“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mayor Menino Worked For The Elitist NWO Agenda/Beware The Up And Coming NWO African House Slaves



Tom Menino and Beacon Hill Mob swim with Fish
Fish is an elitist *sshole who with a very dangerous group of powerful men, want to further 'rebuild' our cities in a globalist image.


Menino sold this city out to the globalist agenda by turning a city historically known as The Hub Of The Universe into a supposed modern ideal of the 'world class city' in the globalist era.  This means that developers win bigtime and entire cultures and neighborhoods have to be destroyed so that the city can be remade in a globalist image. Which also means getting rid of anyone inconvenient.

It also means cozying up to the elements that are involved with construction: the Masons (globally- the heavy hitters), the mafia and all the other cultures that the NWO tries to clean up and hide in thier new squeaky clean image, specially formed for the public.

In the NWO, both parties and all elite connected people are building what essentially is a new fuedal system...IF you are stupid enough to buy into it.

Look at the scum that ruined by cities, my home..and in the process over their administrations: my life and potential.

Tough, greedy, sexist assholes serving special interests, organized crime and the elite. Nothing has changed in the northeast. Just look how insane NYC has become.
They have simply streamlined their ol boy network for the 21st century...and a good ol Liberal Elitist agenda assures that all looks fair, progressive and PC- as long as African Americans and women (all dedicated to the same agenda of course and loyal to the system) appear to be 'moving forward' in society.
These are nothing but house slaves. Malcolm X claimed that certain blacks were house slaves due to thier exhibiting white DNA. I disagree-its any African American who wittingly or unwittingly aligns themselves with the corrupt power elite in this society.
Dont be fooled by two party systems or Boston/Cambridge's progressiveness. Liberal ELITIST means just that- its elite first. Everyone else can go drop dead.
Actually its amusing to look at many of the African Americans serving the elite agenda either as politicians etc or disinformation agents, who clearly possess European DNA.
Any African American who is truly rebellious against the system was taken out during COINTELPRO or in the 90s. Rap is owned by the privatized corporate prison industrial complex.

America is completely infiltrated and run by NWO loyalists. Boston is still violent and sleazy- instead of outright violence they now use mass mind control and psy ops to target anyone who is a problem to their agenda. Its done in a way the public cannot see. And all the untouchable career criminals in Boston remained untouched during the 'for the public' show of federal investigations during Bush and beyond.
I can testify to that.
Obviously, Whitey Bulger is a symbol of poor white uprising in this city and is a scapegoat as well as a diversion.
All crime is not connected to government, intelligence, military and global organized crime as well as the private sector (corporate).

BTW all I recall about Menino being in office is, like Mitt Romney my life started to suck and become very difficult during his time in office and of course upon his leaving office, life has been markedly improved.  In fact, during the time of Romney, Bush, Giuliani, Menino and even Obama as well as Patrick, I was almost killed. And of course along the way I was tortured and my life destroyed.



There is a conspiracy in this country and its part of the globalist agenda to create a new feudal system where the elite and their servants live in a reality far above us in a castle on the hill in a very small, limited kingdom. Mass mind control is the only thing making this possible. Technologies, progresses in chemical sciences and the use of military and intelligence like psy operations.

This is what the perp advocate at On The Rise- Benny, meant with her directed conversation content of describing a process of "rebuilding humanity from the ground up".

There is also definitely a conspiracy to utilize peoples of African descent or African extraction against anyone and everyone in this process and at this juncture, I dare call it a black conspiracy unto itself to take over and dominate society- all for their elite bosses of course. But the public doesnt see that, they only see blacks slowly taking over.

Part of retaining your power no matter what race you are if you are targeted or aware of the NWO plot is to realize that these people, no matter how much they serve or seem in the White Club, are only serving an agenda or more powerful people who do not see them as equals. Perhaps they do at this point due to they SHARING THE SAME DNA.
Then that means they are no longer 'black' in the same sense but a ethnic extension of the elitists. Which also makes them totally full of sh*t.

Which ever way you chose to look at them, remember that they are not truly in power nor do they have power over you. They are house slaves or they are an African racial extension of the bad guys- whitey. They ARE The Man.

Preserving their ghetto images or down to earth African American culture or African ancestral connections are only smoke and mirror tricks.

People like Menino know just how to hang with the naive poor of Boston in thier low income projects while stroking their true allies in the private sector and other special interests.

This city is one of the most gang stalking active and electromag/microwave technology strong areas in the country. There is nothing good or noble about it.

And remember most important of all, all of this is to cover up for the 70's debauchery of the elite and powerful that finally became evident and in danger of being exposed via the Boys Town, Nebraska scandal, Presidio featuring Michael Aquino (co-author of MIND WAR), Iran Contra and various other examples all with Bush and friends as well as the military at the center.

The public was finally seeing just how the elite networks operated through the intertwining of organized crime, govt and corporate as well as secret societies, ritual abuse and extreme perversion. The 90's proved that the internet and personal technologies could put power into the hands of the public.

Everything they have done since Bush in earnest and are doing now is to restructure, streamline and re-hide if you will, their elitist agend network so the public are intimidated and dumbed down and no longer interested in true patriotism and gaining a real improvement in American quality of life and justice.

Its a beat down and then when you comply you are rewarded with an iPhone and a YUPpie job. You are not a terrorist, psychiatrically diagnosed as disordered- you belong. You are socially acceptable.

Whistle blowing is no longer socially acceptable. The public now believe that its bad for them and their economy even their country.

This is why Fukishima was and still is leaking radioactive waste into the ocean polluting the entire planet. Because Oriental-Asian culture is very similiar to this. Maybe this is the payment of our debts to the Chinese- become very much like them. Why not? They are using their time tested methods used in prison camps for behavior modification.

Whats more interesting is the common practice of scouring the internet nowadays to ensure not a bad word exists about your darlings who serve you. Years ago I probably could have Googled "Menino and mafia connections" or something about any of his crony developers with the same and gotten some small article or thread from a pissed off victim of corruption.
Not nowadays.

The take over of the country is complete. Boston is a horrilbe place full of people who worship thier house slaves more than their own people because it makes them look good as opposed to the more overt methods of f*cking over the public like thier Republican Conservative buddies.
Thats all.

Its a fascist police state no matter where you go and Boston is a major player in this and center of NWO power in the USA. No dissent is allowed and if it exists it will be blocked and the person cut down and behavior modified to serve the agenda.

The only difference between Boston and other places is that this area will destroy you and remake you into a useful, lobotomized, gentle caretaker where as St Louis for instance will just get you killed off or TX will try to make you into a corporate working super consumer. The Northwest will just try to kill you off via homelessness. Either way, the elite control dissent in a way that the public wont or cant believe and its right here in Boston.

YUPpies who are conformist in the extreme, non expressive and hateful are way worse than Whitey Bulger and the past corruption of the old days because they simply represent worker bee drones destroying anything in thier path that doesnt register as conforming to thier environment. Actually they resemble flight drones used by the military and this is indeed a militarized society. Its just done covertly specifically through mind control and behavior modification.

MK Ultra served many purposes. Rebuilding society from the ground up and an inhuman, robotic, slave state is one of them.

Boston and Cambridge-Still Suck

After all these years of suffering I am now going to go sleep in the snow..becuz I have too much respect to force myself to go to a black ghettofied insane asylum known as a homeless shelter specifically in Boston. Lest I have to subject myself to a seasonal shelter in an elitist Cambridge that obviously doesnt want to built shelters, run by the kids of the totally f*cked elite Harvard students, mostly faith based zealots, with only 4 beds for women in a little room where you suffocate with the door closed and the shelter is mostly full of middle aged, sexist obnoxious men who for whatever reason cant afford thier own places even though they stay at the shelter for the entire winter becuz they have jobs. You never see these men in the area outside of winter and they are very into my gang stalking cover story- they are total assholes working for the system -probably mostly sex offenders who cant get housing.

 I cant travel due to my leg being injured probably permanently, due to traveling for 6 years with a back pack.

I sleep outside in the elements and freeze. Becuz real heroes sacrifice for good, justice and even whatever revenge we can get. Not cozying up to powerful figures or developers. No new low income housing is going to be able to house me. And with the kind of a-holes that are going to take over the place in this area- I wouldnt want to lose any remaining self respect anyway by doing so.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Immigration Conspiracy-Destructive Immigrants Are A Weapon Of The NWO World Wide


Why are immigrants from the most vile, dirty, ignorant, violent, screwed up countries being allowed to settle in every single country around the world at this time in history?

It seems to be being done on purpose as its so common and the results predictably so destructive. These are not people who want to become part of communities. These are not people who can run thier own countries.

And it seems to be coming from the same countries and cultures repeatedly. People the elite can depend on to destroy their hosts' cultures, rape the women, rob the men, cause chaos and unrest and anxiety and eventually in time- dumb down the entire culture (hopefully).

