“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

South Of Downtown San Bernidino Nicer

ok so only that part of San Bernidino sucked. The area south near Colton is much nicer, full of thriving businesses and industrial area. Just stay the hell out of downtown...blech.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Headache...not the usual

Im also not in the best spirits becuz on top of those other changes I awoke this morning to some sinus thing that also makes rhe front part of my head and eye sockets feel like something is burning away at my brain. Making my eyes droop and cant think as clearly. What the hell is it? The only time I have felt anything resembling that was either mold re exposure or when there was a gas leak in the area or a building I was in...actually the gas leak headache is more up the bacl of the head and neck. All TIs through the Bush ear have experienced this lovely chem warfare along with other mysterious instances of not being able to breathe or feeling affected by some sort of slight poisoning. In my case I suppose I could be allergic (not allergic reaction but allergy to) to something I ate.

I know it sounds like paranoia but this is all done slowly over time to degenerate the health of the Target so it looks like natural ill health in the end. I had posted about Iranian political prisoners telling of these tactics being used while they were prisoners so when they were released, their ill health seemed a natural state or process.

The gs system seems to want to ensure the heart, brain and respitory suffer the most damage, sex organs and strength being important also.

L.A. Off Limits As Target...and Intelligent Human Being


These mothaf*ckas werent "making music" they are too busy being some of the most thoroughly obnoxious, racist, petty pieces of crap I have experienced since say, St Loius, MO. Riverside was ok, lovely in fact and OCCUPY was up and running for one month. Something happened today...it just got ugly and unpleasant. What happened since last week??? This element came into play, came out of nowhere and just started to creep out the area around OCCUPY. When you are targeted long enough you sense the changes.

Riverside was nice for a few days over the weekend. Then we started to go into supermarkets and laundry in run down areas a bit down the street from OCCUPY just a few blocks.

Last night I started experiencing the phenomena of hearing a song I listen to frequently, an excerpt of it, repetitively. Then of course peaceful travelers and locals we liked thinned out and jerks started showing up yesterday and more today. Then the directed conversation began at the bus stop and it was made very uncomfortable for us there.
This was NOT my experience for myself or my road dog for the past few days.

GS is like a disease, and after a while you begin to sense the symptoms early on.

San Bernidino was just a stop over for a bus thankfully but the bus ride was when I experienced the same old bs as in other urban areas where people just refuse to have anything going on locally other than being miserable, hateful and exacting revenge on poor whites (who wont be dominated) for what long time white wealthy citizens have done and continue to do to them.

When you are targeted its difficult to tell in areas like this if its a gs campaign or just assh*ledom per usual.

When dealing with this nowadays I simply ask myself if they care about these weapons and technologies being used on human beings for torture, if they recycle, if they care about the environment.

Then I recall all of the years of abuses by all black gs groups in places like Memphis TN, St Louis MO, and I know I am in the right and I am confident in my life's work.

As we see in the homeless scene repeatedly, poverty is equated with filth, ignorance, ill health and depression. This is brainwashing by the powers that be and is not 'the way it is'.

Not every black community I have experienced is negative. But SoCal seems to have a large number of whites who would rather screw around on the beaches all year long instead of face reality and blacks that have carried all the most distasteful traits with them from the south (as usual) simply to become black nasty rednecks in a new area. So it matters little where they are on the move to. When a culture allows such misery and tells its citizens basically that money and flight is the only cure for anyone involved, its yet another cop out. And blacks seem to cheat themselves more than anyone else.

And for a long time now I have been ensuring they will not cheat ME any longer.

Cycle Of Revenge Guaranteed Because Justice Is Not Allowed


And where exactly are any of us going to seek this justice? Its obvious to me now that economies are based essentially on keeping chaos reigning and denying truth and justice.
Where are Targets supposed to get justice? There is no such thing in a society that doesnt acknowledge such abuses of power.

Media Psy Ops Pin Up Babe

Remember the post I did on Metallica's album cover? It appears to be a coffin as well as surrounded by magnetic waves. I also found on old buildings a very similar symbol that appears to be coffin like within a circle most likely masonry related or Masonic in design.

I also posted it could be something else.

