“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tear Down the Wall..With Care.

Watched the whole The Wall movie after using that one song on other blog. It was good to watch due to we now live in an era where it seems we dont have a right to our own personal pain. In order to join or be forced to join the collective on has to become totally ripped out of thier own personal world. At least thats how it is with gang stalking targets.

This system totally destroys your emotional and spiritual centers. Decimates your inner world or universe. I dont just mean internal programming I mean normal human emotion. The amount of abuse as well as terror used in these campaigns in unison with systematic ignoring and denial creates a totally deadened person who is forced to conform in order to have any social acceptablility as well as not get locked up. The constant threats and harassment via claims that the person is dangerous or attempted set ups to prove that contribute to being silenced about the torture and abuse at the hands of this system and the betrayals by intimates that makes it so easy for this system to isolate in the beginning of a 24/7 campaign.

Watching this movie reminded me of a time when I felt my own pain deeply. Various pain pockets or compartments I had a right to. MY pain and various pain shared with others.

As I grew up I dealt with those emotions. For my situation I did everything one should do for self improvement. I also did many things simply instictively or intuitively to heal myself. Things that the gang stalking system has tried to use against me to make me look insane like dancing, singing, art work, and self talk. Well self talk was more of a coping skill and self consultation (what else can you do when everyone around you lies to you to control you or keep you down or steer you in the wrong direction?).

The only reason that people like me are put into a behavior modification program is to erase memories that are incriminating to other parties. Also its ultimately to force conformity which again is not for the benifit of the Targeted Survivor but for the benefit of a system that does not want to have to answer the many questions that would obviously come up when a person deprograms and becomes capable of great things beyond what a person of thier class, gender or life experience is supposed to be capable of. Also many people in the slave's life are simply terrified of the prospect of losing control of them. They are THAT guilt ridden for the way they have treated the person KNOWING it is against the law and innately wrong.

It brought me back to a time when people had an experience of much privacy in being human. Today for those of us targeted its become a non reality. There is no such thing as time to ourselves. Its the ultimate sick forced socialization and its extremely destructive of the individual's identity as well as thier sanity, psyche and spiritual state.
It reminded me that I have a right to my pain or to realize what has been done to me. This recent all around campaign- this war on the minds of the public to terrorize people so much that they stop feeling is part of mind control over the masses.
To terrorize people until they become numb and keep denying that anything has been done to wrong them- is ultimately enslavement.

Its no coincidence that TI's have watched the powers that be do to the nation what has been done to us personally over this past decade. To keep terrorizing and abusing people then deny it ever happened and just put them through more abuse- making sure that the media output reflects and supports that agenda.

No matter what their rationale, building a new world order, a better world, a more connected world or a world where people more readily help others- there is NO validating what has been done to America as well as specifically to Targeted Individuals.

In the end its nothing more than a beat down until you do what the authority figure wants you to do- until they can shape and mold you into what they desire, usually for thier own selfish purposes. Its exactly like forming a cult. This system is trying to create the largest cult known to man: the New World Order.

And ALWAYS keep this in your mind: If the NWO is such a grand idea, such a great solution, then why oh why does it have to be done in such and abusive and sneaky, covert manner? Why must brainwashing be used? Why cant honesty be present again?
This is very important.

The end of the film I did not like so much. To be exposed before your peers and thus flush out all the memories and hurts from the past- to "tear down the wall". Yes, perhaps therapy may be in order or getting rid of all that mess from the past but to do it in the way that its been done to so many of us, not for our own good and the good of the future world as its claimed but simply to cover up for war crimes and other various atrocities.

One must ask oneself: what is so horrible in our collective future as human beings or on this planet that we cannot afford to be honest anymore or to feel emotions as they really are?

Just as one has a human right to be happy, one has a human right to one's own pain. For a larger faction to covertly take these abilities away from anyone reflects nothing but bad intent by a cover up of crimes.

People are being forced to put a scared happy face onto fear, suffering and loss. Its MIND CONTROL end of story. There is nothing good about it and ultimately its dishonest. Just becuz a bunch of people agree that its good while you are being mentally or emotionally or even spiritually raped into being CONDITIONED into bonding with the idea its good doesnt mean that it IS...

The BIGGEST CULT IN THE WORLD is being formed and solidified right NOW in history. Which of course will be re written..

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Police Indimidation Does It Again To Get the Cop Cult Out Of Serving Justice


Well, well well. It seems that some other poor slobs (anyone NOT police or thier families or firemen or ambulance or other union f*cks/spoiled brats in civil service) have been through the 'treatment' I got for years over that federal investigation.

I am glad these bastards seem to think " its over" as well as that it was soley about them. It must be so ego busting and ball breaking (we can only hope and project for such justice to be served over time) to realize that it was never about them at all but MK Ultra related projects. thier little circus here during the fed investigation was convenient cover.

Sorry bozos, you dont in fact rule the universe. But you do suck hard as usual and yer arrogance is jsut as obnoxious as ever it seems.
Why dont these people jsut arm up a house, hit the mattresses and go to war with these f*cks and thier families? Its been done before in multiple societies: when the military factions take over the country revolutions usually follow.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whats Your Agent of Influence?


Obviously with me its ego. But often I had seen people that looked like mere stupid kids doing stuff like trying to bait me with something so I would become interested in them and talk to them. It was so pathetic.

Now after reading this, I understand thier motives. What was perplexing was that many of the people involved seemed to be on some sort of system where they couldnt afford to 'strike out' if I ignored them and didnt engage.

This must be what TI's mean by being used for training practice.

Its amazing that in Cali early on there were people mentioning behind my back on phones like the councilors that ran shelters, talking about 'then there is the victim witness thing- I dont want them to think I helped her'. Along of course with paranoid parents with me around thier kids, fellow shelter guests talking about hidden cameras in other rooms (like the kitchen if you didnt do something right like wash yer fork with enough soap on the sponge). That was all in Freemont- the first time I set eyes on the men in black suites with dark glasses in sedans waving like assholes just sitting in the driveway you had to cross the get over to the shelter. So f*ckin dramatic. WTF is that? I thought they might be feds, but why would feds act so stupidly? They just seemed totally-hmm. How to describe this: over dramatic. I am sure this was supposed to spawn talk from me about men in black or some other such alien nonsense. If these f*ckers are aliens first off all the threat in total is a joke. I BEAT THEM in the end and I am an uneducated nobody. Also we have nothing to worry about from an invasion they act like such goofy cartoon characters that it cant be taken seriously. All you'd have to do is get one of these weaklings on
thier own and it would be over. Two big hunting cats on thier own or as a pair (TI's) against a group of weak, heckling hyenas..it would take some time but we could destroy them. Get them alone or in twos and its no problem.
Whoever these losers are they are nothing without the group. They're total morons. What fed acts like that? Its called a supbeana- get one f*cker. A sedan and some sunglasses, was that supposed to convince me? The two feds I saw the other day outside Harvard Sq looked, acted and REacted like trained govt agents, not gang stalkers. Gang stalkers are doing something wrong and after a while you get to know the difference. THEY know it which is why they have to brainwash YOU to Target into believing you deserve this, its a legit investigation etc. Real feds look at you very quickly to assess the threat and take in info and then dismiss you as quickly.

Now that I know better I cannot imagine a fed acting like that. If they ever did they should be fired for being unstable and if they are gang stalking a victim witness they should be had on witness tampering. If they are involved in torture going up against international laws they need to be tried for treason its that simple.
A former Russian agent has documented that in his experience out in the field, as many as 200 AGENTS come to mob just one agent that is under investigation or surveillance etc. Sounds very much like gang stalking doesnt it? Exactly like it. It gives the TI the illusion that everyone knows about your situation.

As usual hte professional spy is painted as an artistic hero just doin his job.Yet he does not mention the extreme nastiness and viciousness in the nature in which this is done many times. The people I encountered had NO respect for human life at all and for man of them it was nothing more than a big game. I was such an EASY Target wasnt I. It was so fun to chase an attractive woman around the country and make her suffer. I will never forget the blacks I had to deal with in a train station once, one of hte morons looked at me and said to his friend "She looks scared doesnt she?" like I was this little white suburban girl or something, like it was a joy for them to behold. A thrill.
Sadly what looks like a scared attractive white woman you get to chase across the US and get yer rocks off is really a programmed asset who, somewhere in her conshusness slightly recalls being married to satan as a baby in childhood ritual abuse. Oh that is just SOO cute. Like a little lamb!! Isnt she precious. Isnt our job a wonderful one with such a delight of a target?? Go fuck yourselves. Me looking high strung is not fear and if its is its uncontrollable at that point due to my adrenals being burnt out by YOUR bullshit. All the while my inner programming recorded moments that are my evidence forever- such are your efforts now to also wipe those out of existence..much like the habit you have of wiping MK Ultra files out of existence or tapes of Gitmo interrogations. Like I said go f*ck yourselves.

There aint nothin nice about high level programming nor is it cute. Your all fools and to have to had suffered you makes me sick. But its not the first time I had to pretend to like something to get what I wanted. And its not the last time I recorded details of such events to use later if necessary. Why dont you say 'oh her FRONT ALTER looks scared, but inside she is assessing how she will kill both of us if we even fuck with her once.' Ahh to come from Marines. Its so natural for me, ya know? I wonder if I could take such an action. I know that when A camp beat me up I was astounded at my ability to disassociate pain and just keep taking a beating from a mob. It was neat actually. The stone dead focus on my mission, my goal and winning...unless someone killed me first I wasnt stopping. CUTE huh??