It is clearly an orchestrated attempt to destroy the world. To dumb down every country, like mafia-drug cartel-private corporate prison systems have created glorified ghetto culture to destroy and dumb down America.
America would never tolerate this destructive violence from foreigners specifically Muslims. We tolerate it from the former slave population and from Mexican immigrants (who, I have to admit I cant say much about because the southern USA was partially their land to begin with but thats my personal view. The most bothersome thing about Mexicans is, through thier partaking in Gang Stalking so heavily its obvious they work for Bush and friends as well as the drug cartels and the military. They are the house slaves of the southern border of the USA, just as blacks serve that purpose in northern cities and the southeast
whites, sorry to say, I simply expect them to take part in something like GS because they are so brainwashed from all thats gone on in EU history. Which is why they are putting up with thier countries being ruined by immigrating garbage.
But there has to be some decent, informed people left because I am still here writing this.)

It might also be a way to get them angry enough to start taking up arming themselves or to become police states like the USA. Creating chaos will ensure that order must be restored. Create the problem- solve the problem.
And we know what fun those private security companies are to deal with.
Every TI knows by now that there is a direct link between the security camera surveillance systems and mass mind control. The surveillance systems seem to be used to observe and then other means of control are used on whatever subject(s) are being observed usually in public spaces.
For TIs especially Survivors who might be chipped, it has been experienced that in some locations the security camera system seems to emanate electromagnetic harassment in itself. Examples are Walmart, Target and supermarkets. Also, some Targets will notice that specific businesses always effect them adversely, in a certain location forming a pattern of being effected repeatedly and in repeated time frames.

Perhaps it equates more security systems of the police state=more mass mind control over an area. Certainly, these immigrants cause unrest and misery for the people in thier host countries.

As long as the NWO is in power, there can be allowed no true peace on planet earth.

Unless you decide to live underground somewhere with people you actually know, like and trust who you know are going to live according to a reasonable system of law and order.

Which is probably what the elite are planning for themselves once they turn us all into slaves who have been broken down by these obvious military based prison camp cult mind control tactics.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Latest Behavior Mod Campaign Consists of Urged To Leave USA, Constant Truman Show Effect...And Blowing Out My Confidence

lately been plagued by heavy remote influence causing me to become very doubtful of my project and lose confidence.

Ideations that Ive been discredited so why bother continuing to try to write my book or get legal help.

Heavy on the discredited idea. I never considered main stream society's opinions before. I was writing my book for my own satisfaction, for revenge and to see if I could get something to support myself out of it as Ive been kept from working for years, going to college and now my health is bad directly from being kept on the road for years.

Why now, should it matter what people in general think of me or a work I might produce?

What is happening here? Why am I being urged to flee the country and why am I being so blocked from blogging or working on my book?

Its been really bad since Obama got re elected but definitely since the past month. Terrible in fact. It weighs heavy on me. Its a very heavy and almost unbeatable harassment.

Also, daily I am getting unbearable disturbances in thought processes. I never had this before, only in the past few months. WHY? Its specifically a problem of being in eastern MA. (Of course).

There is an ongoing campaign to wear down my confidence and cause social anxiety and insecurity, utilizing perps constantly, daily here in public spaces here in Cambridge/Boston. I only feel some relief when getting outside the city- I know that the same parameters are there just as they were measured out by me years ago when it was torture being used as opposed to wearing me down like this. Its the same physical parameters- getting outside of JFK on the red line is a great improvement as opposed to in the city and getting to the end of the line in Braintree provides what seems like total relief. I know its not total as long as its not a holiday or a Sunday but its so markedly different than in city limits.

As usual the gang stalking harassment never stops. Now however there is much more shaming and making me feel awkward as opposed to aggressively trying to piss me off and make me act out or tell someone off.

There also seems like there is a total full on attempt to get people to forget about anything that led up to this- 9/11, the Bush era all of it. I have to keep reading up on that stuff and looking at pics and vids to relive that its actually real and is still relevant.

This is a next phase in nothing more than a behavior modification program. Me leaving the country, and it seems to do with before next year, seems very important.

What is going to occur beginning in Jan that I am being driven out to avoid? Or could it be that my chances of legal action improve the longer that I am steady, disciplined and work off my years of hard work and dedication- knowing they have GOT to pay off?
Its unbelievable how powerful and constant the Truman Show Effect is and its really only within the city limits I mentioned. Its really bad here.

Its obviously part of the behavior modification. Every few seconds I am convinced that there is some important person, watching me or in psychic contact who is then guiding me or approving/disapproving of my thoughts or actions. I know its bullsh*t as it disappears in locations where microwave etc cant reach like underground or hospitals etc and it disappears outside city limits. I need the resources here though and I think they know that.
Got hit hard with total body anxiety or like an electrical current through the muscles yesterday night when I thought of the idea that medical and psychiatry are using these technologies to create ill health and mental illness so they can make money. Its obvious thats whats happening.
Terrorism and Mental Health: The Issue Of Psychological Frigidity

Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Adult From My Childhood Dies-My Foster Mother. The Foster Home A Main Source Of SRA

Email received 8/7/13 2:53 pm, just read today:

"Hi Rachael,
Well at least I'm hoping this is you.
I have some sad news to share.
Grammy passed the other day and I thought you'd like to know.
Here is her obit:

Your also mentioned in it.
Please keep in touch. You have my email and my cell is:xxxxxx
______ Howland"


Another person that I dont even feel any sorrow for at this point.

Alot of the people I was separated from by the gang stalking campaign...were people who were toxic family members of my mother's side I grew up with, bio family I did not really know growing up who seemed also toxic or outright insane (my father's family) or my foster family who strangely I got alot out of growing up with for five years in that foster home from age 1-6 yet..I can say honestly that this is when alot of the strange ritual abuse happened per what memories I did recall or still can recall.

I dont trust the connection between my foster father working for Raytheon which I posted with his obituary and my paternal grandfather (Chester O----) working for Raytheon, which I only learned by reading his obituary due to that family lying to me years ago telling me that he worked as a carpenter.

Its not unusual for the Targeted Survivor to be lied to by people or given information where they then claim they did not say such things or change the information later. Just recently at On The Rise I recalled that one of the glorified babysitters there, someone mentioned or she did that she worked in the prison system in counseling, which of course added to my trauma years ago while going to that place as a day drop in. Just recently, she claims she never worked in such a capacity and that no one made such a claim. Yet I recalled other memories from that time period about here and OTR accurately.
I am still mildly messed with when I go there but its more subtle and about keeping me subdued and controlled. The guilt they emanate is increasing as my health deteriorates and I age without any improvement to my situation. I know damn well they will continue to serve the system by covering up for covert activity, psychiatry and corruption/crime because that is part of their job working with homeless people.

This woman's and her husband, my foster father were older people more like grandparents. My mother used to be mean to me and tell me that they spoiled me in the foster home. Probably because I wasnt brutally molested by him and my foster siblings as she was and I was coddled on. The reason given for my being 'special' there was that Mrs Howland had 8 children one of which died as an infant and I was like her replacement.

Again, themes of death and switching places with the dead.

The real reason I was coddled and also isolated much of the time from other children is thats what you do so experimentees and ritual abuse children who are for a specific purpose or part of a classified project. She often smothered me with safety and wouldnt let me do things other kids could do or go with my foster siblings and their children to do things. The children I was allowed to befriend were very specific. And i recall that there were some very strange neighbors-people with candy that liked children a little too much and she stopped me from going to that house.
There were also some very nasty girls in the neighborhood who at summer camp one year kept calling me "whore" when I was nine and didnt know what it meant. Calling me a "whore" as a child was a recurring thing and it just goes to show that the children of perps dont just help gang stalking adults- they gang stalk targeted children also. (I left the foster home at 6 but my mother wanted to hang out with her rich gambler boyfriend Buck, so she sent me back to the home without child services knowing for a year when I was nine. Nice, huh? She went to Disneyworld with him..and brought me back a hat. I am probably better off never having gone to Disneyworld anyway, now I realize lol.)

It was a trade off. I got alot out of being in a semi rural setting with farm animals present and my foster father was from Massachusetts hillbillies. I was taught how to change a tire by the time I was 6, chop wood and survive in the woods across the street. I played in the snow, swam in the lake and communed with ever animal we had each year from a horse to a pig to pheasants, sheep, bob whites. I learned about hunting, guns and animals being mercifully raised and slaughtered for food only. I got a bit of country this way.
I would ride my bike along the dirt roads on dangerous hills behind Dudley Pond in Wayland, often taking a swing around Devil's Curve to see the spot where so many cars ran off the roads (common in the 70's). When you learn about danger, you vow it will never happen to you and learn caution.

