“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Still Ridiculous Levels of Harassment Around Mass Ave Near Berklee College Of Music (And Its Very Sexist This Time) And Reverse Racist Of Course

Lots of harassment activity across from Berklee College Of Music as usual. However theres some changes since last time I was here.

(Whos the idiotic white scrawny kid whos in Wendys with me thats a possible perp keeps peeking over here who has a band t-shirt that says "Water Torture". Nothing like a little revisit to Gitmo Bay methods of interrogation for a TI being tormented domestically huh?)

Security is very lax now. Berkelee public safety used to  make people stand loiter or beg on only certain blocks to keep the place decent.


A black lady with only half her head braided  whos probably a rat working with cops as most people seem to be nowadays actually tried to tell me to leave ON A PUBLIC BLOCK just becuz she claims shes never seen me in the area before. A Mexican and old white guy tried to join in but I knew this Rasta guy with a shopping carage who sits in a foldable chair and used to post up on sidestreets in Harvard Sq.

The fact he can actually set up on this block now is amazing becuz years ago u couldn't even stand or sit. Which I agree with becuz the homeless who have always come down here have been kind of rough.

Public safety did nothing as this woman acted crazy and walked around talking half sense.

They finally left to go to the liquor store. Of course.

So Im trying to get just a few bucks to eat at a fast food joint and Im a tireless selfless hard working activist WITH AN INCREDIBLE WORKLOAD for years now and I can't get any money (with the interruption it took rwo hours which is insane for this area to.get either food or a few bucks for fast food. I did however get annoying gs gesturing alot and alot of annoying people who seem very pleased with themselves to ignore me.

Afterwards in Wendy's this light skinned black guy and a white dude sat behind me to my left. I could see their reflection in the window i sat in front of.

He did HEAVY intimidation and was talking about me and actuallly saying I was showboating and trying to "start some shit".

Uh I have NEVER been in this area where.a person couldn't feel safe like this incident in all my years in Boston or Cambridge. It was usually like ONE person who wanted to mess with me and that was only occassionally.

This area has always been some sort of weird stronghold for a gang thing. This is the place where a homeless man in his craziness warned me that homeless women were being drugged by way of food kick downs and brought into some local apartments and they would make sex movies with them.

To THIS DAY if I see this street person when I get money I buy him whatever he wants. He usually only wants something simple. He seems African but is light and has Native features like from here or a Latin country. Hes an old school beulautiful person and there are still a few old school street people left from the days when people were peaceful on the street.
Something was working through him that day. Its the thing to do to reward that spirit by helping his earthly needs.

A black lady whos outfit I complimented bought me a sandwhich. Someone always renews your faith in humanity or a race or a gender etc.

Its getting worse out here than it ever was becuz theres all this gentrification and pretty people but on the street level things are awful.

Its slowly separated the street life from mainstream here. California-ication is what it seems like becuz the homeless are very segregated in Cali. But the street scenes are different. Theres a mello and peace to Cali even in the worst areas.

To slowly rip the street away from the mainstream life here is very dangerous. Its the only thing that made it peaceful.

Years ago I could sit in Kenmore Sq on a Saturday night and a drunken Dutch professor teaching at BU would sit down and tell me about his work and I about mine. Its how I used to learn about what was going on in the world.  Its the main reason that pan handling is legal in MA. To start a dialogue.

Anyway this area is out of control and something must be done.

For mostly black Public Safety to be possibly working with beligerent violent homeless who actually break the codes of the street and try to mob someone off a block like its the downright ghetto areas is outRAGEOUS.

The fact they can exist here in what used to be an area that required SOME civility while hanging out with authorities who do nothing to control their behavior (and makes u a rat btw) insane.

The drunk woman actually claimed the way I was pan handling "wadnt right"  stood there kissing up to Public Safety saying that these kids pay alot of money to go to school here and dont need to  be blocked from going into doorways. As if I didnt know that.
It was THE MOST bizarre street incident Ive ever seen in all my years being houseless, living here both housed and not, as a Traveler or activist.

Talk about creating insufferable HOUSE SLAVES. O-M-G!

The problem is that now theyve baited,harassed and manipulated me once into acting out which is percieved as causing trouble and being 'racist' for  no reason every time an incident occurs not only is the community getting high off being drama queens about my causing trouble the guilty parties whove been CAUSING TROUBLE for so long are dying to cover their asses once and for all by finishing me off and finally destroying me.

No such luck. Actually they seem to be desperate and nervous becuz the world is beginning to see whats been going on for nearly 20 years now.

The only way they can cover it up and thats only parts of it is by framing up people to basicslly act in a way that makes people afraid to have similar opinions.

Its obvious they are trying real hard to make me out to be the next lone shooter or other dangers.

The only danger the idiots and the public are in is of me writing and publishing and getting lawyers. Ones that arent comprimised.

Boehner just resigned instead of a govt shut down. When people see how far these people are willing to go playing with their lives and can't hide it under an act of war or defense etc the public finally understand just how depraved they are and just what theyve been up to.

By the time people find out and come out of denial they will have gotten away with it but history books tell us that's always the way this goes.

The point is to fight them every step of the way.