“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Ex Boyfriend and An Example of How Betrayers Are Forced Into A TIs Life Then Used To Psych Destroy You Over Time


"Jake Hamilton
Usually working as a picture editor, Jake Hamilton occasionally returns to his roots in sound design for director Paul Solet when Paul strokes his ego enough.
The end result is usually the same, Paul and Jake giggle their asses off while the audience gets nauseous and passes out.
When not working with Paul, Jake puts his time and energy into socially conscious and uplifting projects in an effort to avoid eternity in hell"

No more like when another rich kid (Solet and friends) actually gives his fat lazy upper middle class ass a project to do to get him out of his nowhere career which is where it would be if he had not gotten busted, joined NA and had local perps and scumbags give him opportunities purely for his being involved in frame ups, interferring with federal investigations (involving payoffs to local crooked cops) and doing his part for MK Ultra continued experimentation, psy ops, black ops and other WAR CRIMES originating in the Bush era.

'socially conscious and uplifting projects'??? Like what, more media psy ops for Hollywood with his Jewish friends? (And even though he looks like Mr Nordic compared to me, HE is the one who has Jewish ancestry through his mother from north Carolina. JACOBSON. They converted due to typical social pressures down south. For the first years of the overt gs campaign I had people making Jewish jokes at me (St Louis, MO) and using the assumption I was Jewish to harass me psychologically. When in fact, I am simply Slavic (Polish/Lithuanian) and Italian partially in my ancestry so I get mistaken for this backround alot.

The people behind gs know who to support. They know who is who. Who will bend and do anything for opportunity and who will resist. Who they can blackmail and who will through it back in thier faces and not give a shit.

If anything, the amount of Jews involved in gang stalking in my campaign alone and the absolute hatred involved with destroying me is just more evidence of Israel's involvement in 9-11 which ties into every single TI's campaigns nationwide. A good majority of us realize that if we were intergenerational Targets due to such things as survivorship from MK Ultra like projects, Ritual Abuse etc-whatever the motive for life long harassment- it escalated to a ridiculous and potentially deadly degree in 2003. A time of anti terrorism, war abroad and the Patriot Act among other things.

Hollywood is heavily tied to Israel and thus Mossod. This is thier intelligence network, capable of many documented dirty deeds just like your friendly CIA historically. Hollywood also works for the American intelligence agencies by pumping out crap for the people's consumption like propaganda, mind control and every other thing you can think of to not only target the public for thought control but Targeted Individuals as well.

It stands to reason that a clown like my ex boyfriend Jake, after a four year relationship, would turn against me (after being busted for a large amount of drugs TWICE IN TWO MONTHS TIME, though they were first offenses, but that was only becuz 1. he always hung out with and was protected by other rich kids 2. thus was never any use to local crooked cops nor this larger system of creeps involved in black projects.) then become successful so suddenly in an industry closely connected to so many vices as well as complimentary investments in the privatized prison and military industrial complex.

He has yet to even begin to probably even CARE about the severity of his actions, not only against me but against his country. MK Ultra and all related IS part of the systems of technologies and psy ops that has this country under control and is helping to destroy it every year. Every false flag and hoax depends on people like him as well as all of the arts of deception and brainwashing that have come about due to black projects like MK Ultra.

What a great way to cover up how underhanded and a total punk ass sell out you had to be in order to GET good opportunities at all in that business. I doubt if he has a guilty conscience. The last thing I recall him saying to me on a telephone is .."think of you? I dont think of you at all?". Well, there's the WASP in him. A nice, cold short cut of the tongue feigning superiority upon ending a relationship.

How many idiots around here are so dim and so wrapped up in local bullshit that they actually believe in the cover story still, that is so laughably simple it doesnt even makes sense? I play with people I meet sometimes that I experience intimating the cover story as if its some big secret I am in denial about still or too stupid to realize whats gone on. At some point, I mention to these f*ckers things like Targeted Individuals, being targeted or..if they deserve it- MK Ultra.

Without fail I always get a perplexed look on thier faces and a momentary relief from thier smugness in thinking they have control over someone who is a victim becuz they know what the plot is about. This is one of my small rewards in life. Its just hard to have to act stupid all the time in order to get where and what I need to complete my project concerning what IS really going on. I have to deal with alot of stupid people who believe the cover story is the height of sinister intent and deception. Its a joy to watch thier faces fall..as if I just got sick of them and finally pulled out a huge weapon and shot them dead where they stood and they fell, with that stupid look on thier faces. That look of thinking they were in control, of thinking someone was weak and stupid when in fact, they were being used by the victim and perpetrator all along.