A house built by early YUPpies on the dirt roads behind the neighborhood is where a little girl Sarah disappeared. It could have been any of us and I had survivor guilt for years...I also saw her grave covered by leaves as a psychic vision for years as an adult. When the day came that the cold case was solved and the authorities finally discovered her grave-the visions stopped.
I always felt the presence of the man who had taken her. As if it was just another one of the threats that surrounded me as a child- the ritual abuse people always around you but you don't see them. A scare tactic. Another way of making me feel kept by evil forces, yet 'special' enough not to kill physically.
This is a recurrent theme in keeping mind controlled slaves who are survivors of ritual abuse under control. Killing a little girl down the street is the threat: my not being killed is the bonding to the perpetrators.
In case you dont know by now, these people have no problem murdering human beings for these projects. Pieces on chess boards are easily removed- and thats all humans are to these people.

This home and this part of my childhood is primarily where my Satanic Ritual abuse memories come from. Its where some faint recall of Michael Aquino, or people like him or involved with him arise from. Its where I recall being locked into toy boxes (by someone like Aquino who was visiting) and closets (by my foster mother)for sensory deprivation, being taken out to attend rituals and to be with my mother her sister and their creepy friends, usually some powerful men and I faintly recall being taken on an escort call with my aunt but I don't know what happened. Perhaps kiddie pictures too but I cant be sure.

It was a foster home in Cochituate, a part of Wayland, MA. My mother had a breakdown after my birth-natural for an incest survivor to start remembering but also, she claims doctors gave her experimental hormones before she lost it. I suspect that it was to force me into foster care.
They had one son still living there, a man with epilepsy, prone to seizures who seemed a bit off basically. He lived in the basement.

I recall going to stay there in the first few days and weeks. The first thing he did was take me for a ride in this adult tricycle, the ones with the big wheels and had me ride in this basket in the back. He purposely went over bumps and dumped me out of the basket, made me cry then was mean to me about it and told me not to cry or tell.
Looking back this was the indoctrination into this place where so much RA was going to go on.

As long as I lived there, my foster mother took care of me and seemed fair and I got alot out of being away from my sick mother's family in the care of a mother of 8 who understood children. But what was going on with her husband and her son in the basement wasnt fair. Nothing too brutal but still traumatic and it came to a point where he was baby sitting me one night and stuck his tongue in my mouth and I told on his ass. My foster mother just scolded him not to do that and of course he was pissy about me telling. He didnt do it again.

Its been a common theme in my life to not take shit from people trying to mess with me and doing something about it. Its probably why I am targeted so hard. Too bad.

My foster father used to take me to this garden, a community garden across from a cemetary (again death!). He would do things as we were hidden behind the tall sunflowers and towering plants so no one could see him. Some other places too like the shed in the yard. His son would call me down to the basement alot.

So I was dealing with this nonsense and my mother one day notices that I had a really horrid look on my face when I had to go back to this house when my foster brother was there. She tells me "You had such a horrible look on your face, I felt bad. Dont ever get into a car with that guy!". Typical of someone who cant face up to her own abuse by her brother and father: I LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE WITH THE FRICKIN GUY YOU IDIOT. And that is more dangerous than getting into a car with him.
I saw what getting into a bike ride with him did, he only used it to terrorize me and teach me to shut up about being abused.

My mother genuinely has done her best even with all the evil she's pulled. She's so controlled, so targeted and so terrorized from a young age. And the system is always nicer to her especially in hospitals where I have been abused and humiliated by staff for decades- becuz she complies and I refuse to.

Mrs Howland was always rather dismissive and snooty towards my mother which I realized was some sort of power trip. Many many children of poor women are put in foster homes that are in on these projects and these networks.

I believe I was taken out of the foster home by people, specifically my mother, for tasks, ritual abuse and programming but much of the actions of the Howlands were part of my programming and ritual abuse experience.

Its so hard to try to understand who is conscious of what they are doing and who, themselves, has MPD and is programmed to do what they do to us. My own mother broke down once and told me that she never wanted me to know about her father abusing her, told me a story about how he pushed her down the cellar stairs once then 20 min later could not recall the story or flash back of memory she had just told me. My mother often outright denies saying things or actions, I believe becuz she cant accept that another part of her can do things like that to her own daughter and doesnt want to be responsible.

I recall clearly that as I began to become rebellious at around age 6 due to being abused in the foster home, my foster mother made a call to either my mother or someone else and said it was time to take me out of the home. IT WAS TIME. I was becoming a problem due to acting out and probably had to be returned to my birth mother who, being of my same DNA and also programmed, could 'handle' me, which she did- by abusing the hell out of me, neglecting me and basically making my life a living hell until I was 14 years old and old enough to party with friends and get the hell away from her.

My being in that foster home brings up memories of Satanic ritual abuse specifically- but not the other programming I have strangely. I also recall having an out of body experience as a baby when my grandmother came to visit me. she was holding me and I recall looking up at the chandelier in the center of the ceiling but then I got a view of seeing her holding me as a baby. I told my mother this as a child and she calmly, systematically interrogated me about this experience.
This is the same experience that occurs when you disassociate but dont lose memories of your actions. You might do something in an alter ego but you have memories of it- its just like someone else's memories. You are outside yourself. You see yourself doing stuff.
Since the brain damage and gang stalking I dont have those experiences anymore. Gang stalking Survivors is just a way to erase memories, abilities and prevent us from healing properly and naturally. The system would rather destroy us and our talents and basically create mind controlled slave robots that are controlled by the tech used in public spaces for mass mind control and the actions of the gang stalking system.
I am suspicious also that misguided religious people might believe that these sort of programs are going to save our souls or create non satanic people out of ritual abuse survivors thus they believe they are improving the world. Which of course makes them useful idiots for the perpetrators becuz one of the things gang stalking does is erase all memories via brain damage- no names, no faces and no more opportunities to go to a hypnotist and recall anything else.

One of the things that has been beneficial over these years is that I have been removed from the people around me who were keeping me prisoner from childhood like my foster parents, my screwed up friends I had and my birth families. Continuing to know them would have just meant continued toxicity and control over me from childhood.

It pisses me off that alot of these perps like my mother's father, his wife who has one foot in the grave and my foster parents all get to die without having to answer for what they did. Its like the system is trying to preserve some sort of peaceful solution by protecting these families (urgh) and their children who are in denial while giving the Survivor some sort of life outside of the sick network of people that controlled them.

I recall that one perp I travelled with in New Mexico slipped and said .."provide these children with some sort of life.." outside of being mind controlled slaves he was referring to survivors of the black projects and ritual abuse.

The problem is that whoever is decreeing this 'some sort of life' or life after mind control slavery, is denying every Survivor a truly great life where they are healed and they can fulfill their true potential. Also, note, that he turned out to have a statutory rape charge on his criminal record, like many many gang stalking perps I have gotten info out of. Most of these people have some connection to military as well as sex offenses.

So perhaps this is the sort of life after mind control that THEY want us to have, becuz it suits all of them and people like them that we dont remember and cant get any credibility...but they arent doing us any favors thats for sure.

I felt slightly a twinge of emotion reading the email about her passing but I know that she only gave me a safer home than my mother would have, while still doing me harm. Just like the homeless industry does to us every time they provide services while staff are in on the gang stalking. There genuinely is NO SAFE place to go when you are a Survivor or targeted.

But its good to be freed and aware of these people being no good in childhood, instead of staying deceived and brainwashed.

I recall that Mrs Howland sent me mind controlling symbols in holiday cards a few times. And when I started these blogs she sent me a veiled threat basically that she and her family had cred and no one would believe me. A newspaper clipping that raved about her many children and foster children and long time standing in the community.

Another person escapes with important information and without paying for their crimes. Another perp dies.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Keeping Up The Cobain Conspiracy


I was just in Seattle. It has become a corporate hell hole. Downtown looks like Times Square NY. Complete with sickening corporate obessions with consumerism. If the west coasters weren't so damn slow and a bit dim compared to where I am from I would have said that the GS was horrible and constant. But they just aren't that smart.

The west coast is big and everything they do is over saturation. As if the giant waves from the Pacific had washed over the shores into the cities. Everything they do is as big as that ocean. Big, long, huge sweeping strokes. There were certain neighborhoods I could sleep in safely but it seemed like the place was tech happy when it came to surveillance and that part of the gang stalking. The in person harassment was often done by Mexicans in restaurants or blacks downtown. Only down in this women's drop in located in a basement did I get any relief at all. Becuz tech cant go underground and once again that proves itself to be true.

