“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, June 11, 2012

Are They Trying To Clear The Way For Romney?

I just wrote another TI. I can feel the system is backing off just from doing that. It is very important right now that they keep my isolated I realize. I believe they are cleaning house for Romney to come into power and that includes any of his detractors or enemies. Thats got to be what it is. Being harassed into leaving the United States is pretty severe.

Daily I am tormented with ideations to get legal council but then stopped from doing so by the idea that I cant trust anyone and that I wont know who is on thier side or who to trust. This is probably why they are keeping up with the 'wallet check' tactic and having perps do it in such a way that the perp looks normal before doing it, like its always someone sneaking up on me or doing it by surprise. Then they ensure that the person looks totally normal afterwards. No guilt, no smirk, no nothing. Just calm, cool, collected acting totally normal as if they did nothing. This is usually not the case. Perps make a big deal of themselves or they smirk or they talk to you and play mind games with you or they ask  questions trying to interrogate you.

Lately, very recently its been whistling and wallet checks (specifically when there IS no back pocket or wallet to begin with) with extremely high frequency like a wallet check every five or ten minutes in any location I am in, and done by people who more cool calm and collected than I have ever seen the perps be in the entirety of this ordeal.

Also I suspect they are getting information from my visits to storage. I always end up self talking there due to getting heavy Truman Show effect there.
  After being there for five or ten minutes I am convinced that the video and audio recording going on from the  security company (patrons are warned that such surveillance is present in signs around the building) are being sold off to famous people or people who know me locally especially that there are sympathetic police listening in, like a reality show being made out of the storage surveillance.

As if these people are 'tuning in' to this 'show' specifically when I am there. For some reason the effect it has is that I am forced to perform for this show. Inevitably I begin to self talk, talking myself through what I am doing in part due to whatever I am being hit with making me unable to focus and partly becuz the way I am targeted like this with such content I get this feeling that I am not alone as I usually am in this. Its a weird sort of bonding with the fictitous persons supposedly tuning in, especially the sympathetic authorities that are shown to me to be present on the recieving end of the feed, then famous and other people can tune in to the content.

I know logically that this is all bullshit and that its an illusion created by means of technologies within this building. Becuz like all tech it has parameters. This only occurs so heavily when I am in this building.

Now realize that before the new worker showed up, this was not the case. Last year and prior years this building was somewhat of a safe shelter from being targeted outside. I got relief inside this steel, concrete structure. NOT ANYMORE. Now its a hell in itself.

I note that the effect of what goes on with me in this building nowadays is very much like what was done in my old apartment at 335 Washington St Brighton MA when those Nextel cell phone repeaters were on top of the roof of my building. I even had social workers from agencies sneaking diagrams of the repeaters into my paper work so I would understand what was going on. Of course I was too screwed up with internal deprogramming processes to be able to focus on the outside world as well as I was being drugged and other things. People abandoned me and betrayed me and it just left me floating emotionally and vulnerable. There is no way I could have focused on that information but it was helpful becuz I of course took a photo of it with my mind and always referenced it later on. Just to prove to myself I wasnt mistaken. It did sink in subconsciously anyway.

It was like a chatter efffect. Wasnt there a  Project Chatter? Anyway, it has the same effect on me. I inadvertently give up information, constantly. About my plans, what I am thinking etc. I cant stop it even if I keep my earphones in it has this effect.  I sing what I am listening to when I am there, due to wanting the sympathetic authorities to hear what I am listening to. Its a total abuse of whatever acting or show off ability I have in my personality. A big part of what they are doing to me over the years is to make me want to hide, to not show off, to not naturally walk into the center of vision. To shame such traits in one's personality or to use it against the TI to the point where it helps brain wash the person.

More and more I am realizing people like me may be considered cyborgs technically thus people feel they dont have to treat us like humans. Just becuz a human being is chipped doesnt mean they arent human. The chip(s) may enhance performance such as many Survivors being 'guided' to safety by what seems like intuition or that little voice. Ever since this began that guidance system has been being hijacked and jammed consistently. 

Just  becuz someone has a technology enhancing thier performance doesnt make them inhuman. Thats ridiculous. If that were true then why do they have to hide who we really are to the public and hide the experimentation as well as the mass mind control being piggybacked onto the cell towers? Why do they work hard at disinformation about things that are documented like MK Ultra, Mind War and everything else that would make a case to at least show there could be a major conspiracy here?

If the public think that Survivors arent human then they arent worth shit anyway. It could be that we are entering a world where people are told chips are a good thing and will enhance thier performance. However, my experience shows that these technologies can be used to enslave and torture. To control human beings.  Perhaps the public are now schooled in such things and they have been taught to perceive us as out of control older models of technology that need to be destroyed or put down. If the public are ignorant about such things and are only given information from the bad guys then its going to be thier views they take on. And support.

They are definitely clearing the way for Romney and friends. Hayden is going to be at this party so I surely dont want to be here. But I dont feel like I am going to be safe ANYWHERE I go anyway if the neocons named are going to be  part of the Romney power structure. I cannot believe people dont see how messed up Hayden is. What do you see when you look at his face? Can people NOT see this?? Unbelievable. That plus my experience during his time in office is enough.