“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disclaimer On Racist And Other Behaviors Due To GANG STALKING In This Area

While I am clear I just want to state that I arrived in this area without any racist hatreds due to my traveling to more peaceful areas.

I am now being hit full force again with gang stalking from the community. The harassment from African Americans in the area is less than it was in the past trips home but it is a factor. They couldnt drive me to the racism they want me to display to discredit me WITHOUT THE COOPERATION OF AFRICAN AMERICANS TO BEGIN WITH.

I drop the word n*gger frequently during the day as well as bitch and moan about the stupidity of the metro Boston area. I am aggravated, annoyed and driven to be diverted in my daily activities as well as look 'insane' or mentally ill due to being targeted.

Just wanted to put that out there, becuz I was fine when I arrived. JUST AS I AM FINE WITH EVERYTHING TODAY ON A CLEAR DAY SUCH AS THIS VOTING DAY. Seem a little too coincidental?

I was harassed this morning at McDonald's in Central Sq by three African American males one wearing black and red. If it ever happens the way it did this morning I am immediately calling police as the first male in the theatrics put his hand on me, invaded my personal space and interfered with the business transaction between myself and a cashier at the establishment.
The other two engaged in invasion of personal space in a sneaky yet obviously aggressive manner, which one couldnt directly file charges for but I documented the account on paper and ITS AVAILABLE ON THE SURVEILLANCE TAPE at the restaurant @ 1:20 pm today.

The place is getting a face lift from a construction company- magically just after I arrive and it ends up being one of the few spots I liked to sit at, gather myself for the day and drink my coffee in peace. Well we cant have a trouble maker like me having any peace or solace and we must get those favorites on the construction contracts. Which is one of the biggest means of payment it seems in the Boston area- developers and construction (yes, talking about you Menino. Glad you are leaving,I feel a big darkness leaving this city.)

So, trying to cause me to be discredited is more of a psychological warfare tactic becuz logic dictates everything is going to be in my book or in papers going to lawyers so why would I worry about my behavior in public all along this ordeal?

Good luck with that..some people will do anything to get paid. I think gang stalking is the lowest form of activity you can engage in to get money or favors or out of trouble or whatever. The lowest.