“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Auugh. That horrid rich b*tch S. Rosenberg her stupid car is out front. Uuuggh. Everytime I have to look at that thing. She probably thinks the whole thing is very funny and that her and the rest of those spoilt brat little criminals in NA and the local scene can treat people as they like.

They all think they got away with this and have no further concern. Its done and my life as it is now is the way its going to be, the timeline sealed, due heavily to.their actions and interference.

I see that car and it breaks the mind control spell I am under from.years of torture and harassment. It brings.me right back to the reality of the situation-that it IS real and it DID happen. Usually I am in a constant dream like state.of.denial and most of the time its just constant memories repeating.over and over of gang stalking, a stockpile if years of memories just constantly.repeating.themselves and wearing me down emotionallly and mentally.

This is the desired state of the psyche they want- this is what causes soldiers to.suicide. Since this is so connected to military human experimentation, that sort of sick idea from such a source doesn't surprise me at all.

And seeing someone from my old life and her vehicle now repeatedly causes me to become grounded. It causes me to know this is real. It really happened. My.former life was real as well.


The dream like state I am in at all times is a product of prolonged psychogical and physical torture as well as being under the constant control of gs perps.
It also never would have been possible without being dosed by whatever was in those spray bottles, three years of mycotoxin exposure and other chemical warfare to make the brain maliable enough to be 'shaped' by the gs perps long.term actions.

It always turns out that even if Jews are in on trying to destroy me, I somehow only benefit from their actions. Hahaha.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The IceMan Inheritance Author Provides TI's WIth More Answers- and Questions

Ohhhh. OOOPS. This article was very interesting and revealing. I now understand why my own theories would get me targeted.


Interestingly he describes my predicament accurately. What is more compelling is the research he did upon infiltrating Neo Nazi/Odinist groups. These groups have played a major role in my being targeted.

However, it seems strange to me that after doing work for the benefits of Jews as in the Neo Nazi research that he would be targeted BY Jews for his first book The IceMan Inheritance.
He himself is Jewish. A true desert Jew not a Russian one.

It always confused me as to why I was being targeted and messed with by what seemed to be Neo Nazi/Satanic/Odinist factions but also Jews themselves. VERY confused.

But I see now that often two opposing parties can have agendas that one singular person is interfering with so they both attack the person. Its still confusing but I'll try to internalize it.

I do NOT agree with how myopic his theories are and how they generalize all Russian Jews, and Caucasians.
Firstly this was written before the discovery that ALL people of non African recent origin have some percentage of Neanderthal DNA.
This includes many people of African DESCENT who have lived among people of European descent either as free men or slaves. If people of African DESCENT took DNA tests and any mixing with Europeans is detected then wouldnt they also have Neanderthal DNA? Also, Latins or 'Hispanics' are decended from Europeans. What we call 'Latin' in America is simply a mix of Native American DNA with Spanish European DNA. Its that simple. Over in Europe, Italians and Spaniards are considered 'Latins' but have NO NATIVE AMERICAN DNA. And some of those EU Spanish people are pretty light due to Europe's own mixing of European cultures.

I dont agree with his attempt to take down all Caucasians and anyone Middle Eastern and the three main religions stemming from this area based on Neanderthal DNA. The racial lines he draws dont make sense. All Native American's DNA is traced back to 6 women who crossed a land bridge now submerged during the ice age from Asia into what we now call Alaska. So how do our 'Hispanics' not have any Neanderthal DNA??

What he suggests is a small amount of science from years ago mixed with the grossly inaccurate racial lines drawn during those years as well.

People are afraid of DNA testing and racial truths. I think becuz people dont want what they have comprimised but I find it exciting. To truly understand our differences would to FINALLY be rid of misunderstandings and mysteries between races and to get on with appreciating each other as HUMAN BEINGS. Only animals act like this. Which means keeping race a mystery is part of the agenda of oppression by power structures.

I may take to certain black people due to them possessing DNA similar to mine. This is nature working for survival. But as a human being, a spiritual entity, I can reach out to people that are totally different than myself using my WillPower to do so. I would still utilize my animal instincts to stay safe and survive if a threat became present.

The hiding of racial truths is obviously on the agenda of money and power simply enough. Which is sad becuz we are coming to a point where we know damn well we all live on the same planet and are capable of communicating with one another.

If this nonsense is true then why are so many little kids into playing with each other and dont seem to notice race? Have you watched children at all? (and no your not a pervert, perhaps like me you just dont have any kids and occasionally like to see or talk to children as they refresh our hope and faith in humanity...which is of course why the gang stalking system uses false accusations: to keep children from our lives. Its also why they murder TI's pets. Children and animals are capable of showing us unconditional love as well as reminding us of innocence.) Yes, some children are racist it seems by nature. Gross generalizations either FOR or AGAINST racism or any particular races has GOT TO STOP.
Pushing the idea that ALL blacks are good and oppressed so PC is a great idea is as dangerous as pushing the idea that ALL blacks are n*ggers and out to destroy you. Both exist within the realm of 'black' people just as there are whites that seem open to other races and those that do not.

I also got from this my last question from the last post, which is that I should NOT publish my book with any sort of quickness, and should make sure its safeguarded before doing so as reading about his publishing nightmares is just what I suspected all along.

NOW, to deal with putting Neanderthal DNA down. Whatever Neanderthal DNA gives any of us that possess it, it cant be totally negative or the intelligent designer known as Nature would not have allowed it to survive. Nature is not out to kill us or out to get us which is how its portrayed in the news ever time some natural disaster occurs (genuine ones, not HAARP induced ones). Nature is trying to run a planet here, like a body works to survive, humans like other animals just happen to be in the way. Sorry but thats the reality of life on earth. If you dont like it, go live in a dome on Mars or the Moon, where there is no fall back system if your man made creation doesnt work out. (so there..good point EH?).

I have always suspected that whatever human experimentation is being done it has to with in part, trying to tap into this Neanderthal DNA, perhaps as part of trying to build the superman. I dont know if anyone can be sure just what realistically 'Neanderthal traits' really are. The author slams Jews for being Russian in nature and reacting with hysteria when upset. Plenty of races or cultures are like that. Do Africans without Neanderthal DNA generally react with calm cool collected reactions and immediately think logically? Not from what I have seen.

I think that there is something to the DNA carrying with it memories and behaviors of Ice people as opposed to what pure Africans possess. The reason that Africa cant get its shit together seems more to be due to white imperialism and exploitation of resources. We would only know what Africa would be like if we had never interfered with thier evolution. They had a civilized culture in many areas of Africa, just look at Amistaad. Its just that the Pagan cultures of Europe had been destroyed long before the African ones.

We also seem to refuse to understand primitive or pagan peoples as complex. Every pagan or native society has some complexity about it as well as something savage in commune with Nature.

What is with this guy's obsessive focus on Khazar Jews? They are not the only people with Neanderthal DNA and they are not the first people in history to be aggressive. Sheesh dude, lay off the people. I am suspect of Zionist intentions and I dont even have a hard on for persecuting ONE group involved in the NWO more than another.

And his theories still dont pan out upon close inspection becuz Neanderthal DNA is found in Middle Eastern people as well as 'Caucasians' which matches up with the theory that we went through the Middle East out of Africa.

This guy's theories dont add up. It sounds like just this campaign against non desert Jews. Also, I have found that many Jews look like a mix of German, Russian and Arab often enough. Youd have to do DNA testing on the entire population of the planet to really figure out what the whole truth is about where people come from. How can he claim that 95 % of Jews have no Arab or Middle Eastern DNA? Has he tested all those people?

I agree that Israel is a pain in the ass and makes trouble all around the world for a dangerous combination of church and state which Americans shouldnt support. Thier religious fairy tales cost lives and are a source of unhappiness to the rest of us who would like to live as evolved adults on this earth (finally) not children under some male father figure. However, one must realize that they would not exist had not other powerful groups and structures have use for them to exist. Israel creates a strategical ally in the Middle East and I am sure this is what it was built for.

And there is something spiritual and peaceful about the Jew, when the culture isnt making trouble or being murderously greedy. I will not pander to theories condemning a RACE of JEWS. This guy should have stayed with his Odinist buddies..oh thats right. He is against them as well by claiming all whites have Neanderthal aggression problems. He might be best off living among Afro Centrists whos theories are often nonsensical- like on Egypt for example.

Believe me, Jews piss me off at times. And there seems to have been major involvement from Jewish factions, neighborhoods and Israelis in my gang stalking campaign. But my campaign is so confusing to me, for all I know they might be protecting me..who the hell knows? There are different groups of 'Jews' who want different things. They infight believe me. And a member of Mossad might disagree with a powerful NY Jewish faction's aims.

What is needed is to find out just what Neanderthal DNA provides us with that is positive or useful as well as to find out what Africans lacking such DNA now have in comparison to those that possess such DNA. If you abuse and manipulate people, you are going to get negative results all around. That seems to be the way of the world- to bring about the most negative results and traits in people. We must consider that as a reality before forming theories about races or groups. I have personally experienced the presence of a faction that causes such chaos, evil and murder domestically that one wonders why humans dont react more violently to this manipulation more often. THAT is what is wrong with the world, not races etc etc.
And it may not even be a good idea to try to do away with this. The dark side strengthens us and helps us grow and picks off the weak. Perhaps its best that humans be realistic about such things and fight or resist accordingly.

Humans are greedy animals. That is what causes these problems. Name me ONE race, country or culture where people have a track record of being totally peaceful and fair to one another consistently throughout thier history- I hear silence becuz there isnt one.

