“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Riverside CA Heavy GS Presence

Why? Well following the rule of thumb: becuz its not heavily tech managed.

This Applebees by the train station last night was wired as hell. Truman Show Syndrome and other stuff occurred.

Got off train and fat black security guard came up on golf cart and asked "Are you going to AZ?" (And that is what we have been telling people). No transport out of here goes to AZ and it was late, no more trains running.

I asked him why he would think that and he looked lost as perps of a certain kind always do, the best reply he had was that a lot of people are going to AZ and Chicago right now, and even that was like a lot of work for him mentally. You could see the big rusty wheels grinding hard to produce something.

These kinds of peeps are the worst, becuz they bring to light the reality of how much torture and damage the gs causes human beings to get them under control. Due to how I was approached years ago in AZ by peeps telling me they could "make it stop" if only I took an offer of work that sounded very much like harassing people in this fashion. I have seen worse brandamaged types and all TIs who've been hit with the full program know that degenerating health on purpose is what they do. Causing brain damage is imperitive to not only controlling a person but using MK Ultra to wipe and reformat the human mind. Remember much of what is done to TIs is akin to the Zombie making process down in Haiti where Brian damage occurs from oxygen deprivation (buried alive then dug up by voodoon) and poisoning (formula blown at victim to induce death state) along with torture and psych warfare so the person is owned by the voodoo master. Really its a case of the ultimate Stockholm Syndrome, with a lot of help from brain damage.

(It doesn't surprise me that if one reads the book not the movie, titled "Serpent and the Rainbow" it was a Harvard connected professor that went down there to seek out the mysteries and chemical components of Zombie making in Haiti. By now TIs know that Harvard is not what it seems and also has a history of being involved in unethical human experimentation and certain agency's projects.)

He may just have been slow to begin with who knows, easier to con into gs.

Just called I Care ShelterShelter 951 354 2273. All I wanted was a shower.
Not only did I get called "sir" which I have experienced the perps doing in the past on purpose due to my deep voice but when I corrected him by stating I was a ma'am not a sir he replied with " and so am I". I then put my male road dog on the phone and on speaker phone. He changed his attitude but then asked us if we were from the local OCCUPY protest, too ignorant to know its part of OCCUPY but referring to it as "that Riverside protest".

So I am assuming since I as a TI have experienced heavy gs in an area light on tech that any activist from OCCUPY might also receive the same becuz if the system is already in place why not use it?

I dearly would like to see if this shelter recieves govt funding becuz he just became guilty of discrimination as well as sexism possibly.

Also last night there was a red car driving around a lot supposedly closed to the public brighting us possibly.

And that calling me sir instead of ma'am on purpose is used I can almost guarantee becuz it was done to my mother constantly and she absolutely hated it. Its been obvious to me since the early stages of this going 24-7 that if you are intergenerationally targeted, the system will attempt to use anything that worked on your parents to see if it affects you as well.