“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Psy Ops In Central Sq Cambridge Religious Based

Some idiot just saved my sign for me then gave me five dollars while quickly saying something unintelligible followed by the word "providence" then "God Bless Ye".
I dont care what kind of religious bullshit anyone throws my way. They r either actors for the intelligence agencies or black ops companies or they r brainwashed, lied to about the Target and under cult mind control.

There is no 'divine providence' involved in this. Only chem trails, the cell phone towers and repeaters and the surveillance cameras everywhere. And of course people willing to destroy another human being for various excuses they call reasons.
Psy ops has nothing to do with divine providence. Its mind control via brainwashing usually involving torture and manipulation.

If ANYONE actually believes that my being destroyed is their god's work or my being run out of the country is their gods Will...then how do u explain the Satanists involved?
Just actors. Or lost stupid people under brain washing. People ARE this stupid you have to realize. Especially in the United States. Americans will seek or accept any way out of being responsible for the wrongs done by their country domestically and abroad.
I recall the story of how the CIA cheered when all of Jim Jone's cult was murdered as well. All dead.

Was that a god's will? No that was a black project that needed to be terminated before anyone escaped and started revealing information to tell the truth to the public.
This country is wrong and its guilty of war crimes. Boston, Cambridge and surrounding areas that destroyed my life are wrong for what they did and they r guilty of war crimes and civil and human rights abuses. If this were not true my mother would not have been intimidated out of going to the Pres Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments in 95.
Manifest destiny was also an excuse used hundreds of years ago to genocide almost an entire race of people on this continent. You think people dont think like this just becuz we have science, INTERNET and a legal system?
How often do we focus on black slavery and Jewish genocide exclusively to the exclusion of other instances of this happening world wide especially within the US to the Native Americans?
The US is a sick, unreal place based totally in fantasy, built on lies, delusions, deceptions and crime.

The moment you break free of the illusion, you become targeted by this system that uses psychological torture to force you to either re-conform or go insane so you dont make others aware of the reality of what the United States really is about.
I realize now that the American public especially in Liberal areas surprisingly, are so far gone and so under mind control that they actually perceive anyone fighting for freedom DOMESTICALLY to be a something akin to a terrorist-in the least a trouble maker. They just dont care. They really want to believe that the only abuses of power are ones outside the United States. And for many defending their country means defending the disgusting monster that the USA has become and all her interests overseas or otherwise.