“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lets Hope Intuition Serves Me Well

Found out something disturbing about the new person Ive been hanging out with. At this point MA only holds for me a oven hot, polluted inner city for summer's hottest months and contant reminders of how I was betrayed here.

MA obviously prefers the bad guys over me. Its a totally lost place. The city limits of Boston and Cambridge are so polluted and eletromagnetically polluted especially that its simply just misery trying to live here at all.

I guess I have to take care of my health elsewhere...or come back in the cooler weather.

This area is unmanageable every single time I come back here. I simply have to admit that even though I wasn't allowed to outgrow and leave MA according to a natural process, I have grown beyond it. And I'd outgrown America decades ago and now its not just stifling to me but outright destructive. Every city I go to in the US is the same and they've all been gentrified and look the same.

I guess some things can't be conquered and some wars never won no mqtter how many battles you go back into repeatedly.

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One Photograph Can Change The Whole Day

This makes having to urban camp and live like a hunted revolutionary all worth it.


Now if only I could find a pic of his guitarist that schmuck who gave my ex a job after helping to destroy my life. Or J-Lo. Or any number of Illuminati, mafia protected and sponsored industry jerks who assist this system to stay famous and get work waaayyy beyond their natural life span as talent.

Or make their frighteningly UNtalented children have opportunities they dont deserve.


(Hmph, ANOTHER TX Longhorns fan...go figure. LOL.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gang Stalking Had Ceased For A Day/Becuz Due To Health I May Be Selling Out On My Beliefs

The harassment stopped for a day and has lessened considerably. I think I know why. I think I might be in the middle of that trap I was warned about.

Its funny. You have to decide between making a compromise becuz they've got you so down your health is at stake. To make a compromise in your beliefs in order to get healthcare that will save your life and make you healthy so you can fight again competently.
I knew this would happen. I knew something would come through where I, like everyone else who sold ME out, I would have to make a compromise. But at least I didnt do so out of greed or out of a mere threat to me or my family. Like a fearful coward. I am doing so becuz I really am getting so sick I cant function and need help getting a look at what is going on with my health.

I dont know. Maybe if I arrived in Canada they would just get me on thier healthcare and I could take care of what I need without the assholes here making me miserable. Then again isnt Canada the original home of Dr Cameron? It sounds as if the GS is really bad up there. Like it would be worse for my health to go up there.

I have an appointment to find out whats wrong with me in mid July. In order to successfully accomplish this I have to compromise my beliefs.

Seriously, they have had me on constant non stop harassment wherever I land in the past year. Its been terrible. I was unable to function.

And something still tells me that this place is going to become a prison with doors shut and bolted soon..for some reason. Its like they want to get someone like me to compromise, to ensure I am like them. Like I would sell out just to save my own life. And it is coming to that with how sick I have been.

Knowing me I will end up leaving and sticking to my convictions. Becuz this already feels like shit. I didnt do all this and come this far so I could feel like the asshole I did back when I didnt realize that my family, friends and lovers were all stupid, perverted, greedy, self serving, cowardly pieces of shit who were way beneath my level to begin with and I never should have had to be around them in the first place.

All my work in the last ten years cant be for naught.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Warned of eminent and final frame up

Lately been experiencing the ideation But I am going to get framed up so it sticks this time.
Being told to run to Canada.

House Slaves For The Elite Come From All Walks Of Life

Is there anyone in Central Sq who is poor and or homeless who ISNT a piece of shit who works for the local crooked paid off cops and their organized crime cronies? Now u know why 240 Albany St is allowed to still b there for this long.

Cops need rats and people on the street.

And the white trash here is equally as corrupted house slaves as the blacks.

Which is why decent people truly fighting the system and the NWO go to Harvard instead.

They have infiltrators in Harvard of course. I can tell. They always try playing games and listening to peoples conversations.

We also  have to remember that the African American has a large stake in ensuring the NWO deception follows though. Their white conterparts are just as guilty of treason, war crimes and destroying the Comstitution of the United States Of America.

Central Square Cambridge is nothing but the weakest most depndent most comprimised housless and poor in the area. No one here can be trusted and the GS activity is constant.


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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I keep calling the public transit system and no one has found my article of clothing supposedly.

Since there is so much black magick involved in what RA Survivors go through I worry someone has it and is going to use it for that purpose. Its got ALOT of energy on it and invested in it.

This is a real prize for them-how upset i was by losing such an item that has importance for me especially as a Traveller. Also in their minds they probably percieve that they got what they wanted- a desired result, through their constant, consistent, concentrated efforts. 

This zrticle of clothing was a work in progress. I doubt if i will get it back but I AM guarding against it being used in metaphysical warfare.

I will just make another one.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Society Is Dangerous And Needs To Be Abandoned

Now i understand why i am told to leave the contry and go very quiet.

Becuz humanity is abusive and cruel and needs to be left to their fate.

If i stay they will continue to destroy me until i am dead.

Plain and simple.

I have to admit i am so sick now i agree.

They hate anyone not like them they are dangerous.

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Ok Dee. Correction. ONE year ive been working on it.

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Part Of GS Is To Make You Loose Your Belongings Throuvh Distraction

One of their tactics is to try to make u loose things. They harassed me alot today and made me loose  my sweatshirt i have been working on for years.

It doesnt matter becuz everyone and everything is expendable in the covert wars. And replaceable.

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Visions of Family Members Perhaps Involved/ Boston Heavy Chemtrail Area

Why do I get these images of my step father Stephen Kindregan, in on my and my mothers GS campaign along with the cops behind this locally? I also got a vision of my paternal aunt's husband Vin Malloy involved somehow, perhaps financially as a silent investor. Oh i am sure theres plenty of those....lol.

I know its just the tech here is so ridiculous. Crazy as it sounds once I leave the city limits I can feel relief. And getting away from the northeastern USA it really is a relief.

Its got to be chemtrails and something in the air here too becuz at the end of the day, when i am ready to sleep if i dont wash my hair and face and all that washing up-i feel just so disturbed and paranoid and depressed about everything. Why should washing one's hair make a difference in such a condition?

Boston is either extremely polluted or its purposely being polluted with something. Ive seen chemtrails here since I can remember.

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There R So Many Safe Guard Cultures From The House Slaves Put In Place By The Elite For The NWO Takeover

You also need to realize in Liberal Dem areas like Cali and MA I always experience these pathetic continued attempts to get me to start perceiving black males as fuckable and man enough to be worthy of being in a relationship.

They genuinely believe they can intimate and dominate a poor white female into this state of mind. If they keep at her long enough. I dont get this bs in TX other than Dallas where it mostly seemed gang related. They werent being overtly disrespecyful like here but they were always in high numbers watching and surrounding. Which is why i wont go back there...and fuck Houston. Wont even go there.

Only in SoCal and Boston area have I experienced ridiculous attempts to get me to accept domination by males of african descent (sex, relationship, handlers) and females (mammys handlers, mother stand ins).

I will move to Russia and become the worst Nazi or go to Israel and live as a Jew to gain protection from the growing NWO African dominance being put in place by the elite.

Asians wont have it either. There r so many ways around you snd your arrogant male bs.

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Black Gangstalkers Will Do Anythjng To Support The Corrupt Elite

All they can do now is keep sending blacks to piss me off.

What do u expect frm the home of Farrakahn that puppet and circus actor? With a 'black' president its.bound to be an issue. As well as Prince Hall.

They know i'll call them N word in self defense. But thats not my problem. U wanna be a house slave then go ahead.  This city favors blacks over poor whites and always has. Its a major power center for black power. So who cares what they think or say or do. THEY AREN'T FREEDOM FIGHTERS. THEY R HOUSE SLAVES WHO SUPPORT AND WORK FOR CORRUPT AUTHORITY.

This is why I have no problem using the N word. Its for gang stalking pieces of shit everywhere.

If u r in a gang u r dealing drugs basically for the government who brings or allows it into the country. Then when u r busted u can fill up their corporate jail system. Blacks with any sense know these are set ups to  keep   black  people in  a  slave mentality.

They think they can intimidate me or frame me up as a racist by sending their house niggas after me all the time up here.

Fuck u Boston. U r never as clever as u think u r.

Fuck all u house slaves. I have no respect or fear of u. I simply hate u more than whites becuz number one u should know better than to fall into such nonsense and secondly when u perp people u think u invented clever.

u r still stupid slaves and i have absolutely no respct for u at all.

This is all part of the black male trying to solidify his power in the NWO society.

Im still a EuroAmerican who sees u as an inferior piece of shit. Becuz u support my enemies.

As long as u support elite mostly male centric oppression-youll always be n*ggers. Remember that.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do All TIs Get Framed Up This Way? We Doesn't The Public Recieve Us Like Heroes?

I often wonder if all Targeted Survivors of programming get set up and framed/slandered the way I have been.

