“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, July 30, 2012

Heavily targeted while trying to panhandle in seabrook new hampshire

heavenly targeted in seabrook new hampshire. I wasn't targeted previously because I had companions with me.

2 soldiers who looked at me and my sign and I didn't like it because I thought it was part of the harassment perhaps. so I told them that the military industrial complex is fucked and that they work for the man. I also told him that my grandparents for u s marines and like them, they also suck. strangely my male companion who has been begging yesterday and today didn't get your last day I did the whole time he was in his spot. but I tried to stand with a sign in a different spot down the street that was constant how is her last minute looks and get a job. just remember the ku klux klan is the new hampshire no I appreciate getting away from the black gang bullshit down in boston mean that organization wouldn't do exactly what the ganges you doing down in boston how to survive you dirty work for the fucking corrupt authority figure. otherwise they wouldn't be allowed to exist. I seen examples with the ku klux klan is very clever and very smooth about the way they operate a campaign against someone or a group. They are usually clever and smooth enough to keep it focused on something that sounds believable like "get a job" to someone who is begging for money. when they know that person is targeted individual and it's just GS. because it doesn't make sense that my friend didn't get your ass and I got consistently fucked with. Am I supposed to believe that they r just sexist and wud only harass a woman begging? My new hampshire-my new england that I knew, has been destroyed by the same cancer that I've seen across the united states in the past 10 to 15 years: arrogant young males coming back from war with shaved heads and pick up trucks, or just males of the same age who r trying to look like that,horrid YUPpies in compact cars all blend in so nobody gets noticed, with their dark sunglasses and baseball caps. These seem to be the main kinds of people that do harassment of targets. In Austin TX it was mostly young men who looked like hipsters and also around Cambridge MA area. Its interesting that the perps always hide behind dressing like whatever demographic lives as a majority in that area. Its finally hit home after being in this area having this happen: the US is now exactly like the USSR, Communist China or East Germany. Occupied by large groups hiding out looking like normal citizens yet being responsible for mobbing anyone targeted either specifically as an individual or due to being part of a certain group description (people stopped a few times and gave me and my companion a peace sign saying "hippies" which they did not do to me when alone. In fact my male companion told me a cop rolled up beside him and flashed the peace sign. He also just told me that he made 40 bucks and nobody mobbed him at all or told him to get a job...none of it.So the GS group might be using mobbing hippies as a cover but they didnt mob HIM only ME.) I spent an hour basically telling people off almost constantly while only one older guy in a black Cadillac gave me a ten and someone else a five. Its incredible what these people will do to try to force a person whos been used in human experimentation to do to silence them and get them to rejoin society as a normal person as if nothing has happened. Its amazing how many of these people look like normal working class slobs. Its also amazing that the USA is so full of people willing to get in the way of justice as well as mob a true freedom fighter like myself. These people are just nobody type looking. Average nobodies, especially in a place like Seabrook. As usual however its easy to stand against them becuz they are either one of two things: Supporting some of the worst kinds of corruption imaginable including war crimes by the military and intelligence agencies and the drug running pedo rings OR they are extremely stupid and brainwashed so as to be comparable to the Proles in the novel 1984 so not really worth much to begin with. They are peasants. Nothings in fact. And thats usually how I view them. Becuz i know that if they were in their right minds or knew the truth they wouldn't be mobbing Targets. So they are either on the side of supporting the ultimate bad guys or they are really stupid and believe what they are brain washed to believe. Which makes them of no consequence to me at all. They only get in the way if they are allowed to mob me if i am not paying attention like today.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The guy im traveling with has shown me he is a total dick. Hes ignoring me in favor of our hosts. I had poison ivy and was sort of tired and grumpy and just.got ignored.

He probably makes a much better road dog than he does a real boyfriend. I knew that but this is just ridiculous. And of course i am paying for food becuz i found alot left on my card after moving away and returning. 

Hes holding some stuff for me in storage though and i need it safe.

