“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Harassed In Harvard Sq Bus Station By Foriegn Bus Driver

Foriegn black bus driver questioned my staying on the,bus just now going back approx 9pm or 9:15. #71 .

On way back upon reaching harvard sq he then said he was going for a little ride and did I,want to come with him. the payment box said out of service.

I laughed this off and told him I simply wanted to see my old neighborhood. He continued to state he was going for a ride and I,should come. It wasnt charming either it was wise ass and slightly aggressive.

I then exited saying I was all set and didnt need a ride from him still being pleasant. I stated that I couldnt really see anything it was dark so I,will take this ride tomorrow. He remained tenacious about his point instead of realizing I wasnt interested (and wanted to change the subject and tone of the conversation).

He told me he would be available tomorrow at 12 oclock to drive the bus. Again slightly aggressive not pleasant at all.

Pkease take action to inform this driver and give more training to understand how grossly inappropriate this behavior is.

I Now Grasp Why Doctors Cannot Give Targets True and Genuine Medical Care

I think 1 of the reasons that the doctors and hospitals have to be cruel to us or play down whatever comes out to be wrong with us physically, I now realize is becuz they would have to admit to us being effected by the technologies ohysically like microwave or radiation exposure. Also in my case the base condition I have is my mother and I showing physical ailments that theres a good chance its from her being given radium and dosed with radiation at the Naval Hospital as an infant as part of the experimemtation (they were trying to shrink her tonsils-but they grew back anyways and she had to have them removed through the normal medical procedure.)

And years of stress from gang stalking as well as in my case carrying a heavy backpack from my mid 30s to present, almost daily across the country for years. Thats with pre existing scars from surgeries on the abdomen.
Not a good experience. In fact I have 'plumbing' probelms now and permanent damage due to being kept on the run on the road for years on end.

The system will no doubt market this as greed. Just as attorney ORielly managed my expectations as a client by telling me "This isnt your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" in reference to suing for the mold exposure that destroyed my health and mind for life.

This is why GS gets so much cooperation.

People are afraid of being targeted. The whole process really shows whos got real character and who are just going to simply revert to animals.

In order to give a Target, specifically a Survivor of mc, RA or experimentation a true assesment of health as well as genuine medical care I suppose the medical people would have to account for all the things that arent supposed to exist: implants, exposure to technologies that produce radiation, electromagnetic pollution, etc, neurological damage from various sources, exposures to chemicals used to dose or damage a Target, damage from stress experienced in war like situations and so on.

Becuz if these were proven and documented there would be such a lawsuit each TI would be compensated millions.

One wonders why the PACOHRE didnt just get everyone paid off and end it there.

I now understand that they didnt intimidate my mother and I simply to not pay us and other experimentees and their children but to prevent us from being on record again (in addition to my mothers original records of experimentation in infancy) so they could CONTINUE THE EXPERIMENTATION. This would prevent my or even her having more to stand on legally when they continued.

This is also why,it,was so important to have my mother silenced, controlled and to sell out completely as well as try to get me labeled during the federal investigation during early 2000's.

They would then be able to completely cover up further experimentation stemmimg from MK Ultra/radiation.

Hillary Clinton Makes Speech At Trade Show That Reflects A Successful TIs Formula For Survival

“Fast and flexible. Constantly adapting. Learning new languages and cultures. Dedicated to forming partnerships where we can and acting alone when we must.”


Sounds exactly like me doesnt it? My success as a TI. Every person targeted like me has used this exact formula or simply created it by instinct. Then again, we are hooked into a system that advises us, like soldiers on a battlefield. This successful way of doing things has been formed by myself and other TIs through both information provided by informants and whatever the intuition is that advises us but also its through a person of my personal profile and makeup adapting and creating a system that works to handle the situation.

I dont know if this is a compliment, a rip off or once again taking the results of human experimentation and using it without revealing the true sources of where they get these 'brilliant' ideas or information..or if its a mind f*ck, as in Gang Stalking's mirroring tactic. If it is the latter, its a very good one- showing a flair for the artistic almost. The way its delivered and placed.

I notice lately that alot of powerful people are..lets say, either mirroring whats going on with Targets or mirroring and imitating what TI's are doing to cope, survive etc. I dont know if this is flattery due to they seeing our systems do indeed work or if its simply a rip off, so they can actually continue to form the NWO while looking as if they are fighting the good fight as we are.

It almost seems at times like they are trying to appease some of us, as if they want to avoid being attacked. Perhaps those who have offended us most have ended up in such a bad way that they want to avoid the same fate. It certainly works as a way to calm and placate any TI, especially Survivors who feel isolated, bullied by abuse of power structures and at war with the world. I just cant tell if its genuine or manipulative becuz I am only collecting information from media and not viewing this in real life in real time.

Any successful Targeted Survivor of mind control and RA has used this formula in the quote to excel and rise above circumstances. Traveling is certainly learning new cultures. And Ive used what I learned in 12 step drug programs as well as the adult entertainment industry to network and be social as a means of defense and of skating by the perps bs they put out to stop me. Of course acting alone is what I know from childhood and programming anyway.

It just bugs me and its very eerie at time- when one sees parallels between what the military and such does in world affairs and things pertaining to TIs. Its not our imaginations believe me. This isnt the first time as a TI I have noticed that what they were doing in world affairs is what they were doing in covert ops pertaining to targeted individuals and even groups.

Are they learning from us? Is that part of the experimentation? Or is it some sort of twisted admiration for our 'work' as successful Targets who have survived?

The creator in us as humans is certainly most powerful in earthly life among humans. Yet, one cant help but think that the whole thing is a set up. Predestined, preplanned and we have been manipulated. It will always bug me to wonder who is in control- my god spark,  my creativity..or the hidden powers that orchestrate much of what goes on in this world?
why is the number 1 bus 1 of the worst for gang stalking?

Monday, May 28, 2012

all of this certainly does ensure that I can never sue for what happened I waste my time fighting harassment day inland day out

When I was at Kenmore spanging yesterday someone somewhere perhaps the vendors around me who saw my phone screen got very nervous I was reading up on the anvient  european gods as I do  and looking up the design of the ancient scandinavian symbol thor's hammer which is often worn as a necklace pendant.

the worst of african american culture as well as religion and many other things are being used to keep poor whites down and ignorant and disconmected from our heritage and ancient belief systems.

this is why you see a lot of campaigns calling catholics back to the church now days.

ive also seen a lot of church is based on very white culture. This is most likely to attract a yuppie demographic. using quotes from scandinavian spiritual writers that sort of thing. it's a very unusual kind of religious content for boston. it's obvious that they want to cover all bases sure it is a demographic is under some sort of control, cultural or religious. These are all means of social control in the united states which seems to wanna stay out any kind of all alternative culture that isnt backed by solid money or that can serve as house slave culture for the elite as in African American popularized ghetto culture. the seem to fear the strength ancient cultures soecifically Europe. We see this world wide with tryimg to destroy ancient cultures that dont support Abrahamic dominance. places that are hindu like india simply going to be swept up into the tech culture and the culture of money that is yuppies. I already seen a lot of the younger generation of people from india lost their spirituality that you see in older people. this is all part of the creating a new world order.

Once Again Being Harassed Into Relationship With Black Male In A Liberal Democratic Area

Theres alot being done here lately to brainwash me to get with an African American male.

It seems to be the typical brainwashing process but this is not designed to cause conformity or productivity. This has,been done,here,in this location specifically for this purpose. This op is designed to produce this result.

Part of the process seems to be destroying my identity as a Traveler and isolating me from all my contacts in trucking and from the road, Traveler forums etc.

Making me part of Boston's culture only, isolated from the rest of rhe country and my experiences. Isnt that what New England has,always,done? Its design is to isolate from the rest of the nation. However decades ago before it was infiltrated and destroyed from within, the culture here was worth isolating from the rest of the nation.

Now its being used against its citzens to keep  us imprisoned in this new oppreasive culture whwreas there is still resisrancr in other areas of the USA.

I was literaly hunted this morning at south station by an African,American male I evaded. Another black male came out of the train  I was going into to invade the other man, as he passed by he pulled a tactic it is extremely common in public space in areas like this that are heavy  in african american populations.

black men walk by white women do you like yours are vulnerable perhaps they are TIs themswlves and they stay there right at in lean into the woman's face walk by her.

I know it sounds unbelievable with this is part of a nation wide racin using african americans infiltrate dominate and take over white culture oakley the lower classes specially any female who looks halfway decent doesn't have a white man with her.

is going to want to believe this because it's extremely  politically incorrect.  But as weve seen the new black panthers work supposed to be federal agent provocateurs. cointel pro was filled with black traitors.

the work up just the african american community operations designed to create a controlled society for elite to have supreme rule in the NWO

This content for harassment is common in Liberal Democratic Areas such as Boston, California etc

Why Is My Campaign So High Profile Compared To Other Survivors?

One thing I dont understand.

Why do other Survivors, high profile ones like Cathy Obrien, Susan Ford etc not seem to have the same amount of attention nationwide that Ive had? Unless they just dont talk about how prevelant it is publicly.

Their are perps nationwide. How do they have SO MANY damn people on ONE person's ass?
I had posted something years ago about a man who,worked in spying, who claimed that hed experienced 200 agents at a time being send out on ONE enemy agent

Ideations About Family Ends The Evening

Tired tonight at a train stop the night's final ideation was that this was all being done so that I,would go home to my family and then (somehow) get pregnant to have a baby.