It seems like so much of the public behave as if they know and hate me due to the cover story yet how many of them arent actually operatives as in gang stalkers or part of the Cult- part of ritual abuse culture.

They really do have the perfect campaign set up with me becuz if they only reveal to the public whats believable that content is actually what the cover story consists of.

Whats really going on isnt going to be believed. Then again, there are citizens who dont know who I am at all.

Its very confusing as to what your average person knows or believes.

What is most shocking is that someone like myself who was highly intelligent, multi talented and attractive could be dedtroyed and had my opportunities taken from me, to never be allowed to reach my potential-and not only do the majority see nothing wrong with this, and do nothing about it-everyone still just hates and fears me!

After how smart and brave i have been and after all thats been taken from me i still get no respct and no credit.

All i seem to get is peoples sympathies.

Thats wby i want to leave this country. Everyone is such a total idiot. I cannot believe i get no credit for what Ive done throughout this situation. True people dont know the extent of it but they never will becuz they wont believe!

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Too Much Info getting confused

When wm i going to learn to not wit in Au Bon Pain, Harv Sq Cambrixge?

Somone told me the CIA has offices in the building above.

Other offices just around corner.

I just wrote all those postsm there.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black Males Win For Being Worst Perps In GS/Human Experimentation Their Bitches Certainly Are Annoying But Cant Be Taken Seriously

Yeah, they're usually too fat and stupid as perps to be a threat.

I had an experience on one with a guy who claimed to be Eddie Cox who I didnt realize til later was also associated with Cathy Obrien. Giving me his name and address on a slip of paper mustve been one of the moments of the height of arrogance and mind fucking in these campaigns. It also reeked of a set up. Like wanting me to recount my experience this way.

I dont know what a group of low magick types like that are doing poking around in the mind of a mind controlled slave. One with important information...and they marvelling over my reactions to their poking and probing. I will never forget a single young male voice in the group shouting "Wow!" When I reacted to being messed with after they gassed me in the seat of the bus.
Then they extra harass and insult you when they get off the bus, as if that helps keep u under control  or to help force u to forget what they did.

Who are these people who have this much access, money, resources and manpower to do such things?

And these are the perps who have that...craziness about them. That off vibe. Electric. Not of this earth...almost literally. And there are blacks involved, usually males predominently. The females usually older, always seemed more like guardians than abusers. Younger black women are usually GS perps. The black males are usually involved in the most abusive, deadly GS or psychic assault. They are by far the most unsypathetic, abusive, arrogant, evil, sick and fucked up gang stalkers and ritual abusers I have ever encountered.

Entire black gangs of perps on buses. The high numbers of blacks in on this specifically males is incredible.

No guilt whatsoever. Mexican GS might be self satisfied, skinny white male GStalkers might be happy to be validated. But there is no power tripping and lack of humanity to be experienced like that of the black male.

They truly are indeed the worst danger to society in existence today-becuz they serve the elite and their agenda with the zeal of no house slave historically has before. And with a lack of human emotional intelligence that makes one wonder how they are considered human at all.

Finally-they get to torment a white person like their kind has been tormented. As well as Whitey is on THEIR side finally. Power backs them.

This is the danger. Animals who serve Satan and the elite. Satan never had such dream servants as the male of African descent.

Society associates them with preachers and church. Hmph.

They have got to have the BEST deception going in the world. Forget the Jews or the rich white elite or women uor transexuals or gays. Those groups might all be suspect to people but at least we can suspect them! And often they admit to their transgressions.

No one is more dangerous a predator than one who is percieved as the ultimate victim.

They have absolutely got it made with that cover story. Which is why they need to hold onto the perception they define poverty in the USA.

One bitch perp in a shelter bragged right in front of me "but we're RICH".

Im going to make it my lifes work to expose the black deception in this country and most likely now an international criminal/intelligence network.

The best these f*cks can do is try to discredit me with blind racism and paranoia. They are the scum of the earth and unlike all other kinds of perps have insisted on making this personal and a power trip.

Good-welcome to vendetta. You scum.

Now we know the real reason for flooding every country with blacks from anywhere and everywhere-they are the ultimate soldiers of the NWO and the most dependable house slaves the elite have ever known.

All perps are vicious. Black males are inhumane animals who enjoy violence as if it were their idea of the ultimate good time, not BUSINESS and unpleasant businss at that-to be tended to.
Fuck Farakkhan. Its the black male whos the devil. White males are to stupid and arrogant to be fully conscious of what they do..and at least they can be guilted, threatened, frightened. Black males seem so confident in their abilities to destroy and hide from society that they are much more dangerous from what Ive experienced-which is why as GS perps they have to be kept in chains by the system. I fully understand now why things were the way they were years ago.

Whatever good exists in African Americans it cannot prevent the total darkness that their counterparts are going to help bring upon this earth by the bidding of their NWO masters of course.

Whenever i get perped by Hipsters (like at Wholefoods) I have to laugh inside at how not to be taken seriously they are compared to the disproportionate amounts of black males who are involved nationwide. Its like entertainment to them. Literally.

Its easy to enjoy yourself when you know there wont be any consequences.

Weird reverse gang stalking (gang love bombing) after slip i will leave USA

I stated I was going to go to another country in a drugstore to the pharmacist and the harassment stopped in an instant. Wtf do these people want from me? I still dont understand. Its as they are trying to intimidate me TO testify and go public and sue people as opposed to keeping my mouth shut. It was weird. All of a sudden only nice people in the street, complimenting my hair, giving me loving eyes. A Nordic type little dirty blonde carrying fruit nibbles out of his boxes waiting for a light to cross street opposite me and gives me look as he crosses. No.harassment anywhere (after an entire day of the usual hammering Ive been getting lately this month EVERY SEFOND OF EVERY DAY). Back in pharmacy waiting for script, only songs i like and my favorite songs coming over speaker. What the hell???? Why wud they want me to stay???? None of this makes sense. One thing is constant:no matter what they do its always treating the TI like they are in a cult.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

NWO Is Based On PC Values Yet Its Ruled By A Sexist Military Culture

It also occurs to me that all my female relatives and friends during the time approaching Bush and thereafter were all either newly handled by males as never before and the ones who werent or refused to be dominated ended up doing rather badly or having to join the GS system to survive.

Anyone who was controlled by a male became successful like my old associate Julia or my cousins or my maternal aunt. Julia was one of those people who got.newly handled and that seemed to keep her afloat.
The NWO is based in this militarized culture which Ive experienced to be totally sexist yet the NWO markets racial equality, Diversity and other PC values.

Great formula to create a complient public.

Marvelling At Realization Of How Malecentric GS Campaign Has Been

Ive been hanging around two males for twenty four hours. Christians and into the military. One wont give up being draining by complaining constantly and talking hard ass all the time. Uuggggh. I cant be around males of this kind for too long.

It really is draining. I'm going to be getting a procedure done soon and I need the support. But it might not be worth it.

Christians can be nice enough but i cant be around them for very long. I tend to start feeling very drained.  If I'm around left hand path people it takes longer but I eventually come to feel my energy is unstable or I actually can sense all the metaphysical atmosphere they carry with them. Its certainly too much after a while.

Is there anyone that I can be around?
I wish the GS system had left me alone so I could find out where I belong and be comfortable. And why are there so few cool women? I always end having to hang out with men. Even when I was younger so few women to hang out with which is why I guess women bond so much with the ones we do find who we are compatible with. It's worse now in this militarized post 9-11 culture. Its so sexist since Bush. The whole culture is draining now. Has been for years. What happened? My life always centered around women. All my life. Then late Clinton this trend started of having trouble with male authority. Then in 2003 or so it just exploded and males just HIJACKED my life literally. Male authority especially governing authority just came down on me like a hammer. It almost killed me. It still might cause a premature death. But its become a trend. Like its everywhere. This cult of male authority ruling the land running everything into the ground. And my life is now nothing but males. That is partially the gang stalking system. Its very malecentric and male centered. The things they use against me as a Target is very much from a male power perspective. Trying to control me with shame humiliation and sex is very much male oriented. I cant find any strong women to hang out with. In fact now I think about it I find it suspect that none of my reader comments are female. It seems like mostly males. Alex Jones, David Icke and Cooper, alot of activists and TIs are all males. The head of the most popular TI website is a black male. (With breasts???) All the other women seem very splintered. Why dont we have an all female TI group?(that ISNT run by all African American women or Christians who spend time praying instead of actually doing something.) (I dont trust African American centered power in advocacy groups anymore due to COINTELPRO in the past and the heavy gang presence and GS activity. It should be diverse). When I do enter a situation where I find women I can trust or find an opportunity to empower women that is almost immediately ceased and comtrolled or ruined by a male and the GS system. I have personally seen them get ahold of a female who will work with them and for their interests and have her usurp me so that I cant expose and fix corruption or take a position of power. It seems women one can trust are nowhere to be found. It never used to be like that. It really is compelling how much effort has been put into utilizing males againt me to destroy me, keep me down or handle me and to rip me from all the women in my life. In fact now I look at it and its the number one thing the GS system has done to me. Is utilize the abuse of male power and authority to almost kill me as well as keep me down. Its phenomenal actually. No wonder so many of us are depressed. We are living under false rule. A totally false man made created environment. Becuz this is NOT reality.

