“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, December 28, 2014

754 vk8 red car. Skinny guy. Likes to motion homeless women panhandling to ccome to drivers side then shuts window.

Grey small suv got nervous across street as my reaction was to calmly walk back around car then pull out smart phone to put his punk ass on front street.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Boston Cambridge Area Hit With Heavier Remote Influence Than Previous Years

Not doing too well in this area. I stayed for a year which Ive never done before-through last winter. Im starting to look my age. After Fukushima I aged about 5 years anyway but the lack of the same structure I had before is making it very hard to survive.

I had an abortion last year in which OHSU screwed up my womb badly and I cant get any Harvard affiliated docs to admit to it and its obvious Im being handled. I recently found out OHSU is a research hospital but its state run not a teaching hospital in the way I understood them here in Boston- affiliated with private Ivy League colleges. THe daily lower back pain caused by that first hemorrhage like bleeding, that incapacitated me for a month so I couldnt leave Portland, OR had never left completely and its just another daily obstacle. TIs acquire all kinds of health damages due to being forced into living situations they would not normally be in or states of mind we have to endure due to being targeted, sleep deprived etc.

The people who are behind this system know damn well its a long term destruction of the persons health and sanity. That is thier goal.

OHSU is getting sued all the time. They dont have as much accountability due to being a state institution. It was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. I should have come home and had it done.

Getting many months of exposure of radiation on the west coast was also very stupid especially Portland OR.

I meet this man last year and for some reason I got stuck here after he went to jail. I still have no idea what I was thinking. I was sick from radiation exposure in the months before. I spent the winter just healing what felt like exposure that was in the very marrow of my bones. Its very bad in the northwest.

So I stayed here all year. I spent my summer trying to get out of the USA via Nova Scotia and due to gang stalking I only made it to the border of Canada, Machias Maine.
SO I still havent left the northeast all this time. Ive been in the northwest and northeast since June of 2013. No desert, no midwest, no TX. That isnt good.

Going to the Southwestern USA had kept my health preserved and even healed me due to the dry conditions improving everything from my mold exposure in early 2000s to some respiratory conditions due to mold exposure and just the fact the northeast is polluted with alot of mold.

Slowly conditions here in my hometown Ive been stuck in have deteriorated for houseless people. The attempted no camping in Cambridge, the new anti homeless sentiment. Alot due to the new administrations in Cambridge and Boston. When Menino died some things improved (like some sort of control that was over me) but I also feel alot less protected now and perps are doing things they didnt do since Bush. Also homeless people got some help from Menino as long as he was alive.

Then being forced to finally act out, getting arrested, probation, bringing an unnatural fear to me which has been hindering. Very limiting. I know damn well that I will be f*cked with so hard in jail by people working for the GS system that it wont end well...that and the fact that jails here are so mouldy I would acquire more damage to my system than I can afford. It took me years to repair the neurological damage done by that mouldy apartment and I did so by travelling to very dry hot areas every year. Also on the road I dont eat as many sweets which I now cannot stop doing its my second winter here. This is exactly what happens to my mother in this environment and its not going to happen to me. Overweight, depressed, asthma plus who knows what neuro damage has been done, my grandmother's basement floods every year. No one is going to make me get more mold exposure. More agonizing headaches, more rhinitis, more brain damage. In 2006 I left this area to go to AZ to get healthy and I was walking with an unsteady gait, thats how bad the nuero damage was. I was paying out of my pocket to get vitamin iv's at the Merino Center every week. While still being forced to go back into the mouldy apartment.
I had discussions about brain damage with an older man who had an aneurism. We both experienced the weird experience of perceiving a memory from just yesterday as if it was 10 years ago. This is why I go to the desert and travel and sleep outside. Not always healthiest and yes, leads to other health problems but it assists in repairing brain damage. Meeting new people and seeing new things constantly also improved my condition as well as repaired memory loss.

This area has always wanted to destroy me the way they have my mother. Dont f*ckin think so.

My eyesight has started deteriorating this year which I firmly believe is from not going to dry out in the west.

Another thing I am experiencing is that I have systematically alienated the companion I am with. Its so murky here now with electromag/radiation soup it seems that its hard to tell if I should have even been with him at all.

There is something different about the way this area is being targeted. Its a much heavier influence than I remember. On Saturdays then Sundays or holidays-'clear' days from whatever the remote influence is over the area (and that is across the USA) this area clears up to a state that I recall it was last year before the new administration. I feel it every Saturday. I am clearer headed, I can make a decision I can remember things better.

Its not just memory loss its forgetting what your long term plans were or forgetting your actual motivations. Its so heavy its....feels almost deadly over time. Forgetting who you are even.

I got disgusted with the homeless womens drop ins which seem to be in on this genocide of TIs and homeless people as much as the surrounding communities. Before it was just gang stalking now they are moving their people out with a quickness, to new jobs and locations then making these places look improved and implementing policies that actually limit a damaged TI especially someone who experienced alot of abuse of power in the place. The Womens Lunch Place is a perfect example of this. They’ve been very slick about cleaning up thier act but making it so anyone they abused before is going to be unable to get anything out of the new environment. Its a total white wash.

The workers in these places all within the last year have left magickally all at the same time to go on to other jobs. After being around for 10 years through the thick of the war and the harassment campaigns. ASSHOLES. Nurse Pat is one of them. She helps the average homeless but helps perp the targeted whistle-blowers and activists-the TIS. This is very common in the homeless industry.

The WOmen's Center is now just the way they wanted it-just for groups so local women can do activism. Hmph. Sucks I had to go there every day in winter and get fried the shit out of and messed with by the housed women that went to drum circles and such. Now they just take it back by setting up some sort of violence from a client (by hiring a director that was totally going to cause that. She looks and acts like one of the Bush daughters. Not exactly the kind of person that fits in there. Wish it would have happened sooner so I woouldnt have depended on the place all these years.

Theres no scene left or sense of family in Harvard

Due to all the other issues making it hard for me to function as I did as a houseless activist Im slowly becoming dependent on someone who isnt dependable or totally sensitive to my hurts and wounds. Hes the kind where you would have to be already damaged for him to understand how severe something is. I cant afford that.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Heaviness In Chest Unable To Breathe-Reflux Or Perps Returning To Bush Heydays Using Poisonings?

I've had heaviness in chest and trouble breathing. Found white powder on clothes last night when came back from restroom at Mass Art. Sprayed clothes and all gear and companions gear im now using with cleansing spray. Symptoms declined. Heaviness chest decreased, memory functioned better, heart felt healthier.

Heaviness in center of chest was causing depression that was becoming crushing. Confusion, doom and gloom, defeatedness and a lot of symptoms i saw my grandfather experience with heart disease and after heart surgeries. Taxing the heart like that causes childlike behavior, crying and crushing depression.

Its been clinically proven that 'broken heartedness' in humans is due to actual changes in our heart organ due to changes in our emotional and/or spiritual states.

Been very messed up lately. And not doing well in Boston area.

It seems paranoid but the people involved in this system have depended on poisons and dosings for years. It was worse during Bush and early Obama.
I have one awful memory I can recall of Chinese working at Dunkin Donuts in Chinatown in Boston putting a white powder in to my coffee. This was early on after my gang stalking campaign went 24/7, in 2006 perhaps when I began my years of chronic homelessness by staying in shelters in Boston like Pine St Inn.
I had not been introduced to gang stalking activism yet on the internet but I knew I was being treated very badly like this sort of thing, gas from the stove being turned on in my Brighton apartment when I wasnt home, being stalked and harassed by marked police cars etc.

It wouldnt surprise me if that was tried again as a tactic. Since Ive been on probation the main content of the harassment campaigns seems to be to make me snap so that I get put into an institution but also to force me to give up my continued attempts at finishing my project. My being discredited in this area seems to be complete and to the satisfaction of the community. Trying to once again make me nuts with druggings doesnt surprise me. Making me react as I did to get arrested is basically what they did in that McDonalds anyway.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Being Harassed In Brighton Again/Black Males As Mate Theme Being Used Again

11:52 PM

Being harassed once again in McDonald's on Western Ave, Brighton, MA this morning.
Black foriegn male in hallway near door standing there staring. He had no food with him but i was at a table with food still in front of me.

A large black male seemingly mentally ill not buying anything also came in staring and focusing on me. Foreign blacks males were used heavily here this morning and they were coming in and out all making it obvious I was a Target.

My backpack is small now as I'm inside temporarily. I dont appear 'homeless'. When i complained to the Latina manager she said he was a customer from earlier this morning. (?)
Usually people loitering get kicked out of a restaurant especially nowadays.

The way she handled it was unprofessional and told him i was afraid of him standing in the doorway which i corrected. She then informed me i could leave too and that i dont need to be there at the table w my food that long.

Ive encounteted multiple instances of MALES of all races loitering undisturbed in this restaurant throughout the day.

If thats what they want to allow its fine but dont f*ck with me because i pointed out someone being a creeper.

After she walked away the black foriegn male proceeded predictablty to try to agitate me into an altercation which is 50% of the gang stalking now in this area as obviously they want me to break probation and get put away. The other half is non stop harassment from blacks mostly males to keep up my reactionary racism as self defense as this would be documented on security cams as well as by witnesses.

His first insult was some broken English comment about my being a US citizen and white yet Im homeless...which is odd because like i just wrote i dont look 'homeless' right now.

It was probably a set up and I've posted before that the all South American staff here have had some employees that have done overt harassement in the past.

I simply responded with my standard one liner telling him to go back where he came from and starve to death if he doesn't like poor or any other kind of American citizens. Being African I usually add something at the end referring to the constant take over of their governments by rebels. Chinese get a reference to organ harvesting and their government's horrible human rights record, Indians are told to take a long swim in the Ganges with some dead bodies and I have others as the ending second line for many countries..to remind them why they probably left in the first place..after the first standard line of course.