The perps have indeed early on played mind games concerning my seeing my family once again. Usually black males, security guards in stores here in Boston or surrounding area.

In St Louis years ago a black male on a train made direct comment that "I wouldnt have gotten rid of  my baby". (Scott this informant I think someone sent to see how much I knew during the federal investigation was controlling and the only pill I could take for supressing my endometriosis had just got pulled off the market. There is no way that child was going to be right. Its physically very dangerous for me to try to give birth as well as I will NOT give them another person to torment, experimemt on or ritually abuse/program.)

Why would Satanists want another human life in the world? See the inconsistcies? Sometimes the perps act like right wing Christians. Its so confusing. Probably they just wanted more to control me with.

It really bugs me, blacks putting their value systems on me. Family and babies. Hmph. How very....tribal. And certainly I,dont appreciate this coming from MALES.

If they want me to
-never have children
-never see my family again and
-leave the country to Europe to escape African American culture dominance, a culture thats derived from southern slave mentality

They are GOING to achieve that!

Personally,it seems like they are going for the gold in trying to drive me over the edge crazy and get me labeled once and for all.

Actually I am getting alot of urges to leave the USA as soon as possible. As if the US is not going to be a place youd wanna be in near future. Hmmmm..

Following A Suggested Ideation Brings Relief

A strange incident occurred today. This morning when I got up and started my day I actually heard very slightly the word "lemonade". And of course I had a strong ideation to go get some lemonade at the store. I went to the store and got a lemon instead because lemonade has way too much sugar in it usually and I made some nice iced lemon water instead.

I mentioned that I felt greatly tormented today in my last post.

Just about 1 hour ago I was in the store and I got the same ideation about getting lemonade. Low and behold after I got the lemonade finally, the heavy depressing,  torturous mode I was in all day seem to lift and I was placed almost in what seemed like alignment with the rest of reality.

I was being tormented the whole day. As you can see from my experiences it's all due to me not following a suggestion.

I was rewarded, if you will, with sanity and emotional balance when I obeyed finally.

This system isnt about morality. It's not about social consciousness and it's not about world peace. Nor about building a better world of equality,diversity and to be politically correct. This system is to create slaves.To create mindless puppets out of human beings-individuals and the masses. It is for the purposes of enslaving mankind and nothing else.

As you can see through years of blogging I experienced it to be, just that. 
And that is why it has to be fought at all costs. Even with  one's life.

It seems that some foreign countries are actually having proto types of cities under domes or totally man made cities.
It seems as if they are training the masses to live in these man made cities, as well as picking and choosing who's going to fit in who is isnt.

Thats been my theory all along hasn't it? That the public...humanity is being conditioned and molded to live either underground, in space stations or in man made cities on other planets that are otherwise uninhabitable.

Whats so frightening is that those of us that seem to not fit in, who are not going to be easy recondition, train or be broken to be able to fit in with this kind of environment, it's almost as if we are being trained to live outside or whatever remains outside of those future cities.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Harassed Heavily In Kenmore At All Red Sox Games Since Colleges Graduated

Yesterday pan handling at Fenway was hard but I made a little money enough for laundry and coffee, etc.

I was supported by long time people there, regulars to the area so I didnt feel so alone.

I heard the word 'whore'about a hundred times. Its never focusing on war crimes, unethical human experimentation, pedophile rings or abuse of power by Homeland and others its always age old slander about me.

If they have this many people either brainwashed by cover stories or working for them the entire situation is hopeless. At least in key parts of the USA like St Louis, Boston, Florida-places where the GS is just ridiculous, constant and the people ars extremely nasty.

Today I made hardly anything and I was harassed in ways I,couldnt handle. It was hot, sunny and I,domt do well in Boston during,heat and sun. It amplofies whatever makes the city so umlivable now.

It was real ugly today for differing reasons. And the bullshit I dealt with was more tailored and varying and very well could have been random Massholes not perps doimg psychological warfare.

It struck me that Boston has become a place I dont recognize...and I dont particularly like. With people who are just ridiculous and extreme.

Ive been in exile for years and each time I,came back it was less and less my city. Its been torn from me completely now and I will never be able to get treated fairly or get healthcare,obviously, which is kind of important right now with the internal bleeding issue over past year and pain in liver and abdomen.

I believe they are doing this to try to make me become very very ill. The more damage the better.

Boston has expressed nothing but a very deep hatred for me over these years. I experienced this place to be a major cemter for an extremely evil presence during Bush, specifically during Hayden being in office.

Boston has simply become totally and completely rotted to the core and extremely evil-without any of the old school rules that made the old corrupt system tolerable and somewhat humane or livable.

And they are insisting on having the best fronts possible this,time so,the,whole world believes they've changed. That theyve cleaned up their act, gotten rid of coeruption, organized crime, abuse of the system by citizens. A shiny new 'world class' gentrified make over.

To hide all the stinking shit that always did and always will make this city run.

Like every criminal mind, Boston will never change. Its simply grown and learned how to hide better.

Boston Now Totally Falsified, Controlled Environment

Boston has become a completed false environment that is totally controlled.

It feels fake, its experienced as fake and no power of my now weakened mind can beat such forces.

Once I get outside the city like Airport or even to an extent, North Station this effect then dissipates.

Its like someone putting you into a.large plastic bubble filled with smoke each time you cross certain physical parameters.

Being outside the city smacks of reality. Its.lonely and its.sad but its refreshing, healthy, real and most of all NORMAL.

I am so.very sadddened I can never exist in the city again.

After some planning I.am going to have to leave for good this time. I can never return. I know this now.

Whatever they took from me in Brighton, MA in that apartment, they want to keep it and never allow me to set things right or in balance again. 
To retrieve what was rightfully mine.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Overt GS Tactics At My Storage Place

Experienced overt harassment at my,storage place from multiple people who,have a unit there. They looked at me walking by,and a white male, 20s or 30s said "Look" to the others. He then,began whistling which is something male perps frequently do in past few months. The guy certainly wasnt whistling before or after. The storage unit is 2-116 at my south,Boston storage. Before they saw who I was walking by earlier I,heard them saying,something about gloves. That one of the males was going to ask someone about thwm, and that the gloves were on eBay. He then said he was going to go to The Commission and check out desks. A woman memtioned there was a brand name printer there. After they saw me, said look and a male whistled, I went into bathroom to wash out,a piece of clothing. Someone knocked and as I said Id be right out a male said ok. As I walked out a female from the group was right against the door as if she was listening or trying to peek through the crack in the door. There was a u-haul outside,in front of the door and there was a childs toy on,the edge and a singluar black male handling some of the loading or unloading of the truck. The gfoup at the space that haassed me were all white he the only black. After I walked out of the bathroom and saw how close,she was to the door, she gave a fake apology but when I looked in her eyes, you could tell she it wasnt real and that she was harassing me. I believe that many,of the human services in Boston are linked to an urban community where crime such as prostitution and drugs regularly supplements government assistance and grants. Ive found during the early campaign here during Bush that shelters regulaely assist pimps and criminals running crime out of,shelters namely Pine Street Inn. These are closely aligned with crooked cops. Recall the infamous ACORN video on YouTube where employees were giving advice to an undercover pretending to be a pimp on how to get away with a prostitution ring consisting of UNDERAGE FOREIGN GIRLS. The urban community cloaks career criminals, white collar crime and syndicates under a facade of helplessness, need and poverty. Its a part of the system is the problem, its legit. The Irish may pay off,the cops,for ticket scalping etc but its done overtly. And their image is more independent. African American communities are hidden,by white liberals by being immersed in a welfare system that cloaks organized crime that communities benefit from. They may,also do GS to get or keep good goverment funding. The people that did,this,to me here today looked guilty as hell when I walked by. The Commission might mean The Boston Public Health Commission who are as crooked as they come. (Woods Mullen and Long Island shelter are TBPHC. Ive blogged about harassment for years in those places. All ghetto, the worst people go to these wet shelters. Staff are very screwed up people who regularly lie to and handle clients. Total houseslave/jail scene.) Ive had a few incidents of very overt GS at this facility from people who rent other units. Its infrequent but when it happens its real obvious. One other group looked like musicians.

Today there were two young women who saw me earlier when I,arrived. When they spotted me they got real quiet and then giggled a bit then went on a long, shallow conversation about their lives, including admiring a mutual friemd who has her whole career planned out.

Effected Very Seriously Yesterday By Unknown Causes-Zombie Like State

(Please be aware that due to having low battery frequently and no longer as much access to a computer I use speech to text on my smartphone which makes frequent mistakes and renders my work unintelligble often. I will always try to edit my work later. Thanks.)

Hit very hard yesterday. This all started at my storage space, where that new guy was working as well as the General Manager came in. This new guy ever since he started I don't feel safe at my storage. After he became employed is when I started experiencing my lock on my unit unlocked and once on the floor then again unlocked. Two girls claimed to have lost the key and after seeing a guy named BB we rented a room from last summer, and telling him thier stuff was in the unit, the lock started getting messed with but also this was after this new guy was employed there. All I had to do was change the lock it never happens again. That storage place is always targeted anyway. Yesterday as I said was a specially bad. I just sat there on the floor feeling very hit.I sat there trying to fight it until I just got up and walked out trying to deal with it. I was hit so hard I was walking out in traffic etc. Totally focused on whatever this was. It felt like technology more so than anything else because there was a high level of sexual arousal and it made it extremely difficult to focus. In fact, I was on the green line train and the only thing that stopped this intense feeling of being hit very hard was when the train had to stop at Downtown Crossing due to a police action . Once again presence of the police brings relief.  I was being hit so intensely that I was sitting on the train breathing in a very laborious manor, had my eyes closed and was gripping my backpack tightly with my fist. After we sat there for a time the intensity of my being hit subsided.