Besides the radiation on the west coast especially the northwest is very bad for anyone who is sensitive to begin with. I wouldnt go back there anyway based on health concerns. Pity, outside of all that bullshit it was a very big, interesting and often beautiful city. I did experience a stronger than normal feeling of freedom and urge to express myself artistically. However, the US has made sure that each place that used to spawn creativity due to its geographical location as well as other factors that make special places for humans what they are- have made sure that every inch of this country is either ghetto-nigrified or YUPpie/Hipster gentrified.

Its worse than the radiation and the link above seems to describe the same things I experienced there and in every corner of the USA in my travels over the last six years.

Complete false environments are being created out of mass mind control as well as ensuring people dont have true free association, thanks in part to political correctness and in part to snobbery which I guess is PC becuz no one tells people it ISNT ok. Homeless people seem to be off the list of who's included in PC's victims list you are supposed to like or care about. In this economy, it seems we are perceived more as a hindrance to them getting the new iPods or whatever.

No one seems to care or notice the radiation. Wow. Keeping people trapped and hypnotized in these false environments, then putting alot of crap into the environment to kill them off slowly. Unbelievable.

Yet I feel privileged to know whats really going on...and know enough to get the f*ck out of these modern death camps of the body and the mind before its definitely too late.

For those of you too young to have been obsessed with Led Zeppelin Danny Goldberg is easily recognizable as the person who toured with Zep in the old days.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Interesting Censorship Tactic On Blogger Site "Endwhiteguilt.blogspot.com"


If you try to get to that site you see it for a moment, then it goes to this: http://www.webring.org/hub/realpoliticallyi?w=1280;rh=http%3A%2F%2Fendwhiteguilt%2Eblogspot%2Ecom%2F2010%2F04%2Fhitler-ultimate-zionist-false-flag%2Ehtml;rd=1

Its not to judge the content, its the fact that you cant read it thats the problem. How can I judge it if I cant read it?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Most Horrid Abuse Of The BLACK & RED National Brainwashing Color Scheme I Have Seen Yet


Niiiiiccccceeeeeee. Makes all years of color harassment worth it to be on the right side of this, doesnt it? LMFAO.

(I am sorry. Did you want to whine about the pics being too identifiable of people? Then go whine to the original pic snapper- the author of the blog thats linked. Another FAIL. Bye....)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disclaimer On Racist And Other Behaviors Due To GANG STALKING In This Area

While I am clear I just want to state that I arrived in this area without any racist hatreds due to my traveling to more peaceful areas.

I am now being hit full force again with gang stalking from the community. The harassment from African Americans in the area is less than it was in the past trips home but it is a factor. They couldnt drive me to the racism they want me to display to discredit me WITHOUT THE COOPERATION OF AFRICAN AMERICANS TO BEGIN WITH.

I drop the word n*gger frequently during the day as well as bitch and moan about the stupidity of the metro Boston area. I am aggravated, annoyed and driven to be diverted in my daily activities as well as look 'insane' or mentally ill due to being targeted.

Just wanted to put that out there, becuz I was fine when I arrived. JUST AS I AM FINE WITH EVERYTHING TODAY ON A CLEAR DAY SUCH AS THIS VOTING DAY. Seem a little too coincidental?

I was harassed this morning at McDonald's in Central Sq by three African American males one wearing black and red. If it ever happens the way it did this morning I am immediately calling police as the first male in the theatrics put his hand on me, invaded my personal space and interfered with the business transaction between myself and a cashier at the establishment.
The other two engaged in invasion of personal space in a sneaky yet obviously aggressive manner, which one couldnt directly file charges for but I documented the account on paper and ITS AVAILABLE ON THE SURVEILLANCE TAPE at the restaurant @ 1:20 pm today.

The place is getting a face lift from a construction company- magically just after I arrive and it ends up being one of the few spots I liked to sit at, gather myself for the day and drink my coffee in peace. Well we cant have a trouble maker like me having any peace or solace and we must get those favorites on the construction contracts. Which is one of the biggest means of payment it seems in the Boston area- developers and construction (yes, talking about you Menino. Glad you are leaving,I feel a big darkness leaving this city.)

So, trying to cause me to be discredited is more of a psychological warfare tactic becuz logic dictates everything is going to be in my book or in papers going to lawyers so why would I worry about my behavior in public all along this ordeal?

Good luck with that..some people will do anything to get paid. I think gang stalking is the lowest form of activity you can engage in to get money or favors or out of trouble or whatever. The lowest.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Experiences With TRUMAN SHOW EFFECT-Now A Daily Prison As Of This Year

[Keep in mind while reading this that Ive been targeted all my life but intensely for ten years and am in my early 40s now. My health is a bit comprimised and I live a lifestyle more attuned to a 20 something by living out of a back pack which I carry daily, sleep outside now in the cold and often am functioning sleep deprived which the perps love to make sure of. SLEEP DEPRIVATION IS ONE OF THE KEY COMPONENTS TO MAKING THIS WORK FOR THEM ON A TARGET. THE OTHER IS SEXUAL CONTENT SPECIFICALLY ABUSE. WITHOUT THOSE TWO THEY WOULDNT BE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH ANY OF THIS TO THE LEVELS OF WHAT THEY DO. Ive been having frequent sleep deprivation for a good five years now though I cure it when I can by day napping. One of thier tricks is to mess with you so you waste time being distracted from what was on a planned schedule so that they can ensure you dont make time for a nap- an easier thing to do in cold weather where you have to go to a specific place to nap.]

One of the tortures Ive been experiencing for the last year is what the psychiatric world has addressed as Truman Show Syndrome. http://guardianlv.com/2013/09/truman-show-syndrome-delusion-on-the-rise/Which is a decpetion becuz these are people who do not know anything about being targeted or Gang Stalked obviously. How can such a concept be true without all of the possible information that explains the phenomena or condition?

When one looks at the covert activity of 'gang stalking' as well as becomes educated in the existence of advanced technologies then one can refer to this as Truman Show EFFECT. Becuz obviously its something that the shadow system is capable of producing to brainwash and torment Targeted Individuals. Its done on purpose, it seems by logic to be a product of technologies available to the powers that be and it reacts like tech always does. Microwaves most likely- it disappears in solid underground areas or other areas where tech cannot reach.(Basements in hospitals, some govt buildings, in bathrooms contained within old, sturdy steel and concrete buildings etc.)

It is not present during the time frames that I have DOCUMENTED OVER THE YEARS that remote influence seems to be present in the USA (for TIs at least) which is from approx 12 midnight to approx 6 am mon-Sat every day of the year except federal holidays and Sundays. In some locations Sat might be milder or Sundays might not be 'clear' but mild influence might be possible. NO PLACE in the USA have I experienced any tech on federal holidays. Some TIs find that they are clear on thier birthdays. BTW birthdays are traditional Satanic calender holidays for ritual abuse survivors.

TRUMAN SHOW EFFECT is what when a TI is being targeted by technologies and maybe chemical influence also to assist in the tech being more effective, to create a daily interface with the person's mind that makes them believe that they are living in a reality show where people can view them and thier lives.

Many of us are aware that we are experimentees in MK Ultra projects. MK Ultra was concerned with behavior modification and wiping the mind of previous information namely, the person's memories and thier natural born identity and Self.

Truman Show EFFECT as I call it works by getting information out of me, the TI and finding out what people I admire, emulate, feel kinship with or want to use as example for my life. Since Survivors of these programs often are intergenerational, we have very poor examples of functioning, successful role models. So we do what most poor kids have done who are smart and creative- we emulate what we find that we admire. What we would like to be or who reminds us of us thats successful.

This is how many famous, successful people have gotten out of poverty or nowhere to fulfill thier potential. Its using your imagination and thats one of the things I mentioned that the NWO wants to trap and take away from people namely with technologies.

Its too much to get into writing about here but mankind has been doing amazing things on earth using his imagination. Ancient primitive man, his imagination, spirit and the drugs from plants, would find gods or commune with them. This and healing is what modern humans are attempting to do when they take drugs, unfortunately, the powers that be know this and ensure that these plants are now in forms that are bastardized and will only enslave humans, most likely through the physical or animal sides. Chemical powders that are overpriced is all that is available to us.

I realized that in the very beginning of this, in the early 2000's, they got the base info for what they needed to get to me all these years. In years past I was not experiencing Truman Show EFFECT and then it became it was only occassionally in certain areas. This year its been a daily occurance and its constant. I believe they are trying to burn out whats left of my mind with this Truman Show EFFECT illusion.

Imagine no longer being capable of independent thought but every thought, every second, every day is interfaced into this Truman Show illusion. I am not to live in a reality where I am so constantly interfaced with these intrusions that I come to believe, even though intellectually I know that this is the system doing this with tech- that I am indeed being observed through cameras on a reality show.

In my case they are trying to convince me that I am being put onto a reality show by using a somehow interconnected network of surveillance cameras AROUND THE COUNTRY. No longer just in one city or area of a city but everywhere I go this year. Every camera behind it is either the reality show audience or a security person observing me, who of course is in on the Gang Stalking.