This is all psy warfare counter measures. Because obviously this administration loves to use class war and create racist, white supremacist lone shooters-and if Im wrong and they aren't perps but random assh*les, these zingers work.

No one expects this type of response in an white Liberal area.

When this was occuring there were two stocky, white males sitting in the seats just at the edge of the main dining area and where i was sitting-the back dining area.
They were dressed in some clothing one would see men who had been in the military wearing but they also could have been sportsmen. Hunting or something. Shady guys.

I went and talked to the manager and said she shud understand about creeps she's a woman. She agreed but working that angle seemed to shake up the two shady white males and as i walked past i could plainly tell they were effected by my statement and utilizing bonding between females.

Remember theres ALOT of sick, bitter men involved in these campaigns. Personal motivations always help to ensure perps go after Targets with malice and effectively.

Alot of these morons also are living out fantasies by actually treating gang stalking a female Target like an organized hunt.

(During.this I was being hit with remote influence as follows):
Im being hit once again with tactics designed to push me into ending up with a black male. It's as if my companion is percieved as a spring board or stepping stone to this end result by the gang stalking system.

I can't allow this. Ive worked to hard to give into coercion and they trying to get me into a slave culture.
Having white males reject me and be weaklings in their own identity is part of the brainwash to force me into being with a black male.

Everyone is so brainwashed with PC its hard to find people who are awake who understand these are cult mind control programs as part of the NWO plan for world wide enslavement of humanity.
They haven't seen what TIs have, that blacks and foriegn blacks are heavily involved in harassment of Targets, that the continued unethical human experimentation has many African Americans involved.

Black ghettos existing in the 21st century is the greatest cover that educated, high level placed, sophisticated blacks have going for them. No one believes they are capable of being involved in such war crimes. They only see them as victims not part of the oppression.

They havent studied up on COINTELPRO and realized those agents were simply reassigned not retired. And it's easy to assume their children and families continue.

4:32 pm
(IMPORTANT: This may assist other Targets.
I noted that when I came in later to eat lunch there was a marked lack of remote influence and any presence of creepy males around. THERE WAS A LARGE GROUP OF HIGH SCHOOL AGE GIRLS IN THE MCDONALDS AND THEY WERE AT ALL DIFFERENT TABLES AROUND ME.

I think these pervert sick f*cks who do these campaigns are such professional abusers, perverts, killers and rapists that THEY AND THEIR HIGHER UP BUDDIES KNOW BETTER THAN TO MESS AROUND A PLACE WITH SCHOOL KIDS GETTING OUT AT A CERTAIN TIME, ESPECIALLY YOUNG FEMALES.

It was an eye opener for sure. Also it was a different shift working.

If it was school age males or either gender either foreign or African American in this area I would bet on some compliance with the gang stalking system (thats what ive experienced) but middle class Caucasian females. No go I guess.)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quietly Destroy

The campaign against me has become very sneaky. Its now mostly manipulation to keep me down/brainwashed or lead me to a horrible end. Their desired goal.

So much of the local communities are against me. I can feel the secret resentment, hatred plotting my slow sure demise quietly eminating from some of them often enough.
From the girls-jealousy seeping out of them from behind me. The women scared and dismissive yet underneath sympathetic.
It's the men you can feel hatred from. Hateful and faithful in the ongoing continued plot that they believe in and are bound to.
They breathe in and out this conspiracy. Its at their cores.

Local African American sabotuer/agitators who used to harass me are now totally non aggressive as if they went into some kind of dormant state.
Probably due to the fact that i finally reacted to being harassed by African Americans and African immigrants so heavily for years by finally snapping under pressure and writing on the side of that restaurant in Central Square Cambridge.

The street scenes are so full of informants and sell outs now.

I think the guy im with..Im still not sure about him. He's an ally but he's hard to deal with.

Im surrounded by people who have given into the system by accepting its oppression as the norm. Some are not able to seperate thenselves from the system while paying for whatever crimes they've committed. The judicial and corrections system own them.

The point is to keep the Target down. Away from any decent people on other levels of society. People who might actually be able to help the Target.
People who would be outraged if they were to know. As a perp once described the gang stalking system .."how the world really works".

Monday, November 24, 2014

How Harassment Has Changed Locally/Clarity Typical Of Holidays Brings Mental Torment-System Trying To Create Self Fullfilling Prophecies


Seems the game they are playing now is to have me surrounded by what seems like normal people but they infringe on my freedom and do gang stalking just dont do obvious things to let me know thats what it is.
It's more behavior modification.

I've mixed things up so that everyone thinks im going to be in a different place than i said i was going to be and when i go outside theres no people staring at me, looking at my back pack like its strange unusual or with distaste.

Ive read that in normal spy operations its not unusual to surround ONE spy or Target who needs to be contained with 200 of the enemies spies or agents.

Ive posted this before and thats basically what is being done but alot of whats occurinf is to force me to conform-to get housed, not have a back pack or generally to daily destroy my confidence, self esteem and totally warp any accurate sense of self worth.

On these occasions where i can ditch them either by taking a vehicle away from the system that tracks a Target who walks and uses public transportation or by misinformation there is such a noticable difference in the world around me.

The environment is clear. Normal. Theres not a stream of people who are critical of me, disapproving or even noticing or focusing on me at all.
The world seems a normal place where i can walk freely and go about my business undisturbed.

No baiting, engaging, shaming, staring, brainwashing tactics.

The environment is also not disturbed by electromagnetic harassment which ive documented seems to be in the hands of police as ive experienced being hit with these technologies from a marked police vehicle in various locations.

It seems that pedestrians on trains and buses can hit TIs with tech also.

These factors make it impossible to function normally on a day to day basis.

Keep getting this ideation that im going to get framed or set up and my probation broken so that i will have to go to jail or womens prison here in MA.

This certainly puts a damper on the clear days (from being targeted or managed heavily with technologies in this area) that the holiday season brings.

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Deadly Peace Has Returned To My Life Since Mayor Thomas Menino's Death- Why?

Thomas Menino died recently. The city loved him but thats because this city is corrupt beyond belief in the way it runs things and its wealth as well as power is largely due to these methods.

The city is now only good for YUPpies and the blacks and third world foriegn immigrants who serve them. It seems Menino took care of The Homeless as a tactic in handling this population partially because he knew that the improvement of the city pushed alot of people out but also..there must have been something else.

Menino had a great relationship with tech companies that have taken over Boston and surrounding areas. His comments about the murderers of a pizza delivery man were very telling- that they should be slowly tortured to death. His dictator like attempts to keep Chic-fil-A out of the area as a business due to thier right wing conservative political beliefs. His buddy Bloomberg attempted the same thing with his sugary drinks ban in NYC which the Supreme Court repealed.

I know what I experienced in my 20s in this city. It was real. And its interesting that my sanity and reputation were only in question as of a federal investigation around career criminals who were friends of mine and at the same time, that being used as a cover for the real reason I had to be framed and targeted-post 9-11 and the war being used as covers for continued unethical human experimentation connected to MK Ultra. I have a pedigree basically as an experimentee and mind control Survivor. My mother is a documented radiation experimentee from the '50s, both parents US Marines. The experimentation was done in an infamous MK Ultra hospital in Maryland, my mother's birthplace.
What I learned in my 20s in Boston is that very rich, powerful men here are potentially very f*cked up individuals with specific sadistic, hateful tendencies towards women. People have tried to warn me that alot of abuse of women goes on in Boston but its done in a way that no one would see, that all the perks and women who are helped or advocated for cover for the level of male abuse of females that goes on in this culture. I never saw that clearly until it was pointed out to me in just that way. The Boston area isnt so much a great place as they know how to cover thier asses really well. Great accomplishments alongside great abuses of power.

Its also a place where still there is a mentality or attitude of if you are not slick or criminal like, you lose its too bad. Still, honesty and innocence have no value. A look at Whitey Bulger debunks the myths about organized criminals protecting women and children. If that were true they why would they have been involved in prostitution rings as one of the mainstays of thier profit as well as the kiddie rings that exist behind prostitution rings?

There have also been accusations about his being connected to the Mafia but if there were any, the internet has been scrubbed clean except for some comments on threads and this is a common practice now. Ive seen it done with a big company I went up against for the moldy apartment that destroyed my health and mind for life.

Forces behind the scenes in my long ordeal have metered out justice to people such as that company, who some years later after playing dirty to make sure I signed out of court for a pittance of what I deserved for the damages-got busted for other charges and had thier name made famous all over the internet in relation to the corruption but it wasnt their history of having moldy buildings making tenants sick and leaving them with brain damage but they were punished still in some form.

I want to think that Menino was part of protecting helpless people like me but it doesnt seem the case.

His favoritism to certain devolopers through the quasi independent development authority

Aww Clinton and he are so chummy. How sweet. Isnt this the president that covered up for the Pentagon's swindle of MK Ultra survivors and radiation experimentees like my (documented) mother and myself? The great smoke out then silencing by way of some harassment-then go on and continue the experimentation/ritual abuse or forced deprogramming/reprogramming or education, seemingly by way of using private contractors to do so.

That horrible building with that pointy rooftop 111 Huntington Ave in Boston has been one of the most singular symbols of the evil that had taken over this city in the late 90s and then entirely after 9-11. It ruins the original skyline which defnined Boston for decades as a great city. Its plain evil looking. It might as well be Lex Luther's headquarters. Laughably the description of Luther in wiki is befitting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lex_Luthor Carefully crafting his public persona to avoid suspicion.
Every time I looked at that building I thought of the evil released in NYC on 9-11 and generally the darkness that has come over our city. This area still has a darkness hanging over it regularly. Its let up in past years, at certain times. In NY I can handle this better as the fallout from 9-11's horrible energy is still felt as a now constant blackened evil that is part of NY. But I know what that is..I know what its from. The takeover of Boston by such energies is different. No one had to blow anything up here..or rather, pretend to fly planes into buildings, whatever. Just building that spiky topped structure as yet another thing to interfere with Boston's natural energies was enough. It symbolized the kind of people that were taking over the city-and still hold it prisoner today from its true form and from its local residents who wont join the NWO.

