“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, April 22, 2011

More Sexual Manipulation or Coercion/ Give Me Their Suffering If Not Justice

Smartphones are definately monitored. I was suspect but now I am even more sure of this suspicion.

I had to take some pics for medical reasons and after I took them I sensed this change in my being targeted.

Whoever is behind this is still obsessed with me in a sexual manner and controlling that aspect of my life. They will not be satisfied until I love openly concerning my sexuality.

I know this is America in the 21st century but some aspects of my personality are old fashioned and that is the way its going to stay. That is the real me, by nature and any modification of that is going to be nothing more than giving in to coercion.

Americas attitudes towards sex are confusing to me as well as often distasteful to me. Ever since the 1980s the USA has let what used to be referred to as 'plastic people' take over the country culturally. Porn itself came down.with a.deadly virus that destroyed it the minute it began to be made and viewed on video instead of real film. Now its all fake tits, too thin, hairless, men with fake muscles and no layer of body fat and everyone looks total clinical and non sensual due to bad lighting and video instead of film. The warmth is totally gone and its boring and totally fake.

Sex in the US in media is dead boring and has been for years. Ever since the 80's there is something sterile about it. It constantly has to be coupled with corporate power, contraversy or violence. What America is passionate about is money, consumerism and political power by might not by artisan design. THAT might be sexy.

In some ways it seems I am more European or perhaps English in my attitudes. I can't say for sure as I have not visited there. Pehaps I am just typical of a New Englander of my generation, who grew up before our region was infiltrated and destroyed by Hollywood, Cali corporate suburban culture, cable tv linking the nation's media and globalization/ living in a cyber collective reality.

I believe in privacy, solitude and that these things are necessary to one's sanity.

I was also raised with my grandmother's way of doing as you please but never discussing this publicily or as she would whisper in my ear "Be good...and if not then be careful". This is a very Irish Catholic sort of sentiment especially from her mother being from a country seat in Cork and working here in Weston as a nanny.
Perhaps some English rubbed off..but its about minding your own business and being private. My grandmother, unlike my mother always respected my privacy. Her and I shared a certain quiet understanding. Though I understand now.she was very manipulative and played Central Control of information very well.

You can hang from chandeliers and get as raunchy as humanly possible as long as your social persona is pleasant enough and you are fairly loyal, honest where it counts and work to accomplish things its none of my affair what you do.

I don't want to live openly like that and I shouldn't have to.

Someone warned me once that 'they' want to see me be a prostitute instead (of go to school or some other vocation). He connected it to the cover story and locals but its so typical for a mind controlled slave to be subjegated to such oppression based on this attitude from the pedo networks and handlers/programmers that its cliche by now.

This is why its important to stick to one's real Self and natural attitudes towards things instead of giving in to modification.

I am very screwed up and damaged about sex by now anyway due to years of psychological warfare and sexual torture and abuse connected to attempted modification using classical conditioning.

I was never allowed to heal and grow. And I refuse to take on new attitudes about anything if it is merely the result of behavior modification.

I've been tortured for years. I am now painted into a corner with health issues especially this allergic reaction condition. I am one BMI point away from being officially 'obese', which I realize due.to my shape and my muscles doesn't look bad but I look totally trashed compared to 2003 when this went 24/7 and had to run for my life.

I will not forget how I used to look or my level of health and sexuality before this totally destroyed my life.

The American public keep trying to sell me off on guilt and intimidation so they don't have to ever account for what they cosigned. I am personally going to.hold an entire nation reslonsible for their actions if only to the rest of the world.

Enough people hate the USA and I will have sympathizers and most likely already do. And this has essentially been a war of.the USA vs Rachael O. The amount of ground I have covered across this United States has shown me that to be true. Here and there in small pockets or populations I have sympathizers, suprisingly usually in the weathiest areas such as La Jolla CA, Prescott AZ and Castle Rock CO. That is becuz they alone are directly associated with and familiar with the rich assholes who abused their power to destroy me to begin with. People like Mitt Romney while govenor, and pretty much many of the neo con crew in power at that time.

