“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Ideations To Move To NY Are Really Bad Lately

Here we go again. Strong ideations to again go on a wild.goose chase in search of a new home base that I know by now will end up in disaster and I will come right back to Boston.

Vegas keeps coming up.  Now its NYC that wont stop being marketed in my head. Its so clear that Im not just getting flashing visions I am having longer running moments of seeing areas in NY and even tastes and smells. Wtf?

Im not GOING to NyC . I understand that NY according to my genetics, personality and even astrocartography is much more harmonious and better for me than Boston. I get it.  I knew that 20 years ago when I visited and it was just easier and there were more cool Italians not the uptight kind like here and more people with dark eyes and hair who just generally looked like me and the energy suited my high spiritedness better.

In order to be in Boston Ive basically had to resort to playing dead its so incredibly bad here now since the old guard isnt in power and its these horrid YUPpies and the other usual people who take care of the area for the elite.

Its become nothing but miserable since 2006.

However NYC is not an option. Its very dangerous. I know nothing about NY and have no experience there. I hear its just as miserable there now if u don't have money. Its not what it used to be just like Boston.

Why would I go there? Its also Hipster overload. What am I going to do with that?

And Ive experienced entire blocks that have such negative evil energy that it literally blew me off the sidewalk.
I tend to start acting crazy in NYC also prob becuz of all the electromagnetic pollution.

I get gang stalked just walking to the store from the bus station as if I was Osama Bin Ladin himself.

I dont need that sh#t. Blacks there kill bus drivers who hit their cars after they are the ones who cut them off in traffic. Its in the news. I dont have the connections nor the ability to meet people anymore. I used to but now its just gang stalkers every inch of this country.

Its like someone decided Im old now so there's no point in letting me be cool anymore and be involved in scenes.

My being rejected only since the stresses of the past two years have made me look 'old' is very suspicious.

Im not going to be controlled by this system or by this society. The point of activism of this kind and traveling has been to become free of control not be recontrolled again simply becuz I now can no longer live off my looks.

I keep getting the impressions theres more sympathetic people in NYC or that theres activists like me and communities I can exist in and have a more satisfying life.

Even that I would be given better healthcare becuz I dont trust the hospitals here but am hoping the one I have continues to do the right thing. Even though Ive had some practitioners that dont.

Why NY? I shud have gone to another country in my 20s but its too late now. I could try it but it would be probably just as miserable due to the NWO destroying any place decent anyone can go who doesn't want to be a mindless walking corpse living under mind control buying into NWO politics and buying things endlessly as a meaning of life.

I know Bostons purpose for me is simplu to keep destroying me and destroy what's left of my life energy.  Thats all they probably ever had in mind for and others like me-their sick human sacrifices to make the area and the US keep flourishing.

Boston is evil and the good it balanced out with has been taken away-buried-destroyed. They call that old school nowadays.

Total oppression of everyone except the money those serving the .money or following the money.

Its a total slave state.

Buy why would I not fight my original enslavement in the place where it started?

There's only one place to slay the dragon- in its own lair.

All I meet now are decievers anyway. I am kept surrounded constantly and am unable to reach decent or sane people at this point.

Like NY is going to be any better.

They are hoping that I feel that my situation really sank when Menino died and left office. I know I felt a change when Cuomo died.

Boston feels like a foriegn land sometimes with all these strangers walking around in it. It seems like its soul has been cut out.

Why should I leave? Pretty much as of 2012 or 13 Im being treated like a dead woman walking anyway. Like im totally discredited, like I dont matter and Im hated and dispised by everyone.

I dont have anyone left and I get harassed every minute everywhere I go.

Why go to NYC?  Its going to be no better there and its more dangerous and miserable.

The only thing I sensed there last time I took a truck ride through was that someone was there in power who was amused by how much gall I had and nerve to keep doing what I am doing.  That just means that whoever is in power wants me tjere to play ganes with me becuz I would be a fun and sporting subject.

Ive been doing this too long and I am fully aware that we are often treated as toys by the elite or their cronies.

