“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, November 30, 2015

Man In SUV Seen Knocking Fists With Possible Undercovers Near Macys Downtown Boston Reveals GS System Is Real-Tells Me I Am "Dying Slowly"

This fat squat little man driving a silver SUV with a woman in passenger seat (both looked kind of Asian or Latino) was talking with what could have been an undercover at Macy's as they just had an arrest there for shop lifting.

The scumbag was smirking and baiting me and pushing the window up and down.

So I told him off.

I believe I said something about i hope he dies in his SUV.

He stated with the utmost confidence "And you're dying slowly".

This douche can be viewed on the Macy's security camera the side that faces CVS.

So let me get this straight. This is the sort of person who works to support pedophile networks internationally and organized crime as well as the military industrial complex and US-allied war crimes. And Im on the side of what's right and good and trying to expose the truth and IM THE ONE whos slowly dying?

So this is what is actually in power in Boston. Complete corrupt scum connected to law enforcement (or organized crime or business owners-all the same in this city.)

Now do you understand why the Boston Bombing was probably a set up? Whenever I meet someone that arrogant rich and full of shit it makes me realize that everything thats meant to decieve this country's people and the world is exactly what we think it is.

Its people like that that totally validate my work completely. I KNOW Im right and not imagining things when a little prick like that has superior knowledge of a plot of evil design.

Im SUPPOSED to be working on what Im writing right now. Just becuz Boston is resistant becuz its got alot to hide doesnt mean that is what every place is going to be like.

For peons like this to have knowledge of MK Ultra classified project acivity really bothers me. And thats whats wrong with the NWO and the way things are done now.

Common scum like him get to be in on something that years ago was classified. Who is this little piece of shit anyway?

Hes bluffing. I sensed it.

Also to be precise EVERYONE is "slowly dying" you retard. Aging is just that moron.

Secondly Im in better health than I would be living actively as I do. Not fat like your ass. (Die of heart disease, assh#le.)

Third, I get to go anywhere in the country. I work the shit out of my white privilege and being female. YOU and your bitch have to stay in Libtard corrupt organized crime ridden cities like this that put up with people like you. And prefer your low standards and skewed moral compass becuz you fit in well in a cess pool for oblivious rich Liberals and corrupt elites.

You're one of their preferred house pets and dont forget it. Theres a reason areas like this hate older poor white women with brains. Becuz we will want to improve things and dig up corruption. Which you and your elite/bankster/mob masters cant afford.

You have to stay here counting your money and fucking your shiney (tacky) SUV every day.
Next he'll purchase a Cadillac or Porsche SUV. You know the kind new money people buy becuz they dont know how to have true class and taste enough like real wealth to have an truck AND a sports car.

Theres a reason the word tacky isnt used that much anymore-street gang type scum becoming middle class like him-and YUPpies.

Pure psychological warfare. Just becuz someone says something doesnt mean its true. Hes in the sewer known as todays downtown Boston. Hes in his element and has power AT THAT MOMENT only.

Never do I realize the skinners we are dealing with than at moments like that. Hes got all the selfish leanings of a child molester and killer. Which is one of the base types of people involved in organized harasment.

I was designed to do exactly what I am doing right now at this time in history. The comment is null and void.

But someone in his organization might want to..take care of his carelessness in that comment. Especially on Macys security cams.

Or has Boston been taken over by such scum so lacking the finesse Menino had that they feel they can afford not to care?

It does seem so these days.

Im not your human sacrifice. Im your worst fucking nightmare.

You will be punished for your direct insolence. You fucking peasant.

Watch it pieces of shit. You wouldnt want the black helicopters and white vans to come back again like they did during early Bush and hand you and your elite bosses your asses again now would you?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

More Perps On MBTA Train. Within City Limits Is Total Prison/Racial Issues Have Served As Diversion From War Crimes Focus Of This Blog and Serve As New COVER STORY

Three annoying little perps on train RIGHT NOW Red Line.

Once again Diversity is being used as psych warfare. African American woman was most aggressive with gesturing and her Asian friends laughing as she did it.

Its now being marketed as me being agaisnt Diversity and civil and equal rights and being racist.