Neanderthal DNA could give people different abilities than others. If some of us have alot of this DNA or its active we may only recognize other people 'like us' most of the time. From what I have read, Neanderthals were very into healing becuz due to thier size they attacked large animals instead of hunting them from afar as modern human ancestors did. They got beat up physically alot. Well, this is positive- healing and nurturing of your own. Also, this may be why some people are stupidly brave to a fault in the context of physical violence or altercation or with animals.

I suspect that there are factions in the shadows that know all about this DNA tendency. It may even be the secret behind issues of mind control slavery and programming. And it might be whats behind the human experimentation perhaps trying to activate this DNA. The movie Altered States which is similar to the experimentation done on many TI's especially those with connections to MK Ultra such as myself through my mother-to isolate, feed hallucinogens, torture, brain damage and force a return to a primitive state. This might be a way to 'activate' this DNA and if you are trying to build a super soldier, this might be of interest.

What I have learned in this ordeal is to be very careful with theories and professing ultimate truths. Hatred and motives we are not aware of can warp the human intelligence into working for those ends instead of for fairness or fact. I KNOW enough to leave these theories as just ideas, until more evidence is found to back them up. I can only suspect and guess.

Just becuz this man has an education doesnt mean hes exempt from paranoia from persecution or otherwise. And there are many holes in his theories, so many I cant believe anyone would take his book at face value. No one race or DNA pool has the corner market on being unjust or cruel or violent. And Middle Eastern people are the fanatical, sexist, male centric ones not Russian Khazars- when is this guy going to stop spinning around and settle down and make sense? If you are focusing on ALL three Middle Eastern religions as an imported problem or as an invading cultural force that has proven detrimental to other cultures outside the Middle East, what does Russian Khazars have to do with it?? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE MIDDLE EAST WHEN DID WE SWITCH TO RUSSIA????

Also, many cultures have Neanderthal DNA outside Africa. Why is just ONE GROUP THE FOCUS???

Ill tell what this guy did its simple. He created a cross section of a Middle Eastern religion with one of the cultures of a race that has Neanderthal DNA and has focused on THAT CROSS SECTION. Which has little to do with the original complaint which is concerning Middle Eastern religions infiltrating outside cultures.

This book is dangerous becuz its full of shit and is constructed like a house of cards. Its racism which is ironic as it claims to explain away racism.

There are human beings who lived through the Ice Age and here we are and there are human beings that existed in Africa and didnt leave in a mass exodus and here they are. It seems pretty simple and the world needs to focus on staying out of being deceived right now not more of this. What we are forgetting is the element of being HUMAN, which is to be a willful spiritual entity. DNA is great but one can work around that or with it with the spirit within.

Whats most frightening is his claim that two powerful members of politics based thier foreign policy on this book. Are we talking HW Bush or W Bush. Both made insane presidents and due to whatever DNA THEY possess, perhaps Nero's I dont know but whenever a Bush gets near the white house some sh*t blows up and a war starts. Perhaps they have super-souped-up-mega-Neanderthal DNA..becuz aggression seems to follow the Bushes, strangely they dont react with hysteria when cornered. The father reacts with cold calculation and the son stammers, goes blank and comes out with nervousness to cover for his criminal activities.

If you meet someone who can bestow on us why certain people are the way they are, let me know. Why are Jews this way or that? Why did they really leave the old country thousands of years ago? What is thier true nature? Why are Romani people that way? Why did they have to exodus India and wander the world? Why are blue eyed people from certain cultures non demonstrative and calculating? Why do blacks run the gamut of being more overtly violent than most Europeans allow to be publicly seen or they have such gentle healing energy that whites benefit from thier very presence?


This book is a deception. It assists no one in the quest to discover how to improve our planet. And it creates a new race of people to shun and persecute: Neanderthal DNA expressers. People who carry the DNA but express it more readily than others. With the newest discovery that probably all people outside of Africa posses such DNA its going to be a totally different outcome now theory wise.

Its interesting that even before this new finding, that this book was accepted though it must have been obvious even then it was focusing on a cross section of people created by the author. What is more amusing is the way the Jews made money off of it but ensured he didnt get a dime...now that IS what I would expect. But this time thier antics provide amusement as it seems just considering what the theory is attempting.

What is of more interest to me is the work he did on Odinistic/Neo Nazi groups. Strangely that is more connected to the Bush administration than any other portion of his work. Which one should also find suspect. Those groups had an absolute field day during Bush. SATANIC Neo-Nazi Odinists at that.

What I wouldnt give to see those papers with my own eyes..! They didnt seem to be "pushed underground" during Bush but being given a spotlight and free reign.

The Iceman Inheritance..Didnt I Just Write This Theory Last Week?


This is why someone like me is targeted. I am not educated and live like a Romani (gypsy) within one of the richest countries in the world. Why?

Becuz I come up with theories like this guy, and I am a poor uneducated white female with no children who was formerly in adult entertainment. My having the capacity to be this brilliant and beyond would destroy the entire social order, as society would have to admit that genius exists, hidden under mind control, within the subjugated and marginalized and black market economies of the worlds largest democracy.

You can plainly see in past posts that I thought this up all by myself. And I challenge anyone at any IP address that I have used to prove or show that I had read this sneakily and then appeared to come up with it myself. My intelligence and brilliance has been systematically ignored all my life by handlers and family members as well as the community and school system. WHY??

In a pissed off post a few weeks ago, I came up with the idea that all Middle Eastern religions seemed based in the Middle Eastern character of fanaticism as well as sexism was always present. I think my sentiment was that we should remove all these religions from all non Middle Eastern cultures and countries. This was a reaction to reading about more rapes by Muslims in Sweden I believe was the source of the piece I wrote.

Why is this man brilliant and I am considered a crazy homeless woman or someone who deserved to be homeless? Why does American hate me so much and loathe me for being brilliant..why am I systematically denied recognition for my intelligence and inventiveness.

I have to recall the one perp who said "How smart is this one supposed to be?" while in a circle of people around my bed I woke up to in one frightening incident years ago. They were really f*cking with me then.

And ever since the system has succeeded in wearing me down and internalizing all of the negative images of me in the smear campaigns. Before the heavy psychological warfare as mentioned above brain damage was induced by being terrorized and controlled so I spent three years in a moldy apartment instead of leaving and staying in a shelter in order to sue the company. Why did I leave? I had been slowly brought into a state of mind control where I knew something was wrong but could hardly do anything about it.

These are the kinds of things that make me very sad and I realize that forcing me into a position where I have to write this blog gives people in academia and beyond a free source of material to steal, plagiarize and use to thier own advantage. Sheen is just a small example of this.

This is why its so dangerous and creepy that I keep getting commenters who are pushing me via harassment to write my book as well as show any and all video or audio documentation I have acquired through the years. I know its a trap just by the way its done. Someone wants to steal that book and all its contents and I am pretty sure that I wouldnt be alive to make any claims or I am going to be kept so marginalized that I wont be able to do anything about it when my life's work is stolen.

Believe it or not years ago I noticed people stealing from me in small ways. Since being targeted and having my sense of self destroyed as well as feeling like I have no ground to stand on-people stealing from me is like nothing now. I expect it. Which means I have slowly been being primed for the ultimate theft which is going to be that book. I have been conditioned to accept being exploited. When I didnt know about it, I was controllable. When I woke up from programming, it would have been no time at all to discover in school I was indeed brilliant. So the system came after me and got me under control again, this time brain washing wouldn't work so I am controlled by external forces daily.

Historically its well known among people who understand truth about human history that many of the creations that exist have been stolen from and attributed to other people. Its an ancient form of info management and deception. 'Genius' if you will, is more common than people realize either that or people from certain bloodlines or family trees are hidden in society. The working theory that seems to be commonly accepted for mind control slaves is that they all have some connection to bloodlines that are much more influential than the families and situations they belong to as mind controlled expendables. The programming makes it so that all thier multi talents are available to be utilized by programmers and handlers but the public never knows as well as the slaves themselves are never able to Willfully exert thier own power or control over thier talents or birthright. This is one of the main reasons for the beat downs as well as the horrific smear campaigns. The person MUST remain perceived of as not intelligent or enslaved somehow.

The amount of work I put out I should be being paid for.

Now I understand why they want me to go to school. It has something to do with my intelligence and abilities. I am not sure if they are trying to get me into a safe place where I can explore these things like college or if they want me to go to such a place in order to either
-smash any present or future intentions I have of using my intelligence or
-putting me somewhere that I can be controlled by academics who have the system's agenda in mind.

Race In The USA/ PC Being Misused By A Fascist Culture

Im going to post this theory about race I am trying to formulate. I of all people am not intimidated by Political Correctness, not after what Ive been through in my early life and since 2003. But the system in its attempt to brainwash the citizens of the USA,specifically Targeted Individuals, would like all of us to submit to the intimidation, intimdated or direct, that is produced by the abuse of Political Correctness since the fascist era has taken over our country.

The way PC is used today is outright abuse of power but its so manipulative that people either fall under thought control or simply feel afraid to tackle the issue. If the rich whites dont get on you for not being a 'good little white' (poor of course in my class) then you face the intimated threat from memories of race riots or gang retaliation. The country, like many other countries nowadays, has been trained. And its not fair to marginalized or poor whites or 'other' as this chart designates, to be subjegated to an agreement of power between the upper white classes and African Americans, usually blacks of the same lower classes.

I noticed a pattern by the numbers, one that I have experienced in my travels through the years and living in urban areas for extended periods of time.

