TI killing field due to military college prob...or Mafia...or elite...or was it becuz Taylor Dane or Swift or whatever was in town? Combo of responsible parties? Dunno, dont care.

Must use caution.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

OMG The African American (House Slave/Spy) Community In Boston Is SO ARROGANT

(After a doc appt at a local big hospital in Boston)

I keep forgetting how dangerous these Halfricans really are. Bred down south qnd in the north to have some percentage of the old white masters DNA they are forever entrusted to protectinf the property and interests of their original captors. They are family now and their dedication to the elite and American interests is soo touching.

Unlike other perps and spies they are brutal, violent, sadistic, power tripping and evil. They live and breath intimidation and they cant be subtle or careful like other kinds or races (or classes) of gang stalkers.

Boston employs these people in ridiculously high numbers (with totally racist hiring policies so bad that schools and fire depts and others have sued Boston for reverse racism repeatedly) to work in their hosptials, colleges, city workers and especially the transit authority.

Due to this they have their own networks of power and advantage and can conspire freely against anyone considered an enemy of their interests or the interests of their white benefactors.

And they are ultimately controlled by whites Ive seen it many times growing up here. The final say is a white male and the initial orders given against someone is from the same source.

Which is what makes their arrogance especially the females who house slave for the white patriarchy in Boston like no one else- so aggravating.

Blow it out your asses you bitches.

Thats all I can say about it. Youre bigfer bodies and male like appearance and documented higher testosterone levels are meaningless....if you are kept by others. You can be as bad as you want. YOU ARE STILL A HOUSE SLAVE.

Jeez..get a fuckin wake up call.

And dont hand me any crap about racism. The lawyer who took care of my case tols me I wasnt racist becuz I convinced the Latina in the cell with me to take her right to a lawyer. Im the one who keeps posting COINTELPRO destroyed the Panthers.

Im the one that thinks that blacks in the USA should stop listening to the likes of Farrakhan and other agitators and ditch fabrications like AfroCentrism telling blacks they are Egyptians to keep them in fantasies so they remain enslaved.

I'm the one who advocates a nationwide DNA project if not world wide that would find the truth about where African Americans come from in Africa.

Why are doctors office women so evil anyway in this city? Its such a norm its terrorible.
Then the people taking the blood are so nice, usually from the Islands maybe thats why. I seem to get on well with the females from that area, the men not so much.

Africans are varied and it depends on the country. Its actually easier navigating through that than African American relations.

Its so damn hard becuz the people you meet in this situation arent real people. They are assholes working for a system designed to destroy freedom fighters and dissidents or actually perform unethical human experimentation or torture on TIs and experimentees.

Remember the kinds of people African Americans got their other DNA from and usually the unfortunate ways.

Either rape or concubines or having to breed with a white man to gain power in society or avoid an owner's attentions.

Sadism, pedophilia and rape as sexual violence have all been scientifically proven to be carried over in generations genetically.

Also Native DNA is certainly from wounded people who's genocide has never been realistically acknowledged in this country even though we live on the stolen land every day.

Over in Africa many black activists have written that Jews created 'halfricans' before slavery began as a trade in earnest so that their was a population there representing their interests by relation.

The unfortunate reality of former slave peoples like African Americans is that we dont know who we are really dealing with. They are southerners who have broight their ways up north to the detriment of our culture and Yankee ways and societal structure.

They are Africans. They are white. They are Natives. They may be Jews.

After all the horrors Ive lived through with abuse at the hands of African peoples being used by the elite's system, the reality of blacks is that they are a murky, unsure lot and very mysterious, capable of being percieved as whatever those in power with an agenda want them to represent.

They posess great strength and ancient power yet it is not under their Will nor at their own disposal.

If African Americans have a secret empire that is responsible for all I and others have seen in this world let them be held accountable for their crimes.

If they act only as agents enslaved by others through tradition and long term psychological and social means then let their crimes be known as working on behalf of the always present threat of power and they be understood as dangerous to the weak and vulnerable who are oppressed by their keepers.

Let them be exposed as the danger they are to freedom and liberty by deceptive and covert means. That there is a percentage among the normal decent peoples of African descent that work foe the worst most destructive oppressive forces on earth yet hide as victims among the righteous.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ridiculous Ideas About Returning To Massachusetts For A Victorious Ending

I feel like i should go back to MA. Like face them and make the system their take care of my health issues which are becoming a major problem now.

Docs are going to take too long here and i cant be here in winter.
Every time a TI goes inside they risk the people they've moved in with turning on them. And wasted money from setting down roots in an apartment.

The harassment and general environment in MA isnt conducive to survival or reaching goals.

Ive learned my lesson about MA. Every single time I attempt to master that place I always leave basically running for my life.
Boston Cambridge and MA are waters that cannot be negotiated. Its like an infamous straight or other waterway that each ship's captian tries to conquer.

Some paths simply cannot be taken. They arent passable. This just has to be accepted.