Soo according to the article linked above they 'come after' people. Well maybe I should 'come after' you, and all the assholes you served by taking such actions against me. I wonder who these f*cks really work for anyway? Is it a foreign govt? That would explain why I was being f*cked with by one faction and there seemed to be an opposing protective faction many times.

I will never forget one of the dumb kids I just mentioned above. He was on a bus here in this area it was a few years ago. He was so obvious. He just sat there brandishing a magazine about drumming. He got all flustered when I didnt become interested in him like the stupid groupie slut that everyone wishes they could make that stick, you know? As if that is truly who I am or ever was at any time. The look on his face as just so disgusting. It was so spoiled rotten it makes me sick to think about it now. That anyone could be that priveledged by enslaving or controlling another human being or that someone could believe another human being to be THAT stupid. It was like a shooting gallery with these people. It wasnt a program of targeting someone for info or whatever it was a day at the hunt with yer buddies. And it was done so frequently it had little intel collection purposes. It was OBVIOUSLY to destroy me and for purposes of torture plain and simple.

Who's ego is bigger, thiers or mine? The problem is that they believe they deserve to have such egos whereas they dont believe I should have anything. The fat little loser got snubbed and he was shocked (!) that he didnt get what he wanted. I guess they thought I was easy due to being a mind control victim. Soo yer torturing and using and exploiting someone who is in need of medical as well as psychological help and what yer doing is destroying them. How is that professional or how is that part of a legit info gathering operation.

Its so obvious now with all the other stuff that they pulled. The sheer numbers of people they had reeks of an inflated, bloated war time budget. It also was laughable at how many novices and young kids they were using. People that seemed totally out of character for intelligence work. Its just as I posted before they won by tonnage not quality.

Which of course fits right in with the CIA complaints about the intel operations under G W Bush as opposed to his father. They have publicly stated that too many unqualified people were used. That "the old man" understood the world of intelligence unlike his son who just went over board with the numbers of people used.

Yep sounds like the idiots I experienced during that era.

Saw the African guy in 7-11 Kenmore who was so cruel to me years ago. Who seemed to be rewarded with a red t-shirt. He looked more guilty this time he saw me, after seeing that what he helped do made me homeless and basically ruined my entire life for good. I am also much better at the games. I told him that in future he is going to receive a payback for what he has done. I used a slur and I will never apologize for that. This is war this is torture. These people need to pay for what they have done. They need to see that over many years time they are going to have to deal with me for many years to come and what they have done by listening to a forked tongue lie to them or deceive them may cost them very dearly later in the future. They chose to be weak. I also warned him about messing with Italians and that we were always smarter than Africans and from history we know that.
I then went to the counter and smiled broadly at the beautiful foreign black woman behind the counter who has a sexy and beautiful scare across the top of her face and proceeded to tell her so. She was pleased and kittenish, I wasnt going to be mean to her, she has no part in what HE did years ago why should she pay for his arrogance?

But HE...he will be on my mind for many years to come. Every time I visit he will have to deal with me as many of the perps do. The sad thing is that these are just pawns of the traveling groups who are truly responsible for the operations being perpetrated against a Target. THEY leave town and you never see them again. Which is what Lou Gheppeti was trying to pass of as some mere social 'crowd' who since left. "Oh that crowd is no longer around anymore". Really? I recall many of the people involved and if they arent around collectively I will be more than happy to seek them out, look them up or HUNT THEM DOWN as individuals. And I do recall clearly many individuals as I recall what you were wearing, what you looked like, the room we were in, the weather outiside and I recall all this ever time I run it over and over in my head every day for years on end- and I especially remember all the toruture: the cruel things that were said that perhaps I absorbed at the time but did not know the connection to the whole situation. But it IS recorded. EVERY word, every smirk, every little cute group fucking with me that didnt think I knew what they were up to.

I saw one of them a few years ago perhaps last year. Damien this skinny rich asshole who was a semi talented artist, who I could blow away in a talent contest painting, well back them maybe. He magically got hard to get artist housing and a skinny bitch art model who was also in on it got a strangely hard to get grant- the same old reward system in this bullshit.
A year or two ago I saw him in Central Sq walking around looking half out of it like he was..well, targeted. Of course I dont for a moment believe this is anything but an act to get me to calm down or settle down now that "its over" as two rich lily white Cambridge old ladies snapped at me in the street last month. If he did get his by being return targeted by my allies then GREAT!! Glad to see it. But I dont buy it really. Also the cover of the Phoenix newspaper had something on it a cartoon where a character getting kicked out of the same housing he got for messing with me looked exactly like him. Again its too much of a contrived set up to be real. If it is, hell just like OLNICK getting busted finally- thats great! I appreciate any revenge on my behalf but until I see the person looking like they have been beaten down within an inch of thier lives and I get a sincere personal apology or I see thier death certificate I DONT GIVE A SHIT BECUZ I DONT BELIEVE IT IS REAL. It would just be thier style to tailor a psychological operation to make me calm the fuck down and feel like I was getting a bit of revenge or justice to make me move on to UMass or something when actually the guilty havent paid at all.

They are the ones that wanted this. They created a monster. Now they have to deal with thier creation. Are they going to be able to return me to the peaceful growth period I was in when I was living at 335 Washington ready to go to school? Are they going to return me to those test results like intelligence or talent before the mycotoxin exposure and gang stalking stress destroyed my mind? Are they going to magically repair the emotional damage which is so incomprehensible that it has now come to be a severe spiritual devastation that will follow me into death?

We are talking about NAZI HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION and much of what is done is not only torture and psychological warfare but its based on the Nazi obsession with the occult. Electromagnetics are damaging in ways that should make man quesiton his belief in God and the soul not for use by agencies and individuals that believe in fascism and brainwashing.
And the cops should not have access to microwave weapons. How are you going to control them using it to intimidate like they do with other weapons they have?

When I was in SD a wave of something passed quickly through a tent of homeless people, called The Tent of course. It was late and I happened to be awake. I know from experience that it was the abuse of a microwave weapon and they did it while doing other things to indicate it was a police car. SD is really bad for cops doing shit that they wouldnt be so sloppy about here cuz they would never get away with it.

THAT IS THE KIND OF BEHAVIOR you are asking for when these 'non lethal' (bullshit) weapons get more official recognition and use. The abuse of such weapons is beyond inhumane. Such weapons go beyond nuclear weapons in making a case against their existence. At least with nuclear we will all be dead so it doesnt much matter and those still alive will die of radiation sickness- look it up its horrible.

Microwave weapons release such a feeling like you have never experienced in your life. I believe that is why such types of weapons are used in very small doses and very carefully according to a brainwashing program including torture. It is certainly something that will form avoidance or condition against acting in any way that will bring about such a sensation of feeling.

The nature of man to abuse and enslave other human beings is NOT yet under control enough for such technologies to exist in safety.

If the authorities insist on having such power then it is only right that in future the people also gain access or revolutionary groups fashoin weapons with similar capacity. If not then this is truly the final enslavement of mankind. NOT ADMITTING THESE WEAPONS EXIST OR ARE BEING ABUSE OR USED IN BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION PROGRAMS TO CONDITION PEOPLE is ultimately the best reason to deem the power structures and all thier people unfit to possess such weapons. DO it NOW.

These are just more out of control little boys with toys. Too aggressive and too armed. Get rid of this shit now becuz MEN and the pathetic weak willed daddy's girls who support them (yer pathetic and out in nature should be outed out of the tribe for your betrayal of fellow females to males) are NOT CAPABLE OF CHANGING FROM THIER PRIMITIVE BASE NATURE.

Human beings do not need these technologies nor these weapons. Human beings are as irresponsible as you can possibly imagine. Oil spills, wars, corruption..are you out of your MINDS?? The whole thing is so ridiculous that it could only happen in the 21st century, which is an era of insanity and mankind slowly killing himself but being too stupid to admit it.

I hope a faction comes into being that takes those toys right out of your hands and turns them on you and destroys you.
In the meantime I will focus on the many lovely people I have met over the years being targeted as my sole focus in life. I've been reprogrammed- its my new mission.


Its Hard To Know Who Are Friends and Who Are Foe

I am fully aware of other factions besides the obvious involved in this. Jealous, selfish family members, greedy former intimates that also did not want to risk exposure or wanted to move on to other levels of crime free of old attachments as well as people who wanted a scapegoat to blame for all thier problems and figured I would be convenient.

Also there seems to be other more strange involvement like occult. But the main issue is obviously programming and its obviously connected to MK Ultra and that end of things. Programming if it is seprate from MK Ultra is also a factor and that seems to involve military factions. Whats interesting is that we never really hear about military covert activities unless its positive.