This is how intrusive its become and how altered my mind has become to feeling connected to the cameras used for security and surveillance in any given city or area.
These cameras now control my life basically. This is due to years of brain washing and alteration of a healthy brain and mind from a decade of gang stalking which, in short, causes the BRAIN DAMAGE needed and conditions the human animal to be controllable by such means.

In the scenerio they have created, certain famous people are supposedly watching this reality show I am supposedly the center of attention in.
I notice these are famous people that the gang stalking system has drawn to my attention through media psy ops placement over time as well as they might are usually people that they found out I admired or felt sympathitic to or wanted to use as example how to succeed in life. A side by product of this is that now, I can no longer use these people in my imagination as rold models or for inspiration such as one would a biography of a person they admired. I am now simply controlled by these people or rather the false representations of them created by this system daily.

There is no way that many of these people, with thier busy lives or responsibilities would have time to observe me as often as the illusion is created that they do on a daily basis. And another glitch is that often the characters are represented as younger versions of themselves, probably so that I will be more apt to admire them as its in thier youths I found them attractive as inspiration.

The system uses these people's images to fool my mind into believing they are watching, daily. And due to thier supposedly watching ALL THE TIME, every action, every thought is governed by this audience of important people I would admire. So basically I am being controlled by the illusion of an audience of famous and influencial people who I am supposed to be able to read thier emotional or mental reactions to what I am doing in public spaces, considering I live basically in public spaces.

The only time this does not occur is in a safe space like a few drop in shelters for women only but in some of these places I get the feeling that there are security cameras that I cannot see and I am urged to watch what I do even in the privacy of the showers.

Basically this is a system to rule a Targeted person completely. Whether they are supposed to be in a private shower or bathroom or going about thier business in public spaces. The audience illusion is for behavior modification obviously and for ensuring that the person behaves according to what the system wants. Its also to make me feel like I am surrounded by people who are akin to me who care who will give me input. Often they give me the illusion that this audience finds my antics amusing or glorifies my status as rebel or some sort of hero of thiers. Again I dont buy into this due to the intrusive nature of the visions and fake psychic contact thats interjected into my mind daily as well as the falsified age of many of the famous audience members and again- the frequency of thier taking time to view JUST ME daily. What, these people no longer have lives of their own??

And every single one of these people either has a connection with legit system by way of being honored by thie Queen, thier govt or President Obama (figures) or they supported the worst neocons during Bush or else they have a history of Satanic activity or connection to Illuminati that was often overlooked by fans due to thier love for thier work..or brainwashing which people dont want to look at. Some of these bands definelty have created a cult out of thier fan base.

I could admit who these people are specifically but firstly, I dont think it would stop the torture. Secondly, I never want to reveal information becuz a) it only helps the system to target me in other ways more accurately b)it might be what they want as getting a person to finally give up information they kept private, like an interrogation, seems to be part of the wanted results of gang stalking a targeted person. MK Ultra was also documented to be doing projects that focused on interrogation etc. It fits right in very logically with MK Ultra just like the rest of the horrors Ive been put through. And with my mother being the daughter of two US Marines and a documented radiation experimentee at the Naval Hospital in the 1950s as far as I am concerned- it all makes sense.

They seem to be trying to finish many TIs off. Me especially they made sure they got me away or kept me away from legit, credible activists with info from the very start of this. Now I am so f*cked up I cant get away from the gs system long enough to get help. They know this and they know I am physically ill. So, logically, they are coming in for the kill. Trying to make me finally act out in violence, drive me insane in a way I wont be able to handle or come back from or trying to get me to leave my hometown for good or the country altogether.

Laughably a few years ago, they sent some dumb b*tch to the womens day drop in shelter who was trying to pretend to help me by referring me to NY real estate lawyers. Perps are easy to spot though- they often look like drug addicts at a party where theres everything they could want available. Too eager, too happy, too excited and too damn confident that the Target is stupid.

You gotta remember that these people are used in these special circumstances BECUZ THE TARGETED PERSON IS OFTEN VERY HIGHLY INTELLIGENT OR CONSIDERED POWERFUL AND DANGEROUS BY AUTHORITIES. They get rid of brilliant minds this way and very strong people. It beats their old cover ups in the 60s, that now they cant get away with so easily anymore.

I highly suspect I am chipped and have been since infancy. Its the only way they could do alot of what theyve done over the years. This is very common in experimentees and people with high level programming. I know I had an x-ray once and a white little spot showed up near the center of my brain in the front. It wasnt normal. I went to a neurologist who backed away from me and bullshitted his way out of being in the office with me.
I said nothing about microchips or brain implants, only asked what the spot was. It was during Bush in the early 2000's when everyone in Boston and Cambridge was in on trying to get me killed and drive me out of the area.

So many people still are in on this. Especially when Red Sox Nation is around. They hate my guts totally. Pro sports are especially nasty in the NWO for some reason.

So there you have it. This is the torment thats grinding down my brain daily as of this year. And another thing thats obvious: IT CEASES WHEN I AM AROUND OTHER PEOPLE. Which means this is also a deterant to my spending time alone. Another means of control and behavior modification.

I highly doubt if the people that are supposedly watching have that much time in a day to not only watch me through a special reality show channel only available to them, but also to be able to interface with me psychically or emotionally. Its definately to replace having a family. Which is why these people take you away from your original family and friends to begin with, so they can trap you in thier virtual bullshit.

The system seems desperate to control me now. Perhaps my age, wisdom, experience and knowledge are a great threat to them, just as ten years ago my beauty, youth, strength, multi talent potential and memories were a threat to them then.

It also seems that they are really working on grinding me down into a human being that's conscnousness is basically blank or empty by way of brain damage and lack of stimuli- then controlled soley by an outside system of technologies and influences such as organized stalking as conditioning.

No one takes away ten years of my youth, sex life and years I could have lived fully and gets away with it.

Im wondering if leaving the country is THIER idea actually and not mine. I wonder if, even though Ive suffered for years in America, that I potentially have more rights here that I havent gotten a lawyer to help me with than I EVER WOULD IN A FORIEGN COUNTRY. Which might be why they want to drive me abroad. Personally I want to stay and heal and save my hometown from corporate rot and horrible YUPpies and new money rich snobs who are just destroying Harvard.

Thank goodness for its ghosts and those old buildings. Even the ground beneath in Harvard keeps true to its memories. They'll never take Harvard. Ever.

In the end the TI must realize that we are a lone person, caught in a trap due to being an experimentee in a classified project run by unbelievably powerful people with seemingly endless resources and access. Most people dont know about us and our horrible situation, those that do are in on it and will do what the system needs done to contain us, continue to experiment on us or destroy us if necessary. That is the ONLY reality I need to keep in mind. Its hard though when, ever day, its being pulsed out through tech and shot into my brain otherwise, which I am sick of.

Oh and the GS is back in this area for me for some reason. Its miserable. I changed my address back to this state maybe that did it, I dont know and I dont care.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Getting Pushed To Go To Shelter-Not A Good Idea Now, Unless You Want The Place Destroyed

Being given flashes of vision to go to shelter in Somerville MA, Catholic Charities. Im still having lower back pain from that medical procedure-fatigue and depression also. So something is urging me to go inside as its getting cold here and I am not functioning well.

That shelter has so many horrible people working there and alot of long term shelter rats.
Many people in on the gang stalking campaign have came from that shelter.

A bunch of ignorant jealous bitches. The annoying black female director ended up back (back?)on crack and left her job I heard.
That place was instrumentsl in helping to destroy me over these years.

Christians who hurt people is what they are. Fake Christians. Also cowardly, weak, stupid people who work or stay in religous based homeless shelters and take advantage hiding in such a place but DONT HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE OR BALLS TO BE OUTRIGHT OR OVERTLY EVIL. Who stays in a Christian shelter but helps destroy people's lives or mess with people?
People who want to be bad asses but dont have the guts to do so out in society. Probably they were in jail too long and usually such people were wimps in jail. Nowadays every shithead who's lower class talks about thier (BORING) endless stream of charges, jail time and probation. The whole thing really is disgusting, a bore and quite...embarassing.

In the REAL WORLD of GROWN UP or professional organized crime, if you go to jail you are an idiot. It was that way when I was little. This psuedo bad ass, ghetto-fied culture for poor people nowadays is just ANOTHER SCAM BY THE ESTABLISHED SYSTEM to keep poor people down...since church and drink no longer works, and oppression doesnt fly anymore, they gotta use jails and psychiatry.
As usual the lower classes just dont see it and anyone who does gets targeted or destroyed, beat down, whatever. Unless they are lucky enough to have the right circumstances and they become actually effective at going against the system. But its never enough nowadays, everything is so controlled.

