“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bush Father and Son Proper Names

According to journalists and other educated people, referring to George Bush and his son as Sr and Jr is an in correct reference.

George Bush the father of George Bush is not technically a 'Sr'. He is George HW Bush and his son is George W Bush.

Interestingly I figured out the psychlogy of this today.

Firstly no one wants to draw attention to the fact that GWB is the son of GHWB every single time he is mentioned. It would make a psychological impression that he is a 'Jr' and someone's kid, perhaps not capable of handling things on his own and perhaps even demeaning if his father was already a US president. American looks to its chiefs to be like father figures very much like a king, a god or an emperor. It taps into the consciousness of the US which though having many European peoples retains little of the Celtic or other ancient European cultures that found it natural for women to hold god like or queen like powers. This may be due to the silent yet very present Native American influence or even due to the presence of DNA among many American citizens. The great Spirit or father in the sky. Also the US was 'born' under the English style of rule by kings hundreds of years ago. I wonder if the US would have internalized women having power positions if the American Revolution had occurred during a female as Queen of England.
As well as much warring in its short history and also the 'conquering' of this land via very male actions. Rape and war are common themes experienced when looking at the Euro populations going west in the US.

America has never really experienced a woman in power. Literally one could say its 'totally foreign to them. And its certainly not a focus of our media. There are plenty of women in powerful positions but the US media does not focus on that.

It has also served to separate thier actions as presidents. The actions of GWB are not readily linked to GHWB psychologically.

George W Bush got treated readily as a Jr for his actions and mannerisms more than once during his presidency. Only now it seems has he grown into the position of a strong male authority figure by being president during that particular era. In a way he has been part of a terrorization of the USA to accept much that may not have been today had events not 'occured' as they did in the recent past.

He also reminds me very much of what Caligula was to Rome from Tiberius.' I will nurse you in the bosom of Rome..like a viper.'
Like his father he was more dangerous due to perceived weakness of character. Years ago perhaps like the late 80's or 90's fools like my mother would parrot what she heard perhaps in media or by word of mouth: 'George (HW) is a wimp'. I could never figure out where people got this perception. I believe Americans are or were, before they got thier asses handed to them in the past few years, very naive and John Wayne conditioned pertaining to the nature of what makes men or even humans dangerous or powerful.
All along many of us could see the moves that GHWB would make over time, even body language. He was very good at not being obvious..so how is that a wimp? Often I have noticed in this life that people who are very slight of build will utilize great intellect to compensate for thier lack of brawn. Big, physical people like myself know all too well the cost of underestimating the 'lean and hungry' look in any and all battles.

Even before I knew the extent of his undertakings it was obvious that he was present in govt on alot of levels in alot of different places for just ONE guy. And all this international work..he got around I knew that. Most revealing was how he just sat there and paid no attention during Gen X's youth when Clinton won just playing the saxophone. He knew he was going to lose to Clinton. Its like he was just hanging around the debate to go through the motions of some pre planned long term sequence of events.

There is no longer anything 'Jr' about Junior. The American people have been beaten down severely during his reign and that is what it has felt like not merely a presidency of a democratic western country.

According to the plans in place I do believe that naming him 'JR' would have indeed been a misrepresentation. When this family passes a torch, its to set all of this new Rome aflame just as the old emperors did all the while blaming the Christians, but lets not 'waste any opportunities brought on by tragedy'..to rebuilt of course. And they pass the torch with the intent of making sure that The People see it burn as bright with power as it had in the hands of the last man in power. Though that energy be towards destruction, corruption and death.

What one should look for is the unseen- deception. And never underestimate or think you are in full knowledge of what or who you are looking at.

Calling Jesus 'God Jr' would have been not only inappropriate but would have taken away from any power such a figure has had to manipulate and hold the public captive for thousands of years. If only GHWB and GWB could live that long...they'll just show up as descendants as they do now and pull the same stuff all over again.

And The People will probably be just as naive.