As a lower class 'white' woman of some intelligence I have found that the most comfortable racial set ups regarding co existing with African Americans is in states where the black population is either very low, such as all the 4% and lower states or states where the population was in a relatively higher percentage but this depends on location.

My survival depends much it seems on location. In the southwest blacks tend to blend into the cultural mix. In southern CA its as bad as it is in Boston.
Mississippi however seemed like a much more mello place but MO is, like Atlanta, a living hell for me to even go through.
I havent traveled throughout the deep south enough to make an assesment of what each state is like. The deep south for me as a Yankee is still a mysterious, dark place. It seems friendly to me however as long as I understand that its segregated unlike up here, but that seems to work alot better being poor and white. In certain cities in TN you can be poor and not have to partake of shelters there, which or course are run by blacks and have blacks as residents. But then again the blacks working there seem genuinely Christian and honest about their mission to help others, as opposed to other places where shelters seem like just a front for crime rings and corruption.

I was shocked to see that MA is only 6% black. Is that accurate? The issue is that due to my needing to be around a college area I end up in cities and that of course is where the highest African American concentration is. This explains why blacks from Boston have this thing about 'being FROM Boston' by birth on paper and growing up there. Its the only strong hold of territory they have and they are obviously proud of that.

I realize now that the land is not as I percive it naturally. I often percieve life on earth as LIFE on EARTH. THE earth. The land itself and Nature. The man made world and all its false lines, limits and borders are sensed by me as something topical. Something created by man, and existing only in the minds of humans, and this false reality is only valid as long as man exists. I often feel the world as if humans were not here. The land, the animals, the sun, moon and elements. Humans are an addition to this, like a final layer on a painting.

Which of course means that all these bullshit problems and rules are not 'the way it is' but created by the minds and intentions of humans...and it doesnt have to be the way it is.

My biggest nightmares seem to be places where African Americans are in a minority but higher than 4% and there is no segregation. This is due to my going to city areas where I now understand that African Americans establish thier only territorial stronghold and thus, behave accordingly.

This helps me better understand the dynamic of America and even my own place of birth where the race war has always been a source of misery, mostly becuz its used as a weapon of class oppression but no one seems to see this anymore.

As a Targeted Individual I am often forced into circumstances that expose me to conditions I am not familiar with and have comprimised my safety. Being forced into traveling the country backpacking for years on end is not necessarily a good thing but this was part of the gang stalking campaign. I know this becuz someone in ABQ NM was overheard saying that 'they' wanted to keep me on the run with the harassment. Which means I dont establish myself, look unstable and irresponsible, ruins my health, missed opportunity etc.

These are the conditions as they exist in reality. These conditions do not have to be the way they are but the system demands divide and conquer among classes by manipulating race issues and pissing people off in different ways so that they turn on each other instead of the true oppressor. Sometimes, humans just suck and that is always a factor. But people are largely manipulated into these conditions and of course into hatred.

The only thing that will change this is knowledge- true knowledge not campaigns or agendas. Knowledge of self and the other parties involved.
Notice how they have PC forced on us as a means of 'getting along' in society but there are no classes that help races understand each other better?
Those horrid 'sensitivity' classes dont count- they are part of the PC beat down. Just let ME into one of those and Ill wear down whatever psychological warfare agent is running the thing, bringing special stories of the race wars during bussing in the 70's in Boston. Go for it. Put me into one of those classes. But they never will. I will never be subjected to the system like that, if they thought it would work they would have done it by now. They are deadly afraid that I will somehow work it so that I start change from within and they damn well know that too. Well,so do I. Its better for the system to totally marginalize and shame me. Keeping me silenced for life. This seems to work better with someone like me. I make too much sense,I see through bullsh*t and manipulation and people like me once they know I am not the assh*le I am portrayed to be and realize the injustices I have suffered, further empowering me as an activist. I cant be used as an enemy to unite people as I have been as a marginalized, smeared Target. They cant control me within the system so only this way works for them.

IGNORANCE about race is just another issue used to manipulate Targeted Individuals.

With me thier main plan was to use my naivete and ignorance to trap me and force me to make mistakes and live under miserable conditions due to my lack of understanding about the man made world outside of the world I knew, which was strictly controlled by my family and handlers. To keep me trapped in this way for the best years of my life and during a time when I would have grown powerful in many ways was their main agenda and they have accomplished this.

Race was only a tool of oppression- a weapon. And PC being misused now UNDER A FASCIST SYSTEM IN THE USA is merely a weapon of the aggressors and a tool of oppression. It was not so in its original form. Kinda like when Christianity was used by Rome to form the Catholic Church..with its greed, violence, oppression and its many human rights atrocities. A great philosophy co opted by the wrong power structure isnt such a good idea anymore.

Sort of like a scientist not wanting his invention to get into the 'wrong hands' in movies. Unfortunately, the 'wrong hands' usually win.

Activity On The MBTA

Alot of mobbing on the trains in the morning. I notice gang stalking is more prevelant during the day especially in morning but only on MBTA trains and say the airport.

But the trains and buses here are usually full of people who seem like gang stalkers.

The latest is the same: people especially men focusing on me on the trains. They seem threatened. In order to add to the intimidation people usually check their wallets in an overt manner as a form of shaming and intimidation.
Often its just paranoia but again it shows the general public's ignorance concerning crime.

My backpack is pretty big, the travel kind. It's also expensive as I traded for it in Oregon. I have a smart phone.

I prettty much stand out, which is a possible motive outside these people especially the men being gang stalkers.
The idea that I would be pickpocketing people is very improbable.

Once again our culture uses anti crime anti terror and false morality to harass and.target anyone who wont conform as well as is a threat to men's renewed power under the past administration bringing back sexism as the norm.

Black males also are taking a mile lately in many different ways as Obama being president has given them an inch.
They are also given the idea that all white people up here who aren't wealthy or don't stay in Southie are under the influence of their culture. If someone breaks that sense of security they tend to mob the offender. It wouldn't happen in Nashville but its GOING to happen here.

Once again poor whites have to suffer for the deeds and from the actions of upper class whites.

So public transport is very uncomfortable here- mostly becuz the population themselves are miserable due to their low or average status, looks,income etc.

This area was not like this prior to gentrification and becoming a world class city.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Young men are so awful nowadays..at least what I have to deal with here around mtero Boston. They seem totally souless. You look at them and they are blank. Most shave their heads but they arent doing it for style that means anything rebellious. They are doing it for a most sever kind of conformity. They probably listen to what's popular so they are far from punk or neo Nazis certainly.

Punk kids used to be rebellious with some kind of purpose or better yet, just to avoid the system completely.

These kids seem to be defined by a combo of heavy military culture influence, an internalization of gangsta culture or a bit of Wigger influence and alot of psych mess rotting their brains as children.

They are full of the urge to dominate which I see clearly at this age but withou anything other than testosterone and society's blessings to do so.

The people who did this to me..have contolled my life for years through constant stalking ,harassment and psy ops must have known that holding me down foe a cetain length of time would create a generation gap that I couldn't possibly handle especially since so much of the general public here in US seem to know me as a public figure, though perhaps only connected to the cover story.

They knew that keeping me down would deny me to grow and gain knowledge along with the rest of the population, so I may be dealing with an entire generation who find gang stalking, military or CIA black ops destroying someone as totally a normal part of life.

These kids aren't corrupt so much as they have been raised within the militarization of the country. Sexism and soulessness are totally normal to them.

Id rather deal with my drug addicted generation. At least there wasn't this self righteous attitude of working with the establishment in a collective.

These kids I see on the train and around the city take apathy combine it with an internalization of so called 'evil' and bring being self centered to new boring lows.

I've never seen so many people who think they're badasses with conservative views without the respectability that being truly Conservative brings.

I think I recall as a young woman this is why I avoided men my own age and preferred older men who were in learned positions of power.
They were idiots then and nothing has changed within mainstream American culture..in the northeast anyway. There is something very cunning and cowardly about northeastern culture, that I can only see clearly now from this vantage point.

Young men have alot to answer for across this nation as far as destroying my health, my life, my sanity and taking my future away from me..denying me opportunities.

Younger men make up the largest group of gang stalking I experienced nationwide. Of course female criminal types in trouble were involved and the typical weak minded female who follows whatever warlike aggressive actions men are taking against anyone, anywhere.

Besides the fact that this generation has been engineered to live in transparency, which of course has made them totally ignorant of what its like to be a GenXer. Taking my privacy away from me, even being forced to live publicily on these blogs has not only destroyed who I really am and modifed my Self to a false self, but has basically been a major part of destroying my soul, and diminishing my spirit.

This is what Ritual Abuse is about. And many Survivors of high level programming after waking up and being targeted can see clearly that America and other such countries hide behind Judeo-Christian value systems but are actually Satanic in nature. Americans tend to dismiss the existence of such
forces while still claiming to be Christians yet when Christians are devout or strong in their belief and deal with the existence of Satanic forces, your average American or westerner doesn't want to know.

Westerners live in denial for the most part. By the very nature of the systems being Capitalist or consumerist, these populations are spiritually dead, unaware or compromised. They want the benefits of greed and exploitation-they just don't want to be consciously aware. Nor do they want to take responsibility for these realities, thus the Judeo-Christian belief system, very useful as 'a nation under god'. That means if you just partake in whatever level of or definition.of.what your nation's god and religion is, you are part of so acceptable so will be protected as part of that culture or nation.