Sending Blacks To Get Me Back Down Due To Being In Protective White Male Company Lately

Still getting some ideations to beat it out of here and go to another country. Like whatever is going to happen is soon.

All they can do lately or at least all Ive experienced are arrogant black males who cant get any making sure I see them looking at my body and then making sure i see a stupid look on their faces afterwards as if they have some sort of power. It doesn't seem random. These are people in on GS or they think they know me from the cover story.

They always bother me and harass me when I am alone. I think they are desperate to make  a  hard  hit when i am alone lately when they can becuz ive been seen with two males who are friends.

This matters little as all i can think of is they have to wake up in the morning black males with no to little power in this society. I dont. So they lose anyway.

And i know they definitely can't play those power games when i go down south or when i go to TX or the south west. I hear Europe doesnt put up with them at all...other than some immigrants who I am sure get handled...quietly or covertly if not outright by authorities.

But thats MA for you. The rich love their house slaves. And they will destroy any person of a lower class with blacks even if they are of the same race.

Sell outs.

What do you think the NWO is about?

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anthony Bourdain Is Annoying

  How annoying is Anthony Bourdain? Hes in the middle of revolutions now supposedly and after the dramatic decision to stay or go (most likely decided by what some exec or insurance companies dictate) he moves onto being the same Manhattan ass he always was. Thought he was cool once since he reminiscences about greasy spoons and Old NY but hes just another snob covering his ass.

And he needs to stick to cooking and stop trying to do verbal gymnastics misusing the English language...always in a fairly predictable semi monotone voice.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why So Many Hipsters Nationwide Are Gang Stalkers?

Why is it The 1 consistent thing in every city I go to Why is it Young people dress like a hipsters are most often gang stalkers?

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Romney or Obama? Elite or thier House Slaves?

If Mitt gets in I am afraid wherever I am the evil prick will try to finish me off. Part of his favor to Bush no doubt for his help getting elected.

I'll find somewhere on earth to hide.

Its no surprise that its the elite here in Boston area who are always picking on me. Bush and Romney's people. And their house slaves of course whom they were savvy and clever enough to appease and give a place to in the NWO via Obama, crime gangs and various levels of corruption.

Ultimately, the folk in this society are screwed. And very much ignorant of whats going on.

Im not going to waste my time with a lawyer. The country is WRONG in what its done.. to me and generally.  I dont need to prove that to anyone. Everyone knows that already especially Targets.

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Bigamy Is Just Plain Careless



This whole trying to be badass in the states isnt really working out too well is it? Dont you realize you have to be from some European country with connections to Nazi's and...people like Aquino who worship them to be able to get away with ritual rape and other scumbaggery?

If you havent noticed no one burns churches here in high numbers (though I wouldnt cry if they did), we dont tolerate radical Muslims raping little blonde girls to help Allah take over the world and punish infidel cultures, in fact Muslims are typically ill behaved in places like Britain and here-they are just scared shitless. There are pros and cons to living in a police state. And they dont like guys like you.

Now if you were CIA, a rich executive, military or homeland-you'd be embraced and probably quietly gotten off the hook.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Move to Utah next time you want to do something like this. Romney is so incredibly evil that he's having Hayden tag along. Seeing as Hayden is buds with Aquino (and even resembles him) when he gets elected you should be able to get away with all kinds of fun things!! Women's rights will go right down the shitter, so this may become as great a playground for types like this as EU ever was.


Every time I turn around there is some idiot doing something totally ridiculous that makes legit TI's seem dangerous. Either these people are willing participants who will help the system make people like me look really bad with thier crimes or they are targeted by the same system and they dont have the intelligence, informants giving them information or the understanding of Gang Stalking to handle being targeted. Also notice how they are all men. Note also that one man was high on drugs that were obviously burning up his insides as one cop put it, the man in Miami who cannibalized a homeless male before being shot.

If you dont notice, there happen to be differences between these people and myself and other TIs like me.

I am older.
I am female and this makes a huuuge difference in who goes off the deep end and who doesnt. Hormones have a lot to do with who stays sane and who doesnt. One of the reasons the system comes after women my age when they do is becuz of waning estrogen and approaching testosterone surges-they believe this will make it easier for them to manipulate us into going postal like males. Nice try but after a lifetime as a female, it aint happening.
I am obviously of higher intelligence, as most long term TI's are. These guys are young- how long could they have possibly been targeted? The smart ones last longer, like in anything in life.
Theres one more factor I wont mention but its obvious.

Most TIs are of higher than average intelligence, specifically Survivors who are usually endowed with multi talents, creativity, athleticism and attractiveness specifically to the opposite sex. These assets tend to allow us to live longer and have more sympathizers and support. Shallow as it is, this is how humans think. Why do you think they pick who they do from families they choose? For these qualities.

Many TIs are women. As women age in this game, though thier futures are destroyed and they are denied reaching thier full potential, we are able to adapt to the system and survive to do activism.

Its important to realize that the system right now wants Targets to flip out like this. Or to leave the country.

I love the part about facebooking about mass sacrifices and telling everyone he was going to write a book. Plenty of people talk about writing books. Most of the homeless and Travelers I know talk about writing a book-that doesnt mean they are going to jack someone up and eat them.

I think the connection to the ROTC here is interesting however. Hmph. Who knows what was wrong with this kid. Perhaps we just live in world now where people think they have to go to these lengths to appear bad ass.

However, notice that rap convention was in Miami. Maryland is pretty f*cked up as well. With all those rappers like Jay Z and such preaching evil bs in thier songs for so long-decades now, who knows what influences its had on people's minds?! Ever listen to some of that music? It was evil back in the 90's and its just been on the same track ever since. Whatever you wanna listen to is on you but keep track of what you are taking in mentally.

His grammatically incorrect sentence concerning cults is a clue. Maybe he was a victim of RA. Maybe its whoever psyched him out into doing this, they are trying to be the ever-so-evil badasses.

What I think is the more dumbasses they get to snap like this the more that TI's will be profiled as dangerous regardless of the fact that our profiles are completely different.

Im getting a lawyer. This guy didnt. I think that is the difference whoever is behind this needs to take into consideration.

Ok so cannibalism is 'in' this season.

Humor aside, from what TIs know about this system this is nothing more than possibly more intimidation tactics to silence us. Supposedly thier war is ending in 2014. They probably want to curb the amount of legal action now by scaring people into leaving the USA or making people snap. Anyone who's aware of whats going on is going to have to live with intimidation.

As far as my being upset about the deaths involved-Im not. Becuz I have seen this system leave a trail of deaths behind when it comes to getting what they want with these black projects. Its on THEM who they kill in their interests not people like me. Dont ever forget thats part of thier game. Its also a tactic to add to behavior modification. The more guilty you feel perhaps the more you will soften over time and this leads to being compliant with what the system has done to Targets over time.
They know that over time enough terror will force a human being to eventually seek peaceful conditions. DONT BUDGE AN INCH. Unless of course you are afraid of them.

My mother is a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra. I have dirt on local corruption.

Becuz this unfortunate bastard didnt have those advantages. Who lives or dies is insignificant- the truth is all that matters. Cold hearted? Just countering the perps- academia, military, intelligence agencies and the private sector. They started this along with so much of the public who support thier campaigns. Its they who are greedy, cold hearted and deceptive. Its blood on THIER hands when someone flips out who has all the signs of being a TI and they dont admit to the existence of cults, human experimentation etc.

What next?
My seeing what I can destroy with lawyers before I leave the USA for good. Thats whats next.

Stalked Around Star Market Behind Central Sq Cambridge Consistently For Years

Why for years now do security or the Cambridge cops always have to harass me or drive by just where I am walking then pull out of the area when i go to the Star market next to the Meridian hote behind Central Sq Cambridge?

This area has been a nightmare for GS everytime I come back  to the area.

Why just this little patch behind Central of all places??

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trying To Fence Me in

I understand now what they r doing.

Theyre closing in on me. Going for the kill. They r trying to keep me in this area where its always been that I am weakened slowly as I stay here. This always happens. However this time Ive been targeted so that I now cant sleep at airport which provided some out of the city limits relief from being targeted. I cant go to MIT becuz of the cleaning lady argument a few nights ago.

And I am losing focus daily becuz the constant harassment is making it impossible to get normal things done.

So obviously its a game of isolating me here and then trying to break me down very quickly.

Ive been stubborn becuz i wwnt to be sure my affwirs are in order. However if its that dangerous then i need to leave and return lqter.