I will not take my sadly tired and out of shape body out to pasture and go quietly as intended. Protecting Julia was one thing..continuing MK Ultra human experimentation that started with my mother and actually paying her off somehow to sell me out is quite another. My family are total sleazebags, junkies, prostitutes and MURDERERS from a pedophile authority figure that would do anything to white wash their past and make my perfect Aryan blonde cousin the great white hope to rep this false image of them and rewrite their history.
Jake, Julie, and my mother as well as all associated with them sold.me out to an existence of torture and destruction as a diversion and a stepping stone to gain opportunities they never would have had.

Its true that a Bush administration will do that to people but G. W. Bush's administration was particularly brutal. Whoever did the most horrific things to me during this time period seems to have threatened, black mailed and bribed many people around me in ways that made it impossible to resist.

I was surrounded by immoral scumbags for the most part anyway so the results doesn't surprise me..but a total tearing away from the TIs old life then basically kidnapping the person, denying them being able to contact anyone from the life they left behind and torturing them almost to death AS WELL as what appears to be a military abduction for the purposes of continued human experimentation of the cruelist nature...its all a bit much.

And in order to cover up for these heinous war crimes, the public has to vilify me, continue to use any dirt on me as excuse as well as systematically ignore me. NATIONWIDE.

And they expect somone who was a victim of mind control is going to 'behave' after years of being beaten down, intimidated, vified and socially excluded.

As usual my policy is to deliver the truth to the mass world wide and secondly that you can all go f*ck yourselves. But you knew that already.

How long do you think this old school 20th century keep down tactic of claiming I am paranoid schizophrenic and it'd due to a genetic connection to my father who has been labeled, is going to work?

Danny didn't work for and party with an important career criminal. So shove that theory. No one in their right mind is going to believe that my mental state only came into question during a federal investigation where most likely it was Julies fathers CIA connections protecting one of their assets...while taking the opportunity to get rid of a child of a radiation experimentee (documented) as well as get rid of an expendable mind controlled slave..or at least use that Survivor to study how programming breaks down etc.

And the majority of people in on this know the Target is being tortured. They know what they are doing. I have actually heard perps who I thought were friends or friends of new friends saying things like they are lovin this; being able to act out and torture someone. And the TI often has no one else.

This is the fault of.the system that keeps the TI hostage against their Wills.

And I find it strange that if all this is rooted in Nazi human experimentation, why are there so many Israelis, Jews and blacks involved? People from all walks of life especially the medical field.

Gee, Nazis really have taken to diversity haven't they. Becuz the amount of African Americans involved in this is staggering. And they are very overt about letting the TI know they are targeted. Also, I have seen a white man with a Great White Brotherhood tattoo stand next to a Juggalo, both of them on the same page, both aware of my situation if not outright perps.

So what would NeoNazis think of this? Or true White Supremacists? Or black gang members? Or Jews? Why do they work together on this one issue.

They wouldn't. The effect is to make me appear mentally ill as logic.dictates they would never work together. Also it could be that there are operatives in every single one of these factions in order to ensure they all stay under control.

Im tired of being made fun of by a nation of citizens compliant in war crimes. Who believe that everyone outside the US and within as well should suffer and die.for them so they can play video games and buy things to validate their existence.

Its time to put a hamper on the mob's amusements becuz to them that's all it is...and a way to make money, gain opportunity or avoid a jail sentence.

America WILL be held accountable for its actions whether it be on its own soil. The only reason they might not pay for their crimes is due.to might continuing to make right. But that doesn't change the truth being revealed to the whole f*cling world. Exposure might be enough.

One TI who's life has been destroyed is not enough to make them pay for what.they did..but one day, our collective stories as well as the documentation of official torture programs that parellell ours might be enough to finally get the responsible parties finally under control. I would gladly take an equal amount of their suffering in any form in place of official versions of justice...which don't seem to exist.