I ended up walking around Boston in a zombie like state for the rest of the afternoon and evening, only able to complete my errand by sheer Will alone.

Ive  seen a lot of chem trails over Boston, multiple trails up in the sky at once. This is why I get so messed up when I stay in this location or a substantial period of time. The only thing I was capable of doing yesterday was walking to my destinations, getting on and off trains and slowly and going to my next destination to complete my errands for the day. I may have been drugged at some point by the typical delivery methods either from the outside via spray bottle (like in the good ol Bush era days) or by having food poisoned. It felt like I was being hit with something technological. It could be a combo of both or tech and whatever is in the chemtrails.

I believe I experienced the Gang Stalking to intensify is well.. People appeared to be in cars stopping in the middle of the street as they passed by to stare at me, to see if they can get a reaction course. Because of my condition all I could do was stare straight ahead into space. Therefore I have to assume the whole thing was planned because usually they don't stop in the middle of the street demanding attention.

 When I showed up Kenmore to spare change the mbta people at the gate put on this big production about being flustered when I came to the turnstiles there. It was a red sox game with a lot of people coming out of the train go to the game. I didn't know there was a game, I showed up to that location for my own purposes.

This all worked becuz I was overtired as well. I recovered to fairly normal later around 9 or 10 pm.

I must add that in addition to whatever caused the sluggish zombie like state and the high level of sexual arousal, there was emotional pain being induced or caused to rise from the heart area or where humans often feel emotional sorrow or pain. I had to keep pushing this down if you will.

The use of this emotional pain center for torture is very common within the border of the city of Boston and I have documented this before. It never happens in Cambridge. I have documented in the past that this effect can actually be felt to stop just by crossing over the Charles River bridge into Cambridge. Seems now the effect is being used in unison with other things.

I am sure they would have loved me walking in front of a car and getting hit. I believe that is what alot of this distraction is for. They are definately trying to get me to lose my possessions, loose focus and get hit by a car or forget my schedule as well as act out. I am sure they got my zombie reaction on vid yesterday.
So here is MY side of the story.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Display Of Mindless Racism Reminds Me of My True Value System- And That It Is Intact

I just experienced the kind of racism that is unnecessary and mindless from two males on Latin the other Caucasian. They were making fun of a story about a baby put into a washing machine by two babysitters. Everyone involved in the news story was African American.

 In this modern environment nowadays it's hard to keep a balance. A common tactic of the GS system is to harass the Target into becoming a racist, specifically against the cliche 'blacks and Jews' theme. In my campaign theyve been trying to make me into a racist  even so frustrated as to join a white supremacy group or submit my Will and get with a black man in a relationship. No matter what they do always remember what they want ultimately is CONTROL. Control over everyone all the time, especially their targeted individuals. Cult mind control is ultimately what is used to gain control over a nation a group or individuals. Their worst nightmare it seems is true evolution of humanity. The elite have always engineered society so that differing groups in the lower classes dont unite and rise up against them. Thus control is gained via divide and conquer.

 I have found that selectively using racism in self defense, as in racial self defense, is the best way to defend oneself against perps trying to brainwash a TI. Also against NWO social engineering - being dominated by other cultures and other peoples to make the folk more controllable.
At the same time try to be fair and not become what the system want you to be which is a cult member basically. Remember the that the system wants submission to racism either white supremacy, black supremacy et cetera but also the opposite will do-to submit to race mixing, not by one's personal taste thats natural to one as in personal choice of the Will but by design through conditioning.. Anything by design through conditioning isnt natural.

Why would the system want people to take either choice? Becuz all they care about is people choosing one of the choices they give. They dont care which. As long as you take one of the two they are offering. Either become a staunch racist hate monger bigot or marry a black man. Its disgusting really when people no longer have any true freedom of thought, choice or mind.

 Mindless, unecessary racism makes me uncomfortable. Racism in self defense might be necessary in some situations due to many demographics not realizing they are being used for the NWO as well as outright perps who know they are creating hatred in people but only care about getting paid or not getting exposed for some crime.

The laughable thing about a GS campaign is that people are reacting to a version of the person that is a lie. A creation of a slander campaign. Then covertly the person is slowly turned into whatever horror they claimed years before. Its such unbelievable bullsh*t.

What they want is control, not truly balanced people capable of independent and critical thought. So they take someone balanced and fair who wants to evolve and grow and destroy them, make them hateful and then act as if the harassment is somehow based on fixing the person or containing them based on flaws...whatever the nonsense is. All the perps are cult mind controlled if they arent sadists, paid off or trying to avoid jail time. In fact the latter are far less annoying than the former becuz they are more awake and conshus and seem to be a bit more honest about what they are doing.

I wondered when this incident occured today was it a bait to try to get me to appear to take part in a racist conversation. I pretty much walked out after asking where the incident occured. That storage place of mine is wired for sound by the security company that monitors it and anything is possible as far as spying. Southie is probably watched intensely by the feds due to drug and thug activity. If they were wiring Catholic Churches then why not storage spaces? Probably under the pretense that drug dealers might try to keep something there or..knowing the mob in Boston- store bodies or something (like in that meat freezer a few years ago.)

Remember that you are being framed, actively for years on end. The system wants to appear just but they only favor those that inform for them and those that pay them off. The authorities in the US are crooked end of story.

Dont trust any scenerio where people are baiting you with any kind of contraversial content. Also this information might not get exposed publicly but still might be used to get you on a list somewhere that could make life much more difficult. Even overseas.

Lastly, they might be trying to get you to become comfortable with, say, racism or white supremacy becuz this assists in the brainwashing of a Target. They can slowly isolate you within such a group. DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

We all should know by now that they are afraid of the smartest, most creative, attractive people- NATURE'S ELITE, regardless of class etc, getting together through free association and creating either an alternative culture or one that stands against the NWO and oppression. 
I noticed that alot of people are mentiioning racial things now that I have that blog on white empowerment and much of my posting here has been racial frustration. Gee, just like that huh?

Dont trust anyone, ever. With anything they say or do. Unless you can really trust them, know what I mean??

WLP More Recruiting or Just Typical Jabbering?

Some new harassment from an older African American lady at WLP. I told her off a few weeks ago when she tried to tell me I couldnt sit in a chair becuz she was saving it for someone who was upstairs. Since WLP has cleaned up its act considerably I think staff told her not to pull that crap anymore. She seemed pretty much over it recently. I simply forgot about her lately. Today though,all,I,heard was her mouth running in a very different way than usual. She was bitching about me, talking about how SHE doesmt need to dress nice etc, that I take so much effort blah blah, that the area I sit in everyone can see what I am doing when I get ready. Then I hear her talkin about someone's lyin ass. What strikes me as content similar to what I have heard before from perps especially shelter rat types, is that the local homeless have tried before to push the idea of my lying about being a Traveler. That I make it all up and Ive never really been anywhere, along those lines. Certainly Ive heard women in Woods Mullen years ago with Directed Conversation say that I am lying or making up everything in my blogs. Yet they also say stuff like I involved the police in my case. I cant help it if my mother has police connections and,shes been minding my business for years. Shes always,been controlling and had me watched. Shes probabky the worst stalker in this whole mess and leaving the country might be,the only way to get away from her influence. When an abusive parent doesnt want to own up to what they,have done its typical for them to try,to make the victim look bad or put the kid into a behavior modification program so nobody has to deal with the fallout from it...or the kid telling the truth. Strangley this is also what the system does when experimentees or RA survivors wake up or start to grow. This is why its very important to ignore everyone and their bullshit opinions, unless it serves to reveal the truth, and just stick to what YOU KNOW to be true. Believe me, nobody in western civilization wants to leave Oprah/American Idol/Disneyland to have to be truly soviallu responsible. I notice its very populat now to push PC, social responsibility and community but to avoid standing up to an oppressive government and corporate power structure. Carmen that idiot from,On The Rise was creeping around WLP the other day,and I,totally ignored her. I havent gone there in a year and never will again. So perhaps theres been some recruiting due,to my being smart enough to stay away from that place. Who better than someone whos pissed I,told them off? The other possibility,is,that she was actually talking about this foreign black woman who,is completely gonzo crazy and cannot stop doing her makeup and hair every minute. She is notorius for spending literally hours in bathrooms playing with the water. Shes been banned from many places becuz shes unbelievably crazy. (These are the types I want to get away from by creating an environment that exludes anyone negative and ghetto, shelter rats, steals or low functioning/severely mentally ill. Someplace where you have to pay and help maintain the place more like a hostel or squat. Ive seen shelters use this type of achievement system to quietly exclude severely mentally ill clients and sovial workers have pointed out tha set up is technically illegal becuz it excludes them. However if our funding was different...and I,want people genuinely fighting the system in there, real alternative types, not the fake Anarchist people or operatives and plants. No psychology students like at Womens Center nowadays. How is it fair that gang stalkers can infiltrate these places but true subvulture people cannot? Ive experienced people doing GS who are trying to get government funding. Ive seen perps magically get very hard to get grants for research or projects. How frickin illegal is that?) Anyway she may have been talking about this other,woman who obsesses about her appearance. Its posible. But I also felt very uncomfortable as well. I felt leeched of power confidence and energy today. Some of the,women at the table were talking about doing Voodoo yesterday also. You have no idea how real that stuff can,be...or how much its figured and played a role in Obama administration. Even getting him into office. However its nothing that a strong mind cant handle as well as recall my,advice about finding out,about your DNA becuz your ancestors wont abandon you. If certain OTHER cultures can use their native pagan powers SO CAN YOU. Remember that certain cultures PLAY DUMB in front of autjority and think they are smarter than the rest of us. Its not true, you just have to find your power within. I used some selective racial self defense tactics mostly mentally to deflect the mambo table's nonsense and then left to start my day. And let them keep thinking they are smarter.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Irish Have Sadly Failed/Boston Heavy GS Lately

The perps are seriously all over me on the trains. Daily. They saturate the train stations and the trains themselves.