They are creating this horrible.....thought dropped  off. No.matter where u go.rhis system existsn

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Stop Wasting My Time Pretending You Exist In My World Perps

I wish people would stop wasting their time calling me a liar. I couldnt care less. I have enough evidence to at least establish that I was targeted to protect local crooked cops and a an untouchable career criminal. And if people dont believe the MK Ultra connection becuz its too far out of their realm of experience or understandng then youd have to be very naive to not grasp how corrupt Boston is.

I got it all people and I got it aced.

I think these manipulative pieces of garbage just want me to start revealing information indiscriminately. That would give the enemy the advantage in any future legal battles.

Hmph. Yeah, bye. No one cares what you think.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Are They Trying To Clear The Way For Romney?

I just wrote another TI. I can feel the system is backing off just from doing that. It is very important right now that they keep my isolated I realize. I believe they are cleaning house for Romney to come into power and that includes any of his detractors or enemies. Thats got to be what it is. Being harassed into leaving the United States is pretty severe.

Daily I am tormented with ideations to get legal council but then stopped from doing so by the idea that I cant trust anyone and that I wont know who is on thier side or who to trust. This is probably why they are keeping up with the 'wallet check' tactic and having perps do it in such a way that the perp looks normal before doing it, like its always someone sneaking up on me or doing it by surprise. Then they ensure that the person looks totally normal afterwards. No guilt, no smirk, no nothing. Just calm, cool, collected acting totally normal as if they did nothing. This is usually not the case. Perps make a big deal of themselves or they smirk or they talk to you and play mind games with you or they ask  questions trying to interrogate you.

Lately, very recently its been whistling and wallet checks (specifically when there IS no back pocket or wallet to begin with) with extremely high frequency like a wallet check every five or ten minutes in any location I am in, and done by people who more cool calm and collected than I have ever seen the perps be in the entirety of this ordeal.

Also I suspect they are getting information from my visits to storage. I always end up self talking there due to getting heavy Truman Show effect there.
  After being there for five or ten minutes I am convinced that the video and audio recording going on from the  security company (patrons are warned that such surveillance is present in signs around the building) are being sold off to famous people or people who know me locally especially that there are sympathetic police listening in, like a reality show being made out of the storage surveillance.

As if these people are 'tuning in' to this 'show' specifically when I am there. For some reason the effect it has is that I am forced to perform for this show. Inevitably I begin to self talk, talking myself through what I am doing in part due to whatever I am being hit with making me unable to focus and partly becuz the way I am targeted like this with such content I get this feeling that I am not alone as I usually am in this. Its a weird sort of bonding with the fictitous persons supposedly tuning in, especially the sympathetic authorities that are shown to me to be present on the recieving end of the feed, then famous and other people can tune in to the content.

I know logically that this is all bullshit and that its an illusion created by means of technologies within this building. Becuz like all tech it has parameters. This only occurs so heavily when I am in this building.

Now realize that before the new worker showed up, this was not the case. Last year and prior years this building was somewhat of a safe shelter from being targeted outside. I got relief inside this steel, concrete structure. NOT ANYMORE. Now its a hell in itself.

I note that the effect of what goes on with me in this building nowadays is very much like what was done in my old apartment at 335 Washington St Brighton MA when those Nextel cell phone repeaters were on top of the roof of my building. I even had social workers from agencies sneaking diagrams of the repeaters into my paper work so I would understand what was going on. Of course I was too screwed up with internal deprogramming processes to be able to focus on the outside world as well as I was being drugged and other things. People abandoned me and betrayed me and it just left me floating emotionally and vulnerable. There is no way I could have focused on that information but it was helpful becuz I of course took a photo of it with my mind and always referenced it later on. Just to prove to myself I wasnt mistaken. It did sink in subconsciously anyway.

It was like a chatter efffect. Wasnt there a  Project Chatter? Anyway, it has the same effect on me. I inadvertently give up information, constantly. About my plans, what I am thinking etc. I cant stop it even if I keep my earphones in it has this effect.  I sing what I am listening to when I am there, due to wanting the sympathetic authorities to hear what I am listening to. Its a total abuse of whatever acting or show off ability I have in my personality. A big part of what they are doing to me over the years is to make me want to hide, to not show off, to not naturally walk into the center of vision. To shame such traits in one's personality or to use it against the TI to the point where it helps brain wash the person.

More and more I am realizing people like me may be considered cyborgs technically thus people feel they dont have to treat us like humans. Just becuz a human being is chipped doesnt mean they arent human. The chip(s) may enhance performance such as many Survivors being 'guided' to safety by what seems like intuition or that little voice. Ever since this began that guidance system has been being hijacked and jammed consistently. 

Just  becuz someone has a technology enhancing thier performance doesnt make them inhuman. Thats ridiculous. If that were true then why do they have to hide who we really are to the public and hide the experimentation as well as the mass mind control being piggybacked onto the cell towers? Why do they work hard at disinformation about things that are documented like MK Ultra, Mind War and everything else that would make a case to at least show there could be a major conspiracy here?

If the public think that Survivors arent human then they arent worth shit anyway. It could be that we are entering a world where people are told chips are a good thing and will enhance thier performance. However, my experience shows that these technologies can be used to enslave and torture. To control human beings.  Perhaps the public are now schooled in such things and they have been taught to perceive us as out of control older models of technology that need to be destroyed or put down. If the public are ignorant about such things and are only given information from the bad guys then its going to be thier views they take on. And support.

They are definitely clearing the way for Romney and friends. Hayden is going to be at this party so I surely dont want to be here. But I dont feel like I am going to be safe ANYWHERE I go anyway if the neocons named are going to be  part of the Romney power structure. I cannot believe people dont see how messed up Hayden is. What do you see when you look at his face? Can people NOT see this?? Unbelievable. That plus my experience during his time in office is enough.

If U Feel Guilty Either Do Something About It Or Mind Your Own Business

Everyone in the harvest coop When I walked in the door 2 day And approached the register to Go by to get the items I wanted in the aisles the people in line so many of them saw who I was and looked a bit shaken slightly and immediately looked guilt ridden as hell.

Well if its so goddamn bad then  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If not then mind your own business and leave it alone.

What the hell is wrong with everyone ?(other than being under MASS MIND CONTROL).

You know no one has ever fought 'The System' and had a great easy life. Thats not how this works. And if some local total idiots either Jake's crowd of entertainment sick f*cks or people connected to my old associates  INSIST on thinking this is or ever was about them then let them.

This is about me. Me and my mother. Her being a documented radiation experimetee connected to MK Ultra.  If anyone wants to get off on GS that covers up  for war crimes then let them.

Just becuz people are rich or in some IN crowd doesnt mean they are smart. From what I saw in dealing with my old crowd they were cowards and very into a herd mentality  within their own scene.

In fact this moron who calls himself The Franks, Peter Franklin is a porn addict, and sort of claimed to be a Satanist.

Hes a trust fund snob typical of the scenester types in Boston and Cambridge.

I once woke up with him looking over me. Before I woke fully I had the unusual experience of seeing, hearing and almost feeling blocks of colors being 'played' in order, sort of like if they fit into an ice cube tray.

I know it was something he was doing becuz when i woke up  he was right over my face.

Hes adopted by Armenian Jews from Watertown if that means anything.

You never know whos involved in these cults or these mind control slavery rings.

For all I know he and some jerks made a porn movie when I was knocked out.

And people need to wake up to pedophile rings, bored rich kids,  anyone connected to music or entertainment industry or even the historical association of Jews with sorcery. Just becuz we live in an age of science and denial doesnt mean ceetain people arent holding age old aces up their sleeves.

Its almost as if the public have to feel bad for me becuz a person who becomes the definition of female warrior in this culture cant exist. Famale warriors arent allowed.

The Wallet Check Tactic

One thing I notice everyone has in common that does this is they are alone whether male or female.

Rarely is a perp with someone when this tactic is done.  And its predominantly males doing it.

Usually they  dont have anything in their pockets. So its obbiously a tactic. They are doing it to death now becuz they know it bothers me. They finally found something that works consitently that also doesnt look odd in a public place.

Its seems they are doing this in the interest of forced deprogramming.

Its an insult to me as a Traveler so I react and if I do realize its GS it brings me back to that reality.

Ultimately they are trying to destroy my health with stress. And of course getting me to look nuts in public.

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Checker Cab Co Number 189 Parked At Central Sq Cambridge Outside Co Op Perp

Checker Cab Company lic number 26168 perp. Wallet checked as walked by me sitting down made sure I saw. Had nothing in back pocket to check.

