“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Got  pissed at some black lady on the bus who seemed to be messing with me. She acted surprised but I think it was bullshit conaidering her reaction was so delayed. When the older skinny bitch got up in usual northeast fashion as if white people everywhere fear blacks even if they r scrawny post menopausal bitches, some rich white kid was laughing and held her shoulder down. So...this means the asshole knew who I was. Either it was all a set up and the black bitch was part of it or it was a set up that included a few people on the bus. Namely that white rich kid and the guy who kept asking to use her pen. What pissed me off was having her and he  pass  this  pen  across the aisle i was standing in as they were sitting across from each other, without respcting personal space. It also looked like the black woman was making faces making fun of having to pass the pen near me at all.

Its a big fuckin joke isnt it? Me and my claims?

That bus number one sucks for me  all  the time anyway considering it goes from Harvard to MIT to Dudley station in the ghetto. Its always full of the two demographics that keep poor whites down in this area:rich whites many of whom belong to the elite and blacks who have served as their house slaves protecting their interests for hundreds of years. So if it isnt gang stalking or if it starts out with that, the kinds of people on that bus usually make it easy to get me bullied anyway.

Its a big joke to everyone in the US it seems. And now more than ever people act as if i am no longer a threat in anyway like I have nothing that could damge anyone locally or i am totally discredited.

Fuck you. Fuck Massachusetts and fuck the United States.

You got your wish. I am leaving. I hope people celebrate and then forget about me becuz I am going to spend the rest of my life telling the entire world what happened here to me since 2003 and finding ways to destroy MA and the United States.

I am going to fight this cancer on our planet known as American culture for as long as I live.

I hate this country for what its done to me and its arrogance in using people like me then trying to turn us into nutcases to avoid responsibility. At least China hurts its people overtly.

I never ever want to see this place again. And I hope something horrible destroys MA and everyone in it.

Maybe thats wby I am having ideations to go north. I can only hope its to avoid a disaster that lowers the population considerably. Make sure my family who are total lying scumbags who betrayed me are the first to go.

Big joke to everyone. Good. Im outta here so u cant mock me anymore. But I hope u all die.

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