“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Non Stop Harassment In Gym In Quincy Lady Lock Room

Getting constant stream of mobbing in PLANET FITNESS locker room in Quincy MA.

This PF flies their flag outside but below it is flown a US MARINE CORP flag.

What does UMC have to do with a gym chain like PF?

Yep. As of after this posting the little millenial bitches all left the locker room.

A Parting Gift To Harvard

Dont forget MK Ultra and the Unibomber!






I will keep adding to the list as I find more turds in the litter box...

Community Watch Group In Finland Using Norse Paganism Gets Predictable Mass Media Backlash


MTV? Lmfao, when has MTV been truly politically credible? They havent been relevant for twenty years.

Keep up the good work-protecting your women and exposing the true nature of how depraved a portion of backwards cultures can be.

You know every military man from multiple generations has told stories about different third world countries that should serve as a warning to civilized nations.

Not the total character of its people but a realistic view that it exists is acceptable and has little oversight or policing.

The fact its only a few men forming this group but are receiving such negative attention just shows the system is more concerned about anyone fighting back at abuses of power or conformity than any real threat based on discrimination.

Its amazing to me that a small group of men are doing what they are supposed to do in Nature and by instinct and are getting punished for it yet its feminists and oppressed peoples around the world who we have to blame in part for women in these countries being harmed by rape epidemics caused by violent males from high risk, dangerous cultures.

It shows that the NWO will crush any reconnection with the Natural world or questioning its authority or rule. Its more evident daily thats the issue. Questioning abusive, oppressive authority.

Why are people who fight back called fascist when its the other way around?