Ive spoken to him and its done no good. Think this trip.is about over.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hanging out with some new people my friend and i met. Young people. Dont trust them fully. They keep using the term whore as a negative reference in different points of conversation.  It might just be their upbringing was a bit judgemental but i can never be sure. Other things they say in comversation as well male them suspect. All very familiar tactics to control Targets.

My road dog has been inside for a few days and has taken to ignoring me to watch tv exclusively and play on his phone and of course talk with our hosts some.

Another situation where i seem drained, exploited, excluded and ganged up on. Not literally, that last one but the dynamics of the four of us is working that way.

The young female of the couple has a distinct coldness to her eyes occassionally when conversing with here or.watching her speak. It was a bit unsettling for me in the beginning.

And of course my road dog now acting coldly....

I have been needy on this trip or a bit bossy out.of sheer nerves and ill health this trip. His behavior only makes me feel worse. I know hes a user type-rich kid video gamer nerd whos been houseless for less than a year. He simply isnt the kind.of.person who lives this way out of necessity or survival.

He can be nice.for.most.part and lets face.it i.am desperate for companionship.

Theres ways i can conserve my resources at this point instead of buying all the food and make use spange insread.

You get.cheap.with me? I.can do.the same right ba

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Madonna Refers To Israel As "The Center Of The World"

Yeah if your world has been reduced that small.

M has been involved over the years with media psy ops and stealing styles, images and ideas from artists outsider and otherwise, for decades.

Look at that claw of a hand Madonna has on her.

The two predators grasping each other. Like two leeches in symbiosis.

Madonna was probably looking for something spiritual after years of living in the spotlight and fighting in the nasty, vicsous entertainment industry.

The powers that be know these.types.of.people have done and will do anything to be successful in these industries. They know that these human beings have lost alot of soul or or spirit as a result of such actions to gain such success. It might be easier to LITERALLY make a sell-your-soul type pact with an entity such as the Christian Devil or similar becuz then at least one is being honest with oneself.

People who arent honest about what they are really doing end up with alot of energy deprivation and are easily manipulated.

Its common with MC slaves or entertainers like this to arrange very personal disappointments in life so then their true Self or the closest thing to it is then lost and lacking though the public doesnt see.

Its also common in the modern world to force poweefuk spiritual women into roles like mere entertainers then simply manipulate that spiritual nature accordingly. Ive noticed that one of the greatest goals of this system is to ensure women of great spiritual and psychic power NEVER REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL ON EARTH.

So instead Madonna settles for a spiritual center like Israel. Isnt it interesting how often it was attempted to manipulate me into becoming Jewish or close to Israel along the way in this gang stalking campaign.

Judaism is powerful only due to the people who believe in it. And human collective consciousness is pretty powerful.

Madonna, being half Italian may already have some Jewish blood or perhaps through her aristocratic DNA through her French Canadian mother. (The myth of her rags to riches image is once again a cover for her ancestry or family wealth just like many many other artists and entertainers).

Perhaps its not a conversion then but an appropriate coming home for her.

What is so bothersome is the way many stars over time seem to be formed by a larger power into these people that arent really who they are as people. If one looks at the faces of many stars when young then decades later we can see the results of the isolation of fame.

This system uses that isolation against such people. Its a very important part of cult mind control or 'brain washing'.

Really these people are looking for something else. And just becuz they settle for whats popular this millenia or century or whats convenient or in front of them doesnt mean they are right nor that they have found The Way.

Many people will be influenced by her choices just as they will many famous people. In this way a sort of Jesus character is created and used once again against the people.

Christianity may have been an appropriate movement then religion to counter the horrors and corruptions of ancient worlds like Rome but by now much stemming from Christianity has become just as corrupt.

Its the nature of man that creates such environments of destruction not whatever religion is popular with the people.

Israel is just as guilty as anyone of war crimes and the Jews their own distinct style of corruption. The reason theyve lasted so long is becuz they have a.way of giving back as well as making people feel protected and a part of something like a family. A very old powerful family.

But that doesnt make them the ultimate truth nor even a religion that cant be disassembled by mere historical fact.