I can deal with death symbols but not arrogant sexist males who think they are some sort of Satanic superpowers simply becuz they are in the entertainment field.
This pic illustrates what that 'something else' could be in the design. And all the perps can do exactly what she is suggesting.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cant Properly Gauge Riverside: Its Sunday.

i didn't realize it was Sunday. so to be fair i cant say that Riverside is not managed by tech. I went downtown and I enjoyed seeing and experiencing this city as is in a natural state..felt like the old days, back when life was normal before electromagnetic pollution. If one wakes up at 3 am to 5 am and really takes in a city like San Diego one can plainly feel the difference between the 12 midnight to 6am period and the daytime. It is so damn quiet, so natural and so easy to just BE. For a TI the main difference is there is no interfacing. No behavior modification programs, no Truman Show Syndrome, no deceptions about anything. The slow brainwashing that occurs in places heavily targeted is a slow, tormented death of the Self.

Are we honestly expected to live away from places heavilly military connected or wealthy? As an American citizen I am supposed to obey a parameter in which I cannot step out of for life?

The powers that be are doing this to keep America a strong superpower in a global world. To keep the standard of living up and anyone one who does not partake of that or disagrees will be kept out.

Riverside CA Heavy GS Presence

Why? Well following the rule of thumb: becuz its not heavily tech managed.

This Applebees by the train station last night was wired as hell. Truman Show Syndrome and other stuff occurred.

Got off train and fat black security guard came up on golf cart and asked "Are you going to AZ?" (And that is what we have been telling people). No transport out of here goes to AZ and it was late, no more trains running.

I asked him why he would think that and he looked lost as perps of a certain kind always do, the best reply he had was that a lot of people are going to AZ and Chicago right now, and even that was like a lot of work for him mentally. You could see the big rusty wheels grinding hard to produce something.

These kinds of peeps are the worst, becuz they bring to light the reality of how much torture and damage the gs causes human beings to get them under control. Due to how I was approached years ago in AZ by peeps telling me they could "make it stop" if only I took an offer of work that sounded very much like harassing people in this fashion. I have seen worse brandamaged types and all TIs who've been hit with the full program know that degenerating health on purpose is what they do. Causing brain damage is imperitive to not only controlling a person but using MK Ultra to wipe and reformat the human mind. Remember much of what is done to TIs is akin to the Zombie making process down in Haiti where Brian damage occurs from oxygen deprivation (buried alive then dug up by voodoon) and poisoning (formula blown at victim to induce death state) along with torture and psych warfare so the person is owned by the voodoo master. Really its a case of the ultimate Stockholm Syndrome, with a lot of help from brain damage.

(It doesn't surprise me that if one reads the book not the movie, titled "Serpent and the Rainbow" it was a Harvard connected professor that went down there to seek out the mysteries and chemical components of Zombie making in Haiti. By now TIs know that Harvard is not what it seems and also has a history of being involved in unethical human experimentation and certain agency's projects.)

He may just have been slow to begin with who knows, easier to con into gs.

Just called I Care ShelterShelter 951 354 2273. All I wanted was a shower.
Not only did I get called "sir" which I have experienced the perps doing in the past on purpose due to my deep voice but when I corrected him by stating I was a ma'am not a sir he replied with " and so am I". I then put my male road dog on the phone and on speaker phone. He changed his attitude but then asked us if we were from the local OCCUPY protest, too ignorant to know its part of OCCUPY but referring to it as "that Riverside protest".

So I am assuming since I as a TI have experienced heavy gs in an area light on tech that any activist from OCCUPY might also receive the same becuz if the system is already in place why not use it?

I dearly would like to see if this shelter recieves govt funding becuz he just became guilty of discrimination as well as sexism possibly.

Also last night there was a red car driving around a lot supposedly closed to the public brighting us possibly.

And that calling me sir instead of ma'am on purpose is used I can almost guarantee becuz it was done to my mother constantly and she absolutely hated it. Its been obvious to me since the early stages of this going 24-7 that if you are intergenerationally targeted, the system will attempt to use anything that worked on your parents to see if it affects you as well.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Surrounded By Idiots (By Design Not By Chance)

I need a different road dog. the kid i am with now is too young, fat, somewhat lazy and doesn't have any fire inside. I want someone who actually plays guitar or wants to learn not someone who just carries one around to mess with it. I also want someone who is a sworn and serious enemy of the gs system. someone like myself who has lost so much been denied what everyone else has, and has had their lives threatened to the point where this country and this system cannot be forgiven.

I have no more patience for lazy f*ckin hippies. A metalhead with hippie tendencies is ok. As long as one understands about RA. Funny how i dont sense any part of this moron i am with now having any satanic energies at all yet he regularly lies and decieves to avoid responsibility. Without the internal fire you r just a lazy coward.

Peacable loving people piss me off after a while. Thats fine for healing and its good for fun travel but when things need to be accomplished there is no time for peace. The last manipulator i wasted ten years of my life knowing and being annoyed by at least made us money and taught me what i needed to succeed in difficult situations.