They either believe they are oart of the black and red gang- the Democratic Obamabot, Anarchist types who believe their cult will promote world peace in the NWO.

They are either operatives and pretend to believe and promote such things or they are truly brainwashed. The entire country is definately f*cked but places like SoCal and Boston are just gonzo. These places even have tech that uses suggestion to promote the African American dominant agenda.

If this,were not true, if this is just delusion then why,have I experienced such,things only in locations heavily influenced by Democrats and Liberals?

And you,can forget Southie,or any other Irish area. Seen that pic of the Irish in power over there posing with Obama and the evil wife? All with nasty, self satisfied smirks on their faces?
NWO whores, all of them.

Due,to being oppressed by England for far too long and being brainwashed and kept down by alchohol and the Catholic Church the,Irish have over time lost any and all power they...we, once had as a people. Due to being oppressed as such they have always had a bad habit of fraternizing with African Americans as allies against the WASP power structure.

And now they want to complain about Afrivans from horribly torn countries on that continent invading our little island.

Theyve been weak and easily brainwashed for centuries by the Church and the drink. I admire the continued stubborness against the English occupation. But they are screwed up in the way they run Ireland. Thus having to  join the EU, let their leaders sell them out to the NWO agenda and that includes Bostons way of doing things lately as well.

I love having Irish DNA, especially from an old Viking settlement but,be sure that there is a distinction between different kinds of Irish.

Some remain opressed and act like slaves and some refuse to be subjegated, more resembling the Vikings and the spirit of the ancient Celts.

What is a magical, creative mind is always potentially an easily brainwashed one as well.

You,have to decide: are u a Catholic or a Celt? Are you a Viking or a slave?

They r on my ass constantly lately as they see me getting organized. they want me to leave town again for the band in my plans to create a lawsuit.

Still Getting Harassment In Harvard Square Cambridge If I Go Outside The Square Proper

another place I experience a lot of gangstalking it is the old church in cambridge call christ church historical 1 in harvard square.

I woke up this morning on the girl that I squat with her boyfriend had left her she was being just terrible and swearing in front of children at a daycare. the people that were there were fine with her when they saw her side from swearing but when a few of them look at me,  you could see this immediate collective hatred in their faces. you could feel it too.

these people must work for harvard or one of the local businesses what medical establishments.

hey either know who I am did you gang stalking or there is a campaign against everyone who looks funky like a traveler coming through harvard and I thought they got rid of everybody.

funny how a community of which assholes can support the career criminals because they need them and because they have money
yet I get gangstalked out of the city.

fucking people are associated with harvard or something else like that and I know damn well that my whole life has been fucking destroyed do to be a human experimentee.

harvard has historically been connected with unethical human experimentation. MK Ultra still continues and they're still part of it.

either that or they were protecting your precious little madam during the federal investigation and  will continue to do so for the remainder of my life.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Most Annoying Part Of GS Is Being Harassed Constantly By "The Help'..Hmph

Why are black males in security guard positions so ridiculous when doing gang stalking. You know who I am, great. Good for you. They are so....pathetic. I dont care, you realize this dont you?

Lots of people know what I look like and think they know whats going on or they know about my situation from my blogs etc or from people in on the campaign.

You dont KNOW ME, really. You know of me. And you still have no control over me. You never did and you never will.

The minorities invovled in this and often lower class white males make a big deal about a female who's targeted. They seem to be into the angle of the campaign where the person is being monitored and controlled by the gang stalking system. You can tell they arent trained agents or professionals as they are so lacking in personal power and confidence that they have to make a big deal about one single person like myself being a GS Target. Anyone who makes a big deal about that aspect of this is a loser, petty a punk and easily impressed. Which I have always found most UNimpressive in a person.

My mother used to brag about small shit and it really made me lose respect for her. It showed that she really had no power at all. This guy I worked for, Dan Desecca, who grew up in the projects in Waltham (and is one of the first people who seems to be in on helping get me targeted in Waltham.) he used to do things show off brochures for new cars he was simply thinking of purchasing. TACKYYYYY. As if that was a big deal in itself.

Then when he actually purchased one he was insufferable.

If I had money I would just go buy a decent car (perhaps an old Jag, not those Ford ones now. Eww.) like a car for business that was nice. Of course, the performance vehicles would be at one of my homes in one of my garages, dedicated to my cars. And those would only be for taking out in areas where one can run the motors as they were designed to be run. Like on the damn Autobahn.

And if I made such purchases, I certainly would NOT burden my lowly paid help with that information. That is just no class. And if I did purchase a new car for driving around town tending to business, I would simply buy it and not tell anyone. Let them see it outside and comment on it if they like.

One of the reasons people look for excuses to hate me,to death if they can, is that even penniless, I was born with a natural radar towards a life of wealth. I attract money. I understand money and I dont hate on rich people or the concept of the rich, unless its new money being disgusting or lower classes of people with more money than I (who can hardly be described as 'wealthy' even if they had that kind of money) like upper middle class or YUPpies. These are the worst snobs in existence in Boston. Red Sox fans, people working in the city riding the trains, many of them have horrible attitudes and are very unworldly. The kids who are WEALTHY like around BU, they are often so sweet to houseless people and if out partying they seem so naive about the world outside thiers of priveledge. Its very sweet. Often they are the ones who will talk to me or give me a dollar and a short conversation.

Not all wealthy people are nice as TI's know. This is the difference between being truly wealthy and simply having alot of money and assets to your name.

The joke on the public is that if I wanted to, I could be extremely wealthy. I could have been a very smart career criminal, if I wasnt dealing with prior programming issues where I was watched all the time etc. Thats why I dont get flustered about my situation keeping me technically poor. My tastes have always been based on being able to truly understand what is quality, not just a name brand that is marketed as such.

It sickens me that people would wear Gucci even though the family no longer owns the company or designs the clothes. Same with Chanel. She's been gone how long?

I always wanted just one quality thing or outfit whereas my mother would get 20 pairs of boots all of which not one was very high quality. Why not just buy ONE high quality pair and wear them for two years? I just dont understand it. Hoarding things. Collecting things is different, thats a personal hobby. But to be greedy with alot of stuff thats crap...it just makes me ill.

It really bothers me how many people invovled in GS are like children at Disneyworld, seeing Mickey coming towards them. And I am not famous technically and if I am INFamous, its not for very good reasons. Being targeted and them focusing on that as some sort of noteriety is really pathetic. THen again, we are dealing with STALKERS by definition arent we? Its no surprise that the two stalker types who I was invovled in romantically in my lifetime turned out to also be invovled in Gang Stalking. Isnt that interesting? That men who have a long record of stalking as INDIVIDUALS turn out to be also invovled in GROUP STALKING.

This is one of the problems with GS. The perps are often sick individuals who are stalker types and this system allows them to express thier sickness in a way that actually gets reward and approval from authorities and makes them feel validated. Yet, the other things GS is connected to are so outrageous like war crimes, its unbelievable that any human being no matter how sick doesnt have a limit on how destructive these campaigns get. Thats the thing- they use very sick people who are not right thinking to begin with. Thus they dont really register things like human experimentation as being wrong, becuz they are so sick. And it can go from stalker types to some of the sickest people I have ever seen invovled in this. They make sure that they have people who are basically deranged working for them.

Who else would be thrilled to basically draw attention to you at a security check in at a college? It happened just now downstairs. And I knew it was a set up becuz one of the jackasses came out in front of me with his little "Public Safety" jacket on but it was done on cue so he would be walking in front of me on my way to security check in.

Then the guy at security asks his friend "Is RACHAEL here today? I ignored this becuz I expected some nonsense from these two anyway. Due to my ignoring this conversation, he then repeats the name and looks away from his friend, over to me when he says it, then looks back at his friend. I ignore this still.
Why? Becuz its been done to death a million times years ago.

When you are targeted for a long time you realize that there are only so many things they can do, and all they are doing with each new thing is variations on the same collection of tactics. Becuz only so many things are going to work on one person or in general on a human being.

The general purpose of GS is to keep the person down, feeling disconnected from society and controlled by the GS system. Its also to destroy any sensitivies the person has and ensure they can never express any of thier artistic, intellectual etc abilities.

We live in a sick culture anyways so these people are sick from the get go. And I dont see lots of African Americans involved in 'alternative' cultures. They tend to be very conformist in what thier own culture deems acceptable. I hear that if they stray from this, they get alot of crap from other blacks. Another reason thier mentality is dangerous and promotes a slave mentality.
Ive met African Americans into alternative scenes but the numbers are pretty low sadly.

One has to remember that these people are working for the intelligence services which is how these clowns know about you and your life to begin with. Becuz 'the help' shouldnt know how anyone is.