I wonder if Paul Solet, the bitch, learned all that in movie making psychology class 101? I was told by another smug average asshole locally a few years ago that his parents are psychologists. Hmm..do they work for Harvard or MIT or Mass General or any of the places Ive suffered at the hands of...all of those places and many others WERE ALL DOCUMENTED TO BE INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA many with black budgets.


That piece of crap made it to Sundance? LMFAO.

Of course the jerk behind the movie hostel was his "mentor". Roth? Yeah ok.

When Hostel came out I ignored it becuz I just knew it was going to be a psy ops, mind f*cking piece of Hollywood psych warfare. I was severely gang stalked and even experimented on and drugged at a local hostel and every single hostel in the USA is usually a gang stalking hot spot full of perps. Why this is I dont know. Also, theres usually perverts who are dirty old men running those places or owning them. Dont know why this is either. Trafficking? Prostitution was mentioned to me concerning the Hi Hostel in Boston (note its been shut down and a nice, big new one is downtown.)  I was warned that pervs connected to that place were trying to drug me and other women off the street through food kick downs. (The man who told me that is a street person who to this day I buy him something at the beginning of every month if I can find him and will do so for the rest of my life.)

Many Targeted Individuals tell of experiencing severe harassment in hostels. By the time that movie came out I had been experienced in this so I knew it was another steaming load of crap from Hollywood's psy ops dept. And look who is behind it of course. Jake's buddy who he got famous with AFTER being a key part in trying to frame me up for drugs and being a total kiddie pervert (which at least the first part I am to understand my mother stepped in or someone did. Scott my handler who pumped me for info for local authorities or whoever to make sure I was no danger in the federal investigation, referred to Jake and his rich asshole friends as 'stupid'...I assumed due to thier FAIL in trying to pull off a frame up.)
My being a kiddie pervert was attempted by him showing me some questionable, very grey area Hentai comics which I had never seen him look at before and I now realize my reaction of not saying anything (out of shock of him looking at such materials) was probably filmed and used to make me appear to be a pervert myself. And probably every sex act during the waning of our relationship was filmed which included him asking me for role playing he never really did before so frequently that of course put me in the part of looking like a pervert, Mommy, etc. Usually he wanted to live out his childhood fetish for his babysitter and stuff like that. I was a bit suspect of at the end the constantly asking for Mommy role play. I should have known.

So Jake gets famous becuz of a rich kid like Solet who is connected to Hollywood scum that make psy ops movies. Yeah, it makes sense.

It always does. Eventually if you survive long enough everything gets mapped out as things are revealed to you. In the end you see the wisdom of doing gang stalking activism. Becuz once people know its a system, and its connected to abuse of psychology and horrible black projects using humans as experimentees- abuse cults like Temple of Set and people like Michael Aquino (COS, Temple of Set, US Military psy ops officer, Satanist and author of MIND WAR, a military paper co authored with a conservative general, that conceptualizes mass mind control as part of the psych operations needed to 'win' the hearts and minds of the western world in the NWO...once your mind can learn fast enough and understand its a sophisticated system hidden from the public and not the trickery put on you that you are a horrible person and should commit suicide- it only makes itself more credible and valid as the years go on.

BTW another interesting thing about Mr Hamilton is that I was basically led to cross his path at the club in Cambridge he worked at in 1999 I believe. I recall it very clearly becuz I did not drink anymore due to liver disease and had outgrown going to clubs years before. However, one night it seemed out of place that I was urged so hard to go out to this one particular club.

Basically I was mind controlled to meet this person in a specific place in time. In the negative it was probably to get me to connect with a male as I never had, so that they could then use him against me to destroy me and also enslave me for life through his memory. The way they separate you from people you love, they do it in such a way that you can never heal from the break from that person. They do it with your family also. And then they use those memories to torment you and keep you imprisoned. Its a means of controlling a Targeted Survivor is all it is, which is why its so important to move on and find SOMETHING else, some other life, even if you feel that the one you were ripped from in such a brutal way under such bizarre circumstances is still there and unfinished business. This is what causes suicide and if not- insanity.