The other cover story had worn thin and nobody believed it or saw it as legit anymore.

Theyve essentially FRAMED ME UP ALL OVER AGAIN. And it ties in well with the recent racially charged shootings and campus censorship and protests.

Now the original reason I began fighting and writing has been eclipsed by yet another cover story.

I've even got college girls standing near me doing directed conversation refering to my blog being HATE SPEECH.

People like Donald Trump and other celebs are confusing the issue on purpose by doing the same but making it a schtick. Making legit activists look ridiculous.

Even Joan Rivers before she died...or faked her own death. Whichever.

(Its Sunday also and perps come out more on weekends to get their opportunities in big cities).

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Irony Of My New Thrift Store Liner Pullover

The label on my new thrift store pullover.


Blogging The Blonde-Planet Fitness Downtown Boston On Saturdays

Ya know. I never bother to blog about PF gang stalking harassment becuz Ive mentioned it before and in most locations its mild. The people doing it are friendly and its easy to make nice to smooth it over.

Most employees who do this are friendly and not all take part. Some locations have more mobbing than others.

Its done very business like. As if its par the course of running a national chain business that wants to keep expanding. Its standard in the US for all major chains to partake in harassment of TIs.

PF keeps it mild compared to the viscous pieces of shit at other businesses. And downtown if it does occur its always kept business like and staff are friendly which is why I dont bother to blog on it.

Which tells me something: most people who work there are smart about  it.

The only Caucasian female to work at this location is sadly the most offensive perp.

Shes rude and has this attitude on sight of 'WE won!'. Shes always been nasty and dismissive.

When she called about my account being behind once I knew she had (becuz that's part of the covert wars. We get warned about things) as I was down in the locker room.

I also got this impression that someone had told her that I "could put alot of people away". So its either to keep me silent to protect such people or all these idiots are working for feds or some nonsense WORKING OFF THE COVER STORY and have no idea what MK Ultra is.

And that would be typical for this area becuz thats how the attempted frame up started here.

And the constant baiting me to take legal action. The abuse is getting so overt and outrageous that like my mother used to they are just dying for me to 'fight back' or 'defend myself'.

Firstly, most of the people they want busted could be busted anytime without my help. Secondly many untouchable criminals Ive noticed, are victims of gang stalking and mind control.

This is about MK Ultra and war crimes. I won't have it degraded to anything else.

Besides activism on these issues in this country has now degenerated into nothing more than most of the population of the United States working as one big self righteous mob against anyone trying to tell the truth, under whatever bullshit pretext or cover story they can feed the brain washed masses.

During Bush there was hope but now its become pointless. People either don't know whats really going on or they are defending the United States war crimes to the point where only they and their 'cult' matter-not expendable lives like Targeted Individuals.

When I asked about her checking on my account from my home gym she had this smug look and squinted her eyes in an evil manner. But something about it just seems like shes run by others and isnt that smart to be significantly evil. Which of course is what pisses me off about her.

The blacks know from centuries of oppression that whats going on is wrong thats why they are sympathetic. Those that arent are young males who are traditionally aggressive to get what they want and war like towards anyone getting in the way specifically older females. Always a threat in a city based on youth. I ignore them.

There are a few that arent in on it. What is more unacceptable than anything else is when people make gang stalking personal. Dont ever forget that I am smarter, faster, more athletic, greater stamina and more creative than your average human being on the class level of society Im on..

The only reason Im on this level of society in America is becuz Im kept down and have been neutralized as an  enemy of the state simply for being a victim witness and defending myself.


So dont live off of the gang stalking mob's power AS IF IT WERE YOUR OWN. You only have dominion or power over me as much as years of this and thousands of people have afforded you.

On their own, perps are insignificant powerless lone nothings as predators.

Ive seen them having no problem messing with me in public spaces where THEY EXPECT TO SEE ME then they will hurry by trying to not get recognized in areas of the metro Boston area they did not expect to see me.

Whats the difference? I can only assume during the first interactions THEY HAD BACKUP PLANTED IN THE CROWD TO WATCH OUT FOR THEIR SAFETY.