Constantly having people like this pull power ploys on the TI is another way to try to re enforce the conditioning (deceptions) that you are in this mess becuz you are poor, deserved it, careless etc etc.

Being targeted is becuz you were and are a threat to the system. You know too much about something that could destroy the entire system by which we live etc. Military 'secrets'. info about black projects, the international sex rings, Satanic cults, drug running by the REAL culprits: the military, the DEA and countries like Israel etc.

This is no small ordeal. Some of the most powerful people in the world are pissed at you and worried you might be believed if you talk. So they have to make you feel small,picked on and lowly over many years time.

ALways remember that the information you have or something you have personally is too much for some group of very crooked 'wealthy' people to handle. Which in short means: THEY ARE WRONG.

We just happen to live in a time when any kind of rebellion has been squashed and the people have been trained to believe that wealth, no matter how ill gotten, makes for the best people.

They are stupid, you are not. Thus the conflict. Thier house slaves, a very diverse group, are ultimately annoying. Just always remember- they are nothing more than 'the help' for the very powerful who are behind GS campaigns.
Its simply difficult to have to deal with high numbers of such people on a daily basis- unfortunately for years on end.

Know who you are.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Remember,Now,Why I Cant Come Home

Using Opera on my phone faster than Firefox better editing. But doesnt save drafts automatically. Someone just called me and I lost an entire post. Unbelievable.

I know my smartphone is helpimg to make me sick but I cant live without,it. I feel better when I put it in airplane mode.

I,just dont know,what to do.

I was writing,that it feels like,the,entire Boston and Cambridge area are in,on gang stalkimg.

That they walk around like robots here and are completely paranoid of anyone who looks nonconformist nowadays.

I wrote that Boston and Cambridge appear to be akin to totally false environments like under a dome on another planet or in a soviety existing underground.
That the entire place seems false.

That its very surreal,here. That due to my old life here being cut off from me for so long all the old points of reference are gone and I am left suspended in,time and,space so,its,easier for this place to control me with gs tech and chemical influence.

I think I put,down,that it,felt like,the,edge of,the world here. As if everything beyond didnt exist.

That it feels like living in a NASA experiment all the time.

Also that other parts of,the country have such,rugged natural terrain or,other strong natural features its hard to deny one is on earth.
The southwest with its deserts, unconquerable natural structures and mountains or rock formations, salt flats etc.

Texas with,its wide open spaces even though places like Austin are falsified managed. Plus,i,get heavily depressed down,there and I,believe,its oil fumes and from,pollution from Mexico. I cant live there the depression and dumb down are so bad. Could be animal waste too, dont know. But I know I am on,earth still.

And CA wil never be able to contain a false environment due to,the,constant disturbances from the, shifting of,the techtonic plates and the activity of the Pacific Ocean. These produce such a constant (but frighteningly violent and large) active energy pattern that there,is no falling into a dream like,state there. Though often like Florida, the energies are so big in size that one feels unvomfortable with being a,mere tiny human.

All that damage the Tsunami did to Japan? Imagine being in mortal fear of that size energy everyday. Thats why my trips to Cali are short and sweet. Its disturbing to me the amount of nature's and earth's energies just swirling around out there.

Whatever Boston and Cambridge were is now gone. Its almost like they dont exist anymore, even on the,map. Thats just the way it feels and I cannot explain why.

Its like they are dead cities. Perhaps thats just my perspective due to my situation here.

This,is,due in part to their being far too much el....

Had copied this. Lost the rest of this ,,"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Left MIT For The Last Time

MIT, gone, never to return again.

I am not going to stay,somewhere I am not wanted.

I always thought MIT had a way of providing resources for me even though they were so much a part of the harassment. The building itself. The original spirits within. I often was guided through those halls to information that was integral to what I am doing.

But they now want to be just a straight out enemy.

So be it then.

Another home and comfort lost to me.

Why Is It So Important I Dont Piss Off Bill Clinton?

I just posted a spoof on Hillary from two older posts I had on draft. I wondered how that would turn out.

I get this alot and have throughout. That posting anything unpleasant about Bill Clinton is a definate no no.

I even had this one instance of a song in my head that came up during something I was going to post or do I forget but it was about Clinton.

"Dont mess with Bill"..that old 50's song.

I keep getting this idea that he is responsible for my protection. That he did us great favors by putting together the President's Advisory Committee On Radiation Experiments.

There is no US president one can be genuinely mad at. Its obvious that one is...'groomed' for the part from birth or before. Bush simply took the theatre way too far thats all.
I cant imagine the responsibilities, having to die with all that history you are responsible for. Its an insane job.

But what am I suppose to do? I dont like the parameters that have been drawn so I must blast through them. Clinton is sensitive at times about his presidency which is fine. Him going after that journalist was interesting.
He revealed I think that many people like Bin Laden and the like seem to be gone after only when the unseen powers that shape history are good and ready to hand that over to a certain president for the history books.

We get it. Its all planned. We know. Timing is everything. Yes, spooks suck. They help run things and this system.

I suppose I have a soft spot for the Clintons as he did make it possible to be able to at least have the Committee's findings to go on and the documentation. And during his presidency I certainly had a fun time, if you want to call it that. The country seemed as peaceful as I remember it. Ford was too much partying, the grown ups were a total mess. Carter was...during the rotting of the gut of America. Cities began to rot out and the gas crisis with the flags. Things just got ugly.

Reagan was a bitch and scared us kids into thinking we were going to die in a nuclear war. Then Bush came in and suprisingly, due to his focus seeming to be on foriegn affairs, it was a time I felt, untouched by anything he was doing. However, I have to say that my life personally, looking back, did get just as 'weird' during those years as they did when his son was in office. In fact, I had gotten my life together leaving home and forces- things you wouldnt believe, drove me into a partying lifestyle, one that I never really wanted. 89 to 93. Not really good years. I thought they were good but they were all about slavery. 89 was good. The rest of it was terrible. In comparison to what though? I was set up with a powerful and protective (if not exploitative) career criminal who became a mentor and friend and I did ok and was protected for a time. But I was controlled by others.

1993....Clinton got in. I suppose these were truly the best years becuz I got clean and starting figuring things out, trying to deprogram but I didnt know thats what I was doing. It was all working out, until about 1997. Thats when things got difficult. Then in 2003 or 4 the campaign went 24/7. I do recall though, during the elder Bush's presidency, strange things did occur. I was living in Littleton MA for a time in 1990. I was almost run off the road by a truck, the typical 'weirdos' kept showing up...yeah. It was pretty bad. But hadnt it always been? All I can say is during Bush at least I made money and was protected.

During Clinton I got strong and made many changes to my life and could actually grow.

Clinton also seemed like a poltician who had the strength of a Republican type person without being a total fascist dickhead. Many Democrats reek of weakness and they always have this disheveled 70's look that bugs me. Republicans are always clean cut, thier clothes well pulled together with sharp lines in design. They look stronger. But thier stances on abortion and other things are a bit over the line for me.
Most Democrats seem to indulge the poor and allow things like abortion to go too far. They dont account for humans being lazy, greedy, stupid or careless. Republicans dont seem to account for humans being kept down or existing in a system that doesnt work. I always feel like instead of putting forth an approach where they want to help people get on thier feet and better themselves, they would rather pull the rug out from under you. That does not make me feel secure with Republicans. Then again, most Democrats make me want to vomit.

Clinton had this way of seeming sane. The Clintons I think were every Centralists dream team.

And now the definition of both Republican and Democrat in America has changed. Both seem like new creatures to me. And I dislike both new versions.

What scares me is that Romney is going to appear to people to be the porridge that isnt too hot or too cold- both of which they have had to endure since 2001. And being human they just want a comfort zone.

But I know and others like me, what was done to get him in this position. And its very scary and totally insane. Maybe if I was old enough to have experienced people being targeted into not showing up at the PACOHRE in 95, like my own mother for instance, I would have been just as creeped out as I am now.

Whatever I was shown during the Bush administration, specifically during Hayden's time as CIA head, is way beyond the scope of what reality is supposed to be. Its more than I was ever exposed to in any years of my life prior. Unless I simply dont recall such ordeals.

Something about the time of Clinton is hopeful and stays so to this day. I am annoyed with Hillary as I percieve her as a traitor serving under a racist like Obama. I guess she can serve in a power postion this way if the country doesnt want her to be president.

It only serves to further disingrate the hopes and dreams of white women eveywhere to have to see her only be able to excersise power either behind Bill or behind Obama and..ugh, that wife of his.

I will never forgive my country putting the black man (and his insufferable wife) before me, especially after making it so clear that he is concerned with the African agenda and associated with a church that is totally unacceptable. It would be different if her were from strictly American stock and a peacable person.

For Hillary to have to have power this way tells white women that they can only have power if they stand in line behind the black male, specifically a black citizenry that is allowed to be concerned with Africa's agenda as part of thier identity.

Then its not my country anymore then.

Its obvious that Clinton was the last president interested in validating or making life any good for poor EuroAmericans. A president that reflected us being worthy creatures at all.

The last two adminstrations have shown us that America does not want us anymore. And Romney is going to reflect something even worse.

So perhaps this is why I have a hard time with anything that disses Clinton. I always felt badly about one of the videos thats on my YouTube that uses video images of him alot. Its like it was personal or something.
Like I always get guilted for doing anything do diss Clinton. Its outright weird.