GS has ensured that i be surrounded by posers, losers and people going nowhere when my life never would have been that way if i had been left to do things my own way.

Its destroyed my health, my psychic ability and my artistic talents. All the morons that believe gs makes a stronger person need to get their heads out of their asses and stop looking to lame ass Nietzsche quotes made famous by Kieth Richards..and posers get tattoed on thier backs ("Whatever doesnt kill me makes me stronger" is a quote from Nietzsche. Whats endlessly annoying is that most f*cktards in society dont know its origin nor the author's other quotes nor work. Nietzsche hated normal 'average' people and expressed this in his work. If these same people were to tattoo his other quotes on their backs they might be quite unpopular. How about 'You dont worship God, you worship the police'. Dare you advertise that one?? I think not.
That quote is one of the most frequent sayings used to MAKE EXCUSES for abusive behavior either self inflicted or otherwise. This military minded bullshit is supposed to be for soldiers in wartime, NOT the militarization of the general public, of civilians. Another totally obnoxious quote is "Pain is weakness leaving the body". I dont even want to know the idiot responsible for that one. This statement excludes torture and abuse and brainwashes people into believing that being tormented into being mean, callous and a hardass is a positive healthy event. ITS NOT. ITS DESTRUCTIVE END OF STORY. This bs is being pushed so that we will all succumb to being strong [and silent it seems] so they can build a world wide new order. Its being sacrificed for the greed and benefit of the few. Dont be fooled.
My mother always said "Pain is your body's way of letting you know something is wrong." and I believe her. There is a time when pain is going to occur as part of growth or something positive such as working out. But these are not life or spirit damaging and UNDER OUR WILL. As a society we have been tortured and terrorized so that this becomes normalized and its purpose is to destroy gentleness and spirit and help usher in a new Satanic age, which of course is not a natural occurrence but being orchestrated by powerful people. If it were a natural process technologies, chemicals and psy ops wouldnt have to be utilized to influence outcomes.)

Being targeted has forced me to be such a loser and surrounded by people I would not have chosen to be around.

I am forced to depend on people who are not really interested in winning, just maintaining.

My mother used to get frustrated and ask why I kept falling in with idiots or dysfunctional situations like the straight jobs i would try for off and on. Well partially its the influence from her family whom only seems interested in its members who provide a white wash grtting anywhere in life and partially becuz when you are targeted intergenerationally, as in MK Ultra, the only people who will deal with you are either also targeted or lowly losers by nature(not by design such as TIs) and anyone else has you on board simply to screw you over to get a favor from the system like govt funding, a new building, hard to get grant money etc etc.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Creepy, Skiddish Busdriver and Local Sow- Could Be Gangstalking...Or Just More Oceanside Area Ignorant BS?

Bus 101 from Oceanside just arrived in La Jolla. Driver was this creep that kept telling his black female friend /passenger at his side how he was going to give certain passengers a hard time before they entered the bus. Very disrespectful humiliating sort of person. The young sow kept making very derrogatory remarks and messing with myself and my road dog. Total SoCal snobbish ignorance, no respect for travelers. I could sense that at one point, one.of them considered that as 'vagrants' we might take action against her at least and get away with it by disappearing on the road.
This didnt stop the young sow from telling us as we left "you could go live somewhere else," too ignorant from her environment to understand we dont LIVE here, we travel.

Considering back in Boston that comment would have.gotten her smacked up, and SoCal in Oceanside area it seems they r confident percieved powerless people wont fight back, I considered giving her a nice Italian escort home after her stop...but, sigh, there just wasnt time.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OK.Maybe being a bit hard on the guy. What's happened to me doesn't make life easy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Aerosmith Connections To Wiseguys And The Company



Go down to the comment left by Bobby Fontaine, where the link above originated.

LOL, if anything, it seems that Talerico is still returning favors to The Company and those...sort of Italians. Sicilian...yeah. Not exactly ancient Roman DNA shining through, is it?


Aero-Bashing..Just Couldnt Help Myself



Friday, November 4, 2011

Music Vid Expressing TI Sentiment To Perps

Found something slightly amusing for the perps....the Pope reference was already part of the vid. I disagree with political figures at times...dressing them up like chipmunks is just bizarre, so dont get offended. Everyone involved in gs, organized harassment, mobbing and other group think nonsense-this is for you and you know who you are..well probably actually. If you had any individuality, you wouldnt mob people. Losers... All Targets: Enjoy.