It doesn't mean you are truthful however or that you are in the right..as a nation or individually or in some percieved majority. It means majority rules and if.that isn't enough then might will make right.

This is where one discovers that the spiritual battles and.warfare is real. The Christians are right about their claims of evil and SRA existing in the world. And overt Satanists gain respect for living openly and with conviction the most realistic and version of a lifestyle and philosophy that the public only flirts with or supports by their continued denial of its existence..or its influence on society.

The worst part of this situation is that the public who are the ultimate cowards with little belief in their convictions, actually cause the worst damage to the targeted Survivor of programming.

Yet unlike the Satanist they don't have any direct experience or knowledge so don't endure any real damage to their human spirit.
Believe it or not Satanists do alot of suffering, they just often don't realize it as they live in it and are wired or re-wired, or programmed to sustain power from it. One has to respect that..as opposed to the high numbers of total jerk offs in the general public who are either involved in things such as covert ops such as stalking and harassing someone to death or seem to get off on feeling superior to the person in their plight.

The public has always lived this way and in many different cultures.

My uncle James introduced me once to an older man who he claimed was targeted by the CIA. I still recall the look on the man's face.
He was believable. There is a very obvious difference between a crazy person suffering delusions and someone who is genuinely being persecuted by political oppression.
He looked like he knew too much.
My uncle brought him a newspaper I think. I don't recall why we were there.
That was a very 60s generation thing to consider cool and subversive anyway.
Hey, regardless of what shitty parents they were and selfish human beings, without them, none of us could've fought the system this long. This is what the system has been trying to destroy in Gen X and the Bush era was meant to end us completely. The creation of this conservative, plugged in conformist, collective living generation is the perfect next phase in ensuring that any remaining opposition to an oppressive NWO or anyone who sees the way these plans are laid out and slowly executed.

A smear campaign as well as making an entire nation into a security force or spies ensures that being targeted by covert ops is either deniable or percieved as totally normal.

Mass mind control as it is now is almost impossible to beat.
I could have gotten a lawyer for all the local offenses and written my book by now if it weren't for heavy and constant psychological warfare as well as the presence of mind control through technology in use from 6am to 12 midnight approximately.

It seems much more prevelant and impossible to beat since 2010 or so..but personally my health changed for the worst in Dec 2009. Yet I do recall I had more fight or resistance during Bush. Since Obama I have experienced a feeling of being almost non existent. Like something about his being president has drained me of Self, life force and my very place here in space and time.

During Bush I may have been being beaten down and tortured, but there was some connection that made me strong. I can't define what the difference is exactly.

This era sucks..that's for certain. And I no longer exist as defined by Me but it seems as defined by and constantly controlled by the public. Whom I have no idea how much they know, what they have been told or exactly what they have seen...basically how do so many know who I am and how have they formed judgement or perception of me?

This is why TIs kill themselves. To be dominated and left with no privacy and under this sort of persecution to not understand exactly what is going on causes the person to die. Who wants to live under such horrible conditions?

You're a victim of legitimate war crimes but an entire nation wants to deny that and force you to feel bad about yourself for some bs in the smear campaigns that has little to do with the situation.

Thats why Targets go lone shooter. The v2k along with being tortured and tormented by psychological warfare can give actual instruction to a targeted person.

The TIs you read about doing activism are very strong mentally and spiritually though they are made out to appear weak against the mob.

Deceptive Cambridge

Many people in the city of Cambridge around Central Sq especially, need a seious lesson. I mean the whites the well to do in the area.

Many people knew what was being done to make me sick in that apartment and ruin my life. They smile at me or like those two old bitches a few months ago, walk by and say 'its over now', as if they have full control.

This is becuz we are so close to Harvard and MIT. Its human experimentation and they are in on it. They also wanted to help the rich men who depend on Julie protect her. Being predominantly educated people, they know the psychological games and brainwashing involved.
They prob percieve me as an ignorant poor person and handling me has proven quite easy.

Its just the way their ancestors handled the servants or the slaves to get where they are today. Rum and bibles for slaves probably.

If not then like Jake's buddy Paul that he makes his shitty movies with, they are.in some profession like psychiatry or psychology that is made lucrative by gang stalking. Cameron is most likely their hero. Hmph..

Or they are involved in acedamia locally and not only is there alot of mobbing in higher education, recently the policy is outright lie or make things up to fit PC standards.

Whatever the case they can all drop dead.

I know the seriousness of my situation and that I almost got killed, spent.years fighting suicide due to what was done to me and I was tortured.

They will pay in.some form soon.

Harvard and MIT have made quite enough money off human suffering. And Cambridge has snubbed outsiders with their sneaky Yankee ways long enough.

This is probably how they won the.civil war. Their psy ops and intel was better.

Cambridge stinks with corruption and oppression of the poor underneath the pretty exterior and the status..and using bleeding heart Liberalism as a smoke screen.
And very selectively as well.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

MIT takes DARPA money?

Heyyy..didn't know MIT takes money from DARPA as well as govt and military contracts..wtf am I doing here?

No wonder only on their Athena computers I don't feel interfaced, targeted or messed with. Cuz its a slow roast everytime I try to get work done on the public access computers.

We know now that the military industrial complex is out of control now. People have been trying to warn me but I just couldn't grasp it. Its amazing that human beings don't care that this will be their undoing. So many Americans support this. I guess it truly isn't our country anymore. Its completely gone.

Well at least I can hold onto who I was without trying to hold onto what the country was becuz it's gone. And its people, unlike myself, were not prepared nor willing to battle it out against such forces to alter, modify and occupy this country and its culture.

Which of.course makes me not the sort of person who should be living here. It seems your average American and I have little remaining as far as values are concerned.

Whitey: A Race Whos Best Days Are Behind Her..Er, I Mean THEM..

Self Fulfilling Prophecies Dept:

'Long long ago there were white people who inhabited the earth, believe it or not children! You can see them in black and white here on the screen..from days past. '

LOL..from a prominent University homepage April 21st.

Feel Very Influenced Today and Targeted Using Sexual Shaming program

Sexual Shaming is what I have experienced over the years, exclusively here in the Boston/Cambridge area and in the past it has led to self injuring behaviors.

Sexually aroused very heavily today, mixed with intimidation and alot of ideation that I am old washed up and will never win in my situation. I am in library and strange guy who seems rather suspect just came in here to use computer. He had to sit on the same side I am sitting on.

Feel a lack of drive, power and aggression I usually have. Usually the light to mild sexual arousal is used to induce constant shame or make me feel controlled. Its hard to tell if I am just ovulating or if its mind control. Boston and Cambridge have so much tech power at thier disposal I can never tell here. I have posted in the past that this area was one of the worst for sexual torture to beat me down heavily into being a mindless submissive for exploitation in some sort of entertainment. Scott tried to beat me down in this manner when he was with me and it did not work so I suppose they simply decided to try and use tech to do so.

About 2009 or so that stopped being hte norm here and now its all about keeping me constantly controlled so I never get a lawyer and never tell what happened. Move on and forget.
Probably simply due to the fact that I fought so hard, I dont look good enough anymore to be usable for exploitation.

Only Pheonix AZ is as brutal and heavy handed concerning using tech to beat me down heavily for sexual exploitation. And they are not shy about men in cars or trucks being involved in gang stalking or even filming me walking around.

I can feel some sort of attempted domination coming from this man who just came in. It subsides when other people or a stream of people come into the library.

You have to understand that I have dealt with actual psychic warriors in this and its very unpleasant. Its probably the most obnoxious part of being targeted. Becuz they are human themselves and its usually only one person its terrible for the ego that they have that much power and they know who you are.

I may be mistaken about the person two chairs over on the computer...but I am not mistaken about the constant remote influence I have been getting today. This only occurs in this area of the northeast and it only can induce such bad feelings here. This is what used to force me to self injure when I would return to this area every year. I have video and pic of myself being bruised up and scratched due to self injury. I NEVER had this problem before and was not a trauma survivor that self injured. This is a direct result of being targeted within the Boston/Cambridge area by some program that makes me feel a low level of constant sexual arousal, not aggressive but feminine in nature as in submissive to or controlled by stronger more aggressive male forces- and that coupled with thoughts of my losses, my failures and the fact I look terrible compared to what I looked like before and memories of how people 'won' and how I am meant to fail and be controlled- all these somehow results in me snapping and beating myself. For the past few years I have not given in to these urges as I know how to control it now. I know for sure its tech and manipulation as it only happens in this area of the country, or the state for that matter and nowhere else.

MA is cruel by the way it keeps people down and has to have control. Other places- like TX, St Louis or Phoenix AZ would rather be ultimately overtly aggressive and see you dead or beat you down severely in a more aggressive manner. Which is much less undignified. MA is looking to shame, and be superior to the target. In the more aggressive places I mentioned, one knows that the perps are pieces of shit becuz they act like just that in what they do. MA seeks to take the TI's dignity away and have the state or commonwealth be better than the TI, validated in what its done to the person.
Ultimately it utilizes snobbery in a psy warfare campaign just as it does to gain superiority in overt ways.

4:25 pm: I just realized today is SATURDAY, and havent I been posting that this is the worst day of the weak for being targeted and feeling controlled or totally controlled or crushed/ oppressed by what seems like a combo of tech and psychological fallout from years of abuse? Perhaps now I can fight this better as of now, becuz I am conshus of it being very bad on Saturdays.
My eyes are lifeless my body listless. All I want to do is sit here and stare into space, not even use the computer. This absolutely crushing effect of tech or whatever it is, is typical for Sat. Everything closes early so I didnt get to nap either which, in this location I have to do for hours a day. Its a very unhealthy place unless you have lots of money. Most poor people just get fat and eat the effects of this away or they do drugs..some go to church but that is definitely letting the system win.