People need to start focusing on the military and the police especially who are corrupt as part of thier very existence traditionally. They have little choice but to play ball with certain factions. They just happen to enjoy it a bit too much for my tastes..as if they wouldnt be killed, thier families have 'an accident' or targeted themselves if they didnt play ball. They act like the are in charge or in control of alot of what goes on that is destructive. They are about as controlled by outside forces as one could imagine any faction being controlled. They, more than soldiers even, remind me of mind controlled slaves..except soldiers might be more aware or overt about that fact. And it IS damn fact.
Cops are expert at psych warfare with the civilian public..so how does that make them the overlords? It was intimated to me that locally the keystones tried to pull something off and got thier hands slapped by much bigger boys who did not want thier business (me) messed with.

Like the skinny man said (Duncan Thomas) in the Pres Advisory Committee video, "this seems to include many people outside the CIA as well". Which is what gang stalking must be then.

And it was certainly false flag trying to intimate to me across the country that it was the FBI. Nice try jerks, and if it WAS the FBI, the Boston office was so corrupt who should trust them anyway?

I think its interesting that the FBI in Boston had problems right after 9-11. A federal investigation and all that connected to corrupt cops money laundering, drugs etc. I don't know enough but it seems awfully close to NYC and many questions not addressed concerning 9-11. Interesting isnt it? One wonders if they weren't either trying to find or even clean up pertinent info.

F*ck the blue pill. Its for losers who cant face the truth or are too tired from being beaten down to keep seeking it.
I go to this Au Bon Pian to use my computer. Too many damn men back here. And in general its NOT a healthy environment. Too many men who are of the lower echelons makes for a stalking and harassment situation that is very subtle.

You find yourself stifled or feeling uncomfortable but (as usual) cant do anything about it in the moment its done. I dont know if women can be around men and get the respect that is needed physically and psychologically to be safe or feel free and UNBURDENED enough to get anything done.

You also have to remember that on nights like this, on holidays I am unusually clear of being targeted or held down in any way. I notice how I am able to look in the bathroom mirror and actually see I am attractive. My eyes are not driven to evil or internalizing that evil that has affected my life so- I look happy, normal. This system hides ALOT of its abuse underneath the way I look, my outward appearence. And if people see I cant possibly function- then of course I must be mentally ill. Not totally traumatized or suffering from the psychological fallout of abuse that would usually have killed most human beings by now.
( I only hold on most days so I can write an expose putting blood on certain hands before I leave this body from sheer pain and suffering. Which is of course the whole purpose of MK Ultra and waterboarding and shit like that;
Fuck you for what you have done to me.I hope everyone pays.)

Its no wonder I cant get my shit together. This system wnats that book written way off into the future as the longer this goes into the years the more it becomes history and that is all.

Also there are alot of sick f*cks in this that believe that torturing me will make me a great artist. That is just hte way some people think. They are usually very f*cked up. People like my mother or people who believe in behavior modification.

Its already been predicted by perps to my face in person that I will write one book that will be it. These people KNOW what they are doing. They have a special advantage due to this being very psychology based. They manipulate the person to get a result..its total bullshit.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

YouTube Music Vid Set List: May Contain Energy for You To Use

Some people watch the set list and perhaps dont get it or look at the vids from a non TI perspective.

The energy registering in all of that music along with the videos are enough to keep a TI going or replenish thier energies or at least get them to remember what their true situation is instead of giving in to brain washing.

Your not supposed to judge the performance of Black Flag's Rise Above on normal perceptions or by normal standards. That video is from the early 80's. Its obsolete or its a classic either way one perceives it, it technically no longer exists. That is what PRLSI (Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images) are about- keeping bits of dead time and reanimating that 'time' when played.

I read this book once, in the late 90's when I was a few years past getting clean and realizing I was very smart and able to read and comprehend things way beyond my education level. It was a book on how notes in music are recorded and 're animated' when played off pre recorded sound. It reminded me of the same principals of metaphysics such as necromancy, something I could never really mentally deal with long enough to really read alot on the subject. If you cant mentally deal with something like that put it the f*ck down, its not for you.

Re animating dead time. Its part of the our society's constant brain wash daily and its a thing that stifles creativity, living in the moment, living according to our Will and one of the reasons so many things are recycled instead of people creating something new. New things are created but with full knowledge of thier origins. It would be interesting to see what society would be like if there were no pre recorded light and sound available other than music played by musicians, plays acted out in theater, books written and read, art painted and viewed. These were communications years ago. Its not the communications that are new its the idea of taking real time images of living humans and flowing time and reanimating that like living the same memory over and over again.

I say it creates a prison and addictive behaviors.

But this method is one of the ways that gang stalking uses psych warfare against Targets. Even the in person gang stalking utilizes repetitive themes to create a psychological prison for the Target. If every location you go to has the SAME kind of people doing the SAME kinds of things using the SAME information about your personal life they should not have access to due to being strangers and thousands of miles away, then this creates a constant 'repeat'. Its to terrorize the Target into a sense of what Mark Phillips (Cathy Obrien's male counterpart) has dubbed the 'you have nowhere to run nowhere to hide' message or sentiment. Then after a time it serves to lull the Target into a sense of security like brainwashing in a cult. The perp network becomes their constant companion and thier constant protector. In time this helps break down the Target's confidence, thier sense of Self, of privacy and of Will. It also assists in cutting them off from whatever they knew of thier old life-a huge part of thier sense of Self and key to being able to further brainwash them. It seems very important that the Target does NOT get to see or have contact with people from thier old life or who they were intimate with. Betrayal by these parties are also part of the brainwashing process. Betrayal and then removal of those people from the person's life creates a nasty amputation of sorts that in order to survive the TI has to burn and seal the wound very quickly and move on to the business of being Targeted. This is a major mind and emotional f*ck that basically turns the TI into putty in the system's hands.

The videos I have provided, may not suite every TI's taste in music. But each one is related to being targeted in some way. Being a Target, a human experimentee, or being programmed. Fighting the system is present in every single video I have put into the set list. Believe me a TI being actively stalked, harassed and tortured is going to see what needs to be seen or felt from those videos.

In Black Flag's Rise Above of course it refers to rising above the situation of being targeted. With the same fight and total disregard for corrupt authority that every healthy target should have to survive.
But also it is something about that band and that particular performance. It has some sort of energy signature to it that is very useful to 'refuel'. For me at least and others who might have the same energy needs as myself. Each time it is played it provides what is needed to get back on track and focus back on the fight.
Its good battle music at least for those of us who respond well to it. Its musical medicine in short. An adrenaline shot to get you back onto the battlefield again or to energize your shields again.

One of the things I was working on was noting how some bands have energy to their music that seems to heal. I have written over the past years as to how that seems to be phased out now.

Much of what is going on in the end is a war on the human consciousness. To stop humans from producing spirit, spirituality, imagination, healing energy or especially orgone or Vril. Perhaps its just Targets who get this treatment to stifle us. They are certainly afraid of women who can produce alot of energy through orgasm thats for sure. I have actively been witness to my energies being stimulated by something like music being stifled or SUPPRESSED in some way BY THE TECHNOLOGIES THAT ARE IN USE to 'target' people like me or perhaps for mass mind control.

If you wanted to enslave mankind would you not take away his ability to produce energy just as you would control his money or his environment or his food supply? The system is coming after humanity with so many things that people dont see whats going on and if they do they are for some reason being as complacent as the Jews on thier way to the camps.

Genocides hardly ever get stopped if you notice. Humanity is just that way, I dont expect much from the human race really, never have. And due to most of them being so ignorant that they still believe the cover circumstances- that I was a victim of foul play or deception or framing up in a federal investigation of friends of associates of mine as well as I am expendable due to my status or former lifestyle, and some still believe this is reform or well deserved due to my status or my former lifestyle: they dont see the human experimentation part of it or the implications for the entire human race. Many of them that are aware of this aspect truly believe that human experimentees are necessary so that a Few can serve the Many.

You are NEVER going to change human beings penchant for human sacrifices. It is documented in EVERY single culture ancient and even in existence today in remote, exotic locations. This is a reality of apes with intellect and a god like creativity. The ape often prevails.

Humans are dangerous in general but at least unlike an ape may be reasoned with. However one cant reason with an animal under mind control so we are back to apes again. Caged ones (fascism). Pissed off ones (economy). Scared ones (terrorism). Ones that are not being actively allowed to use said intellect or spirituality to reason with each other or understand thier situation (mass mind control). Ones that are not shown all the circumstances for what they truly are (covert ops influencing events). Manipulated.

You cant blame them really. But you can hold them responsible and push honesty. This is one of the main reasons society HATES the Targeted Individual. You are the kid in the family that has had enough, has received especially brutal treatment from the family abuser and are acting out if not calling everyone out on thier sh*t. In order for 'everyone' involved to acknowledge what you are saying to be true they would then have to give up thier relationship with the abusive authority figure and even look honestly at thier own possible victimization: not gonna happen especially if said authority is providing them with some sort of security.