MA is outright deadly. Ever since I deduced from everything ive discovered that Raytheon is the company responsible for my life being as it is that they are the DARPA contractor connected to MK Ultra it seems that ever having lived in the same state as them was insane to begin with.

Raytheon is fuckin dangerous. Ive been tormented by MA enough.

Also I have a resentment and want to deny MA my residency as they have taken enough from me already.
That state never should have been graced with my being a resident to begin with. They never deserved it. They've mistreated me since birth and I will never let go of the debt they owe for it.

I will never return to that state again. Thats my intention anyway.

RI sucks. Prov is this bizarre ghetto wannabe prison. This used to be MA prison colony and it still feels prison like and oppressive.
Theres been death from floods. U can feel the past anchored here in ways that are negative and retain negative energy. Especially Native energies.

MA is so psychomanaged and becoming increasingly radiated from local leaks and as Fukashima radiation creeps across the north American continent it is now uninhabitable for me personally.

Docs at Beth Isreal were doing gesturing tactics when I had an appointment. Ive NEVER experienced medical professionals lowering themselves to the level of the common perps on the street. Theyve done some shitty things less often than nurses and EMTs but occassionally doctors do harm by partaking in the GS games but never like I saw at that hospital.

That let me know that MA whatever its problem is is degenerating to a level thats beneath me and my two generations of family who settled here from Europe.
It was time to go.

RI has some sort of roots in the ground that prevents this kind of degeneration. I have no idea what it is but their flag symbol is anchor and this place feels anchored or like a huge massive tree with roots so large its impossible to uproot.

MA has always been about flowing energy. Unfortunately the new way its being run has that energy flowing the way of the new types of people living there by design of course.

The only thing that really sucks about RI is the poor people in the city are totally cult mind controlled by ghetto gangsta wannabe culture. Theres no ethnic identities like in Boston. No Bohemia in the poor. No street scene.
The people seem to be unable to mind their own business which is the way of Boston in public, a polite psychic personal space.

Many of the residents actually seem like psychic vampires though weak they are still bothersome as they are many.

This can be very draining as opposed to Boston's energizing effect.

Providence has been altered from what I remember to cause this effect or change in energies and demographics.

As of now there is NO PLACE SAFE anywhere in the USA if you are a Targeted Individual and this was not the case some years ago. There were places you could just be left alone to be homeless or whatever. There were some decent people in street scenes. Every city seems to have caused.the worst people to remain outside and I dont know where all the cool people went.

America has become a living hell and thats on top of years of being targeted tortured and experimented on to cause that effect mentally and spiritually.

Ive noticed an increase in people seeming to be Christian doing harassment.
Really? Then why did this start with Satanists coming after me?

Go fuck yourselves its not going to work. Whatever you are trying to accomplish I will never be tired enough or weakened enough for you to complete your objectives.

Go fuck off. U r totally full of shit and liars. No one should ever believe ANYTHING these pricks come up with.

Its ALL BRAINWASHING. Which is why they want you isolated sleep deprived and confused.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

CAUSE STALKERS In Providence (Brainwashed Stalkers Who Harass Based On Belief In Good Cause) But Could Be More Deception

Providence RI is non stop harassment with no real redeeming qualities or pleasant diversions. However unlike Boston I wont end up killed or in jail from the GS system. MA is real bad now. I cant describe how evil and Gitmo Bay like MA has become especially Boston and Cambridge but they've always been guilty of severe torture of TIs.
Guess they are going for endgame now.

Today in Federal Hill in Providence I got dirty looks from older trashy ladies who seem disgusted with me and could be heard saying something about "God's  more powerful than that" after they passed.

Seriously? This is about the Abrahamic God now?  Please tell me this is some psych warfare nonsense and not real.

So lets get this straight:  becuz Im a Ritual Abuse Survivor who wont become a Christian and instead uses my past to fight the most evil, oppressive forces threatening humanity today Im against the Christian or Abrahamic 'god' known as God.

HOW IN THE FUCK DO PEOPLE COME TO THESE CONCLUSIONS? I really am dealing with people who have never skipped class and gone into a library to read books beyond their class levels LIKE I USED TO. Never read a history book that clearly documents the origins of religious beliefs.
Are they just brainwashed?

Do they actually believe the  electromagnetic technologies and psy warrior 'Spoonbenders' are 'The Voice Of God' instead of BEING MANIPULATED  BY MILITARY GRADE PSY OPS TECHNOLOGY USED HISTORICALLY FOR OVERSEAS CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

This modern ignorance is as bad as the Inquisition.

I think these might be lessons from higher up trying to make me understand the futility of trying to help the GENERAL PUBLIC which was never my intention anyway.

My work was intended to help Targeted Individuals, Survivors of mind control projects, experimentees of unethical experimentation and former cult members like LDS etc.

This is either from the public somehow being exposed to my work and the decievers twisting things around to their advantage as usual or its more bullshit thought up by psy ops experts.