Friday, April 22, 2011

a nasty smear or psyche out

By the way, that horrible homeless woman who also goes by the name of Rachel, who I posted about months ago as doing some very overt perp tactics..and by doing so revealed she has watched and read my YouTube channel revealed more information today.

She's a verbal sniper..that's her attack style. Walked past and said softly "well well well, if it isn't the rapist herself". Of course I dealt with it calmly becuz that is how this particular nutjob is best handled.
I told her that usually men do the raping etc. She said she just wanted to throw.that out there to see how I would take it.


Now let's use the little homeless traitor.

She in past has revealed that she reads at least the YouTube channel. She's familiar with the material.

What she threw out there today might be a psyche out but it might also be a very real part of the smear campaign and I have to take that into consideration.

It has been used by perps over the years the idea that part of the smear out there is a story that I did harm to someone's kid. Specifically Julie's first child, a son.

This is ridiculous of course especially when asking the public to believe the word of a career criminal involved in the adult entertainment industry who was being protected during a federal investigation as opposed to a woman who has nothing, a sick hateful mother who helped the campaign along out of spite (and programming) who's obviously been framed and targeted for a diversion as well as other reasons.

What the public are going to believe them just becuz they are aligned with powerful friends and cops?

Perhaps so..but it is a ridiculous smear. But I know one thing, its definately part of either the smear campaign or its used as part of the psy ops campaign.

Thanks again, you miserable DUMB homeless biatch.

More Sexual Manipulation or Coercion/ Give Me Their Suffering If Not Justice

Smartphones are definately monitored. I was suspect but now I am even more sure of this suspicion.

I had to take some pics for medical reasons and after I took them I sensed this change in my being targeted.

Whoever is behind this is still obsessed with me in a sexual manner and controlling that aspect of my life. They will not be satisfied until I love openly concerning my sexuality.

I know this is America in the 21st century but some aspects of my personality are old fashioned and that is the way its going to stay. That is the real me, by nature and any modification of that is going to be nothing more than giving in to coercion.

Americas attitudes towards sex are confusing to me as well as often distasteful to me. Ever since the 1980s the USA has let what used to be referred to as 'plastic people' take over the country culturally. Porn itself came down.with a.deadly virus that destroyed it the minute it began to be made and viewed on video instead of real film. Now its all fake tits, too thin, hairless, men with fake muscles and no layer of body fat and everyone looks total clinical and non sensual due to bad lighting and video instead of film. The warmth is totally gone and its boring and totally fake.

Sex in the US in media is dead boring and has been for years. Ever since the 80's there is something sterile about it. It constantly has to be coupled with corporate power, contraversy or violence. What America is passionate about is money, consumerism and political power by might not by artisan design. THAT might be sexy.

In some ways it seems I am more European or perhaps English in my attitudes. I can't say for sure as I have not visited there. Pehaps I am just typical of a New Englander of my generation, who grew up before our region was infiltrated and destroyed by Hollywood, Cali corporate suburban culture, cable tv linking the nation's media and globalization/ living in a cyber collective reality.

I believe in privacy, solitude and that these things are necessary to one's sanity.

I was also raised with my grandmother's way of doing as you please but never discussing this publicily or as she would whisper in my ear "Be good...and if not then be careful". This is a very Irish Catholic sort of sentiment especially from her mother being from a country seat in Cork and working here in Weston as a nanny.
Perhaps some English rubbed off..but its about minding your own business and being private. My grandmother, unlike my mother always respected my privacy. Her and I shared a certain quiet understanding. Though I understand now.she was very manipulative and played Central Control of information very well.

You can hang from chandeliers and get as raunchy as humanly possible as long as your social persona is pleasant enough and you are fairly loyal, honest where it counts and work to accomplish things its none of my affair what you do.

I don't want to live openly like that and I shouldn't have to.

Someone warned me once that 'they' want to see me be a prostitute instead (of go to school or some other vocation). He connected it to the cover story and locals but its so typical for a mind controlled slave to be subjegated to such oppression based on this attitude from the pedo networks and handlers/programmers that its cliche by now.

This is why its important to stick to one's real Self and natural attitudes towards things instead of giving in to modification.

I am very screwed up and damaged about sex by now anyway due to years of psychological warfare and sexual torture and abuse connected to attempted modification using classical conditioning.

I was never allowed to heal and grow. And I refuse to take on new attitudes about anything if it is merely the result of behavior modification.

I've been tortured for years. I am now painted into a corner with health issues especially this allergic reaction condition. I am one BMI point away from being officially 'obese', which I realize due.to my shape and my muscles doesn't look bad but I look totally trashed compared to 2003 when this went 24/7 and had to run for my life.

I will not forget how I used to look or my level of health and sexuality before this totally destroyed my life.

The American public keep trying to sell me off on guilt and intimidation so they don't have to ever account for what they cosigned. I am personally going to.hold an entire nation reslonsible for their actions if only to the rest of the world.

Enough people hate the USA and I will have sympathizers and most likely already do. And this has essentially been a war of.the USA vs Rachael O. The amount of ground I have covered across this United States has shown me that to be true. Here and there in small pockets or populations I have sympathizers, suprisingly usually in the weathiest areas such as La Jolla CA, Prescott AZ and Castle Rock CO. That is becuz they alone are directly associated with and familiar with the rich assholes who abused their power to destroy me to begin with. People like Mitt Romney while govenor, and pretty much many of the neo con crew in power at that time.

I will not take my sadly tired and out of shape body out to pasture and go quietly as intended. Protecting Julia was one thing..continuing MK Ultra human experimentation that started with my mother and actually paying her off somehow to sell me out is quite another. My family are total sleazebags, junkies, prostitutes and MURDERERS from a pedophile authority figure that would do anything to white wash their past and make my perfect Aryan blonde cousin the great white hope to rep this false image of them and rewrite their history.
Jake, Julie, and my mother as well as all associated with them sold.me out to an existence of torture and destruction as a diversion and a stepping stone to gain opportunities they never would have had.

Its true that a Bush administration will do that to people but G. W. Bush's administration was particularly brutal. Whoever did the most horrific things to me during this time period seems to have threatened, black mailed and bribed many people around me in ways that made it impossible to resist.

I was surrounded by immoral scumbags for the most part anyway so the results doesn't surprise me..but a total tearing away from the TIs old life then basically kidnapping the person, denying them being able to contact anyone from the life they left behind and torturing them almost to death AS WELL as what appears to be a military abduction for the purposes of continued human experimentation of the cruelist nature...its all a bit much.

And in order to cover up for these heinous war crimes, the public has to vilify me, continue to use any dirt on me as excuse as well as systematically ignore me. NATIONWIDE.

And they expect somone who was a victim of mind control is going to 'behave' after years of being beaten down, intimidated, vified and socially excluded.

As usual my policy is to deliver the truth to the mass world wide and secondly that you can all go f*ck yourselves. But you knew that already.

How long do you think this old school 20th century keep down tactic of claiming I am paranoid schizophrenic and it'd due to a genetic connection to my father who has been labeled, is going to work?

Danny didn't work for and party with an important career criminal. So shove that theory. No one in their right mind is going to believe that my mental state only came into question during a federal investigation where most likely it was Julies fathers CIA connections protecting one of their assets...while taking the opportunity to get rid of a child of a radiation experimentee (documented) as well as get rid of an expendable mind controlled slave..or at least use that Survivor to study how programming breaks down etc.

And the majority of people in on this know the Target is being tortured. They know what they are doing. I have actually heard perps who I thought were friends or friends of new friends saying things like they are lovin this; being able to act out and torture someone. And the TI often has no one else.

This is the fault of.the system that keeps the TI hostage against their Wills.

And I find it strange that if all this is rooted in Nazi human experimentation, why are there so many Israelis, Jews and blacks involved? People from all walks of life especially the medical field.

Gee, Nazis really have taken to diversity haven't they. Becuz the amount of African Americans involved in this is staggering. And they are very overt about letting the TI know they are targeted. Also, I have seen a white man with a Great White Brotherhood tattoo stand next to a Juggalo, both of them on the same page, both aware of my situation if not outright perps.

So what would NeoNazis think of this? Or true White Supremacists? Or black gang members? Or Jews? Why do they work together on this one issue.

They wouldn't. The effect is to make me appear mentally ill as logic.dictates they would never work together. Also it could be that there are operatives in every single one of these factions in order to ensure they all stay under control.

Im tired of being made fun of by a nation of citizens compliant in war crimes. Who believe that everyone outside the US and within as well should suffer and die.for them so they can play video games and buy things to validate their existence.

Its time to put a hamper on the mob's amusements becuz to them that's all it is...and a way to make money, gain opportunity or avoid a jail sentence.

America WILL be held accountable for its actions whether it be on its own soil. The only reason they might not pay for their crimes is due.to might continuing to make right. But that doesn't change the truth being revealed to the whole f*cling world. Exposure might be enough.

One TI who's life has been destroyed is not enough to make them pay for what.they did..but one day, our collective stories as well as the documentation of official torture programs that parellell ours might be enough to finally get the responsible parties finally under control. I would gladly take an equal amount of their suffering in any form in place of official versions of justice...which don't seem to exist.
Getting premonition concerning some set up or having to do with the Womens Center today or tonight.