And in the second instance- they are genuinely alone.

Whoever you think you are working for. Whatever legit authority you believe you are assisting- THEY ARE CORRUPT AND FULL OF SHIT.

You are nothing without the corrupt powers that cover up war crimes and pedo networks in this country and beyond.

She also seems like a classist types. One of those blondes that looks down on darker whites seemingly of lower classes. Yet has no problem with 'Diversity'.

Which is why I get on with the blacks in this particular situation. Becuz they know how traitorous and racist-if-they-can-get-away-with-it the whites can be in the northeast.

Friday, November 27, 2015

History Channel's HUNTING HITLER Is völliger Bockmist

Hunting Hitler. Does anyone take this show seriously?

Im sure the areas they are researching have been mulled over already and anything actually important has been removed and classified or has been denied existence and disappeared.

Another diversion using an old bogeyman.

As if the public would be privy to any genuine intel on anything.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The New People In Power In MA Suck/False Time Line Breaking Up

The GS and black and red wearing especially by blacks (whereas in Providence RI its AAmercns and many South or Central Americans).

The general public are more arrogant than I have ever experienced them to be in years prior. They act as if they have won. As if I have no chance at all.

What are they afraid of? This place sucks and its completely abandoned any sense of real justice it ever had.

Its totally arrogant and self righteous even though its corrupt and evil to its core.

They have convinced themselves that I am a bad person and deserve my situation when in fact everything thats ever happened is due to abuse of power originating from Massachusetts.

The union people are absolutely insufferable now probably due to Walsh being mayor of a major power city like Boston.

People were afraid of me before and for a while they acted cautiously. For many years.

Now whatever the changes are they just don't give a fuck.

The city refuses to admit any wrong doing during Bush.

If im so discredited then why must they work so hard at supressing me and trying to make me act out daily?

I'm getting nothing done except some medical appts and still trying to manage whatever the thing is that causes urethral and uterine discomfort that seems to stick to objects in an environment. You can catch it from just leaning up against a wall.

Also my womb still hurts daily from that abortion in OR a few years ago. Whatever the condition is that I keep geting reinfected with it makes that worse.

There was a major changing of the guard in govt in RI and MA but also the private sector.

Its harder to fight people who owe you nothing and have no connection to the crimes that were perpetrated against you. The metaphysics of it no longer work in the victim's favor. You've got nothing to hold them responsible for.

Which is why they have done it this way. Just as I wrote they pulled out their agents a few years ago from the local homeless industry.
Then they changed the people in power. Even Raytheon changed everyone in charge to new faces.

No karma. No debts. Nothing to be held accountable for.

And that might just be why the local citizenry are so damn arrogant.

They act as if they dont deserve to have a book written about them. As if its Boston who has been victimized.

IsntAs if anyone whos angry about all the war years of their crimes against humanity is nothing but a delusional crank and needs to be watched becuz pity poor Boston got attacked and there are scary lone shooters now etc etc etc on and on.

This is all to cover their asses. If you think a false flag or creating problems like lone shooters is horrible and unthinkable thats nothing compared to what this place was doing to people during Bush and early Obama.

It was just hidden. I always found it odd that the Sox and Patriots won so conveniently. Like rewards. The mob has been fixing games forever.
Imagine what they are capable of with new technologies and advances in science.

Whatever was here before that was decent, that warned me, that protected me and kept horrible things secret from me I didnt need to know, that responded to my blog posts when I exposed some covert activity is now absent.

Its almost as if they just want me to leave and never return. As if that is something they deserve. That kind of closure and dissolving of responsibility.

Every day I revisit the fact I can never get my 30s back. And how are they absolved from that?

This city destroyed my life and took the best years of my life I deserved for myself just so they could build Meninos Nero like vision of a new Athens.

Please. This place is far from that.

Its a bunch of yuppies, hipsters and rich people with their house slaves. Locals are being phased out.

Athens was never under mass mind control. Yet I do see the similarity by arrogantly insisting dissidents poison themselves to death.

Every time I look at certain things built during Menino I know it doenst belong here. I know its false.

