“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, June 11, 2012

If U Feel Guilty Either Do Something About It Or Mind Your Own Business

Everyone in the harvest coop When I walked in the door 2 day And approached the register to Go by to get the items I wanted in the aisles the people in line so many of them saw who I was and looked a bit shaken slightly and immediately looked guilt ridden as hell.

Well if its so goddamn bad then  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If not then mind your own business and leave it alone.

What the hell is wrong with everyone ?(other than being under MASS MIND CONTROL).

You know no one has ever fought 'The System' and had a great easy life. Thats not how this works. And if some local total idiots either Jake's crowd of entertainment sick f*cks or people connected to my old associates  INSIST on thinking this is or ever was about them then let them.

This is about me. Me and my mother. Her being a documented radiation experimetee connected to MK Ultra.  If anyone wants to get off on GS that covers up  for war crimes then let them.

Just becuz people are rich or in some IN crowd doesnt mean they are smart. From what I saw in dealing with my old crowd they were cowards and very into a herd mentality  within their own scene.

In fact this moron who calls himself The Franks, Peter Franklin is a porn addict, and sort of claimed to be a Satanist.

Hes a trust fund snob typical of the scenester types in Boston and Cambridge.

I once woke up with him looking over me. Before I woke fully I had the unusual experience of seeing, hearing and almost feeling blocks of colors being 'played' in order, sort of like if they fit into an ice cube tray.

I know it was something he was doing becuz when i woke up  he was right over my face.

Hes adopted by Armenian Jews from Watertown if that means anything.

You never know whos involved in these cults or these mind control slavery rings.

For all I know he and some jerks made a porn movie when I was knocked out.

And people need to wake up to pedophile rings, bored rich kids,  anyone connected to music or entertainment industry or even the historical association of Jews with sorcery. Just becuz we live in an age of science and denial doesnt mean ceetain people arent holding age old aces up their sleeves.

Its almost as if the public have to feel bad for me becuz a person who becomes the definition of female warrior in this culture cant exist. Famale warriors arent allowed.