Ive heard of and dealt with real stand up cons from the prison system. THEY ARE NOTHING LIKE THE LOSERS ONE HAS TO DEAL WITH IN SHELTERS ETC WHEN BEING A GANG STALKING TARGET.

These are people who wish they were stand up cons or want to be bad ass. If you behave that badly in a space like a homeless shelter thats supposed to be a safe space as well as you try to be aggressive in some way towards another person you cant be that much of a tough person or a real bad ass. You are weak. You are stupid. You are a loser.

Thats what Ive had to deal with in shelters for years. People who think just becuz a few shithead crooked cops (run by the intel people who are connected to the larger system I assume) and thier cronies in the administration of these shelters tell them to mob a Target who's at the shelter, they are in on something big that makes them powerful. Its a simple gang mentality and it REEKS of being part of the CIA connected experimentation such as Jonestown.
And it doesnt surprise me that AFRICAN AMERICANS were predominantly the population of The People's Temple as much of the pro perp groups Ive encountered as well as the people in shelters who are part of what seems like unprofessional mobbing groups of targets-its either largely a black population or its nigrified/ghettofied. Most homeless shelter culture is Afro-ghettofied which is why alot of people dont want to go to shelters. And I now realize that isnt by mistake or coincidence. As paranoid as it sounds, it seems the shadow system somehow found something very much of value to them and thier operations within the communities of former slaves of African descent.

Shelter rat people in on gang stalking are the biggest pains in the asses you can imagine. They make up a large amount of the harsssment a homeless ti encounters, and thats all races and cultures included. They inhabit night shelters and day drop ins..every single one in fact. Its different from when a shelter is taken over by a professional perp group. Those people are usually viscous, relentless, always on the job and excell at mind fucking the TI. THey usually leak info they shud not know to the Target often out of arrogance, part of a messing with the person's mind or sometimes I think...out of whatever is left of them thats human. Those people actually let the TI in on the fact they are being gang stalked. Strangely, the shelter rat perps who are in shelters anyway and just by however it works, ends up being part of mobbing the Target while the person is in that shelter.

The shelter rat mobbing groups seem to consist of an 'IN' crowd connected to staff in the shelter(s). They are people who you can tell are in there anyway not sent in for an operation as professionals. They are only a fraction of the population staying in the shelter.

Professional groups who do gang stalking of a Target are cohesive as one large group. EVERYONE staying there at that time is in on it. They act and do things that actors would do. They have timing, can take cues quickly and one can see them working together daily as a group there for a single purpose. The members of these groups often seem brainwashed but not stupid and Ive seen them being not dumb animals reacting to mobbing cues and wanting to be bad asses but legitamately dangerous, viscous people who do what they do professionaly. They also have access to info they reveal which the other lame asses who are mere shelter rats do not.

I dont think that the shelter rat types are capable of weaving in info into a conversation just so, so that it subtley fucks with the TI's mind. In fact, the shelter rats are the ones who most often DONT allow a TI to know ANYTHING is going on or reveal any sort of info at all. They make stupid faces around the TI as if they are steeling themselves against how awful the whole situation is which is nothing more than false drama and wanna be criminal behavior. Real criminals have poker faces and smoothly guide thier victims down where they want them- I know Ive dealt with them for years. Its the small time nobody fakers in the shelter system who are doing nothing more than bullying really, using the Target to get off on a FANTASY of committing crime.

Becuz the professional perp groups have absolutely NO sympathy for the Target. In fact they often have a sadistic sense of amusement or humor about what they are doing to the person and this adds to their sense of being clever that they use in further acting out skits as part of the psy ops.

Shelters are also targeted with tech influence. Either that or they've got a hell of a good psychic warrior program working on reaching Targets in shelters. I say its tech but I cant say for sure. Every shelter Ive ever been in is effected by tech. Alot of them are so hurting for money they have cell repeaters on top of the buildings which of course is the system's dream becuz Targeted Individuals stay in shelters when driven that far by GS programs right? Its all so damn convenient for them.

People think society is random. When something like the last ten to twenty years is planned out by such criminally insane people as Bush, Reagan and the elites and thier Nazi friends who inspired them to such ends (and means-Project Paperclip), artisans of social engineering like that are not going to leave anything to being random. In fact, such fine artists are going to be so delicate, so talented, so convincing that they create the illusion that much of reality is random and chance.

Its not chance to fuck up the street scene from the 60's and 70's by letting all the mentally ill out of the state hospitals then ten years later introducing crack. Then creating anti drug laws, while your adminstration pays rebels off in a war WITH DRUGS, which then connects to sourcing out community destroying drugs like crack to black gangs who then take rap music and make it into something that sounds merely hypnotic, that takes over society-dumbing people down and encouraging them to glorify being kept down in a ghetto reality.
All along you feed the prison system which becomes totally corporate and you then create a system and a people that feed psychiatry which by now deals drugs for Big Pharma- of which Bush has been on the board of directors for. (Lily).

Then you divert everyone in the 90's with heroin, self indulgent depression and a false sense of security-then send in a second generation of Bush so when something seemingly 'randomly' blows up, its no longer of interest to the public that his brother most likely scammed him the election.

Then, under the guise of war and anti terror you then heavily and overtly target every person who has ever been a problem, will be a problem or was targeted from birth as part of a classified or black project. Those people end up out on the street, homeless.

You now have created such a horrible environment out in 'the street' that there is no way any sort of revolution, rebellion or anything else sensible is going to come out of such a population-even though you are driving the most likely possible leaders of such things out into the streets, historically where revolutions breed.

You then make every ignorant, misinformed, traumatized then brainwashed citizen hateful and paranoid of anyone who is from 'the street' minus of course the ghettofied types who you want all lower class people to emulate-most of whom will work for you willingly or through slight coercion anway.

THAT is not random. That is engineered. And people like my mother, who thinks she's smart about politics or the people involved, used to parrot what other Americans said about Bush. That he was a wimp becuz he was skinny most likely or didnt react to certain situations.
These are people who dont watch closely enough. They watch tv but they arent watching THE REALITY thats being broadcast to them through the tv.

Real criminals hide. Being seen as flightly, a wimp, stupid etc is great cover. Just think about the criminally insane villains in the old bond movies-they never came out of thier lairs to be seen in public usually or if they did they hid in plain sight.

Its often shocking to me that people ask me what I do for a living. In my youth at parties one just did NOT ask that question. Its a sign of being unsophisticated and most normal,average Americans I have met traveling ask me repeatedly such questions.
That is how little Americans understand the world of crime. Cops act stupid too. They love Chief Wiggum or the KeyStone cop character. The donut jokes. Many of them Ive seen might be off the wall or seem criminally insane themselves but they arent stupid. Ive found them to be good actors. The only thing about them is that when they feel there is a free line of communication, such as you are telling the truth and the situation becomes harmless, they can then become seeminly normal human beings- which does not happen with perps or shelter rats. Which tells you they probably arent in on gang stalking becuz the cops who are, are just as vile as the pros maybe even creepier. Many of them are overtly demonic in thier little uniforms.

I believe criminals minds are superior simply becuz they are psychic. Highly intelligent yes but criminals are predators becuz you dont think as fast or know what they know. Cops would have to be capable of the same levels to work with criminals.

The only fun you get to have is watching shelter rats become aware that you arent stupid and in fact most TIs are highly intelligent. However, most of them are so into shooting false drama up thier viens that they dont care anything about your character. In fact, the more People magazine bullshit factoids they know about you, the creepier it is that they are in on anything as intimate as destroying YOUR life.

They really dont deserve it.

This is why I wont go to a shelter, specifically that one in Somerville.

In fact I have had it with that place from two years ago. And Pine Street before that etc.

If I end up going to any shitty shelter again I am going to be a problem. I am going to punch out bitches instead of tolerating any bullshit. That Somerville shelter, especially Catholic Charities who have some horrible shelters like in San Dieog also- very offensive to me as my family is Catholic even if I am not-that place needs to be burnt to the fuckin ground actually.

Ive got no problem nowadays with such an action.

Im not going to go all the way down to thier level in such a place. Id rather be outside where my not taking crap is a necessary part of nightly survival and is appropriate to the environment. If you start putting Travelers in shelters who are tired and sick struggling to function- you are going to get alot of violent energy as Travelers have to function on superhuman levels compared to homeless staying in shelters.

The public think the sensible people are in shelters and the fuck ups are outside. Actually anyone staying away from shelters is showing self respect and if its a Traveler, the person is too big, too smart, too creative and too powerful as an individual for a shelter. It would be like putting a big wolf in with a bunch of domesticated animals. Of course the domesticated animals will mob and kill the wolf-but if the wolf reacts in self defense finallly then it is the one who is wrong or evil or whatever.

Those kinds of people have always thought this way about things and the shadow system uses thier instincts in thier operations.