At the bottom of this article there are all the other Liberal politicians cooing over Menino being so wonderful. Touching.

Menino’s Associates
Who got rich under Menino? Plus: Meet the henchmen, the departed, and the resurrected of the Menino administration.

Mega-Waterfront Development Aquarium Place Surfaces
Monday, July 15, 2013, by Tom Acitelli
"Please Build it. If Only Menino had been out of the picture many years ago this would be a great city instead of just an average city. Menino is tied in with the Mafia and has kept his "Sadam Hussein Like Reign" long enough. A new Mayor who is Pro-Business and development is very welcome here."

Menino-ism? Seriously??

"Menino added:

“Also, after reading the constitution, apparently I can’t ban guns, speech, assembly, or trials by jury.
And slavery. And poll taxes.
And also I can’t ban 18-year olds from voting.
Can you believe what’s in this thing? My party really needs to read this!!”
pamplonajack on July 26, 2012 at 4:13 PM" "

So instead he lets the tech companies he's been allowing to take over the city with the developers to go insane with electromagnetic and microwave technologies, chemical influences and endless unethical human experimentation to benefit the military industrial complex, the intel agencies and the elite after 9-11. Cities dont become great from sinking with honest hard work. Now he's dead there is so much normalcy and peace in this area. Im realizing he was a monster and its devastating what went on in this area during his being in office.


His characters shows through  in moments like this as well as his comment about thinking slow torture is how to deal with the two murderers of the pizza delivery man.

Thomas Menino's Dead, Good Riddance & Bury Him Fast

Its always going to be hard for me to tell if this monster was part of  whoever helped protect me or if he was part of the power obsessed insane group who was running this area for years.

Im always going to be suspect of the riots after the Patriots and Sox won that just happened to be during Bush and post 9-11. So much chaos and violence. Its well known that you can fix games, organized crime has been doing that always when necessary. Using these technologies and other progresses in science it would be easier than ever actually.

Boston gets a payoff from their teams finally winning and the disorder and riots that ensue only add to the chaos and violence-the world on fire as it seemed, that existed when Bush was president. Disorder gives rationale for creating order.  Creating disorder serves the purposes of those who wish to create order in a certain way to serve thier future plans.

It would be typical of mob style taking care of business to at once torture a woman while protecting her to silence her from gaining power, having a life, interfering with business affairs etc.
Also only close to Menino's death did some strange guy in McDonalds in Kenmore who claimed to know my family from the old days as well as be formerly involved in law enforcement  tell me everything about my maternal and some of my paternal family history that would have been key to my understanding what was going on for all these  years. Under the guise of preserving innocents, someone decided keeping me in the dark about my family's history was very important. My guess is that my status as an experimentee requires that I be totally ignorant of the circumstances of my own life so that I continue to be easy to control and manipulate. I also notice that family members as well as people like Menino are either dead or in positions of success where my expose when finally written, cannot touch them-or cause them to pay for thier crimes against me or any part of humanity they effected.
(btw, if you were a higher up law enforcement employee, then why are you sitting in a McDonalds every day working off of your phone? No pension, no past relationships or networking gaining you new employment??  And then of course he starts not wanting to discuss the matter again and becomes manipulative and too familiar. It looks like someone is in trouble yet again and has to work for the scum of the earth that run this system.)

Menino is dead. Elder Bush cant remember who he's talking to and supposedly Queen Elizabeth is having similar issues.

This entire ordeal feels like it never happened now he's dead and power has shifted to new administrations in Boston and Cambridge.
Yet I find myself here, at 43 years old and the best years of my life not taken from me- kept from me living them.

And now we see the great shutdown and telling victims to move on. Get normal lives. Forget what you expereinced, what you saw-what happened to you.

Anyone who has anything to tell about the Bush years and post 9-11 is obligated to do so, especially if its as severe as what I've seen.

This country is now built on things the public would never believe yet, it must be told.  For those who still care to be discouraged by the state of their country. Not everyone is resigned to accept thier fate.

Recall the perp in Mcleans in 2006-"They are mad at you because you wont accept your situation".  My mother, snidely "You can write a book but nobody's going to believe you".

A social services employee in Buffalo, NY at the assistance office- "Rachael, why dont you just go back to your grandmother's house?" (I never mentioned that address or that I had a grandmother. The dismissing way it was said. Why dont I? Because my grandmother the willful wife of a brutal pedophile and her daughter- my mother have plotted too many times, gas lighting me with partial information but then turned around and tried to suggest 'medication' becuz supposedly they miss me. THATS WHY.  Would anyone go back to a place like that? Obviously this clown didnt know much about the nature of a Survivor's biological family who are usually also under mind control, intergenerationally. They were so desperate to get me back into that environment they tried to recreate it in every place I went to settle down temporarily. I kept bucking it and fighting, moving on and leaving.
Ive said it before and I will say it again-I will only return to that house and to my family with a weapon or a nice kit to start a massive fire to get rid of any and all of them in that house, including myself if necessary. Thus I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THAT HOUSE OR SEE MY FAMILY AGAIN.

My only reason I didnt get rid of my enemies in the beginning of this as I would be nature as someone programmed (which this system tries to force you into on purpose to get rid of you) is becuz I couldnt think of a way to get Julie, Jake and my mother into the same room at the same time. Of course the people orchestrating this knew that, that I couldnt just go after one of the people closest to me that f*cked me over royally so I would have to find some other way- like getting revenge on them all if not every city across the USA where people took part in destroying my life and preventing me from doing anything meaningful. By writing about it so anyone anywhere that needs answers or hates the USA can know what happened.

What they are expecting is that by that time I will be totally marginalized, discredited and so far removed from the events in time that no one will really care anymore and it wont matter. Legally or otherwise.
Many of the people Ive observed over time definitely depend on my being 'weak' in thier perception. They arent afraid of me becuz as they kept telling me over the years through perps-I have no power.

What occurred during Bush was completely unnatural. It should be considered what people refer to as supernatural in nature yet in the 21st century its totally possible to pull off due to progress in sciences that the public remain blissfully unaware of being kept in thier little holding pens in society. Which many of them seem quite happy with.

For those that dont buy it, for people who are still hurting and have unanswered questions about why no one did anything or how it was pulled off-theres my book. Also if an abusive f*ckin peon like my mother has so much power in this that she can turn to me, a multi talented, highly intelligent, athletic, agelesss beautiful, brave woman and tell me things like that so easily, as if there are an endless stream of other f*cking assh*les like her backing her in one big pit of snakes running this thing-then it definately needs to be written.

I cannot believe the amount of douchebags involved in this system. Its every evil sniveling piece of shit with an abusive parent whos connected somehow. My mother may have been targeted all her life which explains her compliance and desperation but she's a relative nothing in the population of people involved in this. Now Ive got black and red wearing assholes on the trains here lately, perpetrating a constant gang stalking campaign, and the looks I get from them are unbelievable. The assuredness of thier superiority is totally separated from reality. Its a power trip of arrogance Ive never seen before in this. These people were always a little afraid of me, you could tell.

Its nothing more than a bunch of people who actually believe they are more powerful than the Target. Even though TIs of any value are usually super-f*ckin-heroes as creating the superman with MK Ultra and high level programming tends to create such people, duh, and it takes literally thousands of people for years to keep one of the Targeted Survivors of MK Ultra/programming from succeeding in life.

People are still going to care about why things went the way they did. And there will be, believe it or not, people who dont want to kiss Menino's ass and treat him like Boston's favorite all time emperor. Id like to think that I was protected by people during all of this but in reality, I was tortured and by many other means at different times, taken to within an inch of my life. Now everyone shuns me and hates me and treats me like a criminal when its thier system that has put me through ten years of a battlefield or obstacle course to fight for my life.

If you havent noticed America is a violent, f*cked up sick place with a now very stupefied, dumb population of people who are dangerously violent, full of themselves and arrogant with an intense sense of entitlement yet these people are unaware of exactly the true reality of their nation.

The country is too big, with too many people. Its tightly controlled through media and disinformation agents operating in different capacities, constantly. This system knows whats going on in the USA at all times in different locations. The public do not. Thier perception of the massive piece of land they live registers as clinical insanity. Most people dont have an accurate perception of the United States as a piece of land where theres some pretty unsavory stuff going on and Bostonians cant even perceive of someplace like the midwest or the military base rich southwest where so  much abuse connected to this experimentation has taken place.

This is why the American public are a nation of stupid people it seems. They simply do not actually live in or on the continent known as the United States- they live in some false environment, usually a replica of a European type of city-that has in it everything they need to survive and flourish. If they travel they do so by means that keep with this isolation or compartmentalization. They do from place A to B and experience them separately. Not often does an average person begin to have reality set in that from A to B theres actual roads and towns in between. That the entire country is connected-that theres a lot of crazy sh*t that goes on in Arizona or Neveda or New Mexico or Wyoming, in the middle of nowhere, that you cant account for as making sense or even being plausible-but it does occur.
People think of Iowa and that area as corn and farms. Its changed a lot but that area has also been a center of Satanic activity. I was much more frightened of what I experienced in Iowa than Nebraska-little kids with lots of Satanic pentagram patches thinking they are scary is a bit beneath this system's full power in other areas.
The lay of the land unfortunately includes a lot of evil going on in unthinkably cruel ways. The violence that many writers like to claim has disappeared from modern human civilization due to our wonderful value systems now and humans being so peaceable and nice and good and interested in social justice simply is NOT reality.