The world is regressing into terrorism and religious obsessions. Humans instinctively know that our planet which we depend on for life is becoming polluted, overdeveloped and unhealthy just like the many animals who have gone north over the past decades.

Humanity is also looking for some sort of safe zone or ultimate answer. As if a man on his death bed seeking salvation.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pat The Pocket/Wallet On Commuter Rail

Pat the wallet or pat the front or back pocket is used multiple times daily now. I am on Commuter Rail and  there are alot of perps going by exiting the train making sure i see them pat their front pockets. All males.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Unable To Get Health Care Due To Conditions Being Unbearable In The City

With someone traveling. Feel weaker and sicker than i ever have before. Want to try to get out of USA but might be too sick to do.so.

The pain in my right side, connected to my intestinal bleeding twice this year and l having to do.with pain in my liver is just too great.

Ive never been this week on the road before.

For once I.may have to quit and go back to.the city. The pain in my sode is almost constant.

Yet the city os unbearably hot this year. July qnd August have been increasingly unbearable for me heat wise.

So i thought it wpuld be logical to leave and go north where itz cooler for a month or so.
But to be even too weak, tired and in pain to make it north is just unheard of with me.

I can function under pain or.illness usially by compartmentalizjng it and 'ignoring' it.
How hard Ive been pushed to perform over the past ten years has me now trained basically to.function by working off the old programming system of compartmentalization but without any safety stops. Like I am 'not allowed' to acknowledge I am weak.or too ill to perform somethin or go somewhere.

I am pretty sure the GS system has engineered this over time. By the way the gang stalking has gkne its been to destroy me all alog. So of course getting me to just run myself into my grave is pretty much what they are trying to.do.

The people behind this KNOW the way Survivors are set up mentally amd emotionally. They know we are easy to make self destructive without any stips to that behavior.

Or to.tap into the programming system and to work off off the way we can complete an action or task with little or no.regard to.our own lives.

They know just how to hack into or.work off.of our original programming sustems after they alter the structure especially with gang staalking, to turn our assets or programmjng against us to our own dedtruction.

Make life is unbearable for me here and make it impossible for me to write my book or take care of the body (my health) and of course I will think going to another country is the answer. All I know how to.do.is to think to escape to another 'section' of a map necuz to me they appear to be compartments. Each area has different conditikns. So perhaps another area on the globe has conditions rivht for my survival and the completion of delivery of information (book) if I go there.

Everywhere I go in the USA is gang stalked. There is absolutely no.place to.get away from it here in the US now, unless you go.to live on the side.of.a.mountain in New Mexico or other wifi free zones Ive been to.

Its unthinkable to stay in the US anymore.

To get to.another country even this ill might be worth it just to see if freedom can be aquired before.illness takes over.

I vant do the laparoscopy anyway becuz I keep.thinkong they are going to try to kill me on the table when I get medicated or when they do the procedure, someone will 'accidentally' screw up or other purposeful bad luck nomsense.

After that doctor at BMC did what she did and after being so.mistreated over the years by medical staff here in the USA I feel they are capable.of murddr, outright. Its what they have been partaking in all along anyway.

Look at my health condition as of now. How did I get this sick? With so many injuries and so much damage?

By beng afraid to.go.to medical doctors due to past harassment and terrorizjng.

Its not worth it to.stay in the USA.

I cant function in an area so.close to my hometown, family qnd birthplace. What happened keeps grindkng down my mind daily.

I personally dont expect to.have any life or a future, but I.want my loss to be worth it by teling the whole world what happened. Then i can pass in peace after the story has been told.

This system wants to keep me alove.it seems and silenced abojt what happened.

Its a daily torment and misery I cannot live with.

Alot.of jerks who are in on this, cruel types have been writing media psy ops tyoe crap with titles like between two.worlrds etc. Ske bitch I befriended mentioned.it in a stupid taro card reading. Total manipulative mind gamer assholedom.