They know damn well that Survivors (of Ritual Abuse, classified projects or high level programming) are akin to supermen or women or at least strong resourceful loner types who are trained to make it on thier own and who are used to running off of INTERNAL programming not the programming society gives people to live in the world.

This is why its so important to mob one single Target. Someone somewhere genuinely believes that its best for society if these lone, powerful people become as dumbed down as everyone who is coming after them. They may be right but the problem is that THEY and THIER SYSTEM created such lone wolves capable of such power.
They cant just create and destroy as they please for thier own benefit. They THINK they can but they also think that they can control an entire planet of people with mass mind control via chemicals and technologies as well as thier little human intel forces.
They are the kind of people who believe there are 'no rules'. If that were true, then this planet would have been their's long ago. If that were possible then the planet would not have been created for a balance of different kinds of beings.

The darker forces today believe that there are no rules, might makes right and that just becuz you want the world to be just for 'the elite' that the rest of humanity has to be destroyed.
The only thing they have is progresses in technologies and sciences generally. They have hidden this progress from the public and are keeping people ignorant while using this progress against the public.

I find it very interesting that its so important to destroy me or make sure I dont write my book becuz they keep convincing me, now daily, that no one is going to read it...that no one is listening. If that is true then why is it so important to prevent the creation of such an supposedly unimportant thing?

Though with the govt shutdown it seems peaceful, there is now the worst campaign against me Ive experienced in my entire life. They are really going in for the kill now, looking to break me permanently it seems. As if society demands it for some sort of finalization or peace.

I will tell you one thing- this timeline is false. Completely false. This is in no way shape or form what my life was supposed to look like or be. To try to validate or solidify or make permanent or seal this fate of mine or this timeline as its been is COMPLETELY INSANE. The people behind trying to use mass mind control and very powerful black magick (with tech and legit sciences of course in unison) to push the events to happen as they have and then try to keep society that way ARE INSANE. And you can see people are losing thier sh*t.

Why does every celeb in ads for stuff or on mag covers look like they are trying to channel some Satanic entity or Baphomet (lol) or whatever? Its a great diversion and it helps brainwash the public. The public doesnt realize that the events of the last ten years give alot of weight to those seemingly marketed looks.
Again more thats planned that seems random but isnt. Those of us who have seen whats really gone on since 2003 and even before from late Clinton era-the Satanizing of American society is downright disturbing and soul crushing. Exactly its purpose-this environment they've created will help finish us off.

Bands into Satanism used to be percieved as thier own business or kind of desperate if, like Motley Crue, they looked like it was a gimmick instead of something they believed in enough to be considered a Satanic band. Having stated that-Satanism was supposed to be rebellious. Individualistic perhaps. Im not glorifying cults or all the crime that goes on, but it was...real. It was part of reality or it simply was something a band did that didnt affect you, not enough to be in your face everywhere all the time every second.

There is something fake and creepy about the Satanic content in American society nowadays. Like its being used more for brainwashing the exact same way the Dark Ages was obsessed with the Church and everything HAD TO HAVE religious content to get through especially artwork. If Satanism opposes something, where is that which it opposes?

All they are trying to do is find whats most negative and destructive that humans will go for that will destroy society and then humanity. I suppose thats 'satanic'. I guess all that rebelling no one ever guessed that when Satanism took over as a New World Order that society would become a conformist, boring, regulated place where you arent allowed to get do anything anymore and have no freedom or privacy etc. But it certainly is Hellish, so it qualifies.

Maybe all the fun concerts and music were false promises. Like baiting you with a good time. Becuz everything sucks now and theres NO ENERGY. Its more anti-life than it is Satanic.

Sometimes I think that all the symbolism all the Satanic content- that its to actually block any and all real magick in society or rebellious Satanic natures people have against being ruled over. Something about it is very very fake.

And something about whoever is behind doing this to human society is very non human. Its as if its all orchestrated but not by fellow humans. There is something so damn false about it....so unearthly. Perhaps its just forces that were not common before and average people didnt encounter often.

All I know is that shelters are right out. Becuz I wont take any bullshit this time becuz something about that last dead baby has made me particularly nasty now. I cant see myself just taking crap from bitches in a shelter. I can see me starting to join the ranks of the losers from such places by getting into nasty physical altercations when they piss me off. Which I am going to refrain from...becuz Ive proven my superiority this far Im not going to start backing up now. Lets continue on with that shall we?

This system and all its idiots deserve to be exposed not fed.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brandon Small: Another Disinfo Tool On Comedy Central/ DETHKLOK Sucks


And Brandon Small is a total c*nt.

Its sad when you have to be part of a cult to get anywhere or make it in the industry.

Which proves all media out there now is worthless.

While they are out there setting down this New World Order we are creating one of our own-without people like him.

Black, white and red it up buddy.
What a f*ckin' tool.

The show even portrayed the way that Illuminati works with other powerful institutions to manipulate the world and he created disinformation by making it just a comical mocking cartoon.

What do you expect from a network wherr  Adult Swim was sponsored by the US Navy and Army ads?

Yah! REAL alternative.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recalling Old RI School Mate Lately

Lately I have been plagued by recalling an old school mate from Shea High Sxhool in Pawtucket, RI.

Kenny Friedman. This real skinny, short nerdy kid. 11th grade, 1988? '89?

As if he, as an adult has something to do with...any of this. Its strange.

I havent thot about this kid for decades since leaving that school.

it might be more testing and experimentation. To see if thots implanted in a persons mind can cause a reaction.

It cud also be helpful advising-but how¿

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Escaped Seattle/Found In Next Town

Cute small town near border of Canada. Was nice for many days now there's perp activity and its a damn shame. It was so nice.

No amount of normalcy lasts for a Targeted person. A hellish, constrictng, prison like dark reality must be created around the targeted person every day of the Target's life.

I suppose that they believe that the false order bpought into society by implementing mass mind control and the targeting of dissidents, victim witnesses or experimentees is a world tat is 'good for most' and brings peace and proslerity to a large or majority of people thus its worth the sacrifices like Targeted Individuals.

I dnt know if they tracked me through a csreless 'like' on a socia network site, wifi networks from using this no service old smartphone or spies lor some other means.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Behavior Mod Is Very Sneaky Now

Behavior mod is very very subtle and effective now. I realize that at this point. Its become very dangerous.

I dont know if going out of the country is going to help or if I shud just go back east and fight directly and get fried to death for doing so. The alternatives are pretty shitty choices.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Hate GS Desperation/Another Disappointment Ive Got To Get Out Of

M Like having to stay in peoples homes who are not healthy for a TI. U end up settling for way less and settling for pieces of sh*t that under normal circumstances you'd never think of being around.

Many people on ..in the USA seem to be aware of a person being targeted even though they may not take part directly or rather as outright active perps.

These types usually end up merely mocking the Target while the TI gets to exist in fairly peaceful circumstances as opposed to an area where the environment is transformed into an all out psychological operations warzone.

This chips away at the TIs emotional state and inner confidences becuz we get a false sense of security.

I don't understand why such people do what they do becuz it doesn't seem they get rewarded or compensated like outright perps and betrayers.

It appears that an entire nation's people find it beneficial to their system and themselves to engage and perpetuate a campaign of discrediting a Targeted Individual.

Im now experiencing people around me who suffer from having screwed up sexist views like female haters trying to make me miserable even trying to make me leave the place I'm staying.

Its established now by my years of experience that people with merely personal motives will share in a GS campaign against a Target even without compensation.

Hating the Target's demographic is one such motive. Racism sexism classism and such. Simply making themselves feel superior to a Target seems to be another motivation.

This little rich kid traveler whos a friend of the guy I am staying with is back in town and suddenly when he comes over I find myself having psychological warfare put on me. The guy Im stwying with is a functional drunk and someone Ive known for years off and on about three years. He has messed up behaviors sometimes but he doesn't have enough power to put me through something like that himself. He chips at some confidence and hurts my feelings occasionally but nothing like the shitty environment created when they get together in the apartment. It was ok when he had one of his twenty year old girlfriends with him but alone with those two I get messed with.

The kid supposedly had to leave the state for pulling a gun on someone and he went to Costa Rica and Panama. He's back now staying at some squat house in Portland.

Gee what happened to the legal difficulties?

Could it be my host's friend is only back so he can obtain an 'out of jail free' card like every other perp scumbag who's in trouble?

He's also a sexist. The kid is bi but exhibits typical gay male woman hating behaviors.

My friend flirted with him last night in a way that mocks and excludes me even though it was supposed to be a joke like hes not gay himself of course. And there was no twenty year old female around worth behaving for.

Its suspected that men who bond over their hatred for women as a legit motive for engaging in the mobbing of a female TI in any capacity have closeted gay issues that are very serious.