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Harvest Co Op Black Cashier Is COINTELPRO Scumbag

This place has ALWAYS been a problem with overt obnoxious GS ever since it was dedtroyed as a true co.op and merged with a YUPpie cafe called Clear Conscience Cafe which seemed to be owned by a man who was very Jewish and perhaps gay. When this got bad during Bush that owner was a perp pain in the ass and just a week ago he was sitting in his cafe and gave me a stupid look that hasnt worked since 2006. Blacks who worked here were the worst perps. Gotta remember there is Bloods gang members in Central Square Cambridge and they like all house slaves work for the man at the highest levels so they can deal their drugs and do whstever else they do. This kid is cashier, younger, sneaky eyes, little goatee. He did an overt wallet check standing in the store entrance the other day, and I distinctly saw him look out for me coming down through the cafè entrance to the co op. LOSER!

Boston and Cambridge Now Hold GS Record For One Specific Tactic Overkill

This area now holds the record for the most use of the 'wallet check' gesture tactic.

Total overkill. In the last week this area has intensified the harassment to ridiculous frequency. I must be getting people patting their empty front or back pockets thirty times a day.

This all became more frequent when I noticed the Red Sox fans turned nasty: right when the colleges let out for summer and tourists had started coming into Boston. 

Over past few days its become ridiculous. I can now attest to tueir being a pattern where in the summer time this area has heavy stalking and harassment as opposed to the school year. Every year its like this.

Today i got harassed in the Copley Shaws supermarkt which is notorius for being really bad for gang stalking both from perps and getting nasty remote influece from their camera system. The perps are really overt usualy in there.

Today some Mex uptight asshole was walking by twice doing the wallet check but also patting front pocket.  I could only take so much so I turned around, walked past him and patted my back pocket and front.  He  got  nervous and just started patting all over. If i could get that surveillance cam footage it would be priceless.

The amount of assholes here now is incredibly high. I say its imported recruited help the city and companies need to keep tourists in, Travelers out and TIs controlled.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Real Jew News-How The 'Jew' Thinks

Oh, this should go over well.

Its from a Jew who's converted to Christianity and seems particularly disgusted with his people.


I try to disregard his Christian views as I dont advocate any Abrahamic religious dominance among non Middle Eastern peoples, thier lands or cultures. I am more interested in the practice of pushing for Equality and Political Correctness yet they seeming to have an exclusive culture all thier own.

To be honest I resemble the Jewish character as I notice the Italian world view is somewhat similar.  Years ago Italians were Italian first even in regards to Catholicism which many Italians are smart enough to realize is just Rome reinvented to continue the old empire's power in the world.  Many Italians have now become 'white' which means they have no loyalties to thier own kind any longer or they have devolved into what we see on Jersey Shore and Mob Wives where they are loyal to those they know intimately, from the same areas or the same lifestyle and class. Being 'Italian' isnt the pure thing it was years ago in the USA perhaps it is still in Italy I dont know.

Interestingly, this change is largely due to the multicultural, Diversity/PC/Equality driven cult culture which is driven by many Jews themselves!

In regards to the NWO and related changes I am not refering to the helpful Jew, who if anything sympathizes with Target's plights as similar to thiers and sees the TI's intelligence and conviction. I am referring to a dangerous culture of subversion, one that is typical of Abrahamic religions to brainwash and take over the western world's people and define its culture. 

Perhaps its true-this prediction of the NWO trying to get Israel to be the capital of a one world government. I cant conceive of that happening with ancient powers like Rome, Great Britain, the Orient and India and even the Arab countries having thier own strong religions and power structures as well as a lot of money, resources and influence to back that up.

Not to be crass but reading enough of this however one can see that the Nazis were the best break that Zionists (not the victims) ever had not unlike 9-11. Therefore one has to reassess many of the curious and suspect things surrounding these events that makes a case for the Zionists themselves being in on creating such events or at least contributing to thier happening.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cleaning Lady From MIT Harasses Me On #1 Bus

A cleaning lady from MIT started an altercation with me on the # 1 bus (the route that goes from Harvard Yard through MIT and ends up in the ghetto so all bases of haters and perps with motive are covered ie: the elite and thier potential house slaves).

While at MIT this woman is always rude and also does a very mild stalking routine when she spots anyone who has a back pack etc at MIT. She makes drama out of it there by running to other cleaning staff when she spots you to discuss it. She does things like says you cant use a certain bathroom becuz she is going to lock it up for the night. The bathrooms at MIT arent locked at any time. She's rude and other people I know who I spoke to about this know exactly who she is becuz they have recieved the same treatment from her.

She messed with me and I fell for it. My argument back at her was articulate but the demographics on that route are pretty much rich whites and poor African Americans. Which means for them to continue their cozy relationship poor whites must always  be scapegoated.

She enjoyed my arguing with her I could see in her face after a certain point-the drama, the attention. She's foreign and of African descent so her country of origin is potentially a place with sh*tty conditions and horrid human and civil rights policies. Thus her attitude sucks.

Living in metro Boston, specifically Cambridge, she knows that rich Whitey here tolerates the subjugation of poor Whitey by Blacks...becuz class is what's important here, not race. And the upholding of the elite's lifestyle at any cost.

Rich White people, YUPpies and students will stab you in the back here for a person of color specifically an African American. Their motives are various but one is its important to lighten the White Guilt load when one can but its also always been important to focus attention elsewhere-to scapegoat, project and displace so no one realizes the ruling classes are responsible for social ills in large part to begin with.
Its pure selfishness. They know the Blacks serve them and have much of their worldly goods entrusted to them. Blacks can be controlled still. That never changed. Blacks will ultimately do what they want for good or ill, whether they like it or not. (Historically there have been some impressive peoples of African descent who have aced the system but instead of hearing about them the system markets the underdog type heroes. Its part of keeping the slave mentality in place and keeping Blacks house slaves. Also so the public think they are underprivileged, stupid, poor things so never suspect them of being capable of spying, psy ops, COINTELPRO and other sophisticated operations within the USA.)

Poor Whites are extremely dangerous to elite Whites culture. The elite's only hope traditionally is to favor and coddle one faction of the poor so all factions dont join together and rise against them. Its right in the history books. Poor Whites and downtrodden Blacks joining forces and creating uprisings that were a genuine problem for the elite.
America has that controlled by design now too, especially in Boston and Cambridge- all of MA actually. Its well documented that this area is notorious for Black racism against Whites of the lower classes. Theres even been class action lawsuits in the public school system.
Yet many demographics of Whites remain willfully ignorant and still follow suit here regardless of facts. This is nothing short of a class-race conspiracy against poor Whites and the little snobs know exactly what they are doing.

After our exchange was over I, of course, stayed in control and went back to riding the bus. Ive become expert at being able to think clearly while being angry and in action, then going right back to normal. If there was video tapes made of these instances you'd have to be an idiot or biased to not see that I usually make alot of sense, which is of course why I have learned to handle things this way. Its like doing activism while handling perps.

Still this younger skinny (they are all skinny YUPpies, students and Hipsters around here nowadays like every other gentrified city Ive been to nationwide) white kid got off before the main MIT stop and as he did he looked at her and said "I'm sorry you had to put up with that". (then maybe she shouldnt have started it). I told him he knows nothing about her and the situation and I believe I called him a YUPpie and told him to go home. He had bead on from the gay pride parade so I dont trust that he wasnt a bitchy, jealous gay male becuz in the real world those are another of my natural enemies.

 If this isnt a gang stalking set up which the #1 bus is notorious for, then its an example of the kind of mobbing that goes on of poor Whites and very much nowadays the Homeless. Those of us that look good get more harassed. There seems to be something very threatening to their order of things when someone is white, poor, strong, smart, attractive, efficient and mobile. The Blacks are jealous and the upper class Whites are scared. So, they join together and mob people who appear as I do.
Really its just they want to preserve this system in place of upper class Whites and thier house slaves. I know its  not a nice term to use but these social issues ain't nothin' nice. It is genuinely the way rich Whites think and often they do it very subconsciously. Whites dont fully want to face thier natural urges to enslave other people under them but history shows that is exactly what they do by nature.

The MIT cleaning lady was wearing black and red so consider that. My backpack was in her face as I exchanged my old one yesterday, so I wasnt used to the size difference. I was standing she was sitting. She kept giving me dirty looks as I did not recognize her from MIT. She swatted my back pack and in her accent said "Get that owt of me fess" (get that out of my face).
I told her not to touch people's things that you need ask instead to please move.
 She then argued so I did the same in a controlled manner. She then whipped out her power card by saying "If I see you at MIT I am callin da police" so then I knew who she was. Being that by now it was too late to make a save on this one I went for it. (If I had recognized her I would have been as nice and fake as possible becuz I get alot of work done at MIT at night when I do go there once or twice a week, as during the day I am tired or busy with daily survival stuff and summer library hours are short.)

It devolved into repeating the backpack issue and neither one of us giving up the last word so she makes another power play by telling me "You are a homeless bitch". So you can see that she already knows shes going to get away with the argument in public due to my status.