Americans usually HATE activists on these levels and write them off in a Cartman-esque way as "goddamn hippies!"up until recently when the average person now sees what Gen X was on about during the last time anyone acknowledged hearing from us- the protests in the late 90's in the north west. Then it was like we didn't exist and our activism was dangerously close to terrorism. And so the prison began to show itself ( it had already been built around us during the 80's and 90's. Bush shut the front gates to the prison surely).
Now I notice that since the economy sh*t the bed no one nationwide says "Get a job" or some other such *ssholedom when I am panhandling. Still its annoying to think that they are not doing so out of being highly perceptive or being savvy about crime or the criminal mind. They only are sympathizing due to having to sell thier boat and motorcycle. Awww poor things. Why this group think? WHY can Americans not return to a bygone era of respecting (TRUE) individuality as well as personal decisions. I understand the welfare state was abused due to crack and Reagan letting the crazies out of the nut houses but not EVERYONE is a second rate street con. Americans either feel too much sympathy without thinking or they hate on people without thinking. This is a sure sign of being brainwashed into NOT being able to think critically. See how many examples one can come up with? Its a Great Country- unless you get on its bad side (which means either acting in self defense against authority or not being a happy, mindless little child anymore and wanting to grow up). Then you get to see the nasty side of the United States and as of this point, every naive American will not believe you or will believe that you MUST deserve what you are getting.

Can you TELL this place is only a few hundred years old? Can you TELL they have only had one real revolution (moving out of daddy's house to make it on yer own. Hmph!!), one civil war involving not yet an entire US yet as we know it today( a sibling spat over slavery), and a slight uprising of the ever present underground culture (the 60's) that now one can see may have been engineered to be so obnoxious and over the top that its easily detected and wiped from the minds of every citizen and an entire youth generation is created with no understanding of truly being apart from the system? (a taming of the shrew bride perhaps?) or perhaps a clever engineering move to enslave its people in a system that focuses on rewards- souless rewards- in return for going along with enslavement.

Its no surprise that women from India take one look at me and KNOW that its corruption and part of its base is probably in sexism. They are much closer to overt corruption. They dont go to Disney world every years, have boats and cars and then on the way out of a Red Sox game hate on a beggar like myself due to some social stigma or whatever thier twisted reasons are. They will do ANYTHING to stay safe from having to see what the real world is like and if they think for one minute that you are smarter or prettier or more talented and that you dont need money to be as good as they the citizens will certainly either get in on making you like them or enjoying watching you brought down to thier level, which they consider HARD reality.
But then of course you counter those moves with exposing human experimentation and MK Ultra and corruption and they back off into the shadows becuz they dont want to know that's what it was about the whole time. They dont want to know that you truly WERE smarter than them throughout and still are. When the Target counters the Mob with a great big mirror in which not only can they can clearly see themselves but the big, dark evil spectre that is behind them always in life- the true dark side of reality, The People will back the f*ck off with a quickness. Its better than holding them accountable- yer reminding them that all thier actions are to never again have to notice the monster under the bed and now they must deal with adult bogey men. They will hate you even more but ah...after how much destruction the mindless monkeys cause with thier mobbing YOU CAN BET ITS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.

The music is stuff I found keeps me going. Injects me with energy. Reminds me what I am fighting for and about- that it IS real. That it DID happen.

Yes its interesting that its called 'target video' which I didnt even notice consciously like so much of what I have done through the years countering this campaign. But its appropriate I would say. Also the second vid American Waste reminds me of how fast I seemed to travel and the many places I have seen throughout this. And of course American Waste is appropriate especially the military clips. When Rollins gives a fierce look while singing "we are born with a chance..I'M GONNA HAVE MY CHANCE" I know that I have to fight still as I had my 'chances' and opportunity taken from me. Rise above.

And if yer programmed you may find inspiration from the Bjork video or the vid Cars, Saved By Zero etc. We can all relate to The Matrix clips with Golden Earring's The Twilight Zone audio.


Bush Father and Son Proper Names

According to journalists and other educated people, referring to George Bush and his son as Sr and Jr is an in correct reference.

George Bush the father of George Bush is not technically a 'Sr'. He is George HW Bush and his son is George W Bush.

Interestingly I figured out the psychlogy of this today.

Firstly no one wants to draw attention to the fact that GWB is the son of GHWB every single time he is mentioned. It would make a psychological impression that he is a 'Jr' and someone's kid, perhaps not capable of handling things on his own and perhaps even demeaning if his father was already a US president. American looks to its chiefs to be like father figures very much like a king, a god or an emperor. It taps into the consciousness of the US which though having many European peoples retains little of the Celtic or other ancient European cultures that found it natural for women to hold god like or queen like powers. This may be due to the silent yet very present Native American influence or even due to the presence of DNA among many American citizens. The great Spirit or father in the sky. Also the US was 'born' under the English style of rule by kings hundreds of years ago. I wonder if the US would have internalized women having power positions if the American Revolution had occurred during a female as Queen of England.
As well as much warring in its short history and also the 'conquering' of this land via very male actions. Rape and war are common themes experienced when looking at the Euro populations going west in the US.

America has never really experienced a woman in power. Literally one could say its 'totally foreign to them. And its certainly not a focus of our media. There are plenty of women in powerful positions but the US media does not focus on that.

It has also served to separate thier actions as presidents. The actions of GWB are not readily linked to GHWB psychologically.

George W Bush got treated readily as a Jr for his actions and mannerisms more than once during his presidency. Only now it seems has he grown into the position of a strong male authority figure by being president during that particular era. In a way he has been part of a terrorization of the USA to accept much that may not have been today had events not 'occured' as they did in the recent past.

He also reminds me very much of what Caligula was to Rome from Tiberius.' I will nurse you in the bosom of Rome..like a viper.'
Like his father he was more dangerous due to perceived weakness of character. Years ago perhaps like the late 80's or 90's fools like my mother would parrot what she heard perhaps in media or by word of mouth: 'George (HW) is a wimp'. I could never figure out where people got this perception. I believe Americans are or were, before they got thier asses handed to them in the past few years, very naive and John Wayne conditioned pertaining to the nature of what makes men or even humans dangerous or powerful.
All along many of us could see the moves that GHWB would make over time, even body language. He was very good at not being obvious..so how is that a wimp? Often I have noticed in this life that people who are very slight of build will utilize great intellect to compensate for thier lack of brawn. Big, physical people like myself know all too well the cost of underestimating the 'lean and hungry' look in any and all battles.

Even before I knew the extent of his undertakings it was obvious that he was present in govt on alot of levels in alot of different places for just ONE guy. And all this international work..he got around I knew that. Most revealing was how he just sat there and paid no attention during Gen X's youth when Clinton won just playing the saxophone. He knew he was going to lose to Clinton. Its like he was just hanging around the debate to go through the motions of some pre planned long term sequence of events.

There is no longer anything 'Jr' about Junior. The American people have been beaten down severely during his reign and that is what it has felt like not merely a presidency of a democratic western country.

According to the plans in place I do believe that naming him 'JR' would have indeed been a misrepresentation. When this family passes a torch, its to set all of this new Rome aflame just as the old emperors did all the while blaming the Christians, but lets not 'waste any opportunities brought on by tragedy'..to rebuilt of course. And they pass the torch with the intent of making sure that The People see it burn as bright with power as it had in the hands of the last man in power. Though that energy be towards destruction, corruption and death.

What one should look for is the unseen- deception. And never underestimate or think you are in full knowledge of what or who you are looking at.

Calling Jesus 'God Jr' would have been not only inappropriate but would have taken away from any power such a figure has had to manipulate and hold the public captive for thousands of years. If only GHWB and GWB could live that long...they'll just show up as descendants as they do now and pull the same stuff all over again.

And The People will probably be just as naive.

Monday, November 15, 2010

MIT's The Tech and hypocritical views


Ok so let me get this straight: MIT thinks that executing violent repeat offenders that pretty much wont stop killing if released is a bad practice even with all the criminals that get released due to overcrowding. Yet if the prison corporations were to build more prisons surely the industry would continue to need more prisoners. Hmm.

Yet this is the same institution with multiple military contracts. Barbaric you say.

And what the hell is an article about meaningless sex doing in this publication? Is there anything scientific about this? I mean if it were about about the scientific calculations about people who had lots of meaningless sex it might be pertinent. And many geeks that work this hard to get into this school have lots of hot meaningless sex to begin with? (Joke:Probably lots of opportunities actually.)
Mankind is Made For Giving? WTF? Like the military they contract out to. Like thier multiple instances of involvement in human experimentation.
Meaningless sex is giving, it just depends on who yer giving it too. LOL

You can tell that they are young views.
Also if you study biology or the human condition of health you'll note that common sense as well as studies prove that laughter and sex are the two main activities that keep the human immune system strong.

How is it dishonest? What like when a tranny gets at you when yer drunk and you get to the package and then either run or tell em yer gonna punch em out if they don't get the f*ck away from you, like THAT kind of dishonesty? Like pretending to be a chick in the interest of meaningless sex?

What is this idolozing the perfect home bs? Listen kiddies if I didnt come from a hellish childhood YOU would not have someone as slick as to see what is going on right now from a bunch of cons trying to once again pull wool over yer eyes- and other Targets would certainly be without one less activist blowing the whistle. Do you think that the toughest cops or best detectives come from wonderful homes or do you suspect that a bit of paranoia and caution and suspicion or insight into twisted criminal minds might be a prerequisite?

Who wrote this? I have not in a long time seen the term "the sex act". The act..again they're young. Its like a law class or something.