So the people who helped put me into.this state.of.being know very well what they have done. And they know that arranging things so someone has to exist as an alter who lives normally whike working on much more serious , damaging content is enough to.destroy someone no matter how strong their internal programing system was designed to be.

Becuz they know how the system is set up so they know how to mess with it to create a certain reztructurng within the programmed person.

They want the victim to have to appear normal or to.live normally while hidinv whats really occured, which is wby its so important to keep brainwashing the Target intodelaying their work just one more day, then another on so on until it hecokes years-becuz no one is going to believe them etc.

The other choice is for the Survivor to totally give up being compartmentalized and break down into being only focused on what really hapened which of course is the completion of forced deprogramming and breaking down the Survivors programming, which means destroyjng once and for all their talents, intelligence, and everything that makes them artistic or special.

Its the ultimate brainwashinv into the cukt that exists today that is the NWO.

Its titally unacceptabke and should be avoided at the cost of death of the physical body, which they seek to make the Survivor fear with long term torture and dedtruction of health
The city arlund Boston and Cambridge are impossble to.navigate. Too many perps, too many ghetto pieces of shit, yuppies, rich kids. Its also an oven in July and August and all those demographics just become more annoying to deal with. .

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pic The Perp Got

This is the shot he got...with people at the bus stop in it of course. Ohhh...super spy. Give me a break. Its either intimidation to protect the adult entertainment ring scumbags locally or its the feds playing games to get info which of course is bs becuz firstly they always know more than they let on and protect real criminals and two without a subpoena they can go to hell. Not everyone is going to become an informant for them (aka: mind controlled cult member).

Its all to cover human experimentation, mass mind control and their corruption anyways. Ultimately these are all cover stories.

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682 fy3 ma lic plate camera harassment medford MA

682 fy3 ma lic plate. silver compact.

single occupant:male driver.

hid behind bus until it passed. then snapped photo of where my stuff and my companion were standing at a bus stop in Medford.

luckily i was going across the street just as he was hiding behind othr bus that had come to stop and i saw this and made sure to keep out of picture and go behind him got lic plate.

sheer luck mixed with my years of being seasoned as a TI to recognize a perp and take evasive action quickly.

Must be pissed at last post.

Awww...poor babies. Right back at you with lic plate.

Dont screw with me trying to protect your boy down the street. Or Pzi John either.

Both of them can be easily 'handled'.

As if i couldnt have done so long ago.

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The Laundry Mat In Medford/Somerville

Old mixed guy owns this place. Vetran. Possible perp, possibly John or client of local escort services.

Knows too much, asked questions in perp like manner along lines of exacting 'where are u going, when r u leaving'.

I say knows too much becuz he made comment far too familiar and way to close to local cover story by saying "I'm gonna blame you for this heat. You look like you can take it. He doesnt look like he can take it" (My male companion.)

This is either a sexist comment or its connected to what was done to me according to the cover story as that is basically what was done. And recall private detective (and escort service owner) John Panderos once stated years ago "You're strong. You can take it". In regards to the local cover story which involved local organized crime.

Also this guy fits the typical john/pedo profile. Hes far too concerned if we have everything we need, to the point of interfering with our doing laundry and making this chore more difficult, but he is also very self centered then having everyone doing their laundry sit and watch his grandsons play little league football when we just met this guy. Thank goodness i cut that to a few minutes.

Who does this to two obviously tired squatters/travelers while they r minding their business or trying to and do laundry?

Its not normal behavior.

But that is why Targeted Survivors are controlled life long by this sytem. They believe people like us are born, trained and raised to take such abuse for life. And they arent people who r trying to change or grow anyway. Usully they find some way to hide in society and in the local community as a socially acceptable citizen.

Humans being the animals they r they by nature will then protect a prominent, tax paying citizen established in a community even when they know that person is no good.

And of course scapegoat and shun the loner/outsider/traveler etc etc.

This is why such people continue to be able to (THINK they can) harass targeted Survivors.