I firmly used the 'N' word, very calmly, to refer to her when the altercation got deep and I had to start really hitting back to win. It may be damning evidence and it may seem cruel but in this area you have to let the African American giving you trouble know that you do NOT subscribe to the limp wristed  attitudes of the local Whites but also that you are not a stupid lower class person who is going to fall for being baited publicly either and made a fool of. It messes up their footing and it scares the Whites looking on so they dont get involved becuz this is always a potential mob scene. Remember many altercations I have experienced since childhood in this area consist of being ganged up on, thats just the way it pans out for me in this location. Its either Blacks, rich White kids or both. You've got to prevent them from a mob scene as you acting alone in these situations.

I then countered with asking her if she was born in this country and told her she could kiss my born in the USA ass. 

I informed her that everyone on this bus has some sort of hardship, rich and poor and there is no need to be a jerk. That wherever she is from she has no right to take it out on others, and I then pointed out that her country probably has horrible human and civil rights policies.

What was most striking was not what she did as she knew exactly what she was doing. It was the dumbfounded looks of the white passengers. Many of them genuinely have no idea what goes on in the real world, how such an interaction could occur. They are so brainwashed and handled by the cult of Political Correctness and this illusion of a perfect world with no racism, religious intolerance or classism that they dont understand what it takes to actually live in the real world where those things exist readily. If anything the way I handle people is trying to build that better world. At this point I could have easily joined a White Supremacy group and become a total separatist, giving in fully to hate which I am sure the system would love so then they could just pigeon hole me and write me off as racist (of course without ever asking why the person has to revert to a desperate act like that. They never do-becuz then they would realize THEY create terrorists with the way thier culture is set up world wide. Americans dont want to look at what really goes on, they want to remain ignorant children.)

 So there's the black and red thing, then of course she's probably union and Ive already posted about the international union and other unions out there having been cited for corruption, intimidation and strong arm tactics. Its no surprise that many of the gang stalkers from the Bush era fit into this category.

Lately I have been particularly paranoid, in the clinical sense. As if its simply something my brain chemistry does on its own. (This only starts to become evident when I am in my hometown area. It clears up once I am elsewhere specifically areas that dont resemble the social set up here).
Its due to being from this area knowing this used to be my home and knowing what they've done to me over the years. Always being aware of the original betrayals takes its toll on me every time I come back here. Its simply too much to bare while trying to work on this project.

It seems that the gang stalkers here in this area will do anything to insure I leave go to another country, whatever it takes to see to it I never get legal counsel.

They are discrediting me especially frequently lately.

Gay Pride Day In Boston Today-No Harassment!

It was wonderful. All these totally hip interesting well dressed in really cool clothes. A little bit like Frisco without the extreme hills, earthquake risk and hardcore YUPpies. In fact there was a conspicuous absence of families from the burbs and shitty Red Sox fans today. It was bliss. And no harassment all day! Except for that rudeness in Tellos. No tactics no weird stares or looks not even any heavy remote influence. Interesting

Ghetto Ass Tellos Of Course In On Gang Stalking

just got harassed and weird vibes a local store called Tellos.

Went into a lovely store called Rainbow in the same downtown crossing area. The clerks were very nice. Mostly Latinoa work there.  One of the clerks said that she used to work at Tellos and the workers there  are rude and dont get reprimanded for it.

I told her it wasnt the staff it was the customers!

That is what made me suspect of it being on purpose. You have alot of people going to Tellos who are involved in ghetto life locally which means prostitution rings and drugs.
(Boston has a system in place where the poor often revert naturally to vices for money. Its the way we are raised here and its been like that always. People are taught intergenerationally to navigate the system to get by. This of course keeps the elite sweet with young girls, drugs, and the only people who serve time for it are the poor, so they also then make money off of the corporate jail system.)

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Tattlebuzz-An Amusing Blog (With Charlie Sheen Being Dissed!)

 I always knew he had control issues with women. So he's shown behaviors that indicate he might have no problem murdering or torturing real women- by proxy perhaps?

Now you know why he was  in a show called Two and A Half Men- becuz he cant deal with women! Unless they are ultimately controllable as in being inanimate objects or probably in a coma or something of that nature.

Love the part about disposing of the plastic doll body parts with the drama and zeal as if it were real body parts. Practice makes perfect!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hit Hard Lately Trying To Ensure I Waste My Money and Cant Get Out of USA

Been doing very very badly lately as I always do in Boston area if I stay here for over just a few months.

Of course the weather sucks. June is supposed to be warm. Its been rainy and cold at night.

Every time I go outside of Cambridge specifically Harvard Sq I get heavily targeted to the point where I appear severely depressed. Its constant non stop gang stalking along with being targeted heavily now with tech. As soon as I return to Cambridge city limits these effects subside. Harvard Sq area is THE only safe place for  me to stay in the metro Boston area at this time. If I were to stay in Harvard all day long I would not be effected as I am. I have to go through Boston to get to storage and to run errands.

Runs to storage in Southie were NEVER this hard. I believe they are trying to run me out of my storage space before I have time to properly store important things elsewhere. In fact its the only reason they would try to divert my focus so badly in these days approaching when I have to choose to pay my storage bill or vacate. IF they can divert me in these days I will be forced to spend 40 more dollars for another month and will then have to either stay here or at least come back here to get my things or just waste 40 dollars thus making it more probable I cant leave the area.

Becuz I notice that they are trying to ensure I cant spend that  money on storing certain things elsewhere so I can proceed to try to leave the USA.

Also today I was once again harassed and hit until I was indeed clinically depressed. I went to see about a backpack for long term travel. When in the store something gave me ideations that I should stay here, that I should get lawyers and sue, that if I leave the USA the very people who are doing this will have an even easier time killing me or harassing me outside the USA.  That the kinds of people doing this perhaps the international cult networks or whatever you want to label them, will be in the next place I go anyway so why leave where at least in the Boston area I do have some pull from former friends, family or just people Ive known for a while in Harvard around the area.

Thats all true but one of the reasons I want to leave is I cant stand being hit really hard in Southie, South Station, Park Street, Copley areas and especially put into clincal depression by all the gang stalking on the MBTA subways (and tech is used to it seems. Ive documented that in the past) and beaten down with brainwashing and low level sexual arousal (used in a torture method that I cant stand much longer after years of this) to become absolutely convinced that no one is going to believe me becuz I am discredited and I should leave the country only to be hit with content in a camping store that then fills my mind, almost instructionally, with play by play or piece by piece plans to do just the opposite.

I  am sick of living in a country that has become so saturated with mind control that a human being who is intensely focused on like myself lives much like a mindless puppet or is expected to accept that role.

This is why the Boston harassment focuses on 'breaking' me so hard. If I am finally broken with no Will then it will be easy to take my mind as it is now very much like a wiped clean slate more and more (the more I stay in MA and the north east actually!) and simply have me live by instructions alone. Doing what I am instructed to do by the tech and the gang stalkers, who will then shape my every move, action and thought.

This entire system seeks to break human beings down to being obedient to a force or system similar to thier Abrahamic gods or the Judaic-Christian 'God'.  This is why religion is no longer needed to manage the population in society. Anyone who claims any sort of higher power has guided thier actions in a very distinct and definate way is the recipient of mind control and brainwashing via these technologies, chemical influence and probably organized stalking and harassment.

EVERY single time I come back here I get almost the same exact results. I just have an obsession with beating this place- like an enemy you cant rest until you've beaten. Your nemesis. I know if I go overseas Boston and its always winning in these battles when I return will eat me up until the day I die.  But if that is what survival is about then I must leave.

I dont want to stay and fight. Its not worth it. Ive been around the country and there is NO PLACE safe from mind control influence. If there is, then youve got the area saturated by gang stalking and harassment tactics by live and in person human beings.

TIs say its international. I dont care. I just want to get out of here.

Theres got to be some chemical they use in Boston or girls on the pill thier hormones getting into the water supply becuz I get the same results ever time I am here: I get fat no matter what the weather, I am so aroused daily that I cant focus on day to day matters (which makes me alot easier for the system to then manipulate with sexual humiliation etc. Ive always had uncontrolled sex drive in this location. Ever since I can remember...the first time I left this area to travel I couldnt believe that life outside of sex existed in other areas of the USA. Like you could actually focus on other things in life! And that is something I cannot beat about Boston and the northeast generally. I have no idea why its like that here but it is. Its dangerous becuz its then easy to use sexual torture on me. Perhaps its something the system purposely puts out in chemtrails. Now I think about it...smart people. Thinking people. People that would go against the NWO or whatever- yeah, keeping them horned out is ultimately controlling such a population with sexuality. Ensuring there is plenty of keep down, drug addiction, overeating at fine restaraunts, depression, controlled anger, shaming potential, control of power through sexual services and black mail.

