“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Oprah On Racism...And Yummy Sauces

This is Political Correctness?

I guess she doesnt write her own scripts because using phrases like "marinated in it" is just bad.

Its not surprising her Freudian slip using the term "marinating". If Oprah was starved for a few weeks, do you think she would resort to cannibalizing some old racists? Perhaps after marinating them in some sort of sauce?
Shes got to have her own line of like barbeque sauce or something because everyone who gets to this level of fame goes out on that fragile branch at some point-and promptly backs up from it realising their mistake.

I guess having her own reflection glaring back at her monthly isnt enough to satisfy her ego.
Now I know why Michelle Obama kicked her ass out of the circle after making good use of her.

If any of you ditzy lost females care to wake up to reality at some point-Oprah isnt a very good Guru.
Shes no better than a mammy who procures trusting women looking for feminine support and help and then turna them over to the likes of her MALE 'experts'-Dr Phil and Dr Oz. Like 'Mr Clean' and 'Brawny'. Believe me, the people marketing this crap know who their daytime audience is.

Ive always wondered why not ONE of her ongoing 'expert' gurus isnt female?

And Dr Phil just creeps me out due to the fact I can still picture him with a slightly less balding head back in the day with a gold coke spoon and a polyester shirt complete with stacked heel boots and flares frequenting the discos.
Its like he STILL looks like that. I mean i cant get it out of my head like every time I look at him. Its unbearable.
He reminds me of a Poodle. Manly but in this creepy icky sort of way thats just unappealing and unattractive. I love dogs but Poodles man...I just try and I cant get over the combo of foo foo and big size with those dumb hair cuts.

I just cant.

Poodles: the Dr. Phils of the dog world.

Anyway...aside from my weird obsessions theres Dr Oz. Does this guy have a real name or was this it at birth? Are we not in Kansas anymore or what? Hmmm. Hes always struck me as dangerously resembling Hugh Hefner. Another great guru of women...which Oprah would probably sell women out to if she was ever attractive enough in her life.

Yeah-self aggrandizement and bringing sheep to the slaughter aka serving the patriarchy yet again.
Thats certainly novel.

Maybe when Fukushima destroys every living thing in the sea and our food supply dwindles and Monsanto etc decides to feed only those who can afford it who live in the domes, we will become cannibalistic-as all our ancestors were and as we are now, through our actions towards one another.

"Yeah can I have an old racist marinated in..uh..lets see. Um, Teriyaki sauce. Does that Diversity it up a little bit?..We wouldn't want to be racist while the entire fuckin world is degenerating into total anarchy and destruction around us because Armageddon is here but no one noticed.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This blog is discontinued until further notice due to legal and safety issues. Will be back as soon as I can.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Those Who Abuse Of Power Are Easily Identified

Hey isnt this one of those new guys whos taken over key seats of power in my home state (or NE fed jurisdiction)?  One of those politicians or 'professionals' whos decided that running with the dollar at any cost is more important than the common man or having any sort of morality?

They all seem to have the same identifying mark. 

Its not quite the mark of the beast-Im not religious. I guess it could be Armageddon... if you believe that age old problems like corruption and unchecked male aggression (even passively applied) is SUPER-natural. 

Which they arent.

Just same old shit...different century.