Becuz your average common people dont know what justice is and have no natural sense of it in everyday life-they live like animals basically. Civilized animals but still animals. Mostly unconscious of what they do or knowing how to get away with selfish animal behavior. This is why we have law, a justice system and courts and due process-and this is why these animals can continue to get away with destroying TIs lives. Becuz the justice system wont deal with the crime.

So animals continue to exist without rule of law.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm not an American.

I'm a European trying to get home again.

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I cant wait to get away from the elite and their house slaves here in Boston and Cambridge.

Poor Third Wave immigrants historically were oppressed compared to their black house slaves that have been with them since this country's creation. Such 'African'-Americans often enjoyed a much better quality of life than later European immigrants ever did.

And nothing has changed.

Americans are brainwashed to not realize this is historical fact. Which is why this country is useless to someone like me.

Wtf, the elite and their house slaves share the same DNA anyways from their hidden relations going way back. Dont people understand thats why they have a kinship? Thats why they support each other. Its logical and really obvious.

Thats why this country will never be right for someone like me. They still believe in slavery. This country is based on lies anyway, it will never redeem itself.

It will always lie, deceive, bribe and payoff instead of do right.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daily In Person Harassment Is Still Intense

The perps have now caused me to lose two of my gear items I need. My hand sewn sweatshirt and today my Nalgene.

Seems like the focus lately is to get me to loose things. By using constant hatassment as distraction.

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Homeland Security Provided Biggest Scumbag GS Of All Time-Homeland Jailers Is All They Are

Ever mention that piece of shit who sets up in Harvard Sq MBTA station who sells his totally ghetto incense and oils to people? Nowadays he's wearing normal colored shirts. A few years ago he was going along with the local gs by waering red tshirts and insistng on focusing on me and doing all the basic gs nonsense.

Which means hes gang affiliated (a racist hater Liberal agenda piece of garbage or aka=house slave) or he wants a payoff and probably rationalizes it in his mind as 'gotta get mines' or he's in trouble for kiddie porn or child molesting or tricking.

He could be working under the Homeland banner which of course has executed covert warfare on Targets as a gross abuse of power for over a decade now without the public daring to believe or question such accusations.

Hes a piece of shit. Remember this when u see him. He may think he can hide what hes done to people like me but i am telling u exactly what he is.

Its interesting isn't it, that the same tactics that anti terror experts warn us terrorists are going to use against the public  are indeed what is being used to terrorize and control the public specifically targeted citizens who know too much about this deception.

Homeland Security are prison guards. From what I have experinced from First Responders to bus drivers, truck drivers and others who have been listed as the 'first line of defense' against terrorism. These same people are the most brutal, arrogant and destructive organized stalkers with no regard for human life.

They have been the most arrogant and mocking of Targeted Individials throughout their reign of terror.

A employee of the Commuter Rail here in MA once tried to bullshit me (handling of victim tactic) by using the excuse that "we're all under alot of pressure you know".

Deep down you can see they think its funny. The arrogance and disregard. It was all just so easy wasnt it.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Authorities Profiling Of Terror Suspects Or Threats Is Total Bullshit When Mind Control Is Considered

They think i can't get revenge becuz i easily loose focus due to brain damage and being targeted.

They also believe my nature is too gentle to take action against people.

Someone i know in homeland told me that they test and profile people who are considered threats.

Based on such profiling many people are considered to low intelligence, resourcefulness or too off mentally to actually complete the threats they make or do anything truly revolutionary.

Again they have information they arent showing. Is being a Survivor of mind control considered? Or being targeted?

This is why the system can fain that lone shooters are such a TOTAL mystery. When in fact if they did ACURRATE profiling they would know that certain people's behaviors are a result of what i just mentioned.

Basically they are trying to control people they know damn well have been victimized by covert activities, black projects, cults and the international spy/kiddie sex-porn rings/drugs and money laundering networks. As well as unethical human experimetation which seems to involve the Masons and elite universities.

By repeatedly brainwashing a Target with content that makes them think they can't win, get justice or revenge a TI may eventually believe that.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

FAIL In Central Sq Once Again

Will somebody PLEASE tell the young male blacks in Central Sq especially who work at Harvest Co Op that they are ignorant as f*ck about whats really going on in this situation? Their total cluelessness is beginning to annoy me...amusing as it may be for entertainment value.

