“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Perps At MGH/Harvard Tell Us About Hitchiking


You know whats inherently dangerous? Harvard and Mass General's history of human experimentation:

As well as Dr Emmerich who during the harassment within the federal investigation time period, said "They need to know someone is advocating for you" (the big 'they' again) yet when I asked for a referral letter, it was written as such to create a math formula that basically said I was going to go postal. I give her one benefit of the doubt however, that perhaps she wrote it this way becuz she worked with me for 8 years or so and knew I would read it as a formula, so would figure out what the system was trying to push me into doing.
And I recall being badly treated in the MGH ER once, baited then manhandled by two large black males (wonder why I am turning racist slowly? Far too many black males have been in on this and they are arrogant as hell about it, being more crass than any other demographic finding it amusing and feeling superior, which of course is all relative. But who needs to be able to think in the abstract when you're The Man's house slaves?) and tied down when it was totally unecessary, then mind fucked by some little YUPpie doctor. I told Emmerich and she claimed it was a misunderstanding, so the last action by her, that letter, is no surprise. Some little scumbag for the crooked cops told me in Frisco months later that the surveillance tape got sold as entertainment in the underground market. (these are the things that they have to cover for which is why they keep on me daily to get me to forget about what happened. So that I many years have passed since these abuses and that means that it will mean less and less to the public and that all involved that made thier money will have moved on. And its worked.)

Harvard is no picnic either. The amount of perps in the winter shelter they run in Harvard Square is ridiculous. To them its amusement to mess with certain TI's in the homeless population. Seen it first hand. They were much worse during Bush and early Obama. It was really sick.

Everything in Boston that should be simple is horribly difficult due to Boston being one of the most evil cities in the USA, evil as in most evil- hiding it really well. Hitchiking is alot more honest as well. My daddy doesn't have to bribe or donate a wing to get me respect at school or pay off cops or whatever those assh*les back home are still into in order to get THE SIMPLEST THINGS DONE.

MGH has the most ads on the Trolleys for studies suggesting that if you are depressed living in a cut throat competitive, classist, racial tense wealthy shit hole like Boston, that thier must be something wrong with you (not your environment) and you need meds. The probability you are a TI who is being sucked into the psychiatric system is no picnic either. Why was I referred to a
psychiatrist for a simulated heart attack? Sounds physical to me and if the human body is producing such dramatic effects, then surely more than psych meds or sedatives are needed..these are things they dont want people to think about. You arent supposed to think critically. You are supposed to take drugs becuz Reagan made society stop taking drugs with Just Say NO, but we all know America is not capable of saying NO to drugs, so it was a very good ploy for big pharma.

Well then...it appears their habit of performing human experimentation has not ended, its just now done legally as studies. Except for the way I was treated in that ER of course, of which there is no excuse for. What, did they also need a new wing built, like WGBH, MFA, St Elizabeth's Hospital (now Caritas and they made sure they destroyed the statue of mother Mary in front of the hospital, becuz of course, that is as far from what they are about now as can be) and the Cambridge Police Dept who all got sweet buildings or wings? Or, since they have been involved in human experimentation in the past, now have to play along with every effort to subvert Survivors of MK Ultra and thier children every chance they get? Such is the price of not being tried for war crimes under the Nuremberg code as well as other international law. It just keeps going on for years dont it? You always have to play along with the system and its needs for life dont you? Becuz you have dirt on each other...how convenient.

I love the time we live in- corruption is in plain sight, white washed and fully tolerated.

And hey, in ABQ New Mexico, I overheard that I was purposely being harassed so that 'they' could see if I could be kept on the run from the harassment. So hitchhiking is CAUSED by MGH in my case actually, lol. They probably published that piece for some psy ops mind f*cking affect as that is part of the games that are played with TI's. Mind f*cks are the way of this system. Mind f*cks and deceptions.

And becuz Dr Emmerich as a degree and I sound nuts, no one is supposed to believe any of my claims. Forget MK Ultra- at that time period, think important local career criminal with lots of dirt on Harvard, MIT professors and other influencial men in the local area and beyond. Think federal investigation, with me being discredited on one end and the other side trying to get me to blab without a supeona so that I get myself killed and the cover story is complete, when in reality, people were getting VERY nervous about my deprogramming, starting to remember my mother driving me to a psychiatrists office in Brookline as a child where I had to cover my eyes on the way there so that I wouldnt remember, and other unpleasantries from before the age of 6. I wanted to get hypnotized, and that made people especially nervous.

And all the scum in the medical field I just mentioned are either in on this due to being privy to child porn or prostitution, human experimentation or they are Satanists outright. Take your pick. And all of this is supposed to be delusional or 'Recovered Memory Syndrome', which is total bullshit. I didnt use a therapist to remember any of it and I didnt imagine being gang stalked and targeted with psychological operations to keep me silenced and discredited.