Ive realized over time how dangerous males are in this society when they seem wounded by childhood traumas that make them have closeted homosexual desires. Just being closeted by or gay isnt the only issue going on. There's something else that really fucks them up going on.

These sexists and the screwed up guys harboring gay feelings are the world's biggest assholes when you are a female Targeted Individual. They make the whole thing about other bullshit its not about.
This is about me being a second generation govt whistleblower and knowing too much about criminal operations involving authorities in Boston not sexist's excuses for women deserving to be hated.

I wanted to leave anyway becuz he's turned into kind of a dick.

Hes only affectionate or pleasant to me now when this kid is around when its just his kid me and him I have to practically beg for affection and walk in eggshells around him.
Then i get insecure and start being pestering. Its like he knows i will do that so he plays it that way.

I might as well leave becuz i cant get anything done here anyway. Ive posted that the area around this house seems targeted anyway. And the way he's acting along with his kid and unruly dog has just made me into this maid/childsitter anyway. Thats probably why he wants to keep me around.

If i cant get my blogs done and call lawyers leaving is once again the onky option. Its a pity becuz the hospital here is great and i could've gotten alot of health issues fixed in Oregon.

Same story different locatiin. Its always the same for the Target. And the system expects eventually this will make you give up or settle for the fate that outside forces have shaped for you.

One shud never give in to aging, failing health or disappointment. That is not why you are in this situation being targeted. You are in this situation to win not succumb.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Time To Move On Again

Omg this guy I've been staying with .has been being such a manipulative jerk lately to get me to leave.

I wish he had just told me to leave sooner or that i shud plan to leave.

It wud have been alot easier.

Onward to trying to get to EU...so i can be targeted someplace thats actually home.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Latest Misery Has Brought Me Back To My Goals

Staying with a person i thought was trustworthy. He's probably one.of those compliant citizens who doesnt have much to gain or lose by being a perp so i fell for his seeming like he was a genuine ally.

I am in a hard place emotionally due to having a health procedure. All i needed was a few days of intense support and partially this is his problem to. He couldnt do.it. As usual i have to go through this by myself like i have all my life.

I hate this country i hate its culture and i loathe Americans especially the younger generation.

This horrible situation has made me realize that if ever I had any misgivings about leaving the US I don't have any left now.

As long as I stay here I will be homeless and keep being forced to associate with people who are not on the same page as me. If you still live in the USA you cant be too upset with it or its policies.

Anyone who's truly disgusted has already left.

Sitting here watching the Simpsons like I used to do with my ex Jake.
I realize how shallow and self destructive our culture is. The show sucks. Its always sucked. It reflects how much we dont care about ourselves or classical art or decent music.

I wud rather be homeless and targeted in another country.

And i need to stop trying to stay in the US and pretending I can have a normal life with people who aren't NWO rebels.

Im sick of getting brainwashed into being silenced, into daily putting aside my goals as an activist.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Seems Portland Hides Its Liberal Elitism-With Atypical Hick Behaviors

Yeah, the medical field is full of all kinds of assholes, serial killers (read a history book if you dont believe me how many killers have hid in this field. Even serial killing groups. Which explains alot about why the medical field would harbor people so pre disposed to being involved in 'gang stalking' a TI) and mostly people who are in the field becuz some expectation of them forced them to go into the field to begin with. A person who spends little time developing thier emotional maturity becuz thier education and career dont allow for it, who also is only in that career becuz they are fullfulling some family expectaion or status seeking IS GOING TO BE A DANGER TO OTHERS.

Rarely does our society psychologically profile professionals unless they draw the attention of the legal system etc. Usually they protect each other hoping that will not happen- it holds up the status quo. Try googling 'psychological profile of a policeman' and all you will get are ass kissing articles about how police utilize profiling in thier field AS PROFESSIONALS. 

If there was an independent study of the psych profiles of every kind of law enforcement including feds, covert agencies included, lawyers, judges, medical professionals of all kinds and most interesting- politicians, the public would be shocked (becuz they are stupid) at exactly what kind of people are running thier society- and thier lives.

The harassment and downright arrogance and disrespect in the northeast from professionals is more overt I guess as thats what I am used to.

I am noticing that in Liberal Elitist areas, the jerks are many, only smart people can spot it and they usually dont pick on anyone who isnt a threat to their face-its all about real and true power games in these rich areas with status. I have to say at least its done with some effort and they ensure its going to be very hard to sue- becuz of course like in my case, the other professionals in the city protect each other while they are collectively destroying a Targeted Individual. 

However in such areas, I notice that there are genuine class acts with moral backbone in these areas, this is where I have received most of my help in getting decent health care.

I am not so sure about this area. I have already had a bizarre experience at a Doctor Express where, though the docs were nice and much more willing to listen to me and be flexible with providing solutions I found acceptable for an issue, upon leaving my appointment yesterday, the doc actually touched my head and rubbed quite hard-like you would a dog or a child. He's a little flaky anyway which is why he's at a walk in probably instead of something bigger.

It doesnt matter becuz I got the medicine I potentaially need for my contidion, which is more than I got from Adventist urgent care or this hospital out east- Legacy, which I dont want to get involved in after dealing with them just once.

This article tells me further that there is a very careless sort of obnoxious assholedom among Portland's medical field-it seems that they believe that the citizens are far too stupid and powerless to fight against corruption or they not truly doing thier jobs.


Does that bs actually still work anywhere? Seems my love for this place for its hickness and not having the ills of a big city has its drawbacks. You mess with patients and you actually then lean on some Liberal crap about being in fear of your life from Right wing religious wackos? Who in our 21st century society would fall for that? Moreso what person from the north east- the land of various ethnic organized crime syndacates, corrupt cops and shameless old money- wouldnt see through that?

I am going to go to a good hospital here but I dearly miss the system in Boston...and UCSD which did right by me a few months ago. SoCal is unbearable however so its not worth it.

But whats the point in being in Boston if I cant get to my appointments nor can I get decent care becuz many hospitals not only know who I am but want to keep covering for the medical and academic's part in being part of gang stalking me and other Targets in that area and totally destroying our lives.

If any of the places and people I am going to even try any such bullshit on me here I am going to employ all my knowledge of the system from being from Boston to being a long time TI.

Seems the educated hicks here think they are smart. They also have a habit of not listening to a patient in a kind manner thats disarming thus effective, which of course one cannot allow to work in one's best interest.

Getting a head rub was a small price for getting what I wanted. Yes it was inappropriate and yes I could report it. But its seems this place has its own style of elitist assholedom among the professions and who am I to argue with my new host city?

We will just have to make it clear exactly whom they are dealing with and that bartering and persuading for services to be done correctly may include me having to charm, chat and push for things to get done but do not include any sort of fuckin shannanigins. 

Funny, in Liberal Elistist areas, for all thier evil bullshit- there are those that begrudgingly respect intellect and giule, as they are highly valued in places like Frisco, NY and to a smaller extent Boston. Out here it seems a straight game of 'I (professional), you nobody citizen. I have power, ugh ugh'.  Like no frills stupidity without any kind of nuances in the game or any intersting cues or sophistication.
Ahh, I miss the east coast establishment. They cant be beaten but thier games are much more interesting and have dimensions to them.

WTF is this shit out here? LEAVING EVIDENCE of messing with a patient  by drawing on them in marker? Probably becuz back home some Italian would 'get you' for it later either outright in your sleep or knows people (you dont know they know) who will serve Malotov cocktails at your home later that year, at night of course or your car will have difficulties- like inexplicably setting on fire etc or you they know people a little more sophisticated and suddenly youve got union problems or some sort of 'bad luck' as such.
African Americans back there are gonna be the ones to use the legal system against you and every other source they have there which is many and powerful. It doenst end the kinds of ethnicities back home that can fuck you up for such nonsense in various ways. Back home- abuse of power gains an equal measure of abuse of power. It seems to keep a balance.

Portland seems to hide its power structure. It is Liberal without the Elitism, seemingly. It is a 90's like environment where people can be laid back and chill without  big city rot or militant YUPpies like in Cali.  It just seems that the arrogant professionals are a bit to laid back about thier abuse of power.

Time to be on the ball I would say. Becuz I will stir up so much shit in this mountain town. Actually, real mountain towns like Kingman AZ are more filled with asshole perps working for the military industrial complex and the Illuminati cronies than this area.

I think it would be easy to go to authorities here and if clever enough, use east coast firepower to destroy the enemy. Retiring from the east coast to the west is just that- a transplant. Your still from the north east. Just becuz it kicked your ass with all its might and exiled you doesnt mean you were never from there and dont deserve all of a lifetime's knowledge...which of course is what the system is afraid of in the first place. They hate the smart one's.

The citizens here seem to be genuinely into social justice. Lets just see how true that is.