We are treated just as black slaves were. Torture or games for sport fun or to gain metaohysical energies from us.

I have a book to write. I dont have time for this country's bullshit..

Most people are done wth me anyway becuz Ive lost my looks so Im essentially alone and on my own anyway.

Im not going to NYC. That wpuld be very ill advised. Anything on the west coast is asking for more radiation exposure whi h is what helped age me in the first place.

Its been time to lewve the US but without money where can you go that hasnt been fucked by the NWO?
I doubt if Switzerland wants me and that seems like one of the only sane places left.

Im also being pushed to live in Austin TX permanently due to my recent shift to racial awareness, self defense and more conservative views (brought on by endless years of abuse from largely black and Latino gang stalking groups mostly African and African American). So I finalky get hip to the reality of COINTELPRO having turned what remained of truly free blacks or anyone really dissident into compliant house slaves and spies as one can study blacks have always served the purpose of in this country and I HAVE TO BE BANISHED FROM MY HOMETOWN AND HOME BASE becuz I realized it was nothing short of a massive racial conspiracy??  Not only nationally but internationally? (Mass immigration into EU).
There are targeted African Americans and there are decent people. Its just a large part of that demographic around the country but specifically in key cities like Boston are totally dedicated to the NWO war and occupation on humanity so they can gain ultimate power in the new world order.
(Laughs) Im not going to ignore this just becuz its unpleasant or inconvenient to people. My activism has turned this way and this is the route of  discovery.

The truth is not my problem. Obviously once again it is society's problem. Oh well.

Im not going ro Austin TX to live with pollution, deadly firey heat and snakes and a complete lack of intelletualism or an ocean just becuz I am now a threat to the NWO..not just the United States.

I get harassed there too its just that I seem to get less mind control there and actually get things done.

Im resolving the issues with my home state and then I may move abroad. Thats final.  Im sick of these new fucks in power and a million idiotic brainwashed 20 somethings trying to pry me from whats mine.

Why dont YOU go back where you came from?

Nyc is out.  Im being pushed which means that area is desperate for someone with an energy output like mine to be in that location. They want to take something i have from me.

I think NYC has taken from us all here in the US lomg enough since 9-11 and beyond.
Cuomos son last I read has been pushing the insurance people to pay off the claim from the 1% er Zionist who owned the buildings from 9-11.

With that kind of power opposing me....what could I POSSIBLY gain?

Freedom? Better health care? Actual real friends who share my outlook on life in America (who arent do nothing idiots?

Resources to write my book uninterrupted by a thousand gang stalkers a day making it impossible to utilize them?

I highly doubt if NY is going to have those things for me. I might check it out next spring....but im not running down there before winter. No...way.

Anti Terrorism, Law Enforcement Supression and National Security



Frustrated with American polcies? They cant even admit to the list of war crimes. Its gone way to far.

So the entire anti terror apparatus is designed to protect American interests regardless of whether the US is right or not.

Well they could start by not pissing people off on purpose to create potential new problems to begin with.

Creating racists,pushing people into lone being shooters or framing people up as terrorists to begin with when they are actuallly victim witnesses is othing but create-a- problem,solve-a-problem.

Monday, October 19, 2015


O..M..F..G I have so many other places I travel that I deal with. Give it a break.

Its not like you are in AZ and are housing military bases in the desert with secret black projects or area 51 in the desert (NV? NM?) or any other of the MAJOR horrors Ive experienced as a Targeted Survivor turned Traveler.

Wtf its not like Raytheon is even like right here! Theres a dept in Cambridge and the main pain in the asses are in Waltham and dreaded Burlington MA. Sheesh.

Ok so heres a news article as we go measure for measure.

This is not only amusing but I realized demonstrates the lows they will go to over what they perceive as power struggle.

My god. Its a global world out there. This tiny piece of land matters so much?

Is it becuz my uncle gets a great life and his kid becomes a genetic engineer while I LIVE IN THE STREET becuz he buried bodies for Whitey and drove a getaway car? Did he turn informant or something? Or he DIDNT which is why you hate on his horrible (and much smarter and more creative than that whole family) niece?