After this is all over, this dark age these bastards are trying to drag us all into- I want to see MIT kids hanging out of windows and partying on roof tops like its 1976 again. Have a good time while yer young, RESPONSIBLY and yes, with self consideration and some respect becuz when you get to be 40 no matter how cute you still are, finding people readily available to perform THE ACT is not as easy as it used to be.

In American anyway. I've heard in Europe I am just getting to the age of being attractive, which is probably all bs as well. I'll get over there and find out that I need money to pay gigolos or something like that dumb broad in that old movie about dumb American broads not understanding the rules over there.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kosher Conspiracy



Since I have been toyed with and attacked by so many different factions of people, I keep everyone in mind as I keep digging. No one gets out unscathed unless I have found them to be 100% helpful or free of doing harm. I have found no such group in this ordeal.

I keep in mind that many people were lied to and really stupid about the nature of deception and this system, but that still does not absolve them in the end.

When my expose is written you'll be as confused as I am concerning who is behind this...false flag is certainly applicable. Whats amazing is the amount of Americans who went along with this and seem to hate my guts with no remorse. Thus, they all deserve exactly what they put out. Most people know that I am targeted by people who are powerful, connected and have alot of money.

Its more profitable to keep me down and brainwashed than to let my have my rights as an American citizen and a human being so the majority of people go along with this.

No one people will ever be forgiven for what they did. I gotta say at least the faces in Brookline look guilt ridden when they see me which is more than I can say for Southie, the Italians or the WASPs around Harvard. Well..maybe the WASPs retain a quiet attempt to help me retain some dignity.

It amazes me how many people know about large scale corruption. It seems that most human beings believe that this IS the legit system that runs the world and its 'the way it is' and one must live by it and do as it wants and says to survive. Laws and the justice system are just an illusion. So why respect anyone anyway? Or society?

It seems one of the goals of this system is go BUILD TERRORISTS. I have come very close many times to printing my anger on these blogs in a way that is quite justified but would be exactly what the perps want. THEY CREATE TERRORISTS OUT OF INNOCENT PEOPLE by TORTURE and PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, then of course play hero.

F*ck them. And its not The Jews believe me. Its a cross section of multiple parties involved who suck and need to get thiers- within my lifetime. There are Jews who are targeted just like thier are African American targets.
Just as the wealthy are targeted. Realize that in the most wealthy communities I have traveled through, this is where I have recieved the most encouragement and very little if any harassment and stalking. It seems that the poor, the middle class and other factions who cant afford to get out of having to partake in this or are in need of messing with others to validate thier existence are much more likely to be a problem for me as a Target. Communities like Castle Rock CO, Flagstaff AZ, and La Jolla CA have been the most positive as far as being targeted.
And it was through remote influence! In La Jolla it kept occuring to me that a good way to handle this was to use my experience and become a speaker at colleges etc.
Most likely knowing that I am being kept in my mindset of poverty I grew up with I would have never thought of this myself. Many of the rich actually want to help targets.

There are just people who suck, people who dont and people who get themselves comprimised into taking part in this who have to live with the spiritual consequences for the rest of thier lives. Unfortunately, its true what Arnold has to say about people needing to be told how to act...not through fascism but due to the fact that organized stalking and harassment is a testament to what humans will do when there is no consequences for thier actions against others and when the authority figures somehow approve of thier behavior.

I have actually had employees of a Dunkin Donuts protect a cop at the counter from my obvious disgust with a certian district (who deserves my venom more than anyone). A grown man of 6'3" and a healthy weight, of African American descent with police gear including a gun had to be protected from ME?? by a few little women at a donut shop? And the cop just stood there and played it up too.

More memories to add to the files, to go over and over again in the interest of never letting go of this until full revenge is gotten on one's enemies. Boston needs to pay and pay they will but one must keep in mind the discipline of revenge. One must never fall into the traps of the people who need to pay but will do everything to keep vilifying the victims. Like pissing Targets off and manipulating them until they look and sound as dangerous as the perpetrators have claimed.

This system has not left me much else so why not go for it?

As for the story above I often wonder if Kosher food isnt truly cleaner- on purpose. Such as for instance lets say that possibly non Kosher food is left to be not as clean as it could be...or even made less than healthy by tampering..but that IS indeed a conspiracy theory. Its an interesting one to pose however.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

At the Pedo Laundrymat again

This is the laundry at Pearl and Auburn in Cambridge behind Central Sq. The one that I got so harassed in during the begininning of this campaign in 2003 to 2006 when I lived at 335 Washington in Brighton. I actually didnt finish the post as I conveniently kept forgetting about it, of course. The guy that works here and alot of the people that seem associated with this place reek of either organized crime connections or pedophilia (creepy kiddie pics on the walls) or at least being johns, as I have recalled over the years that many perps seem to be clients of 'adult entertainment'. Talk about supporting a business (and the crooked cops that help support that business in the interest of the really really rich connected people who need that business and the woman who runs it having mega dirt on such men..and the trust fund heiresses that work before their money comes in at 30- for amusement of course.)

Surprisingly there are still gang stalkers who mess with me on this cross street! I cant even sit outside while doing my laundry without getting gang stalking 'action'. I come here due to the location, but seeing much of the staff hang thier heads in shame 7 years later as well as see the ugly blonde older lady still totally full of herself and self righteous is not only satisfying but amusing. Scum is all I can think the whole time I am here. Moreso about the people still stalking in cars driving by as they dont seem to be ashamed or remorseful at all but still determined to fit an unreality into reality. Trying to bend time and space by force- an ocean of people that are so dependent on the lie that they have to keep backing up with harassment and stalking that they will keep on desperately trying to control the Target every time the person shows up in that location. They do things the way people did in 'the old days' of gang stalking like years ago. They drive by, break thier necks by twisting to look at you as they stalk and drive by and often have a ridiculous surprised look on thier faces. The reason I know whats in thier little pea brains is that an older guy I used to date- everyone called him Freako instead of his real Italian last name due to his 13 stepping habits as well as his propensity to stalk the women he was dating. Being young, healthy, newly clean and a bit of a mess myself I dealt with this behavior with amusement until he drove down the side street of my grandmother's house only family was supposed to use. He saw my uncle delivering food on the way to work, called me on the phone and demanded to know who that guy was. Well, we had a nice southern Italian blow out concerning messing with family and as he was second generation in the US, he immediately backed off as he realized the kind of boundary that he crossed. Also it seemed that my youth and beauty had some control over him and my sponsor was very jealous that he didnt abduct me, terrorize me or abuse me the way he did her during thier relationship. However, she being in denial just as much as anyone in Watertown or Newton (aside from thier money), didnt want to realize that the reason he probably thought he could treat her that way was becuz he had observed her being abused severely by her now (mysteriously) deceased husband for 20 plus years. Uh, that is going to give an abuser the green light, duh.
My mother also had a little talk with him one day, not a very effective one, as she looked more desperate to protect me and begging him to not mistreat but still living with family probably saved me from alot of aggravation. Another thing is that my mother is not Italian. There are ways to handle these men and you kind of have to have the matching DNA for the task. Its all about politics, power, knowing when to play the right cards as well as when to shut up and let him win. Being that Italian is kind of like living within a closed system..the rest of the world really does seem still to this day mystified by Italian ways and thinking. Sneaky is the key word if that helps you any and its all out of fear- fear of losing fear of not having and fear of losing things you are attached to, fear of not being nourished. There is something to this Afrocentric 'sun man, ice man' concept. And we seem to need nourishment from things the way plants need the sun and that includes the sun itself. Food, family members and the people we are in love with. Art clothes. To devour these things and be consumed as well. I never understood people outside that Mediterranean mindset.. that didnt understand.
Having multiple racial or cultural backrounds is like having many shifts or gears on a vehicle or bike. One can actually shift between genetic race or culture mind sets, drives or urges depending on the company one keeps at the moment or the circumstances. I abhor hte word 'mutt'. Its so self depreciating and its not realistic. People with impressive family trees take great pains to keep track of each ancestor many of them from different countries. Why should any of us be any different? Ok its annoying when regular folk think that they are related to the same people that have ownership of a family crest and they dont do it properly, like trying to relate it through the female opposed to the male ancestor. If you notice, very quietly often in a wiki of a celeb or other bio on someone the authors will note that they have a Jewish grandMOTHER or some other female and they will often name the country of origin. This is due to the validity of thier being Jews coming through the female not the male. (Another interesting fact from Jew or Not a Jew! http://www.jewornotjew.com/ )

One guy was even parked behind me while I was sitting. It was ridiculous. When I got up and noted this he pulled into gear and drove away but looked pretty annoyed and nervous about having to do so...I f*ckin waved thats all. Bye BYYYYEEE.


What exactly are these assholes trying to prove really? Is my old associate getting this treatment or my ex or my mother? Everyone needs to realize that every single person that was close to me who sold me out has a sexual abuse history. This system manipulates and controls survivors and turns them against each. The one's in denial are the easier to manipulate, especially if they have not gotten loose of the grip of thier abusive families or controlling in denial families. Once again the one who stands up to the abusers and this system gets a crack down. Like the most unruly child.

I hope they realize that the ability to live like I do is in me for life and part of my makeup. ALso, the unruliness has yet to even begin.

Why would anyone think that you could beat a person down into behaving or conforming after its obvious that they are 'awake' now and can no longer be forced back into thier little box as before?
Interesting I use that to describe the psychological containment thats used on people like me..considering RA survivors get locked in closets and toyboxes and that sort of thing.