The same big evil exists. Evil and big time bad stuff on a grand scale is still out there, it still exists. Its not that its hiding either-YOU are. Its the citizenry that is hiding. Hiding from the truths put forward by people like me and many much more credible, upstanding citizen types as activists.

Putting forth the truth has never been a waste of time becuz someone at some point is going to use it. There will be people to recieve the outgoing message. Even if its a thousand years from now. Look at I, Claudius. He buried the truth about the history of his time becuz the official line when he was alive was of course elitist self serving bullsh*t, just like it is now.

Every time one of these sick f*cks dies, they think they got away with something. That another participant who knew too much has taken his secrets and cred as a witness with him.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alot of Lame Perps Around Harvard Today

Perps seem to only be able to wear alot of black and red and touch their hair today..but there are tons of them!

Then when the unseasonably warm weather threatened to break, and angry clouds appeared thier numbers lowered greatly.

i notice the perps since Sept havr as a group or should i say operation, had this style.

Why si much black and red tonight?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

gang stalking is very bad in boston area lately. cant deal with it anynore

the harassment in Brookline and Cambridge are really bad and frequent.

i dont know what they want other than the usual eirher institutionalization or suicide.

being on probation seems to be making them more eager as if im discredited in a way that makes finally destroying me or running me out of my honetown permanently more easy.

Its harder now than i ever remember even during Bush.

it seems leaving the country is the only option and im being directed that way alot now.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Machias ME Another Small Town With Great People And Annoying Perps

Some homeless VETERAN with two cute pit bulls living in his car, formerly from Alaska, awaiting housing here told me that police bother him a lot..that they've outright said to him they are going to 'get him'. He is annoying due to wanting sympathy and who knows if he is telling the truth anyway.

The gang stalking I've encountered here isn't from cops in any marked cars or uniforms. Its from townspeople..at least those who appear as such.

The atypical asshole male.with the huge, beefed pick up trucks, people in cars and some kids last nite who look like student age as there's the Univ of Maine.

And surprisingly a lot of the employees and customers in Hannaford's are doing harassment and it's the one grocery store in this small town aside from a health food store in the downtown village area. Though i encountered a employee from CA who thought me telling off a pick IP truck aggressive male earlier who revved his truck after I didn't cross the street fast enough was amusing.
He said they werent going to win and I told him that without those people in these areas, all the things that make every other state suck now would ruin Maine. Only people genuinely desperate to get away from typical American bullshit in the rest of the country move here, and it needs to stay that way.

It certainly feels like Hannafords is going for agitating me into reacting. This isn't usually the norm as other Hannafords in other towns people have been perfectly nice. This one has those annoying screens where customers are psychologically intimidated by being shown on screen what the security cameras are filming...namely the customer.

As is the norm there are plenty of very nice people in Maine towns I've met regularly which is the only thing that makes the situation here tolerable.
That and the way they gentrify they're small towns and even cities without Starbucks and other obnoxious chains being part of the process.

The townspeople here might just be doing harassment campaigns not based on understanding it's about gangstalking but thinking its about keeping travelers and homeless people out of their town.

However there is a small Liberal alternative element here even an intentional community with activists known as The Bees.

The best indication that this is indeed gang stalking and not mere ignorant townsfolk involved in simple anti transient community mobbing is that a major tactic here from locals is them laughing at me as they drive by or in a restaurant/store making sure I see this and understand the focus is me.

This indicates they have some prior knowledge of me or my history or situation.

Its one of the most arrogant fuckin little towns I've encountered in Maine when it comes to the character of the perps.
I've read that there's concern from police in nearby towns about gangs connected to NYC Crips nowadays and every TI knows by now the gangs rooted in ghetto street gang culture do dirty work for the system...probably connected to the fact the CIA/military created these gangs originally to deal drugs for them and put crack on the streets (research Iran Contra), also as a way to fill corporate prisons and of course as a result of COINTELPRO making sure blacks were effectively beaten down into useful house slaves again.

I'm on anti biotics for a potentially serious skin infection that didn't go away with last treatment (which I didn't take correctly) and the medicine makes me tired often nodding out during the day tired and that may be due to the benedryl I have to take with it to suppress a mild allergic reaction.

Im gonna tough it out as I'm so close to my goal.
I will just have to stay frosty and focus on the nice people that I meet instead of the douchebags.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

They Really Are Trying To Finish Us All Off Arent They..Still Determined To Leave

The harassment campaign has turned deadly serious over the past year to two years, in case you haven't noticed by the changes in my blog

They are really going for bust recently. Its really bad. And making homelessness/travelinghitching more and more difficult (which the public doesn't see its overallneffext) just makes life worse for any one targeted.

The public are pretty much compliant now thoroughly. There doesntnseem to be much dissidence left.

Terrorism, first foriegn then domestic and then a bad economy has made Americans willing to forget everythong that occurred during Bush, 9-11 etc and fully accept and comply with the NWO.

Most likely anyone in the way has been removed just as I am being driven out of the country.

The generations of kids who don't know any different or understqnd what happened have arrived into adulthood. Its completely over it seems and it's very very sad.

Hope is gone and there is no changing thing now or fixing wrong to right, no justice will ever be.

It's done.

I am presently trying to find a way out of the US..so I can be targeted lifelong in a culture I actually LIKE, most likely to die in my ancestral homelands.

I want nothing more to do with the mistake my ancestors made known as America.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Madonna? Metaphysical Stalker?

Sometimes I get this weird impression that Madonna has a strange jealous obsession with certain Targeted Individuals for whatever reasons.

I can only hope its more psych warfare and trying to get people to freak out or become stalkers or just mentally unstable.

If anyone is that bored or vindictive with that much money its just sad. Its probably total bullshit.

Heavy Subtle Constant GS Lately and alot of Public Apathy

Trying to avoid red Sox games. Look at a teams schedule to avoid home games if u experience harassment from a pro sports team.

Broke but have the money for court. Was too traumatized by being arrested to get community service done on time. Still can't believe I was forced to act out in a manner that got me arrested for the first  time in this whole campaign from 2003,til present.

Its seems to be the new administration in Cambridge (mayor, city manager),and in Boston (mayor, police chief and commissioner. Maybe other new people as well.

They have charged me with a felony for writing in magic marker on the side of a McDonald s on a piece of metal siding. They washed it off that night.

Am getting constant gang stalking but it's subtle so I am switching very quickly between cities and towns never staying in same place more than a few weeks and it seems a week or so is the limit.
Not hanging in Harvard as there seems to be heavy gang stalking there now and I cannot take it becuz its very abusive and consists of making fun  of me almost constantly. Like a constant stream of people walking by messing with me. So I am not beggjng in that location or stayjg there during the day at all.

I think this recent arrest and charge is part of a final intimidation to get me to leave permanently but also for croooked cops and other authorities connected to my old associates to get a power trip out of.

Many of them might still believe this is only about the cover story.. Which of course revolves around them and their little territory .

Its frightening to think people so sick criminal and brutish could be in on perpetrating war crimes connected to the US military.

Boston and Cambridge are just that sick, greedy and murderous population of animals with no humanity. They are worse than NYC and are hateful and evil to the core. The only redeeming quality about this place are the people who want justice and right to be done.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Noise Campaign In Harvard Sq/Untrustworthy Acquaintance

I was kept awake tonite by non stop talking from this Russian guy who sleeps near the spot which I tried to ignore then an annoying guy came up and asked questions about where I was from and wouldn't get away from my sleeping area then some black kids were noisy around the corner and then one came peeking around the corner whistling.

This got me to become agitated. Cars have been going by and beeping twice tonite one of the first tactics used by this system way back in 1997.
 A lot of cabs drove by I was not being able to sleep due to all this. It cud b just it was 2 am on a sat night. But it cud b part of putting forth stressors. Remember this is experimentation connected to US military (MK Ultra) and stress plays a major role in many military experiments. They are infamous for stress testing soldiers even outside of black projects.

So this entire thing was probably a set up. All of it. To get me to both lose sleep and become vocal.

Whenever I come back into the city their main goal immediately is to cause sleep deprivation and ensure I stay that way and function constantly in that state. Its becuz this makes all the other parts of their program more effective.

Also this Russian acquaintance was in the hospital and introduced me to a photographer who does pics for metal bands who had come to see him. This man claimed to formerly work for the police but my Russian friend said he knew nothing about his friends past involved in police work yet has known him for twenty years?

My sleep spot in Harvard is always being toyed with and disturbed now.

I also realize that every other area locally like Cambridge/Brighton that I had been harassed in has some presence of either Harvard or MIT in the area.

Friday, May 23, 2014

GS Program Trying Desperately To Get Me Into Institutions-Attempting To Sucker Me Into Political Activity To Get Me Under Control

They think they've won now Ive been driven to do acting out in Central Sq and getting arrested.

Thats why its imperative at this point in time for the system to keep trying to get me into the legal system most likely so I can be fully indoctrinated into society and finish off behavior modification after years of dealing with this and being damaged and broken down.

Getting me to care about things locally like the homeless scene and become politically active is just one way of doing this. Its right there in the tv show The Prisoner when they brainwash and coax the Target, known only as Number 6, into running for office in 'The Village'. http://www.the-prisoner-6.freeserve.co.uk/episode_four.htm

The point of the tale is that you might become politically active or gain power through office but the fact still remains you are still a prisoner in The Village- on this isolated island.