Are you pissed off becuz some wise ass cop from Cambridge wanted me to screw myself so knowing they way my mind works and that Im under stress plays like hes randomly telling my friend and myself that theres an old fraud rich girl gone bad activist with her adult sex offender boyfriend running drugs from Somerville into Cambridge?

First of all no one cares what I have to say usually. Second of all you can thank the wise ass cop who set me up by doing that so someone would want to get rid of me.

How is this bullshit always MY fault when i dont even know what the fuck is going on.

This state is selfish as they come. Dont consider the fact I was in my apartment minding my own business trying to discover who I was, simply wanting to recall memories then discard them so I could get on with my life and become a councilor and part time artist WHEN THIS SYSTEM CAME AFTER ME.

Are you hearing me? THIS WAS STARTED WITH ME FIRST. All Ive ever done is defend myself accordingly.

If you didnt want war then you shouldn't have messed with an MK Kid. You shouldn't have had little 20 somethings on roller skates smiling like arrogant little assholes during Bush gleefully telling me that "It (the harassment, stalking and torture) wont
stop until you move to a dustbowl town somewhere in TX".

Well Ive traveled to such a town and it just didnt seem like my kind of scene. In fact it was just trailers, snakes and grass. No buildings. No businesses. It was free of electromagnetic pollution. Not very practical however. So here I am. In my hometown and surrounding areas where I should have just been left alone years ago.

Punishing people when they defend themselves and literally fight for their lives is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever come across in my years.

Oh nooo. Why DIDN'T that bitch just kill herself like planned.

You are so fucking irresponsible. Do u realize how many innocent people could have been harmed if the circumstances werent as they are with my having control and alot of that being my gender.

I bet it was some retaliation from Somerville and their cronies that fake terrorist tip supposedly to the FBI about me having a gun and being paid to shoot up Harvard campus. All that just to get me tresspassed.

And whoever thinks they will win becuz the FBI and ACLU Boston are totally infiltrated, crooked and part of the system here.

Lets look at the kind of crap they pull thats very similar in nature to what happened to me.

Theres a vendetta. Its to cover something big. So to use the element of surprise on the targeted person and to make whoever pulls this off appear all powerful for being able to get someone fired for some small infraction (when you actually want to get rid of them becuz its probable the dirt they have on YOU the instigator and executioner of the frame up is for serious infractions and crimes) you bust the person on some seemingly petty thing and it comes from and when they least expect it. Its very..improbable.

Hmmm...sounds like the MO of whoever set me up actually.


After some heavy exchanges on the comment thread about observant investigations into posters grammar we get something more substantial:

"January 26, 2011 at 9:15 pm

How dear you speak about these 2 cops when if you know anything about the Somerville Police Department you would know that there are a lot worse cops on the job than that. Speaking about Mayor Curtatone, his own cousin was caught selling drugs to school kids but somehow got his job back. As far a fraudent court slips are concerned, it is a well known fact that several other officers did and still do the same things. Did it ever occur to you, you heartless bastard, that this is a witchhunt and a personal vendetta. Well, I hope that you are nexted"

People with vowels at the ends of their names having vendettas and setting each other up! No WAY. I never wudda thunk it.
Ahem..moving on:

"Strong says:
January 27, 2011 at 7:25 am
If “Good Cop” is who I think he is, I have a really nice picture of you cozying up with your lady friend while on a detail at Market Basket!!! Maybe someone should have taught you that people in glass houses should not throw stones…… BTW – aren’t you a happily married man???? oh, maybe you are following in the footsteps of your new idle Mayor Curtatone……."

Yes, well soap opera romance in the bread isle aside it just goes on like that. Even some bad poetry...which is OTT would seem.

But thats one of the traits of our community that is being destroyed by YUPpies and corporate culture-the northeast quirky creativity and fondness for teasing or jabs. With all this money, power, crime, snow cold and expectations of us why wouldnt we want a little time to be silly or play.

Making light of horrible circumstances is very northeast I think with a tinge of sick humor. To make it better I guess.