Their jerk offs and they dont even know it.

An entire generation brainwashed to believe they are gangsta.

Guess what? The real power brokers have deemed not to have me killed-or i wud b dead by now.

Your lame community harassment is bullshit and shows how truly desperate, kept down and weak u really r.


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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

M.I.T. don't mess with me today/Annoying MIT cops again

That Asian cop in the Laverdes Market just now...no more bs today or i go to the news with an embarrassing story about a professor.
I dont care how many little millennial clueless snobs call u that dont like the look of me.
Not today u corrupt selfish bastards.

Everr since that South American Jewish president took over I have encountered more resistance to my using the resources here.

Keep it up and I will dig up dirt on him too. Maybe I will even go to South America lol. Hey, I like to travel to new places. I am sure it wont be hard. He's a man remember and that always means some sort of dirt.

There is nothing wrong with me going into the Student Center store to get coffee. The clueless masses with whatever they believe about the cover story, if they think I am still working in Adult Entertainment or whatever else the sheep believe to make themselves feel better about being corrupt, greedy elite scum who work for the military industrial complex in one of the most corrupt colleges on the planet-they, as the police and I both know- dont know what the f*ck is going on.

Then again it could be that the Asian is part of the local organized crime that supports certain career criminals in this area I have to watch out for. Every Asian you see in a profession is potentially indebted to the Chinese organized crime syndicate for life you realize of course. You never know who either. A medical student told me this years ago- he's probably a doctor now. YOUR doctor perhaps. He looks like a normal professional, you would never know. But he told me that due to the syndacate helping him into college and his family back home and here that he is in debt to them for life and he has to come running when they call- FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

So much for my being crazy, dangerous etc. There is nothing wrong with me. I AM FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT. I have a skirt drying from my pack becuz it got some poison ivy on it last night. And thats becuz I sleep outside. And I have allergic reactions that could kill me or send me to the hospital if I dont be careful. And i have those reactions becuz a possible perp, definitely an irresponsible doctor in AZ gave me Bactrim and with my past mold exposure and liver disease of course it sent me into anaphylactic shock. That was back in 2009 ever since that day I have to take Benedryl to prevent going into a reaction again. This could be what has caused me to have the intestinal problems I am now plagued with.

This is all becuz I was targeted into having to travel, live outside and live poorly DUE TO THE GANG STALKING SYSTEM. This is becuz I and my mother are government whistle blowers. She backed down, I LIKE MY FATHER REFUSE TO SO THEY ARE TRYING TO LABEL ME OR GET ME JAILED WITH CONSTANT NON STOP HARASSMENT.

But you dont think about a situation being this complex do you?

The thing that is so annoying is that most likely its either really brainwashed people calling security or Gang Stalking perps who are posing as 'concerned citizens' or I guess it could be perps hooked into crooked cops and they just play it off as a normal concerned citizen bunch of bs.

I dont look odd or unclean. I am not dressed very funky today at all. The only reason I would be stalked by an MIT cop in the market in the student center is that he is in on gang stalking and its on purpose. Bastard

It could be that they have some sort of mark on me now due to a few weeks ago a student got me annoyed and I think I said something under my breath. However, I had done that once before a few months ago, even saying loudly at the bus stop something about this being a whore for the military industrial complex-that was ignored however as if it never happened. Only recently have I been encountering more stalking by MIT police.

And this guy didn't just show up to buy stuff today, he purposely went over to where I was mixing my coffee I just bought with the milk I just bought and made sure I saw him look over my shoulder.

He's crooked, I can smell it a mile away. In on something- perversion, payoffs- something I just dont know what. After being around a few off duty people who hang in the same circles as I do, and realizing the way cops think, talk and behave out of uniform as well as being better able to spot thier...possible vices lets say, due to thier civilian behavior being more revealing-I now know what a crooked pair of steel eyes looks like.

