“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Madonna? Metaphysical Stalker?

Sometimes I get this weird impression that Madonna has a strange jealous obsession with certain Targeted Individuals for whatever reasons.

I can only hope its more psych warfare and trying to get people to freak out or become stalkers or just mentally unstable.

If anyone is that bored or vindictive with that much money its just sad. Its probably total bullshit.

Heavy Subtle Constant GS Lately and alot of Public Apathy

Trying to avoid red Sox games. Look at a teams schedule to avoid home games if u experience harassment from a pro sports team.

Broke but have the money for court. Was too traumatized by being arrested to get community service done on time. Still can't believe I was forced to act out in a manner that got me arrested for the first  time in this whole campaign from 2003,til present.

Its seems to be the new administration in Cambridge (mayor, city manager),and in Boston (mayor, police chief and commissioner. Maybe other new people as well.

They have charged me with a felony for writing in magic marker on the side of a McDonald s on a piece of metal siding. They washed it off that night.

Am getting constant gang stalking but it's subtle so I am switching very quickly between cities and towns never staying in same place more than a few weeks and it seems a week or so is the limit.
Not hanging in Harvard as there seems to be heavy gang stalking there now and I cannot take it becuz its very abusive and consists of making fun  of me almost constantly. Like a constant stream of people walking by messing with me. So I am not beggjng in that location or stayjg there during the day at all.

I think this recent arrest and charge is part of a final intimidation to get me to leave permanently but also for croooked cops and other authorities connected to my old associates to get a power trip out of.

Many of them might still believe this is only about the cover story.. Which of course revolves around them and their little territory .

Its frightening to think people so sick criminal and brutish could be in on perpetrating war crimes connected to the US military.

Boston and Cambridge are just that sick, greedy and murderous population of animals with no humanity. They are worse than NYC and are hateful and evil to the core. The only redeeming quality about this place are the people who want justice and right to be done.