Maybe someone somewhere wants Survivors to use what they can from the Committee in 95 and try to go back to bat legally over this. To finalize justice. To get it right this time.

With all that is in use to prevent this from happening now its a near impossible task.

I dont want to insult any president. I am sure the people who are destroying America love when TI's turn on their country. But when the country becomes evil and makes unreasonable demands on its people, what are we supposed to do? You cant attack your own people to such an extent and expect them to be loyal.
Its an impossible puzzle now. One we are not allowed to solve, even though we have all the pieces. With the methods of mind control and psycho management of society right now, the pieces just get lost in one's pocket. And one forgets how they went together.

Reader Comments 5/20/12

"The comments she made about the pedos being our neighbors is a bit alarming, because that's usually the way to get people nosing in to other peoples lives. Also it is also how they get people to join in on the groupstalking by planting seeds of the target being a pedo. Women in general have been brainwashed to think, and always fear they will be victim of a serial killer, or pedo. In actuality what are the chances of really being victim of that. It disrupts natural selection, and helps groupstalkers become the desirable ones. If a target is pushed to the point to appear crazy, or wild eyed with a temper all women will fear them, in affect giving the groupstalkers the benefit of picking their mates because they appear to be the trustworthy ones.
By ---- on MA New Police Chief Is Familiar on 4/19/12"

Very good. Thank you M---! Lately there is alot of activity in media aimed to get me to calm down and join society- to view the previously 'bad guys' as now being on my side. This interview worked up until I read your comment or I wasnt sure and thought maybe they were thinking on our level finally. I think having a female in charge also puts women like me off guard.

I just learned that from a female being in charge at MIT and now a male comes in. Already they want to take computer privileges away from the public. I now see that having Obama in charge of the country and females in charge of institutions or forces that were previously seen as being malecentric in thier GS motives or approaches HAS BEEN JUST A WAY TO BUY TIME AND CALM MANY TARGETS INTO COMPLACENCY, of course so Romney can get in and bring back Bush policies and Neocon insanity.

Its already too late but thanks for getting me hip.
"Kinda like David Lawson, who advocates stepping on the toes of "fake police officers" or spilling coffee on them or laughing in their face. And he "rode" with perp groups. But most targets now now that those are real police officers who are going along with harassing targets. So spilling coffee on them, stepping on their toes, or whatever is definitely not a good idea. In real life, the target is surrounded by real professionals who are in on their stalking and harassment. This whole stepping on toes and laughing at supposed perps sounds like what perps sometimes do to targets. The book could be a brainwashing to get targets to make themselves look like perps or get them in trouble.
By Anonymous on Chuck Palahniuk-Another Smartass on 3/23/12 "

Yeah, those were stupid, heady days. When alot of the 2003 TI's, those of us whose campaigns went 24-7 then, were very easily confused and under alot of mind control during Bush.
Not the greatest advice from a person in police like work really. It doesnt really fit the nature of someone who's a private detective. They usually have a more serious nature yet one less rigid than an officer. Looking back at it now, I hate to admit its funny. Its ridiculous in fact.

And actually, if anyone ever wants to see what TI's have for evidence of harassment and set ups- this book serves as one big piece of evidence for a covert campaign of disinfo to lead us astray and against our own interests. So does ever dumb comment on blogs and especially YouTube. It shows there is active harassment based on the content.

There's lots of evidence right in front of our faces they dont want us to know we can use to create our case.
"Sigh. I know about about those sorts of places. Somtimes if you remain calm, though, instead of getting pissed off and yelling at them seems to work. I was in a Subway at Wal Mart over here (not MO) but the harassment was similar. There were a huge number of Wal Mart employees in there, and I heard this great big group laugh as soon as I walked into the place. Got a little intimidated, but I managed to calm myself. The way I approached it was to just resign myself to the fact that these people are basically under a huge group delusion. They live by false premises and beliefs, and I resigned myself to the fact that there is nothing I can do to stop their irrational hate, superiority, whatever it is over me. I did enjoy myself, because I sat in a seat far enough away from them. When I saw them leaving, they looked like they felt kind of bad. It's hard to believe that this many employees had to take a break right at 9:38AM, and that it just so happened to be the time I walked into the place. They live in a false reality. Romney may get in, but it won't change the fact that he is getting in using highly unethical means via his money and riches. Don't let them bother you. They do think they're superman x1000, when they are really superman divided by 1000. Just visualize themselves as mediocre insecure nobodies with a chip implanted to make them think they are somebodies, and this chip was programmed by the ilk of people vouching for or working for Romney. They will bother you and stress you out, which is what they do to me, but you can still have your time to smell the roses. This is your time to shine amidst the programmed sewer rats who think they're clean supreme gods. The more you put on the hardass vibe, the more they're going to get an edge over you. They are drunken with power because they have managed to convince themselves all these false pretenses around you and them are real. The human mind can be programmed to see delusions and sincerely believe them instead of reality. Putting on the hardass vibe may validate what they are doing. The only thing they have on their side is that there are a large number of delusional schmucks who are in severe need of culture and an education. And by education I don't mean school, I mean the type of education where they see how tiny THEY are to the real realities out there. They are nothings. Ignore them. They try this shit with me all the freaking time.
By Anonymous on Immediate And Heavy Harassment In Mt Vernon, Misso... on 3/22/12"

Dont worry. Soon enough if Romney gets in, they wont be seeing anything of me nor my Boston attitude around, anywhere in the USA. If he doesnt, I am going to use four more years of at least managable living to sue to sh*t out of everyone responsible- for everthing thats happened along the way. Even seeing if I can sue the states for using tech on thier citizens. Either way, I aint gonna be thier bitch like they want in 2013.
Thanks for the pep talk as well. ;)
"It looks like the system has no problems whatsoever with picking targets and making them mentally ill and having them threaten the president or whatever. Then they will just dispose of the target like he is just some weirdo who needs taken down. The Western Psych. shooting seems to fit the pattern of the other lone shootings, the person seems very mentally disturbed (and maybe he is) and has some target or persons he is fixated on going after with the intent of killing. The other part is that this killing is done in such a way that cops are sure to kill the killer after he is done knocking off his targets.
By Anonymous on http://targetedsurvivor.blogspot.com/2012/03/stalk... on 3/18/12"

Yeah, but I actually document when I am pushed that far. If every lone shooter had a blog and discussed, documented and tried to explain to the public how this starts off with being targeted and how it progresses then perhaps many of the sad events of violence that followed could have been either prevented or avoided altogether. I dont see anyone pulling me into a paddywagon from the state hospital with white coats becuz I wrote how pissed I was at Romney and how I dont think I can take that much humiliation if he wins.
I think people understand. Remember there are alot of very wealthy people and powerful people and academics who get targeted themselves. They just have the resources to keep their heads above water throughout. The system cant push them to these limits though I believe they perhaps commit suicide more often but thats just a guess.
I also believe that the authorities who arent involved understand what psychological pressure can do. If I shot someone right now, I know that a great part of society would not blame me at all, not one bit. But it remains that I WOULD STILL HAVE TO BE TRIED FOR MY CRIME AND BE SENTENCED ETC. Thats why its not worth it to take the action even though you are pushed to that desperate point.
You wont really gain anything from it.

And actually murdering someone...ever see the state of mind these returning vets are in? I saw another one on a train a few nights ago. I can tell they are all out there and whacky, looking for parties and adventures to avoid thinking about what really happened 'back there'. Another generation of men effected this way. I look at Susan Hockfield and anyone at MIT, the Military Industrial Tool school, that produces so many tools for this industry of death and suffering- and I dont see anyone who is as adversely effected.

The head of DARPA, that awful woman whos family has been in this for years she looks calm and content doesnt she?

I hope on thier death beds, they finally know what they've done to humanity.

There's no point in cursing yourself further with a murder-suicide. And this system WILL push you at some point, almost so you cant control it. It happened to me that way in St Louis when East St L was the most dangerous city in America. 'They' were there, believe me. I can attest to the fact that they create a large amount of horror and chaos in an area. 'They' can do this. I have lived through it.

Its no surprise that I was drawn to very dangerous areas by the gang stalking system like the border near Juarez Mexico, East St Louis, etc. I realize that this system has a strong hold in these areas.

Destroy the towers, not other humans.

A Fake Christian Comments On Natives

"Well the natives were probably not very reasonable, or logical so people that came here probably thought it easier to rid the land of them. Those were some strange customs for a white man to accept, especially one coming here to escape from europes pagan witches. So they probably thought it a good idea to exterminate, or keep them out of their villages. Taking peyote isn't a white mans idea of starting anew either. Plain and simple, they were in the way, and elimination of a people who put curses, and do weird shit, who would care, I certainly don't.
By Anonymous on America Is Built On Theivery, Why Expect Any Diffe... on 5/9/12 "

You are an idiot. Seriously? LOL, European peoples were like the Natives before the burning times, when the Inquisition terrorized people into going along with whatever nonsense the Catholic Church put out. You need to put down that bible for a while and become "logical" and "reasonable" and read some history books instead.

(No, its reasonable to do cocaine and other drugs that have been perverted by chemists for profit INSTEAD of poppy tea or coca leaves in their plant form. Better yet, just take psych meds instead of any of that. Instead of looking into why you feel the way you do or perhaps that various kinds of pollution are destroying your species. Yeah, modern man is a real whiz).

