“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Display Of Mindless Racism Reminds Me of My True Value System- And That It Is Intact

I just experienced the kind of racism that is unnecessary and mindless from two males on Latin the other Caucasian. They were making fun of a story about a baby put into a washing machine by two babysitters. Everyone involved in the news story was African American.

 In this modern environment nowadays it's hard to keep a balance. A common tactic of the GS system is to harass the Target into becoming a racist, specifically against the cliche 'blacks and Jews' theme. In my campaign theyve been trying to make me into a racist  even so frustrated as to join a white supremacy group or submit my Will and get with a black man in a relationship. No matter what they do always remember what they want ultimately is CONTROL. Control over everyone all the time, especially their targeted individuals. Cult mind control is ultimately what is used to gain control over a nation a group or individuals. Their worst nightmare it seems is true evolution of humanity. The elite have always engineered society so that differing groups in the lower classes dont unite and rise up against them. Thus control is gained via divide and conquer.

 I have found that selectively using racism in self defense, as in racial self defense, is the best way to defend oneself against perps trying to brainwash a TI. Also against NWO social engineering - being dominated by other cultures and other peoples to make the folk more controllable.
At the same time try to be fair and not become what the system want you to be which is a cult member basically. Remember the that the system wants submission to racism either white supremacy, black supremacy et cetera but also the opposite will do-to submit to race mixing, not by one's personal taste thats natural to one as in personal choice of the Will but by design through conditioning.. Anything by design through conditioning isnt natural.

Why would the system want people to take either choice? Becuz all they care about is people choosing one of the choices they give. They dont care which. As long as you take one of the two they are offering. Either become a staunch racist hate monger bigot or marry a black man. Its disgusting really when people no longer have any true freedom of thought, choice or mind.

 Mindless, unecessary racism makes me uncomfortable. Racism in self defense might be necessary in some situations due to many demographics not realizing they are being used for the NWO as well as outright perps who know they are creating hatred in people but only care about getting paid or not getting exposed for some crime.

The laughable thing about a GS campaign is that people are reacting to a version of the person that is a lie. A creation of a slander campaign. Then covertly the person is slowly turned into whatever horror they claimed years before. Its such unbelievable bullsh*t.

What they want is control, not truly balanced people capable of independent and critical thought. So they take someone balanced and fair who wants to evolve and grow and destroy them, make them hateful and then act as if the harassment is somehow based on fixing the person or containing them based on flaws...whatever the nonsense is. All the perps are cult mind controlled if they arent sadists, paid off or trying to avoid jail time. In fact the latter are far less annoying than the former becuz they are more awake and conshus and seem to be a bit more honest about what they are doing.

I wondered when this incident occured today was it a bait to try to get me to appear to take part in a racist conversation. I pretty much walked out after asking where the incident occured. That storage place of mine is wired for sound by the security company that monitors it and anything is possible as far as spying. Southie is probably watched intensely by the feds due to drug and thug activity. If they were wiring Catholic Churches then why not storage spaces? Probably under the pretense that drug dealers might try to keep something there or..knowing the mob in Boston- store bodies or something (like in that meat freezer a few years ago.)

Remember that you are being framed, actively for years on end. The system wants to appear just but they only favor those that inform for them and those that pay them off. The authorities in the US are crooked end of story.

Dont trust any scenerio where people are baiting you with any kind of contraversial content. Also this information might not get exposed publicly but still might be used to get you on a list somewhere that could make life much more difficult. Even overseas.

Lastly, they might be trying to get you to become comfortable with, say, racism or white supremacy becuz this assists in the brainwashing of a Target. They can slowly isolate you within such a group. DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

We all should know by now that they are afraid of the smartest, most creative, attractive people- NATURE'S ELITE, regardless of class etc, getting together through free association and creating either an alternative culture or one that stands against the NWO and oppression. 
I noticed that alot of people are mentiioning racial things now that I have that blog on white empowerment and much of my posting here has been racial frustration. Gee, just like that huh?

Dont trust anyone, ever. With anything they say or do. Unless you can really trust them, know what I mean??