By taking on political concerns in normal society you have forsaken your original fight-against being a captive and being held against your Will in 'The Village'.
Just another way to get you to give up and submit to behavior modification programs. The power of office is the bribe and having things to care for replaces what you should have been able to accomplish in your own life had you not been held down as a Targeted Individual and allowed to reach your full potential.
(Im in the cafeteria of Mass Art in Boston. A little girl from Ringe Latin School, Cambridge right now trying to spy on what I am writing and engage me in conversation to keep me from working. Its so sick. They frequently have used children before as Ive documented.
Its hard to say because her entire generation is trained to be suspect of anyone who looks like they are bucking society's norms. She actually might believe and activist is akin to a terrorist.)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Why am I so frightened and suddenly attached to my hometown? A place in a country I've wanted to leave for years now.

What is going on that would make me become so lacking in sense? In daring?

Especially since this place has gotten more abusive and less helpful (docs not being honest about health issues).

Perhaps the system is trying to finish me off in either scene riot whether I choose to go abroad or stay here. Either way they will destroy me completely.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ozzy-Scream-Misheard Lyrics From Vid Used For Inspiriation For Targeted Individuals

 Ozzy Osbourne SOUL SUCKER lyrics:

"This was originally going to be the title track of the album. After negative feedback from fans about calling the record Soul Sucka, Ozzy published a list of other possible names and asked fans to vote. The best they could do was Scream."

Btw, the lyric is actually:
"Listen to the way I slaaaaay, your crew
Damage (UHH) damage (UHH) damage (UHH) damage
Destruction, terror, and mayhem
Pass me a sissy so suckas I'll slay him
Farmers (What!!!) Farmers (What!!!)
I'm ready (we're ready!!!)
I think I'm gonna bomb a town (get down!!)"

For those that dont see there is alot of images of one of the Orders in this vid, the brown hood as in brown hooded robe, the Masonic apron etc.

Scream album artwork:

Does it not look like in the last picture that his middle finger is raised and he's looking right at it? Hmmm.

Now lets look at the release date and some other choice events and info to go with it.
June 11, 2010
Scream release date

Ozzy Osbourne talks Israel ahead of concert
By Jennifer Lipman, September 27, 2010
"Ozzy Osbourne has defied calls to boycott a performance in Israel this week.
The heavy metal star, who arrived in Israel on Sunday for the Tel Aviv leg of his OzzFest tour, said he had “no time” for politics."

"The former Black Sabbath singer also blamed the fact that he had not performed in Israel before on being “drunk for years.”"

Yet he could perform in lots of other locations for years...while drunk and whatever else.Hmmm..

Ozzy’s Father-in-Law Bails Out Synagogue

by The Manchester Jewish Telegraph
May 22, 2003
"Ozzy Osbourne celebrates Purim with Chabad."

Lets finish off with some family photos from just a few years later.

'Pass me a sissy soul-sucka I'll slay him'...

Hmm, maybe those misheard lyrics aren't so bad after all.

hows my buddy Jake Hamilton doin out there in horrid LA?. Is he fat again and miserable? We can only hope. Enjoy the Fukashima fallout!!

What Kind Of Publicity Stunt Was It To Release A Note Found In Dead Kurt Cobain's Wallet From 1993? And Who Benefits?

Courtney Love has launched an attack on Jewish people in the music industry, claiming that they continue to profit from the death of her husband Kurt Cobain.
An interesting comment on the article:
"I’m Jewish, and about a third of my friends are Jewish. Generally speaking, we do not talk to each other in that way. We occasionally crack an off-color joke where we’ll say “Wow, what a Jew” when a friend asks for loaned money to be returned, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Jew use the words “Jew loan officers,” “Jew bankers,” “Jew lawyers,” etc. Regardless, it’s kind of a moot point, because Courtney Love is only 1/4 Jewish. Frankly, she doesn’t have the right to be in on the joke. "

Courtney Love loses rights to Kurt Cobain's image
Income from late Nirvana singer's name and likeness pass from widow to daughter, Frances Bean, in exchange for $2.75m loan
(on Frances' trust fund)
"But rights to Nirvana's music seems to have nothing to do with either of them (Courtney or Frances): administrative rights for Cobain's songs are overseen by a company called Primary Wave Music, and Primary Wave's Larry Mestel also owns 50% of the publishing rights."

Jack Black rejects Courtney Love's claim that Muppets misused Nirvana
Singer's claim that Smells Like Teen Spirit cover in The Muppets 'raped' the memory of Kurt Cobain is absurd, says Black

(Smells Like Teen Spirit used in stupid Muppet movie. At least Love has some romantic hold on the true value of Nirvana's music.)

By Greg Fisher CBS News April 29, 2014, 10:42 AM
Kurt Cobain death-scene note mocks vows to Courtney Love

Author: Courtney Love, Not Kurt Cobain, Wrote Note Found In Cobain's Wallet Upon His Death
""The note was promoted as Kurt mocking their wedding vows three years after they were married. It just doesn't make any sense," Cross said."

I wanted to say that due to all the above other content it looks like she's no longer of use to the biz or has fallen out of favor. However, CBS seems to have put out content before on his suicide being suspect.
"Whatever the reason, the police report proves beyond any doubt that Kurt never barricaded himself in the room, and it clearly demonstrates that another person could have easily been in the greenhouse at the time of Kurt's death. Thus, one of the most convincing pieces of so-called evidence pointing to suicide is nothing more than a myth. It is a myth that has never been dispelled by a single biographer, nor by any of the media that originally reported on the barricaded door. It is a myth that many distraught teenagers would cling to in the months and years to come."

Sunday, April 27, 2014

NYC Trip To Check Out Means Of Leaving For EU Cancelled Due To Colon Pain Other Symptoms

Tried to go to NYC. Had to come back.  Pain in colon and near incontinence becoming very bad. Nausea, loss of sex drive, fatigue, loss of appetite.

This pain had only come about a week or so ago. After I had the cold everyone homeless had where u r sick in stages. Suspiciously orderly for just a creation of nature. I say its bio warfare to try to kill off the homeless specifically outside sleepers in Cambridge.

Then I got food poisoning sick from a feed in Harvard Sq that Hope Church puts out on Wednesday nights.

I had also moved my storage from a building that was climate controlled to an adjoining one where the old wood frames have mold thats always particularly unhealthy.

Being exposed to the west coast this year for so long is a factor I'm sure. I had this kind of pain in San Diego last year when I realized I should have a colonoscopy as I had experienced rectal bleeding while staying in MA in August 2011 (after Fukushima) and then February 2012 of the next year while living in San Antonio TX.

They fixed me up but said I should watch my health.

I've had other symptoms besides this pain now. Something is very wrong. If its not a tumor or cancer maybe it can be fixed but if its cancer which I am suspecting becuz so many TIs who know too much die that way, I don't even know if I would get an honest answer or decent health care here.

This year it seems as if the powers that be in Boston/Cambridge are genuinely attempting to kill people off. The fact I couldn't really be fully aware and conscious of what was going on to go to an ER with pain and was driven to some hair brained scheme to try to go to NYC instead shows me that there's a much more serious attempt at murder here this time around.

If its cancer I know that people here will be mercilessly cruel while I am dying so I will stay away from people and the city as much as possible.  I do not want to go through treatment in such negative environments as this area. Just going to RI made it clear how many blacks here are just evil, negative and destructive influences on the lives of oppressed and homeless people in the area. As well as the regular guy union types if they know who u r and have what they believe is dirt on you. The YUPpies are polite but many are polite assholes and so many gang stalking perps are of those three demographics.

This area is just plain evil. There are however some in healthcare who actually do care and I could get treated here.

But staying out of the parameters around the city limits is imperative. The ring of fire let's call it. I've documented it before, years ago.

This is what happens when u don't follow your guidance system. A few years ago when my health was better I got the idea I should leave the country. Now its too late becuz circumstances have caused illness.

I can always leave but I would probably be leaving to die elsewhere.

Going to RI gave me clarity which I could not get here which says something in itself.
Why did I have to go a state away to realize I needed to go to an ER as well as get the hell out of the city? Instead I was getting sicker every day and walking around getting brainwashed to accept my fate by becoming a Christian.

Whoever is in charge this time around is much more murderous than in years before. And the area seems to hate me alot more than they ever did.

They've always hated me. I need to realize how much MA has always wanted me dead and they won't stop until its a reality.

Harvard Sq is a death camp for the homeless or at least the homeless TIs out there.

I realize now that the USA really has become  akin to  a Nazi death camp. The US Nazi-ified. Not militarized, not just  a soft core military dictatorship but very much what the Nazis had planned.

Men mostly wear shaved heads now as hairstyle. People are obsessed with perfection and the strongest, best and most fit to survive. Those perceived as weak, worthless, defective or overly emotional  in nature, sensitive who have no other value are being either killed off or put into re educational programs.

I understand now what was meant by that man some years ago who went postal at his job and shot his co workers, claiming he had been having inter dimensional visions, experiencing reality in and out, where his co workers appeared to him as Nazis. And his being influence by the archangel Michael. The statue of St Michael always has him with a sword holding Satan down to the ground under his foot.

Interesting isn't it that so many Jews are in on these events and activities. Perhaps the Nazis were simply an example of what was to come or this world wide NWO is modeled after their example.

Its no surprise that scientific  discoveries from projects rooted in Project Paperclip are being used heavily for the NWO.

Their ploy at handling Targets and even the homeless is to make us feel bad or ashamed or criminalize homelessness becuz society knows that there are injustices responsible for these conditions and so is diverting attention from that by making the victims feel like criminals. Its the USAs way of getting their way and being greedy without consequences.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Feeling Like Part of Leaving The USA Is Due To Not Completing Missions On Time

It feels as if I was supposed to have gotten lawyers and completed my book by now and becuz I did NOT do so, Ive failed in some way. Like its too late. As if the people who believed in me are done with me. Ive failed, its too late now. Much has happened becuz I did not act in time.

I cant understand any of it. I was so heavily targeted there is nothing I could have done. I could not have acted any quicker I could not have done any more than I did.