Speaking of pedo's has anyone seen that creep Morgan Freeman's new movie? He is one of those pedo pieces of sh*t that has always been in movies that make Targeted Survivors uncomfortable. Lets be overt..hes in alot of psy ops pieces of garbage meant to trigger Survivors or mess with thier heads. He's been suspect by many of us ever since he was popping up out of coffins on The Electric Company (kids show of course).
In the laundry some locals were getting stuff out of the dryer. I had this up on the screen and just let it sit there so everyone could see it: http://www.thesuperficial.com/morgan_freeman_caught_in_inces-06-2009

It was great. As usual people just did not want to look at reality and did all they could to avoid it.

I get the impression at times that ther are people who really want to believe that I got caught doing something wrong and embarassing to the point where I will make any of this up to avoid responsibility- working off of the excuse of 'you deserved it'. But really the people who have money and connections were and are doing things that qualify them as either career criminals or they were caught with alot of drugs, crooked lawsuits etc. It seems that the way people think is that really they would rather side with or are oblivious to the reality that they are just siding with whoever has money and influence. They dont care about right and wrong. They are just sheep who want to support whoever the big scary criminals and politicians support. Forget people around here being smart enough to even grasp MK ULtra or the military industrial complex. ANyone who ever knows that is involved is then jealous enough to have the attitude that I have alot of talents that most people dont have so I can 'afford' to be treated this way. More bullshit from a lawless society.
When the expose is written, the public, who want thier way more than they care about true justice or laws, will side with the bad guys most likely. You have to remember that the USA is a Satanic society that masquerades behind Judeo-Christian ideals and the power structure solidifies that front with brainwashing. This is why they cannot accept anything that does not fit into the Judeo-Christian illusion. Like war or corruption, both they side with readily and on a daily basis- on a small scale and a large scale. They support both so they may have a high quality of life. Therefore, I can never exist for them and if I do, I have to be wrong.

This is why Survivors cant take perps seriously. Every time you see someone stalking or harassing no matter what they have brainwashed you with to validate what is being done to you, you have to just say to yourself that that person SUPPORTS PEDOPHILE NETWORKS and other connected corruption.

The sheep are weak. You are targeted due to not being weak or having that potential.

COPS ARE IN ON THIS..ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. That means that you are dealing with some sh*t on the highest levels or it leads to those levels. The public wants you to be guilty, wrong and or mentally ill instead of having to face the truth. OR they dont want to stand up against the hand that feeds. American is one big dysfunctional family and this logic is typical among such people.

I am not a Christian which pisses them off even more. I use my early RA indoctrination to my advantage- its part of me. Humans have always been greedy apes. What pisses me off other than thier total injustice in the western world especially the US is thier total dishonesty about who and what they are.

I recall one little bastard asked me years ago what I thought of George Bush for the fist time after asking me if I believe in God. I hope the little bastards got the answers right becuz I heard these are the f*ckers going around killing people who say they are Christians. Actually it would make their job so much easier if I was, which is probably why its been being pushed for years across the US. Its so much easier to crucify a willing lamb than an unwilling wolf.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting closer to my goals

I think I may have screwed up my staying in this area. I was tired and trying to save money to get a room so I didnt take my first of the month rest somewhere inside. I ended up really losing it and insulted some kids that seem new to the area. I just didnt recognize them. Yes, a slur was involved. But from my perspective, any of these people should be amazed that I havent done more than go off and be nasty for just a few moments. Considering what I have been through it could be so much worse, for myself or a recipient of rage. This is why the perps in on the system try to mark the person as dangerous. Due to the fact that they know damn well that there is an effort to force the person to snap. Its a total frame up.

Of course these are just kids so they dont even know what pressure is about. Also, they are from this area obviously so once again, they have no idea how f*cked it is in the rest of the US and how easy life is here and how many services and privileges there are.
They also are new to being around here. And mostly they are of a totally different generation.
One that has pushed PC to the point of people not understanding how to deal with real life. People have been so coddled by this protection of this expected ettiquete that when a prickly situation arises in real life, they are totally unprepared.

Its interesting how they reacted. I mean of course when I realized they were 'family' or from the street kid population I apologized and told them I do NOT mess with 'family' out here. Of course being from generation Millenial as well as Cambridge or Boston they did not appreciate an individual point of view or have understanding. Thier first reaction was to turn to 'the crowd' instead of dealing with ME the individual and start asking them "do YOU agree with that? Do YOU see it that way" to each person. I stopped this conformist, mob loving bullshit from this generation raised in daycare like communists, to think only in group think, and got up and physically moved towards them, cut out the third guy who had nothing to do with it and only had something to say about this due to him also being of that ethnicity and once again faced the two boys as well as made it crystal clear my position, my intent and apologized once again.

This of course was not enough and they proceeded to look all butt hurt and say "It shouldnt matter where you're from". I once again stated my position and made my apology clear. It seemed like it was enough. I then realized if I was that stressed out, I was losing it and proceeded to go to a hostel and get a rest. Which means I must have been very compelled by what I had done. I actually recall realizing that the state I was in was not good.

NOW, in order for me to come to that realization to get some rest, I had to unfortunately let off steam inappropriately first. I have become a very stubborn warrior type that does not allow myself anything but the rest I need to keep going. Like a tank that needs just enough gas to keep going and nothing else.

I have to allow for this area to be extra stressful due to the heavy emotional toll it take no me now as well as has taken on my from the beginning of me being pryed out of my life and basically abducted by this system.

Tonight these kids came into the pastry/coffee shop. They STILL looked butt hurt but now it does seem silly to me becuz I explained myself and apologized. Its hard for me to live in this world of fighting this system, and you have no idea just how hard one has to fight when you are Targeted (unless yer a TI also , obviously). The pressure to fight, win, resist AND have a normal front as well as compartmentalize all the bad things or severe abuse is almost inuman in its stress levels. You get to a point in this system, especially if you have been through human experimentation which is probably the most mind blowing and scary thing of all that occurs, where when you are out of it, or like now in a place fairly safe from the worst horrors of it- you are afraid of nothing. People look at me now as if they think I am going to be afraid and i just look through them. I dont know if I like this part of me now. Its frighteningly inhuman. And its not an alter. This has become part of the real me. I dont even know if the real ME exists anymore.

Its so convenient after so much has been done to the person to simply claim they must be mentally ill. Which might be easy if my mother was not a survivor of radiation experimentation along with MK Ultra and if I was not connected to the people I was in the old days..or my uncle's old associates....or my mother's...or my dad's family. The options for how 'heavy' this may be realistically on many levels are many.
And my story is logical. Know too much= silenced victim witness. Its that simple. I was told to my face it was amazing how heavy handed these bastards were being in letting me know I was "inconvenient".

I have to think of where these kids are coming from...they only see thier hurt and insult in this and to thier generation this sort of incident is unheard of or criminalized. It is odd however due to the street usually having different rules compared to the world of civilized people. If they really were street kids they would have done one of two things: immediately gone after me physically or understood that I just had enough and lost it. An apology like the one I gave as well as my honesty is sort of rare out here...Harv Sq does have an old school ethic about it. Self policing as well as stand-up guy or girl attitudes still prevail.
I was told last year some girl got raped and thrown over a bridge by the invading homies or gangs and there has been effort to clean up the place due to it getting just too ugly.

However I get the feeling that whoever protects me through this will do so again. If they try anything they wont live very long. They dont seem to be those kinds of kids but you never know what boys are thinking when thier power has been insulted. Boys are males and unfortunately arent men yet so dont understand females fully. This younger generation seems very intolerant towards females typical bs. I feel my grandfather's WW2 generation may have been the last generation to truly appreciate the emotionally driven, illogical female for what she is: a woman. They seem very intolerant of 'whores' and 'bitches'. Men from other cultures and older men from this culture seem to love women for being a total mystery, a bit difficult and acting unpredictable or without sense. This is very sad. Its like men are no longer men and we are not allowed to be women. Equal rights is great but we will never be men and I am fully in acknowledgement of that. I jsut wish women were allowed to be women and still have power not act like men. Its really confusing and terrible out there now.

I suppose this is why I prefer the primitive traveler types. They seem to naturally understand our limitation as females but respect any power we may have. Its so much easier than the bizarrre, fake set ups and rules in civilized society especially now. People are being conditioned to totally not live in reality. What are those kids going to do if they do downsouth or to northern Cali? Places I have been where people are NOT as willing to bow to PC as here.

When I flipped out in Berkeley it was the blacks who understood the pressure. It was they who said they understood, that I was in the street but I was trying to accomplish something so I had little tolerance for bullshit. The hippies had pissed me off I think as I had not learned to be around others and then when it was necessary be totally focused and removed from them to do MY work. NOW a bomb could go off and I just keep typing, unphased.

When I rode through the ghetto today on the wrong train, as usual it was the people from these areas who were most polite. I meant to write a piece on this earlier today- that they seem to always know how to mind thier own business when the bastards in places like Cambridge or downtown on the train take pleasure it seems in being nosy and making it obvious that you are just so dirty poor. I satisfy myself by thinking about how they are allowed to make money but I can write and they, most likely cannot.

