“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, November 21, 2010

YouTube Music Vid Set List: May Contain Energy for You To Use

Some people watch the set list and perhaps dont get it or look at the vids from a non TI perspective.

The energy registering in all of that music along with the videos are enough to keep a TI going or replenish thier energies or at least get them to remember what their true situation is instead of giving in to brain washing.

Your not supposed to judge the performance of Black Flag's Rise Above on normal perceptions or by normal standards. That video is from the early 80's. Its obsolete or its a classic either way one perceives it, it technically no longer exists. That is what PRLSI (Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images) are about- keeping bits of dead time and reanimating that 'time' when played.

I read this book once, in the late 90's when I was a few years past getting clean and realizing I was very smart and able to read and comprehend things way beyond my education level. It was a book on how notes in music are recorded and 're animated' when played off pre recorded sound. It reminded me of the same principals of metaphysics such as necromancy, something I could never really mentally deal with long enough to really read alot on the subject. If you cant mentally deal with something like that put it the f*ck down, its not for you.

Re animating dead time. Its part of the our society's constant brain wash daily and its a thing that stifles creativity, living in the moment, living according to our Will and one of the reasons so many things are recycled instead of people creating something new. New things are created but with full knowledge of thier origins. It would be interesting to see what society would be like if there were no pre recorded light and sound available other than music played by musicians, plays acted out in theater, books written and read, art painted and viewed. These were communications years ago. Its not the communications that are new its the idea of taking real time images of living humans and flowing time and reanimating that like living the same memory over and over again.

I say it creates a prison and addictive behaviors.

But this method is one of the ways that gang stalking uses psych warfare against Targets. Even the in person gang stalking utilizes repetitive themes to create a psychological prison for the Target. If every location you go to has the SAME kind of people doing the SAME kinds of things using the SAME information about your personal life they should not have access to due to being strangers and thousands of miles away, then this creates a constant 'repeat'. Its to terrorize the Target into a sense of what Mark Phillips (Cathy Obrien's male counterpart) has dubbed the 'you have nowhere to run nowhere to hide' message or sentiment. Then after a time it serves to lull the Target into a sense of security like brainwashing in a cult. The perp network becomes their constant companion and thier constant protector. In time this helps break down the Target's confidence, thier sense of Self, of privacy and of Will. It also assists in cutting them off from whatever they knew of thier old life-a huge part of thier sense of Self and key to being able to further brainwash them. It seems very important that the Target does NOT get to see or have contact with people from thier old life or who they were intimate with. Betrayal by these parties are also part of the brainwashing process. Betrayal and then removal of those people from the person's life creates a nasty amputation of sorts that in order to survive the TI has to burn and seal the wound very quickly and move on to the business of being Targeted. This is a major mind and emotional f*ck that basically turns the TI into putty in the system's hands.

The videos I have provided, may not suite every TI's taste in music. But each one is related to being targeted in some way. Being a Target, a human experimentee, or being programmed. Fighting the system is present in every single video I have put into the set list. Believe me a TI being actively stalked, harassed and tortured is going to see what needs to be seen or felt from those videos.

In Black Flag's Rise Above of course it refers to rising above the situation of being targeted. With the same fight and total disregard for corrupt authority that every healthy target should have to survive.
But also it is something about that band and that particular performance. It has some sort of energy signature to it that is very useful to 'refuel'. For me at least and others who might have the same energy needs as myself. Each time it is played it provides what is needed to get back on track and focus back on the fight.
Its good battle music at least for those of us who respond well to it. Its musical medicine in short. An adrenaline shot to get you back onto the battlefield again or to energize your shields again.

One of the things I was working on was noting how some bands have energy to their music that seems to heal. I have written over the past years as to how that seems to be phased out now.

Much of what is going on in the end is a war on the human consciousness. To stop humans from producing spirit, spirituality, imagination, healing energy or especially orgone or Vril. Perhaps its just Targets who get this treatment to stifle us. They are certainly afraid of women who can produce alot of energy through orgasm thats for sure. I have actively been witness to my energies being stimulated by something like music being stifled or SUPPRESSED in some way BY THE TECHNOLOGIES THAT ARE IN USE to 'target' people like me or perhaps for mass mind control.

If you wanted to enslave mankind would you not take away his ability to produce energy just as you would control his money or his environment or his food supply? The system is coming after humanity with so many things that people dont see whats going on and if they do they are for some reason being as complacent as the Jews on thier way to the camps.

Genocides hardly ever get stopped if you notice. Humanity is just that way, I dont expect much from the human race really, never have. And due to most of them being so ignorant that they still believe the cover circumstances- that I was a victim of foul play or deception or framing up in a federal investigation of friends of associates of mine as well as I am expendable due to my status or former lifestyle, and some still believe this is reform or well deserved due to my status or my former lifestyle: they dont see the human experimentation part of it or the implications for the entire human race. Many of them that are aware of this aspect truly believe that human experimentees are necessary so that a Few can serve the Many.

