“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Noise Campaign In Harvard Sq/Untrustworthy Acquaintance

I was kept awake tonite by non stop talking from this Russian guy who sleeps near the spot which I tried to ignore then an annoying guy came up and asked questions about where I was from and wouldn't get away from my sleeping area then some black kids were noisy around the corner and then one came peeking around the corner whistling.

This got me to become agitated. Cars have been going by and beeping twice tonite one of the first tactics used by this system way back in 1997.
 A lot of cabs drove by I was not being able to sleep due to all this. It cud b just it was 2 am on a sat night. But it cud b part of putting forth stressors. Remember this is experimentation connected to US military (MK Ultra) and stress plays a major role in many military experiments. They are infamous for stress testing soldiers even outside of black projects.

So this entire thing was probably a set up. All of it. To get me to both lose sleep and become vocal.

Whenever I come back into the city their main goal immediately is to cause sleep deprivation and ensure I stay that way and function constantly in that state. Its becuz this makes all the other parts of their program more effective.

Also this Russian acquaintance was in the hospital and introduced me to a photographer who does pics for metal bands who had come to see him. This man claimed to formerly work for the police but my Russian friend said he knew nothing about his friends past involved in police work yet has known him for twenty years?

My sleep spot in Harvard is always being toyed with and disturbed now.

I also realize that every other area locally like Cambridge/Brighton that I had been harassed in has some presence of either Harvard or MIT in the area.

Friday, May 23, 2014

GS Program Trying Desperately To Get Me Into Institutions-Attempting To Sucker Me Into Political Activity To Get Me Under Control

They think they've won now Ive been driven to do acting out in Central Sq and getting arrested.

Thats why its imperative at this point in time for the system to keep trying to get me into the legal system most likely so I can be fully indoctrinated into society and finish off behavior modification after years of dealing with this and being damaged and broken down.

Getting me to care about things locally like the homeless scene and become politically active is just one way of doing this. Its right there in the tv show The Prisoner when they brainwash and coax the Target, known only as Number 6, into running for office in 'The Village'. http://www.the-prisoner-6.freeserve.co.uk/episode_four.htm

The point of the tale is that you might become politically active or gain power through office but the fact still remains you are still a prisoner in The Village- on this isolated island.

By taking on political concerns in normal society you have forsaken your original fight-against being a captive and being held against your Will in 'The Village'.
Just another way to get you to give up and submit to behavior modification programs. The power of office is the bribe and having things to care for replaces what you should have been able to accomplish in your own life had you not been held down as a Targeted Individual and allowed to reach your full potential.
(Im in the cafeteria of Mass Art in Boston. A little girl from Ringe Latin School, Cambridge right now trying to spy on what I am writing and engage me in conversation to keep me from working. Its so sick. They frequently have used children before as Ive documented.
Its hard to say because her entire generation is trained to be suspect of anyone who looks like they are bucking society's norms. She actually might believe and activist is akin to a terrorist.)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Why am I so frightened and suddenly attached to my hometown? A place in a country I've wanted to leave for years now.

What is going on that would make me become so lacking in sense? In daring?

Especially since this place has gotten more abusive and less helpful (docs not being honest about health issues).

Perhaps the system is trying to finish me off in either scene riot whether I choose to go abroad or stay here. Either way they will destroy me completely.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ozzy-Scream-Misheard Lyrics From Vid Used For Inspiriation For Targeted Individuals

 Ozzy Osbourne SOUL SUCKER lyrics:

"This was originally going to be the title track of the album. After negative feedback from fans about calling the record Soul Sucka, Ozzy published a list of other possible names and asked fans to vote. The best they could do was Scream."

Btw, the lyric is actually:
"Listen to the way I slaaaaay, your crew
Damage (UHH) damage (UHH) damage (UHH) damage
Destruction, terror, and mayhem
Pass me a sissy so suckas I'll slay him
Farmers (What!!!) Farmers (What!!!)
I'm ready (we're ready!!!)
I think I'm gonna bomb a town (get down!!)"