Monday, October 12, 2015

It Has Become Impossible To Continue Unless I Adapt To The New Post ObamaNation

The past year or two has been extremely difficult to stay focused and write coherently or even to stay on subject.

Ive had my support system destroyed, my home as it were and unable to use the same resources all in a very short amount of time. I stopped napping and resting. Even places to sleep got disturbed with the new admin in Cambridge. Sitting down for very long became something I didnt get to do.

I was used to resting-alot. And having a certain routine in which to get things done.

This combined with the effects of staying on the west coast too long being exposed to Fukushima radiation fallout made me age rapidly. As well as loose my grip on what I had built up over many years time since first being targeted.

Its seemed like a purposeful plan by the aggressors in the psy ops game of gang stalking and after OCCUPY to totally destroy any and all threats to the system present in the homeless scenes or traveling culture.

Places that had been called home got disturbed beyond repair as waves of suspect destructive homeless people descended on once peaceful scenes in key cities like Austin TX, Harvard Sq Cambridge MA, Berkeley, CA, Albuquerque NM, Tempe, AZ even Boston which wasn't political or bohemian became a target zone as well as small cities.

Of course never expecting the home I had reinvented after I was rippped from my old life to be taken from me, I handled this operation worst out of all the situations Id been through.
The closing of the Womens Center and the cutting of MIT library hours to two a day at the same time added to the sense of my home base being destroyed.

Then the gang stalking increased to  a much higher frequency. Then after the new admin took over Cambridge and they seemed to unleash on the area tech and psy ops never before used, I finally reacted and acted out getting arrested for something totally out of character...before Obamas second term anyway.

After that the stalkinng and harassment increased in frequency and the sheer numbers of people who seemed to know who I was increased to a level I had never seen before in any term of any prior administration.

I also may have contracted a tropical disease from a Chinese young woman at the Womens Center before it closed and this condition could make a person mentally ill through medical illness from the disease. I seem to have become much like her and also have similar symptoms.
Ive always been suspect that she was allowed to be there to either have people contract the disease as part of an experiment or that once people did contract it due to legal issues like liability health codes etc thats when they closed the place down by creating circumstances in which they knew chaos would ensue and they could then use this to change the Center and its functions and the demographics it served.

Activists like myself seemingly after the OCCUPY experiment or perhaps it was just a smoke out op to see who and what was in the homeless scene-have been targeted basically for total eradication and that includes the sub cultures we lived in that were part of homelessness that were political, outsider arts, alternative and included travelers.

Its astonishing to me that street scenes have been altered  by authorities in outrageous ways that now support formerly colorful cities now supporting only the most pathetic and useless homeless people imaginable. AND many of these are in full knowledge of whats going on becuz they may be drinking themselves to death or messed up on drugs and/or seem incoherent by eay of mental illness but they can STILL perform tactical gesturing! How is that happening?!

I can understand drug dealers getting busted or other offenses and having to become informants...but the drunks and nutcases?

But Ive seen this before and Ive posted about it.  In homeless shelters like Pine Street Inn years ago when this first started and the poor lost souls they use in their ops that clearly have been beaten down with their most viscous dangerous tactics and now suffer brain damage and even physical damage-methods of terror through which they control their victims.

It just never was a part of  the special protected places. It was part of places where humanity no longer lived. Where the horrors of black ghetto culture festered and stayed. Streets where no one cared and where no art or bohemia or political thought other than an institutionalized existence existed.

But it seems logical to assume that someone observed mostly through OCCUPY or that OCCUPY was an answer to the  unrest growing in this country that these scenes seemed to host a population of mid to high functioning bright people who were capable of contributing to a political movement or one that might cause change in the lowest classes if there were camps set up, food and a common sense of purpose as well as the same feeling that exists in the Traveler culture of tribal acceptance.

From this vantage point its seemed to me that there had been some sort of terrorism assessment concerning the homeless populations of the US and just how much potential and energy exists in Americas forgotten places.

The events and policies of the last few years seem to have been the powers that be solution to their terrorist threat assessment of our underworld.