You are NEVER going to change human beings penchant for human sacrifices. It is documented in EVERY single culture ancient and even in existence today in remote, exotic locations. This is a reality of apes with intellect and a god like creativity. The ape often prevails.

Humans are dangerous in general but at least unlike an ape may be reasoned with. However one cant reason with an animal under mind control so we are back to apes again. Caged ones (fascism). Pissed off ones (economy). Scared ones (terrorism). Ones that are not being actively allowed to use said intellect or spirituality to reason with each other or understand thier situation (mass mind control). Ones that are not shown all the circumstances for what they truly are (covert ops influencing events). Manipulated.

You cant blame them really. But you can hold them responsible and push honesty. This is one of the main reasons society HATES the Targeted Individual. You are the kid in the family that has had enough, has received especially brutal treatment from the family abuser and are acting out if not calling everyone out on thier sh*t. In order for 'everyone' involved to acknowledge what you are saying to be true they would then have to give up thier relationship with the abusive authority figure and even look honestly at thier own possible victimization: not gonna happen especially if said authority is providing them with some sort of security.

Americans usually HATE activists on these levels and write them off in a Cartman-esque way as "goddamn hippies!"up until recently when the average person now sees what Gen X was on about during the last time anyone acknowledged hearing from us- the protests in the late 90's in the north west. Then it was like we didn't exist and our activism was dangerously close to terrorism. And so the prison began to show itself ( it had already been built around us during the 80's and 90's. Bush shut the front gates to the prison surely).
Now I notice that since the economy sh*t the bed no one nationwide says "Get a job" or some other such *ssholedom when I am panhandling. Still its annoying to think that they are not doing so out of being highly perceptive or being savvy about crime or the criminal mind. They only are sympathizing due to having to sell thier boat and motorcycle. Awww poor things. Why this group think? WHY can Americans not return to a bygone era of respecting (TRUE) individuality as well as personal decisions. I understand the welfare state was abused due to crack and Reagan letting the crazies out of the nut houses but not EVERYONE is a second rate street con. Americans either feel too much sympathy without thinking or they hate on people without thinking. This is a sure sign of being brainwashed into NOT being able to think critically. See how many examples one can come up with? Its a Great Country- unless you get on its bad side (which means either acting in self defense against authority or not being a happy, mindless little child anymore and wanting to grow up). Then you get to see the nasty side of the United States and as of this point, every naive American will not believe you or will believe that you MUST deserve what you are getting.

Can you TELL this place is only a few hundred years old? Can you TELL they have only had one real revolution (moving out of daddy's house to make it on yer own. Hmph!!), one civil war involving not yet an entire US yet as we know it today( a sibling spat over slavery), and a slight uprising of the ever present underground culture (the 60's) that now one can see may have been engineered to be so obnoxious and over the top that its easily detected and wiped from the minds of every citizen and an entire youth generation is created with no understanding of truly being apart from the system? (a taming of the shrew bride perhaps?) or perhaps a clever engineering move to enslave its people in a system that focuses on rewards- souless rewards- in return for going along with enslavement.

Its no surprise that women from India take one look at me and KNOW that its corruption and part of its base is probably in sexism. They are much closer to overt corruption. They dont go to Disney world every years, have boats and cars and then on the way out of a Red Sox game hate on a beggar like myself due to some social stigma or whatever thier twisted reasons are. They will do ANYTHING to stay safe from having to see what the real world is like and if they think for one minute that you are smarter or prettier or more talented and that you dont need money to be as good as they the citizens will certainly either get in on making you like them or enjoying watching you brought down to thier level, which they consider HARD reality.
But then of course you counter those moves with exposing human experimentation and MK Ultra and corruption and they back off into the shadows becuz they dont want to know that's what it was about the whole time. They dont want to know that you truly WERE smarter than them throughout and still are. When the Target counters the Mob with a great big mirror in which not only can they can clearly see themselves but the big, dark evil spectre that is behind them always in life- the true dark side of reality, The People will back the f*ck off with a quickness. Its better than holding them accountable- yer reminding them that all thier actions are to never again have to notice the monster under the bed and now they must deal with adult bogey men. They will hate you even more but ah...after how much destruction the mindless monkeys cause with thier mobbing YOU CAN BET ITS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.

The music is stuff I found keeps me going. Injects me with energy. Reminds me what I am fighting for and about- that it IS real. That it DID happen.

Yes its interesting that its called 'target video' which I didnt even notice consciously like so much of what I have done through the years countering this campaign. But its appropriate I would say. Also the second vid American Waste reminds me of how fast I seemed to travel and the many places I have seen throughout this. And of course American Waste is appropriate especially the military clips. When Rollins gives a fierce look while singing "we are born with a chance..I'M GONNA HAVE MY CHANCE" I know that I have to fight still as I had my 'chances' and opportunity taken from me. Rise above.

And if yer programmed you may find inspiration from the Bjork video or the vid Cars, Saved By Zero etc. We can all relate to The Matrix clips with Golden Earring's The Twilight Zone audio.