I had posted last year and the year before that I was being hit with the idea that I should contact lawyers and write my book but I was also being hit with a blocking mechanism that prevented me from doing just that simultaneously. I dont understand how I could have done any better.

Now I am being urged to leave the USA becuz its too late and such ideas. There is the issue of Fukashima radiation and now the nuclear accident in Carlsbad, NM.

In the Boston area basically only Sat and Sun feel normal as normal levels were defined in the 10 yrs past. During the week I and I assume other Targets are getting fried the sh*t out of daily. Fatigue, memory loss, strings of illnesses, inability to function. I note that this is very bad due to living outside for most of the days and nights. If I have periods where I live like housed people- I go inside like they go to work during day then inside at night to sleep like they would, the effects lessen considerably.

So its true what people are saying they are trying to kill off anyone who is homeless. This was probably planned from the beginning. Take all the dissidents and inconvenient people, drive them into homelessness then become intolerant make it so they cant sleep inside anywhere especially underground areas to escape exposure then up the radiation levels. Its going to quickly destroy anyone who doesnt stay inside, thats what I am experiencing. Especially anyone older with health issues.

Its probably a warning to escape what is coming. Even if I contacted lawyers now or wrote my story etc it would not change the radiation levels I am exposed to outside. I dont understand what producing my book would have done to cause a different outcome. Its as if before people cared or would pay attention and now for some reason, Im getting this impression that they dont care or would not care.

However, working or living according to what society or outsiders thought or how they would react to my work was never a concern before. It never mattered.

The system here is now totally impossible to beat or function in as well as whatever support I had before is gone.

The remote influence is so pervasive that daily functioning is impossible not even simple things. They keep making me run memories of gang stalking over and over again in my head so it distracts me from my work and daily tasks. I am overwhelmed by these concerns about the quality of my personal life and what other peoople think of me- things that never mattered before.

I think I was exposed to radiation levels on the west coast that simply made me so sick that I cant functino any longer. Whatever they didd  to me at OHSU with that abortion proceedure that no one will help me with or admit to has also been a factor. I was also exposed to something in Portland thats been very nasty. My nose continues to bleed and a rash keeps coming up cyclicly under my nose along with the crusting up and bleeding inside my nose.

I read that OHSU is a horrible research hospital involved in the military industrial complex as well as they wanted to be part of builduing a bio terrorism lab in the wilderness outside Portland OR.

I guess I messed with the wrong area in the N W. They obviously are fully in on the NWO and murdering dissidents as opposeed to more humane areas.

This feeling bad, depressed and full of gloom in my heart as well as ideations to leave and no one will care about my work comes and goes depending on what location I am in.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Terrible Morning. Outburst. Weakening. Red Sox Nation Once Again Brings Thier Black Ops To Town.

Something about Harvard Sq and being outside generally is kicking my ass.

Had an outburst, racial in nature as usual. Another result of my not getting away this year to another location has been that I'm extremely stressed from dealing with the stupidity unique to the Boston/Cambridge.

Being harassed and challenged constantly by the two major demographics of affluent, bratty young people (probably new money becuz they behave with little class and alot of privilege) as well as thier component, the African American population here is usually something that traditionally causes me to meltdown frequently as well as render my nerves frayed. Add to that the mold and air pollution in the inner city area and I am really screwed. Its showing too, the wear from not traveling this year.

It was well deserved but again, we are talking about another success in this area for discrediting me and making me both look nuts and literally driving me nuts.

Was very effected this morning by everything thats been going on I posted last night on ONGS. Upset and thats rare, that this upsets me. Also haunted by the constant feeling that something is going to go down here soon in the states and...one wants to be strategically placed in order to fare best within those upcoming circumstances..lets just say.

Very effected this morning by the gang stalking thats become more intense last week or so and constant, not able to focus properly under duress. Still havent filed police reports with internal affairs-'mistakenly' threw away notebook today after buying new one that had my rendition of what occurred that morning in NOV last year. Note that this campaign worsened as Ive tried to file a police report for the detective harassment.
(I'll just f*ckin do it again and from memory this time.)

I was kind of aware the gs might intensify this week as THE RED SOX started playing again and as we all know, Red Sox Nation are so friendly with the CIA that they have been documented to lend out thier private jets for interrogation runs. The perps have always made sure I was harassed thoroughly as well as other homeless people to protect thier little tourist business.

Not that pro sports in America isnt totally sexist anyway with no problem in supporting the most abusive forms of male oppression, violence and of course the patriarchy. Its also a way of keeping the public bonded to thier city, region and country through team loyalty as well as getting women to emulate male stupidity (that excludes females) as well as making men controllable, bonded and made to feel focused on, special and omnipotent.
Its eerie the way Sox fans are unified in thier hatred of me and thier collective refusal to give me anything while panhandling just stupid looks or dirty ones. But they will gladly support the black crackhead, the old drunk guy or whoever- especially if the person is smart enough to wear a piece of clothing that identifies them as Red Sox fans.
Ive noticed that Sox fans are the most sociopathic, obnoxious snobs who somehow actually believe they have some sort of power in the world simply by virtue of their cult..I mean gang..I mean team affiliations. Celtic fans are second most obnoxious and the best, well behaved, fun and most handsome are Bruins fans. Becuz hockey is awesome and for real men anyway. WTF is baseball? Snooooze.

It seems Sox fans feign the sophistication and yearn for the conservative cool of the golf sport but in the end are just overweight YUPpie meatheads who come in for games from the suburbs that somehow are so lacking in any understanding of real wealth, that their obvious middle class values betray them by they choosing snobbery instead of any sense of class that comes with affluence.
The 'safe' jocks is what I call them. Sheeple jocks. This explains my natural leanings towards approving of the masculinity of Bruins fans over the douches that come to Fenway for Red Sox Terrorist Nation.

You want to be badass sports fans and you believe you are superior becuz you can afford a ticket in this day and age when regular people cant get into games but like what Fenway and the Sox have become themselves you are nothing more than a reflection of corporate culture in America that has co-opted 'edgy' from truly risk taking, bad ass cultures.
Kind of like the weekend warrior biker douchebags that do gang stalking when they decide to sport thier Harley gear. Only when not at at office of course.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Its Time To Plan An Escape From The USA

Ive been reduced in this area to being increasingly isolated and shunned.

This area being vein and obsessed with beauty since i shaved my head and now its grown in short and im dressing boyish in bibs ive lost alot of influence in this area.

That travel companion i had also aged me traveling for a year and i definitely look older.  This combination has me markedly hated this visit back home or what remains of it.

For health reasons I need to travel for a month then come  back,  finish my medical appointments in Boston.  Then find somewhere away from this oppressive,  psychomanaged,  horrible place to save up to leave the USA.

Hopefully I can be harassed in a culture I actually like and fit in with.

This area is doing nothing but destroying me to mold me into something that can fit jnto this area. Which i resent and should resist thoroughly.

The price of living in  the Boston area nowadays is behavior and total modification of a person as well as existing in a totally psycho-managed area.

Its so heavy handed and oppressjve that the system will have you convinced this outcome is the normal evolution of a person and their life when in fact outside the city limits,  when all forms of influence fall away,  specifically technology,  the true nature and self return.  The person return to a full awareness of reality.

Im weakened,  aged and without my feminine whiles to protect me and gain respect from this shallow society.  They thought this will make me more easily molded this time.

Once again im being hit with ideations to apply to UMass Boston,  a school I definitely do NOT wish to attend.  Perhaps years ago when i was pla ning my life after waking up from programming but now I fully understand what this country and  this city is really about why the hell wud i stay?

Thats rhe plan.  To reduce people like me to normal average stupid people who are reconditioned to be socially acceptable and fit into society then give the person a mediocre future,  one that is no way near the potential they once had.

The United States can go f$ck themselves.  They dont deserve me to even stay here as long as i have. Its been disgusting what they've done to my life and potential.

I've lately been driven to appearing mentally ill in public and increasing isolated.

They want to complete the modification obviously.

Anyone who respects truth,  reality,  Nature and human life would never allow that to happen.

I've seen what they've done to my ex Jake,  my former friend and my own mother.  All people possessing magickal gifts from their European DNA.  All destroyed to fit into the NWO.

I will escape.  America is fake.  It genocide the Natives.  This isnt my homeland... And they wont get me.

I will go starve in my ancestral homelands,  whats left before mass immigration destroys them also by design. I know there is resistance there.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

perps always degrade TIs Tech over time

I just smashed the smart phone someone gave me.

As usual it was fine and as i used it more and more i ended up having to deal with near constant tech issues like it becoming increasingly slow, non functional and apps screwing up

Google voice became a nuisance and today it kept interrupting what i was doing near constantly.

I think that hackers get into whatever number i use for medical care and my other affairs bit i didnt always use the sim card in that phone.
I wud use the simpler stupid phone and use the smart phone on wifi.

It must be they get in through my blog then target the phone and.degrade it over  time.

So i smashed it just an hour ago,

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sick Of Being Watched And Brainwashed

I'm sick of every conversation I have being listened to by spies and cameras. I'm tired of an ocean of agents in place everyday everywhere I go.

What they do to targets is to isolate us and then basically brainwash us to perform for an audience (cameras, spies etc) so that we are always giving info they need to continue everything from behavior modification to keeping us under control.

If u r made to believe u r being watched even in the shower or that while walking down the street someone is using see thru technology to view and judge your genitals or naked body, that every second this system is watching u and listening u basically start talking and acting JUST for them.

U get Stockholm Syndrome and begin to be what they want u to be not only to please them but as a way of pleading for your life-to make the torture stop.

Maybe if I please my captors they will ease up a little or it will get better.

Its a horrible life and I realize now that Americans actually agree with something like this being done to someone like me for national security and becuz I am a threat to their empire (America).

I'm sick of my life only being about going to get coffee then drudging from one homeless drop to another then MIT.
I'm sick of being watched. Everyone hates me here. People still hang on to a ten year old cover story.