Don't even think about it...

Homeless Women: More Bad Reps

I can't find this post I did about the woman at OTR that said she has seven kids and was pregnant with another but didn't care becuz the govt pays for it.

She's a spaz anyway but I didn't realize she was outright lying. Today she said she has no kids at all.

So it stands to reason that people don't believe anything we say.

Which isn't good for TIs.

a moment of clarity

I know now that On The Rise is in on it. They purposely systematically ignore why the women are homeless if they are targeted. Also I have experienced one of the women who knows that gang stalking exists, manipulating me personally into not being depressed which considering what I have gone through I have a perfect right to be.

I can't believe I was so naive. Not naive but totally brainwashed.

Liberalism is a lie. The reality is that its been gotten rid of totally and Nazi type factions are indeed running the country. Don't ask me how it is that Jews or blacks or anyone works with these people becuz I can't answer that as it confuses me as well and always has. Thats why I am so hesitant to claim Nazi type factions are involved but everything points to that being the reality.

I also realize that getting me.to sleep at the airport was a ploy as well. It may be a.safe place inside but its totally mind controlled. Its a complete mind controlled area. There is so much tech there in use how would I ever have thought any different.

And the reason the torture lessened under Obama was, yes, to make him look more merciful- really deserving of.that Nobel Prize, but really its becuz.there was so many more towers and so much more tech capacity and a complete spy network in place, that there's no need for overt harsh actions now. No one has the.resistance to mind control they had years ago. Only in moments like this late in the morning do I feel like I did back in 2006 or 2007 when I was conshus of myself and of reality as it had progressed from my youth up until that point.

As long as we.have these levels of electromagnetic pollution and radiation we will always be mind controlled as a population.

Take all this into consideration becuz tomorrow I wont remember this.

As I write I am recalling things that occurred over years ago with gangstalking.

I nowadays are denied much memories or only certain ones run over and over again.

There is also a system in place in MA where if I come into thinking something too subversive or make progress with recall or making a point elequently or start making a good point, provide evidence etc, my mind and thoughts will be stopped immediately..like a total freeze up on a computer. And then everything is blank. Ioften have no idea what I was thinking about.

Years ago I posted that I had to escape to VT to write and complete my lawsuit against Olnick due to MA seeming to have some method, presumably technology, that made putting thoughts into action via the Will impossible. It actually blocked the Will Power.

But this was also the same location where was being coerced into voting Republican during Bush's second term..so I chose not to go vote at all. There were a few other reports of this same experience on radio and on internet. People seemed confused and recorded it as an oddity.

Becuz even under mind control humans know.there is something wrong.

Most likely homeless people.are allowed to sleep at the airport and not be bothered or interacted with by TSA or State cops due to it being part of the behavior modification process. THAT'S why they don't even look at you when yer there.

As I finish this there has been.the sound of a hovering helicopter outside to mu left for about 7-10 min or so.

I know I wont be able to.be this honest or recall as much or.be without distraction tomorrow.

Sit Quietly In A Solid Old Building Circa 2am

At this time of night I get to feel what normal used to feel like; before the Bush presidency and before the introduction of far too much radiation into the environment.

Only at these hours, from 2am to 4 am or so can I really feel free of influence, interference, and generally without that anxiety and tiredness that all the electromagnetic pollution causes to a human body.

I belive that I may react differently due to my mother's radiation exposure. No one cares about that now, with the Japanese exposure and so many other examples in past decades.

I feel the absence of any outside manmade false energies around my body at this time of night.

My senses return to me in better condition. I can once again smell clearly what is around me, I can accurately gauge my health..my skin is sensitive to touch and undisturbed the way I recall it was in its natural state like back in 2002.
I can for a moment imagine the pleasures of having my lover still with me then, and recall quickly what that sensitivity was like back then. Every man since then has been a convenience or necessity in war.

From 2-4 am in the metro Boston city limits, this is the closest return to true reality that is possible. And no matter where u go now, the war is there. Waiting for you, if u r targeted.

It used to take a week or so in some locations for the perps to show up, now its everywhere. You're watched wherever u go and there is no lack of perps anywhere in the USA.

Still I prefer to cling to this version of reality that I know was supposed to exist..not the one that's been created by force, through covert influence. And I know that my life and future have been.destroyed but I will write and publish the true timeline as it should have been, which will be the next best thing to having have lived it. It will exist in some form at least.

I hope I never have to return to this planet in another incarnation. The place has gone too far with technology. They are all completely mad. Its over, the place is a toner anyway. Pollution and technologies to keep the population diverted and jacked up so they are no longer sensitive to changes, or to their own ill health.

I can't wait to complete this exposé. My work will be done finally. And then I can do whatever I want or die or just relax while I perhaps take down, destroy and rebuild the homeless scene here in the USA. People are so pathetic. They percieve problems as bigger than they.

I travel states long across the country by vehicle and by walking and my perception is that I have simply taken a few steps. Long distances mean nothing. Big problems are meaningless.

What is the damn problem? Why are people so..f*cked up about things? Becuz they take power seriously that's why. What's the worst that could happen. You die right? What...it depends if its now or when yer old and can't really live anyway? These views people have are all such utter bullsh*t.

What is life if not lived willfully anyway?

They went too far with me I think. No bribes or payoffs just tried to kill me and when that didn't work, beat me down and destroy me so badly internally, that I could be forced into being a submissive for exploitation in the darker ends of the sex industry.

There's no cure for slavery especially this sort where no one wants to admit its a reality. This is becuz if people living in a western democracy admitted to covert or underground slavery via mind control within the individual slave who is.managed by covert operations, they would have to admit that sneaky, undetectable means of 'mind control' are possible in many areas of that culture. In a way, validating the existence of mind control slavery would undermine the entire western world. Conversely, without its existence, our successful empire couldn't exist as it does.

Its difficult for me to write my story. The effects of electromag pollution and purposeful targeting of me as well is impossible to master.

Without calm quiet and privacy I am not going to be able to write my book easily. Not only is it going to be difficult but the finished product is going to be compromised, I already know that.

There is no way any TI can be left alone to write a book like that. Most Targets who have completed such a task complain that it was under such conditions that they completed their work.
And of course no one ever sees these books anyway. They are delegated to the realm of conspiracy theory studies, which is where one used to get

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trying To Induce Racism In GS Campaigns

They keep sending blacks in Boston and Cambridge to keep messing with me....they really want to create racists and encourage seperatism.

This is why theres been so much of a rise in hate crime, White Supremacy membership or interest and Neo Nazi groups.

The covert warfare is in full swing to ensure that hate rules and that TRULY evolved society Gen X was trying to establish never again can become a reality.

If Obama is such a racist from a racist church it might stand to reason that he and others who think like him would want seperatism.

People from the deep south have told me that secretly (or blatantly and Yanks don't take it seriously due to guilt blindling them) black people often funk they are better everyone else.

Its a generalization but one we have to consider in war where deception is the main weapon..that and brainwashing.

Why would seperatist blacks want to be around whites? They feel subjegated perhaps or other reasons.

And due to history in the USA. The notion of these ideas is seen as paranoid.

Why else would the system keep blacks on my ass in major urban areas? Sure its to get me discredited as a racist or just some crank but it also serves a broader agenda- to create in many whites of a certain class a feeling of being squeezed and pressured to the point of going into primitive survival mode, which isn't hard to do considering how Europeans have been always fighting with invaders or the church or the plague.

Its easy to spook white people into going from being uncomfortable to begin forming a psycotic state where cold hearted violence and exclusion is percived as the only mode of survival. The designers of these programs know this.

And someone like me with my history of growing up in the midst of all out racial war in Boston makes me a perfect candidate to become angry and threatened enough to turn in that direction.

If this is connected to Nazi human experimentation and sympathizers, then what better way to control classes of people and create seperatism?

It is so frequent now these type of actions that I don't think its about getting material to discredit me..its to outright brainwash me into being a full scale white supremisist or at least a Seperatist that joins Stormfront.

There is a race war on and it might be necessary for poor or lower to middle class whites to fight and protect and wake people up to alot of the brainwashing going on now, but one must keep in mind that this is being done to keel.certain CLASSES down as well as create seperatism. Its just more divide and conquer social control.

And the blacks involved are not all black people. They are elitists, seperatists, black supremisists or simply the elite's house slaves as there always has been.this faction. Many are in cult mind controlled gang stalking groups as we'll as outright gangs like the bloods, where the connection comes in through crack cocaine and the CIA during Iran Contra. They got peoples now let's just put it that way.

COINTELPRO was all black infiltrators anyway.
I finally had enough of that domineering woman. Thats why she's alone most of.the time. She's totally full of herself. She thinks she's smarter than me about my specific gang stalking situation. And she cannot stop criticizing me. Its terrible.

She is always calling me rude becuz she wants me to kiss.her ass. Other people around me in the homeless scene, even social services workers tell me that I shouldn't have to be dealing with such a domineering personality.

All I wanted was companionship during staying in certain places in the evenings.

This woman is very manipulative and must know how pushy she is. Then when people get aggregated with her or impatient she pegs them as rude or not letting her finish her sentences.

If she's not a perp I certainly understand why she's targeted. She also does not get any tech and has not experienced any RA or programming.

Which is suspect. It means she got gang stalked out of her home by locals in her hometown. Her only claim to being targeted in the NWO is that she beleives she's from the house of.David simply becuz her father told her so.

And she is so into the big picture...but she seemingly doesn't know anything about organized crime that would put her in danger nor is she MK Ultra or a Survivor of programming.