As usual I just have to ignore these things that come up. I cant allow anything to stop me. I must stay where I am and get my medical taken care of. I need my allergies controlled so I can get medical stuff done. I am finally realizing that since that Bactrim induced all sorts of food and other allergic reactions I am pretty fucked health wise.

That outburst let me know that I am just too stressed out and its all about being in denial about my health issues. Its just that people in the medical field including dentists (mostly thier secretoaries) have literally terrorized me in past years it make me not want to even try.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Machete script leaked..contains one "pissed of Mexican"


I would have trouble being pigeonholed into one category of person such as a white supremacist. I truly like Mexican culture and have issue with any native populations being genocided as Natives of the America's have had to contend with. While here in the north east just a glimpse at Mex tv on cable or satellite makes me start to thaw from the deep freeze of New England class and racism that everyone thinks is diversity here. And the deep freeze and misery of this area has become permanent as of Bush being in office. Boston, to say the least, is just plain no fun anymore. The place sucks now. You strictly have to fit in with certain demographics or live like a slave class if you dont. A doormat.

The Mexicans in Harvard Sq that own a burrito place are nice enough but they have internalized the rudeness and snobbery of the local lily white privileged classes..and thus they are officially 'no fun' zone either now. But the music, the food and the brunettes with slight tan and dark eyes look enough like me to trigger a sense of happiness in me if only temporarily. I have to say that the population by the border of any state in the US is much friendlier than Mexicans as one goes north. Still being around them I feel more awake, alive and validated in this body than when living in Self-denial, something required in areas like Boston, where one like myself of Mediterranean looks who isnt Jewish or Italian enough to (shame us all) by being Jersey Shore material..and perhaps that last bit is for the best. Italians who never left the Italian ghettos is what that reminds me of and its embarrassing. And by the way can we get some Italians who DONT all need plastic surgery (like typical American women with bad tits, bad ass, bad skin and ugly hair) or DONT have blue or green eyes please? Its like they are afraid of Sophia Lauren or any other atypical true Italian look. It seems the media in America is very afraid of any true European ethnic looks in media. Whatsamatta? Afraid of true classical ancient world beauty standards? Becuz nothing on the screen in American nowadays looks remotely like the women in classical art pieces. In public, once in a while, one sees a natural European beauty. Actually the greatest artistic beauties generally are African American female faces, that often register as little works of art but society wont let them know that. I still hate the way they hate on white girls but you cant beat the beauty of their bones- selectively.

Like on Mex tv they always have a blonde or people are light or go bottle-blonde. I get pissed off becuz when I watch the Mex or Telemundo channels, know that I have had my full share of 'white' people's culture up here and 'black' culture as well. Since Italians no longer exist in thier true form from the old country then I need to shut out everything and just watch people speak a language I do not understand just to see big boobs, big asses, nice skin, black hair, dark eyes, unashamed passion, no fear of female power or sexuality and nice temper tantrums often involving knives being thrown or at least a true firey let out of energy, that is in its way very innocent. I want to visit a world where people look like me for once in a day. Get the blondes out of there, how is that Mediterranean?

I know what the NWO games are about. Its turning us against each other so that the original dreams of true and sane diversity are vanquished in favor of a hateful racial cold war. And shamefully we may have to segregate now (again) to gain a sense of safety. True co operation and understanding between people's should not consist of hate, anxiety, destroying other races or dominating other races.

Human need to look at this urge to dominate and enslave other people's not just keep changing what race dominates the other ones.

There was an article in The Economist about The Angry White Working Class. I didnt have to read it as I have been living its onset and I know better than most that this condition has been brought on by covert activities and social engineering nothing more. Manipulation
and brainwashing.
The very powerful want control of the people once again and the other parties just want to get for themselves..it seems to be working out for them nicely.

I dont have to repeat that Manson predicted this as his father was a very Southern type of older man and like that sort of person typically had insights that were very on the money about what was going to happen in this country- southern wisdom that many Yankees like to pretend to ignore or dismiss but Yankees need to hear such concepts moreso than anyone else in the USA. Yankees who arent the big money whites are brainwashed, plain and simple and can no longer think clearly nor face what needs to be done for the survival of their cultures.

Manson may or may not have ordered those murders. The involvement of the Church of Satan needs to be looked at as the victims were connected to Satanism and the movie industry so its doubtful if it was random. Aside from what everyone knows about Manson, one has to realize that if he was indeed programmed as many people theorize or more mind control projects or experiments were involved (the story surrounding him is eerily similar to Jonestown in some ways- key ways) then you have to understand- in the midst of such a person's insanity some of what they say is often dead on for what is to come or the truth about something going on that's covert.

He predicted a race war and that some influence of "Jews" would be involved. Paranoid and racist as that sounds, many of us are well aware of the suspicion of Mossad being involved in 9-11 or how obvious it has become that the American media focus on social engineering and propaganda.

There seems to be in the NWO a dominance of very wealthy whites and African American influences. That article about The Angry ...Working Class is no surprise considering that the CIA in thier factbook on the internet predicted that this class of people may become militant rebels in the near future. And for those of us targeted by covert factions its very likely that its a self fulfilling prophecy born of covert warfare on the masses- brainwashing, manipulation, social engineering.

To be honest whites have been beaten out of thier original pagan cultures from Europe years ago by the burning times and the actions of the church(es) over thousands of years. They know that if anyone is easy to erase, remake, brainwash or enslave mentally and emotionally its people from European backrounds. Every single culture gave in to Christianity fully long ago. African Americans may have taken on Christianity but they have preserved much of thier culture and ways from the old continent and pagan backrounds. Being enslaved physically and now mentally and emotionally by a racist society as well as the actions of yer own people is quite different from being enslaved for thousands of years mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Whites in general are already well trained.

The reason they are going after a certain kind of 'white' class is becuz many of the whites from our class exhibit a propensity towards expressing what is most primitive and pagan in European cultures. Getting rid of rock and roll was a brilliant move, especially due to music like the British Invasion of rockers, which supply a constant energy stream of Celtic force to thier listeners, who gladly receive such data with thier DNA.

Every 'white' culture has shown a property that is a resistance to slavery. The Celts have a spiritual Other Side that is akin to another dimension, so how can the enslaver destroy something that does not exist readily on this plane? One must stifle the Celt in order to ensure they can no longer reach such a place in themselves. The German is stubborn, self testing and strong, with a very strong maternal instinct. The Italian secretly keeps the secrets of politics and resisting authority within themselves as well as the knowledge that on some level, we still are smarter and since being rulers of the world once, still hold that power today by understanding the world differently than..the Barbarians.
Talking to other cultures from the ancient classical world is like talking to the only other grownups around on the planet. Other 'white' people are still Barbarians at some level.

The Eastern European is horribly primitive and with a bone structure that I have often wondered do we have any Neanderthal in us? Its fun to think about. In some histories that I have read the Slavs seem to have been considered more peaceful and accepted Christianity more peacefully but there remains an intelligence and a spirituality that cannot be dominated by any one religion. There is also a little habit of fighting oppression without care for consequences.

So how are such people's being driven to mind less conformity, enslavement and being doormats for other cultures deemed more deserving? Mind control, plain and simple. With all its elements such as manipulation, intimidation, fascism, bribery, etc.

The ones who have never have to deal with such things in thier neighborhoods. THEY are more likely the ones guilty of more severe racist sentiment, such as something I read moments ago comparing African Americans to "..retards with black skin". Its sad when more peaceable whites who dont hold such sentiment are the ones targeted or victimized by all the supposed necessary 'changes' in the NWO.
The people- the white YUPpies and the rich who dont have to deal with this on the front lines are the first ones to advocate such actions or changes.

Its like a world wide horror resembling what the rich whites did to Boston during bussing in the 70's. All over again. That created a war zone in this city and without the mind control being used on the masses, what is going on now should be doing just the same. Mass mind control and years of pre planning and priming have succeeded.

No amount of change is good if its based on hate and dominance. There is something wrong with that. Such changes could be done peacefully so why are they not? America itself is being destroyed and poor whites are being totally disrespected and toyed with unless they agree to graduate to the conformity of either going up a class or imitating other races.

Intimidation is going to get nothing but resistance, once again like it got the Nazis, the Inquisitors, the Romans, or the robber barons eventually with unions. And mass mind control cannot stop EVERYONE easily.

I have spent enough time with Mexicans to know that if only they were represented accurately with the positive images you dont see or arent shown on purpose or if the laws were uniform in the USA so they had to become citizens on par with everyone else not exist as illegals there might not be this friction. As for the gangs- you cant change the nature of the Aztecs traditionally brutal as well as what kind of bullshit is it when an entire country cant (or isnt allowed to by US factions) to get thier shit together regarding standards of living and corruption when they are on the same continent and connected to the USA? You are GOING to get 'rebels' or organized crime. The native populations of this country should be the first priority no one else but it seems like they are the last ones anyone considers. And if they are considered its breaks the state (like Cali) and everyone is then blaming them again for some ill in society.

It seems that no matter what happens, the elite, thier houseslaves who choose to side with them, support THEM and benefit from THEM as well as thier bankers are usually untouched and left in an advantageous position no matter what new con or social engineering to exploit whoever comes down the pike.