The YUPpie infestation-they dont belong here either. Its all totally false.

The false timeline that was created using technology and high black magick is faultering. Its falling or breaking apart-to anyone who knows whats really going on.

Daily psy warfare like stalking and harassment even psy warriors, the use of technologies and chemical influence is basically daily maintenance to keep the false time line in place.

But I can see it sometimes, break. Things dont belong in certain spaces...they don't uh, 'deserve' to be there.

Just as I dont deserve to be where I am today.

Boston Using 'Super Blacks' For Psy Ops And The Idea That Ive Already Lost

Gang stalkers becoming arrogant and pretending to be innocent when called on doing tactics.


Like taking my picture. Usually they just ignore me or look sheepish when they get made.

So im assuming the recent false domestic terrorism tip to FBI about Harcard campus has perhaps made me listed as potentially dangerous and maybw on watch list (or they make.it appear as such) so now they treat me as kf i am at a disadvantage.
Like they can do whatever they want becuz im discredited and now in trouble so my acting out in any way is going to je used agajnst me.

Perp was arrogant young attractive black female. They've been using a lot of that demographic lately.

Alot of'super blacks'. People who are.very attractive and young but also act as if they are superior personallh and socially. One even was going crAzy with a Rubix Cube listening to rap. Like 'WE are the new geniuses'.

Psych warfare includes the enemy making the other side believe they lost when its not true.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gotta Bring Back.Bush Era Safety Rule-Accept No Open Food From Strangers

Im getting food given to me while panhandling thats druggrd. Its subtle but obvious. Very mild but noticable LSD or hallicingen properties like just enough to trip out a bit inside ones own head and causes a depression.

This mental state seeems to end up pushing the 'give up just conform' theme they are going for so hard lately.

Nausea also.

However if u ear.something different that was acquired safely then the effects of rhe possibly dosed food subside.

Im also unusually cold lately and its been very strange.

I dnt trust my morning coffee anymore. So many DD makes.it hard to watch them but even when i do and its done right with no weird stuff added or slight of hand.the coffee still tastes odd here.

Maybe they are doing it to everyone. McDonalds.tastes odd even gross sometimes too.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

So Many Stalkers On Weekends Around Boston Area

There are sooooo many perps out here in metro Boston area on the weekends. I hate having to do errands on the weekends.

It feels and mentally seems like the technology used is just not in use or as heavy as in previous administrations. Its one of the reasons theres so much more in person harassment.

However it also seems like people have some sort of tech capability that's mobile even on their person. Either that or you've got a hell of a core of 'Cheney Spoon Benders' out here now. (Psychic warriors-able to torment and or brainwash Target hypnotically. It has been written that one of the projects worked on has been to give humans synthetic psychic ability for the purposes of defense of national security I assume. And if they could chip people who are MK Ultra around my age decades ago imagine what they can do now.)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Covering Earthen Ground With Pavement and Concrete Contribute To Global Warming and Floodinng



Was in AZ years ago first started venturing out and traveling. More attuned then hadnt been tortured as long as now.

Newly paved desert in Phoenix seemed to cry out it did not want something like that over it. Covering it. It was unnatural. The sun could not reach the land.

It was with that I realized the analogy of puttting plaster on your face to paving and concreting the land as we have in such large quantities all over earth.

You think about global warming and flooding. It would seem that if you cut down trees, floods would be worse and less protection from sun. As an urban camper and Traveler I now understand the value of trees against rain and heat and pollution in the air.

Covering the earth would not only effect flooding but also the sun being unable to be absorbed into the earth. You realize this from being in place like TX or AZ. As a northerner Ive never been past May becuz I would pass out from heat. As an older person, I can tell the sun is getting hotter in cities. The radiation is more pronounced. People are becoming agitated and aggressive in summer in old cities.

If these things are to be made better then there needs to be alternatives.

This is probably why union and construction types are so into organized harassment. Thier industries are outdated and they seem to built with the work they do breaking down so more work can be done. In old cities here in MA, the old colonial brick roads show through pavement sometimes. THAT brick is still there, intact. The brick they lay just a decade or so ago already is breaking down? Its got to be on purpose.