Its also due to a country that cant admit the United States is being run by evil people and has done evil things especially war crimes domestically and abroad.

This is a Catholic area so its possible the brainwashed Catholics (its a prerequisite believe me  yet the church does have value in spiritual life) dont like what Ive posted about the church or the pope.

Why would people constantly harass someone who is fighting against the ultimate oppression of humanity as well as elite pedophile networks and everything connected to MK Ultra.

My work was only meant for those I listed as well as anyone suffering wondering why the world is going as it is and no one seems to be trying to improve conditions.
Many of which Ive met and i feel they deserve an answer.

What does God have to do with Raytheon or any other DARPA contractor?

I think when i got arrested or somewhere along the line my work was presented to an ignorant public and twisted around and if so I dont have a chance against the American public en masse.

That or the country truly has gone completely into the sewer and these animals will do anything to survive and that includes KNOWINGLY supporting a corrupt system, blocking any and every FREEDOM FIGHTER and LIGHT WORKER that is working against war crimes and the New World Order deception.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dunkin Donuts Downtown Providence GS Hot Spot-Typical Characters For A Downtown Major US City

The Dunkin Donuts at 78 Dorrance St in Providence RI is a GS and psych harassment hot spot. Its local People Of Color along with construction 'regular guys' and the business types from downtown.

A big Person Of Color named Sky who works behind the counter did everything to annoy me including mishearing my order and making lame excuses for it. I said in between 'thanks' and 'can I have a receipt?' "Gang Stalking is for losers" quickly. And guess what no reaction like a totally normal person would have had.

This is my latest discovery of a tactic to demonstrate that a perp is indeed doing harassment.

Another construction guy who is close enough to my race and class I just stared at him like 'REALLY brother?'after he did repeated gesturing in line while in front of me. He couldn't look me in the eyes.

People know when they are up to no good and if you can categorize them quickly you can see THEIR motives clearly as we as assess their being actual perps or not if u arent sure. It even provides proof in some instances if theres cameras or if u r filming.

Sky is never going to be ashamed or break becuz she connects gs to racial social justice-her people-'getting theirs' in society finally through cooperation in the NWO.

The frame up of me as racist also assists in motivating these types of perps and I really just consciously realized that.

It was smart of the system to frame me up at that juncture becuz of all the racial injustice going on with cops etc. We dont know if thats on purpose or not either.

Its definetly an age and racial motive eith a person like Sky and perhaps other factors like shes in trouble with the law, part of a gang or in it for financial gain or opportunity she wouldn't normally have access to.

When i thanked the kid behind the counter by referring to him with an old Italian word used decades ago between us in the northeast, "paisan" she lost a little control and you could see a bit of anger which I knew would occur due to her using a race mob mentality against me do I countered with my own racial identification one that connects to not only old power in this area but a the way bavk to the Roman empire.

she then did directed conversation where she basically referred to me and my racial reference as "old".

Ive talked to people who are into supposed gang life and they claim that a areas of the US like major cities etc have pushed out the old organized crime syndicates in order to make room for whst they believe is younger and more vibrant brutal and stronger gangs.

They first of all are total jerk offs who have no true understanding of what constitutes true power that rules and crushes.
Anyone can be in a cult or a mob. Peasants did it all the time through history and this is no different.

These people honestly do not understand that the intelligence agencies along with the elite shifted things this way and put them in what miniscule power they have (as a cultish mob) in order to create the New World Order as we are seeing it unfold.

Everyone thinks the old organized crime groups were taken down by the feds.
Its a joke.
Lots of people went legit and they busted who they had to in order to put on a show for the public. People like Gotti got alot of attention becuz he attracted it and they used that against him.

No one should be whinig about police and authorities simply managing crime becuz its you the American public who require vices they have to provide to you while still maintaining a safe civilized society that denies the existenxe of such things.

You are all hypocrites and part of the self righteousness of gang stalkers as well as society generally now is the denial you have to live in to survive.

You actually push 'social justice' down peoples throats when this goes against all kinds of human and civil rights yet the president can order horrific war crimes overseas and recently automated warfare like drone strikes is the best example.

The American public are a brainwashed fangerous mob of spoilt brats and Sky is a prime example of kids today who are big,healthy and privileged even in 'underprivileged' areas and racial demographics unlike when WE had to live in ghettos as kids.

America resents having to tighten its belt due to globalization so this is their major temper tantrum-taking it ouy on anyone they can to feel justified.

You are also a bunch of punks becuz you cannot stand against the powers that be that have caused these problems.

The entire country has turned into one huge bullying mob of self righteous punk asses who will kill anyone that gets in the way of their tantrum that it cant be as rich as post war America anymore as well as to protect the ABUSIVE and EVIL authority figures that provide them with what little they do have nowadays.

I will do a vid on counter tactics and a better one on perp motives as the last one was not up to quality.

Btw Ive gotten some decent people down here so dont knock RI just yet. Unlike MA they seem to have retained some integrity.