“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, October 19, 2015


O..M..F..G I have so many other places I travel that I deal with. Give it a break.

Its not like you are in AZ and are housing military bases in the desert with secret black projects or area 51 in the desert (NV? NM?) or any other of the MAJOR horrors Ive experienced as a Targeted Survivor turned Traveler.

Wtf its not like Raytheon is even like right here! Theres a dept in Cambridge and the main pain in the asses are in Waltham and dreaded Burlington MA. Sheesh.

Ok so heres a news article as we go measure for measure.

This is not only amusing but I realized demonstrates the lows they will go to over what they perceive as power struggle.

My god. Its a global world out there. This tiny piece of land matters so much?

Is it becuz my uncle gets a great life and his kid becomes a genetic engineer while I LIVE IN THE STREET becuz he buried bodies for Whitey and drove a getaway car? Did he turn informant or something? Or he DIDNT which is why you hate on his horrible (and much smarter and more creative than that whole family) niece?

Are you pissed off becuz some wise ass cop from Cambridge wanted me to screw myself so knowing they way my mind works and that Im under stress plays like hes randomly telling my friend and myself that theres an old fraud rich girl gone bad activist with her adult sex offender boyfriend running drugs from Somerville into Cambridge?

First of all no one cares what I have to say usually. Second of all you can thank the wise ass cop who set me up by doing that so someone would want to get rid of me.

How is this bullshit always MY fault when i dont even know what the fuck is going on.

This state is selfish as they come. Dont consider the fact I was in my apartment minding my own business trying to discover who I was, simply wanting to recall memories then discard them so I could get on with my life and become a councilor and part time artist WHEN THIS SYSTEM CAME AFTER ME.

Are you hearing me? THIS WAS STARTED WITH ME FIRST. All Ive ever done is defend myself accordingly.

If you didnt want war then you shouldn't have messed with an MK Kid. You shouldn't have had little 20 somethings on roller skates smiling like arrogant little assholes during Bush gleefully telling me that "It (the harassment, stalking and torture) wont
stop until you move to a dustbowl town somewhere in TX".

Well Ive traveled to such a town and it just didnt seem like my kind of scene. In fact it was just trailers, snakes and grass. No buildings. No businesses. It was free of electromagnetic pollution. Not very practical however. So here I am. In my hometown and surrounding areas where I should have just been left alone years ago.

Punishing people when they defend themselves and literally fight for their lives is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever come across in my years.

Oh nooo. Why DIDN'T that bitch just kill herself like planned.

You are so fucking irresponsible. Do u realize how many innocent people could have been harmed if the circumstances werent as they are with my having control and alot of that being my gender.

I bet it was some retaliation from Somerville and their cronies that fake terrorist tip supposedly to the FBI about me having a gun and being paid to shoot up Harvard campus. All that just to get me tresspassed.

And whoever thinks they will win becuz the FBI and ACLU Boston are totally infiltrated, crooked and part of the system here.

Lets look at the kind of crap they pull thats very similar in nature to what happened to me.

Theres a vendetta. Its to cover something big. So to use the element of surprise on the targeted person and to make whoever pulls this off appear all powerful for being able to get someone fired for some small infraction (when you actually want to get rid of them becuz its probable the dirt they have on YOU the instigator and executioner of the frame up is for serious infractions and crimes) you bust the person on some seemingly petty thing and it comes from and when they least expect it. Its very..improbable.

Hmmm...sounds like the MO of whoever set me up actually.


After some heavy exchanges on the comment thread about observant investigations into posters grammar we get something more substantial:

"January 26, 2011 at 9:15 pm

How dear you speak about these 2 cops when if you know anything about the Somerville Police Department you would know that there are a lot worse cops on the job than that. Speaking about Mayor Curtatone, his own cousin was caught selling drugs to school kids but somehow got his job back. As far a fraudent court slips are concerned, it is a well known fact that several other officers did and still do the same things. Did it ever occur to you, you heartless bastard, that this is a witchhunt and a personal vendetta. Well, I hope that you are nexted"

People with vowels at the ends of their names having vendettas and setting each other up! No WAY. I never wudda thunk it.
Ahem..moving on:

"Strong says:
January 27, 2011 at 7:25 am
If “Good Cop” is who I think he is, I have a really nice picture of you cozying up with your lady friend while on a detail at Market Basket!!! Maybe someone should have taught you that people in glass houses should not throw stones…… BTW – aren’t you a happily married man???? oh, maybe you are following in the footsteps of your new idle Mayor Curtatone……."

Yes, well soap opera romance in the bread isle aside it just goes on like that. Even some bad poetry...which is OTT would seem.

But thats one of the traits of our community that is being destroyed by YUPpies and corporate culture-the northeast quirky creativity and fondness for teasing or jabs. With all this money, power, crime, snow cold and expectations of us why wouldnt we want a little time to be silly or play.

Making light of horrible circumstances is very northeast I think with a tinge of sick humor. To make it better I guess.