For those that dont see there is alot of images of one of the Orders in this vid, the brown hood as in brown hooded robe, the Masonic apron etc.

Scream album artwork:

Does it not look like in the last picture that his middle finger is raised and he's looking right at it? Hmmm.

Now lets look at the release date and some other choice events and info to go with it.
June 11, 2010
Scream release date

Ozzy Osbourne talks Israel ahead of concert
By Jennifer Lipman, September 27, 2010
"Ozzy Osbourne has defied calls to boycott a performance in Israel this week.
The heavy metal star, who arrived in Israel on Sunday for the Tel Aviv leg of his OzzFest tour, said he had “no time” for politics."

"The former Black Sabbath singer also blamed the fact that he had not performed in Israel before on being “drunk for years.”"

Yet he could perform in lots of other locations for years...while drunk and whatever else.Hmmm..

Ozzy’s Father-in-Law Bails Out Synagogue

by The Manchester Jewish Telegraph
May 22, 2003
"Ozzy Osbourne celebrates Purim with Chabad."

Lets finish off with some family photos from just a few years later.

'Pass me a sissy soul-sucka I'll slay him'...

Hmm, maybe those misheard lyrics aren't so bad after all.

hows my buddy Jake Hamilton doin out there in horrid LA?. Is he fat again and miserable? We can only hope. Enjoy the Fukashima fallout!!

What Kind Of Publicity Stunt Was It To Release A Note Found In Dead Kurt Cobain's Wallet From 1993? And Who Benefits?

Courtney Love has launched an attack on Jewish people in the music industry, claiming that they continue to profit from the death of her husband Kurt Cobain.
An interesting comment on the article:
"I’m Jewish, and about a third of my friends are Jewish. Generally speaking, we do not talk to each other in that way. We occasionally crack an off-color joke where we’ll say “Wow, what a Jew” when a friend asks for loaned money to be returned, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Jew use the words “Jew loan officers,” “Jew bankers,” “Jew lawyers,” etc. Regardless, it’s kind of a moot point, because Courtney Love is only 1/4 Jewish. Frankly, she doesn’t have the right to be in on the joke. "

Courtney Love loses rights to Kurt Cobain's image
Income from late Nirvana singer's name and likeness pass from widow to daughter, Frances Bean, in exchange for $2.75m loan
(on Frances' trust fund)
"But rights to Nirvana's music seems to have nothing to do with either of them (Courtney or Frances): administrative rights for Cobain's songs are overseen by a company called Primary Wave Music, and Primary Wave's Larry Mestel also owns 50% of the publishing rights."

Jack Black rejects Courtney Love's claim that Muppets misused Nirvana
Singer's claim that Smells Like Teen Spirit cover in The Muppets 'raped' the memory of Kurt Cobain is absurd, says Black

(Smells Like Teen Spirit used in stupid Muppet movie. At least Love has some romantic hold on the true value of Nirvana's music.)

By Greg Fisher CBS News April 29, 2014, 10:42 AM
Kurt Cobain death-scene note mocks vows to Courtney Love

Author: Courtney Love, Not Kurt Cobain, Wrote Note Found In Cobain's Wallet Upon His Death
""The note was promoted as Kurt mocking their wedding vows three years after they were married. It just doesn't make any sense," Cross said."

I wanted to say that due to all the above other content it looks like she's no longer of use to the biz or has fallen out of favor. However, CBS seems to have put out content before on his suicide being suspect.
"Whatever the reason, the police report proves beyond any doubt that Kurt never barricaded himself in the room, and it clearly demonstrates that another person could have easily been in the greenhouse at the time of Kurt's death. Thus, one of the most convincing pieces of so-called evidence pointing to suicide is nothing more than a myth. It is a myth that has never been dispelled by a single biographer, nor by any of the media that originally reported on the barricaded door. It is a myth that many distraught teenagers would cling to in the months and years to come."