Its got to be on purpose. Boston area is too rich and smart to NOT  keep down with sex.  It does often feel like its something in the air moreso than tech with the constant hornyness. Its actually unbearable and my endometriosis was always a problem in this area due to it being so sexually charged. My endo doesnt even flare up in other locations-its dangerous becuz ever time it does it can leave more scar tissue to build up on old surgery scars or elsewhere. I dont need this bullshit. I am so aroused here in this area that I am aggressive or in physical pain. This is often an underlying reason I leave and in a hurry.  Due to my being on the road having caused permanent damages to my genitals from various causes, I cant really have sex. Its been that way for years. Its the price of fighting the system and like a true soldier I am not bound to whine about it. Its all a part of losing a body part so you can kill the enemy. I just dont care.

People dont realize what programmed means. Its like being Terminator. No matter what you do to that machine it is not going to stop until it gets crushed under something like in the movie so it cannot physically move due to not having a body. That is being programmed. They pissed me the fuck off, so its all been triggered, just as I assume some designer working in the backround wanted it to be, while all the other idiots involved keep thinking that I am a normal human being who can be behavior modified. Did anyone ever try to behavior modify the Terminator? You have to wonder just how bright some of the people invovled in this really are. They actually believe that they can stop something like this. YOU asked for it now YOU are going to get what you asked for. All I am going to do is write a book. That is my mission. And it will be completed. I am not wasting my time with considerations about normal life or suing people or other bs. If I can have some sort of interesting life while I complete this then great, like being a Traveler. But my personal life was stripped from me in 2004. There is no such thing anymore. That person doesnt even exist. Ive created other alters to live out my life to amuse myself and get by in society as I complete my mission which is revealing to the whole world what I saw and what I know about programming, MILABs and gang stalking as well as the assholes here who helped the system destroy me.

Trying to get me to have some sort of normal life and 'start over again' as that idiot Rebecca said in St Louis or get a job and save for retirement- these are all impossibilities. Potential for that no longer exists. YOU wanted to help them destroy me so YOU got what you wanted. YOU prevented me from going to a therapist to do this properly so YOU now have only base programming and an alter or two left to deal with but the base programming is ALL.

These assholes are trying to set me up I know it. As some sort of lone unibomber or shooter or some shit. Dont worry before I leave I will write letters to lawyers and law enforcement making sure that when I leave the country some double doesnt do a dirty deed and some jerks from the US dont come trying to pin it on me. I will never let that happen and neither will whoever protects me. You can all go fuck yourselves. I was told some assholes tried to frame me up for robbing a bank when this first started. Drop dead...I hope my protectors have made sure you already have. lol.

My book. Thats all. Delivery of information. You can keep dangling images of that fuck face Romney in front of me all you want. It wont be a diversion believe me. The USA deserves that fucker and I wont be here to experience the pure dread,horror and destruction when that sociopath takes his throne and finally all his little helpers in MA can get favors from him for getting him elected. Fuck all these assholes. I so cannot wait to get out of here.

The public deserves the Mormons. People have no idea what is going on out there in the south west. How can you? You're busy here thinking about money and sex all the time.
Thinking you know everything and are smarter than the rest of the USA. It is so phenomenally f*cked up out there its one of the most unbelievable things I have ever seen in my life.

Hasnt anyone noticed how many people who were born Mormon have been in on this, who seem to not even have any understanding of that being a factor? America has been so rotten to me over these past years and if those people are all intel people or operatives and not the public then the country is screwed anyway and the public deserve whatever they get for being so incredibly dumb and brainwashed.

Go ahead, elect Romney. The system will probably arrange it so its America's most recent golden age. The  Republican who brings the balance back to America. He's been govenor of MA such a Liberal state (which now I see he was probably placed there just so he could look less Conservative, Republican, Neocon and insane like the rest of them) and he's not a Texas crazed Christian right oil man like Bush yada-yada-yada. They set this up so damn well. Its disgusting really.

They've even tried to dictate to me MY place in Romney's presidency. I am to become a champion of the homeless and my being a person who is a bit of an elitist or wanting some sort of seperation between high functioning productive homeless and the trash, my activism will fit right in with his Liberal Republicanism- I was even given the idea that we should work together!  Like a team!! Even if I never meet him personally you know, our work on public issues will align so that it works well together. ISNT THAT SPECIAL??!! Ive gone through all this and suffered a total destruction of my personal life, health and any art career I may have had so I can work alongside my enemies for the betterment of mankind!!

And all along I was watched, dictated to, taught how to handle chaos and problems with total non reaction and emotionlessness, I have become almost purified, as if part of some religion or by god or....WAIT A MINUTE!! ITS LIKE MORMONISM!!!

Yeah its just like what that sick cult of assholes does to its own people. And that is what they are going to do to this country. BYE becuz I wont be here. They watch young women and use covert tactics to intimidate them. To make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do as it was once put to me that way.

I refuse to give any of these assholes any happy endings. I am going to give the people the truth. Then I am going to abondon this nation the way its been doing to me for the past ten plus years.

When you finally really see the US for what it is, for what it does world wide its downright frightening. When you realize whats under the cities, when you really scan or use your imagination and see what it must have looked like before these bad replicas of Europe were built- these false environments made by EuroAmericans and thier house slaves- that on that very land there were a people living on it who were genocided. I just cant live with that anymore.

Yet we have to never tell on what the Jews do, here or in Palenstine, becuz of one mass effort of genociding them (and other peoples who get overshadowed by them and their suffering and death.) I am sick of the lies, the sideshow that is the United States. I refuse to agree that Blacks are the only people in history to ever be enslaved or that Jews are the only people in history to be genocided or expelled repeatedly.   Not after going out to New Mexico many times and seeing an actual culture and language that still survive. That shows me whats been lost on most of the rest of the land. 

That plus seeing how insane the Mormons are. All these blonde people walking around in 120 degree heat without it bothering them who have erected one of the most disturbing cult cities I have ever seen. WHO PLANS A CITY where there is not one area that can be spotted by the human eye where one could squat or hide? Talk about methodical and control freaks.  Its was more than just a Squatter discovering that Salt Lake City was probably not a city friendly to travelers. As a person investigating strange and sometimes awful things that shouldnt even exist in our world, but do and are creating a reality for us now-it struck me as a place where you werent allowed to hide. You werent allowed to beat thier system or go against thier rules.

What kind of world is it where people are not allowed to play the odds or have a back route or clever way to get around a system or form alternative routes, ideas or cultures? THAT was my problem with it. If you are at all a camper or Squatter you know how to look for spots just riding in a bus. I went on trains and buses. I am telling you that place was built to make it so no one can hide or sleep outside.

And what about the things that happened to me when I go stranded in that little Mormon town Grantsville for the night? I got so fucked with I ended up ragefully walking out of the town on a dangerous major highway with snakes crawling around on it.

Someone told me outsiders are not "welcome" in those little Mormon towns. WHY NOT?? Arent I a US citizen?? Arent they? Isnt that still on US soil?  Why are we not welcome??

Let me tell you something- what I experienced out in the southwest was an entire culture that has this idea that they own that area of the country. That thier special interests like military, Mormons etc can do whatever they like and no one is allowed to come play  in thier sand box.    From the east coast you go west and think that the farm areas are weird with this farmer's sense of ownership over land and towns. Then you see TX and are in awe of how one person or family can have so much land to themselves. But a good part of the southwest is having its own private little party and that is where alot of the Pentagon 'misplaces' its larger sums of money it seems from what I experienced.

And this is the guy you are going to elect president just becuz he does some time as governor of an east coast status state? Becuz he's from MI and not Utah?

Senior Bush and Nancy Reagan are sponsoring Romney. Nancy Reagan was taken out of her suspension chamber to be seen in pics taken recently of Romney. Shaking his hand and all that. She's been quiet as a mouse throughout lately hasnt she?

These people are really crazy and very dangerous. We could afford Reagan type insanity in the 80's becuz we had some pull still and liberties. The wool had  only been just placed over the eyes and not begun to be pulled down as yet. Well the wool is firmly over the eyes now and the country is as good as a detainee at Gitmo.
Youve sat in the hotseat. Youve been beaten down, tormented, mind f*cked, humiliated and now you are just happy to have an iPod a job and government subsidized HD tv if not satellite. You live to not see or speak of the truth becuz youve been trained over time to accept (through fear and intimidation and torture) that anyone who is against whatever America wants to do is a terrorist becuz telling any truths inadvertently serves the other side or The Enemy. Once you allow your Will to be broken its kind of like accepting the Perp's offer to work for them to make your own being Gang Stalked stop or agreeing to be an informant for the feds when you really didnt deserve to be harassed by them in the first place: from then on in their exploitation of you will never cease.  They will use you until you are of no further use. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO. They do it to world leaders, powerful and nobodies alike.