America is a hateful evil place that's ruined my life and I just want to leave and stick to never coming back to Boston again this time.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Getting Hit Hard During Week Cant Function, Need To Leave For Good This Time

Time to try to travel elsewhere and find a way to leave the US again.

I am getting fried during the week in Cambridge and Boston. Its too cold to sleep outside the city limits and that's the only place  the electromagneti pollution lets up.

The city has changed over these years of me being away every winter. Its now populated by these awful norm average type middle class people with money who think they are rich becuz of some weird class  changes I am not aware of.  Probably middle class people who have shifted into upper  economic levels in order to survive the destruction  of the middle classes.

These types of people are still so without real class and insecure that they do subtle things to bully alternative people like me in public places-buses, the subway, shops everywhere. If its gang stalking its unusual tactically for perps.
This is hard enough to take but also whatever the electromagnetic influence is they've turned it way the hell up over the past year or two. The change in environmental climate for this is so obvious on Saturdays Sundays and federal holidays. During the week its really bad.
On clear days I just mentioned it feels like it used to everyday out here.

And they've completely gotten rid of the Harvard Sq street scene which is going to help destabilize Targeted Individuals and other homeless people as well.

And everyone is always spying on each other. People are always checking out what u r doing on your phone or even what paperwork people are reading or working on like in coffee shops etc.
Its become a spy society. Its really uncomfortable and ridiculous.

You can't stay focused, remember anything or function during the week when the electromag is strong.

Ever since Fukushima the rains and snows bring a craziness and depression that's crippling when the snows come but more so the rain.
One becomes very detached, flat emotionally. Withdrawn.

Just becuz it's wrong I should have to leave my hometown doesn't mean it isn't the right thing to do.

Every single time I come back here I become rendered totally ineffectual. It's time to stop repeating the same actions that give the same results which are not favorable to my goals.

There's also a core of people here who only focus on the cover story and will always believe I am just a poor person who doesn't belong in areas like Cambridge or Harvard Sq.
The little snobs who work at the MIT libraries (who aren't students BTW)  actually believe I go to use computer at MIT becuz I want to be associated with MIT's status in society.

Its becuz its a place I can use the computer for a few hours not just two like public library and its not ghetto, its quiet structured and I'm surouned by other smart people. It's where I shud have been in life had I been a normal person not an experimentee and mc slave kept down for life.

Besides. That building is more mine than anyone who passes through there. It belongs to my people-its a solid constriction reminiscent of the pyramids and other masonic works. It has Masonic energies. Why wouldn't I be attracted to it.
The Luciferian family tree has different branches. Templars, Rosicrucians, Masons etc are all related just different. We all recognize the same symbols.

These thjngs were built for us on energy lines (ley lines) and energy spots on the earth. That's what I'm 'attracted' to. Actually it seems totally normal to be in these locations. They are ours...normal people only get to take up space in them as they pass through. We are eternal in them.

This is why the NWO is destroying any and all of our symbols and structures.  So that the huge electromagnetic (false unhealthy man made magnetic fields) net they've created can take over completely without any opposition.

I realized today how much this area has eradicated the Catholic influence from the Irish, Italian and some Spanish neighborhoods that defined Boston. Its easier to bring in heartless, soulless isolating YUPpie and nigrified ghetto culture as the norm without any European influences in the way. Especially ANYTHING expressing Virgin or Mother Mary. There can be no representation of female goddesses in a military dictatorship which is inherently male in its dominating nature. Female goddeses and mother figures connect humans to Nature as well as are representative of ancient pagan Europeans.
Corporate culture can't create false environments to trap people in if they are connected to any part of their ancient past or outside the bubble like the natural world.

This is why turning to your DNA and getting assistance from the ancestors like the Oriental Asians do, is one of the only ways to beat this system, especially behavior modification.

There is no way I can function here now. Not even long enough to try to get just medical care completed or some legal help for some kind of justice for any part of what happened from 2003 onward.

There's too many YUPpies and nasty viscous new immigrants willing to make their bones in this country by doing whatever the system demands of them.

Obviously the NWO wants all European culture and history destroyed and eradicating whites who express that naturally is one of the ways to do it.

There's too many sheep who think they are being Satanic evil and hardcore by being in on this when they are just lemmings mobbing someone they are told not to like by their masters.

Too many people here still only know the cover story and believe I am a stupid poor person who's life was easily destroyed and I deserved it. I can't live with that.

Leaving for good is the only option.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Being Hit Hard Constantly In Cambridge To Leave Country And Drop Project

Being fried and hit constantly to leave town and forget or drop project, legal actions and police complaints.

Especially in Cambridge MA. I can feel the difference when I leave and go outside of Cambridge.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Two Perps In Harvard Square Homeless Shelter-Two Mentally Ill Females, Long Time Shelter Rats

OK ladies and gents, we have yet another shelter rat who's a pain in my ass and insists on being a totally insane douche.

Yolanda. Overweight energy thieving psychic vampire who of course hides behind being insane, if its not an act. Ive asked about her and she's friendly with staff at most shelters and can describe them and knows them by name.

Which means she's most likely at some point influenced by they being in on the Gang Stalking agenda to harass homeless targets who come into shelters. Which is why probably she's been on my ass since the day I set foot in here on an emergency bed.

She even tried to harass me yesterday at the Women's Center by doing stupid shit and making noise with her chair as she kept looking over to see if I noticed but I was busy with other things on computer.

These are MY spaces. I stay in Cambridge for a reason becuz its a place thats my safe zone. More and more people from Boston and the shelter system are making thier way into this area and the staff at these two places I mentioned this year are young people who are new at running these places, so the sh*theads are coming back to make rounds, knowing that the naive kids dont know who they are and cant spot thier bullshit right away.

There's also some St Pats trash here, an black annoying woman who wears black and red (of course) and has OCD. I recall she kept waking me up in the morning the few days I could tolerate staying there this winter (too moldy. Black mold real bad in bathrooms and upstairs.) by opening and closing her squeaky drawer repeatedly due to her 'disorder'.

Its not so much that I mind as her disorder of racism by wearing  black and red. And being a total self righteous asshole about disturbing people with her ocd.

She just walked out the door and smirked at me. Her name is Sam I think.

Why so many people are connected to Gang Stalking from St Pats I dont know but its always been that way.

More powerless losers who feel they are involved in something. Maybe they are Christians who are Cause Stalkers.

It would be interesting to see if they are involved in working for crooked cop networks locally (which would explain shelter involvement) or if its private black ops companies. Becuz St Pats clients or guests were heavily involved in gang stalking there and at On The Rise years ago, before OTR cleaned up thier act and got rid of staff who supported gs activities there.

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Ex Boyfriend and An Example of How Betrayers Are Forced Into A TIs Life Then Used To Psych Destroy You Over Time


"Jake Hamilton
Usually working as a picture editor, Jake Hamilton occasionally returns to his roots in sound design for director Paul Solet when Paul strokes his ego enough.
The end result is usually the same, Paul and Jake giggle their asses off while the audience gets nauseous and passes out.
When not working with Paul, Jake puts his time and energy into socially conscious and uplifting projects in an effort to avoid eternity in hell"

No more like when another rich kid (Solet and friends) actually gives his fat lazy upper middle class ass a project to do to get him out of his nowhere career which is where it would be if he had not gotten busted, joined NA and had local perps and scumbags give him opportunities purely for his being involved in frame ups, interferring with federal investigations (involving payoffs to local crooked cops) and doing his part for MK Ultra continued experimentation, psy ops, black ops and other WAR CRIMES originating in the Bush era.

'socially conscious and uplifting projects'??? Like what, more media psy ops for Hollywood with his Jewish friends? (And even though he looks like Mr Nordic compared to me, HE is the one who has Jewish ancestry through his mother from north Carolina. JACOBSON. They converted due to typical social pressures down south. For the first years of the overt gs campaign I had people making Jewish jokes at me (St Louis, MO) and using the assumption I was Jewish to harass me psychologically. When in fact, I am simply Slavic (Polish/Lithuanian) and Italian partially in my ancestry so I get mistaken for this backround alot.

The people behind gs know who to support. They know who is who. Who will bend and do anything for opportunity and who will resist. Who they can blackmail and who will through it back in thier faces and not give a shit.

If anything, the amount of Jews involved in gang stalking in my campaign alone and the absolute hatred involved with destroying me is just more evidence of Israel's involvement in 9-11 which ties into every single TI's campaigns nationwide. A good majority of us realize that if we were intergenerational Targets due to such things as survivorship from MK Ultra like projects, Ritual Abuse etc-whatever the motive for life long harassment- it escalated to a ridiculous and potentially deadly degree in 2003. A time of anti terrorism, war abroad and the Patriot Act among other things.

Hollywood is heavily tied to Israel and thus Mossod. This is thier intelligence network, capable of many documented dirty deeds just like your friendly CIA historically. Hollywood also works for the American intelligence agencies by pumping out crap for the people's consumption like propaganda, mind control and every other thing you can think of to not only target the public for thought control but Targeted Individuals as well.

It stands to reason that a clown like my ex boyfriend Jake, after a four year relationship, would turn against me (after being busted for a large amount of drugs TWICE IN TWO MONTHS TIME, though they were first offenses, but that was only becuz 1. he always hung out with and was protected by other rich kids 2. thus was never any use to local crooked cops nor this larger system of creeps involved in black projects.) then become successful so suddenly in an industry closely connected to so many vices as well as complimentary investments in the privatized prison and military industrial complex.

He has yet to even begin to probably even CARE about the severity of his actions, not only against me but against his country. MK Ultra and all related IS part of the systems of technologies and psy ops that has this country under control and is helping to destroy it every year. Every false flag and hoax depends on people like him as well as all of the arts of deception and brainwashing that have come about due to black projects like MK Ultra.