A cop was a little too intense around me a while ago as well as some action from a union location, both of.which I always have problems.with and have posted that for years. Those two factions are heavily involved in the eastern US wherever I travel.

She keeps criticizing my claims that I get harassed when I do experience it in this location we are in. She said whenever she goes to the bathroom I always have a problem with someone. That is a total exaggeration.

Its very simple, the formula as to how and by whom I usually get harrassed, and I should be very suspect of her denying such things.

I was sick of it and finally insulted her which I shud have done weeks ago.

She got in my face and told me I had always been a rude person. I was sitting down so of course she finally got to be taller than me.

She has a major Napolean complex due to being very short. And it comes out very nasty.
I can't put up with it anymore.

I catch her staring at me sometimes and once I looked at the glass in front of us and noticed her looking up from appearing to wipe her nose, she was just looking up with her head down...it was so indicative of someone being dishonest or sneaky.

She's done nothing but beat me down for weeks now and claim she is the one putting up with me actually,,when she has the rep of someone who can't shut up.

At least unlike Mary Holiday, who's criminal record speaks for itself, I have character witnesses is she tries to discredit me.

Its a shame really becuz her activism was very useful, and she did fill in alot of missing info I didn't have time to find.

Which is what TIs are supposed to do. But she wanted to get too chummy with me and mix that with constant never ending talk about activist issues.

When I get off those blogs I am done and onto my other lifestyle. I don't want to deal with this shit after that point.

Her every waking moment is about this crap..no wonder she only focuses on Armegeddon.

And I couldn't take the Christian obsesssng anymore. She was born Jewish and is now a Christian type who believes god has this all planned etc. I can't take her fatalism anymore but I also can't take the way she talks or behaves towards people especially having to be around that so much. She's like a poor,homeless Yenta. Its awful. I just can't take that anymore.

She seems to have very little respect or even understanding of what people have gone through being targeted. Actually she seems to have little respect for.other peoples boundaries to begin with.

She keeps obsessing that marshall law is 2012 and we only have a year left and that we should push harder to make people aware.

This person acts just like a cult would have one.act.

She listens to TI activist groups too much that push that shit that's why. Either that or she believes it on her own and she these thinks annoying people is going to save her somehow.

It's either going to happen or its not. And I am not the kind to spend my last days worrying or trying to stop the inevitable.

This is another problem with people who aren't RA or Survivors of high level programming from suspected state actors.
Our attitudes towards death are vastly different from people like her. We are formed to not only be fearless regarding our own deaths but some programming actually has the programmed person have a kinship with death orbelieve we are death itself in small sections of programming.

There is no way a programmed person could ever have normal human perceptions concerning death.

We are formed to.embrace what is reviled by others and fear things normal humans find harmless or to not fear what sensible humans should fear.

Her concern just makes no sense to me and really it was robbing me of precious energy.

I will never understand the ignorance of people like her or.the heartlessness of people in social services like the homeless scene towards Survivors of programming.

Most people in.American society treat us very badly and without respect or even human sympathy.

For the most part the way I get treated is akin to pure jealousy or that I am a threat. To EVERYONE?

And I know I am being mistreated most of.the.time by most of.this country's population. There are honest people who.have exclaimed outright
"Your life sucks!" And she was being totally honest and said it impulsively.

That means one thing: those who don't believe us about what goes on with mind control slavery probably are the types who would help us and change things if they were informed correctly and those that DO know are partaking in the system in a massive conspiracy to keep us down.

Others may be aware but can't help and just turn away and the rest are also targeted.

I realize as I write this exactly why this system never is stopped or why anyone who effectively exposes it never lasts very long.

My naivete was thinking I was going to be the first to get it right. I suppose they encourage this in all targets so that we will keep going for whatever reason.

But the people around us whether meaning to or not, keep us down permanently.

I don't believe anything will hangs after my book. Plenty of tie have written books.

I just want mine left behind as recalling of my being here....my one last han e to leave something behind. Then I don't care what goes on...

For A TI There Is Never Any Truly Safe Place Or Comfort

This person I am hanging out with will not stop pushing the idea of we only have one year left and we are all going to be put into concentration camps.

She has no respect for how others wish to deal with this entire issue. Many of us feel that if we are going to die or what have you that one should not focus on it but that one should let it take its course.

This may be the reason for trying to get me into UMass. Perhaps if I am enrolled I wont be considered prime for some list that gets snuffed first.

She keeps pushing the idea of these camps and we only have one year left.

My issue also is that if I have allies who have kept me alive and physically safe this far...why would they allow me to get put into a concentration camp?

She also talked about marshall law before Obama which of course did not happen.

It makes whatever last moments any of us have very unpleasant.

I was also sent a warning by a commented that I should watch out for a certain person who wants to become a handler and that this person had gotten caught making or being involved in child pornography.

This person has that psychic vampire effect. You really feel you're losing your self. Its good to have companionship especially in my situation where I am stalked so frequently and heavily but as usual it comes at a high toll in other ways.
I see my state my state trooper story made an impression.lol

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mick Taylor Formally A Rolling Stone


From the way that story sounds I'd say him being targeted is a very plausible theory. I actually dealt with a guy who runs a hostel in Tampa who was friends with a musician close to the Stones. The hostel is named after him. When it was too moldy and I realized due to the lung damage from the moldy apartment I had, I couldnt breathe in Tampa. I literally tried to stay for an hour or two, felt like I was breathing water and told him my situation, left and took a bus to Gainesville which is more inland and north of Tampa.

Upon asking for my money back he told me "My people in St Louis said you were trouble!" Oh yeh you old bastard? I never mentioned anything about St Louis and as far as my experience there...it was a place that wanted me dead more than any other location, I endured the worst torture ever in this ordeal (it was during Bush) and I escaped within an inch of my life. The place is so purely evil that security at the bus station and others in on it were saying 'damn' and making gestures that indicated that I was one that got away- before they could kill me or drive me to cut my wrists in a hotel room somewhere.

This is the hostel in St Louis owned by one of Julia's clients as well as this is where that b*tch Laura harassed me. She is related to Mitt and Ann Romney, who was also in Jake's old crowd through his childhood friend. A entire perp group came in from MI. Of course where Mitt and Ann's family are from and have alot of influence.

So old geezer, what 'people' are we talking here? The same 'people' who have made life miserable for anyone who goes up against valuable INDUSTRY people?

I agree he should get a lawyer. But perhaps after years at war its just too late.

Its well known that without his help at that time period, the Stones were going to be stuck with a totally strung out Richards.
Its shocking but thats that business.

I appreciate the commenter who sent this too me. It makes me feel better. It validates the reality of such situations.

Another BORING Perp Comment

"Your threat to "make his life miserable" will be taken seriously. You are a typical fake TI out to make other TIs look bad. By Anonymous on Mercantile Bank..someday you to will have yer ego ... on 3/23/11" Oh no baby..I make TI's look good. Sheen stole my schtick Im so damn talented! LMOA -------------------------------------------------- "Just cause I'm sick of your BS I forwarded this comment to the Fenway branch. Making THREATS online is stupid. You should know better. They now have a screenshot and the text and the link. So erasing it is futile. Maybe you should present evidence before you spew. By Anonymous on Mercantile Bank..someday you to will have yer ego ... on 3/23/11 " And they changed the security guard last time I was there, LOL. "Just cuz I'm sick of your bs.." First of all stop stealing my language get yer own and YOU as in I in that sentence matter little. I do know better...its Boston. I got 'friends' remember?? I expect there are plenty of screen shots of my posts. How wonderful you are so obsessed with my work! This isnt the Bush era anymore. You cant intimidate Target's with old tactics. I even used to hear that one used during Clinton..mostly at corporate customer service that was toying with me and I didnt get it for years, so there must be yards of videotape of me being aggro...and every ONE is going to be exposed and pay for years of ruining my life. YEARS AND YEARS....thanks to whatever went down during BUSH that woke us all up to exactly what is really going on and the true nature of being targeted, these controls no longer work. The system blew it by taking thier authority too damn far during Bush. When you are torturing and harassing someone literally to death, a woman who is single with no support system and has nothing in life of value...and yer a train employee or a retired cop or a cabby or driving a bus and you are part of this harassment to destroy this one female..and you turn to her and arrogantly dismiss her and her situtaion by being a self centered male piece of garbage by saying "You know theres alot going on right now since 9-11. We have alot of pressure on us you know" when you KNOW damn well that this period since 9-11 is being used to basically assasinate certain individuals.... YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT IS COMING TO YOU. AS A MALE, AS A CORRUPT UNION MEMBER, AS A CORRUPT OFFICER OF THE LAW OR POLITICIAN OR HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. Everyone is going to be exposed for various nastiness during Bush that they still think they are going to get away with. This is why any mere bitching by TI's is blown off. Besides...its what I HAVENT posted on line that they are afraid of. So take yer perp bs elsewhere. Or I'll get one of the hackers whos on our side to find yer IP and whatever they do from there I guess. IT isnt my area....yer boring. Whoever you are, yer just plain boring. You and that female sounding commenter who always ends her comments with 'honey'. Yer both so stupid and so incredibly ineffectual. Now go away and let the grown ups continue thier work.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Does This Make Me Feel Better?

I dont know what to think of this second generation of the Royal Family. Dianna's death..how should a person working with conspiracy take that into context? And what of all the ties to the monarchy that Bush and everyone involved in this mess..