Look what they did to me. I was expendable. But these are the same f*cks who say "we got ten good years out of the Shah (of Iran)" as if humans only exist to serve thier needs in thier NEVER ENDING GAMES  in international affairs which means tweeking domestic affairs.

The American public are now fully asleep just as the powers that be wanted it.

Today at MIT was an Alumni reunion. I could feel the difference in the environment just by having people my age and older people around. THIS YOUNGER GENERATION ARE UNDER TOTAL MIND CONTROL and the in thier world they dont know any different.

It seems they are just tolerating those of us born before the take over so they can have a total mind controlled society at thier behest.

If YOU want to live with Romney as president or four more years of the sneaky racist AfroCentric tool of power, whos only revenge is his spiteful racist agenda, who holds a position that in normal reality, not down the rabbit hole, a black person of actual African AMERICAN descent would be president not a person with an African father and an Caucasian American mother!

Being that so many African Americans choose to sell out to being in on gang stalking for whatever thier reasons its been a horrible beat down for me personally. I think I endured enough of a beat down during bussing in the 70's from blacks. I shouldnt have had to go through it again and again. Note how the whiners WORK FOR THE POWERFUL ELITE WHO ACTUALLY OWNED SLAVES but will gladly savour thier assignments to destroy and harass a person who's family only came over here 100 years ago as house servants.

This country is full of more shit than it ever has been in history. And its become intolerable. It is the worst place on the face of the earth and I dont want anything more to do with it. Whoever wins the presidency in 2012 is not someone I want to live with as a leader.

The things that happened to me arent worth fighting for. They arent worth rectifying. Its better to rat on everyone, go overseas and til my dying day simply tell everyone I encounter that America died a long time ago and it is indeed a horrible, evil place that is totally Satanic in nature but is more sick than anything overtly Satanic due to it being sneaky about it and hiding behind Jude-Christianity. 

The country is worthless. Whatever good people Ive met here can never make up for the home I have lost or the life I have been denied. No court of law can ever bring those things back. Its pointless to call lawyers other than perhaps to ensure they dont try to set me up or frame me after I leave for good and try to get citizenship elsewhere. 

It wont be hard to be a Traveler out of the USA. And if it ever becomes illegal or difficult I will simply point to my story about what happened and some actual truly human rights country will let me in.

Maybe the whole world hates me, wont take me in and doesnt want to deal with me. Maybe Generation NoWhere, these total paranoid, mistrustful uptight zombies walking around our planet in thier 20s will, internationally reject me and hate me. Probably becuz due to my not being covertly microchipped thier collective hive mind gives signal to reject me, lol.

There is somewhere on earth that actually likes me work. There are others like me. Just now here, in Wonderland, where everyone is now behaving like they are totally insane but think they are fairly normal.  People living in denial in a very f*cked up situation have life long made me miserable. For some reason such people have always been in a power position to make me, always the whistleblower, suffer and keep me down.

I am abandoning the USA. I am not going to grace thier courtrooms with myself suing anyone. The justice system screwed me over years ago and chose to side with the rich kids and the system. Why sue when the judge is going to be in on it? Why sue when the judge is going to be afraid to be targeted?  When he or she is going to take special pleasure in making a mockery of my case?

Ive been a victim of America's especially elitist Boston's arrogance all my life. I want nothing more to do with this place or its people. I notice that in a few places I get good reception like parts of TX where people still have thier wits about them.  But I also meet alot of YUPpie scum who now invade the cities and occupy them. Everywhere there's mind control through tech and chemicals that you cant get away from.

Why stay? Why sue? Why? So the public can get more free entertainment from me? Ive been producing a workload under duress for free while living on the streets for years. I do believe that this god forsaken piece of shit society has gotten me down long enough. Fuck America and screw the public.

Anywhere else would be preferable to this. If any Americans have the sense to read my books then they can show they are sensible and LEAVE this place. The entire northeast is just useless unless you are rich now.  Why would I live somewhere that I am to be designated only to specific areas? I am supposed to hide out in my own country? Fuck all this. I am going back to my ancestral homelands and to people who have a system to get away from Abrahamic religions from those damn Middle Eastern foreign invaders.

I want to go home. And America has never showed me anything other than contempt all my life and done nothing but exploit me. I hate this place and it hates me and I want to leave.  America thinks I am thier slave. I know there is someplace that knows what and who I really am.

Fnally Decided On Leaving US

Lots of arrogant scumfuck perps out today making it impossible for me to get my errands done.

I hate MA. Ive decided that if the US is willing to let me be targeted and the public sucb pussies as well as so many people hate me then i should just leave. A lawsuit will never work here. I realize that Ive been discredited and its too late now no matter what i do anyway. A lawsuit will never work. Everyday i get harassed and due to being worn down and unhealthy i just rezct and discredit myself. Its too late.

I simply need to just leave the USA. The only danger is they might be attempt to set me up once I leave and go overseas based on my writings. Like have Romney shot and  try  to  blame  it on me. I will have to make surs i avoid that.

Everyone hates me or is so greedy they support the sytem so wby stay?

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Covert war on the for boston and cambridge massachusetts

the entire boston and cambridge area seems to be engaged dont stop or lately on the poor and the home less.  it seems there is a culvert campaign to read the city of anybody who looks like they cannot afford to live here.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hit Real Hard Today Southie

Torment was bad today in southy. I hate going to my storage. Had to do laundry.

It was awful.

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Southie Upped The Harassment

I guess i have to film every single walk to and from storage. Becuz theres more sh*theads in vehicles and trolling cop cars now after yesterday's post.

No TI Is A Sucker

I'm surrounded by perps now in Boston. The place is loaded with scumbags likethis.  Its as if no one normal will talk to me or befriend me.  The assholes in this city and Cambridge think they are so clever.

And everyone supports what MIT, Harvard and the other scumbags involved in the human experimentation.

The more arrogant blacks who think they are established career criminals or connected to them still refer.to me as a sucker.

How can anyonebe easilyvictimized due to their own  weakness  and stupiditywhen its a system like gsngstalking with all that power and money behind it?

Thesen people  are  justn ridiculous.  These  arent  normal  circumstances.

If They Didnt Want Trouble Then Why They Start It With Me?

Its funny. Their concern overn national security and revealing classified information is understandable. Yet the arrogance and disregard shown me during Bush could yield nothing but exposing what they did. They were just so nasty. Vile, viscous, abusive and torturous. Its unbelievable. Ive said many times before its like they simply arent human. So what were they then? Even Satanists register as having a hunger, hatred or some sort of human emotion. Even a void some of them register as. But what I experienced during MILABs and being harassed in groups...it wasnt normal. And the attitude is you arent allowed to say anything becuz its so secretive. So why did u mess with me then? Seriously they just dont make any sense.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dont Mess With My House

U dont get it do u. That  storage area  IS MY FUCKIN HOUSE. U can play games anywhere else u want becuz i know that u r all greedy arrogant stupid scumfucks who think i am afraid or weak or being kept under control. I ignore u morons becuz its the bigger issues that matter not the.local idiots who sold me out and betrayed me. But i can tell that harassment in areas near coal burner Debbie and where the fat bitch used to live or maybe still does is related to her moreso than the bigger picture.  Becuz its done in a way that totally isnt gang stalking. Its more localized bullshit. With local assholes who think they can pull shit like its still the Bush era. Keep these fuckin peons away from me. I expect tech and tactics but not amateurs as if its still 2005. If u going to mess with me in the area i keep my posessions  stop sending local low level idiots.
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Stop fuckingnwith me at my storsge and southbay mall

If u keep screwing with me at south bay target store with boston police, security guards in truck outside store and your little dorchester house slaves wannabe gangstas i will blow the whistle so hard on the dirt in this city. And perhaps u will be missng those payoffs of xmas cards and your little cab driver friends too at redcab becuz if this keeps up i will hunt that fat bitch down and u will be missing wlot of income after that. Her drunk husband too. Maybe even his sister who probably isnstill such a drunk that she works at haymarket salty dog. Whst ahout jeff her scumbag chef boyfriend that fat bitches inlaws? He probably owns a successful restarant by now. And john that fat scum fuck frm southie who keeps trying to freak me out all the time by showing up when i wm here to go to my storage. Then that dorchester scumbag taxi compqny will be missing two drivers not one. Hes disgustng and shoukd be gone anyway. U r all disgusting. I igjore everyone i used to know. I suggest u do the same. Keep those god damn coons away from me or i will make the etire city pay. The feds might stil be very interested and there r those who cant b bought. Boston has enemies. I will make them my friends. Stay th fuck away frm me around MY storage neighborhood or u will live to regret it. Ive been patient and fair to this point. I can however be extremey nasylty. Dont get confused and think u matter. As far as i am concerned the boston bs cover story crap level of things is just diversion frm the important issues thus i have ignored everyone thus far simply because you don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Do not make me start focusng on local bs. Itnwill be the lastntime u play with me.
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