Keep going for it and I will do what I need to do as well. Recall- I AM NOT MY MOTHER.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Everything Always Falls Apart In MA

I was doing so well here. Making appointments for healthcare.  Then i got involved with this guy and everything fell apart.

I cant take this place anymore. It seems like i only accomplish anything if I suffer daily and live like a nun.  Its not right.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Liberal Hell Holes

Yeah but the Liberal places r just corrupt throughout. They hide behind social service programs, PC and house slaves. These places r still always run by greedy selfish elite. Especially the northeast.
The people they oppress are select so that no one will take notice.
Certain Conservative Republican areas treat those demographics much better. Still the neo cons are also horrible.

Face it. There is no place to go in the US where certain people can live without oppression from both popular American parties.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ambulance Drivers: How Can They Be So Anti-Life?

All First Responders have been sited by TIs around the country as being gang stalking perpetrators on par with police and firemen.

I personally have experienced EMTs, nurses, doctor's secretaries, doctor's assistants, a few docs themselves and patient advocacy in on gang stalking campaigns. This is around the USA but its most cold hearted in places like Boston, Michigan, Colorado, St. Louis, MO and anywhere that Masons and Illuminati are alleged to be strong or there is multiple cults active in the area.

I noticed in other locations like Cali and Nashville TN  theres a bit of trying to be humane.

One of my mother's little first responder buddies when I was little was named Neil. She was impressed with male authority as usual but especially with Neil becuz he claimed to be a sniper for special police as well as an EMT. She was obsessed with this male who she saw as "Giving life and being able to take it away..." Of course this was simply her inner child or child alter's still seeking males like her brutally abusive Marine father from the swamps of New Orleans. Yet it occured to me always that people are never what they seem. People hide things. In fact she made sure to instill this in me. It seemed like to the point of paranoia but years ago knowing I was intergenerationally targeted, I realize whatever mother alter or instinct was in there that could act through her alters and programming, was tryinh to not only prepare me for this system but for the day perhaps when a man like her father, or her own father perhaps, would try something such as had befallen her. It worked, but it still hasn't made me able to beat the sytem or find a way to live with it. To function within it. The only way to function under such malecentric tyranny would be to submit out of fear. Which is not what my mother taught me to do in life nor is it something in my nature to do. Why would an ambulance driver hold any kind of deadly malice for anyone? Becuz he is hiding. He is behind a uniform like all PREDATORS. Like priests who molest children and depend on the uniform to gain, establish and maintain trust and authority even during scandal. Perhaps he's an infiltrator. He's part of the cult. He's a cop in on corruption or on the payroll of a private black ops company. He's part of one of the many intelligence agencies foreign or domestic. Who knows? Who the f*ck cares? HE HAS SHOWN HIMSELF TO BE THE ENEMY...and thats all Targets need to know. I've seen EMTs mess with me by mentioning that I tried to commit suicide that day when a cab actually tried to run me over which they did by gesturing I had right of way to cross the street then speeding up when i went to cross. Sounds pretty much like being akin to a sniper. Trying to kill someone or drive them to kill themselves is just the same.

Got  pissed at some black lady on the bus who seemed to be messing with me. She acted surprised but I think it was bullshit conaidering her reaction was so delayed. When the older skinny bitch got up in usual northeast fashion as if white people everywhere fear blacks even if they r scrawny post menopausal bitches, some rich white kid was laughing and held her shoulder down. So...this means the asshole knew who I was. Either it was all a set up and the black bitch was part of it or it was a set up that included a few people on the bus. Namely that white rich kid and the guy who kept asking to use her pen. What pissed me off was having her and he  pass  this  pen  across the aisle i was standing in as they were sitting across from each other, without respcting personal space. It also looked like the black woman was making faces making fun of having to pass the pen near me at all.

Its a big fuckin joke isnt it? Me and my claims?