That anyone smart, politically minded or not able to be busted must be wiped out. That all the politically alligned scenes must be infiltrated (Anarchists, punk houses)  or controlled by involvement in drugs.

And that any and all resources being utilized by anyone as such be destroyed, limited and the only homeless allowed or favored be the most useless, controllable, unsavory or intellectually deficient possible.

Focus on getting people housed knowing that targeted dissidents cannot live inside safely in the United States or abroad (potentially).

Make the homelesss culture so chaotic and unsavory that communities become overloaded and disgusted with 'homeless people' en masse.

And it shouldnt surprise me that this was done with very little notice from the public due to this being a subculture they know very little about other than the disinformation and perception management provided by authorities, the non profits and homeless industry.

Its been very difficult to go on. Ive been left basically alone with very few allies. The ones I have are questionable...probably making things worse actually.

But the public seem to do what is typical and abandon or turn against someone when it gets very rough-even impossible.

Thats the difference between us and them. They still live in denial about the nature of the reality they live in. They dont see clearly the compromises they make to survive or get something done at any cost.

Myself and others like me dont rationalize nor try to make ourselves seem acceptable nor legitimized. We accept the steps to be taken arent always what we would prefer in order to get the desired end result.

People stating they cant stand me now but years ago felt bad about my situation illustrates the out of touch denial citizens of this country still exist in. Unless of course this was simply another psychological tactic to demotivate.

Its not my job to care what people think of me personally. It never has been. And if you are ignorant enough to believe this is a part of the world Im forced to live in then you arent part of my target audience anyway.

And how did common average stupid people get in on sensitive intelligence operations anyway?

It may be the returning military personnel who've served just long enough to be brainwashed and loyal but not long enough to understand the realities of life are being put to work in society in such capacity.

It could also be this is the nightmare of Obama's 'civilian security force' that he mentioned briefly and no one took seriously.

Perhaps black ops companies have expanded or these contractors via military personel who are in gangs are working some system together.

Whatever the case its almost impossible to function now as an activist out here.  The country is no longer free and if you dont have money bohemian lifestyles cannot exist as they did and anyone political doing work against the system is in grave danger.

Mobs and gangs now rule the United States. So how is the real threat from foreign terrorism?

From what Ive seen over these years they are all tied in together. Its one big scam-with intelligence operatives and gang members/authorities at the center of it all surrounded by ignorant oblivious citizens- YUPpies and Hipsters...or compliant ones.

Monday, October 5, 2015

China Cracks Down On Lawyers As Well As Activists-Why Has Harvard Sold Land To A Chinese Real Estate Company?

For years once a week we've seen the Free Tibet peaceful protest in Harvard Square complete with wonderful chanting.

I personally have found the energy trailing behind the older monks to leave a trail of peace and cleansing of the area. I've chased after it savoring it as it dissipates.

China has horrible human rights abuses focumented and undocumented (but with a plentitude of victim witnesses) against Tibet and its people.

Chinas human rights policies and censorship have long been in question by US citizens and the international community.


Perhaps what I have experienced as an activist as well as the changes in Harvard and around the USA relfects the workings of the country that owes much money to China as well as key pieces of land owned theoufg wealthy businessmen and private real estate.

Its the same action taken just dressed up for American consumption and done sneakily so as to go undetected in what still claims to be a democracy- for now.

(I mistyped and it came up as "democrazy". It fits.)

Oppression is being hidden under 'quality of life issues' and other corporate phrase type marketing so common nowadays.

This is what we Gen X back in the 90s were warey of. When you create a way of life based on corporations and their culture, you can market to people everything from morality to social ettiquette to politics.

It becomes a way of thinking and realitt is only reemerged by critical thinking which of course has been discouraged.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Health Issue May Be Serious....ugh. Another Obstacle. Crap...

Last night after screaming at some people concerning a kid flipping out who needed to be taken away from the area we were in i noticed that vein or whatever in the side of my head was pulsating.

I guess i cant play superhero anymore. Time to get out the Clark Kent glasses.

No more cape and tights.