For some odd reason, this story makes me feel calmed and really much better. Hey.. at least he picked a curvy brunette, which again makes me feel happy. She seems very sensible and good humored but somehow tough.

Perhaps things will work out in the end after all.

Now all I have to do is write my expose and a few testimonials to the bioethics committee and perhaps MY duty will also be done and I can walk off into some sort of sunset as well.


(And yes, the tissue story got to me of course. As it was meant to I assume.)

Two Half- Men

I know I should use Twitter for all the tweeting I do..but that utility is just dangerous for my short fuse nowadays. Can you just see me twittering about some small stupid bs that infuriates me and making myself look like more of a clinically insane bigotted psycho feminist?? Can you see that? Becuz I sure can. I swear these services are in part for all of us to spy on EACH OTHER and judge each other's every f*ckin word. I love the idea of Twitter..but even I, rumoured to be the world's biggest narcicist without having any talent, family money or smarts to back that up, don't even think I need to be heard that frequently throughout the day. Its just too much degrading of the fabric of our culture..or the one I am holding onto from the 20th century anyway. When Warhol's hell didn't yet replace real art and theater. Its sad really...at least Warhol degraded classical artwork with truly interesting trashy people..whereas today there are no interesting trashy people. Just rich white and black trash who are horribly un-interesting, all trying to be Lord so and so's level of status in society. BOOORRIIINNG. Remember back in Warhol times, lord or Lady so and so actually DID get down with trashy people? And everyone looked fabulous doing it too. Destroying themselves.

That's becuz there wasn't this totally bizarre backdrop of false morality or militant political correctness putting stress on every scene created. You simply didn't exist if you were uncool or uninteresting.
Where as nowadays the common and uninteresting is showcased in reality shows or 'talent' competitions, where, ironically formerly astonishingly talented rock and roll lead singers have stooped to judging the uninteresting, boring, marginally talented commoners for mass consumption: mind control anyone?

Dontcha love our down the rabbit hole reality?

Now to publish this so Sheen can pretend he's been to hell and back like I have, when in reality he just smokes alot of crack and wishes he had my t and a. Its alot different BEING an actual goddess (who sadly is destroyed and subjugated) than it is keeping them round the house as pets. Love the clips of Jaws..kinda like my posts years ago. The difference is he does it for a stage show..I did it to stay alive and describe actual feelings. So all you morons out there who keep sending me comments about how Sheen stole my act or whatever. Forget it.

Do you realize how many talented cult or obscure shows or acts out there have been literally plagerized by Hollywood types? Its what they DO. No group of people, no matter how talented, could produce the amount of work that Hollywood writers do. They regularly steal from real life stories or lift people's creative writing or shows. I posted years ago that the man who was involved in the game show hoaxes of the 50's was being coveted by Hollywood to tell his story and consult I believe for the movie about that subject. He brought the contract to a lawyer and was told he was getting screwed so didnt sign. All the while he noted very gang stalking like activity around him, being spied on, watched, strange cars, people engaging him collecting information.

Wake up. Hollywood works for the CIA and Mossad. Or at least the CIA is documented to consult on movies anyway..what Hollywood puts out is very very important to shaping the minds of the nation. In war time and in peace. You are really surprised that Sheen stole my act? That a-hole has been involved in Two and a Half Men, which is a personal psy ops nightmare for me personally and also was alluded to by a black man close to the bloods as being just as I suspected it was: part of the mind f*ck on me. That very same man after revealing that information died under mysterious circumstances, with a woman from his past he hadnt seen for years showing up with certain drugs he usually did not take. Needles were found outside the window, and they didnt use needles so someone had placed them there. After he was MURDERED, perps were messing with me for a week or so, in directed conversation, trying to intimate that 'hey, if you murdered someone or it looks like you were involved in an overdose, just turn yourself into the police- the judge will understand'. I was a continuance of the totally retarded efforts to induce false confession that had gone on years before as well in Boston.
Its rumored the cops did the same thing to that kid who for some reason, was convinced he was a suspect in the nanny killing in Fenway. The police said he wasnt a suspect but somehow being convinced he was, he committed suicide. When I pressed this person further who was telling me about this story I had read but in more general terms all he said was this: "you know. Cops. They think they're the sh*t". Yes yes, I do believe I have experienced that over years of this ordeal. Sadly, its a bit harder to fool someone who is not only programmed to not fall so easily, but also..as our bitch friend from WLP put it: I have 'friends'.

My point being that Ive seen enough and had enough hinting to know that tv show was written to piss off TI's. I was told its probably not just me that was mind f*cked by it but other TI's as well.

I did my research. You should SEE the writers of this bs. Hysterical. Wait till you see what these guys look like.

Firstly there is the main writer who spent time as a musician, and a song writer, I believe connected to the NY scene. Which means we are again dealing with the northeast and also Jake's new industry scum buddies.
Also this man only got his first awards for Two and A Half his whole career and he received his awards just at the same time my ex who sold me out Jake was receiving his awards for an equally bad piece of low budget shit titled By Any Means Necessary or Grace- both by he and another rich kid (who I was recently told has parents that are powerful psychologists in academia locally!)and both very undeserving of the attention lavished on them. But that is what this system is about. Favors for dirty deeds.

The other writers for Two And A Half Men are just as pathetic looking. Who else would hate an attractive Goyim more than these misogynistic, old school scum bags?

Lets look at how strikingly unattractive these men really are. Get ready to puke, then laugh..then get sick again. It makes Phil Spector with his Jew fro look like a sex god...heeeeerrrre we go!

(I was looking over pics of Phil Spector in court. I was going to use this pic for fun:
..but then I saw this:

Its not funny anymore. Within this photo I see a demon that could overtake any of us and destroy us-I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is people like the 'winners' who destroyed me when all I wanted to do was good and they seem to be able to hide thier nasty sides from the world. Those are the most hated and reviled by me. Most of the seeming 'winners' on these levels are total bastards who's sickness in society is manageable..unlike poor Phil who seems to contain within him a pure spirit of evil and torment. Lets not make fun of him again shall we? Lets make fun of the people who think they are fooling everybody with thier great fronts and always get away scott free..and are handed awards at painfully obvious opportune moments in life. They arent Awards, they are REwards). Im going to have to leave the country after this arent I? GOOoooood. Then Ill miss out on Romney's rain of terror. Sheesh, and we just got rid of Oprah..cant we be idiot free for just one decade?! AAUUURRRRGGGGHGH!

Executive producer(s):
Chuck Lorre
Lee Aronsohn
Eric Tannenbaum
Kim Tannenbaum
Mark Burg
Oren Koules
Don Foster
Susan Beavers
(seasons 6–present)
Eddie Gorodetsky
(seasons 6–present)
Mark Roberts
(season 7–present)


Chuck Lorre: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0521143/

Of all the pics of Lorre he is hardly ever unattractive. But I know this kind of older male. He is terribly smug and vain and full of sh*t usually..attractive? Suuurrrre. Deadly? Yes.Probably.
In all his pics he seems to think he's as suave as an Italian. But alas, his ancestry most likely ends in a -ski or -witz opposed to any other vowel combo. Sorry dude:

Here is a portrait:

Vain, smug and superior. Just what you'd expect talent to look like. But it seems in this world, only males like Lorre are allowed to be this stunning of a creature. Women like me only get punished for daring to be this self confident or overt about possessing talent. Oh and Im not Jewish or in with the mob. Too bad for me then.

Now lets move onto the next jerk, who's a writer and also producer of the psy ops nightmare Two and a Half Inches...I mean Men. Uh..yeah.

Lee Aronsohn:
Let the pic speak for itself:

Uhh, point made and taken I think. Really not a handsome one is he? And certainly cant be mistaken for a Latin at all...seriously. I love the very unhappy facey wacey at the top. Didnt get his way I assume..or the monitor was close enough for him to see his own reflection clearly. Perhaps thats what set his mood.

Ahh, there couldnt be a nicer smug bunch of *ssholes than these guys!

I am sure out of this post I am going to get alot of bs in response like 'Its sad isnt it' and me being delusional.

You keep it up perps and I will keep it up as well.

Did you think I was some old f*ck Hollywood wife you could just get rid of, broken and tapped out with only my plastic surgery to comfort me in old age? Or some rock and roll girlfriend that kills herself and gee, no one knows why to get her out of the way.

You got the wrong motherf*ckin girl you blithering idiots. You keep it up then.

Becuz these guys look like Julie's client types..in fact I may just have compartmentalized memories of the handsome one.. hmm. Upon looking at him, I could SWEAR I know him from somewhere..hmm. Maybe that hypnotist I was terrorized away from during Bush could reveal more.

You keep it the f*ck up, every perp, every cop every idiot in the street who thinks they know the story. And I will just keep doing what I do. I dont deal in deceptions..I deal in facts, truth and life experience.

GO TO HELL...or in your language DROP DEAD.

Oh and here is a pic of Sheen you may never have seen:

COS anyone? Its not even hot its just scary.

Oh if you think this is cool, look at what its been reduced to:

At this point I have lost all sympathy for him possibly being targeted for speaking out about 9-11. Get over yer dad being a jerk or whatever or mom being a c*nt..whatever the deal is..sheesh.

I can only hope in my most positive moments that he's so targeted for that, he stole my schtick becuz it works as a TI. But its not like he needs the money why would he have to do that? No, hes too sexist NOT to be suspect. And he whores too much. Sounds like he owes people favors..

But remember. I am the crazy one whos imagining all this and Charlie, well:

Good night everyone. And death to my enemies and alllllllll thier friends. F*ck You ALL.