Another racially charged plot from the industry and once again one has to wonder in the long run of the chess game, just who is really benefiting from such warmongering.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More drama from famous rich kids who gave my ex his reward for assistance..and thier self rightous managment

I hate these f*ckers. One of these arrogant over privileged jerks gave my ex a job after he assisted the elements in the community (who wanted to protect my old associate during the fed investigation) that destroyed my life.

It was mentioned to me in passing once that thier management has a problem with drug use..as if I had something to do with that fat asshole ex of mine getting busted with a trunk full of drugs in the Middle East Club parking lot. (someone recently told me it was a trunk full, which Jake made it out to be far less severe than that).
I can imagine thier management are a group of powerful American-Jew asshole types who hate gentiles to begin with and, since those were a large group of those types who were clients of my ex associate, we can see how assisting her in getting me discredited would be beneficial to them.
All of these assholes can drop dead for all I care. They should have disappeared a long time ago. And I am sure that, like Mitt Romney, that prick who was governor when all this happened to me, who's family member was friends with Jake, these guys will do anything TO ANYONE to get something they want.

Except for the drummer. I wont get into it but I get the feeling that as i was being heavily targeted, as it was planned that this would end up with me being totally destroyed- I was given an inkling that he may have been the only one with any decency, I dont know if that was disinformation or not.

Anyone that helps my ex is on a permanent sh*t list with me and I curse them and thier offspring till the end of time. F*ck all of them. The beauty of all this is that if Gen Xers stick around long enough, we can watch thier funerals- once and for all.

This f*cker brags about having 600 guitars and I sleep outside while he assists my ex in getting a permanent name for himself in Hollywood.

I will have revenge someday, probably by moving to Europe where people know this country sucks and gives into rich kids all the time at the expense of everyone else.

Its so easy to just write me off as a nutcase...I know. Too bad that when my story is mapped out it makes perfect sense.

The system, you could tell, had all these traps for years for me especially concerning protecting the pricks who helped f*ck me over. The local cops or retired cops as security (like at Emerson College- which gave my ex his little certificate in movie making) would act like I was a dangerous person and all this frame up crap. Knowing of course that i had every right to be angry and still do if not more so now considering its obvious that my looks are gone and I will never have the opportunities that I had at that juncture in time.

I read that book by one of these jerk's ex wives. Perhaps a gold digger but most likely most of the expose was accurate or much of it was. ANYONE who is targeted should read that book especially women. WHY? Becuz its always, always a very good thing to see what really goes on behind this business. We live in a world now that has gone about 'cleaning up' alot of corruption supposedly which is bullshit. What its done is made corruption harder to detect as now there is this shining beacon of perfection and goodness that is supposed to be anyone left standing that hasnt been caught with their pants down or caught being corrupt.
The cameras and the media have given this impression that they are the ones who catch the bad guys and put them before the mob for judgment and reform. Do you think Brittney was such a bad person that she needed to live through what the American public put her through? No. She was a child, a victim of mind control in an industry that uses such tactics readily to control thier talent. And the American public HELPED that system by focusing on her and crucifying her for being just a human being that can only take so much for her age and life experience yet these same cowards bowed before Bush and his SS like forces like the cowards that most people are.

Humans are actually worse off then they ever were. No one has any gauge in which to judge anymore it seems other than what is popular, what yer therapist or some scientist says you should be thinking or what the mob is doing. Human decency and civility are rare and people who know how to conduct themselves is extremely rare. Everyone just judges on popular standards like money, fame or to follow what everyone else is doing. That is NOT how to judge character properly or to know how to conduct one's self properly in a given difficult situation.

In this era, we will see who are the princes and the kings by nature- who, even if low of birth- always know who the f*ck they are. If you are just born knowing how to handle things with a bit of class you are ahead of everyone else right now, as the general public have lost thier sense and thier souls replacing thier God and thier morality with what Dr Phil thinks we should do or the mob. The idiocy of the masses has reached a level of stupidity that harks back to the middle ages..humours anyone? Maybe a good bleeding will cure my "insanity". That is the level people are acting on right now. There is absolutely no common sense anymore.

Know why? Becuz the powers that be have conned the public with thinking they are being evolved by technology and a great standard of living but conversely they have been trained to not think for themselves or have morality or decency that ISNT judged by a mob mentality. THIS is what stupid animals do end of story.

What people need to do is drop the psychiatrists and the meds and get VERY into psychology, mind control, brainwashing, social control and alternative ways of taking care of one's health in consideration of our changing environment. What good is tech or alot of money going to do you if you are just a cell in an organism that cannot exist unto itself? Like a hive of insects. What good is all that going to do you if you are easily conned with psychological warfare tactics?

The world may have gotten smaller due to the internet and communications but now its become like a small prison. Its crushing humanity and reducing our lives to what the media machine wants us to think, feel, see and hear. Being human and experiencing life used to be like living in one's own vast limitless universe. Now you feel like some f*ck over in a country on the other side of the planet is yer next door neighbor.

There is alot of playing with the inner dimensions of human beings and the reducing of the human consciousness. This is to destroy what it means to be human and especially the idea of each person having a godspark where they can express thier own godhood.
Being famous is not expressing yer godspark. Its an alternative to missing out on the real thing- a really sh*tty consolation price.

The world should NOT be this small. We have been reduced, the world got smaller and during Bush they made sure that there were established parameters and jailers for that world.

You are being conned. I personally want revenge for everything taken from me. But I also want people to see how being human has been reduced to almost a mechanism unto itself. Its interesting that having privacy affords people a sense of dignity and self reflection that is made NOT POSSIBLE otherwise. Its very important for this system now to pull everyone in to the web. Remember: "Disconnection is danger". And that applies to taking enslaving humanity.

The people that helped destroy my future are now in positions to never have to pay for what they did to me and I have been targeted so heavily for so many years that its most likely that no one will believe me or even listen to me. But years from now, when all these clowns are dead, people will know the inhuman pain and suffering via torture that Targets have suffered, especially during Bush who's militant forces covert and otherwise DID use torture on people when it was not necessary.

I think the prick who gave my ex his way to walk off into the sunset is very much in support of scum like Bush and has spouted neoconservative bullsh*t out of his mouth in some interviews I had the displeasure of catching. Funny, with those dark glasses on being so robotic, one in the know might wonder if such a person is programmed or perhaps just going through the motions of what needs to be done to get what one wants.....


By the way. The next time that anyone within the management of some clowns from this industry start judging me (probably with Julie crying that she wants to get rid of me and they need her services and her silence) or messing with me or my affairs you need to realize that Jews are not the center of the universe nor did you invent crime, math, business or being slick and sneaky.

You may want to read up on Rosicrucianism or anything else connected to ancient Egypt, I know how much Israel loves other ancient religions that prove they are not the beginning of GOD, religion or Man himself. But too bad, other ancient rival religions will always be and protection cannot always be seen by standards such as wealth or who yer connections are.

Oh and we all know Mossad agents were by a van clapping and waving at the 9/11 tragedy becuz as one Israeli said once "It makes our problems your problems".

I also will not forget nor never forgive that very VERY Jewish man in the long black robes around Brookline that looked like he wanted to kill me or really hated my guts...with a bit of fear involved for good measure of course. It seems he and his got thier way. For a time perhaps. But Tables turn...and every-single-person who assisted in my demise no matter how powerful is GOING TO PAY. They will all pay something.

Becuz that is the way its gone thus far and will continue to go. You can steal but payment is always still due. Seems yer book keeping is off. You should look into that..its so..out of character for you.

Oh and F*CK the industry. I used to be very pretty when this all started. I heard that there was jealousy enough from local scum like this to try to mess with my mother in the old days as well. F*ck my mother...shes a weakling and my father was an idiot. Interesting how I just dont fall to the same traps eh?

Everyone of these local f*cks can suffer. The cops who think they got away with everything- smug arrogant assholes that they are, the mob connected people...the Southie guys are the worst. They have the audacity to still f*ck with me and call me 'smiley' on trains due to the fact that I look so down much of the time. When you dont have any brains worth a sh*t due to being LOW class Irish it makes sense to go after a woman who's great-grandmother was from a country seat in Cork, who was SPONSORED to come here and work as a nanny in wealthy homes in Weston. Places low Irish wouldnt be welcome. Is it a bit of old jealousy? Becuz you stupid backwards assholes can go f*ck yourselves as well. MY great grandmother shut the shades on Queen Victoria just as much as any of our ancestors did, but you want to assist my enemies and make fun of me? You will pay for going against other Irish and if you really are Celts, ask your grandfathers to tell you a morality tale of what happens to males who go after females when they are vulnerable. It doesn't come without consequence thats for sure.

I will be smiling when every person who helped destroy my life and laughed at the Bush administration using torture is a pile of smoldering ash- literally, figuratively or metaphysically speaking- anything will do.

I think about my ex alot..for years now. I am sure he thinks nothing of me at all...if he does may he suffer like the hell of earth I have had to suffer. And may his shiny, flashy friends exist in a living hell with him.

Hmph, Southie is already a living Hell, its just he occupants are to stupid to realize it. The most sensible Southie kids might be the ones that leave and come to Harvard to shoot dope. At least they are smart enough to be bored with that dump.