What a great way to cover up how underhanded and a total punk ass sell out you had to be in order to GET good opportunities at all in that business. I doubt if he has a guilty conscience. The last thing I recall him saying to me on a telephone is .."think of you? I dont think of you at all?". Well, there's the WASP in him. A nice, cold short cut of the tongue feigning superiority upon ending a relationship.

How many idiots around here are so dim and so wrapped up in local bullshit that they actually believe in the cover story still, that is so laughably simple it doesnt even makes sense? I play with people I meet sometimes that I experience intimating the cover story as if its some big secret I am in denial about still or too stupid to realize whats gone on. At some point, I mention to these f*ckers things like Targeted Individuals, being targeted or..if they deserve it- MK Ultra.

Without fail I always get a perplexed look on thier faces and a momentary relief from thier smugness in thinking they have control over someone who is a victim becuz they know what the plot is about. This is one of my small rewards in life. Its just hard to have to act stupid all the time in order to get where and what I need to complete my project concerning what IS really going on. I have to deal with alot of stupid people who believe the cover story is the height of sinister intent and deception. Its a joy to watch thier faces fall..as if I just got sick of them and finally pulled out a huge weapon and shot them dead where they stood and they fell, with that stupid look on thier faces. That look of thinking they were in control, of thinking someone was weak and stupid when in fact, they were being used by the victim and perpetrator all along.

I wonder if Paul Solet, the bitch, learned all that in movie making psychology class 101? I was told by another smug average asshole locally a few years ago that his parents are psychologists. Hmm..do they work for Harvard or MIT or Mass General or any of the places Ive suffered at the hands of...all of those places and many others WERE ALL DOCUMENTED TO BE INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA many with black budgets.


That piece of crap made it to Sundance? LMFAO.

Of course the jerk behind the movie hostel was his "mentor". Roth? Yeah ok.

When Hostel came out I ignored it becuz I just knew it was going to be a psy ops, mind f*cking piece of Hollywood psych warfare. I was severely gang stalked and even experimented on and drugged at a local hostel and every single hostel in the USA is usually a gang stalking hot spot full of perps. Why this is I dont know. Also, theres usually perverts who are dirty old men running those places or owning them. Dont know why this is either. Trafficking? Prostitution was mentioned to me concerning the Hi Hostel in Boston (note its been shut down and a nice, big new one is downtown.)  I was warned that pervs connected to that place were trying to drug me and other women off the street through food kick downs. (The man who told me that is a street person who to this day I buy him something at the beginning of every month if I can find him and will do so for the rest of my life.)

Many Targeted Individuals tell of experiencing severe harassment in hostels. By the time that movie came out I had been experienced in this so I knew it was another steaming load of crap from Hollywood's psy ops dept. And look who is behind it of course. Jake's buddy who he got famous with AFTER being a key part in trying to frame me up for drugs and being a total kiddie pervert (which at least the first part I am to understand my mother stepped in or someone did. Scott my handler who pumped me for info for local authorities or whoever to make sure I was no danger in the federal investigation, referred to Jake and his rich asshole friends as 'stupid'...I assumed due to thier FAIL in trying to pull off a frame up.)
My being a kiddie pervert was attempted by him showing me some questionable, very grey area Hentai comics which I had never seen him look at before and I now realize my reaction of not saying anything (out of shock of him looking at such materials) was probably filmed and used to make me appear to be a pervert myself. And probably every sex act during the waning of our relationship was filmed which included him asking me for role playing he never really did before so frequently that of course put me in the part of looking like a pervert, Mommy, etc. Usually he wanted to live out his childhood fetish for his babysitter and stuff like that. I was a bit suspect of at the end the constantly asking for Mommy role play. I should have known.

So Jake gets famous becuz of a rich kid like Solet who is connected to Hollywood scum that make psy ops movies. Yeah, it makes sense.

It always does. Eventually if you survive long enough everything gets mapped out as things are revealed to you. In the end you see the wisdom of doing gang stalking activism. Becuz once people know its a system, and its connected to abuse of psychology and horrible black projects using humans as experimentees- abuse cults like Temple of Set and people like Michael Aquino (COS, Temple of Set, US Military psy ops officer, Satanist and author of MIND WAR, a military paper co authored with a conservative general, that conceptualizes mass mind control as part of the psych operations needed to 'win' the hearts and minds of the western world in the NWO...once your mind can learn fast enough and understand its a sophisticated system hidden from the public and not the trickery put on you that you are a horrible person and should commit suicide- it only makes itself more credible and valid as the years go on.

BTW another interesting thing about Mr Hamilton is that I was basically led to cross his path at the club in Cambridge he worked at in 1999 I believe. I recall it very clearly becuz I did not drink anymore due to liver disease and had outgrown going to clubs years before. However, one night it seemed out of place that I was urged so hard to go out to this one particular club.

Basically I was mind controlled to meet this person in a specific place in time. In the negative it was probably to get me to connect with a male as I never had, so that they could then use him against me to destroy me and also enslave me for life through his memory. The way they separate you from people you love, they do it in such a way that you can never heal from the break from that person. They do it with your family also. And then they use those memories to torment you and keep you imprisoned. Its a means of controlling a Targeted Survivor is all it is, which is why its so important to move on and find SOMETHING else, some other life, even if you feel that the one you were ripped from in such a brutal way under such bizarre circumstances is still there and unfinished business. This is what causes suicide and if not- insanity.

Even if you still work on trying to either retain, regain or heal from your previous life they've taken you from..abducted you from really- you have got to reinvent yourself or you will go insane or just fade away. This is ultimately what they want becuz even though the stupids in society latch onto the mobbing behaviors,as if its becuz you are merely hated, remember- the designers of these campaigns are professionals and thier goals are all business. Its military and intelligence behind this. The business end of this is that you are evidence of war crimes from black or classified projects. You are also a victim witness to war crimes.  Also with all the damage you will likely cost the health system money as well as other forms of assistance- so having you gone serves a dual purpose as they always do things in this way.

This is most likely why soldiers are coming back home and suiciding. No one wants experimentees, human sacrifices or witnesses to US war crimes returned to civilized society and revealing too much.
We've all experienced the complete and total false environment they now have Americans living in, specifically YUPpies and the young people today. These people cannot tolerate anything disturbing thier totally false sense of security or illusion of safety in daily life. The terrorist attacks and the Bush era served the purpose of making them hold onto for dear life any sense of safety and predictability in thier society.

Secretly, they want all evidence of US war crimes and wrong doing destroyed just as much as the people at the top. The public are no longer Americans- they are citizens living in the United States of America existing in whatever world is created for them by thier overlords who, they have seen more than once, can make big magick and make tall buildings go boom! and false flags and hoaxes anytime, anywhere. They dont want any trouble! So they help preserve the false environment of normality while outside the bubble everything from Fukishima to this sh*t to returning soldiers to Bush being outlawed in countries for war crimes to mass immigration etc blows up in our faces. And I suspect that with the bad economy and lack of opportunity they will do anything to anyone, like my ex boyfriend did, to get out of trouble or get into the American dream..which now requires human sacrifices I see.

Humans have been performing sacrifices as part of religious ritual for centuries in ancient times. So its in some far reaching part of  the human mind. Dont underestimate humans if they are pushed to far, manipulated and threatened- starved out and then that part of the primitive mind is tapped into.

Dont be a sacrifice. Mobbing allows individuals to get away with no only these crimes against people like me but these actions connected to war crimes which the public dont even seem to have a concept of.
Mobbing allows betrayers to take on the emotional abseence of simply being perps who never knew you to begin with so have no emotional responsibility to you as a person. Mobbing is very dangerous as its a form of mass mind control or brainwashing. People lose a sense of reality and then, that action is rewarded and the action of waking up out of that brainwashing is anchored to a punishment. Thus they are motivated, even for the remainder of their lives, to not see things as they really were, to not take responsibility for what they did as part of literally murdering and destroying a human being.

If these things were done overtly they would be punished with severe jail time or the death penalty.

Recall many of us Survivors in our activism write and have videos on Jim Jones and Jonestown. Charles Manson and his family. All these cults had connections to either Church of Satan thus  military psy ops or the CIA.  JUST LIKE MK ULTRA.  These are theorized to be experiments in just how can you get a group of people to become so brainwashed they murder for you?

This is what is transpiring in the entirety of our society today. How can you turn an entire nation into one big, greedy, asleep, self serving mob that will kill off anyone deemed as a threat to the precious safety of the cult?

This along with the other things involved in mass mind control like tech and chemical influences are what is shaping western society today. All that Illuminati crap and symbolism in the media especially in the music industry is nothing more than psychological warfare. If they were truly secret and THAT was thier power- why would they need to reveal themselves to the commoners ad naseum? It doesnt make sense.

There is no shortage of people to f*ck you over on your journey along this path to fighting this system for yourself and the rest of humanity. Most people are stupid sh*ts who have no idea of whats really behind what seems like criminal monekyshines that are supported by dumbasses in the police force, organized crime or other power structures they understand and have knowledge of.

The military and intel agencies dont f*ck around and they are absolutely ruthless and calculating. Most of the stupidity you encounter is faked, part of psy ops or is from useful idiots close to you, near you or around you in public spaces who are actually that stupid that think its all fucking fun and games.

Stupid people are dangerous people. Ive learned that after being perped for years by people who probably I saw once and would never see again and thought it was nothing but for me the accumalitive effects were potentially deadly and have been very destructive.

After you get burned, dont think these bastards will give you time to heal-like life is for normal people. They will keep burning you any way they can until you are dead. And the people close to you will rationalize away your death or slow decline- enjoying of course thier new found success in life. The system will always take care of them for thier serving it. And it will take care of you by killing you off for not being useful.