"Pagan witches"? Are you serious? I dont think Columbus or Leif Ericson/Eric the Red came here to get away from pagan witches. Columbus did work for the king of Spain and they probably, like all royalty had lots of magicians, secret service people and oracles working for them to help them realize thier goals of greed and world domination. Kind of like today's corporate 'royalty'. Discovering the already inhabited Americas was one of those actions to further thier riches.

Also, you sound like you are refering to the Pilgrims. Again lots of people had come over here before that including Spain down in Mexico area. Who gives a f*ck what the Pilgrims were up to? From the people Ive met who are on the social register due to having thier ancestors on the Mayflower, they are the ones who seem like Satanic types, not godly. If there even is such a thing possible for human animals.

Listen, Nature and trying to generate a GENUINE high quality of life for you and your community is what you need to live by. Not some Abrahamic godhead creation hailing from the minds of foriegn madmen from the Middle East, or a Italian-Jew like Jesus was. Christianity just rips off the Babylonian cult of the moon goddess, the sun god and the child created by the two- The Trinity was created here by this.

All Abrahamic religions have been proven to be rip offs or contain other older religious beliefs. Why else would man need to shed blood in the name of a god or gods that supposedly preach peace, no murder and feed your fellow man and love your neighbor? Man's nature is to murder thier neighbor, take his food and 'love' his wife. The sooner man faces this reality the sooner he can get on with being cautious about his animal nature and keeping it in line.

The Church has destroyed countless European cultures. It is a murdering, lying, raping cult of foolishness that needs to be destroyed as do all Abrahamic religions on this planet. Good for the believers in these that are truly good people but so much about these systems allow for evil men to hide and claim rightousness. ENOUGH.

I care. I love Natives peoples. Even many African countries, thier people are much nicer than Americans. Depends on the country over there. But I truly love Asiatic decended Native peoples. Thats becuz they've discovered the only place in Europe where such similar DNA exists is Lithuania, and I am partially this. These are, in a sense, my brethren. I dont care that Mexicans are in on gang stalking to a ridiculous degree or that Natives hate Americans on thier soil. Laughibly, like Jews, they always do something to betray themselves and assist me, as if the old gods or some DNA similarity is working quietly in the backround. (Jews are very Eastern European in DNA even though they like to stick by Creationism).

You can't break up the old gods' peoples. You cant destroy brothers of the North, the Slavs, the Germanic peoples or the Celts. The Asians nor the Hindus or Indians. Nor the Persian peoples. Every ancient culture will survive in some form to fight and maybe not even know that is what they are doing.

All the new, fake religions can do is to cause them to infight and turn on one another.

Satanism...well, sometimes if they are frustrated in a very pagan based area like Scandinavia its simply a reaction to the invading Christians who still insist on having Middle Eastern religious sensibilities far away from where they belong. Yet, this reactionary belief system leads where? Its anti-human and I can see that as useful in part sometimes, but not as a system to follow at all times, for life.

"Curses"? Curses are European settlers made sick and ignorant by organized religions that created conditions that then spawned endless sickness, starvation, disease and suffering for the people of Europe-showing up to the Americas briging with them diseases the Natives had no immunity to, alchohol they still dont have the enzymes to break down, violence and greed. Cutting a Native's skin off simply to see how sharp your knife is- now THAT is arrogance and disregard. THEY SETTLERS OF THIS COUNTRY AND THE MILITARY AND EXPLORERS WHO HELPED 'DISCOVER' AMERICA TORTURED, GENOCIDED, RAPED, SOLD INTO SLAVERY, SEX TRAFFICKED THE NATIVES OF THE AMERICAS and are still insisting on abusing such peoples for sex, drug growing, production and running as well as if there is any natural resource found on thier reserved land.

The use of the Cubans/Columbians and other Native American peoples in the 80's to bring drug gangs here, then tolerate them and turn a blind eye, launder ALL of the money they produced, gladly (banks, US government and anyone who sold them goods or services for cash) THEN CREATE ONE OF THE BLOODIEST DRUG GANG WARS THE USA HAS EVER SEEN SO THAT THEY COULD SEIZE THIER LAND AND ASSETS AS PART OF THAT AND THE 'WAR ON DRUGS' thus completing their sleazy long term plot to EXPLOIT these poor Native peasant peoples for thier labor and thier lives TO MAKE MIAMI INTO THE VERY RICH, SUCCESSFUL PLACE IT IS TODAY.
And if you drive through mid to lower Florida, you can pick up the worst vibe of a large scale human sacrifice ever to be felt outside of going past NYC shortly after the towers blew up or whatever happened on 9-11-01.

Wake up and realize that America and Europe- your wonderful 'Christian/Catholic/Judaic' nations and peoples, exploit anyone and everyone they can do make their wealth and run thier lives. The only reason they no longer try to do it to each other (and they still do- Norway, you are smart: DONT join the EU. Let em all drag each other down by themselves) is becuz due to having history together they are hip to how this works. Didnt Rome seek only to occupy, invade and enslave Celtic and Germanic peoples?

Native peoples also did this to each other, believe me, its just that Europeans seem to have the most effective system historically. Thats all. But MONOTHEISTIC ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS dont exactly help matters by masking all the evil men do. How people can live as they do even just in America and go to thier churches on Sunday is beyond me. There's alot to be said for brainwashing, thats all I can say.

Don't ever send another negative comment about Native peoples or, unlike attacks on me, I WILL start trying to find out who you are. Native peoples of the northern hemisphere are the only ones left who remember anything about what really matters. If only the white man would wake up to his pagan past we might actually create a peaceful world.
And now this bullshit attempt at trying to get rid of all religion to create some whacked out NWO, where I cant imagine how ridiculous the belief systems are going to be.

Only comment on this blog if you are a responsible Christian not a fanatical one. Its YOU that are inhumane and evil. At least when dealing with Satanists, I can see my enemy clearly. Kinda like prefering Bush to Obama. Both pieces of sh*t but at least one has the balls to man up to the position of dictator- no race cards, no bitch wife helping to run things and thank god for a few years without Hillary Clinton flopping her jowls around trying to be The Most Interesting Man In The World..................................................................

...in a Columbian bar somewhere while Secret Servicemen rip of 40 dollar whores.

I bet Bush and co pay thier whores without balking, male or otherwise. THAT'S the difference and that's the difference between you and Satanists.

Fake Christian.
(No I am not a Christian, but they can be helpful, if they arent going by words but by being spiritual. Fanatical right winger or people who go by the word alone seem to be more akin to terrorists than anyone helpful to preventing the enslavement of mankind.)

Reader Gives Up Not Sure If He Was Truly A TI To Begin With

"Nick O here, brayvo777 from youtube, I hope you remember me. I would have responded to your youtube but they are making it harder to communicate on there (as you probably know by now, you can't send messages to other users). I have been following your blog lately. I will pray for you in hope that this will stop for you, for good, so you can live you life the way you want. I hope your internal bleeding stops too. You have inspired my dream to become a counselor instead of an artist for what i want to do with my life. I started taking pills for my diagnosed schizo-affective last year and i am sober 4 months now. The pills made me gain weight along with quitting pot, alcohol and cigarettes. Even though i don't believe what was happening to me was real, and only in my head, i still consider myself to be an ex-TI and i can relate to a degree. I am still paranoid to this day but just not about the gangstalking. You are very smart, strong and a great writer. I just checked out your other blogs today again, it's been about a year since i did that. I read your "skepticism for targeted individuals" but didn't really understand it, am eager to know what the difference is between being paranoid and a TI is. I wish i could help you, and I believe you are going through some rough, terrible, atrocious times. I can't imagine how it is for you. Please hang in there and don't suicide. PS I am a dissendent as well. My grandfather was in the CIA.
By Anonymous on Police Connect Workplace Violence To Gang Stalking... on 5/11/12 "

Guess what? I dont smoke or drink. I smoked occasionally as medicinal but dont do that anymore either. And that never changes my situation. I am a TI for specific motives most of them to perpetuate a cover up. Its not dependent on my state of mind.

After I got clean in 95 they came after me. I was hit with tech so I would have to go to a psychiatrist for 'panic attacks' and other BS medical stuff too. It all disappeared when I left the state. Now they dont dare even try to hit me with this nonsense. Ive blogged enough about those symptoms to show that they were tech induced.

I will NEVER, ever get labeled of my own accord. You've given up. I dont want to inspire you to do anything. I dont care what you do. You are a not a soldier. You are obviously just an average human being, which some of us out here cannot afford to be.

If you dont understand my blogs then you dont need to be reading them. If you dont know why you are targeted then maybe you were never targeted in the first place. I understand firmly my situation. I have dirt on important people in Boston and I also have a parent who is a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra- closely.

I have no doubts about my own sanity. Either you were never truly a TI but mentally ill or they got to you good before you could understand your situation. Good luck.

More On The MIT Decision To Not Allow Public Access For Over Two Hours A Day

The info was leaked to me but I am skeptical of the way this was done. Its like they know I am going to write this. It feels very manipulative.

Again, I have to consider the fact that I am always being handled. No one like me in this climate in this country nowadays is going to be treated with respect as first class citizen. And people are very good at 'handling' people like me nowadays, almost like they've been trained.

I am sure that they are told that we either have very mild mental illness or that we are the types who dont conform to normal society and are rebellling and its very unpopular to be out with authority these days. This is why alot of TIs and activists have this sentiment that the country is 'done' or that the culture is totally screwed for good. Becuz there is a sense of this quiet agreement among the people who do consider themselves a legit part of 'normal' society, that we are now defined strictly as not a part of. And that marginalization is final. And there is segregation but its done covertly and with alot of handling and tact.

