“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Noise Campaign In Harvard Sq/Untrustworthy Acquaintance

I was kept awake tonite by non stop talking from this Russian guy who sleeps near the spot which I tried to ignore then an annoying guy came up and asked questions about where I was from and wouldn't get away from my sleeping area then some black kids were noisy around the corner and then one came peeking around the corner whistling.

This got me to become agitated. Cars have been going by and beeping twice tonite one of the first tactics used by this system way back in 1997.
 A lot of cabs drove by I was not being able to sleep due to all this. It cud b just it was 2 am on a sat night. But it cud b part of putting forth stressors. Remember this is experimentation connected to US military (MK Ultra) and stress plays a major role in many military experiments. They are infamous for stress testing soldiers even outside of black projects.

So this entire thing was probably a set up. All of it. To get me to both lose sleep and become vocal.

Whenever I come back into the city their main goal immediately is to cause sleep deprivation and ensure I stay that way and function constantly in that state. Its becuz this makes all the other parts of their program more effective.

Also this Russian acquaintance was in the hospital and introduced me to a photographer who does pics for metal bands who had come to see him. This man claimed to formerly work for the police but my Russian friend said he knew nothing about his friends past involved in police work yet has known him for twenty years?

My sleep spot in Harvard is always being toyed with and disturbed now.

I also realize that every other area locally like Cambridge/Brighton that I had been harassed in has some presence of either Harvard or MIT in the area.