Even if you still work on trying to either retain, regain or heal from your previous life they've taken you from..abducted you from really- you have got to reinvent yourself or you will go insane or just fade away. This is ultimately what they want becuz even though the stupids in society latch onto the mobbing behaviors,as if its becuz you are merely hated, remember- the designers of these campaigns are professionals and thier goals are all business. Its military and intelligence behind this. The business end of this is that you are evidence of war crimes from black or classified projects. You are also a victim witness to war crimes.  Also with all the damage you will likely cost the health system money as well as other forms of assistance- so having you gone serves a dual purpose as they always do things in this way.

This is most likely why soldiers are coming back home and suiciding. No one wants experimentees, human sacrifices or witnesses to US war crimes returned to civilized society and revealing too much.
We've all experienced the complete and total false environment they now have Americans living in, specifically YUPpies and the young people today. These people cannot tolerate anything disturbing thier totally false sense of security or illusion of safety in daily life. The terrorist attacks and the Bush era served the purpose of making them hold onto for dear life any sense of safety and predictability in thier society.

Secretly, they want all evidence of US war crimes and wrong doing destroyed just as much as the people at the top. The public are no longer Americans- they are citizens living in the United States of America existing in whatever world is created for them by thier overlords who, they have seen more than once, can make big magick and make tall buildings go boom! and false flags and hoaxes anytime, anywhere. They dont want any trouble! So they help preserve the false environment of normality while outside the bubble everything from Fukishima to this sh*t to returning soldiers to Bush being outlawed in countries for war crimes to mass immigration etc blows up in our faces. And I suspect that with the bad economy and lack of opportunity they will do anything to anyone, like my ex boyfriend did, to get out of trouble or get into the American dream..which now requires human sacrifices I see.

Humans have been performing sacrifices as part of religious ritual for centuries in ancient times. So its in some far reaching part of  the human mind. Dont underestimate humans if they are pushed to far, manipulated and threatened- starved out and then that part of the primitive mind is tapped into.

Dont be a sacrifice. Mobbing allows individuals to get away with no only these crimes against people like me but these actions connected to war crimes which the public dont even seem to have a concept of.
Mobbing allows betrayers to take on the emotional abseence of simply being perps who never knew you to begin with so have no emotional responsibility to you as a person. Mobbing is very dangerous as its a form of mass mind control or brainwashing. People lose a sense of reality and then, that action is rewarded and the action of waking up out of that brainwashing is anchored to a punishment. Thus they are motivated, even for the remainder of their lives, to not see things as they really were, to not take responsibility for what they did as part of literally murdering and destroying a human being.

If these things were done overtly they would be punished with severe jail time or the death penalty.

Recall many of us Survivors in our activism write and have videos on Jim Jones and Jonestown. Charles Manson and his family. All these cults had connections to either Church of Satan thus  military psy ops or the CIA.  JUST LIKE MK ULTRA.  These are theorized to be experiments in just how can you get a group of people to become so brainwashed they murder for you?

This is what is transpiring in the entirety of our society today. How can you turn an entire nation into one big, greedy, asleep, self serving mob that will kill off anyone deemed as a threat to the precious safety of the cult?

This along with the other things involved in mass mind control like tech and chemical influences are what is shaping western society today. All that Illuminati crap and symbolism in the media especially in the music industry is nothing more than psychological warfare. If they were truly secret and THAT was thier power- why would they need to reveal themselves to the commoners ad naseum? It doesnt make sense.

There is no shortage of people to f*ck you over on your journey along this path to fighting this system for yourself and the rest of humanity. Most people are stupid sh*ts who have no idea of whats really behind what seems like criminal monekyshines that are supported by dumbasses in the police force, organized crime or other power structures they understand and have knowledge of.

The military and intel agencies dont f*ck around and they are absolutely ruthless and calculating. Most of the stupidity you encounter is faked, part of psy ops or is from useful idiots close to you, near you or around you in public spaces who are actually that stupid that think its all fucking fun and games.

Stupid people are dangerous people. Ive learned that after being perped for years by people who probably I saw once and would never see again and thought it was nothing but for me the accumalitive effects were potentially deadly and have been very destructive.

After you get burned, dont think these bastards will give you time to heal-like life is for normal people. They will keep burning you any way they can until you are dead. And the people close to you will rationalize away your death or slow decline- enjoying of course thier new found success in life. The system will always take care of them for thier serving it. And it will take care of you by killing you off for not being useful.