Alot of it is based on people like me being uneducated, unworldly, poor or poverty minded, not socialized properly etc. For us, this culture is one big prison we move about in yearly. Yet everywhere you go its the same. And it seems quite hopeless due to of course many of the things I mention in my work.

People are being handed this idea that this is all due to the 70's overly tolerant culture towards the poor etc. When in fact, people like me are targeted to BE POOR and be kept down becuz we are the rebels in a country that is now occupied by corporate culture and being controlled by covert means with military grade technologies, methods and tactics.
Having to live as a rebel in a democratic society that will not allow any admitting of the truth about keeping its rebels and whistle blowers at bay with such methods is the world's greatest mindf*ck in existence. It would be alot easier to exist as a rebel in some country where you carry a rifle, live under a banner, starve up in some mountain hideout and die at the hands of the military or government eventually. This is much much worse. Becuz you live as a hero, as a rebel, doing what you know is right against a totalitarian, fascist whatever the correct term is- system, and you actually have to pretend its actually about being poor, homeless and high functioning mentally ill perhaps JUST SO YOU DONT GET OUTRIGHT LABELED.

This is why I want to leave my country. The public has been trained and they cant be made aware. There are thousands of Targeted Individuals living as homeless people, some of whom know thier situation and become rebels or activists and sadly, others who fall into the most severe mental illness and decay due to not understanding the reality of thier situation.

Why do you think I am targeted so hard? Becuz they know a woman like me would take care of her people. I have no children, always wanted my family to be decent and am very territorial and maternal. They know a female like me would build a nest that is a fortress, and then negotiate with the oppressor from within, with my people safely inside or at least create a better system which is thier worst nightmare. I know that first statement sounds like a cult leader- in fact every cult thats ended badly with a shootout with the feds. Does that tell you something? Yes, it tells you that like Jonestown, alot of these cults are on purpose, CIA monitored or even part of human experimentation. They are most likely put through the rigors of GS and this is why they end badly. Its all a set up from the get to.

They know at my most diplomatic I would insist on thier being homeless clubhouses or places where high functioning locals and Travelers could go to have a houseless community away from the idiots that screw everything up due to thier behavior being so bad.
Also I would want improvements to existing homeless shelters. I would want to create advocacy from the inside of our community not from outsiders. THE SYSTEM HERE DOES NOT WANT THAT. I can only assume its becuz they know damn well about the existence of Targeted Individuals making up a huge part of the homeless and houseless Traveler population. Letting lose whistleblowers, victim witnesses and experimentees would go against the purpose of targeting these people to begin with.

Recall what that Mexican said to me while I was in San Antonio: "..you can be controlled". That is thier sole purpose and they are not going to mess up a system that works for them so well.

The public are mystefied by the industries where they hide thier victims: prostitution, drugs, prisons and the homeless. Isnt it interesting that most people find themselves, by force, shifted from one of these to another, usually by being targeted and through no fault of thier own.

If anyone honestly believes that someone like me should be homeless then do the math and probblity again. No one who looks like me, has my intelligence and talent and communications skills should be homeless for this long or at all. At the very least, some well to do American male should have helped me out of the gutter by now, last resort but still a possibly scenerio.

This is all by design. And I am sick of it. Instead of changing thier system that is completely wrong they wish to change individuals instead. This is why so many of us say America is done. Becuz you cant even exist as an autonomous individual anymore. And thats real. Ive traveled many cities over these years and there is something seriously wrong with the high level of concentrated conformity, lack of liveliness, originality or creativity in the streets of the cities. Looking at it from a distance, one sees just a population of humans that are far to peaceful and calm to be normal, all dressed the same way, surrounded by corporate culture and its symbols. Slowly floating by each other, as if in a dream. This is not life. These people are not alive nor are these cities alive.

And any such place that allows for an alternative community usually does so with great pains to them as alot of the worst elements of this cause alot of problems for mainstream people, thus once again making us all look bad.

It used to be that in the old days, judgement calls were made by shop owners etc to see who was 'cool' to be allowed and who wasnt. If you were fairly sane and considerate and active, you were fine. If you were a complete mental case who wasnt amusing or doing something worthy, just state hospital material, you certainly wouldnt be allowed in any place.


Thus in the cities we are always screwed over by the ghetto types, the crack heads and the truly severely mentally ill and dumb white trash kids. What is so suspect is that there isnt any kind of collective for people like me, people who are working towards actually doing something, working on an alternative lifestyle that can work around the current system. WHY?

Becuz we are targeted so heavily that we are unable to do so. Youve seen the posts on my blogs. Do I not oscilate daily depending on location especially, between being a reasonable person and going off the deep end, especially lately? Now, mainstream society specifically the homeless culture that exists to handle people like me, is going to stand by the claim that this is due to my 'mental illness' worsening. As one homeless advocate mentioned "As these people get sicker...". Western society will not admit to the use of the same methods as Iran, China, East Germany or the USSR to handle and destroy its dissidents and victims of human rights atrocities. They always refuse to take responsibility for overt war crimes anyway so why admit to covert ones-things you can keep quiet.

They are satisfied to tell themselves its sickness. Sickness of the mind. And actually its American culture that is so very sick, in many ways. I dont ever want to have to believe ever again in my life in something like 'retail therapy'. This culture only wants consumers and that is more true now than ever before.

Its all they want. Its even the base of behavior modification for people like me. This is why you see many commenters (perps really) saying things like 'I would just give up Rachael, might as well get a job'. Instead of trying to expose war crimes? ARE YOU INSANE?? They want people who will work, pay taxes, own property and BUY THINGS to make themselves feel validated and complete. Right now in human history, in this country THAT IS ALL THEY WANT.

I can personally testify to instances here in MA in this area where the content of my behavior modification was just that-to drive me towards those goals only. Ive experienced this as part of the manipulation I experience. In TX also.

You can try to fight this, but when? On Sundays and from 12 midnight to 6 am weekdays and Saturday? I cant keep that kind of schedule with my health and resources- believe me, Ive considered fighting them that way. Ive considered alot of extreme alternative living situations just to beat thier system. If I were younger physically I could do it but I wouldnt be able to think of it most likely being younger mentally.

I have been told that getting dissidents to leave the country is part of gang stalking. So what? The person said it to me as if that was a reason to stay here. To be stubborn. What is the point in that? Its not going to work. The people like thier country this way and the powers that be want it this way. I dont see why staying and fighting is going to work. Its also impossible nowadays becuz of the way the tech is so prevelant now. ITS UNBEATABLE. The cocktail of chemtrails, flouride, stalking and harassment along with the technologies is an unbeatable system of managing this country. THERE IS NO WAY TO BEAT IT EXCEPT TO STAY ON THE ROAD TRAVELING. Being on highways, in a truck with no satellite is the only peace Ive had. I dont know if its the movement, it seems to have alot to do with it being in motion at certain speeds, as well as changing states in a small amount of time.

If this is the only freedom available from this prison, if this and perhaps wi fi and cell phone dead zones are the only way out, I will take the way out of the entire place. There has got to be someplace that hasnt yet been wired up like the USA or, they respect human rights in reality, not just pretending to while committing war crimes as well as art is important to them. Its very telling that this is happening in a society that has a low value on art in daily life. Even when you watch Canadian TV on the border you see how they value art more.

I was warned by perps this country is now completely military obsessed. The public isnt aware, they only live in the reality of corporate culture, where they are kept by the military. Obviously this is true as the original plans for mass mind control are outlined in the 80's paper Mind War.

Then again, much military activity has now been privatized- by corporations. A military corporate empire now runs the country and they havent the same accountability to the people that a government run military does.

Good luck. I am no longer going to waste my time fighting on the front lines of this for a society that seems very happy with the results as well as I am always alone out here. I cant relate to anyone.

Like I said, I am going to see if I can sue for any of this and after that, I just want to leave. Probably I wont be able to follow through as I cant get much done due to the intensity of the tech and GS. But I am going to try.

Seeing Squatter Locals Move On As Travelers

I've seen some of the local squatter kids, the good kids not the uppity poser brats, graduate to becoming real Travelers. It reminds me that the Traveler community would never put up with the bullshit that the poser kids put out. They cant handle joining that community becuz they know they'll get the piss beaten out of them and rejected for being full of shit and gensrally bad kids.

When I,say,bad I,dont mean what society deems bad but what Travelers deem so. Uncooperative, non community minded, intolerant of quirks, personal style, differences in schedule or travel style or personal taste, rude, deceptive, mobbing and generally being legit society's little house slave to further their agendas. All the while posing as a Traveler or Squatter- wearing the clothes, the hair styles and looking the part.

Rarely do these types of kids go anywhere and if they do,its either very,short lived or they do so only with other kids like them from their little poser group.

The lomger they,stay on the road the more they will become acclemated to the culture therefore unable to be full of shit any longer.
They culture itself, just the nature of it, does not allow for people to remain as they were. This is why poser Squatter kids like some that are in Harvard pretty much stay where they are.

They dont want to change, dont want to grow.

Every kid I see that becomes a legit Traveler is always a oerson who was true. They werent conniving little bastards in any,way.

Becuz if rhey try,that shit long enough on the,road someone is going,to scare the shit,out of,them and they will have to come home crying or become a bit less like mainstrsam society.

The pronlem is in normal society,people like this can hide especially,if,rhey,have money. In the Traveler communuty olemty of kids have money-but being a shit head will still get you beat up.

Its great.