That bus number one sucks for me  all  the time anyway considering it goes from Harvard to MIT to Dudley station in the ghetto. Its always full of the two demographics that keep poor whites down in this area:rich whites many of whom belong to the elite and blacks who have served as their house slaves protecting their interests for hundreds of years. So if it isnt gang stalking or if it starts out with that, the kinds of people on that bus usually make it easy to get me bullied anyway.

Its a big joke to everyone in the US it seems. And now more than ever people act as if i am no longer a threat in anyway like I have nothing that could damge anyone locally or i am totally discredited.

Fuck you. Fuck Massachusetts and fuck the United States.

You got your wish. I am leaving. I hope people celebrate and then forget about me becuz I am going to spend the rest of my life telling the entire world what happened here to me since 2003 and finding ways to destroy MA and the United States.

I am going to fight this cancer on our planet known as American culture for as long as I live.

I hate this country for what its done to me and its arrogance in using people like me then trying to turn us into nutcases to avoid responsibility. At least China hurts its people overtly.

I never ever want to see this place again. And I hope something horrible destroys MA and everyone in it.

Maybe thats wby I am having ideations to go north. I can only hope its to avoid a disaster that lowers the population considerably. Make sure my family who are total lying scumbags who betrayed me are the first to go.

Big joke to everyone. Good. Im outta here so u cant mock me anymore. But I hope u all die.

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Psy Ops In Central Sq Cambridge Religious Based

Some idiot just saved my sign for me then gave me five dollars while quickly saying something unintelligible followed by the word "providence" then "God Bless Ye".
I dont care what kind of religious bullshit anyone throws my way. They r either actors for the intelligence agencies or black ops companies or they r brainwashed, lied to about the Target and under cult mind control.

There is no 'divine providence' involved in this. Only chem trails, the cell phone towers and repeaters and the surveillance cameras everywhere. And of course people willing to destroy another human being for various excuses they call reasons.
Psy ops has nothing to do with divine providence. Its mind control via brainwashing usually involving torture and manipulation.

If ANYONE actually believes that my being destroyed is their god's work or my being run out of the country is their gods Will...then how do u explain the Satanists involved?
Just actors. Or lost stupid people under brain washing. People ARE this stupid you have to realize. Especially in the United States. Americans will seek or accept any way out of being responsible for the wrongs done by their country domestically and abroad.
I recall the story of how the CIA cheered when all of Jim Jone's cult was murdered as well. All dead.

Was that a god's will? No that was a black project that needed to be terminated before anyone escaped and started revealing information to tell the truth to the public.
This country is wrong and its guilty of war crimes. Boston, Cambridge and surrounding areas that destroyed my life are wrong for what they did and they r guilty of war crimes and civil and human rights abuses. If this were not true my mother would not have been intimidated out of going to the Pres Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments in 95.
Manifest destiny was also an excuse used hundreds of years ago to genocide almost an entire race of people on this continent. You think people dont think like this just becuz we have science, INTERNET and a legal system?
How often do we focus on black slavery and Jewish genocide exclusively to the exclusion of other instances of this happening world wide especially within the US to the Native Americans?
The US is a sick, unreal place based totally in fantasy, built on lies, delusions, deceptions and crime.

The moment you break free of the illusion, you become targeted by this system that uses psychological torture to force you to either re-conform or go insane so you dont make others aware of the reality of what the United States really is about.
I realize now that the American public especially in Liberal areas surprisingly, are so far gone and so under mind control that they actually perceive anyone fighting for freedom DOMESTICALLY to be a something akin to a terrorist-in the least a trouble maker. They just dont care. They really want to believe that the only abuses of power are ones outside the United States. And for many defending their country means defending the disgusting monster that the USA has become and all her interests overseas or otherwise.

Eager To Leave Finally

I can't wait to leave this Liberal hell hole that pretends its progressuve but its nothing but rich people and their house slaves.

I am sick of the perverts being socially acceptable as long ss they hide or are in good with power. Fuck MA.

I am sick of the looks of hatred and disdain when i panhandle becuz i am not black or male.

I cannot wait to close my storage and abandon this state my birthplace and the entire country and never return again.

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